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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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too. >> good morning. >> yeah, road are looking great right now. we will see levels a little bit but it is helping when weather is working with us. >> that makes the difference. >> it will end up being a problem for some of the commuters, today, meisha but you don't to have worry about wet weather. that is key. we have got beautiful weather unfolding heading outdoors, in gloucester township to do some shopping later honor any outlet malls. we have good ones nearby kutztown up in reading, for example. here's a view outside live neighborhood network where you can see it moving across the soccer feel. that is so cool. this is one of my favorite cameras where light of the day its popping up over the horizon. we have nice comfortable crisp air in place and fine mist just lying over the farmland there. so pretty. storm scan three clear as can you, you have high pressure. it is practically a perfect day, check, check, check, check, we have sunshine, warmth, low humidity, light wind, you have got the big four here. we have gorgeous day unfolding.
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i'm expect ago this high to hit 84 degrees, just shy of seasonal for our thursday afternoon. we expect to see temperatures spike a little bit more as we head in the upcoming weekend. tomorrow looks like a fantastic pool or beach day and are we facing another heat wave? well, at this point the forecast says, yes, i'll tell you when coming up later in the show, meisha, over to you. >> thanks, katie good morning. it is thursday, still early but you we are seeing that sun peak out a little bit, which is clouds, here, here's i-95 around cottman. you can see it just starting to pick up in those lanes. in the the north bound lanes we have construction, moving road crew on the road lane between bridge and academy, it is i-95 north. southbound direction for those of us, that is where we will get caught up in some traffic as we move into that 6:00 o'clock hour and into our rush hour. here's a look at the schuylkill expressway, these travelers taillights moving in the eastbound direction toward
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vine. you can see a beautiful shot here. it is starting to get light, out there which is always nice but it is also indication that more vehicles will start hitting these roadways. then we have road repairs, 15th street south between penn square and chestnut. one lane opened tonight, until tomorrow, right in and around that later afternoon time around end of business hours. for those around this stretch make note of that one lane is opened, guys, over to you. more commuters will be paying more to cross between pennsylvania and new jersey. >> burlington county bridge commission says drivers will pale another dollars or two if you use e-z pass or cash. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at that coney palmyra bridge, one of two that will see higher tolls. just continue, good morning. >> reporter: it is coming soon, erika and nicole. good morning. tens of thousands of people take both bridges every day, and soon, they will be paying more money, the bridge commission is hoping that with each extra dollar or two they raise from those drivers they
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will raise enough money overtime to make these bridges safer for drivers. effective september 15th, tolls are going up for motorist taking the tacony palmyra and burlington bristol bridge and there is in turning back. >> i think it is ridiculous. everything nowadays is going up, gas, everything, i i'm in the too fond of it. >> reporter: fond of it or not burlington county bridge commission which overseas both spans voted unanimously in expert of the raising rates wednesday night. >> a all in favor. >> i. >> i. >> reporter: starting mid-september crossing over from new jersey will cost $4 forecaster and other small vehicles. the current rate is $2. same cost for e-z pass holders, $3. not everyone is in favor at wednesday's vote the the public was invited to weigh in. >> i don't understand why it cost almost as much to operate these bridges, which is compared to the delaware river port authority bridges. >> i travel the burlington bristol bridge mostly every day. i don't think it is favor to
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everybody, another 100 percent increase. >> tough. it is unpopular. we wish we didn't to have do this. >> reporter: both bridges, each 80 years old, you due for hundred million-dollar in capitol improvements. dollar amount some feel is a small price to pay to cover cost of protects tens of thousands of priceless lives relying on the spans dalely. >> if we don't maintain this bridge the way it is necessary to maintain it we lose that asset. >> reporter: that is the fear, this morning, cash, cash, cash, you will soon need more of it. triple a, driver's group, is bagging the toll hike. they are not in favor of the steep increase happening so quickly. instead they are asking bridge commission to phase it in overtime to make this blow easier to take for drivers. we are live from the bridge base i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. this morning, authorities are investigating a deadly accident on the train tracks in delaware county. one person was hit by an amtrak passenger train around
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11:30 last night near septa's glenn olden station. that train was traveling between washington d.c., and new york city, it was delayed for about two hours. that scene is now clear, the victim's identity has in the been released. also new this morning police are investigating an accident in folcroft delaware county. pedestrian was hit by a car crossing the the street. it happened around midnight at intersection of the chester pike and follow croft avenue. the driver did stop, and is cooperating with the police. new details on the victim's condition right now. cell even if video shows a huge fire here in the beach front home in the bethenny beach area of delaware. cbs-3 employee was on that scene and shot this video for us. fire broke out around 11:30 on cove road between cove bay and the ocean. there are no reports of any injuries and investigators are looking for the cause of that fire right now. we have more on our breaking news out of iraq this morning. isis claimed responsibility
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for a truck bombing in baghdad. the attack has killed 62 people and injured 125 others. isis says that it targeted a gathering at a market in the sadr city neighborhood. bombing comes just after u.s. fighter jets hit isis targets after taking off from turkey for the first time, yesterday. well, developing right now, death toll and huge explosion in china has listen overnight, while new drone video shows that devastating damage, lets take a look. we now know 44 people are confirmed dead and hundreds were injured in the explosion in the port city of tianjin which is a philadelphia sister city. blast originated from a warehouse which houses materials 90 miles south east of beijing. you can see severe aftermaths here from the images. the blast left more than 1,000 new cars charred in the nearby parking lot. we're told the force shattered windows, several miles away and destroyed buildings
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nearby. cause of the explosion is unknown. former president jimmy carter will undergo treatment for cancer in an atlanta hospital. thirty-ninth president says recent liver surgery revealed he has cancer and it spread to other parts of his body. turns 90 last october. and in his book, a full life, mr. are the quarter wrote that his fat are brot are and sisters all died of pancreatic cancer. president obama wished the 39th president a speedy recovery. in a statement the president says jimmy you are as resilient as they come and along with the rest of america, we are routeing for you. >> for sure. fun night out at a concert turns to chaos, excuse me when part of the ceiling collapses, take a look. >> like somebody snapped their fingers and ceiling came down and water was all over. >> it was really scary. really scary. >> three people injured and now search is on to what cause that had collapse. see more video released this morning. problems with parenthood why some say having a baby can
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have a devastating impact on your happiness. we are looking at video of what experts are calling the biggest shark ever recorded, and we have an even bigger surprise for divers coming up next. >> ♪ >> it is going to be feeling good when you walk outside today. the katie will have a forecast that she says this day is the nicest. hopefully you enjoy it. >> i'm looking forward to it. just getting outside, a walk, whatever you want. it is that kind of the day, we will be right back.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ just a scary moment for concert goers in minneapolis whose ceiling comes crashing down during a show. at least one people were injured when parts of the ceiling collapsed during a concert by the band theory of a dead man. you can see chaos as that building was evacuated, one witness described the terrifying moments after the impact. >> water pipe came down from the ceiling and it was like water was pouring out, pouring all over people and they were pulling the ceiling off so we were trying to figure out if there was anyone underneath
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it. and then they wheeled someone out on a stretcher. >> according to our sister station wcco in minneapolis a store says quote the reverberation of music caused a leak in the pipe of the ceiling and the tiles fell down from thereafter becoming just completely saturated with water. you can imagine the surprise, and in the really neglect exactly what is going on, must have been terrifying. >> lucky more people weren't hurt there. >> 6:12. new jersey turnpike northbound has reopened to traffic this morning. >> it follows a fiery crash between two tractor trailers that tied up traffic all night long. >> you can hear that cell phone video showing fireballs and explosions. the crash, closed the north bound lanes near east brunswick just before 8:00 last night. amazingly both drivers walk away with minor injuries. all right. coming up at 6:13, time for a check of weather. it sound like we are spoiled with another great day, katie.
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>> just the experience from the tropical storm. >> that is what we will turn our focus at least initially. i wanted to give you a goodies is what happening over the hawaii island. if you have a trip planned or something coming up, tropical storm now hilda has been downgraded, a lot of wind sheer around here to tear the top off of that hurricane and allow to it downgrade. when bee put this track into motion now being taken away from the hawaii island. definite the liz much better prognosis. but a at least, the the news is getting a little bit better there high pressure is deathly on our side here. it will be hooking us up with nice day ahead. we are looking to a frontal bound dry that tries to move in by saturday. other than that, this is a very, very quiet forecast. i want to walk you through the eyewitness weather seven day. i have been saying all morning and new all week that thursday is likely my favorite day of the forecast because it is not, terribly hot but warm, granted but not too humid.
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we have sunshine and low humidity. not terribly humid tomorrow but starting to heat up at this point. we will flirt with or hit lower 90's by the the weekend. saturday is one and only day north of the city we will see a spotty shower or storm. i don't want to totally rule that out but it is exception rather than the normal and we will keep that theme with the building heat and humidity we will expect another heat wave. it will get underway on sunday. so, hey, dog days of summer, man. >> at least we have today this lack of humidity feels nice. >> a little a hip california so enjoy it. >> thank you. >> it looks great all morning long. thinking of leaving your home soon you are in good company. with that being said sometimes we will get sun up, slow down and that sun comes up. you are tapping on your breaks. but also overnight construction project have lifted in, accidents to report. here's the schuylkill you can see outside looking nice for those traveling in and around this area. we do have some reports that
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there might be an accident. i will touch on that in my next traffic hit but enjoy this open roadway at montgomery, schuylkill. a couple of problems we have been dealing with this morning. we had a water main break at lafayette hill, flourtown road closed between joshua and thomas road. something you might have heard me talk about that moments ago when talking about that. just make note of. that road repairs, sinkhole, 15th street south between penn square and chestnut. one lane opened starting tonight until tomorrow at the end of the business hours. stay tuned for another traffic hit. i will be right back. nicole, back over to you. having a baby can impact happiness of first time parents and some say in a bad way. >> according to a new study that blames socialize lacing. anthropologist say it is because parent's friend assume they are happy so they stay away. friend figure you are both tired, busy, in time for company so they give so space. they also say that is the opposite of what happens in
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other life altering events like divorce and death of the partner when friend come around more often to offer support. so that isolation that can impact happiness. >> that is interesting. everyone's experience is different. i say in the first month after i a had jackie was just trying to figure out which was up, before i thought about if i needed friend over but everyone is different. if you need help, if you want friend over, just ask for help. let them know. 6:16. the growing problem in america new young children are targeted more than ever. coming up we will tell you what you can do to protect your kid. meet tom anderson man cycling the globe, this is incredible, he has bike the length of the equator and i caught up with him as he rode through philadelphia. find out yes is not finish. we will have his story, up next.
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three more women join the list publicly accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. they tearfully recounted their alleged experiences with the comedian in the 1970's and 80's during a news conference. former flight attendant colleen hughes said she met cosby on a flight and ended up drug in the beverly hills hotel room. lynn a white accused cosby of sexually assaulting her while she sat in the chair awaiting a job interview. former actress eden, she had a small role on the cosby show,
6:20 am
she said that she was harassed in cosby's dressing room. >> i knew that i had been sexually harassed, i knew i should say something but i tried to get help while working on the show. if i got no help there, the hepp was to get it outside the show. bill cosby was untouchable. >> last month newly revealed testimony revealed cosby admitted under oath in 2005 that obtained sedatives with the intent of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with. cosby has in the been charged with any crime. growing fraud scheme targeting young kids has parents war big their children's security. scam artists are stealing identities of children and even babies. now if you start seeing credit card offers, collection notices or irs notices in your child's name that may be a sign your child is victim of the identity theft. better business bureau of metropolitan new york is seeing more and more of these cases and just put out the warning. >> number one, one out of every 40 families with the child under the age of 18 has
6:21 am
had that child's identity compromised. >> wow. >> one thing parents can do to avoid scam artists is avoid giving out your child's social security number so easily when asked for it. parent are encouraged to monitor what their child is doing on line. >> you have to protect that. it seems so easy people can pounds on it. >> so young. >> right now 6:21. on this set is there no denying, tom brady, he is a good looking man. courtroom sketch, look at that, deflate gate, it is less attractive. >> different picture, from all of the comparison being drawn here. >> internet is blowing up when everybody puts their own spin on it. hear from the sketch artist coming up next. well, now no complaints in the weather department, that much is true. >> and you look fabulous. >> i can't get over that story, my favorite of the morning, i have to be honest. like i said weather is cooperating and it will for quite a while but we are heating up. we will have full details
6:22 am
coming up, stick around.
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linebacker has a new team. a day after ik, broke smith's jaw, over an unpaid debt, he
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was pick up by bills and his former coach rex ryan. smith is expect to miss six to ten weeks, by the the way, bills play the jets in week number ten, so he should be back. should go an interesting game. >> see how that work out on the field between these two. >> deflate gate has led to sketch gate, after patriots quarterback tom braid a period in the new york courthouse on wednesday. >> he was there for settlement talks with commissioner roger goodell. there was no decision but something happened in that courtroom that has folks talking. sketch artist version, he is on the right, tom brady, has people talking some say brady looks like a villain from scooby doo, more like that than a super bowl champ. sketch artist general rosenberg is responding to the criticism. >> i a will guys for not making him look pretty enough to the world and all of those fans, tom brady is a very good looking guy but difficult a wide shot with a lot of people in it and it was a big
6:26 am
composition and tom brady was a tiny little head in that composition and with pastels it is very hard to get accurate when you work small. i did the best i can f somebody else can do a better job, let's see, go ahead, show me good i like the challenge. >> my heart goes out to her. sketch is this big and his head is probably that big. >> like we said, they do it so quickly, it is in the lick they are doing touch ups here trying to make him look better. calm down out there. check this out, this is how fans are talking about tom brady showed up outside the courthouse on wednesday. >> interesting head wear wearing deflated footballs with the needles in the side, to let the air out to say we know what you do. >> yes. >> the hat, yeah. >> i'm sure they don't take issue with those sketches. >> repost, post, post, retweet. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" the shark that could rival jaws, some say it is the biggest shark
6:27 am
ever recorded, jan. >> reporter: we are a couple hours away now from the highly anticipated opening of the gloucester premium outfits in new jersey. we will take a sneak peak. on the roadways they are looking busy, we have breaking news of an accident, i'll get out of the way so you can see this schuylkill expressway westbound is closed, all lanes between city and belmont, i will have updates coming up. all right meisha thanks. a lot of sunshine for today, katie saying this is nicest day of the week, get outside and enjoy that lack of humidity. she has your full forecast and lets you know when things warm up when we come right back
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we have breaking news, of course, height of rush hour here all lanes block on i-76 west. lets get over to meisha with
6:31 am
the details. >> this will cause a lot of problems, and reason is not only because of the given it is a busy stretch but all lanes are block right now. this is, of course, schuylkill expressway moving in the westbound direction all lanes are blocked, because city avenue and belmont. and as you can see backing out of the way this looks like a sea of just a parking lot. you are literally not moving. so if you are standing by and drinking coffee and thinking of heading outside on the roadways try not to do that right now. i will update new ten to 15 minutes and let you know what thinks looking at but because of this accident and because every single lane is block you are not moving. that is the schuylkill expressway westbound, closed between city avenue and belmont avenue. again, this will cause some issues for you. so another area that is actually looking good. this is where we can take ahh sigh of relief, i-95 southbound coming into center city you can see i-95 is looking good. it is schuylkill expressway
6:32 am
thaw certainly want to make note of, stay at home if you can, the water main break lafayette hill, flower town road closed between joshua and thomas road so use stenton avenue instead. katie, even though we might have good weather out there does than the mean our roadways will be great. >> i worry about that for you because again, traffic and weather do tend to go together when there is weather to report but traffic kane have a mine of its own but in terms of the weather we have gorgeousness out there today. storm scan three is quiet. high pressure is here. it will stick around all day to day. how will it be feeling in the days ahead? that is a different story. we have awesome, feeling, awesome, the dew point values here today starting to gradual willly creep up. by the weekend we are feeling steamy. look at this beautiful view this says it all, blue skies, couple left over puffy clouds. 63 degrees, and it is a beautiful start to the morning as long as you you are not
6:33 am
stuck in the traffic but looking forward in the eyewitness weather, day planner here specifically, thinks for philadelphia, we are shooting for 84 degrees at the height of the day happening between three and 5:00 p.m. but by 3:00 p.m., 82 . stellar afternoon, already off to a pleasant start. if you are perhaps going to end up stuck in some traffic, at least you'll be able to leave air conditioning off, maybe crank opened the moon roof, something like that and enjoy the breeze out there. very nice morning. we will keep that going all day to day. nicole, back to you. police are searching for suspect who opened fire outside a water ice shop in philadelphia, leaving a teenager in critical condition. chopper three over 7400 block of woodbine avenue last night. police say gunman shot in the crowd of people standing in line to get water ice. nineteen year-old man was shot in the back of his head and is now fighting for his life. >> two young men trying to run up and serving the water ice, these people just ordered ape
6:34 am
these males walk up on them where these kid are standing and fired twice striking the one male in the facing go through his neck. the shot was pretty horrendous o obviously the kiddies in critical condition this in morning. >> so far in arrests have been made. police are hoping surveillance video lead them to the scene of the man who attack a pizza deliver man. greg stevens works in the philly during day and delivers pizza at night for italian family pizzeria in bristol boro. monday night he was delivering py a to the home in the 600 block of spring street. the it turnout to be vacant. stevens was attacked from behind, knocked unconscious and robbed of $120. >> i don't have a life insurance policy. if anything happened to me, you know, it is hard, because i have two kids turf take care of. >> police say suspect phoned in the fake delivery, and he recovered his wife is now making his pizza deliveries. abington police need help
6:35 am
finding this man who has gone missing from his assisted living facility. if you you can look at this man, eight five-year old charles wilson suffers from dimension a he was last seen at st. joseph manor on the 1600 block of huntington pike around 7:30 last night. was last seen wearing a maroon phillies jacket and hat. he is have have feet tall and weighs 190-pound. if you see him look at this face, you see him through call 911. well, happening today man who led police on the wild two hour chase throughout pennsylvania and new jersey last month is due in court for preliminary hearing. robber ritter is accused of stealing underwear at shop rite and assaulting an employee. during that chase police discovered several warrant were out for his arrest, he is facing aggravated assault charges. 5:35. bargain hunters, listen up, a brand new out lit shopping center opens up in blackwood, new jersey. >> i'm listening. us ter premium outlets has
6:36 am
90 stores where you can shop design brand for less. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins with us a preview and you get first dibs on all of it, lucky girl. >> erika and nicole, excitement is building here, gloucester premium outlets after much anticipation finally opens to the public at 10:00 o'clock today. these outlets are located between route 42, and the black horse pike here in blackwood. there are 80 stores just about ready to go when doors officially open up at 10:00 o'clock. you can see how beautiful area is. we are coming to you live from the town square area which is in the only a place to shop but for this community to gather. i want to bring in the mayor of gloucester township, mayor david may or, thanks for being on the show, thanks for having me. >> thank you for having me. >> reporter: very exciting day. >> tremendous economic development project for our community, largest in the history of your gloucester
6:37 am
township community here and south jersey for that matter. this is very important creating over 800 jobs as we discussed which is very important for this area of course, 300 construction jobs. >> reporter: absolutely, an economic engine here. it is in the just meant for shopping but place for this community to gather. >> it the is like a town square for folks to come, gather, in the just shop but we want them to shop as well. it is important for thaws people come in gloucester township, spend their money here to help our businesses grow and this facility to grow as well. >> talk about that more, lot of people expect to come in and it will give glauster township an identity and help surrounding businesses. >> within of the challenges we have, a large community, but we have six different zip code. it is are can i to attract businesses here. this simon property is really just going to put us on the map and bring a lot of folks in gloucester township to spend their money here. >> reporter: absolutely beautiful area. this is a spot where you can eat, sit, relax and shop.
6:38 am
what is your most favorite part. i know you have been here the last couple of years. >> this has tremendous potential here. the it is an interchange that has a college, access to route 42 and atlantic city expressway and black horse pike. there is a lot to to around here besides shop. this is really just the beginning. phase two will be restaurant and other amenities that comes with the center like this. >> mayor, thanks for being on our show. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: absolutely. again extended hours, opened the next four days, opened from 10:00 to 10:00 today a lot of free stuff, a lot of free stuff and, of course, lot of deals as always with this outlet mall. when you come to this mall pay attention to the parking signs. park in the lots here, camden college, camden county college is just nearby as well and park in those lots but don't park on the road or you might get towed. we want to make sure everyone has a ride home after shopping. back to you in the studio. >> yes good that is a good head up, 10:00 to 10:00 man
6:39 am
can do some damage, 12 hours. >> jan, thank you. experts say we could have video of the biggest shark ever film. >> somebody say we will need a bigger boat. >> wow. >> um-hmm. >> the the great white shark is called deep blue, it is about 50 years old and 20 feet long. >> my goodness gracious. >> this video was posted to a conservation group's facebook page and has not been independently confirmed, so take it for what it is, so get this, we are hearing deep blue, um-hmm, may be pregnant, baby blue, perhaps. >> how about that. >> 20 feet long. >> yeah. >> can you imagine. >> no. >> nor do i want to. >> still to come, did your mother ever tell you you, if you swallow your gum it will stick in your stomach for seven years. some medical myth that is seem to stand the test of time. doctor jen is here to tell us whether or not they are true.
6:40 am
>> ♪ >> and he did, all around the the world, i got a chance to meet up with tom anderson as he took a ride through philadelphia yes is on a mission to bike through you 40 countries. this guy is incredible in his stories, pretty cool too we will share with you coming up.
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school starts tomorrow, with s110% ready.'ll be notebook, folders, glue sticks. 25¢, 15, 50¢. aw, now i'm not sure if i'm ready for them to go back. i'm so ready. make low prices happen. make 110% ready happen. staples. make more happen. we have breaking traffic news on the schuylkill. meisha, any changes. >> is there one drivable lane now. we're talking about the schuylkill expressway, westbound between city avenue and belmont. this is what happened, a truck lost its load. you can see it push off to the right shoulder. all lanes are block for a while there causing just a parking lot of delays. now one lane as you can see is moving by. this will help you out just a
6:44 am
little bit. live chopper three capturing all this live action for you. we have pedestrians out on foot trying to clean this up. problem is we are pushing toward that rush hour right now just before 7:00 a.m. hour. this will cause some slow downs and those backups we were looking at those backups earlier, look at this, still looking like a parking lot trying to squeeze by but we have got three to four lanes of traffic merging together to make their way in to one single file lane. this is definitely going to cause problems for most, so if you possibly can give yourself a couple extra minutes this house this morning you will certainly want to katie, i will let you take it from here. >> at least meisha we can report that the weather will be cooperating for you. we have a couple shots from the eyewitness weather watcher network. the it is bright blue sky to start the day. sun barely visible but nice little spotlight, through the tree line. this came in from phil chapline. we will show you another one and if we can, there we go, ed
6:45 am
connor send nothing a gorgeous sunrise. he is out around chesterfield and we will go to one more, a mist as well but you can see a couple included from john, depend ing on your location you may have high cloud out there but overall this is looking like a nice, bright, sunny day courtesy of high pressure which is keeping the entire northeast and mid-atlantic dry, clear, and actually comfortable as well. so beautiful day unfolding for us, we will look at you're witness weather health report, air quality very good, pollen level medium to high. grass is still an issue for folks with grass allergies, very high uv index. it is a eight, nine or ten we classify as very high uv. we will have more sun then anything. heat index virtually not out there because we don't have much to work with. this is a nice day and a great beach day too. 80 degrees the the the spec high at shore point give or take a degree or two but uv index up to an eight and rip
6:46 am
current risk is low. it should feel nice. over course of the next several days things heat up, great weather this weekend too but we are expecting a new heat wave, to unfold here in the delaware valley, and it gets underway as early as sunday. erika, we will send it over to you. >> thank you very much. we have all heard that phrase from your mom don't swim after eating, don't crack your knuckles you'll get arthritis. we are putting them under the microscope this morning. family physician doctor jennifer cuddle joins us now with more. doctor jen brought our cool snack doritos. we will snack on these throughout the morning i know. but say you have had a bun have of doritos, hot dog, pool side, do you know need to wait before you get in the pool. >> for all of the kid in the summertime you know you can go back to swimming. the it is okay. >> yes. >> you don't to have wait 30 minutes. >> you can go back in the water. the concern in the past has
6:47 am
been since all of the bloodies rushing to your stomach to help digest your food thaw may not have enough energy to swim and save yourself if needed from drowning. we don't think that is so true. you might get stomach cram presidents but get back out in the water of course fur parents say it is okay. >> all right. other one that is reading in a in the well lit area and mom and dad comes over and says you will ruin your eyes. does it hurt your eyes. >> we don't think it will permanently damage your eye but could it cause eye strain, certainly. you could get eye fatigue. i brought my lap top, my iphone. because this is something i spend time honest specially at night. we have tips for folks to make sure you don't get eye strain not just with reading but when using your devices. >> it is lit you think it is okay glit is part of the case. that is part of the issue. there are a few things. first make sure you are using your phones in a well lit area
6:48 am
that is important. sit in the comfortable chair that is very important, nice and cushion and make sure that the screen is about four to 5 inches below eye level. give yourself some breaks. don't expenditure time looking at the computer screen, i walk around like this. >> i hear you. >> i understand. >> other one, gum, is it true it stays in your body for seven years. it is not a natural substance. >> i posted this on twitter and they say it stays around. >> sit true. >> it is not. >> it is in the true. that bum goes right through your system just like everything else. we don't want it to stick around, guys. this is is my favorite gum. just don't eat too much of it, okay good that is the goal. >> it doesn't mean you have a free pass for swallowing gum. still spit the gum out good our doritos prop here is because it is more greasy food. teenagers worry eating greasy food can give you the acne.
6:49 am
>> in the so much. >> one of my favorite snacks anytime of the day. greasy food there is not much evidence to say it causes acne. i don't want to you eat doritos for breakfast either or every day, but it means that this may in the cause acne. >> all right. >> last but not least, cracking knuckles a lot of people do this. people say you will make your hand big, you'll get arthritis. >> my mom used to say that. >> is there any reason not to crack your knuckles. >> cracking your knuckles repeatedly, listen, i got doritos, cracking your knuckles repeatedly will not give you arthritis. there have been studies that it may reduce your grip strength or damage ligaments if you do it too much and too hard but idea of it causing arthritis, no. >> just don't do it though. >> we will just keep eating doritos, new back to you. >> i'm a little jealous, come on, bring those over here. >> my mom said if i ate water melon seed, turf check with
6:50 am
doctor jen on that. 6:49. there is a lot coming up, on cbs this morning, charlie rose joins us live with that preview, good morning, charlie. >> we're on the scene of a massive explosion in china plus we will talk about former president jimmy cart are's cancer diagnosis with doctor dana acres. >> and we are in havana who sits down with a man hiding in cuba for american 40 years. he is accused of killing a new mexico state trooper and hijacking a plane. this a top eye doctor on the dangers of staring at compute are screens all take. that and more, the news is back in the morning, we will see new ten minutes. >> thanks for the preview. right now here's today's headlines on cbs-3. an investigation is underway in the death of the the tracks in delaware county. amtrak train hit a person near septaes a glenn olden station overnight. also this morning drivers using tacony palmyra bridge and burlington bristol bridge will soon start paying more. burlington county bridge
6:51 am
commission has approved a toll hike another dollar for e-z pass customers, $2 more for those paying cash. preliminary hearing is scheduled for robert ritter accused of leading police on a wild chase throughout pennsylvania and new jersey last month. >> 6:51. many of us cream of seeing the world but would you be willing to do it on two wheels. >> probably not good that is exactly what a danish engineer has spent last five years doing combining his passion for psyched welling his desire to travel. i caught up with him yesterday as he rolled through philadelphia. recycling the guatemala to pedaling his way through the pyramid, tom anderson has spent five years traveling the world on two wheels. through 37 different countries he says it is the people not place that he is define his journey. >> i basically learned that people are very friendly, open and they want to help you. >> reporter: same goes for city of brotherly love where tom stayed with friend of
6:52 am
friend of friend while in town. i caught up with him on kelly drive where he clock his 25,000 townships th mile. my first question, are you crazy. >> i think i am but it goodies to be craze. i don't mind being different, that is okay. >> reporter: these days life looks different for dabbish engineer with the $20 a day budget. he saved up enough money for first year and work cattle ran to much get by longer. now he does freelance work when he need to. >> i used to sit ten hours in front of my computer doing this programming things. i was able to save up money for my traveling but it was not my passion. >> reporter: what is one pass for cycling trip around the globe? for tom things like food, clothing, a tent, sleeping bag and a stove and a camera, to capture it all. >> very nice. >> reporter: having staffed over 40,000 pictures tom
6:53 am
document his trek on cycling the from spending his 28th birthday on top of the erupting volcano, to getting chased by stray dogs in turkey, i'll let him explain. >> they come in packs in ten wolves and for some reason they like guys in bicycles. >> reporter: having traveling the length of the eve quiter tom admits he has taken a few since he cannot cycle on the sea but on ground he averages 60 miles a day. he is not in the hurry to finish. >> i didn't want to be like 80 years old and saying i really wanted to do this but i never got to do it. i'm happy to be doing it. having a great time. i'm meeting so many nice people that makes it so worth it. >> what an adventure. >> he is an adventurer, so sweet. he mentioned all of the people made this a worth while journey but he is just as nice as people met. he has been so many places we just cannot show them all.
6:54 am
40,000 of them. here's one of his favorite, the mary cemetery from romania famous for colorful tomb stones and paintings that describe people buried there. even showing scenes from their lives. interesting theme. he calls this thai beauty, which is packed with natural beauty, perfect place for travels. another picture shows the festival which he says its world's largest water fight. >> pretty cool good it happens for three days. >> definitely will get wet in tie land. >> last one here so cute this was taken in the northern they are try of australia where he met a boy and he said that the adults are shy but the kid just love the camera. so, i thought that was pretty incredible. he has seen the world. he mentioned 25,000 miles so far which is distance of the equator. 60 miles a day, tells you how long he has been doing it. >> and going strong good best
6:55 am
of luck. >> we will be right back. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3. ♪usic: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪
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within more check of the breaking news on the schuylkill, meisha. >> yes, good morning. it has been a busy morning for anyone taking the schuylkill expressway. a truck lost a load of drywall and blocking all lanes except for one drivable lane. this is schuylkill westbound between city avenue and belmont, you can see those vehicles just squeezing by and i can tell you this is backup all the way to the roosevelt boulevard, southbound trying to make your way on the schuylkill. if you can avoid this i would advice to you do so. i will update new 20 minutes. >> but this is the time to remember. >> gorgeous. >> yes, gorgeous indeed. >> this is the the forecast that we just the way you are. >> hey. >> who knew good two for two. >> great night at citizens
6:59 am
bank park if you are lucky enough to have those tickets. thank you very much. >> you will like this story. officialness drought stricken california have come up with a simple losing to protect local drinking water. >> very creative. they are covering open air water reservoirs with shade balls. >> is that what they are called. >> and as nearly a hundred million of these so-called shade balls were released in the los angeles reservoir. they help weigh down water and keep sunlight out. officials say these balls prevent evaporation. >> by reducing evaporation these shade balls will conserve 300 million gallons of the water instead of evaporating in the sky. that is 300 million gallons to fight this drought. those gallons will be coming in kitchen sinks across the city and as we know and been saying, every drop counts. >> there are 36 cents each and that is saving 250 million-dollar. >> wow. >> amazing next up this morning one nation under the knife, world's plastic surgery capitol may surprise you.
7:00 am
>> interesting. remember to join us bright and good morning, it is thursday, august 13th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the death toll jumps overnight after huge explosions in china. we are on the scene. former president, jimmy carter tells the world he has cancer. >> the accused cop killer who hijacked a plane is hiding in havana. he will face justice in the u.s. >> we begin with a look at the "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god. >> 44 peo


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