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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  August 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news this noon chopper three is live over a small plane crash, in allentown. authorities tell us that only the pilot was on board when the aircraft crashed into the little league creek, right off of fish hatchery road, a fuel leak from the plane is also reported, it is unclear if the plane was taking off or trying to land at the a nearby airport but again, you can see that the yellow plane, nose down, in the creek, the plane
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is also leaking fuel at this point and that has created a hazmat situation, at that scene. let me give you a little bit of context on this. this is on fish hatchery road in allentown which is a quarter mile from the queen city airport, which is just off of i78. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we will have more information for you, as we get it. good afternoon everyone i'm pat ciarrocchi. i'm quarter von tiehl. our other top story after a please event week sunnies shining but heat and humidity are on the rise. the lets check in with meteorologist kayla grogan on the cbs-3 sky deck. >> it feels fantastic. this is a good hair day or humidity between 35 and 40 percent. the beautiful. unfortunately though that part of the sunshine day will go away and we will see heat and humidity creep in and 90's on the way not just for weekend but men to next week. the lets look live at storm scan three, and you can see it is barely a blip in the sky, it is just gorgeous out there, nice, clear, in problems at
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all, to speak of. temperatures in the bad at all. we're already in the 80's in philadelphia you can see 75 in mount pocono. one of those lucky people to skip out early from work today and head to the beach, whether you are in cape may or any point north or south you will see those 80's, already today. it will be beautiful there at the shore, warmer there as we get that off shore flow happening, what we're looking forward to this weekend is more sunshine, that is for sure, that is what we can expect but also, higher humidity, big difference as humidity will kick in saturday and sunday and 90's not just for weekend but into next week. we potentially have a heat wave on our hand, we will talk more about that when i come back in a few minutes and talk seven day forecast and talk about how long this heat will last, back to you good thank you. history this noon as u.s. marines raise stars and stripes outside newly reopened american embassy in cuba. secretary of state john kerry called it a day for pushing
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through old barriers. correspondent craig boswell reports it is a symbolic restart for two cold war fauxes. >> reporter: not since 1961 has u.s. flag flown over an embassy in havana. that changed today. >> for more than a half century, u.s./cuban relations have been suspend in the amber of cold war politics. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry says that the move makes it easier for the two governments to engage with one another. >> the leaders in havana and cuban people should also know that the you had will always remain a champion for democratic principals and reform. >> reporter: cube and diplomates here at their new embassy in washington have their own message for the american government: lift trade embargo to restricting tourism and business between the two countries. >> there cannot be no regulations now because two countries, when there are economic sanctions, that makes the cuban people, and that
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much more dangerous to the american people. >> reporter: kerry reiterated that the obama administration is in favor of the lifting embargo but only congress can take that action and many there oppose it. >> he hade em argument that the embargo has president work for 50 years why shouldn't we try something new. my question is why as than the made the similar, all. forecast tro regime. >> reporter: senator rubio and others have vowed to block the trade embargo as loss as they continue to oppress its people. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. u.s. geological survey confirmed a rare earthquake hit new jersey earlier this morning. it happened at 3:41 this morning near bernardsville somerset county in north jersey. quake, 2.7 in magnitude was felt by 78 people, and in reports of any injuries or damage but many people were cornered when they called 911. all clear now but earlier traffic delays, this morning for drivers on i-95
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southbound, after a tractor trailer overturn. chopper three was over the scene, this is at the yardley exit ramp at taylorville road. state police say fuel leak from that truck, forcing the ramp to close, no injuries were reported here. and a woman is hit by a car while waiting for a bus and driver, leaves the scene. paramedics respond todd a call at broad and cecil b. moore, by temple's campus at 2:30 this morning. police are saying that the car jumped the curb hitting the 28 year-old victim. she was taken to the hospital with multiple leg fractures and driver was track down by police a short time later. we have dramatic new amateur video surfaces of the deadly explosions that rock a chinese port city on wednesday. a rapid theory of blast blistered industrial area in china that housed hazardous chemicals. to explain the attack so severe explosions where authorities say each blast was equal to setting off 21 tons of tnt. more than 50 people were
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killed and more than 700 were injured. and an incredible story of survival, from that disaster zone. nineteen year-old fire fighter was pulled alive from that ruble this morning after being trapped for 32 hours. chinese media reports that he suffered face, chest, and foot injuries, and recovery crews are now combing through devastation in search of those still missing. authorities say that a fire in a shipping container triggered the explosion. the environmental protection agency says water quality is improving in the colorado river contaminated by toxic mine sludge. epa and contract workers accidentally unleashed 3 million gallons of contaminated waste water last week that was while they were inspecting the shuttered gold king mine mere silverton. toxic plume headed downstream affecting communities in colorado, new mexico and utah. a man accused offsetting his home on fire and then shooting a new york city fire fighter is engaged in a tense standoff with police.
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all this happening right now in staten island. authorities say that the u.s. marshalls were trying to arrest the man on a federal parole violation when he set his home on fire. but when fire fighters responded, police say that man fired an assault rifle, striking a fire department lieutenant. that wounded fire fighter is expect to recover. well, as many as 1.5 million people, could fill the streets of center city philadelphia for the pope's historic visit, and with only 43 days until the pontiff steps foot in the city of brotherly love, philadelphians are bracing for a big change in their routine. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch reports. >> reporter: with the city bracing for upward of a million people for the pope's september stop, many already here, are planning too, to be somewhere else. when you hear about a million plus people coming to philadelphia. >> i'm leaving. there is no room for a million plus people. >> reporter: yes. >> this huge event has, in fact, been classified as a national special security
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event. >> reporter: on thursday mayor michael nutter discussed in deeper detail the grand under taking of protecting the pope, pedestrian strands and philadelphia and dished more about that traffic box. >> in reality it is primarily to protect the millions of people who will be walking along our wonderful, but narrow city streets. >> reporter: for the the papal presence or city of neighborhood will be a city of zones. secured perimeters seen in red will close off parkway at independent hall. entry points with monitors will screen pedestrians and second perimeter in black will keep most vehicles out except those by secret service. >> have you made your plans. >> yeah, staying away. >> reporter: as soon as thursday september 24th parkway prim stores go in effect. by friday same independent hall, plus road restrictions and activation of the traffic box where cars can leave but not return. >> we're making sure that we just get double of everything.
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>> reporter: pope planning too, with traffic restrictions in mind, many are adjusting, others are closing. >> so if you live or work anywhere in center city, officials say now is the the time to start planning, especially given all of the extra people, and transportation changes, and bear in mind that whatever you decide your plans will likely include walking. and, a lot of it. in olde city, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay up to dayton everything that you need to know about the papal visit, we have continuing coverage for you on the traffic restrictions, the event guides, and even where to eat during his visit. find out about all of that at cbs well, coming up here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this noon, annex stream will lesson in stranger danger. are you crazy? >> what is wrong with you. >> what? what are you thinking? >> parents, pulled off some shocking pranks, that have new gone viral, a full report
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coming up next. also, the argument over fat verse cash is back, we will have latest research on what you should cut out to lose weight. that story and more when we come right back. we value sticking with things.
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on cbs-3 healthwatch this noon a new study suggests you may be better cutting out fat instead of carbs. the study published by national institutes of health, tracked the weight loss of 19 people who were obese. they found restricting fats
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can lead to more excessive weight loss compared to carbohydrates. researchers say low carbs diet still reduces insulin and increases your bod ace built to burn fat. you get to keep your bagels but easy on the shake. >> i would say. >> also this noon kensington palace has appealed to the media not to publish unauthorized photos of prince george. >> royal officials are saying paparazzi are using increasingly dangerous tactics to get valuable images of the young prince including hiding in car trunks, and even burying themselves in sand dunes. kensington palace says that the line has been crossed, and that it must stop. you know, parent are starting early teaching their children about stranger danger, in this day and age it means teaching about strangers on line. >> some new jersey parent took part in the social experiment that has new gone viral and this may be extreme as you watching it but as you watch and the report, it opened eyes
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of many parent. >> mikayla, are you crazy, is what wrong with you? >> what, what are you thinking? >> reporter: these parents are screaming, at their under aged daughters after their girls put themselves in extreme, stranger danger. parent consented allowing this man kobe person to conduct and videotape the chilling social experiment. >> i need a fake profile on facebook posing as a 15 year-old boy. >> reporter: what the three girls he contacted meet with him all alone, each time, the answer was, yes, each time the parents were right there, at first, hiding. in this case, behind masks, in back of the kidnapper van. >> stop it, it is your mother and father. >> it is tough, scary and getting peoples attention. >> 21 million students. >> reporter: professional prankster from clifton, new jersey said he found the parents with the craigs list ad. the parents, including this man who business to surprise his 12 year old daughter
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letting a stranger in the house said not my kid. so, imagine the shock. >> you're 12 years old. what is wrong with you. you could have been raped and murdered. >> reporter: some say these parents went too far. >> a little bit drastic. >> reporter: but kobe person says parents did everyone a favor. >> they are heroes. >> reporter: parents love their kid enough to scare them. and save them. wow. that was really extraordinarily incredible. >> that was dave car len reporting. they are recommending watching these videos together and then laying down some very clear rules, children should never go anywhere alone with a stranger, no matter how much attention they are giving them. so interesting because those parents often say not my kid but they see they go anyway. >> very possible. still ahead, this noon phillies fans are watching and waiting. >> a deal is on the table to trade fan favorite chase utley. oh, no, not him.
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we have more coming up on that, kyla. >> we have a heat wave through the weekend into next week a stretch of 90's, how long will it last? i will have details
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it features on site student registration and information session toss help prepare families for the upcoming school year. and we are really delighted to be able to welcome a new meteorologist to our team, kyla grogan. good morning, welcome. >> bring weather like this you are welcomed back anytime it is gorgeous today, humidity is nice and low. we have combination of beautiful sunshine light wind and then no humidity. >> what more do you want. >> it is going to be beautiful day to day. unfortunately that does not
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last as we head through the the weekend. we have heat coming in and humidity levels, yeah, they are rising up. good hair day will be over, tomorrow everybody. lets look outside, in philadelphia, we have 83 degrees right now. just out there, beautiful. wind out of the south at 10 miles an hour. we have a little breeze but it is that magic humidity number that i just love to see today. 37 percent. that makes it so pleasant out there taking a look at radar storm scan three you can see it is gorgeous. there are blue skies you saw outside there and what youe in the last picture in philadelphia, we are seeing that in the region. we are in the low 80's but check out mount pocono in the low 70's. seventy-two there. wilmington 82. millville 81. in atlantic city, 82 degrees for you. it is lovely. wind is under 10 miles an hour all across the region. we are seeing that wind shift, it will be out of the southwest, that is part of the reason we will see that warm air, coming in. now, today we're talking pleasant, awesome, you have to
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love it right there but as we get to saturday, sunday, monday, humid, steamy, those are word that will be creeping into your vocabulary as things change. question is why is it changing? our jet stream is staying to the north that opens up the door to let that heat coming in. you hear about the heat in the south in places like new orleans and houston. that same heat is tracking toward us as we get across the next few days. we are under high pressure right now but our 80's will turn quickly to 90's as we role into sat the day. humidity rolling in. you can see a weak cold front trying to track in, it will not make it. will not make an impact, by sunday, hazy, hot and 90's are here. it will be a warm, run, and it is not just saturday and sunday. here we are on monday, steamy sunshine, to start the workweek next week. and, take a look now at tonight, we don't to have worry, today we're in the upper 80's, lots of sunshine, warm temperatures, and, five
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to 0 miles an hour range. tonight, should be gorgeous, great night to have your dinner outside on a patio if you have a chance. mostly clear skies, comfortable temperatures and again those temperatures down in the 60's. take a look at your seven day forecast. this is where the story gets different now. saturday and sunday in the 90's. look at the stretch here that is happening. you can see already that we're talking five days, possible, of 90's. usually you say three in a row in the 90's, and we consider that a heat wave. but, definitely certainly a heat wave possible, and even thursday, high of 89, technically, that is not 90 but i think that is close enough, the effect will be, wow, still hot. it is august. we're supposed to have this. >> as you said at the cher we will still celebrate. >> mid to upper 80's, and beautiful this weekend good thanks. >> you bet. >> time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. >> here is cb. news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> reporter: this week we will celebrate national relaxation
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day, doctors are quick to remind us one of the best ways to relax during the day toys get enough sleep at night. a according to the national sleep foundation, americans only get 6.9 hours of sleep on weeknights, experts recommend seven to nine hours, lack of sleep is attributed to serious health problems like heart disease, stroke, and depression. sleep deprivation can impair your focus and negatively affect your memory. lack of sleep may be detrimental to your performance at work. lost productivity due to poor sleep cost over $3,100 per employee with insomnia, 2500 for those with less severe sleep problems, and in parx casino, 11.3 percent of people have reported 30 days of poor sleep in a month. to get a good night sleep experts recommend that you power down electronic devices and a roid television at least an her before bedtime. we should clear of caffeine later in the day.
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i'm jill schlesinger for cp.
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coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 raise a glass for pope francis trip to philadelphia we will tell but the beer a local company is brewing up, all in honor of the papal visit. we will tell you where to try it today at 5:00.
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it has not been greatest year if you are a phillies fans and there could be another heart break in the works. >> san francisco giants have reportedly made an offer for all-star chase utley. second base man has a full no trade clause in his contract, and cannery fuse a trade to any mlb team. according to reports giants are just waiting to hear from the phillies. wounded warriors are cycling around the city of brotherly love. these men and women severely injured while serving in the military are riding on a 12-mile loop starting and evening at lincoln financial feel. it is a week even full of events for veterans full of comradery and healing to help and wellness activities. we solute them for their efforts. that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm pat ciarrocchi. i'm erika von tiehl. for all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we are always on line at cbs >> the young and restless is up next.
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and kitchens where every meal is >> hilary: okay, i know you're up to something. so if you're still angry with devon and i -- >> neil: wait a minute. whoa, whoa, whoa. i wasn't angry. and i'm not angry right now. but i am getting there. what'd i tell you? i reassured you that i'm not gonna be at your wedding. i'm not gonna cause you and devon any trouble. you hear me? >> hilary: yeah, that's what you said. but i don't believe you. [ hurried footsteps ] >> lily: all right, ringbearer and flower girl reporting for duty. >> devon: aww. looks like i picked the perfect team, really. thank you guys for being a part of my wedding. >> both: you're welcome. >> lily: um, hey, guys, why don't you go over there, and then the waiter will give you some apple juice, okay? >> charlie: okay. >> lily: okay.


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