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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, as we head into the weekend here comes
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the heat again. this beautiful shot by our photographer andy heat wave number four is on the horizon. hi, good evening, i'm ukee washington. jessica is off tonight with only a few more week of summer on the calendar, this one will have you feeling the heat big time. meteorologist kate bilo joins us now outside on the sky deck with when the rising temperatures are going to kick in and how high they'll go. kate? >> ukee, being outside right now it's hard to believe we're talking about a heat wave there's a beautiful breeze outside. it's not all that uncomfortable at all. in fact it's a beautiful friday night. we've got new moon, a starlit sky out here in philadelphia and all across the region, but tomorrow the mercury starts to rise. and once it rises into the 90s there it will stay for several days. let's take you out to storm scan3. not a whole lot going on outside there are some showers and storms back across the great lakes a few of those could try to sneak up towards the poconos tomorrow. most of them will miss us but something to keep an eye out for maybe a few more clouds bubbling up in the afternoon. otherwise it's a very comfortable friday night.
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we're at 76 at air pot. 67 in millville. flip those numbers a around. 72 at the atlantic city airport and 71 in allentown. mount pocono 64. at this time last night many spots were already down into the 60s. you can see the difference. little bit of a southwest flow has kick up and that is making it feel a bit warmer outside tonight and certainly that's going to contribute to this rise in temperature as we head through the weekend and into the start of neck week from upper 80 toss today to 90s tomorrow and the 90s hang around it looks like until perhaps next wednesday and we'll be close even next thursday so this coned up being a five-day heat wave before it's all said and done. you can see as the temperature rises so does the humidity. in fact our comfort index going from pleasant today up to not bad tomorrow and then we're right into the steamy range starting sunday and monday. coming up i'll tell you how this heat wave will come to an end and if we're tracking any showers or thunderstorms in the next several days. that's with the seven day when i join you inside. ukee. >> kate, thank you. >> incredible video after small
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plane crashes nose down in a creek and even more incredible the pilot survives. the experimental plane crashed into a creek on fish hat hatchery road off interstate 78 in allentown a quarter mile from the 16 city airport. the pilot is thomas si minute ski from zionsville. we talk today with someone who knows him who said it's likely the plane had some sort of mechanical failure when it crash earlier today. >> he demonstrated what you might call safety even though it was an accident he walked away or he basically -- he's alive and no one sells injured. and it doesn't have to be that way. >> the faa is investigating to determine an official cause of the crash. he's recovering at the hospital tonight. well the eagles kick off the preseason on sunday against the colts ton night we know that quarterback sam bradford will be sitting this one out. pat gallen is here why chip kelly is keeping the new guy off the field. >> we all want to is he him, right. >> that's for sure. >> it's about time. getting closer to the preseason opener between the eagles and
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colts but our first look at sam bradford in game action has been put on hold. chip kell al nounsing he's keeping bradford out of the game instead mark sanchez gets the start. bradford has been completely healthy and without limitations throughout camp. he comes off two torn acls that doesn't mean he agrees with chip's decision. >> sam will not play. that's my dig. he really wants to play. i don't think he's real happy with my dig. i fell he's been out here for two weeks done a really nice j job. he'll get his first work again the ravens. >> the coach's decision. obviously i wanted to be out there and i was preparing to be out there, but, you know, this morning he kind of sat down and explained it to me, and it's up to him. i'll be ready to roll next week. >> nice moment at camp chip kelly and eagles invited friends and family of overrule wilson to training cap and his partner was there as was his grandmother. very nice jess which are by the philadelphia eagles. now, bradford clearly chomping at the bit the last time he
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played was last year's preseason when he reinjury the knee. so it's just precaution march, but coming up a little bit later on we'll tell you about another eagle promising one at that whose dealing with some injury issues of his own. >> bradford will have practice sessions with the ravens before the game, correct. >> exactly. >> dual practice. >> practice the week leading into the game. i think he'll be ready for that game. >> no doubt. can't wait to see him much buddy thanks so much. see in you a little bit. as the pope's arrival in philadelphia draws close certificate american red cross is hoping offering volunteers to be part of the papal visit. "eyewitness news" at the red cross emergency communications center on chestnut street. the red cross is looking for 1,000 volunteers during the papal visit to man shelters, provide health services and much more. now if you are multi link wal have medical knowledge or experience with caring for children and elderly that's a bonus. >> a lot of the work that we do can be taught and we're really encouraging peopling to line and register so that we can them train. >> the red cross will shelter
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and feed volunteers during the papal visit. if you're interested in volunteering, all you have to do is head to and click on links and numbers. simple as that. septa is giving riders another crack at getting special papal passes for their first choice regional rail stations. officials say more passes are available because the duplicate requests. for example, multiple people in group all requesting passes and only one ended up buying them. some who got that are second or third choice stations now have the opportunity to buy or trade in a pass for their first choi choice. if you're planning to ride new jersey transit river line or atlantic city line to see pope francis you need to get tickets in advance. special pass go on sale at noon tomorrow. the tickets are good for september 26th and 27th. it's getting closer and closer. we are now only 43 days away from the pope's historic visit. our coverage of papal visit continues online. you can get the latest information on the visit and all
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the logistics any time at now to an historic moment in cuba after more than 50 years the american flag was raised over the us embassy in havana today. secretary of state john kerry was on hand for the reopening of the embassy symbolizing the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations. today also mark a symbolic end to one of the last remnants of the cold war. >> let me be clear, the establishment of normal diplomatic relations is not something that one government does as a favor to another. it is something that two countries do together when the citizens of both will benefit. >> cuban americans in our area watched the ceremony and brought out lot of emotions about the future. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has that part of the sto story. >> reporter: the american flag now flies over the embassy in havana, cuba for the first time time in more than 50 years.
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nationally it has been met with scepticism over cuba's communist regime. >> i believe the people of cuba deserve what everyone else in the western hedges fear has democracy. >> reporter: but here if philadelphia, the move has offered hope to those with loved ones in the country like angel. chef at cuba lib before he where everything reminds him of home. >> i smell the food and i see the names on the menu this is from my country. >> he left cuba sick months ago for work out internet service there contact home has been limited. but he's hopeful that will soon change. >> we have been waiting for this day for a long time. i'm very happy they have great expectation for the future. >> cuban american and philadelphia deputy mayor richard negron says this means a letter live for cuba's people. >> my family was personally impacted not only did they have to give up their belongings but most came to this country with
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nothing but a suitcase. >> reporter: while the cuban american population in philadelphia is relatively small, there is one more flag ceremony that many would like to see. right here on the parkway. where the cuban flag is noticeably missing. >> one of the final things that i might get to do as deputy manager put the cuban flag on the parkway. >> hopefully feeble were see a different world. >> on the parkway, diana rock company cbs3 "eyewitness news". a pair of philadelphia police officers are getting some national attention. thanks to time magazine. here are 19th district officers sean devlin on the left and matos on the right on the cover the latest issue. the cover story is what it's like to be a police officer in america one year after the ferguson and they talk about their experiences patrolling west philadelphia. you can look for the magazine on news stands next week. after decades of decay a north broad street landmark finally seems ready to spring back to life. philadelphia historical
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commission app pressed a renovation of the divine lorraine hotel. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more on the makeover and the land mark's history. >> reporter: while we were out here tonight i couldn't help but notice a lot of people wanted to come up and talk about the divine lorraine and everybody said the same thing, it's about time. if you've driven up or down broad you can't miss the broken windows, graffiti, decaying shell avenue building that once was known as jewel in philadelphia's crown. >> what are they going to do with something so historic as that. you can't let that building go. >> donald enjoyed many dinners in the 1960s. father major divine broke barriers. >> it was beautiful. it was crowed. a lot of people. am like an atmosphere of sort of like a downstairs multi purpose room where you ate. >> reporter: but the building's history goes back to its opening in 1894.
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originally some of philadelphia's wealthiest live in the building. hotel lorraine took over not long after. running for years before father divine came on board. >> it will be a if he nom until area and people just moving in this area getting bigger and bagger all time. >> reporter: glenn owns jimmy g's steaks next door and can't wait for his new neighbor. the philadelphia historic commission approved plan friday to turn the building into a apartments and a restaurant. another pump of life in this part of town between the city and temple's campus. >> it's terrible. with all the graffiti and all of the guy who bought the and purchased it will do a fine job. i heard nothing but good things about it. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" has learn the renovation will cost around $28 million. and developer eric bloom men felled will partially rely on federal tack credits tied to preserving the building's history a history donald dennison calls priceless that will soon come back to life. >> as a kid i sat in there hadn't something to eat and now
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i can actually see that this building that was basically i thought at one time was going to be demolished is now going to be renovated. >> i'm told the developer plans to start construction next mon month. that construction on the building is expected to take about 18 months. reporting in north philadelphia, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". welcome back. still to come tonight a local legend to the baseball field do not pay any attention to his age. >> i'm not old. >> from player to coach at age 85, one man's 69 year journey with a local baseball league will have you inspire. that's coming up next. >> and if you're looking for love, fill up your plate. the new romance research about finding a love connection through food. kate? >> and another heat wave on the way. this will be number four of the summer and it starts tomorrow with the increase in heat the humidity increasing as well. i'll tell if you we'll be tagging any rain in the seven day forecast coming up when we come back.
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two big recalls involving cars to tell you about tonight. volkswagen has announced a recall on more than 420,000 vehicles to fix a problem that keeps a front air bag from deploying. the recall covers eight models and concluding the jetta passat and golf. you can see all of the effected cars on the screen this one is for parents. recalling more than 200,000 car seats because the shoulder straps could accidentally come loose. the recall effects several models of the add 53 indicate, boulevard and marathon click type car seats made between august 2014 and last month. britax will sent consumers a lubricant to fix the problem. >> they say the root to a man has heart is through his stomach. the same can be said for women researchers at drexel found women's brain respond more to romance cues on a full stomach than an empty one. when a woman is hungry her focus is primarily on getting food w
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that need has been satisfied she can turn her attention to other needs such as romance. the study is published in the journal appetite. >> right of passage at the university of penn. 1,561st year medical students received their white coats today marking the start of their medical school journey. each also received a stethoscope and ceremony in front of family and friends. this is the 250th class at the pearlman school of medicine these students will begin training in the medical education center and congratulations. >> 8584 old baseball coach has created his own field of dreams in vincentown new jersey starting out as a young player in the 1940s he's been coaching for half a century inspiring other players both on and off the field. our natasha brown has his story. >> reporter: he's a living legend with the vincentown baseball team with scores of championship wins under his be
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bell. >> coaching and cheering from the side lines of a field that bears his name. >> it's a great honor. >> harry thompson has been coaching sips 1961. starting out on this field as a 16-year-old player. coach thompson's history with this league spans decades. he's not only been coaching for 50 years, but he started as player 69 years ago. he takes us back in time when he had an opportunity to go to spring training with the brooklyn dodgers. but it would be dream deferred by war. >> instead i was in korea in august of 1951. so that's where i went. i got my draft notice and they said that was it. >> he served his country well. only to return home to the very baseball field where it all began. now, thompson coaches his 18-year-old grandson in the rancocas valley league, a league of skilled players from their early teens to middle age. >> he's got so many stories that he can tell through all the years. just the experiences that i've
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gotten with him here and i'll learn for the future it's just memories of lifetime. >> not a better man even outside of baseball, a gentleman, always there for you. >> coach thompson just turned 85 years old and shows no signs of stopping. >> i'm not old. >> i'm not old. i got a bunch of young guys to keep us going. the nicest kids. you wouldn't ask for better as the sun sets on another championship game we asked asked thompson how long he plans to coach. >> as long as god will let be be here. i hope a few more years. >> in vincentown, new jersey, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> they always say baseball is a kid's game. there you go. >> by the way vincent done merchants were tied the fight to the finish the merchants though lost in game five tonight but coach thompson vows to be back again next season. >> let's hope so.
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>> wishing the team all the best. >> 70 years. >> that's right. >> 70 year story. that's amazing good for him. >> great story. >> what great guy. >> kate has got for forecast. what a beautiful night. a great day. warmer than yesterday but lots of sunshine in you we're heating up again. we've got 90s in the forecast starting tomorrow and continuing into next week. but let's talk about how beautiful tonight was. a great night for some smooth jazz at pennsylvania lanning in philadelphia. ♪ a crowd turned out to hear the very talented brian culbertson and high great time introducing him this evening. he was very very sweet. we chatted back stage a little bit and the crowd was so excite thed to see him cbs3 and the cw philly are proud to sponsor the smooth jazz summer nights concert series. it was packed out there at pennsylvania lanning. everybody there for brian culbertson. a great night for it. there was nice breeze off the water, and people were jamming out there tonight. try to reserve their spots. they have to actually put a new policy in place you can't leave a chair there at 6:00 o'clock in the morning because that's what
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people try to do. put their chairs so they can get front row seats for the smooth jazz at pennsylvania land what a great time tonight this is how the day shaped up. palmyra cove nature park with the skyline in the background just beautiful. fantastic sunset now on friday night the city comes a life. all lit up a great night to be walking out and about in philadelphia. storm scan3 looking good. we're watching some storms actually pretty nasty looking storms a few of these segments of storms you can see one here, one dover over portions of the end introducing damaging thunderstorms heavy rain and gusty winds with those bowed line segments of storms off to our west. and that system is not going to impact us much could spark off a shower or storm in the poconos tomorrow the rest of us looking at a dry weekend although it will get hot again. we kind of trade the rain we had earlier in the week for some heat and humidity. 76 in philadelphia right now. flip those numbers around millville temp at 67. trenton at 74 degrees and your dew points right now are in the low 60s. some spots still hanging on to the 50s but the dew points are
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starting to rise as we head into the weekend. humidity ramping up as well as the temperature. we're in the 90s the next several days. none, 92 as we head into sunday. then 93 by monday. hot and humid with hazy sunshine it's all thanks to winds coming in around the western flank of this high temperatures on the rise and humidity on the rise as well as we tap into some of that moisture from the gulf of mexico. you can see that when we look our comfort index how is it going to feel outside. >> humid tomorrow. more humid on sunday and then, yes, even more humid on monday right newspaper the steamy range it looks like the heat and humidity peaks on monday. tuesday still very steamy. and still in the 90s this will be the fourth heat wave of the season here. overnight a starlit sky. it is comfortable. 67 degrees in the city. your weekend shore cast looking great if you want to beat the heat. 80s down the shore with sunshine both days. poconos also looking fantastic. maybe just that stray shower or thunderstorm on saturday. and then the "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast your city forecast for tomorrow, 99 degrees.
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hot more humid but at least it's sunny and sunday same story. of course for the eagles preseason game a little hot out there. no hint of fall, football weather in the forecast on sunday and sticks around until next wednesday. >> sam bradford will be a cool cucumber on the side line. >> hanging out there. i like many was hoping to see sam bradford this sunday. not happening. also, the quarterback we thought we'd get had a rough start to his career. same plan. new phone.
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>> sam might be the man but mott in the first preseason game. >> not yet. he will be eventually. just not yet. as we told you earlier in the show sam bradford will not play on sunday against the colts. fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the new quarterback, you'll have to wait week. chip kelly is holding him out for now but he will play in week two of the preseason against the ravens. chip kelly announced mark sanchez will start and the battle for the third quarterback spot should be interesting between matt barkley and tim tebow. injuries news alonso will sit out. he had not pass the concussion
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protocol just yet. zach ertz will miss the entire preseason after surgery to repair a core jr. today. procedure to this season, zach ertz had not missed a regular season game although chip kelly said he thought he would be ready to go a month from today against the falcons. here's chip on zach ertz. >> whatever it is, dr. myers said it will ab couple weeks. he thinks he'll be fine by the opener f we got to shut him down now i'd rather shut him down now than in the middle of the. >> i'm pretty sure we sparked about marcus mariota. he played tonight his first act as tight tan it did not go well. in the first he gets crushed. also in the first, throws a pick welcome to the show, kid. justin duran. only get better from there, right? maybe not. he fumbles. it's pick up by paul we are low had return it for a score. falcons win 31-24. phillies in milwaukee tonight battling with the brewers chase utley rumors are picking up steam. reports say multiple teams have
11:27 pm
interest including the astros and angels among others. chase upped his trade value going four for five tonight. adam morgan on the hill much this chris davis with k and he crush it. this is a solo homer to right centerfield. i don't know what he's leaping for there. always fun with him in the out feel. more fun in the third. herrara makes the catch but makes it difficult. he collides with dominic brown. so he tags from second base and scores. that puts the brewers up three to nothing phillies fall boy a score of three-one. we've just learn if the last few minutes that a driver has been killed in the friday night races at williams grove speedway after a multi vehicle accident. the track is in monroe township comer land county. in the pga championship, day two at whistling straits rain halted play for bit. jason day on the sixth. he's your leader with fellow matt jones at nine under torn the tournament. on the seventh john daily has
11:28 pm
the theirs. so much water. he sends three consecutive tee shots into lake michigan. the fourth it lands in the fairway that's fine. but it's always the club's fault. see it. >> whoa! >> that, too, will reside in lake michigan and made for nice souvenir for this kid. victory. we will be right back.
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>> young ladies are learning the fine art of enter takenning in philadelphia. salvation army hosted a special tea party in center city. they get together was the culmination of the seven week be your best etiquette program. tea and desert on the menu. these ladies range in age from seven to 15 years of age. they learn how to properly dress for formal meal. set the table and behave with appropriate manners during the etiquette program. very nicely done. >> great. for pat and kate, jessica whose off, i'm ukee washington. inform cis los angeles is night. have a good night, family, and a
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