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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 16, 2015 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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part of the movie, e.t., home alone, silence of the lambs and the hunch back of notre dame. it also appeared in the famous painting, "the s" >> i've been getting a lot of cyber bullying.cream. i apologized to tom brady. he's a very handsome man. i can't do perfect sketches during the pressure of they're waiting. 24 hour news, it's a very different world i'm living in. >> this week, we learned new details about general's surprise wedding. >> people magazine rushed this cover story two days early to break the details. notably absent, two of general's
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friends, co-stars. >> what was your reaction? >> i was surprised. >> i wasn't there. so i wish you the be >> so you guys are good. >> yeah, everybody's okay. the girls were >> only 75 guests, among them, howard stern. >> i said, listen, i these two because we always going on vacation. >> i was so afraid to tell anybody i was going to the wedding. know >> let's move on and get you some sad news this week after the death of frank gifford. >> one of the greatest players in pro-football history. but the last 29 years of his life were defined by his relationship w cathy lee who has been handling this
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heartbreak with such incredible strepgt and grace. >> you'll remember where you were when you got the news.ith >> frank has lived a life of great dignity. he just does so much so quietly. >> all of us at cbs, so many of us who knew frapg. >> he was asked this question. how would you like to be remembered. and he answered this. first and foremost, as a good father who had a job and did it well. >> kathy lee thank reallied her colleagues for their tributes to her husband frank.i am in tears. earlier, she posted a note to her fans. we are steadfast in our faith in finding comfort and knowing where frank is. the 84-year-old died of natural causes at their home in connecticut. >> frank's daughter cassidy posted this throw bark.
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>> kendall nicole.>> these two special bond in 1999. this was the last big public appearance. >> so is my husband. we're just grateful. >> here in new york, frank gifford was a football legend. the new york daily news calli him a man for all season. the new york post saying he was the ultimate giant. on her ng stagram page, once a giant, always a giant. >> he prayed so many years in the nfl with such integrity. and then he doesin 27 years of monday night football and then ten olympics and then all of those years of sports and he survives me, the man deserves some kind of an award.
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>> gifford was better known as half of a high-prothen celebriy cup chl eel. >> i was joan london's substitute.file >> he's so likable, he can't help but just like him so much as a person. >> he has been through so much, known so much, experienced so much in this world. and i just -- i grow up near him all of the time. >> and aparentally, many others did, as well. the out pouring of love and support for frank and all of those. we're going to take a deeper look at frank and cathy lee's life together. the love they share, the faith and how it helped them survive 30 years of marriage. that is coming up. >> but right now, let's talk about country star luke ry he's married to his college sweetheart since 2006. so he definitely knows a thing or two aboutan. maintaining a relationship while on the road.
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he's also good friends with shell don. we asked luke how he's holding you want after his divorce with miranda. >> i mean, a divorce out of the public eye is a tremendous thing to have towith. when they're in the public eye, you just hope they're doing gooed. deal >> just pray that they're happy. >> i wish i had been drinking all dayment i deserve it. and then added i just got divorced. >> luke, on the other hand, had his own domestic drama with his two sons. >> kate last night got down and kate was in the emergency room getting stitches. beaux pushed him down, hit a chair and got stitches. it's a crazy household right now. just keep them alive. >> luke has a full house.
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he's also raising nephew after his brother-in-law died last year. and a big kid. >> he's put me in a head lock a couple of nights ago. i really wasn't getting out of it. so, yeah, he's in football right now. he's working out every day. it'sng to see my nephew in the house. >> here we go. >> luke performs songs with his new album, kill the mice along with his hits. amazi >> we get mad at the internet sometimes. but when you can do a s in a small venue like this and broadcast it out to millions of people, it's wile you love that aspect of the we're excited that people can sit at home and watch it. >> luke is still on the road with his kick up the dust tour.
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he'll be in atlanta next weekend. so if you're in that area, please check it out. >> it honors their new video. mr than 100 million views. >> no messing around. on the way, steven colbert talk act his new show. >> i said something nice on his show. take zzzquil and sleep like... you haven't seen your bed in days. no, like you haven't seen a bed in weeks! zzzq the non habit-forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily, and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing. uil. ♪ hanes. a perfect fit for every body. now in colorful new styles. ♪ you're down with crestor. yes! when diet and exercise aren't enough,
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: a big party this week for cbsment great to see every let loose a little bit. one of them, we just can't wait to see on late night. body are big fans of his. blapg blank we. >> when you're as talented as that, that is pretty impressive right there. he starts september 8th and he is itching to get going. steven talked all about that from our web site. but, first, she just had to ask steven about driving his old boss, john stoourt to tears.
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all i ever wanted to do was make john stuart laugh. but to make him cry, that would be more fun. >> on behalf of the peoples lives you changed, thank you. >> colbert worked on that show for 11 years. >> we've got to go out there now. and we're all chanting made him cry. made him cry. >> how much do you credit john to your success? >> it's mostly me. i said something nice on his show, but it's a live show, what are you going to do? >> gave us three things you need to know about the show. >> urp able to nailorge clooney as your guest? how did you do that? >> what i like about mr. ge clooney, he's not only a big star and aal oented actor and
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director and producer, but he's there. he cares about the world. the man has his own spy sat late. he does nespresso which he shallsin europe to pay for a spy satellite to help pay for the people of sudan. >> this is not an invitation, mr. trump. th a dare. i dare you to come on the show. please, mr. trump, take care of yourself. take your vitamins. doept to anything is is dangero. just stay healthy and engage until september 9th. hearsal?stage are you in the >> we actually haven't started rehearsing yet. but it's a long process. >> and here's something you didn't know about the host. re what we used to call a nerd back in high school. but today, nerds are cool. you can't be cool about it.
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you have to be a little bit nervous and ready to jump in any . and that energy is buter flies. >> they're just sticking up with the late show. that's awesome.moment >> yeah, people used to beat me up outside. yeah. that's right. that's the stuff i am. , fox trot, buddy. i can chacha. id can lindy. yes, the lindy hop. i learnedyeah to dance after li berg. that's how old fashioned i was. >> i learned how to fox trot. >> after the interview, you will give me -- >> that is superbowl ratings. me, you and that solar flare drift. fox trotting will be great. will you do me the honor of fox trotting? >> done. >> and speaking of the man of his word, there are the pictures
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to prove it. >> very good. >> all right. e we go. he definitely honored his wordment i like that. i have here, we're withther stars taking on weekend box office, versus the guy from nwa. check out the guy playing dr. dre. and who's playing ice cube his look alike son. >> also, a look behind the scenes. onset evin heart. now, why the actor is co-store e star. >> all right.
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get yourself a free half gallon of attention america. dole classic lemonade with any 10 piece meal or larger purchase. because when you buy this chicken, there's free lemonade for the pickin'. it's finger lickin' good. >> we'll leave you two to get acquainted. >> that is a man from uncle out this weekend. taking over the reigns in the film inspired, of course, by the classic tv series from the '60s. our special correspondent,
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carlie steel just before they hit off their big premier in new york. >>oking dapper at monday's l.a. premier alongside their gorgeous co-stars.> lo he also showed off his new bride, jackie aimsley. they got hitched almost two weeks ago. >> the whole thing was a pleasure. >> it was one sort of whole day or three days. it was fabulous. >> it seems to be tough to go to another wedding after that. >> going viral this week over a quote\for telling mep's fitness that is a tease that used to call me fat cattle. it's hard to believe this is ever true. he's clearly in great shape in
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the man from uncle. >> it's wonderful to finally be here. >> a little birdie tells me, you, sir, can play any string instrument. so we have brought a >> he actually taught guys the banjo and the guitar during a shoot. i would be doing take and in the background, i'd hear the banjo going. are you watching anything we're making? or are you just a practicing th banjo.
5:24 am
>> i'm a little rusty. >> this is not the russian way. >> but can he dance? >> one of my favorite scenes/fights. were there any drunken, dancing, revelry going on? >> oh, we always -- every night we drunked out together and fought. a film in three hours. >> no, it's too good. >> tom cruiseoriginally on the cast. >> i didn't know that. >> well, he dropped out to focus on mission impossible, rogue nation, which has was number one for two weeks in a row. it's already pulled in over $250 million to date.
5:25 am
so been i thinking everybody ki won here. >> the true story of nwa. kevin fraser and cube's son, o'shea jackson. >> what is it like watching you. >> when we was editing this movie, at certain point, i thought i was looking a young nwa. >> it's guys that came from nothing that created something that's just amazing. >> this is a great jobt the an came straight out of brotway. kevin fraser, the busy man that he is, is on the set. and, as expected, it was totally
5:26 am
the kevin heart show behi scenes. >> can you guys do that on camera.nd the >> this is how kevin likes to get down. >> no, you can stand back. don't you ever talk like that again. found out that's just how it is onset. >> the i million mansion over the party scene. >> you are what i say you are.
5:27 am
>> $16olivia, kevin and ice cu are undercover cops. >> again? >> my nerves is bad, man. >> oe's zombie. >> the first movie with so much comedy, we had to go and reshoot more action. this time,h, her universal was no, that's not happening. thank you. i'm glad i traveled all the way over here for that. >> do you know how much stuff i've done? i've been hi car. >> wait a minute, a car hit you? >>t by a
5:28 am
fanatic. whiletreating, he's been tweeting his 20 million followers. >> you're talking about my workout. i'm trying to get the cover of men's health. stop playing and give me a cover. give it to me. >> making this movie was deaf fitly a no-brainer. the original race in 154 mill whereon. so that's a pretty good return. >> up next, break the internet in the message for the haters. >> and live lingerie model asked her crusade for all women to be sexy. push you shall
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>> the fda is asking the drug company for a correction. >> kathy lee thanked the colleagues. i am in tears. the 84-year-old died of natural causes. >> kathy lee will be back on the
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"today" sh gh moving onto number three. >> i was surprised. >> i didn't know about it.ow. >> tom brady's got slammed on twitter this week. >> people are really cruel, as well. i've been getting a lot of cyber bullying x just as well. >> and the number one story, ben affleck and the nanny. >> ben, how excited are you for the film? >> very excited. >> the former nanny he allegedly cheated with? he made the cover of w york post. >> that's her posing with tom brady's superbowl ring.the ne >> ben denies all allegations. so e.t. onli for all the
5:34 am
latest on those stories and more. and back to kim k., she may have taken that drug down, but not this unbelievable, but not shocking, that's for sure. first they say i'm too skinny. now they say i'm too big so i h. everyone's body is different. i'm going the get even bigger and that's beautiful, too. >> her's someone who knows a lot about taking on the haters. >> it's her big, bold attitude that's made her our girl crush right now.
5:35 am
>> i had one ajent that would fan money in my face. >> this is what is conside plus size. actually voting new lingerie. >> i am the customer. i have triple i'm a 36 triple d. i want to be sexy. i want to have comfort. where are t that meet? here's where and we say enough with the labels already. this is what normal looks like. this is empowerment. this is everything. >> thewot like the negative. they're the things that go with the word plus sizing. you're fat, you're lazy. you have no drive, no determination.y don' honey,i work out three days a week, i lift, i do bar. the stereotypes. i am me. >> so the reasons were crushing on ashley. she's smart. she can rock a supertight dress and proudly show those curves.
5:36 am
>> if i could walk around naked, even on the street of new york, i would. i aem very confidentble in my own skin. that's just the body that i've been given. >> also, she's a businesswoman who's paving the way for others. finally. >> it's amazing. you're seeing curve i have girls coming on the runway. . >> and the ted talkers got a strong message. so listen up. >> never let anybody tell you that you can't. i actually just got e-mail from a girl who's been bloodstreamic fbulimic for six years. an i'm letting women know that it doesn't matter what size, age, race you are. it's really truly about being comfortable in your own skin.
5:37 am
>> you can get it excluzively at nordstrom. she's going to be showing more of it next week. >> i love it. still to come, inside the clutter cloz et. >> can you lit have too many bags, jewelry and shoes? >> what is wrong with the mr. t. starter kit lo real >> and then, ricky lake and her new development ri fighting against c-sections.ok? ♪ >> several hit singles and recently dropped the first single dirty, from his debut album. targeted for release by the end of this year. >> now that we have a single out, we can start to push that a little bit and then throw a second single out. i pretty much have all the songs recorded, i've just got to pick and choose which ones.
5:38 am
♪ >> and you know you've made it when there's a wax figure created of you it will be only display in oorl. orlando.
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welcome back. dale king is a horder. she does have an issue with clutter.
5:41 am
so gail opened up her closet to see if he could just cut through the mess. >> this is how it was told to me. not that there's anything wrong with your looks, gail, but how about we do something where we go through your closet and look at your bags, your shoes, your jewelry. off, i was a little offended by that. i actually like jewelry. i'm the first girl who says what's wrong with the mr. t. starter look.first >> hit shows ft and it helps gail organize and eliminate omd jewelry out there with 6 7 hand. >> adam says you don't have to wear everything you own. more is not necessarily more. >> it's all inside the pages of "o" magazine. and this cover shot looks a lot like this one in rome. >> oprah winefrey is making a
5:42 am
slash highlight icon. she is great as glinda, the good witch. and there's lindsay perry all made up as the insider. >> now, ma rye ya may want to see our next story. >> not everybody is into its. a new confers from ricky lake reveals why. >> it's amazing, the idea that we can create life and grow this little poeerp and give birth on our own terms. >> it's supposed to be one of the most amazing experienc ever. but ricky, as the producing partners, are making a bold laim that some doctors arees manipulating parns and choosing money over mommy and rights.
5:43 am
>> some women, they want to be numb, they don't want to feel anything. and that's okay. that's okay. there's other women that want the opposite. having a natural, spontaneous delivery taking longer than a c-section. they make mney on c-sections. that they're three times, if not four times the natural birth.ore mo >> but the the issue oaf c-section using natural birth. it's actually about women being informed and hcontrol over their real bodies. >> don't go like a sheep. just don't just everything you hear. do your rezerjs. advocate for yourself.aving you look at what you think would be opting for a natch ral birth. i'm not the poster child. omeone who loves pain medication. i'm on i right now for a fractured rip.
5:44 am
that really can stay with you forever.i'm s >> and as all of mommas know, labor and delivery always brings with it some precious memoryings. up next, olivia newton john's hit remix mind the scenes of her new music video with her daughter, chloe. then, we look pa at our time with frank gifford and cathy lee. their love story that revered through goodck times and bad. >> i know frank too well to know it's not perfect. >> but, first, this weekend, birthdays. which hunger game stars first auditioned in a cereal commercial. get ready to show your roots with roots touch-up from nice'n easy. seamlessly blends with leading shades, even salon shades in just 10 minutes. no roots. no grays.
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do you believe it was 35 years ago that that song was number one? chloe wasn't even born yet, but she's all grown up now and got pretty racy remaking tt. we'll take you behind the scenes. >> can you just make sure that i didn't show too much for the video. hat hi a little challenging in that area. and i made sure that she sexied it up a little bit. but other than that,it's we've good, right?
5:48 am
♪ >> the boost yeah, the thy hiig high, it's a total transformation. but it looks like a little more. and it's nothing lik her mom's wholesome image. >> but she's so talented and has her own sound. i see elements, of course,e but it e it's not what a lo of people see. she's hit much more with it. ♪ the once-troubled teen who's struggled with addiction out of the toe fally new dance beat with the help of famed music producer, day by day. >> we like what you did. >> thaing. i like what you did. >> yeah, it's always been my favorite song of my mom's.
5:49 am
>> this mother daughter have a good timement would they ever tour together? >> okay. >> now, you saw how difficult it looks in that duovideo, right? here's chowe firing back. success and happiness is a magnet for jealousy and hate. just remember not to let anyone brou down when you are following your dreams. i love that spin. >> got to make lemonade, right? >> that's right. >> let's get back to our story of the week that everyoning y talking about. of course, passing of frank gifford. his and cathy lee's marriage really withstood the test of time.e is and frank and cathy lee faced many storms. but their commitmented to each other, always survived. it is our big picture, frank and rgiveness. love, faith and
5:50 am
>> i say, you know what, we are the statement. we have no statement at all. fo wefr one. >> it was in 1997 that the marriage faced its biggest trial. a breeched infidelity. she chose to stay faithful even though he was unfaitful to her. >> when frank had his temporary insanity, which he was set up for, let's face it, you know, then our children wouldn't have their father in their lives. and a very dear friend said to me, when i was going through the hardest time, he said if you can't forgive your husband, ive your children's father. and it devastated me. i know the kind of man frapg is. he's one of the mostforg wonder people i've ever known in my life. and he's the best father in the world. and that's -- that cahanged the
5:51 am
way i looked at it. there's a thousand families. too many families break up over something that they could be healed if they just stayed there, trust god to do a healing in they're lives. >> it's not bad.. on a trophy, she's a fraser. >> they always like to joke around. the couple lived by a code. family and faith come first. >> what advice would you give to women? >> don't. don't. you reap what you sow. it makes for a great movie, but it doesn't make for t life. >> their love story began in 1983. then, 30-year-old cathy was at the beginning of her tv career.a 50-year-old frank was a football great. >> i ended a long term relationship last spring. and frank sort of took me under his wing, you know. he's got a great wing. we didn't fall if love, we really grew in love.
5:52 am
somebody asked the age difference between us bothered me at all. i said absolutely. i just hope i can keep up with him. they got married four months later and then had two childrenf >> we're trying to convince our kids that even though they're blessed in a monetary way, there's noer gift in the world than love. if we instill them as young children, they'll grow up to be loving aadulthoods. great >> cody and kas day have been by cathy lee's side and they remain a strong testament to the dpraet life and love cathy lee and frank shared. >> i would rather have had 10, 15, 20 years that were really wonderful, really special, really rewarding with him, than to have a lifetime with somebody else that i didn't share the same bond with. >> we can take five minutes and turn it into the most wonderful
5:53 am
day. wed can take a d and turn it into a wonderful lifetime. >> such a beautiful loss that they've had for each other, too. now, sources in the family's inneray circle confirm to e.t. that a memorial service is being planned. nothi >> cody gifford tweeted this shot. meeting his great grandchild, fight on, live on. fight on trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at
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promo consideration provided by -- : look at all of those stars celebrating birthdays this weekend. on saturday, ben affleck turns 43. steve carella, 63. now, first audition was a commercial at the age of 14. know who that is? jennifer lopez, turns 25 on saturday.
5:57 am
>> we don't want to see that. >> her 8-year-old even helped design them. >> little vivian drew this. she thought that all women should have a fancy cat. >> monday on"e.t." >> we are almost out of time, but for all the latest breaking news, go to our web site. >> but, before we go, you've got to che this out, the new video from calvin harris. >> all right. >> that was so >> representing his lady by featuring that same model. she and her man, joe jonas have been going on several days. they're in the inner circle. >> enjoy the video, everybody. and the rest of your weekend. bye.
5:58 am
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ah, time to get ready for birds, eagles excitement is building as first preseason game gets underway today. also, a hot air balloon drive through is frightening when a about a lawn crashes in the the lancaster county field as three people are injured. remembering julian bond long time leaders of the civil rights movement has passed way at 75. good morning, it is sunday, august 16th, i'm nicole brewer. thanks so much for joining us. it is 6:00 o'clock on the dot and we have been told we will crank up the heat more. kyla, is this true because yesterday was a hot one. >> it was, and that humidity kick in late in the afternoon. i saw a kid getting in the mountain in the philadelphia. >> i used to


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