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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 18, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> right now at 11:00 o'clock, it is official. we have hit our fourth heat wave of the summer season. the 90 plus temperatures will be hanging around for another day. hi g evening. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. there is relief from the heat in sight in the form of rain and storms. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs3 sky deck tracking it all for us. kate? jessica and ukee, today was day three in the 90s making it the fourth heat wave of the season.
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but it's not over yet. we've got another day in the 90s on the way for tomorrow. now, the good news we don't have any heat advisories or excessive heat warnings and that's mainly because our dew points are not quite high enough to make the heat index go above 100 degrees and with that being said it feels okay at night because the dew points are lower than they were during our last heat wave. but with that being said we've still got a lot to heat to talk about with the heat and humidity comes the threat for thunderstorm. we've had some locally heavy but isolated storm this evening. one earlier tonight over northeast philadelphia. and now this shower right now which has weakened now originally there was a flood advisory for upper bucks county that has since been cancel just light showers in portions of the bucks county at the moment but temperatures very warm still all across the area. we're still hanging on to 80 at the airport. still 82 degrees in allentown. 75 meantime in millville and 65 degrees at mount pocono. here's the way the current heat wave looks. 91 was the high saturday. 93 sunday then our peak of the heat was today at 94. we'll make a run for that tomorrow and you can see when
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you wake up tomorrow morning it's already warm, already steamy, 73 degrees to start your tuesday in philadelphia. 70 in reading and 69 your morning temperature in millvil millville. coming up i'll tell you about showers and storms that will invade the area for the second half of the week take a peek into that all important weekend. never too early to look at the weekend when i join you inside. >> kate, see in you a bit, thank you. now new tonight an american airlines jet returns to philadelphia international airport making an emergency landing. shortly after take off. chopper three was over had he as a fire truck greeted the boeing 757 at the gate. this was flight 750 which was bound for brussels belgium. no one was injured. we are now 40 days and counting. now less than six weeks away from the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia. businesses big and small across center city are formulating game plans when it comes to the papal visit. >> new business resource center is now up and running to answer their questions. "eyewitness news" reporter david
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spunt joins us now to tell you more about it. david. >> reporter: there are a lot of businesses up and down the ben franklin parkway behind me but city officials are paying extra close attention to restaurants because after all there's going to be lot of security and those employees want to make sure their food is delivered on time. as the monday night crowd enjoyed a break from the heat manager john dougherty spent time talking to regulars about what to expect when the pope comes to town. >> it will be a four day weekend in the middle of accept. >> at the end of september, it will be part of the high security red zone. >> once they're in, they're in. they'll come in and hang out, drink, food, you couldn't ask for -- we couldn't ask to be in better location. >> with more than a million visitors expected dougherty has some questions. >> we'll have trash pick up. are we going to be able to get produce in. >> late monday the city of philadelphia announced new business hotline to answer those and more questions. >> we would prefer them to be open. we understand that that comes with a certain amount of
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potential inconvenience. >> in the first three hours, call center employees heard from 20 businesses. >> i think for a lot of the businesses, this is about feeling like they can talk to somebody. >> reporter: but some busines businesses like annie mow juice will be lights out. >> too much security for to us come and in customers to come and in just get the deliveries out. >> reporter: that's more business for this business. >> we have the men printed up. we know what beer we'll have. >> the hotline will be open through the pope's visit. you can get in touch by e-mail or call. we have those details on our website david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you for that. we also learned today that the philadelphia zoo will shut down the weekend of the papal visit. the zoo will be closed on september twenty two 26th and 27th. some sue workers will spend the entire weekend there so they can take care of the animals. the zoo is working on plans for the monday after the pope leav leaves.
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well the diocese of camden is using the 40 days until the arrival of pope francis to focus on less fortunate. catholic charities wants to raise awareness and ensure people know the doors of their aid service centers are open to those in need. church goers will find cards like these in their pews they talk about issues like hunger and homelessness. >> this is still one of the nation's poorest and most challenged and most violent and most under privileged cities. >> in 2014 catholic charities in the dicey of camden served 15,000 people with 13,000 living below the poverty line. you can find complete coverage and get the latest information any time at congressman chaka fattah scheduled to make his first appearance in court tomorrow after he was indicted on conspiracy charges last month. today the philadelphia democrat sent a letter calling for congressional action to review possible misconduct in his case. fattah is asking two house
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committee to review this case for quote unconstitutional or unlawful behavior. fattah is accused of of misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal, charitable and campaign funds. >> demonstration outside the new jersey attorney general's office in trenton staged by supporters of hearns. 14-year-old is out of the the hospital after getting shot while fleeing from authorities earlier this month. hearns was shot 11 times in the back, legs and pelvis. officers they saw hearns reach for his waist ban. protesters today chaned black lives matter at his attorney call the shooting unjustified. >> an officer is allowed to discharge his weapon under two circumstances. one when he's in fear of death or serious bodily harm for hill self or when he's in fear of death or seriously bodily harm to someone else f someone is running away from you, that would seem to be unjustified shooting. >> three officers were involved in that shooting. two state troopers and one
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mercer county sheriffs officer. congressman bonnie watson coleman called for a federal investigation of the shooting. >> we are learning more about the grammy award winner who jumped into the schuylkill river to cool you have and never resurfaced. 52-year-old daniel, went to a blues festival in manayunk on saturday night. it was hot so he took a swim in the river. about an hour later his body was recovered. life long friends say music was his passion and his talent was limit less. >> tal leapt was like off the charts. he could make -- he could pick up a beat up old guitar he didn't know how to palagi door but he'd make it sound fantast fantastic. >> seem bellow won a grammy for his work on the beverly hills cop sound track. his brother is michael seem bellow the singer for the hit song maniac from the film flash dance. >> police in bucks county are searching for a woman who stole thousands of dollars worth of bras.
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middle township police release these feet press the ox for valley mall at victoria secret. if you have any information please contact police. changes to a dress code at two schools in a delaware county district are causing some concern in the community. tonight parents and students in the wallingford swarthmore school district voiced their opinions to the school board. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco was there. >> reporter: the school year hasn't started but parents and students have already turned out by the dozens upset about the new dress code guidelines for wallingford strathmore middle behind school students in effect this september. >> the clothes my daughter wore in april, may and june that were perfectly fine for her to wear that we bought her are not fine now. and that's a big concern for us. walking down the hallways there's not any, you know, obscene dress at our school. so it kind of, you know, shocked many of us. >> reporter: notification went out to high school parents last week and quickly spread. tops must be crew neck or collared with sleeves of at least 3-inches.
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shorts and skirts must have an inseam of 3-inches or greater. spandex and yoga pants not permitted. tank tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, bare midriffs, wide arm holes or see through clothing not permitted. no cut offs of that kinds. >> if this policy is in effect i find it highly bay yased toward one gender. >> parents say the new standards took them by surprise. >> we don't want to go around the school like walking around every day being worried about like am i going to get dress coded walk buying an administrative person. i'm there to learn. >> reporter: after an hour the board vowed to clarify telling parents to hold off on the back to school shopping. >> for a dress code it really needs parents and the school board working in concert. >> one of the high school alumni did write a lengthy letter to the new superintendent and school bore against this dress
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code policy garnering nearly 300 signatures. the school administration says they will be meeting tomorrow to clarify the new dress code and that's right telling parents to expect an updated e-mail by the end of the week. in wallingford, delaware county, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> what do you think about the school's dress code? that conversation is happening right now on the cbs philly facebook page and also on twitter at cbs philly. be sure to use hash tag cbs3. we spray it on, we lather it on but drinking sunscreen that's a new one. >> sure is. there's now drink out there that claims it could help protect your skin from the sun. still ahead at 11:00 health reporter stephanie stahl takes a closer what's in the so called drinkable sunscreen and if it's worth a try. plus the benefits of coffee. why new research suggests certain cancer patients should have another cup. kate? >> and it's day three now in the 90s. another heat wave in progress.
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we've got yet another day in the 90s tomorrow but then storms come through. it will end the heat wave but what does it mean for the end of your week? i'll have the full seven day forecast coming up. ♪ >> going back to the day music legend stevie wonder pops up in center city for a free concert. why the singer decided to take to the small stage when "eyewitness news" comes right back. ♪
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a bomb explodes in bangkok thailand killing at least 18 people and injuring more than a hundred. police earlier sealed off the scene to diffuse what they thought was another bomb it it turn out to be trash bags. the blast happened in central bangkok near a hindu shrine among the city's most tourist spots. foreigners are among the injured we've learn. no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing.
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a number of large wildfires continue to burn out west destroying properties and forcing hundreds of people to leave they are homes. tonight the pentagon says it will send 200 active duty soldiers to help with a fire in washington state. in california the fires are destroying someone thousand acres an hour. extreme heat is making the battle even more difficult. taking a look now at campaign 2016. new national poll shows donald trump holding on to his lead in the race for the gop nomination latest national poll from fox news shows trump ahead of the competition with 25%. ben carson support has risen now to 12%. ted cruz is in third followed by jeb bush and mike huckabee. donald trump took a break from the campaign trail today for jury duty. he reported today in manhattan and spent much of the day filling out forms and wondering if he'd get pick. special team of uniformed and plane clothes officers shadowed him to make sure he can get around the courthouse easily. he all the the mal was not chosen for a case.
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tonight knew developments on the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails on her private server. the state department has flagged 305 e-mails for further review to determine if they contained classified information. the agency is in the process of reviewing 30,000 e-mails for public release. the flagged e-mails will be sent to intelligence agencies. on the health watch tonight, more research indicates coffee can help in the fight against some cancers. a new study in the journal of clinical oncology suggests drinking caffeinated coffee every day may help colon cancer patients survive, those who drank four cups or more were 42% less likely to have cancers return. they were about 33% less likely to die from the disease. doctors say getting ready screenings eating healthy and exercising are still the best steps cancer patient which is take. also on the health watch tonight staying safe outside in the sun depends on covering your skin with sunscreen no matter what your skin type. have you heard of the new
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drinkable sunscreen? health reporter stephanie stahl finds out if it's worth a try. >> reporter: you can spray it or slatter it op or what about drinkable sunscreen? one brand says it's a protective summer cocktail for your skin. >> i would taste it. i really would, and if i like it, if it didn't hurt me i probable woman drink it. >> no, i wouldn't spend my money on it. sorry. >> i'd eat leafy greens. >> it contains vitamins and antioxidants like like copen, bio tin and vitamin d that can boost the skin natural protective qualities but many dermatologists are skeptical. >> there's no spf rate fog these products if you were to rate them they would probably have an spf less than two. so they're not providing much sun protect. >> uvo says preliminary clinical trials showed on average it took 40% more sun exposure to create
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a sunburn after being drank uv uvoe. products like these are considered a dietary supplement and are not regulated. >> i would say the same thing that the american academy of dermatology says. and that is that oral supplements are not a replace many for your topical sun screens. doctors say there isn't anything dangerous about drin drinkable sun screens like. screens. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> there you have it. >> there you have it. >> there you have it music legend surprises hundreds today in center city. >> stevie wonder was in town putting on a free concert at dilworth park. ♪ >> you kind of want to sing along, don't you. >> many people including mayor michael nutter took a break from work to see stevie wonder perform. his appearance was more than music he also spoke about guns and the need to stop violence.
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>> everyone has to be accountable and everyone has to be responsible and i think the laws have to change so that people that should not have guns don't. >> this concert part of the grammy award winning mew zig's wonder moments that is included stops in both washington, d.c. and new york city today as well. so stevie wonder busy guy today. >> three stops up and down the core. to the weather has been about the same in all three spots. >> hot, hot, hot. >> mid 90's in all three cities. stevie was sweating. got to do what you got to do. >> yes ex indeed. >> the weather is not going to cooperate just because the concert is going on. we have to live with it and we have been doing that now for three days and one more day of heat wave and more storms will pop up over the next few days. in fact take look at this torrential rains earlier today caused flooding at the bustleton swim club late this afternoon. our morning executive producer steve lindsey tweeted us this photo you can see all the flooding out there. a lot of rain.
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he says too much rain, too fast at the bustleton swim club flooded after the creek floode . so look at that. that is very dangerous situation. you don't want to drive through that if you're out on the roadways. let's take a look how the evening is shaping up now on one of our cameras. you can see everything looking aok at the moment. and no problems out there in ocean city. few people still out on the boardwalk right now. but it's pretty quiet night there the storms were very isolated today. locally heavy mainly up in northeast philadelphia and a few popped up in buck county as well but nothing down the shore. no problems out there tonight. in fact a nice breeze off the ocean out there keeping things comfortable. let's take quick look at the storm scan3 some shows no storm that popped up over bucks county fizzled out almost completely zoom in you can see a couple of stray sprinkles here and there not big deal the flood advisories that were posted earlier have now been cancel. but take a look at the west notice all these showers and storms firing up over portions of ohio and west virginia. all of this is shifting eastward and each day this week tomorrow, wednesday, thursday we'll have
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increased risk of thunderstorms activity. it's 80 still at power port right now. 75 in mill val. 73 in wildwood today was 94 degrees. the normal just 85. so almost 10 degrees above average. today was the 25th, 90 plus degree day of the year that beats last year, beats 2013. don't any we'll beat 2012 it look like we'll add one more day to that total getting to 26 tomorrow. as we head back to the 90s. with a mix of clouds and sun. on wednesday a possible thunderstorm but the actual cold front that will move through thursday will bring increased risk for locally heavy showers and storms. here's how it look. let's take new tomorrow. a couple of spotty afternoon storms mainly off to the west. thursday writ -- wednesday i should say pretty much the same story a couple of spotty showers and storms. here's 11 a.m. those then move out but thursday that this front approaches. that one has more numerous showers and storms with it. you can see by thursday afternoon, a line of storms firing up to the west. this will slowly slog through the area thursday night into friday and it's not going to be
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quick to exit so that means even through friday we have some rain in our forecast. and how will it feel? it will get steamier and steamier each day as we await the arrival of that cold front on thursday. with thursday being the most oppressive day humidity levels rise in advance of those showers and thunderstorms. speaking of muggy tonight 73 degrees and mainly clear. the good news for tomorrow, no advisories have been posted because the dew points not quite high enough to bump those heat index values into the triple digits but the heat wave does persist. 93 degrees for your tuesday. on wednesday, clouds, maybe a shower or thunderstorm. thursday night looks like the most active time frame as that front moves through and those showers will linger into friday. gradually clear the out later friday night and then the weekend most important part of the forecast looks a whole lot better. back to the mid 80s not quite as humid. certainly not as hot and a pretty seasonal august weekend on the way but we've got some stuff to get through first. 90s and a to you days of storms. >> all right. kate, thanks so much. >> lesley has your sports.
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>> that's right. i know it was only the preseason but it's okay to get a little bit excited beaufort ball. and who was the most impressive player on the team? was it tim tebow? was it matt barkly? we'll have that coming up. >> and check out the sandwich jay couldn't kelce has a sandwich named after him
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>> eagles return to training camp tomorrow after yesterday's win again the colts. the coaches spent the day breaking down the tape of the game that battle for third string quarterback. battle between matt barkley and tim tebow. now barkley made a strong case for the job. now that his third year under chip kelly 12 for 20. 192 yards and one interception that wasn't his fault. moved the offense. tim tebow given standing ovati ovation. when he enter the the third quarter his first action in two
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years started out on fire. completing his first four thro throws. cooled off a bit finishing six for 12 for 69 yards and one ru rushing touchdown. chip kelly was pleased with their performance. >> i thought did he a real nice job. that guy should have been block. oh you are tight end was lined up too tight. we should have got him to the corner and given an tune to throw it i thought he did a real nice job out there. i liked out timmy through it much that's the big concern with everybody coming in as he change and i think easy wednesdaying better. he's got his feet under 19 him and when guys ran the right routes and he had an opportunity to throw the ball i thought he threw the ball really well. >> sandwich created by and named after eagles center i didn't say son kelce making its debut tonight at at a philly pop up beer garden. probably wondering what's in it. before this accident cut, sala salami, license don broil, bacon and horseradish cheddar cheese all on a hoagie role.
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enough about the food. what did he think about the ga game. >> you never try to get too caught up in preseason games. starters only played about eight plays. we're just really trying to -- they width well in that game. we're still trying to improve come together as a team. >> chase utley is still a phillie. the trade rumor are out there. he wants to spend more time with his family danny briere has nouned that he's retiring after 17 seasons in the nhl. 37-year-old fan favorite played six seasons for the flyers and known for his post season play. 116 points and 124 career play off games. briere will be holding a press conference tomorrow in voorhees. we'll be right back.
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♪ you will soon have another place to check out new artwork. >> it's not at the art museum or
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even the barnes foundation. staff at lasalle are getting ready for new exhibit at the university's museum on olney avenue dan the works of art were installed and these are pieces created by the university's faculty that have been highlig highlight. the exhibit opens at the beginning of the semester. >> wow. beautiful. thanks for watching eyewitness news at 11:00 o'clock. our morning team a back dark and at 4:00 their. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. up next csi cyber. >> thanks so much for watching. good night, family. sleep well.
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