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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 19, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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a combination of drought, high temperatures, and lightning-packed storms fuel massive wildfires out west that have drained fire fighting sources. an agitated hillary clinton says the e-mail issue dogging her campaign has, quote, nothing do with mu. and buyer beware. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, august 19th, 2015. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm alison harmelin in for anne-marie green. firefighters are stretched thin in their battle to fight the massive wildfires in the west.
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yesterday 16 new large wildfires were reported. dozens are burning through drought-stricken land. the hot dry weather is making the flames unpredictable. resources are fading and it's taking a physical toll on the firefighters. chris marte reports. >> reporter: about 100 wildfires are raging across 17 western states. >> this is one of the worst years that i've seen. >> reporter: this is what's left of waterfront homes in chelan, washington. >> they couldn't get here. >> reporter: washington military are filling in. they're working to help fight the fire and relieve fire fatigue. >> right now our mission is to make sure the fire doesn't creep down. >> reporter: if they jump past that line, that i could threaten homes below. in california, a fire grew the
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2,000 acres tuesday. >> we're dealing with steep rugged terrain, you know, drought-stricken vegetation. it's kind of a difficult place to work. >> reporter: fire experts say september and october could be just as active unless there is significant rainfall. chris martinez, cbs news, castaic, california. this morning three men are missing after devastating landslides in alaska. it happened yesterday about 600 miles southeast of anchorage. the men are presumed dead. recovery crews will try to find the bodies when conditions improve. the landslides came after heavy flooding hit sitka. this morning tropical storm adony is becoming strong in the atlantic. it could become the first named hurricane of the season.
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the storm packs winds of 60 miles an hour and has claimed no land. hillary clinton claims she did nothing wrong. the controversy is taking a serious toll on the front-runner's presidential campaign. brook selva braga has more. good morning, brock. >> good morning, al socisoaliso. hillary clinton once again denied breaking the law when pressed in las vegas tuesday about her use of a personal e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. >> no matter what anybody tries to say, the facts are stubborn. what i did was legally permitted, number one, first and foremost, okay? clinton didn't directly answer questions about whether she ordered the server to be wiped clean.
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she even joked about it. >> what? with a cloth or something? no. we turned over everything that was work-related. every single thing. >> questions about e-mail security have clouded clinton's presidential campaign. some polls show her losing ground to bernie sanders. some republicans say it raises questions about clinton's honesty. >> the more energy she put into cleansing or wiping this server clean, i think your viewers should take or infer from that that perhaps there was something on there she really didn't want us to see. >> clinton said she only withheld personal e-mails and only used the account for nonclassified messages. two claims of an fbi investigation and lots of questions media will continue to test. one question is how secure and how sensitive these e-mails were. . on monday the state department revealed more than 300 e-mails can't be released to the media
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because they may contain classified information. clinton sthad were not classifi classified as that at the time. a number of gop white house hopefuls are calling for a review of the 14th amendment which grants citizenship to anyone born in the united states, but former florida governor jeb bush is not one of them. >> that's a constitutional right, and mr. trump can say that he's for this because people are frustrated that it's abused and we ought to fix the problem rather than take away rights that are constitutionally endowed. >> bush also dismissed trump's proposal for a trade embargo with mexico and a fence along the border. kentucky senator mitch mcconnell says congress will likely approve president obama's plan.
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that's despite opposition from many in the gop and some democrats. new jersey senator bob member anyone dez is the latest democrat to publicly oppose the deal. a green light for the little pink pill. they approved the first prescription drug designed to produce sexual desire in women but dr. jon lapook shows us why the pill carries a dose of controversy. >> happy birthday, grandma. >> reporter: sherry mike is a happy mother of two. after going on birth control in her late teens. she noticed a change in her sex drive. >> the lack of desire, lack of sexual thoughts, no libido is kind of holding us back from being truly happy. >> reporter: the drug addyi is designed to treat women. she's working to see if it works for her. >> i've tried vitamin, me and my husband tried counseling, hip know therapy, but none of those
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have worked. >> reporter: side effects include sleepiness, nauseousness and when used with alcohol, fainting. there is a warning not to use alcohol with the drug which must be taken daily. before today the drug was rejected twice because of the concerns about its side effects and level of effectiveness. campaign called even the score lobbied congress and the fda for approval. >> you have countless. they made this spoof ad. dr. adriane berman asked the fda to reject the drug. >> it will signal to them they can launch a well funded campaign and pressure the fda to approve a drug that it wouldn't approve based on the science. >> the fda says this approval comes with a boxed warning. the warning will alps apply to
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patients on certain medications and those with live disease. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. and coming up on "cbs this morning," cindy whitehead is in studio 57. she's the ceo of sprout pharmaceuticals, the company that makes addyi. and motel 6 was evacuated moments before guests smelled gas. and on the "cbs moneywatch," gm's possible chinese import and a recall. hena daniels is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, hena. >> good morning, alison. general motors may have a new buick made in china that that would make it the first detroit automaker to make a chinese vehicle in the u.s. it could be sold by the late 2016. the auto union workers is
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blasting the gm plan. stocks in china plunged for a second straight day on fears of a further devaluation of currency. the shanghai composite lost 2%. hong kong's hang seng lost 1%. here on wall street investors will watch for minutes from the federal reserve july meeting and earnings reports from target and lowe's. ikea is recalling children's nightlights because of the risk of electrical shock. they automatically turn on in the dark and off in the light. one child in austria received an electric shock and suffered minor hand wounds. consumers should stop using the light and get a full refund. it's part of president obama's
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push to rae deuce climate change. the plan would cut methane from oil and gas drill big 40% to 45% by 2025 compared to 2012 levels. alison? >> hena daniels at the new york stock exchange. thanks, hena. coming up on the "morning news," prep school scandal. it shines a light on a traditional school targeting younger women students. this is the "cbs morning news." about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus®, which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch, the latest in insulin pen technology from novo nordisk. levemir® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar
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♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ and you for me. ♪ so happy together! now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. ♪ ♪ when it comes to rewards, there's plenti together. ♪ ♪ the police chief in bangkok said the bomber did not act alone. police are looking for accomplices of a man wearing a yellow short. authorities say the bomber was part of a network. a trial resumes today in new hampshire over rape charges at an elite prep school. a graduate of st. paul's is aexcused of sexually assaulting
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a first year student. it's called a secret tradition at the new england boarding school. anna werner reports. >> for the record, would you please state your name. >> reporter: 19-year-old owen labrie sat at the defense table. her face was not shone to protect her adiet. prosecutors charge him with raping the girl on the roof of campus in may 2015. the charges have rocked the exclusive college prep school which has the tradition of graduating notable people including secretary of state john kerry. in her opening story the prosecutor said the alleged rape was in line with another kind of tradition at the school something called senior salute where graduating young men would try to have sex with younger students. >> the defendant had developed a list of girls that he considered
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for possible senior salute. this is the lift. >> reporter: but le brie's defense attorney said the two agreed to meet. he pointed to e-mail questions between them. >> there's no question that [ bleep ] knew exactly what she was doing by inviting them to get together because it was a source of pride for girls of the school to be asked to participate with a senior in a senior salute. >> labrie is expected to testify in his own defense in this trial. he has said although the two had physical contact the two did not have sexual intercourse. they said it's not emblematic of our school or of our values. and straight ahead, a real yg moment as struggling alex rodriguez brings the crowd to
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alex rodriguez broke an 0 for 18 slump with an 0 for 15 grand slam of his career. the blast gave them a one-run lead. the yanks went on to beat minnesota, 8-4. in st. louis the giants' ryan vogelsong aced two hits and bumgarner got a rally as the giants beat the cardinals, 2-0. and a joint practice between the dallas cowboys and st. louis rams after several fights broke out. during the third fight dez bryant got punched in the face. it was the second time in two weeks that practice had to be cut short in an nfl training camp. and when we return, sounding off. a community angered over unfounded documents from the city council.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around
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the country. and taking another look at today's top stories, firefighters are struggling to find enough support to fight about 100 wildfires in the west. many are battling fatigue. hundreds of u.s. troops began training today to help in the fight. and hillary clinton is pushings back on her e-mail controversy. the democratic front-runner says she's done nothing illegal but it appears to be hurting her poll numbers. the hackers have threatened to release information on 37 million customers. as many as a million e-mails may have been part of the data dump. one california city is now at the center of the national de-bates over immigration.
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two undocumented immigrants have been forced to serve as officials. ben tracy has the story. >> we the people inl plies we the citizen, not we the illegal aliens. >> reporter: tensions boiled other because of the city's decision to appoint two undocumented immigrants to its advisory commissions. >> do you consider yourself an american? >> yes. >> reporter: this 21-year-old is now a member of the parks commission. he sneaked into the united states from mexico when he was 13 to be with his mother. >> i want to do something better for my city. >> reporter: undocumented immigrants make up more than 15% of the population of huntington park. the mayor says it's time to give them a voice in city government. >> but are you sending a message that you can break the law and be rewarded for that? >> i don't think so. you're not going get rid of them. you're not going to support them. so what are you going to do?
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you have to engage them in a popular way. >> those positions could have been given to an american. >> reporter: they say the illegal immigrants don't deserve the benefits of it. >> if you start giving out those benefits like they're candy, not earned, ultimately you destroy the value of citizenship and the basis of our american democracy. >> reporter: california law does not prohibit them from serving on councils but federal law does prohibit them from being paid so the two new commissioners here in huntington park will be unpaid volunteers. ben tracy, cbs news, huntington park, california. an 8-year-old boy in ohio is showing off his new ears. elijah bell was born with no ears but from serge ery he has ears created from his ribcage. he can't wait to show them off when he starts school next week. >> and coming up after your local news on "cbs this
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morning," grammy award singer sierra. i'm alison harmelin, and this is the "cbs morning news." 1,100 meals a year,... 300 stressful decisions... no wonder our digestive system sometimes acts up. try the activia challenge! enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks
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may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues. try it!
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may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues. there is a new strain of life in texas. a new study suggests lice in 25 states appear to be resistant. doctors say the prescription treatments will work but it can cost more than $100. a veterinarian found a way to find beloved pets get a new lease on life. chip reid talked about owners willing to pay a hefty price in order to save a kitty. >> reporter: they arrived one morning at a university of pennsylvania hospital. in the crate was their cat okie who did not seem please and who can blame him. he's used up most of his nine lives. as a kidden he was found
4:26 am
clinging to life in romania. his latest affliction is kidney failure. came all the way from buffalo for a transplant. yes, a transplant. and when was the last time you saw an operation begin with a kiss from the surgeon. the surgery alone cost more than $16,000 plus airfare, hotels, medical tests, and follow-up appointments. how much do you think you will have paid by the time this is other. >> i'm hoping it will not be more than $30,000. >> $30,000. >> yeah. >> it's money he had set aside for a down payment on a house. they've done 155 of these operations here in 1998. on average cats live another three years. he admits some people thinks he's a little crazy to spend all that money on a cat that's nearly 12 years old. >> how do you explain it to them? >> well, i would tell them to
4:27 am
look at their child as their mother and ask themselves the same question. >> reporter: if you're wondering where they get the healthy kidney. it came from sherry who is in a shelter. that probably sounds cruel but the plan is the cat who give as kidney must be adopted by the giftee. both are doing well and are slowly adjusting to the fact that like it or not, they're in this together. chip reid, cbs news, philadelphia. and coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we'll talk with cindy whitehead, ceo of sprout pharmaceuticals which makes addyi, thewomen's female libido
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drug. and bugs and how to treat and prevent them and singer ciara jones us in the studio. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday morning. thanks for watching. i'm alison harmelin. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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good morning, four children walking on the side of the road are struck by a car and one of them is kill, we have more details on this deadly crash, coming up. also back in the head lines this morning the former pitch man for subway sandwiches jared fogle is expect to enter a plea on child pornography charges. it is wednesday august 19th i'm erika von tiehl. that heat wave, it is coming to an end but it doesn't feel any better out there lets check with katie and meisha. we will take the moral victory. >> good morning. it is our hump day, we have made it, katie, i necessity yesterday was warm but will it look same way today. >> that is the thing, erika said because we are not in the middle of the heat


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