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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  August 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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the former face of the sandwich chain subway is expected to make a stunning admission of guilt. federal prosecutors are saying that jared fogel has agreed plead guilty to charges of child pornography, and engaging in sex with minors. >> good afternoon everyone, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. comes a month after the fbi raided his home. correspondent adrianna diaz has the new developments.
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>> reporter: former subway spokesman jared fogel expected to plead guilty to child pornography charges during court appearance in indianapolis. prosecutors released documents wednesday, laying out the charges against fogel. they accuse the former pitch man of travel to new york city to pay for sex acts with minors. fogel is also accused of knowingly receiving child pornography secretly produced by russell taylor, the executive director of fogel's foundation. the court appearance comes six weeks after federal agencies computers and other evidence from fogel's home. two month before the raid, authorities arrested taylor, on child pornography charges. >> hi, i'm jared the subway guy. >> reporter: thirty-seven year old fogel became household name more than 15 years ago as pitch man for subway, after he lost more than 200 pounds. the company tweeted tuesday night, we know longer have a relationship with jared. and have no further comment. >> adrianna diaz, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". to our forecast now, at least the heatwave's over, the
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humidity, oh, you feel it. >> really feels so much better. we have kyla with us today. >> i wish i could tell you we're done with the humidity, too, but not quite there yet. but on our way. it will get better, ladies, hang in, there i said immigration to have big hair today. i just hair sprayed it into submission, but if i walk outside i guarantee you it will be that humidity hair coming at you. right now we do have little pop up thunderstorms starting to show up. second see them if you look at storm scan3, south of dover, delaware, also along the shore, there see around toms river, asbury park, see some of the pop up thunderstorms going throughout the day. i think more of us will see them as we work our way into the afternoon. check out the temperature, we take live look at philadelphia, already, 86 degrees. the winds is nice and calm out of the south, but check out the humidity, 61%. that is what you are feeling when you walk out the door. that's why, you know, you take shower, walk outside, you think i night need to take another shower, feels so hot and sticky. high of about 88 degrees. that will break our street of 90's, in the last four days,
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but i think we will come very close to it today. as you can see in the sit, at the shore, about 84 degrees, humidity kicking in, looking out for thunder storm in the poconos in the afternoon. when is the humidity finally going to kick down? as we head toward the weekends, we've got some stormy weather coming our way, though, particularly thursday into friday morning. and once we get through with, that ladies, then we will look at much better humidity levelsment i'll time out the stormy weather when i come back in just a few moments. >> all good news ahead, kyla, thanks very much. police are hoping you can help them finds the suspects in a west philadelphia fight caught on surveillance camera. investigators are saying that two men entered this store at 56th and arch two weeks ago, and started a fight inside the shop. one suspect pointed a gun, later, several shorts were fired, outside the store, if you recognize these suspects, we ask you to contact the police. >> a preliminary hearing today for woman charged in the deadly hit-and-run after four year old boy. only "eyewitness news" cameras were there, when sean evening
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a mason surrendered for hit-and-run from last month. police are saying a four year old boy, latif wilson ran into the street last april, and was struck by mason's car. she is facing charges every involuntary manslaughter, homicide by vehicle, and related offenses. police are investigating a fatal accident in southampton, burlington count that i killed a two year old toddler and injured three others. police say a car hit four juveniles who were walking on the shoulder of buddtown road. the youngest one, two year old martinez, died. the other, aged 18, eight, and six, are in critical condition. the crash remains under investigation. police say no indications of excessive speed, drugs or alcohol were factors in that crash. also, some new information, this is just in, kennedy university hospital in stratford, they say that a patient who recently traveled to western africa is suffering from malaria, not ebola, like was once feared. an ambulance rushed the
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gloucester township woman to the hospital last night for what was described as travel related illness. well, egg harbor township police are asking for the public's help after a street hockey court is vandalized causing som$35,000 in damage. someone pulled a plastic decking right from the court on ocean heights avenue, and then road on it with a bicycle, or an atv, leaving behind tire marks. officials are saying that the damage occurred sometime between 9:00 p.m. on sunday and 5:30 p.m. monday. >> you know, it is a punch in the gut. you know, you have people, everyone out here is a volunteer, that put all of this time and effort in to trying to make it as good as you can for the kids. so, it hurts, it makes you very angry, but at the end of the day, you know, the organization i know will responds, we'll rebuild it, it will make it as good as new. >> when eyewitness observed a group of about 20 young people on bikes, near the court, but did not see anyone actually doing the damage. if you have any information,
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you are again asked to call the egg harbor township police. now, to bolds burglary caught on camera, in camden, new jersey, the search is on for that man who police say stole four bicycles from loading dock at one market street. surveillance video shows the suspect rolling out two of those bike sickels right there. if you recognize that suspect, you are asked to call camden county police. hackers say exposed millions of cheaters after they hacked a website for people looking for extra-marital affairs. they've now released the names and credit card information of customers from the website ashley madison. the motivation of the hackers was not immediately clear. the owners of ashley madison say they are aware of the breach in security, and are now investigating. we have a warning this noon for all e-zpass subscribers, if you have received e-mail, claiming did you not pay your tolls it, may be part of a fishing scam. federal officials are saying that the emails ask for credit card information and in some cases a social security
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number. triple a is warning it customers about this. >> there is a toll violation. they will nail you, the registered vehicle owner, over the us postal service. this is not how e-zpass operate. >> well, e-zpass has posted warnings for pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware on its website. from received an e-mail from e-zpass go to we have more information for you, to help you separate scam emails, from real ones. turning now to campaign 2016, republican presidential candidate, donald trump doubles down on his comments about immigration and pulls ahead on some polls. >> also, there is some new numbers on the democratic side that show a shift in the race. craig boswell reports from washington. >> reporter: donald trump is standing by his latest controversial comment, that children of illegal imigrants, who are born in the u.s., should not be citizens. >> if you were born here, you're an american. period. >> i don't think they have
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american citizenship, and if you speak to some very, very good lawyers, and i know some would dis agree, but many of them agree with me, would you finds out they do not have american citizenship. >> half dozen gop candidates are at education for numb new hampshire trying to get voters attention. >> stop looking at your blackberry, listen up. >> trump continues to lead the field of gop candidates in every pole. but his opponent say they're convinced trump will flame out long before the first vote is cast in february. >> if you're hot when it is hot, you will be cold when it is cold. >> so far, not only is trump maintaining his lead, showing strength as general reelection candidate. new pole out wednesday morning shows trump has closed the gap with hillary clinton to just six points. it was 16 points a month ago. clinton, who is losing grounds on the democratic side, to bernie sanders, is taking to the airways to halt the slide. >> we need to have people believing that their work will be rewarded. >> the clinton camp has gun
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new $2 million ad campaign in iowa and new hampshire. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we all know lea still is a champion for how she has battled cancer. now the daughter of former penn state defensive tackle, now featured on wheaties box. check it out. the box was sent to the still family by the cereal company. it will not be put into mass production, you can't go buy your own, but still a lovely gesture, has battled cancer for over a year, now the disease in remission. posted so many updates to social media about his daughter, and we just cheered them on. >> and really the face after champion on the face after cereal box. still to come, we'll update you on motel explosion in washington state that left a gas worker injured. >> also, an imagine looking out into your backyard, and seeing this? now, what that bear in the pool does next, it gets even better. that and much more whether cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at noon
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>> gas company worker critically injured in a explosion at a motel six. this blast happened late last night, in bremerton, washington destroying portion that far motel. workers were called to the scene, for reports of a gas leak. they were evacuating the motel when that explosion happened. the cause of the leak is still under investigation. three people are missing,
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and presumed dead, after landslides hit southeast alaska. the search began today after problems with stability hampered effort. several landslides happened in the coastal town of sitca where they were ham wedder two and a half inches every rain in just 24 hours. the city of 9,000 people have declared a state of emergency. >> 200 military troops brought in to fight wild fires, flames destroyed nearly 100 buildings in the town. hundreds being evacuate from the their homes. no worries today after police say there are reports of looting in the neighborhoods. >> this fire one of 17 now burning in washington, among nearly 100 fires raging in western states. >> police in tie lands issue arrest warrant for unidentified foreign man, wanted in monday's deadly shrine bombing. police released this sketch of the suspect, believed to be the been cock bomber. the man was seen on security video leaving a back pack under a bench at the shrine
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that was crowded with tourists. twenty people were killed in the blast, and more than 100 people were injury. pipe bomb detonated but no one hurt in. that will police saying the two incidents could be related >> still ahead, things got little out of hand at a cowboys practice yesterday, you can see this unbelievable video, and more of it, coming up. kyla? >> keeping an eye on the storms that are already being popping up all around us here, we'll see more of that, eventually, will lower the humidity, will take some time, i'll time it out for you when "eyewitnes
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>> cowboys and rams mixed it up on back-to-back plays yesterday, and combined workouts and it got so bad, that rams coach, jeff fisher and cowboys coach, jason garrett, agreed call off the practice. >> redskin and texans had to call off, when the teams kept fighting on the field. come on, boys, play nicely. >> hopefully players on the ravens and the eagles will be much better behaved. here's hoping. today baltimore joining the eagles at the nova care complex, for three days of combined workouts, those work out lead up to the big game of course on saturday. and over to the sixers right now, former sixers first rounds pick, joel embiid tweeted this photo after successful surgery on his right foot. he had bone graft surgery like the thunders kevin did your and the, is expected to miss the entire season. which by the way, kicks off in october. >> powerful storms, prompting several watches, warnings, the
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storm, sent baseball fans at wrigley field running for cover. at least two tornados touchdown, were reported in the area, fortunately, there were no report every significant damage, because of that. the game had to be delayed for over two hours, before baseball resumed, and it is amaze that baseball was able to resume. >> no kidding. will that affecting cents in the next few days, same system in. >> it is the same system. right now it doesn't look like we'll have severe weather however there are juicy storms there in tomorrow's future wet letter show everybody in a moment. so little bit concerned about what we will keep an eye on it for sure. today all about the heat, the humidity, and yes, some pop up thunderstorms. we take live look now at storm scan3. actually let's start off with campbell esteemedment look at that, you can really see how kind of hazy and hot it is today. the humidity is out there. as we take live look, you see all of those clouds kind of rolling in, kind of low cloud. so that's what we will see today. it will get cloudy.
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we will feel the humidity, in order to get rid of the humidity we have to get stormy weather in here, have to get cold front tracking through will drop it down. we're working on it, it is coming. right now storms of the popcorn variety just popping upright there near wilmington, you can see, few more out by toms river, and as we heat up, yes, another one there, south of dover, we will start to see that even more and more. and it is not just here in around philadelphia, but as we zoom out start to see all of the activity here starting to pop up too. now the heat certainly helping to get this going. but we've got colds front approaching us. that's also what is going to kick offer the stormy weather. check out the temperatures already, 86 degrees, in philadelphia. 87 degrees in allentown. about eight a degrees in millville. it is plenty warm out there. when you factor in the humidity, boy it feels steamy. eighty-six right now in stone harbor as well, rehoboth beach coming in 84. little cooler there, up at barnegat light. might where you want to go if you're feeling little too steamy. dew points in the 70s in and around philadelphia. so, that is the sticky feeling you're getting so we need cold
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front, on the way, but we will get it through here very slowly as you can see on our wednesday, still have the 80s and the humidity, showers, thunderstorms on thursday, and i think thursday will be the day we get the most stormy activity, behind this cold front, that is where we will see the relief, what we start to see, the humidity drop down. but some lingering showers on friday morning, as well. not quite there until we head toward the weekends. now you might be asking tonight if you're headed out for the phillies game versus blue jays, clock 05:00 p.m., do i need my umbrella, do i need the rain gear? i say bring t there is a chance this we can still see spotty thunderstorms as we head into our evening there. about 81 degrees, we are expecting for the first pitch. we time it out with youth you -- future weather. models picking up on the popcorn storms. there is 7:00 when the first kitchen comes out. see philadelphia could possibly get pop up shower or two. thursday, 1:00 p.m., this is going to get a lot of rain in, there the line of storms keeping ion there, at 7:00 p.m. that's the one that concerns me. you can see, it is not out of here until friday morning, so
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we will keep an eye on that. once it is gone, see humidity starts to drop down, we get into our saturday and sunday, will make make things feel less oppressive. today looking at high of 88 degrees, scattered thunderstorms, certainly possible, to the overnight lows, 75 degrees. and you can see there still cloudy, muggy, spotty thunderstorm, but here's the forecast that i want to show that you has the good news in it if you are ready for. that will temperatures returning to at or below average. that will be new. as we head toward the weekends. and once we get through that stormy thursday, and friday morning, now, we are talking. now we get the mid 80s, and the low humidity. >> love that. perfect timing. enjoy the weekends. who needs a thursday to be nice. >> but just prepare your s i have the small umbrella in my bag in case today already. because i think you can see depending where you are at. >> always prepared, thanks, kyla. time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger explains why it may pay to go back to school. >> more education, typically
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leads to better job prospects and bigger paychecks. a georgetown university report found that a bachelor's agree hold kerr expect to earn 84% moreover a lifetime than someone with a high school diploma. as the education level grows, so does the salary. a worker with a bachelor's agree will earn $2.3 million over a lifetime. a master agree holder earns 2.7 million. a doctoral agree holder jumps to 3.3 million. of course, higher income may not pay off if your extra money goes into servicing student loans. found that economists with advanced degrees pay the greatest dividends over time. the average economist here in the philadelphia area earns over $94,000. those with master's agree can earn an additional nine and a half%, those with ph.d.'s can earn an additional 23%. the majority of economists work in federal, state and local government offices.
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but there is a growing demand for economists in private companies as well. i'm jill schlessinger, for
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>> this is our favorite video of the day, imagine looking out into your backyard and seeing this. that's exactly what a woman in north vancouver saw monday
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afternoon. a dip in the pool didn't seem to be enough as the bear decided to climb into the hot tub for a quick soak, also. i mean, wouldn't we all want to do that? >> ya! >> the whole swim lasted about 15 minutes, afterward the bear scampered off to a hole that he had knocked in the fence. >> oh, that's too funny. >> he needs little umbrella, you know, some spa treatment maybe. >> little picnic basket. >> yes, little picnic basket. >> fun. >> i maybe girl bear or two, or guy bear or two, whatever it is. too close to tell. >> a bear that knows how to live. got the bear necessity down. >> oh, that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. for kyla and all every us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is up next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> victor: call paul williams right now. tell him all about marco annicelli. tell him about all the dead people on that boat and about kelly. >> jack: all that blood is on your hands -- every single death you set in motion. >> victor: and who would be extradited and rot in their bloody jail cell?! not me -- you! >> jack: this has gone on too long. every day i am lying to the people i care most about. >> victor: oh, my god. it just breaks my heart to hear that! why don't you make the call? call paul williams. call him right now. tell him. who is gonna protect your family when marco annicelli... >> jack: i shouldn't need to protect them! look, you created this monster. you pull the plug already. this is not my problem. >> victor: it is our problem, jack. you and i need to stop that guy. >> jack: no, no, no, no. we are not a team. you are a menace to everything and everyone that i love, and
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