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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the area, and jimmy, it makes sense. back to you. >> we will see you with more, leslie, thanks very much. another hot, humid after afternoon out there. now we're tracking storms rolling through the area meteorologist kate bilo has more on what we should expect, tonight, kate? jessica, we have seen this over past couple days these storms like to pop up and they are not every where, generally isolated but they are very heavy, and downpours, biggest threat with these storms. right the now area hit harder is bucks county storm formed and just has continued to build and continued to intensify as this is over the same area, watching one more cell in dover, delaware, rest of the region seeing a few spotty showers but can't rule it out at anytime this evening or tonight. let zoom in on this heavier cell we are dealing with and moving through northeast philadelphia, southeastern, montgomery county as well, glenside seeing pretty heavy rain and right in the center near plumstead rainfall rates of 2.74 inches an hour. this storm has been stationary almost for the the past half an hour to an hour and you can
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see estimated over an inch or two of rain has already fallen in this region. you can see why with rain coming down at 2.74 inches an hour, lots of lightening as well, this is a dangerous situation, don't want to drive through flooded roadways in buckingham, tinicum township, plumstead an area hit hard with heavy rain and frequent lightening at the moment. flash flood warning for this area, including the entire region from wyndmoor up toward abington, doylestown, buckingham, until 7:30. flash flood warning means flooding is occurring, road are flooding as we speak and that means if you see a flooded roadway, don't try to drive through it, it doesn't take much to pose potentially life threatening situation, and flash flood warnings will still be an issue as we go through tonight and into thomas again, biggest threat with these storms is heavy rain. upo 2 inches, poor drainage flooding keeping a close eye on the smaller creeks and streams as well and i'll say it again don't drive through the the flood, storms will continue into friday and then we will have better news all
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coming up with the three day forecast in just a few minutes, jessica, back over to you. >> kate, thank you. walk home end in tragedy when car hits four kid on the side of the road killing one of them. it all happened last night on the 100 block of budd town road in burlington county. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is there with the latest on the invest facial, glowing. >> reporter: jessica, good afternoon. those four siblings, one cousin were leaving this park around 8:00 last night... budd town road you can see the cars, which is very deceptive since last night, it was dark, there are no lights, there is no shoulder. police say the driver that struck them last night, didn't even see them until it was too late. >> we heard a loud bang. >> reporter: cheryl o'neill first thought that thud was thunder but it turned out to be something much worse. >> my daughters were in the house and they called and said i think you need to come up here there was an accident and people screaming. >> reporter: outside her home,
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new jersey state police say a man driving a bmw plowed into four children, two brothers, their sister and cousin. o'neill rushed out to help the most seriously hurt, two-year old yawnshell martinez died. >> i went to the younger child, i felt for a pulse, which i could not feel one whatsoever, and then, you kind of just saw him take his last breath. >> reporter: other three, age six, eight, 18 are in critical condition. children all live at this nearby farm. relatives gathered at the farm to mourn including 13 year-old may a the martinez who was walking with the kids last night but escaped being hurt. >> it was like a war zone, with all of the helicopters, and ambulances, and we knew something tragic happened. >> reporter: neighbors showed up, offering to help this family in mourning. >> i started to see people around here who are very giving and heart broken.
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>> reporter: now state police say those four children were walking in the middle of the road, as i mentioned with no shoulder. as for the driver that struck them they say he was in the speeding, investigators say alcohol was not a factor, he won't be charged. reporting live here from southampton, new jersey i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much, greg. malvern prep guidance counselor and swim coach has been charged with sexual assault. alexandria hoff is live at malvern prep where that counselor persued a young student, alex. >> reporter: well, jessica, prior to these charges emily feign i work at malvern prep as a, swim coach a director of college admission. that grave her a clear position of power, even holding acceptance into harvard over the head of the one man whom she was allegedly pursuing. feney is charged with felony institutional sexual assault and unlawful contact and corruption with the minor. it was a lewd romantic
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endeavor that began in april of 2014, and continued, into january of this year. it involved a 16 year-old, male coach and counsel. several occasions investigators found that the boy tried to end this contact including a text that went quote, i am in the interested in you, end of story, i am 16, and not into you. >> she was sending a top less photo and other photos. she did get him alone for a little while and there was a kiss but it never progress todd sex. not because of her good judgment, but because of his good judgment. so we're relying on the good judgment of the 16 year-old to make sure that the sexual assault doesn't occur between a teacher and a student. >> reporter: feney was arraigned and currently out on bail. prosecutor's office says that
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the school has been in full cooperation with this investigation. reporting live from chester county, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. former face of subway is facing more than a decade behind bars, jared fogle pleaded guilty to allegations that he paid for sex with minors and received child pornography. adrian a diaz is at the federal courthouse in indianapolis with the very latest on this. >> reporter: former subway spokesmen jared fogle left indianapolis courthouse after agreeing to plead guilty to child pornography charges. >> jared fogle is expected to go to prison. he will do his time. >> reporter: prosecutors released documents wednesday laying out the charges against fogle, they accused the former pitch man of traveling to new york city toy pay for sex acts with minors. >> this is about using wealth, status, and secrecy to illegally exploit children. >> reporter: fogle is accused of neglectly receiving child pornography, secretly produced
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by russell taylor, executive director of fogle's foundation. court appearance comes six weeks after federal agents seized computers and other evidence from fogle's home. the under the terms of the plea deal fogle agreed to pay $100,000 in restitution, to each of the 14 under aged victims. he will register as a sex offender. >> hi i'm jared the subway guy. >> reporter: thirty-seven year-old fogle became a household name as a pitch man for subway. after he lost more than 200-pound. the company tweeted tuesday night, that we no longer have a relationship with jared, adrian a key as for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new developments today on the papal visit. penndot announced buses registered with go ground the official transportation management partner of the world meeting of families will be allowed to accessory strict roadways, including i-76, so visitors can easily get to and from papal events. in the meantime montgomery county is also, preparing, today officials held a public safety meeting with faith
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leaders. >> to make sure that your constituents are well prepared, for emergency, and that you have the tools that you need to be able to advice them and tools that you need to be able to both prepare for, or god willing, report, an emergency. >> reporter: officials also discussed plans on getting everyone out safely during emergency situations. if you missed out on the septa papal pass on line lottery you will be able to purchase one in person . septa will begin sales for one day regional rail papal passes at stations on friday. you will be able to get them at the station that is will be opened on september 26th and 27th. the one day, regional rail passes are $10 each and you can buy up to ten passes for each day. camden county health officials say that a woman who recently traveled to west africa has malaria not ebola. that woman was brought the to the university hospital in stratford for a travel-related illness as she was kept in isolation as a precaution but
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tested negative for the ebola virus. officials say the public is not at risk. >> it the is not spread person to person so it is important to understand that, the transmission is through, the the bite of an infected mosquito, which she did acquire while traveling in west africa. >> reporter: officials say because the patient was treated immediately they are optimistic about her prognosis. the power is back on at sesame place in langhorne after a brief outage this morning. several rides were shut down just before noon after peco had a problem outside that amusement park. the power was restored within an hour. coming up, on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", a huge part of the yard is swallowed by a sinkhole and it is not first time ground has given way there. plus... >> it is hard to wrap your head around, really is. >> reporter: bizarre story at a hotel when a baby is rescued after being locked in the safe. big question police have for
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the parents. also a health warning out there there is a new type of head lice going around and this one is drug resistant, the best way to fight the pesky problem. and it is move in day for freshman at temple, three on your side helping you make the most out of dorm decorations if you don't have space, we will have some answers. so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal?
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crews plan to search for three men believed to be kill in the landslide, they are waiting for geologist to determine if that area is stable, heavy rain, triggered at least six landslide yesterday, and heather hensy reports from alaska. >> reporter: rain came too fast in sitka alaska on tuesday. about two and a half inches of rain fell in 24 hours, leaving behind a sinkhole, and mound of debris. >> there used to be two houses up here, the houses are now, gone. >> reporter: at least six landslides were reported in the city, three men are missing, and to help in that situation, and it is a very, very grim situation. our prayers will go out to all those in sitka. >> reporter: city has a population of 9,000 which
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means many people here, are victims. identified as two brothers. grew up with my sons. i sort of know who they are and i know the family a little bit. i had to tell them, you know, chances are slim, kids are coming home tonight or tomorrow or the next day or the next day. >> reporter: police closed off streets all around town as clean up began. the city has declared a state of emergency. heather hensy for cbs news, sitka alaska. an explosion that demolish part of the motel six in washington tait has critically injured a gas company worker. motel's a acting manager evacuated the guest after she heard and then smelled the gas leak. two of the motel's 65 guests were not accounted for but no bodies were found at the site and the ruble. witnesses say the blast, shocked everyone. >> it the is just, shocked everybody here, i mean it is like we're like what happened, and then, i guess good part of the building is gone. >> the cause of that gas leak
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is still under investigation. a scary case of the deja vu in a town outside tampa, a a sinkhole has opened up there again and in the same spot where a man was swallowed up and slept in his bed two years ago. man's body was never recovered this new hole measured 20 feet in diameter but authorities say it poses no danger to the public. that lot has been fenced in since the the 2013 tragedy. and, infant had to be rescued from a locked hotel safe yesterday in niagara a falls. it was a safe like this one, police in the panic parents alerted, and, locked in their room sake. a maintenance workers came in the room and then was able to unlock it. the baby was alert and crying. at that point hotel staff called police, but the family had already left. it looks like olympic runner oscar pistorius won't be getting out of prison as early as expect. pistorius was supposed to be release on friday after serving ten months of his
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five-year sentence for killing his girl friend. south african justice department says pistorius was let go too early. they did not say when they will meet again to talk about his tore just getting out. -- owe pistorius getting out. stepping up to clean up here, in wisconsin where a tornado caused a major mess. signs were damaged, trees were snapped, and multiple buildings in a small industrial park were damage. thankfully though no reports of any injuries. but, i know, kate that some of this weather is making its way here. we won't have the severe weather but that is a similar storm system, right. >> it is a cold front moving across the entire country from northern plains into our area front doesn't cross our area until friday morning and as we wait for it, we will look for a lot of storms that will be firing up at anytime. we're already seeing them right now, tomorrow once again, a and tomorrow we're in the marginal risk for severe weather. these storms will link inner to friday. take a look outside, you can take a look at the bottom of
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the screen where weather watchers sent in their observations, they are scrolling the at the bottom of the screen there so you can see what is going on. an interesting day because defending where you are the weather is completely different as you head into bucks county, different in center city where we are seeing clouds bubbling up here but also still seeing blue sky. i want to take you out to the live neighborhood network cameras as well as the the middle school, where kids on the field look like they are playing soccer. we have a lot of clouds but no rain there for the moment. once again just like yesterday, and gannon monday, storms are very isolated, but they are localized and heavy. heaviest have been over bucks county. still watching showers over kent county, delaware. the rest of the region is quiet for now but these showers and storms can fire up at anytime. so notice the the rain is pushing to the north, we have, south east wind and that is pushing these storms again to the north and west, and heavier rain is over portions of upper bucks county, heading up toward phillipsberg and could clip lehigh valley but this is on a direct north
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course. number of lightening strikes only eight in the past five minutes this storm is weakening. we have heavy rain, again, over upper bucks and new lightening strike just reported coming down right now at rate of 1.34 inches, per hour. temperature wise, it was a sneaky little, fifth day of the heat wave. temperatures jumped up in the 90's today. 92 degrees. we are back to 89. but temperatures did surge high enough to make the heat wave, continue. ninety-one saturday. ninety-three sunday. ninety-four monday. we got to 90 today. we have a five take heat wave. increased cloud cover and anytime tomorrow we will stay below that 90-degree threshold. we can see noon tomorrow, scattered showers maybe a then are storm but front doesn't cross our area, until overnight thursday night into friday, and heavy rain around 3:00a m friday morning, it will start to push toward the shore midday friday and just hang out, here and watch what happened here as we head into saturday this system off shore may try to push the the showers closer to the coast. so saturday could be a really
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nice day inland, possibly not the best beach day as we can see a few more clouds and showers, lingering along the shore points. heading back to thomas that front approaches we are in the marginal risk for severe weather, biggest threats, downpours, gusty wind and flooding as these storms move in. cannot rule out small hail either. future rain amounts by the time all is said and done, tonight, tomorrow and friday, many spots are looking at over an inch of rain with locally higher amounts especially off to the west. overnight tonight, showers, thunderstorms at anytime, especially through the the evening, overnight cloudy, muggy. 75 degrees. the not a very comfortable night for sleeping. not a night to have windows crack. you want ac if you can tonight. tomorrow, cloudy, humid, that will limit temperature. eighty-six for the high. showers and storms at anytime. heavier later tomorrow evening into tomorrow night and then those showers linger into at least first half of the day friday. we may see some sun by friday afternoon in philadelphia, but cloud and showers hang on down the shore and over the weekend, great weekend in the city, mid 80's with some sunshine each day but clouds
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and showers could persist down the shore and then head into next week with temperatures holding in the 80's. jessica, back over to you. kate, thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this afternoon a brand new list of the country's best high schools was just released. we will let you know which local schools are earning top grades. trouble in times square, controversial reformer some people want kicked out of the iconic spot, leslie. eagles invited visitors to the novacare complex, they practiced against the the ravens today, so how did they do? we will have details coming up next in sports.
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narrvoted to defund planned parenthood - risking health care for millions of women. now republicans want to shut down the government - to block funding for planned parenthood. what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits? senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown.
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eagles welcoming new competition in town. we will have more in camp. >> the eagles and ravens held their first of three joint practices at the novacare complex, leading up to saturday night's preseason game at link. they played for two hours. no fights. both chip kelly and john harbaugh told their teams they are not having it. eagles defense went against
5:24 pm
joe flacco. >> it was fun. it is fun to go up against guys, you will face on saturday. different look for us. different style of practice. but it was a great the day for us. >> i thought we matched up well. defensively i thought we did a good job the in the run period. we didn't give up any deep throws over the top. we got a few turnovers. that is our goal, day in and day out. that was our goal. >> demarco murray did take part in the scrimmage, bird have held him out of practices because of the heavy load he carried last year in dallas and they want him fresh. >> it feels great. i'm coming out here to compete: it is always good. training camp has been for a while now. we had a good day. we will look at the film, review. >> saturday night along with sam bradford, nice to see. >> yes. >> great to see. >> all right. things looking good, thanks very much. coming up next, new security restrictions when the pope comes to town next month. plus a local artist in the
5:25 pm
international spotlight, thanks to the pontiff. see the official portrait he created of pope francis. i'm charlotte huffman live in northeast philadelphia, hear how some teachers are giving complete strangers, to help coming up. new at 6:00 a house that was set for one of the most creepy movies ever is now up for sale and it is in pennsylvania, so it could be yours. we will have details
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i'm jessica dean with some of the day's top stories, it is the the end of an era for the phillies. the sources say team has agreed to trade chase utley to the dodgers. utley is not in the line up for tonight's game. there will be no charges against the driver who hit a group of children in southampton, burlington county last night. a two-year old boy was killed,
5:29 pm
and three of the boys relatives were critically injured. the the group was walking on a rural road in the dark when they were hit. former malvern prep guidance counselor and swim coach emily feeney has been charged with felony institutional sexual assault, corruption of the minor and related offenses. authorities say that she was sexual relationship with the teenage boy, and sent an explicit photos and hundreds of texts and e-mails, kate? jessica, today another very steamy day, it is actually day five of the heat wave and temperatures briefly climbed in the 90's. we're tracking storms and heavy storms as well this one moved through bucks county, heavier rain shifted just off to the north in the extreme northern corner here of bucks county but still raining back toward bedminster and buckingham is heavier rain. head up north toward 78 corridor where we are under a flash flood warning for bucks county, northeast philadelphia and southeastern montgomery county. be safe. do the not drive through flooded roads near horsham, doylestown, buckingham, bryn
5:30 pm
athyn, until 7:30 p.m. the showers and storms will pop up until tonight and tomorrow and into friday and flooding will be the biggest threat with any storm. i will have more coming up in just a few minutes, jessica. >> kate, thank you. new at 5:30, clothes and sneakers are not the only thing a student needs to go back to school but they also need supplies. educators are turning to the on line community for help with that. "eyewitness news" reporter charlotte huffman is live in northeast philadelphia with this story, charlotte. >> reporter: jessica, in order to afford supplies, ultimate liz insurances that students get the best education possible some teachers like those at cedar grove christiana contacted my, they are having to get creative. clock is ticking... until the the new you school year. >> kid come the second. our teachers come the first. >> reporter: teacher jane quigley, otherwise known as momma bear is busy setting up her second great classroom and buying supplies for 209 cubs that will be sitting in the
5:31 pm
chair. >> before it was crayons, color pencils, markers, things that are affordable but now ipad and modern technology, computers, those kind of things, school can only supply so much. >> reporter: she's digging in to her own pocket. >> 50 cents here and there it add up. >> reporter: how much did quigley shell out last year. >> over a thousand dollars. >> reporter: according to at least one study on average teachers are spending about $500 per year on out of pocket expenses, for school supplies. that number is increasing, year after year, and all of this has teachers turning to on line funding for help. >> quigley start aid go fund me account to raise a thousand dollars and she's not alone n2010, 135 educators used go fund me to raise money. this year that number skyrocketed to 130,000 educators used so far, have raised more than $20,000 total. quigley hopes to buy at least 5ipads and so far she has raised $600. >> if i could raise money to buy five maybe i could kick in
5:32 pm
for the other five. >> reporter: she never dreamed she would have to raise money to do her job but says she's willing to do what it takes to ensure her little cubs leave second grade with the modern day education that they deserve, one donation, 1ipad at a time. >> on the first day of the new year when i see my class going off with another teacher, that is difficult. my kid become part of my family. that is why i'm the momma bear and they are my cubs. >> reporter: according to that same study, 73 percent of teachers sent parents a supply list this year. quigley did too. she said while she's thankful for supplies that parents supply, but she points out in reality those do not last through the full year. live from northeast philadelphia, charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. new list of the country's best high schools is out and several local schools made the the cut. according to newsweek magazine charter school of wilmington is highest ranked school in our area at number 15 overall.
5:33 pm
conestoga high school get top marks in pennsylvania. northern new jersey has four of the top five schools overall, the the best new jersey school in our area is haddonfield, memorial high school, at number 84. these are based on test results, graduation rates and number of students who go to college after graduating. we have already told you about some of the security restrictions when pope francis comes to town next month and now we have learned part of the city will be a drone free zone. the faa is issuing a temporary flight restriction for the weekend of the september 26th and that includes drones. the limit on flights will be limited after the pope leaves. we're just over five weeks away from the pope 's visit and local artist who painted his official portrait shows it for the first time exclusively on "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao has the story. >> reporter: in this ewing, new jersey studio, there is work in progress. >> i was so happy, i got to paint today.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: and finished work of art. pop artist at his finest. perry mylow painted president obama, robin williams. this though simply put is his masterpiece. >> this is about pope francis and the world. it is a amazing he is coming to philadelphia. >> reporter: when news broke, of the papal visit, he was quickly inspired. bought a canvas and went to work. after only eight hours the result is a portrayed entitled a prayer for peace. >> him kissing the world, message to the world of peace, love, togetherness. >> reporter: thirty by 40-inch oil is now licensed by the world meeting of families as an official portrayed of pope francis. meaning during papal visit this image will be seen all over philadelphia, on items including mugs, posters, t-shirts and more. mylow knew he had created something special. >> no mistakes in it, there was no going back to it. i was surprised at how fast i caught lightening in the bottle. >> reporter: lightening, it seems struck twice. mylow's the holy day is an official portrait, he says his
5:35 pm
involvement in the historic event is no coincidence, and this was meant to be. >> my grandfather, his name is francis defrancisco. ways born on st. francis die. i married angelo. her father is angelo, our daughter is francheska. >> reporter: the the new addition to their family a sonnies expect when pope francis a arrives in philadelphia life, and work, mylow say, guided by a higher power. >> this really was a gift to me, and i have to find a way to share it with the world. >> you can see mylow's complete collection entitled faces of francis on exhibition during world meeting of families congress from september between the second to the 25th. jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> beautiful work there. thirty-eight days now is what we have got until the pope arrives here in philadelphia. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow preparations for the big visit. our coverage continues on line at cbs after a well deserved summer break, students are returning to the temple university campus .
5:36 pm
fall move in is underway there and more than 5,000 students are returning to university housing. each has a specific day, and time to move in. resident assistance and student volunteers were also on hand to help, good luck with all of that. outfitting dorm rooms has become big business. it can pose a challenge to students on the budget don't want to add more expense toes an already expensive semester on campus. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has been here with tips and helpful things to make it cheaper. >> reporter: did you go away. >> i lived on campus, yes. >> i stayed at home. whether it is a dorm, shared apartment, there are ways to deck out small spaces on a smaller budget. brianna covacs room in an on campus apartment this fall will feature a travel theme. >> i have so much travel stuff and since i'm really loving traveling and i have these these pictures i wanted to make it co heat any of mize room. >> reporter: starting with her own photos is right in line with the advice of karen
5:37 pm
michelle. >> grab a $3 frame with the matt, pop it in, on a wall and looks much more expensive then it was. >> reporter: dorm decoration and fur initials will account for $6 billion in spending this back to season school. staples, idea, best buy have partner ships, promotions, apps and college registries. >> you need to remember that you are going away to college, not a desert island. the best thing you can do is just pick up, the basics that you know you will need and spend a couple of weeks, getting used tour dorm room and make a list of the things thaw real willly cannot live without, go on a shopping trip a couple weeks later. >> reporter: dana is shopping with daughter, callie. >> it is organization, making list. >> reporter: special back to school sections might not get you most bang for your buck. >> go to the regular bedding section, office supply section, first, and take a look at what is there. you can find a lot of clearance items, lot of good
5:38 pm
deals. >> reporter: don't forget to check out children's area. >> there is a lot of cute, colorful things there that you might like for your room and it is usually lower price just because it is for kids. >> reporter: now for college kids sharing a common living space working around basic color scheme is helpful and if you are looking to make a small space feel better and brighter, ditch old blind and covered windows with an inexpensive fabric for privacy instead. >> very interesting. we did the whole kids route thing, twin bed, it is cheaper. >> yes, people if you want fire engines on your sheets and stuff like that. >> we didn't have fire engines. >> princess. >> maybe. no, i gave up princess, far before then. at least when i was a teenager. jim, thanks very much. if you are taking a trip to time square you may have seen surprising new street performers, what initially will may look like women wearing a costume and bright paint, turns out to be woman wearing nothing but paint. >> hello. >> stripped naked and they
5:39 pm
paint their entire body, we are taking pictures with tourist. also raising eyebrows is a newspaper front page showing police officers posing, with two of the women. as you can imagine, reactions are mixed. >> performers in our area so people walking through times square have the option of whether or not they want to interact with them. >> it doesn't bother me. i like the naked cowboy best though. >> through go. mayor bill deblasio and city officials are looking into ways to curb the activity. still to come on "eyewitness news", we have all of our favorite emojis, we can text message, i know you do, see which emojis are most popular in your area. it might surprise you. also a warning for parents out there, dangerous liz high amount of salt found in fast food meals, that is coming up in the healthwatch. and police officers do much more than just protect and serveyou have to see this special moment that these officers shared with the boy, on his very first day of school.
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new research, find fast food restaurants serving up kid meals with dangerous amounts of salt, the world action on salt, health, looked at chains like mcdonald's, kfc, subway and dozens of countries. they found 80 percent contained over 1 gram of salt, more than children age four and six should eat in one sitting. oh, boy a new potentially drug resistant critter is crawling on the heads of children. a study found 95 percent of the lice population tested positive for mutation that is resistant to over the counter treatments. health officials say resist urge to over treat, or give preventive treatments because that is contribute to go this resistance problem. >> it is important not to treat the whole family because
5:44 pm
other people don't have it, and then you treat them, they could be resistant to that shampoo. >> it is the lice won't die or if they come back a doctor can prescribe shampoo with stronger chemicals that should be effective honorary assistance lice. still to come on "eyewitness news" a special honor for young girl who endured a public fight against cancer. kate? we still have a flash flood warning to tell but this evening as we track storms, firing up across the area, and not going to be out of here tonight, we have got tomorrow and then again friday when we will be tracking more heavy rain and thunderstorms. we will have latest details
5:45 pm
narrvoted to defund planned parenthood - risking health care for millions of women. now republicans want to shut down the government - to block funding for planned parenthood. what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits? senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter
5:46 pm
into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown.
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in our area, as opposed to coming to the desk, pretty active, seeing a lot of green. >> firing up on storm scan three, we are tracking showers and storms, it depend on where you are, just right now at shore points in the city even mostly looking okay, but bucks county, northeast philadelphia, surprise, lets see what we're talking about here. we will go down the the shore,
5:48 pm
and things look great. ocean city, boardwalk is sun dabbled. no problems out there. sea gulls flying. things looking good in the city from center city south. in northeast philadelphia, we are getting rained on once again as these storms pick up the pace one after another and then drift up into bucks county. it is all location based here this evening. the lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers and see what they have for us this evening. we are seeing temperatures drop that have seen some rain. the as we head up into bucks county frank is reporting heavy thunderstorms in richboro that knocked his temperature to 76 degrees at frank's house. he said showers have cooled us off, richboro just missed heavy rains, only .08 inches there but little bit further west to the south, some heavier rain was seen, steve schwartz in bensalem, 79 degrees reporting some cloud. heat wave is bensalem but as for storms temperatures are dropping, storms did roll through that area. we may get another round before all is said and done.
5:49 pm
cardington pa seeing sunshine at bill's house. he is at 91 degrees. he says hot but breeze. not doing anything to cool you off but at least it is a breeze. we have got that this evening. thank you to our weather watchers. lets look at our neighborhood network site. another spot seeing blue skies and sunshine at cape may courthouse. 78 degrees. wind south/south east. looking at storm scan three you can see what we're talking about as storms fire up and drift to the north, south win right now as storms originating over northeast philadelphia and lifting to the north, and lining up along pennsylvania, new jersey border. heavier rain right now up toward i80 but new cell form over northeast philadelphia lets zoom in and again, see one here over portions of upper bucks county, a few just missed lehigh rally, couple showers near easton pa, next cell we will watch, now moving into southeastern montgomery county, and thinks an area under flash flood warning until 7:30. even though heavier rain just
5:50 pm
pushed out, getting residual showers, not quite as heavy, rainfall rates, spilled over an inch an hour. run off could cause risk for flooding in our area watch out in bucks county, southeastern montgomery county tonight. eighty-nine at the airport. you can see that cool zone where storms have been, 86 in millville. eighty-eight in allentown. overnight tonight nothing more than a few spotty showers. skies will start to clear but tomorrow morning, still some scattered showers around, tomorrow afternoon, mainly off to the west at 4:00 p.m. another round of scattered showers and storms. and then a line comes through early friday morning at 3:00 a a.m. and pushes on out but not before delivering rain to the city and by noon friday these showers and storms headed for shore points. what to expect through friday morning, scattered showers and storms at anytime soaking downpours with anyone rain amounts up to 2 inches before all is said and done and flash flooding will be an issue, not only today but right through friday. quick look at latest on danny. still expect to be a category one hurricane but fighting
5:51 pm
factors here. fighting dry air and fighting wind sheer. we will keep a close eye on it. not more than ten days away from any u.s. territory. so no big deal right now but we will keep you posted. watch for those showers and storms. same story thursday. down the shore as well for your thursday, warm, humid with a chance for afternoon then are storm. more likely an overnight thunderstorm down the shore on thursday but can't rule out spotty showers anytime. we will clear it out for weekend. temperatures back to the mid 80's which is seasonal for mid to late august. jessica, back to you. >> are your text messages filled with emojis? probably, come on, lets be honest. we are learning about most populare maine gis and they might surprise you. so lets take a look key word app maker swift key was looking at all these. they say in pennsylvania, it is the cherry. the cherry moist popular. maybe temple cherry and white. favorite emoji in new jersey? that would be the speaker, not the beach, like you might expect. go figure.
5:52 pm
apparently in delaware, people love their football, that was most popular one there swift key looked at more than 1 billion emoji messages to come up with a list. i don't think i have ever used the cherry. you can connect with us, and let us know what your favoritee maine gi is, on our facebook page. you can send us a tweet at cbs-3. we'd love to hear from you. still ahead, the mailman who carries a soft spot for kid. >> in this weeks story of brotherly love meet a local postal carrier who does more than deliver the mail. he collects school supplies for the the children on his route. his story and how you can help when we come back.
5:53 pm
every month, mr. johnson goes to the drugstore and connects with a pharmacist to renew his arthritis medication. which means he can keep up with his granddaughter
5:54 pm
at her wedding. when older pennsylvanians make the most of programs supported by the pennsylvania lottery, like prescription drug programs, we all benefit. learn more at the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day.
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two l.a. police officers are getting a lot of praise for helping a teenager who found themselves in a bit of
5:56 pm
the bind on the way to school. teen's flagged down officers to assist, by a emergency. it was id picture day at his high school and he and his mom could not figure out how to tie his neck tie. >> spaghetti knot and i'm like why don't we ask cops to help us. >> we can tell he had buttoned up shirt and tie flung around his neck. mother looks over to the driver's side saying do you know he how to tie a tie. >> well, they did. kind gesture impressed teen and mom so much, they posted these photos on the simple act of kindness on facebook, and then, they went viral. many of us already know, leah still, daughter of devon still, is a champion for how she battled pied yacht trick cancer. now the five years oldies grazing the cover of the breakfast have of champions. wheaties box was sent to the still family by the company. leah battled canceror more than a year but the disease is
5:57 pm
now in remission. a delaware postal carrier is doing more than just delivering the mail. he is collecting school supplies for children on his route. "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington shows us his journal any generosity in today's brotherly love. >> reporter: this mailman with the blessing of the united states postal service is collecting for children he sees every day, to him, they are family. he has been delivering mail, on court drive, in wilmington, delaware for more than 20 years. >> i just chat with the kid all the time. >> reporter: he even brings them candy. he knows that many of the parents here are struggling to give their children the necessities. >> during the school months they lack book bags and supplies. >> reporter: so he wants to deliver some help. >> hello. >> reporter: for second year in the row businesses along his route are collecting back to will school supplies for him to deliver to students. one of his customers say principal financial group where they have collect dozens
5:58 pm
of book bags, and boehner a and lots of other supplies. >> everybody wanted to help. they were sending backpacks and supplies, and down in, a bag full. >> reporter: vanderick load up his truck with as many as he can every day. he doesn't take money just school supplies. last year he collected enough to help 600 students. he said he is inspired by the memory of his son, cameron, who was shot and killed in 2006. >> it made me feel a lot better, doing things in my son's name. >> reporter: like last year the school supplies will be given away this weekend at a barbecue for the neighborhood. he hopes to distribute, even more, then last year. >> i think he is an example, i think we can have more people like this if we did our community, it would be great. >> reporter: school supply give away is this sunday august 23rd so is there still time to help out. tropical off donations at the post office at 1500 lancaster avenue in wilmington, or
5:59 pm
cavan derick through cbs i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00, breaking news at 6:00, it seems to be the end of an era. we will get word one of the most popular phillies of all time, chase utley, has been traded. we have got details and reaction, that is coming up. and when the pope comes to town, will he drink water, or water? well, there is new water in town and i want to show you the new water. and eagles have a stadium menu, we will sample a few of the goodies, kate. >> reporter: it doesn't feel too bad now on the sky deck now that the sunnies obscured by clouds, the reason for that, we are tracking storms on this wednesday evening. showers and storms mainly off to the north and a flash flood warning to tell you about, i will have latest on that and more storms for rest of the week, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
6:00 pm
parts of our area are seeing, downpours. storms are scattered, but they are packing a punch. we will have kate's forecast in just a moment but first we will begin at 6:00 with breaking news, sources telling thaws phillies fan favorite, chase utley, is now a dodger. it feels like an end of era as members of the 2008 world series team slowly leave the city. good evening, everyone i'm jessica dean. ukee washington is off tonight. let's bring in "eyewitness sports" anchor leslie van arsdal and you will tell us what we already know. >> we have been hearing bit, nothing official just yet but multiple sources are reporting chase utley is heading to the dodgers and will be reuniting with jimmy rollins. phillies haven't commented yet but a deal that makes sense. utley and his wife are from that area. in return for utley and cash, phillies will get two minor leaguers. the chase spent his 13 years with the phillies, the heart and soul of the team,


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