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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today. ♪ right now at 11:00, a 13 year run comes to a close.
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chase utley tips his hat to fans tonight as he leaves the field for the last time as a philadelphia phillie. the phillies just confirmed utley is headed out west to the la dodgers. good evening everyone. i'm jessica dean. ukee washington is off tonight. trade rumors concerning utley had been circulating for a long time, but tonight it is official. lesley van arsdall is here now with new developments. chase utley talking to the media still right now. >> right. it is official. i can see why a lot of people were confused. yesterday ruben amaro said the team was not going to trade chase utley the next day he's traded to the dodgers. it is official. minutes ago he spoke with the media. a deal that makes sense. he grew up just outside la and played college ball ucla where he met his wife jenn and he'll be reunited with his long double playmate jimmy rollins. in return and two millions the phillies get two minor leaguers. here's chase. >> not so much changing uniforms but it's really about, um,
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leaving the city that has given so much to me over the course of 12 or 13 years that i've been here. so it's definitely difficult like ruben said it's time. >> he spent his whole career with the phillies. >> right. >> longest tenure athlete here in philadelphia. he was asked about his favorite moment which was of course winning the world series and the parade down broad street. >> yeah. >> that's something you'll remember always always. >> i think we all will. >> lesley. thanks so much. he leaves behind quite a legacy here in philadelphia. both on and often the field. our david spunt has that part of our coverage from citizens bank park tonight. david? >> reporter: jessica, utley watch his last game from the dug out at citizens bank park behind me he tipped his hat to the fans he couldn't officially say anything at the end of the game after they beat the toronto blue jays but i have to tell you these fans expected this for several hours tonight and they were prepared for anything to
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happen. >> long drive, watch this baby, it is outta here! >> for 12 years chase utley has called philadelphia home and this video shot wednesday afternoon shows his last practice with the phillies. >> i want him to stay. i'm very upset. i like him a lot. >> 2000 world championship flag through high above citizens bank park wednesday evening reminder of a season that only has two players left, now that utley is reportedly headed to the dodge dodgers. >> i appreciate everything he's done all these years. >> and utley did plenty off the field. >> nice to meet you. >> he and wife jennifer continue to promote animal rights. we sat down with her in this 2012 interview to learn more about chase utley at home. >> there is an off season chase. i prefer him. (laughter). >> i prefer him as husband. >> fans wearing number 26 pack into wednesday's game against the blue jays.
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but news of the trade dominated conversations in the ticket li line. >> sometimes it's time to move on. the team obviously is not doing great this year, so it's time to rebuild. >> this is a step in the right direction for the phillies. >> but this image of chase utley hodding the championship trophy back in 2008 is what phillies fans will always remember. >> he's doing what he has to do. for the benefit of the team and for himself, too. >> reporter: darn net sweeney and john write they are the ones coming to philadelphia in place of chase utley. that's exactly what these fans are listening to tonight. excited about this. we're live at citizens bank park, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thanks so much. many phillies fans are taking to social media to talk about what happened tonight. steven writes this is best for both the team and for utley he gets a chance to possibly win an long play off 81 and maybe another world series championship. michael says, send him off way
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fond farewell. he was a good phillie. and david adds, rollins and utley together again one last shot for another ring. a lot of people with those same sentiments out there. we want to know what you have to think about the utley trade. you can connect with us on our cbs philly facebook page. you can always send us a tweet at cbs philly be sure to use the hash tag cbs3 chat. new tonight it is a disturbing pattern of attacks. women are on alert after another sexual assault on the grounds of a local golf course. it happened at the cobbs creek golf course in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. and our natasha brown is live at the special victims units with more on the investigation. natasha? >> reporter: jessica, we can tell through have been two sexual assaults in that area just within the past month and right now it has residents very much on edge. >> it is a good area. don't really be too much going on up here. >> reporter: stunned reaction from folks learning of an alleged sexual assault along the cobbs creek golf course. police say a 39-year-old woman was walking through the course
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at 7500 lansdowne avenue on friday night at 8:00 p.m. the victim told police she was approached by a man who began removing her clothes then physically and sexually assaulting her. >> it surprises me because i never heard of anybody being attacked up here, but like i said, it's dark. so it wouldn't surprise me that it could happen. >> reporter: special victims unit is still investigating allegations of another assault on the golf course. on saturday, july 11th, at 3:30am, a woman walking to work reported being dragged on to the course and sexually assaulted. there's no confirmation just yet whether two cases are linked but it's enough to ring the alarm of people in the area. >> i wouldn't walk through here at night. it's too dark with all the bur burbs. >> reporter: well police do have similar descriptions of suspects in both of these cases. hispanic male hid 30s with muscular build and close cut haircut. they're trying to stab if there
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is indeed a pattern here. live at the special victims unit, natasha brown cbs through "eyewitness news". >> thank you. coach and guidance counselor at a prestigious private local school is under arrest tonight accused of pursuing a teenaged student for sex. 40-year-old emily feeney work at malvern prep in chester county as a swim coach and director of college counseling. she's accused of using that position to pursue a 1684 old student. prosecutors say feeney sent semi nude photos to the teenager and he told her to stop. >> we have the text the e-mail from him saying, i'm only 16. i'm not interested in this. please don't do this. her response is to actually up the pressure. her response is to use her position as director of college counseling and say, if you consent to this, if you go into this elicit relationship with meek i will get you into harva harvard. >> feeney is charged with felony institutional sexual assault and
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other crimes. former subway pitch man jared fogle is facing years in prison. today he agreed to plead guilty to child pornography charges. in federal court in end prince fogle admitted to paying minors to have sex with him at swanky new york hotels. prosecutors say he also received child pornography secretly produced by the executive director of his foundation. faux guilty was famous for dropping 245 pounds by just eating subway sandwiches. subway ended its relationship with fogle. tonight indicted congressman fattah talks to students and their familiar at an event in philadelphia bringing together science and music. off stage fattah referenced the criminal charges against him. >> we think everyone of these charges easily defeated in court of law. so we'll just keep doing our work. >> the 11 term democrat has pleaded not guilty to charges including racketeering, conspiracy, bribery and mail fraud. the papal countdown rolls on
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here in philadelphia. we're now just 38 days from the arrival of pope francis. and there is new information tonight about the daunting task of getting people into philadelphia for that visit. we now know some buses and vans will a loud into secure areas and tonight we're learning how that will work and how much it will cost. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live in center city with details on all of this. diana? >> reporter: jessica, registration is open for just about another week and a half. thousands of buses have already signed up for special access and stadium parking from there tens of thousands of people will take the trek on the broad street septa line right here to center city. thousands of buses are making the pilgrimage to see the pope the last weekend of september from all 50 states and as far away as canada. >> no doubt this is the best way to travel because you'll get access to parking, you'll get immediate fast track access into
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the city and then right at the end you'll get easy access to the city with septa. >> reporter: world meeting of families has partnered with go ground to make bus travel a smooth ride all buses must register and receive a special placard for a price $350 day. that by special accesses to restricted highways like i-76 a parking spot at one of the stadiums and septa passes to center city. vehicles that qualify for the placard are motor coaches, school buses, mini buses, rv's and passenger vans carrying a minimum of eight people. go ground ceo bill mals bee says don't try making the trip saturday or sunday without registering. >> you will not be get into the restricted access along i-76 or the exits, and you certainly will not access to parking. >> reporter: road blocks will be set up on highways inside the secure area and only registered buses will pass. they're even designing a mobile app which will show visitors where their bus is parked and thou get back to it.
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soon available for i phones and androids. that mobile app will be available in just few short weeks. registration does end on augus august 31st but they say there is still plenty of room. it's estimated those parking lots down by the stadium can hold four to 5,000 buses. or we're live in center city, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. some good information there, diana, thanks so much. if you missed out on the septa papal pass online lottery you will now be able to purchase one in person. septa will begin sales for one-day regional rail papal passes at stations on friday. you'll be able to get those at the stations that will be open that weekend of the visit september 26th and 27th. the one-day regional rail passes are $10 each and you can buy up to 10 passes for each day. and after he leaves septa through the challenge of moving the grounds joseph casey will retire. case see nouned he'll step down september 30th after 34 years with septa.
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he's been general manager since 2008. septa's board of directors will select casey's replacement. keeply umbrellas happy. we are in the midst of a stormy stretch of weather. meteorologist kate bilo has a first look. jess carbs we've had pop-up storms pretty much day this week but they're only going to increase in number through the end of the week what to expect overnight it's mostly cloudy. it's warm, and it's very muggy for your thursday scattered showers and storms at any time. possible flooding with any shower or thunderstorm that pops up. right now things are pretty quiet on storm scan3. just couple of showers off to the west but that's going to change as we await the rifle of a cold front it will come through late tomorrow night into friday morning and then could it clear out for the weekend? ail have your seven day forecast in just a few minutes. >> also, ahead, at 11:00 tonight, a notorious sink hole reopens and causes a scare in one florida neighborhood. plus this isn't the typical hazard you would find on a golf course. a piece of jetliner falls off mid flight and lands on the
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green. so how did this happen? and eagles fans bring your appetite. we'll give you a first look at the new mean crew items for this year's game. "eyewitness news" returns after the a short break. narrvoted to defund planned parenthood - risking health care for millions of women. now republicans want to shut down the government - to block funding for planned parenthood. what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits? senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown.
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walk home from the park ends tragically for a family in southampton new jersey. last night a man driving a bmw hit four children including two brothers, their sister and their cousin. three of the children were critically injured. two-year-old dawn shell martinez was killed. >> i went to the younger child, um, i felt for a pulse at which i could not feel whatsoever and then, um, you kind of just saw him take his last breath. >> the children were on their way home to nearby farm. due to popular demand the montgomery county sheriffs office took its firearm safety and awareness class on the road for the first time tonight. residents learned how to properly handle weapons at the abington township public safety training center. the free classes are usually held at the county training
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facility in conshohocken. torments night wildfires are raging out west and they have turned deadly. authorities say three firefighters were killed while battling fast-moving flames in northern washington state. at least three other firefighters were injured. the nearly 2,000-acre wildfire is one of 17 burning in the state and among dozens burning out wet. dry and windy conditions are fueling those flames. a scary case of de ja vu a town outside tampa. sink hole opened up again in the same spot where man was swallowed up as he slept in his bed two years ago. take look at drone video of the new hole it measures about 20 feet in diameter but authorities say it poses no danger to the public. that's because the lot has been fenced since the 2013 tragedy. that man's body was never recovered. a panel from an american airlines plane comes crashing down on a north carolina golf course. that panel small door that covers a hydraulic servicing
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area measures about 15-inches by 16-inches and it's from an american airlines air bus 8321. that plane was en route from dallas fort warmth to charlotte. the golf course is about 10 miles from the charlotte airport. american says the loss of the panel did not cause flight safety issue. no one was injury. on the health watch tonight, new research shows fast food kids meals are being served with an extra helping of salt. the world action on salt and health look at chains like mcdonald's, kfc and subway and dozens of countries and they found 80% of those meals contained more than 1 gram of salt, and that's more than children ages four to six should eat in one sitting. you'll have great new menu options for eagles games this season at lincoln financial field. there is a new meatball sandwich made of brief biscuit with cheese, herbs and spices. also new to the linc sack's hamburger known by many in delaware county also chipotle mac and cheese and pizzas from
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the pizzeria vetri. yum. that sounds tasty. we got to sing our teeth no one of the burgers earlier. >> i'd take another round of those. >> i would too. i never had a zach's burger. that was my first. >> me too. >> it was delicious really really good. >> i love more food options. how is the weather looking? looks like the rain is moving in. rain is moving in so we're going to finally put an end to this heat wave. this never ending heat wave. it was supposed to end today but so much for that. temperature rose briefly into the low 90s. so the heat wave is on going. it does loon like tomorrow we'll stay in the 80s and that will be the end of it but the end of the heat wave comes with little bit of a, showers and thunderstorms. let's take a look outside. let's start off down the charlotte of possible out on the boardwalk right now. they may have heard the forecast and they know it's not going to be the best weather for the next couple of days certainly friday does not look like a good beach day. tomorrow will be okay for part of the day as most of the showers and storms stay off to the west. so enjoy as many hours as you can out on the beach out on the boardwalk it's beautiful night
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in ocean city. storm scan3 is pretty clear for the moment we're sweeping the area not finding really much of anything a few scattered showers here and there. most of them are off to the west at the moment as we zoom out, though, you can see showers and storms firing up here over portions of virginia into central pennsylvania and you can see this larger system the front is stay way back here, a lot of moisture being pumped in out ahead of it and that's going to cause showers and storms to pop up at any time tomorrow but especially tomorrow night into friday morning. that's when the front will cross the area. temperatures across our live neighborhood network 78 degrees in new castle. 73 in millville. 71 at the doylestown airport. still sitting at 77 at the philadelphia international airport. also a pair of seven sevens in t allentown. dew points on the rise. dew points are in the 70s right now. that is right up into that steamy range. boy does it feel muggy out there. that heavy air you feel look you have to wade through when you step out the door and tomorrow more of the same as that front approaches and we get that surge of moisture from the south.
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so what to expect right through friday morning? tonight, through friday morning, showers and storms at any time. can't rule it out at any time. friday morning will be the best threat though soaking downpours with any storm up to 2-inches of rain could fall and that will lead to the threat for flash flooding we saw it today storms like to sit over one area for an extended peer of time to the risk for flooding. tomorrow doesn't look a wash out. start the day with clouds, a couple of showers on going through the day. we're not talking about heavy rain all day. just scattered showers with localized downpours. there's 1:00 p.m. now here comes our front this is what we're waiting for. 10:00 p.m., off to the west tracking it tomorrow night certainly here. 5am friday here come the rain and these showers and storms continue to progress through the region. very slow to clears specially down the shore but looks like we may get sunshine back for friday night plans in the city. after all is said and done, tomorrow through the day on friday, many spots could end up way half inch to an inch of rain and in some spots locally higher amounts cannot be rule out. so scattered showers through the
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overnight hours. many areas will stay dry but it's cloudy and boy is it humid. 75 degrees good night for the air-conditioner certainly not a night to let the breeze blow in if you can turn on the ac you'll want to do that tonight and same story tomorrow. notice we're not in the 90s any more. just 86 but it is steamy. it will feel like the 90's showers and storms possible at any too many but it looks like the most active time frame will be from about midnight thursday night until about noon on friday and then we start to clear things out and the good news is, the weekend actually looks great in the city partly sunny mid 80s warm up again next week. weekend may not be quite as great down the shore. a few clouds clinic to the coast and a shower. get the updated forecast any time with our cbs weather app check live radar get severe weather alerts and share your weather pictures with us download the app now on i tunes and google play and with thing heating up you'll want to have that. >> i was doing going to say if you'll be dodging showers that's what you want to have with you. >> kate, thanks so much.
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>> lesley here now with a look at a busy sports day. >> an sad day for phillies fans out there. >> yes. >> chase utley era come to an end. we'll show how he saluted the fans as he walked off the field. we'll have chase's thoughts on the phillies fans coming up next you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm.
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sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state.
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>> chase utley has been traded to the dodgers along with cash for two minor league prospects. chase spent hess and tire 13 year career with the phillies. he was one of the most popular players in team history because of his work ethic and the fans really connected with him. tonight as he walk off the field for the last time if in phillies uniform he tipped his cap to the
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fans. thanking them for all their support. >> the fans realizing he was there and chase with a tip of the cap. >> hard part of leaving the city of philadelphia. um, they've been so good to me, and so supportive of me over the years. i can't thank them enough for it but i'll try. >> it's crazy because all the things we've been able to do here, and he's been here ever since i first got called up to the big leagues and yeah it will be different. like looking, you know, looking over here and not seeing him there every day. >> chase watched tonight's game against the blue jays from the bench. final game as a phillie. to the first inning the phillies with one to nothing lead. darrin ruf at the plate hit a lifeline drive to centerfield. march rash rah beat the flow to the plate. later in the inning aaron at the plate lace add double left field corner for mississippi first major hit to drive in rough. not finish.
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hit his first major league homerun two run blast that landed in the flower bed. the phillies will snap their four game losing streak seven-four the final. first major league start a double and a homerun. look very good at the plate. last year was interesting. i really didn't -- the little i saw of him i wasn't crazy about his swing but he's changed his swing and he's got a nice looking swing right now. >> eagles and ravens held their first of three joint practices down at the novacare complex leading up to saturday's preseason game at the linc scrimmaged for almost two hours. no fights so far. chip kelly and john harbaugh told the team they're not having it. eagles deadpans went against joe flacco. they did very well. we'll see more on saturday. >> no fights guys. >> don't do you it. >> thanks lesley. we'll be right back.
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♪ new tonight phillies fans get a musical treat. ♪ >> they enjoyed the sounds of 20 members of the philadelphia youth orchestra bravo brass along with members from the brass section of the philly pops. the musicians performed the star spangled banner want you're hearing two selections from star wars.
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thanks for watching white news at 11:00. we return tomorrow morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl, nicole brewer, meteorologist katie fehlinger and traffic with meisha johnson. for lesley, kate, and all of us here i'm jessica dean. we're always on for you at up next csi cyber. in the meantime have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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narrvoted to defund planned parenthood - risking health care for millions of women. now republicans want to shut down the government - to block funding for planned parenthood. what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits? senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdow
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