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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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philadelphia. they have been so good to me, so supportive of me over the years, that i can't thank them enough for it. it is the end of an another, chase utley is traded to the l.a. dodgers, and with that tip of his had hat to the fans last night, he walk off the field as a philly for the very last time. a hard to believe, isn't it, grab that umbrella as you leave this morning we are tracking storms for today and tomorrow. i guess we're due but never good news. >> today is thursday august 20th, good morning, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. lets check the forecast with katie. it is dry right now ladies. >> yes, i'm in the beerer of good news, but right now i am, because we have some rain coming in. >> we do. >> sour apples. >> yeah, exactly. >> i hear you, yeah. once in a while i have to bring bad news we cannot have it nice all the time but we will be dealing with some
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mugginess out there once again today, already off to a very steamy start, but it is a dry start. we don't have precipitation falling from the sky in most locations at this point. you're fining as we look outside here is generally just some sunshine. pretty light waves on the shoreline. it is coming up on high tied, actually but when we go back to storm scan i want to show you snapshot image here. we have moisture very obviously nearby. so between harrisburg, baltimore, heavier rain currently moving through that area. that is what will eventually start to pick up for our region as a whole as well. up until our cold front crosses, you will be dealing with very oppressive humidity. it is still very, very steamy outside. by friday we will see it tapering off a little bit. saturday is probably best day in terms of the next four for comfort level but we will see that ramp backup. it is august, it is what you tend to get. expect to see mid 80's, up
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toward the the shore points in philadelphia, everyone is fair game to see a shower or thunderstorm scattered initially and we will see heavier line moving in by later on, new tonight. meisha, over to you. >> well, my ears are perk but i necessity during our morning commute right new things are looking g road are nice and dry. that is certainly helping us. thank you mother nature for that. here's ben franklin bridge, for those coming in, looking great. for those traveling in new jersey it is looking g looking at 42 freeway in the north bound direction that is looking good. right now beautiful shot of the ben franklin bridge showing how nice it looks for those traveling outside new jersey and center city. we have a disable truck here on the schuylkill eastbound on the blue route at the shoulder that has been since clear. we will back out and see everyone tveling a along here at posted speed. in fact, schuylkill right now heating up, but looking good. ninety-five south at could it man is an area i have my eye on the. it seems to be an area we are seeing more congestion build
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as we were before the 6:00 o'clock hour. now you can see plenty of headlights and taillights out there specifically taillights moving in the southbound direction. overall, probably going to be fairly busy morning, nicole, over to you. it has been rumored for weeks but if not longer a and now phillies have officially pulled the trigger. >> long time second base man chase utley has been traded to the dodgers. utley sat out last night game with the blue jays. trade means he will join jimmy role minutes l.a. utley is, sent to los angeles area and met his wife while both at ucla. >> is there definitely some family ties there and it was, a very, very difficult decision for me, and my family to to go. it is not so much changing uniforms but it is really about leaving the city that has given so much to me over the course of the 12 or three years that i have been here. >> utley tipped his hat to fans as he left the field for the last time as a member of
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the phillies. we will miss him. >> yes. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from sister station sports radio wip and we can guess what they will be talking about today, justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. morning after is starting to sink in, chase utley's trade a done deal, and here at wip studios this morning fans and the morning team are weighing in this morning. not everyone happy to hear about this big news. let's take to you video from yesterday a glimpse of utley's locker. it seemed surreal for fellow players to see number 26 digs all cleaned out and this morning utley is being remembered for his grand slam debut here that early prom that is led him to the 13 year career as a second base man with the phillies a and that 2008 world series win. now utley and gm rube's amaro, junior sat down after the game and discussed the deal to send utley to l.a. a team that utley choice a team that he
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grew up watching but after more than a decade with the phillies, he says that the hardest part will be leaving the fans, and the memories, and this morning wip host angelo cataldi says like many friend, he would rather see utley retire a philly, take a listen. >> we're told it is just business. to me it is more than that. to me, it is a guys picture on the walls and all of the cheers and all of the moments wearing this jersey and it is not business. the it is what makes sports great is that we take these people into our family, more than business. >> your a's looking now live at the playing a memorable moments of the chase utley. angelo is overcome savoring every second as if it were happening right now. i can tell you when you hear the hits and what he meant to this team it is an emotional thing to watch. we can tell you back to the trade new phillies were sending four million-dollar
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with utley to l.a., and to his 15 million. we will get darnell sweeney a and john richie our right-handed pitcher. we are looking forward both here, to see how utley does both at home, with jimmy rollins and, of course looking forward to see what happens next to this franchise. we are live from wip, i'm justin finch, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nicole. >> at least it is one step in the right direction in terms of the rebuilding. >> let's focus on the the good news. and the dodgers already welcoming utley to the new team. they tweeted this picture showing utley in the iconic blue jersey with the banners welcome to l.a. here's daily news sports pages, and tipping his cap from last night's game and says chase utley you'll always be the man, harry kalas said. he is call the most beloved phillies in history which ace a a nice compliment. >> his animal charity, he is someone that gets in the community and another reason he is going home.
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>> he and his wife jen. our loss is l.a.'s gain. >> 6:07. for more, on you the thely's most memorable moments go to cbs happening today, a court appearance for a new jersey man arrested after a recent tire slashing free in south philadelphia. norman bogel is accused of slashing cars near broad and ellsworth on august 3rd. police say he was caught in the action and had a knife in his hand. he is facing several charges including criminal mischief. also this morning former president jimmy carter is holding a a news conference to discuss his cancer diagnosis. the last week the 39th president revealed that cancer is spread to other parts of his body. mr. carter, who is in his 90's, underwent surgery this month to remove a small mass from his liver. his family has a history of pancreatic cancer, nicole. erika, washington state around 200 active duty
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soldiers are expect to provide some relief to crews battling wild fires. this comes one day after three fire fighters died in the fast moving fire in that region. cbs news correspondent natasha a chen has the latest. >> reporter: this flag is one of many now flying at half staff in honor of the fire fight hours died battling a raging wild fire in the region. authorities in the county believe that the crew was involved in the vehicle accident when they were over taken by the wind swept flames. >> we're trained to do a job and you know, there is just times when, you know, some things go bad but that fight still has to go on. >> reporter: fire continues to score much land ape structures wednesday a steady stream of cars, filed out of the tourist town. thousands of people around the region have moved south to safety. >> i don't know how the government will pay for it and i don't know how the people will rebuild. it is horrible. >> reporter: fire fighters are also trying to get a handle on
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another group burning to the east, within of which prompted evacuations of both people and cattle in the town. so far officials say the fire in the county is 50 percent contained with more hot, windy, gusty conditions expect, the tides could turn at a moment's notice, natasha chen for cbs news. >> they need rain out west. >> absolutely. still ahead philadelphia police are investigating another sexual assault the on the ground of the golf course. a developing story in st. louis where nine protesters were arrested after a police shooting. just in time for back to school this is not what you want to hear super lice hits 25 states including our region. find out why those common treatments don't work for this breed of headlights, details coming up. >> ♪ this puts you in a good mood. it will will be margaritaville in camden tonight, jimmy
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buffet taking stage at susquehanna bank center and we are told there is still tickets available. so as we call them parrot head out there looking for a good time, in camden. >> finest hawaii shirts. >> they have got tickets for you. we will be right back.
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developing right the now, anger in st. louis over a shooting involving a police officer leads to 59 rests. police started firing smoke bombs and then tear gas at the protesters angry over shooting of an 18 year-old. police say that the man pointed a handgun at a officer serving a search warrant. police officer says that the crowd ignored her request to clear a road and threw bricks and bottles. former sub waste pitch man jared fog he had faces at least five years in prison and divorce papers from his wife. he pled guilty to paying for sex with girls as young as 16, and he is also pleading guilty to receiving child pornography. in a statement, katie fogle, his wife, said that she was shock din disappointed by recent developments, and add her focus will be on the well-being of her children. all right. 6:13 right now. we are tracking some storms, could make the day tricky. >> flooding could be a problem too. >> it absolutely could be.
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we have a marginal risk for severe weather out of the frontal boundary crossing through. we have been very warm, steamy outside. that is where these heavier showers and thunderstorms have already been coming in from, basically just in between east of hageers town and down toward baltimore and southwestern corner of the del marva peninsula. some of this will be rolling in our area as well, scattered nature. the the main storm system itself or i should say the cold front is still, up here, anywhere from dallas up toward great lakes region. that is what has got to cross through before we can get relief from the humidity and threat for wet weather. let's walk you through future weather at 7:00 a.m. a few drops on the area radar but west of our viewing area it should start to pick up slowly but surely as day goes on through our western half of the region. looking to 2:00 p.m., remember this is guidance but not gospel but heavier pockets of rain and thunderstorms along
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the way and then this line starts to form, and that is what has got to cross through. so for that buffet concert or maybe rascal flats there is a possibility you have a shower or thunderstorm that rumbles in. by tomorrow it is still there, bringing with it some additional rain for our area, today a marginal risk, low risk for severe weather. basically for our entire viewing area your primary concerns would be flooding with the heavy downpours, gusty wind, frequent lightening as well, quick check of the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, i wouldn't call tomorrow a relief but it will be drying out as early as late morning and the the weekend looks nicer. by comparison. partly sunny skies basically for both saturday and sunday. >> yes. >> perfect timing. >> inching closer. >> yes. >> we have to deal with the problems on the road. >> road are looking good this morning. thursday tend to be a busiest travel day. we know that machine through thursday. but right when things are looking good, overnight
6:16 am
construction project have lifted. in accidents to report. nothing to let you know other than yeah, we have dry roadways. mother nature is in our favor. katie is bearer of bad news today. here's the schuylkill expressway moving in the westbound direction at city avenue. this is definitely one of our busier spots we have seen in the morning. especially as we push through 6:00 o'clock hour we will see this area really start to heat up and then we hit rush hour it is very slow. as you can see everyone putting on brake lights at 6:15 in the morning, maybe around city avenue. lets do a drive through, jump in the car and take a drive down i-95 southbound, we will head upright around girard, yellow and taillights hitting at 95. we are slowing down a here's a live look outside, very, very slowly traveling at 30 miles an hour, nicole, over to you. meisha, thank you. could working too many hours land you in the hospital, what you need to
6:17 am
necessity about the link between long hours and your health. next time you go to the movies, you might have to have your bag check. we will tell but a change in policy at within of the major theaters, that is coming up. >> long drive, could it be, it is outta, grand slam home run chase you thely welcome to the show, mr. utley. >> welcome to the show. >> look at that, that was chase utley's first big hit hit, late great harry kalas calling it grand slam in april of 2003. by the way utley was last philadelphia athlete to play at the vet. it has been many years. you can see more of utley's memorable moments on cbs he is the man, we will miss him. we will be right back.
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welcome back. some changes are copping to your local movie theater. >> regal entertainment group, sent bags of any kind, will be checked, before admission. the move follows a theater shooting in louisiana where a gunman killed two women last month. also earlier this month police in nashville killed a man who attack movie goers with pepper spray and a hatchet. while some called this new policy an invasion of privacy, others say, being safe is more important. i have a baby, and i would feel much safer for my baby
6:21 am
knowing she's going to the movies if that will happen. one less thing to wary regal entertainment group posted this statement quote we acknowledge that this procedure can cause an inconvenience and it is not without flaws. but hope these are minor in comparison to increased safety and that it has come to this. but it takes a minute to open your bags. >> i mean who will contest that, just a few extra seconds to make people safe, it sound like a good idea. >> you cannot smuggle in candy. >> 6:21 every parent knows bedtime can be tough. >> new is there a new book that claims it can put your child to sleep in get this, seven minutes, we will tell you why author says it works that is coming up next. also a stormy stretch of weather, and katie,. >> we have a low risk for severe weather in the delaware valley. we will outline that and time things out so you can plan your day around this. there will be a few windows of opportunity, i will
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it is in today's healthwatch a new study sound warning belfor work a who will innings. >> for some people, it can be more success and money but recent study that those longers workweeks are bad for your health. researchers say working 55 hours a week or more is linked to a 33 percent, bless you,
6:25 am
risk of stroke and 13 percent increased risk of heart disease. >> head lice is a common problem when kid go back to school but this year super lice making the problem even worse. the mutant form has been reported in dozens of states, including new jersey and here's the worst part over the counter treatment they just don't work. health officials warning parents that they should resist urge to over treat this though, they say that is contributing to the resistance problem. >> it is important not to treat the whole family because if other people don't have it and you treat them they can be resistant to had shampoo. >> if the lice won't die or come back a doctor can prescribe a shampoo with stronger chemicals that should be effective. >> give you the shivers thinking of that. >> yes. >> but this sound too good to be true a book that promises to put children to sleep in seven minutes. >> i'm listening. >> it is titled rap who it wants to fall asleep written
6:26 am
by karl johann. >> well done. >> thank you. >> it is at top of the amazon's best seller list. in the book roger the rabbit employs psychological techniques like frequent yawning to get kids to sleep. well, a california family decided to try it out. >> take a look. >> promised one read through and it would be lights out and it is pretty tempting. it is a way to have you read, the words, it is all about emphasizing, falling asleep. >> that man's voice would put me to sleep, very suiting, did you notice. >> yes. >> it took family more like 20 minutes, not seven to put the the three-year old boy to sleep but i guess 20 minutes isn't bad. >> who says it has to be kid, it puts you to sleep. >> good work. >> ahh. >> 6:26. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" end of an era, folks, phillies second base man chase utley traded to the dodgers, we are live with fan reaction this morning.
6:27 am
also eagles fans, they will be eating good, or well as my mom would say this season. food vendors are serving up tasty new items, including that burger, how good does that work. >> i'm excited. >> very yummy. >> we're also looking good as well, not yummy but there is certainly looking good but we are seeing slow downs on this schuylkill heading in the westbound direction at city a avenue, no accidents to report, overnight construction projects listed, i will update you coming up. stay rate there cbs morning ♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go.
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this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. good morning to you. you might want to grab that umbrella heading out the door, throw it in your briefcase, your purse, you might need it, we are tracking storms and some could be severe and it has been quiet so far this
6:31 am
morning but we are seeing more storms popping up. >> absolutely, yes, nothing that is of the severe variety right now, i would say generally later on today is our better chance to see anything turn severe. low risk. we will have some instability to work with. we will talk about that throughout the show. >> exactly. >> if you are just getting out the door we want to help you do. that we will start with storm scan three which is a moment in our viewing area, it isn't terrible but obviously there is heavier rain right now just outside of lancaster county between baltimore and harrisburg, and we are finding that rain pick up. eventually i would say if your travels take you to the state capitol you may start to run into damp roadways along path turnpike. future rain amounts. the lets talk about this. this is a model important to mention but why i wanted to show this to you, look at all the way to tomorrow afternoon, sluggish front, by the way, guys, we will be dealing with the possibility of heavy downpours and, likely a few localized a areas like new
6:32 am
castle county, where you end up with two, if not three or more inches of rain. wherever these pockets end upsetting up. that is a model, not a guarantee that new castle gets hit, where they pick up you could be dealing with some flooding issues as the the day goes on. 77 degrees, already. we see pretty steady thermometer readings, but as the the day goes on notice a ebb and flow of the thermometer. when we see shower or storm bubble up as they will continue to do throughout the course of the day it will cool you down, briefly but it will remain steamy, in the meantime until this front gets through, that is what will take sometime. >> it is like hurry up. >> thanks, katie, good morning, everyone, happy thursday. >> we are seeing some light, we have headlights out there as we move toward 7:00 o'clock. we are seeing levels build. this is i-95 southbound at girard. the nice look at this, we are about 6:30, not even
6:33 am
7:00 o'clock hour and already we are looking very busy on that i-95 southbound stretch. we knew we would see. that we were prepping ourself for this but leave a little early, for those traveling up from new jersey, 42 freeway north bound, approaching 295, this is basically was we're looking at. we have a freeway, we will pull off to the side shoulder there not causing any slow downs, used to seeing them now, everything is looking good there, schuylkill westbound at city avenue we are talking about this ten minutes ago, all taillights and brake lights. but we are starting to see some movement, we will see that slow down again as we move into the the 7:00 o'clock hour. we have an accident at york road at route 611 and willow grove. now over to you. phillies made the trade, that has been talk about for weeks. >> chase utley has been traded to the dodgers. >> utley was in the dug out for last night's game with the blue jays. this will be a home coming.
6:34 am
grew up outside l.a. and met his wife jen attending ucla. he will play besides jimmy rollins. utley says that the half move did take a lot of thought. >> we just decided, it is time, it is time for a change. like i said, it is going to be difficult not seeing phillies fans out there and their support but i just hope they know how much i appreciate their support over the years. >> chase tipped his cap to fans as he left the field, they is, waving his hat to all those fans who supported him for more than a dozen years now as a last time walking off a the feel. we wish him lots of luck in los angeles but still sad for ourself. >> he had such a good run. >> very true. >> you can get more information on the trade on our web site, and we have a list of the utley's top five most memorable moments, hard to pick those, a photo gallery of him throughout years. go to cbs
6:35 am
6:34. philadelphia police are investigating a sexual assault along the gulf course and whether it is connect to the similar attack. woman told police she was walking through cobbs creek golf course in overbrook last friday night. man approached her started to remove her clothing and sexually assaulted her. the attack has neighbors on an alarm. >> i wouldn't walk through here at night. it is too dark with all of the bushes. >> special victims unit is also investigating if the sexual assault on the cobbs creek golf course last month is related to last weeks attack. a coach, guidance counselor, prestigious private school in our area is behind bars accused of pursuing a teenage student for sex. forty year-old emily feeney work at malvern prep in chester county as a swim coach as director of college counseling. she's accused of using her position to pursue a 16 year-old student. prosecutors say feeney sent semi nude photos to the teenager and he told her to
6:36 am
stop. >> we have the text, e-mail from him saying i'm only 16, i'm not interested in this, please do not the do this. her response is to actually up the pressure. her response is to use her position as director of college counseling and say if you conn send to this, if you go into this relationship with me i will get new to harvard. >> feeney is charged with felony institutional sexual assault and other crimes. the philadelphia medical examiner says st. joseph prep football player that died during a spring work out in april, we are told he died as a result of the cardiac condition. fifteen year-old ryan gill yard of up are darby died of hypertrophic cardio my owe patty, a condition that causes thickening of the heart. he died april 18th at the schools practice field. with just 37 days until pope francis comes to town we are now learning some vehicles will aloud into restrict areas during that visit.
6:37 am
the world meeting of families has partnered with go ground. vehicles registered with that company will have access to restricted highways like i-76 and parking. vehicles that qualify are motor coaches, school buses, mini buses, rv's and passenger vans carrying a minimum of eight people. >> no doubt thinks the best waste to travel because we will get access to parking, we will get, you know, immediate, fast track access in the city and right at the end you'll get easy access to the city with septa. >> registration comes with the special plaquard that will give access to restrict areas, that plaquard cost $350, a day. and did you miss out on the septa papal pass on line lottery? purchase one in person, septa will begin sales for one day regional rail papal passes a at stations tomorrow, you can get them at the station that is will be opened on september 26th and 27th, and 1 day regional rail passes are $10 each and buy up to ten passes for each day.
6:38 am
in anticipation of the pope's visit we see creative items, pope's bobble head. >> toaster. >> yet another within to commemorate his visit. >> this one a papal beer called a philly accent philly water. here's the closer look at the label. besides that enable label includes the the image of the pope holding a glass of beer. >> i love the expression on his face right here. >> philadelphia brewing company says it will be a available on draft and will send drinkers on the the path to reach usness. how about that. beer will be available in september. >> oner how the the pope feels about that. >> probably not well. >> there is also beer available at eagles games, of course. >> yes, a lot of other things to get to enjoy, the bird games, at the link. kyw news radio reporter paul curtis shows us new comers to the menu. >> philly is full of foodies and many are eagles fans to accommodate those hungry brigades, aramark chef james
6:39 am
hennessy spent the off season conn cooking new culinary creations among the headliners, a beef brisket meat ball sandwich. >> we grind the beef brisket in house. we have some cheese, other herbs, spices, and we basically braced tonight gravy. >> reporter: hungry yet. >> lagger beef sandwich where we have lagger and beef and we slice it down, we had lopping hot pick also, a little bit of the carmelized onion and chin fundo. >> reporter: new addition to the concession roster is delaware county favorite zach's hamburgers. >> we have a diversified menu. we have other things. we have milk shakes made from realize cream. we have little bit of everything. >> reporter: former eagles grade harold carmichael he of quick and carmichael barbecue concession, stopped by to sample the chipotle mack and cheese he added to this menu. >> i can get pulled pork and pulled chicken and new with the mack and cheese, it is awesome. >> reporter: chef james says some items will be available to everyone.
6:40 am
>> i don't know if chip kelly will approve of the meat ball sandwich of any kind let alone a brisket meat ball sandwich but fans sure with, and some with i. >> with that i and the cameraman made a buffet table run, for sample, after sample, until we could sample in more. >> i cannot feel my legs. >> i'm paul curtis, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> did paul say i can't feel my legs. >> yes. >> that is how people feel sometimes, you have snack after snack after snack. >> and yes. >> of course. 6:40. right now coming up a mailman who carries a soft spot the for children, lets take a look. >> in this weeks story of brotherly love meet a postal carrier who does more than deliver the mail he collects school supplies for children on his route his story a and how you can help when we come right back.
6:41 am
best seats in the house for latest concert in the do ac summertime concert series, i'm jan carabao coming up what you can and cannot bring to the concert if you are coming out to see rascal flats later today. >> ♪ kelly clarkson revealed a very big secret. >> i heard about this. >> it is something very, very sweet, exciting news. >> we will tell but it coming up next in the word.
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katie, i hear you are watching storms popping up, are weather watchers seeing them too. >> in the yet, they are still dry but very, very muggy for now. we don't have any rain in the area radar just yet but it will be here eventually. so lets take you on a little tour we will go to new castle
6:45 am
county first and foremost lisa reporting a mixture in wilmington of sun and clouds. she's at 75. she has humidity a at 97 percent too. and packing the umbrella. good advice. eventually showers and storms are set to rumble in. we will go across delaware to kathy's report at wynonna at 77. more than anything under thick cloud cover, sticky, steamy a gray morning and dew point at 76. so 76 dew point with 77-degree air temperature, it is basically a saturated air mass. just a matter of time before we see wet weather firing up. lets go to one more, this is lou's observation 75 for him at 98 percent humidity, blah. out in eagleville. it is worst hair take possible. on top of it we are dealing with the wet weather. so heavy rain, heavy thunderstorms, eventually the story for us here and as we look at a nice wide zoom you can see frontal boundary that is response be for eventually maybe some stronger then are
6:46 am
storm but as far as a line of showers and storms and heavy rain it looks like that will hold off until evening but any of these scattered showers and storms that bubble up here they could still produce heavier rain. looking at 11:00 a.m. today until 2:00 p.m. or so, there will be a lot of moisture to work with and anything that bubbles up will be potentially heavy and then that line comes through later tonight. lets check the seven day forecast, mid 80's through the weekend. we will try things out for everyone, at the earliest tomorrow, meisha, by late morning, especially by the afternoon. >> mother nature will bring it, but she just has to bring it. hurry up so we can get into that sunshine. good morning. the here's a live look at i-95 at girard, within of the busier sections right now. you can see everybody slowing down, traveling less than posted speed. heading in the rush hour. this can be expect but make note of that. blue route north bound past route one you can see, these
6:47 am
headlights but blue route as we push toward that 7:00 o'clock it is still looking good for those travel in and around that area another area very slow moving right now is 76 westbound the the schuylkill at city avenue, coming off that roosevelt boulevard, plenty of taillights, everybody stopping, in terms of the traveling less than posted speed, yes you can expect that certainly in that area. we have construction, christopher columbus boulevard, race to spring garden, this is lane restrictionness place 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. today. over to you. get ready to put some sand in those cowboys boots rascal flats is coming to atlantic city. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is joining us from atlantic city. sunnies up. she's letting you know what to know what a great place for it. >> good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. i have a feeling a whole locality of people will be calling it a half day at work today. i'm coming to you live from the best seats in the house,
6:48 am
vip section right on the beach here in atlantic city. beautiful morning. sunnies shining. we are expecting about 30,000 people to come out to the rascal flats concert this afternoon in ac. you can see big rigs are parked, unloading the equipment. the band will take the stage around 4:00 p.m. but beach arena opens up a at noon and shuttle buses from the outlining parking areas start running at 10:00 a a.m. activity will be picking up in no time. rascal flats comes on the heels of the huge maroon five concert this past sunday with 50,000 plus people pack the five block arena to better accommodate that type of crowd the atlantic city a lines is opening more entry point to the beach for this concert. those with preferred ticket will be able to enter at yes and michigan avenue news. general admission tickets can enter at kentucky. and ticket for rascal flats cops earth are still available for as low as 20 bucks. you will to have go through security, so ab wear of that
6:49 am
and here are the do's and don't's, do bring one sealed bottle of water, small beach chairs and a small soft cooler for snacks. do not bring alcohol, concessions, however will be opening starting a at noon. back out here live on the scene you can see what a beautiful summer day we are having in atlantic city. a lot of people will make a whole day out of this. ac alliance says this is one of the bigger beach weeks as school is starting up soon. they are trying to figure out how they can have more of these concerts because they attract huge crowd and those crowd help area businesses and it really diversifies what is offered here in atlantic city. it will be a great day. great spot to be, we are just hoping that the weather holds out, erika and nicole back to you in the studio. >> too bad it is several hours away because you have a perfect seat but you have to wait a little bit. right now 6:49. time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins with us
6:50 am
that preview. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, nicole and erika. we are in washington state where three fire fighters died battling this fast moving fire at least three towns evacuated overnight. john oliver takes on tell evangelist by joining them, the comedian push toes expose how some are cashing in on the faithful. this one year after the ice bucket challenge, what could be a major break through in the fight against als. actor patrick stewart joins us in the studio 57, that and more, news is back in the morning, we will see how in about ten minutes. >> charlie, class act, love patrick stewart. you remember that bucket challenge, didn't do you. >> still shivering from it. >> 6:50 right now. delaware postal carrier is doing more than delivering mail. >> he is collecting school supplies for children on his route. "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington shows us his journey of generosity in brotherly love story.
6:51 am
>> reporter: this mailman with the blessing of the you had postal service is collect forgo children he received every day for him, they are familiarly. vanrick hamilton senior has been delivering mail for 20 years. >> i chat with the kid all the time. >> he brings them candy. knows many parent here are struggling to give their children the necessities. >> during the school months they lack book bags and supplies. >> reporter: vanrick wants to deliver some help. >> hello. >> for second year in the row business as long his route are collecting back to school supplies for him to deliver to students. one of the stops is principal financial group where they have cleaned stacks of binders, dozens of book bags and lots of other supplies. >> everybody wanted to help and they were sending backpacks and supplies, down and bags full. >> reporter: vanrick load up his truck with as many a as he
6:52 am
can every day. he doesn't take money just school supplies. last year he collect enough to help 600 students. he said he is inspired by memory of his son, cameron, shot and killed in 2006. >> it made me feel better doing things in my son's name. >> reporter: like last year school supplies will be given away this weekend at a barbecue for the neighborhood, he hopes to distribute, even more, then last year. >> i think he is an example. i think we can have more people like this if we did this in our community and it would be great. >> reporter: school supply give away thinks sunday august e to help out. drop off donations at post office at 1600 lancaster avenue in wilmington or cavanrick through our web site at cbs i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> ♪ >> word is surprise for kelly
6:53 am
clarkson fans. >> yeah, she had a big announcement last night at the staples center in los angeles. listen in. totally pregnant. >> clarkson said she was having trouble controlling her emotions during the song piece by piece when she made the announcement. understandable. this is second child for clarkson and her husband brandon blackstone. >> you just can't help it. well, a sad news another hollywood couple calling it quits. megan fox and brian austin green are heading for divorce after five years of marriage. people magazine reports they have been separated for months. they have two sons both under the age of three. >> from what i understand twitter universe was pumped about this, because megan fox back on the market, very popular woman, beautiful. they were excited. >> yes, sad for them, of course, but twitter universe. >> but first here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3.
6:54 am
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chase utley, you are the man. >> classic. >> and the title is born right there. >> harry kalas made the call after he scores from second during the 2006 game with the braves. >> it is hard to picture utley in the dodgers uniform, unfortunately, that is what is happening. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live at 94 wip where the trade is the talk of the morning, justin, good morning. >> the talk of the morning indeed, of course, deal is gone but some are wondering why they could not keep utley on as a philly as team rebuilds. the deal was done and announced yesterday. second base man traded for two
6:58 am
dodgers young talents. utley signing with the dodgers. home coming of sorts. he is from the l.a. area. he grew up watching dodgers. of course, also reuniting with former philly jimmy rollins but he says it will be hard to leave philadelphia and all of the memories he left here behind and this morning we are having fans saying it will be had hard for them to say good bye as well, erika and nicole. >> hard to say good bye, justin, thank you. with hectic schedules for most of us, trying to squeeze in a work out is hard. >> it is hard to find fitness fun but not only for them but for their babies too. >> a way to get your exercise in and work out but to it with your children. >> i can tell thaw much. coming up tomorrow grab those strollers, ladies, i will show you an exercise routine geared for moms, the best part, kid can stay entertained, during class, they love it. i will bring my little will guy for the ride. we will have so much fun. it is happening tomorrow morning right here on cbs-3. >> can't wait for that.
6:59 am
well, not really best day to get your streeler out for a run with the baby. >> it is muggy, uncomfortable for anybody trying to do a push up, but just hanging out and watching mom do that. it is cloudy right now looking at our live neighborhood network shot. i will show you some heavier rain just off in the distance to the west, eventually that will blossom and bubble up and scattered fashion for us, and then we will see heavier line of rain and storms half move in, meisha later on into the evening a and overnight but overall just a unsettled day, coming our way. >> road two word: rush hour. >> what will you do. >> enough said. >> yes good next up on cbs this morning fortune magazine reveals their list of the top 50 companies saving the world. >> remember to join us bright and relevant i each weekday morning on cbs-3. we get you started nice and early at 4:30. we will be here, hope you are too. have a great morning, everybody. we will see you tomorrow.
7:00 am
good morning. it is thursday, august 20th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." fast-moving flames kill three firefighters in washington state, and overnight more towns are forced to evacuate. republican rival polls. jeb bush says trump is unelectable. how some are cashing in on the faithful. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we're professionals trained to do a job.


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