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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 20, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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"19 kids and counting" star josh duggar admits he was unfaithful to his wife. >> new outrage after he was reportedly caught using the cheating web site, ashley madison. >> i'm grateful for my wife. just such a blessing when you can honor each other. >> the hypocrisy of this. >> two reported accounts. what the family values activist is now saying about his secret double life. >> it takes a special kind of sociopath. and why is ben affleck's ex-nanny getting hounded about babies? kelly clarkson works out her big news and jennifer aniston tells me about her secret i dos. >> beautiful moment. also, did kim richards' sister put her in a psych ward? and ten years after katrina, our look with brad pitt.
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>> we're supposed to help the most vulnerable. >> and a beautiful family. super girl, what she tells us about kalissa flockhart's nasty tv return. >> isn't the real problem you? >> i just remember her eyes piercing me. she's very strong. >> now "e.t." with our take on today's top stories. josh duggar of "19 kids and counting" confesses he cheated on his wife in a statement today. there was so candid and detailed. it was stunning. samantha harris here with nancy o'dell. >> josh admits to living a double life, a secret addiction and it seems to be because of this. he reported account with the cheating web site, ashley madison, got hacked and exposed. >> marriage is central to the family. >> it takes a special kind of sociopath to be able to live one life and then tell us to not do what he's doing. >> i'm honored to have been married to my wife over five years. >> it's hard for people to stomach someone preaching,
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literally preaching family values while at the same time having a double life being unfaithful to your wife, addicted to porn and allegedly going on ashley madison to hook up sexually with married women. >> josh's initial statement was blunt. i have been the biggest hypocrite ever. while espousing faith in family values, i have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and i became unfaithful to my wife. just over an hour later, josh revised the statement on the family web site deleting the reference to porn addiction. >> i think it's such a blessing when you see family and you see that you can honor each other. >> the web site gawker broke the story claiming the reality star had two ashley madison accounts. joshua allegedly listing one night stands, sensual massage, bubble bath for two and sex talk. >> josh duggar was actively participating on ashley madison or maintaining an account and
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beyond that, we don't know what more will come out. >> light those candles, bring home those roses. >> tlc cancelled "19 kids and counting" in july after news broke that josh has been investigated for molestation. >> a scandal for one of tv's most conservative reality tv show families. can we trust anything that he says? and the answer is no. from here on in, he's not somebody who has any voracity with his fans, with the public, or his family. >> another hook-up site. rosie o'donnell's daughter was found with a 25-year-old alleged drug addict she met on tinder. a rep said, this is a very upsetting situation, adding the company already has security measures in place. >> this is about tinder today. what will it be tomorrow? so this is a warning call to parents about what can happen as a result of online exploring. >> it makes you so scared as a
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parent of two little girls. >> as the parent of two boys, i'm afraid. >> well, i want to make sure you guys saw this today. rosie changed her twitter page to this selfie of her daughter. happy to be reunited. the nanny at the center of ben affleck cheating rumors. paparazzi there and guys with the cameras may have gone a little bit too far. all she wanted was some takeout sushi but ben and jen's former nanny, christine o'uzouinian, left to a fire storm. >> on the next bachelorette? >> what are your plans? >> hit hard with questions about an alleged affair with ben, which she has denied, one paparazzo in particular went overboard even for colleagues, it seems. >> christine? >> oh. >> poker face for most of the ordeal, christine finally broke her silence with a reply. on to new details on kim
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richards reported 5150 hole. the former beverly hills housewife forced into a 72 hour hospital confinement by a family member to assess her mental well being. both sources close to kyle said she knows nothing about it and hasn't talked to kim in a while. the conflicting reports all come from players on the reality show where kim's battles with addiction have been well documented. >> i do talk with gary, my life coach. >> kim was due in court today for shoplifting arrest earlier this month. her attorney was there on her behalf and did not respond when asked about the hold, but did say kim was doing well. there's a new development in the fatal crash that involved caitlyn jenner. the l.a. county sheriff's department has finished its investigation and is sending the case to the d.a.'s office. jenner could face a vehicular manslaughter charge. if convicted, could be sentenced to a year in jail. said she wasn't speeding, but
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quote, set off a chain of events that led to the death of a motorist in february. and finally, dean mcdermott, a deadbeat dad? 48-year-old husband of tori spelling reportedly served by first wife mary jo yousef claiming he owes child support, a total of $8700. >> i know what's at stake here. my relationship with my wife. my relationship with my children. >> dean, who has four other kids with spelling, has 30 days to make good or faces the consequences. and we're sitting down and talking exclusively with mary jo about her lawsuit. we'll have that tomorrow. interesting stuff. last night, cameron mathison got the first chance to ask jennifer aniston about her secret wedding. >> i gave it my best shot. i did. but first, i got to show you this. kelly clarkson broke down on stage in l.a. crying during a song about her father and then boom, the surprise announcement.
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>> kelly's fans showered her with lots of love as she explained why she's struggling to continue her emotional song "piece by piece." >> something happened. didn't want something weird or drunk. >> she's already mom to adorable 14 month old river rose with husband of nearly two years, brandon blackstock. >> i'm so, nothing is wrong. everything is good. but i'm a mommy again. >> now from babies to marriage, jennifer aniston stepped out last night for the first time since pulling off her secret wedding to justin theroux. jennifer aniston wasn't as private about the details as the wedding itself. >> we had the beautiful luxury of having a beautiful private moment and i'm going to be
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selfish and keep it that way. >> she's clearly made an extra effort to keep that ring covered up with her other hand during interviews, but once she posed, boom, two bands of gold with a band of diamonds in the middle. it pops against her black jumpsuit. but where was her husband? justin left for austin, texas, on monday to shoot his hbo show "the leftovers," but was there to support and give up wedding well wishes. you were at the wedding. what was your favorite part of the ceremony? >> it was just the sweetest. could not be happier for the both of them. cutis. it was awesome. >> congrats. okay, congrats. >> she looked amazing. and i guess we all want to see kids. >> well, how great. here's my therapist. >> oh, look. >> fired! >> in jen's new romcom, "she's
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funny that way," she needs they were therapy of her own. >> i was attracted to the odd sort of unhinged woman, about myself, i guess. >> blows my mind. >> you don't joke in therapy. >> jennifer definitely has the newlywed glow, i can tell you that and she definitely has another thing to celebrate. released their highest paid actresses. she's in the top five. bested by melissa mccarthy, scarlett johansson and jennifer lawrence who pulled in an estimated $52 million last year. >> it's got to be nice to be the mocking jay. >> that's the silver linings play book. did this guy look familiar? the john stamos look-alike playing jesse in the unauthorized movie. is the movie true to what we saw behind the
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narrvoted to defund planned parenthood - risking health care for millions of women. now republicans want to shut down the government - to block funding for planned parenthood. what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits?
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senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown. does that look like uncle jesse and danny to you? because i watched with my 8-year-old. the look-alikes starring in the unauthorized "full house" movie and nischelle turner has a unique view on this. >> i was with the real deal yesterday, john stamos, who still looks pretty darn good, by the way, and we talk to guys who play him and bob saget. >> who doesn't love uncle jesse? >> i'm inspired by your artistic >> thanks. >> sooner or later, bob is going to see this and either go out for drinks or he's going to beat me up. >> we're not so sure about those '80s wigs but they have the same
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sense of humor when "e.t." went to the real "full house" set back in the day. >> stamos, make-up. >> i was meaning to ask you, is that your real nose? >> okay, i get it. yeah. >> do you blow dry or more of a controlled chaos with gel guy? >> they sure have that behind the scenes vibe, right? >> a stupid place to roll toilet paper, but we keep it there anyway. they like to do that in the backyard. now the true story behind that show. and talk about off-screen tension, stamos has a little bit of a problem with the olsen twins. >> when i heard john say he tried to get the olsen twins fired, i was a little shocked by that. >> wasn't so studly he met future wife and future ex, rebecca romijn. >> i'm john, john. yes. and clearly a clumsy idiot too.
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>> then we have a lot in common. >> that makes sense. >> so it turns out justin has a bit of a celebrity romance in his past too. he used to date miley cyrus back in her hannah montana days. i think they were what, 10? but still going together. they call it. still ahead, one thing i will never forget, how brad pitt stepped in and helped the people of new orleans after hurricane katrina. now ten years later, we go back to the neighborhood after they help rebuild. >> thank god for brad pitt. and kalissa flockheart. >> can't help but feel like a strong empowered woman. >> that's next. >> closed captioning provided by --
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a car chase on the 112 freeway. >> i could do a car chase. >> that is one of the most talked about new shows coming this fall. super girl. >> new female super hero. got to love that and we also get back to return of kalissa flockhart. here's what to know about super girl. >> cara! you're hurt. >> yep. >> the first thing you need to know about super girl, she's super man's cousin and just outed herself to the world by dating her sister's fling. >> everyone will know and you can't take that back. >> i don't want to.
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>> what i love about it is it doesn't matter she's a girl. you're going to remember her for her triumphs and the way you relate to her as a human being, what she struggles with. >> oh, the struggle is real with this "devil wears prada" boss, c caalista. she's not ally mcbeal anymore. >> what do you think is so bad about girls? p'm a girl and your boss and powerful and rich and hot and smart. >> i just remember her eyes piercing me and being like, oh, right. i'm with someone that i'm going to have to, like, this is a challenge. >> go get me that girl. and cara, go get me a lettuce wrap. >> she's uncompromising, unapologetic, slightly nasty. >> you probably know melissa as a brunette on "glee" playing
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marley rose and even met her husband, blake jenner, on the show. >> where's my cape? >> and we love supergirl's fashion show before she comes up with that perfect super suit. >> the suit is really an indescribable feeling. >> it's what added the "s" for super like your cousin. >> it's not an "s." it's my family's coat of arms. >> you put it on and i just feel this inner transformation. you can't help but feel like a strong empowered woman in it. >> are you sure you're bulletproof? >> sure hope so. >> what a great message to send to young girls who might be watching to be empowered. yes. and also on cbs, we confirmed this season on "the good wife" peter floric makes a run for the
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white house again. hillary clinton. yes, mrs. clinton it is one of her favorite shows. >> i love the culture and we would always like to keep what makes new orleans alive. >> that's harry conic jr. talking to robin roberts about rebuilding the city he loves, all part of robin's abc special, hurricane katrina: ten years after the storm which airs sunday on abc. ten years ago, brad pitt was one of the first celebrities who rushed into new orleans with the solution. i spent a day with the actor in the ninth ward when launching his initiative to rebuild the area. it was a moment i will never forget. tonight, we had an update with one of the families getting a second chance thanks to brad. >> that was where the barge came through, where the levee broke on the other side of this house. >> it's falling apart. get back, get back. >> go for cover. >> that was the scene august 29th, 2005. hurricane katrina's assault on new orleans and its levee. the water broke through, flooding much of the city, leaving more than 1800 dead. the worst hit, new orleans' lower ninth ward on the lower east side when i met brad two years after the storm.
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his plan, build new eco-friendly green homes and breathe life back into the community. >> in a tragedy like this, we help the most vulnerable first and that didn't happen the night of the storm. hasn't happened since. >> perhaps no one more vulnerable than lloyd griffin and his wife, rose. >> nobody has helped us. when our homes were destroyed, they didn't have the personal money to rebuild it. >> leslie bishop is ninth ward's representative, tanya harris was born and raised there. >> my family and i lost everything we owned. we lost friends and family, unfortunately. we lost a sense of community. it was a very tragic period in our lives. >> these are families, like yours and mine, who had been left in limbo. and that's what this is designed to do. a practical way to get people into homes. >> it was four or five years. and then found out brad pitt was
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building homes and i saw that, i was like, i want one of those homes. >> how exciting has this process been? >> it will be most exciting when you see families move in. >> how many done and how many to go? >> 52. 98 to go. thousands, so much work to do here. >> represents each sponsored. the pink tents turned into real homes and leslie archie now lives in one. >> we went and came straight to the house, slept in here and have every night. >> brad pitt invested at a time at our lowest. >> he wasn't just talking. he was doing. he was on the ground. he was interested in bringing families home and making the community whole. >> in the end, brad's make it right foundation raised more than $20 million, each home costing around $150,000. >> people have been great. we had 12,000 people donate. >> today, we built 109 homes and counting.
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we are still on target, on track to complete our 150 home goal. >> we're people who are very fortunate. if we can share a little bit of that, there's no greater gift. >> what he did in new orleans is special and will always be one of my favorite stories. >> think so. like brad pitt, former president jimmy carter was one of the famous faces who helped the city recover. he talked about fema and build houses with habitat for humanity. today, sad news from the former president about his ongoing cancer battle. >> get an mri and found there were four spots of melanoma on our brain. >> the former president also added that he was surprisingly at ease about the diagnosis and he has lived a full exciting, adventurous and gratifying existence.
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the 90-year-old had his first treatment this afternoon. >> when he spoke publicly this afternoon, he was so calm and collected, which is not easy in the face of a diagnosis. so of course, our thoughts and prayers are with him and we will be right back.
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kel kel kelly catrone in this selfie and rocked some athleticwear? find out in our star shots gallery on "e.t." online. travel consideration provided by -- bon jovi is dropping a new cd tomorrow called "burning bridges."
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we thought it would be a perfect time to flash back to many moments with the band and examine why women still love jon bon jovi. >> i'm so going to embarrass my sister, amy now. she is one of those ladies who adores jon and seen at least eight times. >> amy, it's okay. carrie underwood, the exclusive premiere of new video "smoke break". i really just wanted it to be mainly about strong women. >> that is monday, but of course, we'll be right
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this? >> do you want me to fan you? >> yes. >> we get a first glimpse at diamond wedding band. >> appears to be all of the user information. the ashley madison scandal drops a reality bombshell. >> josh duggar had two accounts. >> will josh's wife, anna, continue to stand by her man? >> loyalty is one of the keys in marriage. i'm definitely not a puppet. >> inside trump's secret strategy for the white house. >> tens of thousands of domains. >> how excited are you for your sister? >> so excited, a great guy. derek on julianne's lake side marriage proposal and how it became a dancing family affair. >> they're all nuts. they're all over the place. >> yes. >> now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. the ashley madison hack, exposes josh duggar,ut


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