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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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"eyewitness news" reporter natasha brownies live at police headquarters and natasha, you spoke with the commissioner. >> we did speak with the commissioner a short time ago and we can tell you that he is outrage by this video. he did not mix his word when it came to this reaction. he said it was down right stupid and inappropriate. nine year, 24th district police officer has been taken off the streets in light of the this video posted on facebook. >> you and your friend got any money to buy these tickets, for your police kept? you buy these, or i take your car because it is unregistered. >> reporter: officer is seen pressuring a motorist whose carries unregistered and normally would have been towed to buy tickets to the yearly hero's thrill show a fundraiser which benefits children of fallen police officers and fire fighters. >> we're constantly admitted. >> i thought it was stupid on the part of the officer. it is certainly inappropriate. there is in part of the video that i like. just not right. >> reporter: in another part
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of the video officer identified as three two-year old matthew sirgersky is heard using a homophobic slur, while talking to the men in the car. >> breast cancer, my mom. >> not only is his language on one of the tapes, homophobic which obviously is a violation of our policy and not what we expect from our officers but in the second video which deals with the tickets for the hero thrill show, it is equally, bad. >> reporter: police are still trying to track down the driver and passenger who recorded these changes. meantime internal affairs has taken over the investigation. >> the the hero thrill show is something that we should all be behind, it is a event that raises money for families of police officers and fire fighters kill in the line of duty and this officer has managed to taint that. >> reporter: officer has been placed on paid leave, pending the outcome of the internal affairs investigation. also the the police commissioner tells us that
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they will be looking to see if he should be criminally charged with misconduct as well. we are live at police headquarters, natasha a brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing right now, police activity at macy's department store at willow grove mall. that story mains closed and was also evacuated. no word on what caused the evacuation but we are told that the rest of the mall is opened. we will continue to monitor this story. we will have the latest both here on tv and also on the cbs stock market plunged dramatically today marking its biggest loss of the year... . the dow jones plumeted more than 500 points, including its worst week, since 2011. index is down more than 1,000 pounds for the month. concerns over china's economy and oil prices dropping, helped trying their slide. dow jones lost nearly 531 points, the nasdaq fell 171
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points. the s and p the gave up 64 points. the storms, have long been gone and it looks like our weekend is getting off to a great start. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the sky deck with her first forecast, kate. >> it does not get much better then this on a friday night in august. i think i said same word last friday, we have had some really great luck with weekend weather, and i'll tell what you this day really cleared out nicely after rain that came through last night, those sours are now off shore and we are enjoying sunshine, lowering humidity, nice breeze, abe comfortable, seasonal temperatures and that will last into the the weekend. lets look at storm scan three you can see we are tracking a couple showers well out to sea and autopsy cross new england, same front that came through with flash flood warnings last night, that is now, not a problem anymore and skies cleared very nicely throughout the morning hours, and we have just end up with a great friday afternoon. temperatures right now are pretty seasonal. couple degrees, we are at 86 at the airport. comfortable 81 in reading.
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eighty-two in atlantic city. eighty-four in trenton. temperatures are comfortable. so is humidity. we have seen dew points plumet and dryer air working from the north and west. we will start with dew points in the 70's, that is impressive. now dew points are in the 50's and continuing to drop, overnight and into the start of the weekend. so what ace head for your weekend. the saturday highs in the mid 80's, lovely, break from the humidity and few more clouds to watch out for on sunday, the worst of it, great weekend, how long can it last? i will have your full eyewitness weather forecast coming up when i join you inside, jessica. >> thanks, kate. some drivers found themselves stranded in deep water after the heavy rains crossed through the region last night. two cars got stuck in the middle of the west high street near pottstown. a woman in this red mustang was able to get out safely with the help of her son, but a man in another car need to be rescued by fire fighters. and although they got wet neither driver was hurt. investigators are looking into what cause aid fire at
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delaware city refining company in new castle this afternoon. chopper three over that scene on blank will hill road as fire fighters work to contain the blaze no one was hurt, no evacuation order had to be issued. authorities are still searching for suspects in a disturbing discovery, a dog, found dead and badly burned in a dumpster. the charred body of the dog possibly a terrier mix was discovered wednesday by the coatsville police department, and, in a dumpster on lincoln highway. the spca says dog was not set on fire but placed thereafter the fact. a trial date has been set for a indicted pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah, prosecutors will present their corruption case against the philadelphia democrat, may second, of next year. that is six days after the april 26th primary which fattah says he will be running in, the 11 term congressman is accused of misusing hundreds of thousands of dollars but fattah maintains his innocence. today a judge sentenced former nfl cheer lead tore
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jail for sexually assaulting a 15 year-old boy while on vacation in delaware. friend surrounded molly shaddock as she headed into court in georgetown sussex county. she will spend 48 weekend in jail serving every other weekend. the 48 year-old performed a sex act on the boy at a home in bethenny beach last summer. her lawyer partially blame her ex-husband for her behavior, her house husband left shaddock for a younger woman. >> we all go through period of our life where we're motionly troubled about one thing or another and we may all find ourselves doing something that is completely out of character that we would never do and regret it. >> shaddock told the judge she will spend the rest of her life trying to undue the damage that she has done. thirty-six days and counting, pope francis, arriving in philadelphia, five weeks from tomorrow. you can still make transportation plans, to get to that historic event. today septa began selling one day regional rail passes, and "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live at septa
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headquarters in center city with more on this, greg. >> reporter: as you mentioned those one way regional rail passes went on sale this afternoon at certain stations throughout the city and you might be surprised just how much are still available. we could only find one person, buying a regional rail post visit pass friday at jefferson station. >> it is a shot as i'm walking up here, at 30th street station on the way in and i found my way here, so, i'm glad i took the walk and a i'm available. >> we know we have over a hundred thousand tickets that are available but that ace cross our stations. >> reporter: rob hopkins, septa's general manager of operations, explains the reason for surplus in tickets. >> hundred thousand sound like a lot but we have pretty close to tripled our capacity, so the numbers that we're promoting, are, you know, we's almost selling what we do for
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a week day but since we have capacity there is some space. >> reporter: that is why septa will allow both sales of tickets for certain groups wanting to make the trip to see the pope. >> we are giving this opportunity, talking to the world meeting of families, parishes, to give people an opportunity to say now you can buy some more tickets, you can buy them in bulk also. >> reporter: septa officials say if you are planning on buying any of these tics, make sure you plan ahead, they will sell them, up until the day before the pope arrives, and they will not be for sale, with the pope's actually here in town. reporting live in center city just outside septa headquarters i'm greg argos for cb . three "eyewitness news". amtrak, also says that it is adding more trains and special stops, to help handle the huge crowd, that weekend. they say that you should expect more people at 30th street station, also, this is important, rest rooms inside the train station will be closed to the public. there will be facilities available outside. we're learning more about the pope's plans to get around
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next month. vatican says he will use a specially built jeep wrangler as his pope mobile, similar to the one used during his visit in ecuador last month. that had a glass front and roof but opened on the sides. right now secret service has that suv. stay with "eyewitness news" and cbs for continuing coverage of the papal visit preparations. in honor of the pope's visit religious treasures are on display in philadelphia, a bible published in 1599, and another bible printed in 12 languages. these artifacts have survived centuries and we will show you the sacred are writings, next, pat. jessica, two state troopers in new jersey are being hailed as heroes tonight for saving life of the man on the new jersey turnpike, i'll have that story coming up, kate? thanks, pat. we have a beautiful weekend on the way, temperatures in the 80's and lots of sunshine. i will take you down the the shore, poconos show you how weekend will shape up and take
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new to next week as well. here's another pat, hi, pat. >> hi kate. eagles get ready for ravens we will tell but couple injured bird and their future with the team. and chase utley is making his debut in dodgers blue tonight hitting right behind a old friend, more on that? sports.
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relics are on display at penn museum in university city. new exhibit feature bible artifacts in honor of pope francis's visit. it includes one of the world's oldest fragments of the gospel of saint matthew. also on display a new bible public in germany dating back to 1599. that exhibition at penn museum runs through november 7th. new at 6:00 we are hearing from two new jersey state troopers who sprang into action to save a man's life on the side of the turnpike. our pat ciarrocchi is live at the state police barracks in mount laurel, near where this life saving effort occurred, pat. >> jessica, more often than not saving life is matter of circumstance and timing, a good samaritan, who sees an accident is not afraid to stop
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alongside the road. state trooper highly skilled, and then a shock that can bring a silent heart back to life. you're looking at humble heroes. trooper ryan kaufman and trooper odin hansel of moorestown station d. >> it is just so happen that i trooper kaufman and write there. >> just a job, nice when people live and they all go home or go to the hospital but can live another day. >> reporter: life saved was a north jersey man in his early 50's driving north on the new jersey turnpike at mount laurel. he suffered cardiac arrest. >> we got a call from a mother, driving her daughter back from college and she originally was on the phone with 911 and telling us that he was gasping for air and unconscious. >> reporter: in two minutes kaufman and hansel were on the scene. >> what we had to do was, open the back hatch of the suv, lower the rear seats and lower the seat he was in and pull him out the back to get him on the ground to start cpr. >> reporter: thinks an aed
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defribillator, troopers carried them in their cars. for this victim the the shock brought his heart back to life. >> he was grasping for breath. i started compressions, just right away. we exhibited one shot and then just continued chest compressions. >> reporter: troopers say quickie effective axis possible because of training. >> it is always the the extra adrenaline anytime you show up to any call. when it is involving life and death ites more frantic. we have to stay calm, we have to do exactly what to do. and it was troop hours bridge disaster for the victim. we have learned that the victim was transport ed from an accident in new jersey to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, and he is, in intensive care tonight but as trooper kaufman said he is living another day.
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at the moorestown barracks, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" good heroes among us, thank you. we have got some breaking news out of new york city, police say a man shot and wounded a security officer and took his own life at a federal office building in lower manhattan. this building houses a u.s. post office and national urban security technology laboratory, and immigration court, and other offices, that is a building that was placed on lock down and then was evacuated following the shooting in lower manhattan at a federal building there we will continue to bring you update as we get them. all right. kate, you are looking ahead to a great weekend. i think we are all cheering you on. >> we have had a string of nice summer weekend, and if you can get storms out of the way, all of the better. >> beautiful friday out there and great weekend for any outdoor plans you may have, counting down until back to school, until we get that first hint of fall in the air but no fall in the air just yet and it is still, the the type of the summer, down the
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shore and in the city. get out and enjoy. put this one in your back pocket and remember it when cold wet's lives. we will see how evening is shaping up down the the shore. boardwalk looks great, it is completely packed in ocean city, sea gulls are flying, feel the salt air and smell the funnel cake and hear sea gulls chirping and it looks great in ocean city. nice weekend to be down the shore. heading down the shore, enjoying a nice breeze as well, put windows down here this evening. not bad at all tonight in ocean city, in the bad in the city either. the it feels great on the sky deck looking awesome for the the next day or two. weekend looks great into next week we have a nice sunny stretch but one day to watch, maybe monday and we will watch a cool front but as far as right now is concern in the wake of the front now sizzling bringing a few showers to new england, maine, massachusetts, connecticut but as we zoom out notice nothing going on for days here, high pressure planted over great lakes, we
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have a nice, quiet weather pattern over the next week or so. right into next friday things look quiet for us here in philadelphia. temperatures eight at the airport. eighty-six in philadelphia 84 in millville. it is a great day to get outside, go for a walk, jog, eat dinner outside, one of the weather watchers sent us a photo of casey the dog in chesterfield, new jersey. kacie just came back from the walk and ready to go out for his second walk. i don't blame him. great day. certainly not too hot and steamy. high pressure overhead, temperatures in the mid 80's where we should be for this time of the year. break from the humidity as well. dew point has been dropping and will stay low for saturday. sunday partly sunny. watching a back door cool front that will bring some showers and cloud through new england this weekend. could trail back into new jersey. chance for a few cloud maybe a shower in the northern shore points. it is not a big deal. monday some sun, turning hotter, we are right back to
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90 but we are not kick starting another heat wave. heat wave, finally breaking right now as we are back in the 80's and a we have one day in the 90's in the seven day forecast. here's how it will feel through next several days. pleasant for your saturday, slightly more humid sunday. monies most steamy day of the forecast and tuesday humidity drops once again in the wake of a weak cool front which will come through again, late monday. here's the the latest on hurricane danny, it is a a category three hurricane but encountering dry air, through weekend, it is expect to weaken to a category two and tropical storm, before it impacts lesser antilles, machine into tuesday and then heading toward his pannal on as we get into portions of middle of next week dominican republic and haiti there it does not look like a threat to the u.s. mainland at least for now. 67 degrees. partly cloudy, more comfortable. i'm heading down to penns landing for smooth jazz summer nights series. great night at penns landing and whatever you do tonight.
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down the shore 82 for saturday, 80 on sunday, both days, sunshine and just a few clouds and poconos look great with temperatures in the 70's with sun both days this weekend. overnight lows are comfortable in the mid 50's. you're witness weather seven day forecast and shore cast brief warm up, as we head toward mop, 90 degrees and right back to the sunny stretch and tuesday and friday, looks amazing, and great week. last week of august to get out and go down the shore, go on vacation. you pick a good week. >> you did just fine. >> kate, thanks very much. >> "cbs evening news" is just minutes away and charlie rose joins with us a look ahead, charlie. >> here at "cbs evening news" stocks take a tumble, what is behind the wall street slump and what does it say about the u.s. economy. plus we have the campaign 2016 coverage as the war between trump and bush wages on, i'm steve hartman follows a journey of kindness on the road, just ahead on the "cbs
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evening news"
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eagles tomorrow night battle begins a beginning ravens week two of the preseason we expect to see sam bradford as starting quarterback but chip kelly has not given go ahead just yet. demarco murray remains a maybe to make his debut and safety earl wolf announced via twitter that he had knee surgery yesterday. he was also waved by the team. brandon graham is ready to go for tomorrow night. he has the need for speed. >> it has been a lot of fun for me, been a lot of high energy on this team. we just can't wait to get out there and go at our pace because we had to back it down a little bit because we got a new team in town, they don't necessity how to practice like us. >> some more injury news marcus smith will miss time with the hamstring injury as he was carted off the field yesterday. following practice
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fletcher cox took a ride with indy car driver juan pablo montoya and hope he kept his he will heat met on. he will be on the pocono race way on sunday so he decided to show fletcher how to roll role. phillies continuing with the marlins tonight, after a nine on seven loss last night. we will get our first look at jared eichoff one of the six prospects acquired from the rangers for cole hamels. jimmy rollins will bat lead off with chase utley hitting second in the order like old time except it is for the l.a. dodgers. utley will dh in his dodgers debut in houston tonight and will wear that number 26. someone with too much time on their hand wants to unleash the tiger. he was let out of the cage today. this is vintage tiger with the press a approach, but tiger of old, first time in over two years, he is in the lead in a golf tournament. he is tied at 11 than. shot a five under 65. you can see final two round of the wyndham championship right
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here on cbs-3 this weekend. don't forget, the soul, they are hoping to continue their amazing season on sunday, they take on the jacksonville sharks at home, 5:00 o'clock on sunday, if you cannot make it to the game see it over on cbs sports network don't go anywhere we are coming right back. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and then gannon bs3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight steve hartman checks in with a man that checks in with kindness. scott pelley is off tonight, here now is charlie rose.
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>> rose: a midsummer nightmare on wall street. stock prices plunge, oil hits a six-year low. also tonight, two american service men take heroic action to stop a dpun man on a european passenger train. the search for the killer of a nine-year-old girl in ferguson, missouri, shot as she did her homework on her mother's bed. and steve hartman on the road, the butterfly effect takes wings. >> we did a project where we put a bookshelf in a soup kitchen. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. continuing fears of a global economic slowdown sent stock prices plummeting again today. the dow lost 530 points, or more than 3%.


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