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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> a philadelphia police officer under investigation, this after video surfaces showing him pressuring a driver to buy fundraising tickets or else. good evening, i'm jessica dean. ukee washington is off tonight. that officer is off the streets as the investigation gets under way. in the meantime we're now hearing from the passenger in the car who shot that video. our natasha brown has this story. >> reporter: the driver who recorded this exchange with a philadelphia police officer during a routine traffic stop had no idea the video would go viral. >> you and your friends got any money to buy these tickets for your police department? 10 bucks each, man. either you buy these or i take your car. 'cause it's unwretch story. we met up with the driver behind the video, rob. he didn't want to be identified but he says he was shocked that the officer appeared to be forcing him to buy the tickets in exchange for together the car which was unregistered. >> i thought he would have gave me a ticket. i thought he was bluffing me. it wasn't the tickets. it was the point.
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he didn't have to talk down to me. he showed no respect. >> reporter: the tickets were for the hero thrill show benefiting firefighter and police officers who died in the line of duty. police commissioner charles ramsey is outraged and didn't mince words. >> i thought it was stupid on the part of officer. there's no part about the video that i liked. there's no part that's just a find at all. >> reporter: the officers 32-year-old matthew zagursky also allegedly uses a homophobic slur while joking with the driver in the car. >> what's up with the wipers. >> breast cancer, man. my grandmom went through it. >> not only is his language on one of the tapes homophobic which is a violation of our policy, not what we expect from our officers but then the second video which deals with the tickets for the hero thrill show is equally bad. >> reporter: rob's video has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on social
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media since he posted it thursday night, despite the unusual encounter, we asked about the thrill show tickets he bought. >> i'm probably going to go. i'm still going to go. i mean, i bought 'em. >> reporter: well, the officer has been placed on leave pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation. meantime the police commissioner also says he could be facing criminal charges for misconduct as well. we're live here at police headquarters tonight, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> a security officer shot by a gunman at a federal office building in new york city has died. police say kevin downing walked into the building in lower manhattan and shot him in the head around 5 o'clock. the gunmen walked through the metal detector and killed himself. downing was a veteran and former employee at the board of labor statistics. a rough day on wall street. the stock market plunged dramatically today marking its
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biggest loss of the year. >> (bell ringing). the dow jones plummeted more than 500 points its worst week since 2011. the index is down more than 1,000-point for the month. the dow jones moving more than 531 points, the nasdaq yell 131 points and the s & p gave up 64 points. analysts say concerns over china's economy and oil prices dropping below $40 a barrel helped further the slide. >> the correction oh boy is it come on hard and faster and that always makes us a little more agitated and it makes it feel worse than it probably is. good news definitely not. cataclysmic also definitely not. >> there are bright spots in the economy. real estate is among the highest sectors. last month homes sold at the fastest pace in eight years. after a stormy stretch this week it was really nice to end the week on a sunny note but can we keep the
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beautiful weather going for the weekend? meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs3 sky deck with a first look at that. kate. >> jessica, it feels fantastic outer here on the sky decks. there's a nice light breeze, no humidity. definitely not steamy and not rainy like we had last night and skies are generally clear. there are a few clouds drifting by. i'm trying to get a glimpse of the moon. it's beautiful but it's in and out of the clouds. if you get a chance to get outside and take a peek, though large half moon and it's gorgeous tonight. let's take a quick look at storm scan3. you can see where the clouds are generally from the city on toward the shore. it's clear off to the north and west and that's where it's a little bit cooler as well with temperatures there already in the 60's thanks to that clear sky letting all that heat escape into the atmosphere. 77 still though at the airport. dewpoints have been dropping. we started the day with dewpoints in the 70's but drier air is moving in. dewpoints are now in the mid-50's which feels fabulous. your first forecast for tomorrow, we start off with sun and the sun sticks around, we're in the 80's by 11:00 a.m. if you're down the shore this weekend a quick look at your weekend shorecast.
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looks fantastic as well, 82 degrees down the shore saturday. a few more clouds creep in on sunday and coming up in the full forecast i'll tell you why that is and if we have to watch out for a shower this weekend. we'll also have the latest information on hurricane danny. danny is now a category three hurricane and we have the latest updates just coming in. i'll have the latest on that and if we can expect any impact from danny here along the east coast of the united states. that's all coming up when i join you inside in just a couple of minutes. jessica, back over to you. >> kate, thank you. new jersey is sending an additional 20 firefighters to help battle the raging wildfires in montana and washington state. members of the state's fourth fire service are expected to leave over the weekend or even early next week. they'll supplement 32 firefighters including three wildfire truck crews dispatched by the christie administration over week ago. and investigators now say a compressor malfunction caused a fire at the delaware city refining company in new castle. chopper3 over the scene on wrangle hill road as firefighters work to contain
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that blaze this afternoon. the refinery is owned by pbf energy. we're told no one was hurt. no evacuation orders were issued. a former nfl cheerleader is going jail for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy in delaware. friends surrounded molly shattuck as she headed into court in georgetown, sussex county. she'll spend 48 weekends in jail serving every other weekend. police say the 48-year-old performed a sex act on the boy at a home in bethany beach last summer. gop presidential candidate donald trump stumps down south tonight at his biggest campaign rally yet. a stadium that usually hosts high school football games was about half full with his supporters. >> mr. trump will be joining us in just a few minutes. >> reporter: donald trump's private jet announced his arrival in mobile alabama with a stadium flyover. it's the campaign's biggest rally yet. ticket demands was so high organizers had to move the event to a larger stadium packed with an eager crowd.
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>> when he's asked a question he actually gives an answer. >> reporter: trump stood in the friday night lights repeating his refrain to stop illegal immigration. >> we have to do something. >> reporter: the republican frontrunner told the crowd he's ready to cross the finish line. >> i'd like to have the election tomorrow. i don't want to wait. >> reporter: the super pac for his opponents jeb bush did the own flyover in mobile with a banner reading trump for higher tax, jeb for pres. bush spoke to conservative voters at the annual americans for prosperity in ohio. >> eight years in a row we cut taxes. >> reporter: bush highlighted his record as florida governor and avoided any mention of trump or immigration. instead he closed his speech talking about tone. >> conservatives will win when we campaign everywhere. when we campaign with heart. >> reporter: candidate ted cruz marco rubio and rick perry are all addressing the same crowd saturday. meantime a new poll finds vice president joe biden beating trump in three key swing
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states. the vice president is reportedly considering a run for president. the quinnipiac university poll finds biden leading trump in florida 45 to 42 n-ohio 48 to 32 and in pennsylvania, 48 to 40 percent. biden previously ran for president in 1988 and 2008. septa began selling one day $10 passes at train stations for those hoping to use regional rail during the pope's visit and septa's social media team is ready to help the tens of thousands who will be using public transit during the visit september 26th and 27th. "eyewitness news" at the customer service center where the team scores the web for any questions or concerns from riders posting on twitter or any other social media platform. >> going to work longer hours that weekend we'll be opened as it stands now until 10:00 p.m. call in, you know, all hands-on deck. >> septa says few questions on social media are missed.
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amtrak is also adding more trains to handle the crowds that weekend. they say you should expect more people at 30th street station. also note this. restrooms inside the train station will be closed to the public. there will be facilities available outside. we also now know how pope francis will get around the city when he's here. the vatican says he'll use a especially built jeep wrangler as his pope mobile. right now the secret service has that suv. we're now just 36 days away from the pope's arrival in philadelphia and for more information on the preparations taking place right now, go to some good news just in time to hit the road this weekend. gas prices are falling to the lowest levels of the summer. we found prices below two dollars in hainesport, burlington county tonight. drivers paying $1.99 a gallon at country farms on marne highway. fass prices are falling because a boom in oil production is outpacing growth in global oil demand. in our area average gas prices are down about a dollar
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from last year. it's $2.62 ally. >> pennsylvania, new jersey drivers pay an average of $2.23. and delaware drivers an average of $2.39 to pump. a plaque honoring a fallen police officer is vandalized and tonight we're learning more about that officer and the legacy he left behind. his historic story nearly five decades in the making still ahead at 11:00. plus, a new jersey boy who recently received life changing surgery gets to meet one of his favorite athletes. we'll tell you about the bond these two share. kate. >> and we'll have your full weekend forecast from the city to the shore to the poconos. what to expect no matter what you're doing this weekend. i think you're going to like the forecast out there and the latest update on hurricane danny is in. i'll have the latest track coming up when we come back. >> and there it is, chase utley in his new uniform. we hear from the beloved former philly after his first game as a los angeles dodger when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> two american service men are being hailed as heroes for taking down a gunman on a high speed train traveling from amsterdam to paris. a reporter tweeted this photo of one of the service men who helped stop the shooter. investigators say the americans heard the suspect loading his weapon in the train's bathroom and they confronted him when he came out. french officials say the shooter is a 26-year-old moroccan man. they say he was armed with an automatic weapon, a handgun and a knife. at least two people were injured. new at 11:00 tonight philadelphia police detectives are investigating after someone spray painterred a plaque honoring a fallen colleague. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has more tonight on the story almost 50 years in the making. >> reporter: how often do you pay a a attention to a sidewalk. for years thousands have walked up and down this fillingly sidewalk but many have no idea what happened. a plaque honoring a
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29-year-old philadelphia police officer named george jacobs sits just a few feet from south philadelphia high school. jacobs was on the job only a few weeks when he was shot and killed on snyder avenue near broad street. >> i heard he got killed. it really tore me apart. >> reporter: retired police officer joe haggerty worked with george jacobs and remembers july 15, 1966 vividly. all these years later he's never met his friends' killer. >> i wouldn't wants to. i think i would have killed him myself. >> reporter: haggerty told "eyewitness news" the pain rushed back this week when he found out that someone spray painted jacobs plaque. >> i called him a very nice name. the relationship between haggerty and jacobs started in the early 19 40's in south philadelphia when george jacobs showed little joe how to play baseball. >> i loved the man ever since then. haggerty says the two continued to develop a friendship but a conversation one night at work still haunts him. >> i regret one thing.
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i said george the only thing this job will ever get is you killed. and i regret that ever since. >> reporter: i spoke to fop president john mcnesby who called the the vandalism disgraceful. he said members of the fop and police department work together to repair this marker. thousands more will pass this plaque in the years to come and many won't even know it's there. but joe haggerty hopes someone will take just a few seconds to read about his buddy who died on the job half a century ago. >> he was a good guy and he had a chance to help somebody do something and he would help you out. >> reporter: in south philadelphia, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> officers jacobs killer was convicted and sent to prison. philadelphia police are looking for any information related to that vandalism. if you've got any information, call crime stoppers. camden county metro police officers and the communities joined forces to take community policing to the neck level tonight. they gathered for a get to know you party at ninth street and morgan boulevard in
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camden. they had a basketball game, face painting, free ice cream and back packs. an eight-year-old boy from millville cumberland county gets to meet a major league baseball star with a common connection. thomas underwent life changing eye surgery in california and then met baseball star mike trout who is a pitcher for the los angeles angels of anaheim. of course trout is originally also from millville. the meeting took place before tonight's game against the toronto blue jays. >> it felt special to meet him. i'm looking forward to seeing him do a bunch of things and hit home runs. >> so great. thomas suffers from a congenital eye condition which affects his ability to see and we're told his vision is already improving following the surgery. no doubt tonight's meeting helped lift his spirits. and here's something that will lift your spirits. this is a video we just can't get enough of here. a family of bears helping themselves to a pool. this happened in rockaway
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township new jersey. they checked out the swings. at 1.1 of them is on the slide there. they just happen wonderful time. ken basso took the video. he says the bear family stayed in his backyard nearly a hour. his family though stayed inside and just watched as the bears took over their pool there. listen kate. >> i love it. >> when it's hot outside you got to do what you got to do. see how the water gets progressively dirty. >> i love the big one in the middle. he knocks the little guy off to the side and then it's almost like they've been watching the family to see how humans do the pool thing and they're like you know what -- >> then you get in and get the floaty and you go around it's great. >> one is going to go down the slide. amazing. >> a great night to be outside. you got to go out and see some people tonight. >> i d it was a beautiful night to get outside listen to some smooth jazz. that breeze off the delaware river felt fantastic out there tonight. we were like three for three on these smooth jazz summer nights and hopefully next friday can be just as nice.
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take a look. >> ♪ just a great time down at penn's landing tonight. it's the smooth jazz summer nights concert series. this week's act was jazz attack. next friday is the final concert of the series. and i'll tell you as of right now the forecast looks great. it's a little early, we're still seven days away but we can go four for four on friday nights in philadelphia, that is something to be proud of. a great night with jazz attack at the summer concert series. storm scan3 right now shows a few clouds drifting through the area. i was out there on the sky deck trying to catch a claims glimpse of this elusive moon. it's beautiful. half moon very large in the sky, kind of in and out of the clouds. if you try to take a look especially if you're north and west that's where skies are clear right now. just a few clouds down the shore and in the city. temperatures in the low 70's. new castle millville doylestown and bensalem and i'll tell you it's a nice weekend on the way. high pressure overhead tomorrow just doesn't get much better than this for a summer saturday. lyles in the 80's, not too
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hot, into the to humid but still great pool weather and great shore weather. sunday we start to see this front kind of back into new england could bring some clouds and showers to boston down into portions of connecticut and maybe even a few more clouds down the shore. couple of those clouds could even inch further inland so we'll call it partly sunny on sunday. i don't think it's a bad day. if there's a shower it's along the coast but still a nice day sunday. tomorrow though is really the centerpiece of the weekends. monday a little hotter, we'll hit 90 degrees. starts to steam up a little bit as well. this fronts is one to watch. it's going to start to move through on monday. looks like it's going to really fizzle out as it gets into our area. can't rule out a shower but the good news is behind that front it turns comfortable again as we led into the middle of next week. so here's a look at how it's going the feel. pretty pleasant outside for tomorrow. then the humidity creeps up by monday and creeps right back down starting on tuesday. here's the latest on hurricane danny. the update from the hurricane center has downgraded this storm. you can see in the past few frames how that really nicely defined eye structure homeland
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security started to break down. it's now a category two hurricane. winds have backed off just a bit, 110 miles per hour with gusts to 130 miles per hour. this will go down to a category one and eventually a tropical storm before making landfall, initial landfall over the lesser antilles later on in the weekend and heading towards hispanola. if this becomes an issue for us it will be mainly rip currents. that looks like it's going get torn apart in the caribbean. overnight partly cloudy and comfortable. it's a beautiful saturday in the city at 86. great saturday dune the shore as well at 82 degrees and mostly sunny. in the poconos looking great as well, mid 70's with sunshine both days this weekend. so no matter where you are you're going to enjoy this weekend. monday is our one hot day but it's not a heat wave because it's cools down starting tuesday. next week looks fantastic. i heard from someone on twitter saying they're starting their senior year at villanova. great week for back to school and it is going to be a great week for going to classes. >> perfect. >> being outside, hanging out.
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>> kate thanks so much. pat is here now with sports. >> yeah, would chase utley be part of history in his first game with the dodgers? we've got highlights. can we play some football already please? will we see
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know better sleep with sleep number. >> after 15 years as member of the phillies organization, chase utley played for a new team tonight as he debuted for the dodgers. if you're a phillies fan and you get choked up easily, then this may not be for you. >> i grew up a dodgers fan. i've grown up in the l.a. area and this is pretty cool wearing blue. obviously a little bit
11:26 pm
different. it hasn't quite sunk in yet but i imagine soon enough it will. and again i can't tell you how much i'm excited to play with jimmy again. >> jimmy and chase reunited and it feels so good. but chase's part of history tonight thanks to mike fires. fires has a no-hitter cooking in the ninth and he throws heat right past justin turner, the fifth no-hitter of the season in the majors. houston wins three-nothing. spoiling chase. to the phillies, jared eickhoff was making his debut and it was a memorable one. his first strikeout here goes to flores. he can swing the stick a little bit. not fourth eickhoff singles home a run in his first professional at bat. he never stepped to plate one time in his four years in the minor leagues. he hasn't swung a bat since high school. he gets six innings. phils win seven to one. tomorrow night the eagles
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battle the ravens in week two of the preseason. no idea if we'll see demarco murray in action. one guy we definitely will not see is earl wolf. after tweeting that he had knee surgery the eagles waived him. brandon graham though he's in and he's trod play fast. >> been a lot of fun for me. it's been a lot of, you know, high energy on this team. we just can't wait to go out there and, you know, go at our pace because we kind of had to back it down a little bit because, you know, we got a new team in town, they don't know how to practice like us. >> some more injury news. linebacker marcus smith will miss time with a hamstring injury. he was carted offer the field yesterday. following practice fletcher fox took a ride with juan pablo montoya. montoya will be at pocono race way on sunday. he decided to show fletcher how he rolls. this is a look at my front lawn. it says unleash the tiger. tiger though for the first time in over two years leads a
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golf tournament he's at 11 under after shooting a 65 today. catch the final two rounds of the windham championship on cbs3 this weekend. don'ty don't forget the soul, they're hoping to couldn't their playoff run. they take on the jacksonville sharks. 5 o'clock on sunday. if you can't make it to the game you can see it on cbs sports network. don't go anywhere. we are comin
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>> ♪ >> the weather proved to be perfect tonight in chestnut hill for outdoor movie watching. "eyewitness news" at the first annual friday night movie under the stars. chestnut hill community association set up a big screen on the lawn of the watertown recreation center for the event and tonight's feature, friday night lights. what a perfect night for it. everybody had a good time. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 we're back tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. for pat, kate and all of us here, i'm jessica dean. have a good night and enjoy the weekend. >> ♪
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