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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  August 24, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pennsylvania's top prosecutor heads back to court on perjury charges. we are live at the courthouse where we'll learn if there is enough evidence to move this case to trial. >> also, philadelphia residents in the dark about the upcoming papal visit may get clear understanding, how they plan to release the so-called papal play book. >> the three americans who helped thwart a train attack in paris receives france's highest honor. we'll hear from that coming up. >> good morning, it is monday, august 24, i'm r kay von tiehl. we want your day started when traffic and weather together with katie and meisha. what beautiful weaken. i hope you got out to enjoy. >> oh, i sure d i couldn't go inside. i felt like sad going inside it was so beautiful.
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hoping today is the same? >> we'll keep it generally the same for you. it was like one of those weekends almost like you said you felt bad going inside. wanted to make the most of it if you k hopefully you had the chance. better part of the day looking at pleasant weather. we should expect to see more sun than anything, ben franklin bridge, overlooking the delaware here, over toward center city, all a-okay on "skycam 3", what you will find on storm scan3, as women. completely clear for now. things always have to change at some point, right? and they will eventually courtesy of let me zoom out one more time for you that guy, latest frontal boundary, which doesn't look all that impressive, right? few speckles of green over the last few hours over eastern ohio, eventually will trigger shower or storm here, we'll also see the humidity ramp up with time. dew point pretty darn low. feels real comfortable outside yet again. nice light wind if any at all, going to continue to see these dew point climb with time again. for now, it is still pretty
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refreshing outside. so, not bad excuse to get in the outdoor plans early on. again you will have some dry weather for the better part of the day. it is not until say evening at the earliest that we've got to worry about any showers, any thunderstorms, even those should be very spotty as they cross through, pretty weak frontal boundary we're tracking, but it is the next thing we have to track here. it will bring the next shot for some precipitation. from now, looking good outside weather wise, how are you holding up? >> traffic looking great, too, monday morning hoping early on in the 4:30 hour, it is looking good, although accident outside. this is casino of hard to say. you can't see because we have the big street sign in the way. blue route near broomall, we have an accident where the right and center lane is block, you can see few tail light going by in the bottom of the camera. this isn't causing any slow downs right now, hoping this get moved out of the way right away. good morning by the way. i haven't said that to you already, good morning, it is early, we know you're happy you're with us, construction, boulevard northbound between
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wissahickon and broad. you can see pulled out to the right. we have some construction going on there, again, look outside, you can see couple of headlights, couple taillights in the causing any major slows down there, then tonight phillies versus the met 7:05, citizens bank park, for those you traveling in and around, it can get busy, give yourself couple of extra minutes, west trenton line bussing today between wood born and west trenton for those every you take that way of commuting, erika, over to you. >> thank you, meisha a happening today pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cain due in montgomery county court. faces her first evidence hearing on charges she leaked grand jury material and then lied about it under oath. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now at the montgomery county courthouse with the latest, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, kane kane's hearing set for 1:00 this afternoon, and during which we will likely learn more about how the state built this case against kane and also, too, how her legal team will work to dismantle it.
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kane's lawyers will have the chance to cross-examine state witnesses, many will likely include investigators who assembled evidence against the attorney general. the first woman elect today that office. kane is accused of leaking secret grand jury information to the media, lying about that under oath, and spear heading cover up which involves prying into private computer files. kane has argue she has been target for her want to expose pornographic emails shared with colleagues before she took office. kane has refused to release those emails publicly on judicial orders. but, the state supreme court has said those restrictions do not include appropriate disclosure. the cover ups and counter blows allegedly stem from fueds between kane and prosecutors, colleagues whom charging documents claim kane felt embarrass today render ming ya. fuhrman charged kane earlier this month. >> when an elected official violate the public trust, and have i late his or her oath, it is up to us to stand up and
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hold that person accountable. >> reporter: despite calls from governor wolf to resign, kane is refusing, vowing to remain set in office. we know her seat is already in jeopardy. state rep has already announce add bid to run for her satisfy. live from norristown, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. news this -- new this morning, fire in mantua township. may be due to gas leak in the rear of the home. two men were inside that home at the time of the fire. fire chief tells "eyewitness news" those men were able to get out safely due to their fire alarms going off. philadelphia police mourn the loss of one of their own this morning, off duty officer was kill over the weekend in crash in roxborough. investigators say, 32 year old sergeant raphael ali going well over the 35-mile per hour speed limit on the 6,000 block of henry avenue. this happened late saturday. his suv left the roadway,
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collide wad tree. ali, father of two, was ten year veteran who served in the 39th district. >> knowledgeable, very friendly supervisor here, studying for lieutenant at, had a bright future. >> always nice, always polite, all spoke. >> all around good guy. he will be sorely missed. our hearts are heavy at this point. >> investigators believe speed played a role in the crash but plenty of questions remain about what happened inside ali's truck. they hope the autopsy provides more answers. and, an off-duty philadelphia police recruit is recovering this morning from a motorcycle crash. it happened last night near ninth street and girard avenue when police say the 24 year old man was side-swiped by a vehicle. he struck his leg on a light pole and suffered a large cut. he's in stable condition this morning. >> a message of hope in the philadelphia neighborhood that had a specially violent summer. the festival of light kicks off sunday, rather kicked off sunday in nice time.
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four people had been killed in that neighborhood. others injured since last month. event organizers revival today and feed the hungry, giving away 2,000 grocery boxes to resident. the festival of life will run through thursday. well, if you can check out your screen, please do so, have you seen this mushroom? we really want to know, the big concrete mushroom meant for charity, it was stolen from sane claire ace sunrise cafe in kennett square. cup tour was supposed possible auctioned off at the annual mushroom festival next month. ways just over 100 pounds, likely stolen sometime between thursday night and fry morning. if you have any information, on that might be, you are asked to call police. the three americans who tackled an armed gunman on high speed trade in belgium receive's france's highest honor this morning from the president. us mayor and spencer stone, national guards man alex, and their friends, anthony saddler, with the legion
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medal. show with terror we have the power to resist. also gave lesson in courage and will and thus in hope. yesterday, the three were reunited for the first time since last week's incident. >> the gunman would have been successful if my friend, spencer, not gotten up in time of like terror like that to please do something. don't just stand by and watch. >> the men said that their training just kicked in. the suspect is believed to be islamic extreme hoist spent time in syria. >> philadelphia resident may get a clearer understanding today of the upcoming world meeting of families and the papal visit. the city noons release a papal play book at noon. it is an on line guide where area residents can get questions answered and learn more about the event. >> this papal play book will be updated periodically. it will also provide walking maps, transportation details, and show places that are open during pope france he's visit.
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people anxious to see the pope, they are jumping at the chance to help out. about 10,000 volunteers are expected to lend a hand. organizers for the world meeting of families say volunteers will have a variety of duties including greeting and directing visitors, and also, providing translation services. all volunteers must clear backgrounds checks. >> and, now, just over a month away, 33 days until pope francis arrives here in philadelphia. we've got you covered on tv and on line at cbss 4:39. we have much more to cover here on "eyewitness news", washington man counting his blessings after he was nearly burned to death in a wild fire. we'll tell you what did to save himself. >> also, this serious crash, pocono raceway, leaves indy car driver in a comb a details on that when we come right back.
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>> thousands remain operate of their homes, large wild fire burns more than 2,000 acres in washington state. while many fled the area one homeowner is grateful he survived after staying behind to protect his home. escaped the flames by jumping in a nearby lake. suffered third agree burns from his elbows to his hands. >> this dog saved my life. take in slow, deep breaths. >> my gash on my forehead, lost more little hair in the fire, oh, well, live's good. >> he stayed in the lake for more than an hour until firefighters took him to the hospital. red flag warnings remain in effect for much of central and eastern washington. >> meanwhile in call: firefighters there making progress against wild fire in big bear. the flames scorching about 100 acres near a ski resort and prompting evacuations, too. officials say that fire is now 30% contained. >> coming up on 4:43, katie, just cannot improvement on this last week end. >> so nice. we've gotten luckily lately, too. things have been pretty fen
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normal. that will this weekend very tame overall too. there is frontal boundary, front loading it with a front first up, quiet weather beyond that point. >> we'll take it. >> so today hopefully more of the same? >> not terrible. not terrible. still feels pretty good outside. yes, you know, as the week progresses this storm system, you see, really short of churning over the great lakes, into canada, that and the trailing front that comes along with it is really the one and only weather feature other than the high pressure that we have deal with. so-so we start off with the focus turned there, at the moment, there is not even that much severe weather potential out of this at the moment. really looks like it will come through very weak for our area, probably trigger shower, thunderstorm, that's casino of t and then, sitting prep hire for the next couple of days. let's walk through what seems to be tranquil weak. it will look very familiar i would say, similar from day-to-day, starting off with today, get more sun than anything. once this frontal boundery get here, it is going to trigger shower or storm. generally this evening into tonight, then probably
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something left over early tomorrow morning, before we are clearing right back out for sunshine. so that's casino of t wipe your hands clean. move onto high pressure, wednesday looks great. thursday looks great. friday, also, is going to look pretty phenomenal right now. we're good. we've got sun, clouds for you here today, it is a warm day, 88 degrees the expected hi, also going to start to notice up tick on humidity as the frontal boundary creeps closer and closer. shower or thunderstorm, dip down to 7o we take a lock at the area headlines here, warm with sunshine for you here today, weak cold front does common through tonight. seasonable mid week and again, some just nice weather to wrap it all up for the rest of the week. erika, back to you. >> katie, thank you. the phillies take on the first place new york mets tonight in south philadelphia. rookie adam morgan takes on last year's rookie of the year, jacob. and speaking of rookies, phils got great start yesterday from aaron noll arc he went eight shut out innings against the marlins, allowing just three hits. he also struck out six and the
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phils beat miami two-nothing. way to go, guys. sam bradford says last week he wanted to take a hit and get up but the rave hence other ideas saturday night. baltimore's terrell thugs went head first into bradford's knee. sam got up. but he was not happy about it, bradford led the birds do touchdown in his only series the game, and the eagles beat the ravens 40 to 17. sam says he is looking forward to more this is saturday night in greenbay. >> i think the more reps, you know, the more work i get, the better i play. we've put in three good weeks at camp. i feel like i've gotten an ton of reps in action, and obviously more tonight against the ravens, but i'm looking for all of the wok i can get next week. >> indy car driver wilson is in a coma at lehigh valley hospital in allentown. this after a nasty crash at pocono raceway. wilson was hit in the head yesterday by debris flying off another car. he suffered severe head injuries.
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wilson's car also hit a wall. the 37 year old is a nature of of england. how much, he now lives in colorado. wish him well. >> still a they had this morning on "eyewitness news", apple announces recall for the iphone. we'll tell you what's wrong and if your phone could be affected. first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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here's look at your headlines this morning. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is due in montgomery county court today. kane faces her first evidence hearing on charges she leaked grand jury material and lied about it under oath. >> also, city officials will release a papal play book today at noon. the on line guide will give resident more details about the upcoming world meeting of families and the papal visit. >> well, if you have notice that your iphone is taking some blurry pictures, your camera skills may not be to blame here. apple recalling iphones to fix
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picture defect. it is the problem is with eyesight defect, affect phones sold between september 2014, and january 2015. custom kearse have their cameras replaced for free. >> 4:49. time for check on your business news. money watch's jill wagner joining us up at the new york stock exchange, not the day to check your 401 markets, the first week since 2011. jill, hoping for better news today, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika, unfortunately it could be another bumpy ride here on wall street, mark its across asia tumbled this morning, china's main index saw it biggest one day drop since 2007. here in the u.s., looking at the big board, stock youth yours are pointing to lower open. this follows last week's sell off. mark lets open after their worse week since 2011, the dow plunged 530 points friday, alone. it is now in correction territory, which means, it is down about 10% from it high. the nasdaq lost about 171
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points, on friday. >> you mention the sell off. one of the reasons of course the falling price of oil. we are hoping there is some improvement. is there up a side to that for consumers. >> yes, so oil prices fell below $40 a barrel for the first time since 2009. but of course, there is a silver lining. cheaper gas prices. now, triple a says the national average is about 2.60 a gallon right now, almost dollar less than last year at this time. and if oil prices remain low, triple a predict that prices at the gas pump could dip below $2 a gallon by the end of the year so 401k's not looking at good, prices at the pump lower. you got pluses and minuses here. >> we'll take what we can get, jill, thanks so much. see you later this morning. coming up after the break. check on your forecast, and a look at the roads with meisha
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coming up on 4:53, we check in with meisha this
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monday morning. rupp are the roads looking? >> roads are looking pretty busy, as we push toward the 5:00 hour. what we see is the volume two. accidents to tell but. this is the first look, 422 eastbound, the off ram top north 202, see car has spun out. facing the opposite direction, as the moving traffic. so just make note that far. but not causing any major slow downs. make note of it if you are headed out on the roadways, also, another accident, right center lane block on the blue route near broomall. see the flashing lights. we have this big street sign in your way again here not causing any imagine or slow downs, but as we move into the 5:00 hour these minor incidents can start to cause some slow downed. now, construction the vine st. eastbound between the ben franklin parkway at 23rd street. right lane block because of the construction, let me move out of the way so you can see the flow of traffic. plenty of headlight on the vine, we typically see that as we push toward the 5:00 hour on a monday specially. also, bussing between wood born and west trenton, west trenton is bussing, some trains will terminate at the
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america mini falls. i think i pronounced that right. i have to still work on my accent here for mass transit. good morning, katie. i hope you had a great weekends. roads are look all right on my ends. >> fantastic, and no worries on neshaminy. i hear you, that's a tough one. you have been doing excellent, i have to say, at some of the pronunciation, because there are some we are ones, bala cynwyd? common. you have been doing ton fantastic. outside, tell you what, weather still cooperating very nicely for up. still generally speaking high pressure on our side. notice off to the west, see the little billowing of clouds just between williamsport and pittsburgh? that's the eventual sign of things to come. not only are we going to start to see the it the dew point beginning to climb, but shower or thunderstorm out there. remember the dew point measures the moisture content in the air. in other words, very direct indication of how humid it is. and the lower it gets, the meister will feel. with the current dew point at 61 degrees, it is not bad on our comfort index, so yes,
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still actually feels pretty darn comfortable outside. that doesn't necessarily hold on for us forever, eventually we'll see the humidity ramp back up. today's high hits 88 degrees, and toward evening about the first chance you will have for shower or thunderstorm to fire up out there. all courtesy of the frontal boundary we just talked about. it is a weak front, just doesn't have a lot of umf to t by the time we hit tomorrow being still left with just shower, perhaps a rumble every thunder in a few spots, but we clear out quickly for sun. then it is just smooth sailing at this point. it looks like it is quiet weather with had i pressure for wednesday, for thursday, for friday, mid 80s, all looks good. very trans will week looking ahead to, frankly, ill widdle my thumbs gladly back here in the weather center if it means we have nice weather like this. >> widdle away, thanks, katie. >> will do. >> let's check on the stories sister station "kyw news radio" 1006 is following. as the pope's visit to philadelphia gets closer, sales every items that could receive papal bless rag on the rise. also, tickets now on sale for
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the philadelphia fringe artifice val's biggest fundraiser of the year. fetch to the old swimming hole could have a health risk. hips on keeping your kids safe. 1060 on your a.m. dial. coming up in the next hour, kathleen kane will appear in court today on charges she leaked information to a grand jury. live from the courthouse this morning. also, china's stock market plunges today. what we can expect from us markets, and whether last week's problems are a sign of the economy's future. >> and calls for vice president joe biden to run for president are ramming up. the big endorsement for his candidacy this weekend, and why he's waited so long to decide. that will and more when we come back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane finds herself on the other side of the law today. more on her court appearance, on charges she leaked grand jury material and then lied about it. also, after a bad week on wall street, last week investors are now looking closely at the markets from what they opened later on today. also, we will talk about china's market are any indication of what's to come. hold on to your wallets. >> also, philadelphia residents are about to get much more detailed information on how the upcoming papal visit will affect them. when and where you can get a copy of what's being called the papal play book, always good to get more information just about month away now until the pope gets to town.
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it is monday, august 24, after gorgeous weekends, you can't beat the weather. we want to check in with katie, zero on more on what we can see today. meisha look egg at the roads, hoping for good news on this monday morning, ladies, what can you tell us? good morning. >> good on my end, meisha, a how are you holding up? >> could you see me running around to get everything together? >> i wasn't going to say anything. it is okay. >> well, it is early. the roads are actually looking pretty busy right now, we tip he cannily see that on a monday, when everyone is going back to work, everyone gearing back up to zoo. so seeing things out there. i know it looks beautiful outside, dark outside. >> feels good. still pretty comfortable f you have been out early, it has been very, very comfortable. that will sort of is the theme throughout the entire day. today sort of our day i like it call it transition, the day of transition, where we start to see new system makes its arrival. things get little different with time. won't be just looking at sunshine, comfortable air all day long today. we start thing o


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