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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 24, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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gorgeous weekends, you can't beat the weather. we want to check in with katie, zero on more on what we can see today. meisha look egg at the roads, hoping for good news on this monday morning, ladies, what can you tell us? good morning. >> good on my end, meisha, a how are you holding up? >> could you see me running around to get everything together? >> i wasn't going to say anything. it is okay. >> well, it is early. the roads are actually looking pretty busy right now, we tip he cannily see that on a monday, when everyone is going back to work, everyone gearing back up to zoo. so seeing things out there. i know it looks beautiful outside, dark outside. >> feels good. still pretty comfortable f you have been out early, it has been very, very comfortable. that will sort of is the theme throughout the entire day. today sort of our day i like it call it transition, the day of transition, where we start to see new system makes its arrival. things get little different with time. won't be just looking at sunshine, comfortable air all day long today. we start thing off, obviously not sunny just yet.
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need time for the sun to rise, beautiful view, over look from palmyra cove nature park, center city well off in the distance, but reflection from all of the lights and the lights on the barge even look so, so pretty. nice tranquil beginning to the morning, storm scan going to reflect that we develop for you, as well. nice clear sky, on storm scan, things tranquil, doesn't necessarily stay that way. simply because we will be tracking next front toward evening at the earliest. so for now temperatures as they stand low 60s generally around the board, little warmer in the city of philadelphia, at 68 at the airport, specifically. but, man, i call this sweatshirt weather. if you are up in the poconos, 52 degrees to kick things off. kind of on the cool side but cripts, feels good outside. looking forward in the nor cast, talking upper 80s, so we might be starting off a little on the cooler side, but we heat up very efficiently with time here. also expect that the humidity starts to nudge up with time, as well. that is a sign of that frontal boundary we talked about. a sign of things to come. shower or thunderstorm in the
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forecast for us as early as this evening here in the city of meisha, over to you. >> thanks, the great thing about this weekend weather, like the humidity really -- >> so comfy. >> good morning, everyone happy honda. looking busy, you can see, an accident 422 eastbound, the off ramp to north 402. we had car spin out. it was actually facing the wrongs direction. you can see dollars squat karen route. this isn't causing any slow downs, just make note of t as we progress through the morning this can cause some problems. another accident the blue route near broomall. the right and center lane is blocked, authorities see because of the street sign, but again, not causing any major slow downs, down the bottom of the screen, see the tail light. so still pretty slow moving out there. this is where we have construction, vine street expressway, between ben franklin parkway and 23rd street. again, you have lost the right lane. just make note of that. the vine street expressway is one of the busier sections moving into the 5:00 hour. right now still looking pretty
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good. mass transit west trenton line bussing today between wood born and west trenton, check your timetables for adjustment, i'll be tweeting the timetable for you, as women. check me out on twitter. so you have a things looking good, just little busy already out there, erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. new this morning, police on the scene investigating a triple shooting in trenton. this is some video we just got back from the scene at robe link avenue and washington street. shooting happened about an hour and a half ago. all three victims were rushed to the hospital. now work to go find out more details on their conditions. >> also, new this morning, smoke alarms help save two men from a fire in mantua township new jersey. firefighters arrived at the blaze on hollywood drive just before midnight. they tell "eyewitness news" a gas leak may to be blame. two men were inside at the time, but they were able to escape the flames when them heard the smoke alarms going off. happening today, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will be on the other side of the courtroom in montgomery county. kane is set to appear for her
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first preliminary hearing on charges she leaked grand jury material then lied about it under oath. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now in norristown with more on that. justin, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, today, kane and her team, will get better sense of the evidence, and also, the case the state has emassed against her in her legal team will begin working in court to dis assemble that case. let's take you now to video. kane is accused of leaking secret grand jury information to the media, lying about that under oath, and spear head ago cover up, which involved prying into private computer file. the state has argued that the cover ups and counter blows surrounding kane allegedly stem from fueds between her and prosecutors. now, kane has argued she's been a target for her want to expose pornographic emails, shared by colleagues before she took office. colleagues whom charge documents allege kane felt embarrased her in the media. now, so far, kane has refused to release those emails
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publicly, on so-called judicial orders. but, the state supreme court has said those restrictions do not include appropriate disclosure to the public. kane's lawyers will have the chance to cross-examine state witnesses, many will include investigators who assemble evidence against the attorney general the first woman elected to that office in pennsylvania. now, governor wolf has called for kane to step down in light of these charges, she has refused, back out live preferring instead to stay on as attorney general, even while as a criminal defendant in this case against her, her hearing set for this afternoon, here in montgomery county at 1:00 o'clock. live in norristown, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you for. that will see you later this morning. meanwhile, the final sentencing hearing for aurora theater gunman james holmes begins today. sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. sentencing hearing other count he was convicted of at the
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first stage of the trial. victim's families will be able to speak at this stage of the court process. holmes killed 12 people wounded 07 other in a movie theater in 2012. >> brother and sisters in blue are mourning the loss of one of their own this morning. an off-duty philadelphia police officer was killed over the weekend in a crash in roxborough. investigators say, 32 year old sergeant raphael ali was going well over the 35-mile per hour speed limit on the 6,000 block of henry avenue late saturday when his suv left the roadway, collide wad tree. ali, father of two, was a ten year veteran who served the 39th district. >> knowledgeable, very friendly supervisor here, studying for lieutenant, bright future. always nice, always polite, always spoke, all around good guy, he will be surely missed. our hearts are heavy at this point. >> now, investigators believe that speed did play a role in this crash. how much, plenty of questions
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remain been what was happening inside of ali's truck. they hope the autopsy will provide more answers. >> also, an off-duty philadelphia police recruit is recovering this morning, from motorcycle crash. it happened last night near ninth street and girard avenue when police say the 24 year old man was side-swiped by a vehicle. he struck his leg on a light pole and suffered a large cut. he's in stable condition. and, indy car drivers, this morning, after crash at pocono raceway. yesterday justin wilson was hit in the head by a large piece of debris that broke off of another car during the crash. wilson's car then veered left and hit a wall. the 36 year old was air lifted by helicopter to lehigh valley hospital in allentown. >> 5:07 right now. all eyes are on wall street today after friday's market melt down. concerns over china's slowing economy triggered the crisis. cbs news correspondent brook tells us, asian markets
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continue to it up be this morning. >> reporter: asian market continue to plum threat morning a mid fears china's economic slow down could signal global economic trouble. sell off follows last week's temple on wall street. the dow plummeted 530 positive points friday, worse session in four years. capping the markets worse week since 2011. these people would be zoom kind of positive news from china, some casino of policy response. >> but china's latest moves allowing banks to increase pending and pension funds to invest in stocks have done little to come jitters about the world's second business egg economy. that also hurts us companies like apple, wal-mart, who have counted on chinese demand to drive growth. but some analysts say investors shouldn't be too concerned. >> this is a normal part of the market really. they usually occur every year or so. we've been long overdue more
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that fawn years since last correction. one thing to remember if you're a long-term investor, putting monday in your your retirement, good news buying chairs cheaper. stick to the game plan. >> one upside to the down market, analysts say it is now less likely the us central bang will raise interest rate next month. brook, cbs news. philadelphia resident in the dark about the upcoming papal visit may get a more clear understanding later on today. the city plans to release what they are calling papal play book at noon. it is an on line guide where area residents can get questions answered, and learn more about the upcoming event. the papal play book will be updated periodically. it will also provide walking maps, transportation, details, and show places that will be open during pope france he's advice. >> i resident jumping at the chance to help out during the papal visit. about 10,000 volunteers are expected to turn out to lend helping hand for the upcoming visit. organizers for the world meeting of families say the volunteers will have variety of duties including directing
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and directing -- greeting victors, all must clear background checks. >> hard to believe just over month away now, just 33 days left until pope francis arrives in philadelphia. and we've got you covered on tv and on line at >> still ahead this morning, three americans who stopped gunman on board french train have received france's highest honor. more on what they had to say about being called heroes. >> also, wild fires continue to burn throughout washington state. and big consequences foramen man who refused to evacuate his home. how he survived the fires.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> the pilot of plane that crashed during british air show remains in critical condition. officials say the death toll which now stands at seven is highly likely to rise after that fighter jet crashed onto busy main road in southern england on saturday. we have cell phone video of the crash, we don't want to show you the moment of impact, though. all of the victims were on the ground including the 14 who were injured. >> 5:13 right now. three americans received top honors in france for wrestling gunman to the ground and saving hundreds of passengers on board a train bound for paris. childhood friends, anthony
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saddler, spencer stone, anal he can scareloto, legion of honor. another pass inning here jumped in to help was honor, too. reports the suspect's lawyer now denying any link to terrorism. >> france hails as heroes, the men who brought down a gunman. this morning, french president welcomed the men to the french presidential palace to honor them and to thank them for everything that they've done. three american men along with two other helped stop gunman on board high speed train from amsterdam to paris on friday. spencer stone says he first heard a gun could the, and breaking glass. >> i turned around, and i saw he had what look to be an ak47. and he look like it was jammed or wasn't working and he was trying to charge the weapon. anal he can just hit me on the shoulder and said lets' go. >> alec is national guards man, on vacation just having just returned from his afghanistan. >> i feel our training mostly
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kicked in after the assailant was already subdued frankly. when it came to medical, things like that, and providing security, mack sure there wasn't note shooter burke in the beginning it was just gut instinct. >> released from the hospital over the weekend, gunman slashed him several times with a box cutter. he said surgeons had to re-attach his thumb. officials have identified the gunman as more okay and national, the man officials say had links to network, perhaps even to isis fighters turk. >> i the guy had a lot of ammo, i mean, his intentions were pretty clear. >> suspect's lawyer said the attack had nothing to do with terror: she claims found the weapons in a garden, and had only planned to rob passengers on the train. >> red flag warnings meanwhile expected for much of central and eastern washington through today after large wild fire
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burned more than 220,000 acres over the weekend. the fire forced many to evacuate their homes, but one homeowner, gosh, grateful he's okay after he stayed back to protect his health. mark, escaped the flames, by dumb -- jump nag nearby lake, suffered third agree burns from his elbows to his hands. >> this dock has saved my life. little gash in my forehead, lost little more hair in the fire, oh, well, life's good. >> he stayed in the lake for more than an hour until firefighters took him to the hospital. >> we want to get to your forecast in one moment. first we have to talk more about katie's post on face. we touched on this friday. you fired back, and so happy to see the response we're getting. >> it has been awesome. i think what happened it just struck a nerve. because everyone has a mom. and everybody can completely relate to this. and this is showing you or tag
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war, hashtag g, and sending in their beautiful baby bump. we've gotten baby bumm frost around the world. >> really? >> it has been amazing. so, i mean, hats off, ladies. it is awesome. i just love that this message has been able to be spread the way it has, and so grateful it could turn into something so positive. >> i mean, you will have a huge cheerleading squad when so many of the population is women, predominantly mothers. so, i mean it will be a little bit after team that comes together on that one. >> cool to just and big group of cheerleaders this and still going, morning news covers -- >> what, 08,000 likes. >> pretty close to it, i want to say almost like 6,000 shares, just absolutely -- >> as begin to shows wherever one is shedded when this. >> yes, it really does. >> just beautiful thing. >> we awful love you and we love this weekend forecast.
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>> so hoping hang on to the lack of humid. >> i so far so good. walked out the door, pretty darn nice. will change with time. we are being look at storm scan. why it will happen? what you are looking at here is the next latest and greatest storm system. you wouldn't call it all that phenominal it, does have pretty decent spin to it, obvious circulation to it, but not really have a loft umf to it, at least when crosses through the area. cold front draped down, see how it fizzled right over the eastern edge of ohio. but that's what's eventually going to be crawling east. that's eventually what's going to help heat up our humidity, bring in couple of scattered showers and storms. touching on the tropics. three separate disturbances, here is dane, we get to that in a second. another area of showers, thunderstorms, that is starting to show signs of development. currently eight and ten shot to turn into something. so we keep an eye on that for you. then there is another one right now, just moved off, formed off the african coastline, so that may need little more time to actually gather some strength.
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a loft warm weather, win shear to work w meantime there is danny now making its approach, crossing through the northern and lesser antilles consideration use the rain. when dealing with tropical storm like this, gulls i winds, strong storm surge potential, then also some very gusty wind can be an issue. meanwhile it looks like generally just bypassing puerto rico, very likely bring in utter rain bands to the area, southern hispaniola likely to get hit. again, spots could use the rain. may end up being more of benefit than anything t looks like the storm will continue to weaken, just bring in some good well deserved rain to the areas. health report back here, stateside, looking, well, starting to brighten up out there. we have moderate air quality for you today. humidity begins to creep up. uv index in the very high category, angle still strong after all in august. so calm we overlap each other. i want to show you the wind direction, see the arrows kind of haphazard, eventually turns more southerly, that note of course we know bridge in more
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humidity, warmer air mass. we heat you back up to 88 today, looking for late day shower or storm. specially into tonight, might link near tomorrow morning, then sitting pretty here, meisha, a wednesday, thursday, friday, look phenominal. the weekend not terrible either. >> wow, that week looks -- oh, this week will be very, very nice. and today works we'll take whatever is thrown our way. outside, still dark out there. we had accident, 422 eastbound, the off ramp to north 202, now cleared, so you can see everyone just driving by nice and easy. i want to update you, just because we move into the 5:00 hour, some of the little things can cause some slow downs. here is another look at accident, blue route northbound, still in play, near broomall. the right and center lane is blocked, this has been here since i got here this morning. still there. not causing any imagine or slow downs. just know, it does indeed exist there. okay, so, we have phillies versus met game tonight at citizens bank park, 7:05 p.m.,
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for those every in you south philly plan accordingly. >> thank, still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", panda twins born at the national zoo over the weekend. but, for a few weeks, zoo keepers will be on high alert. we'll tell you about the special care those baby panda's will have to do to ensure their surviving. that story coming up. and more on the adorable baby
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>> see coon ers are working to keep the little baby pandas healthy. more of the tiny little pandas. >> 167 year old maysean gave birth 7:30 saturday night. five hours later she gave
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birth again. the first cub wade just 86 grams. the second, 138. that's about the same size as a pack of star bursts. zoo directors, dennis kelly. >> this is very exciting news. it was a bit of a surprise for us, although, we were prepared. >> an ultrasound taken days before the birth showed at least one fetus, and because giant pandas had twins, 50% of the time, veterinarians had incubator on stand by. for the next several weeks, they'll nature every three hours between the inning ooh bather and their mother. >> honestly, until the cubs are both out, walking around, acting normal, being a panda, that's probably when we'll exhale. >> the mother who can only get pregnant once a year was artificially insemenated with sperm from two pandas, zoo
5:26 am
mate, and another male from china. the sex along with the panda's father won't be known until dna tests have been completed. names for the cudley cubs have yet to be determined. these recent birth give hope to the people working to preserve the endangered species. according to the national zoo, there are fewer than 2,000 total pandas captive and wild left in the world. >> the celebration didn't end this weekend with the birth of the twins. their sister bowbow celebrated her second birthday when the pandas at the zoo reach age four, they will be taken to china. jericka duncan, cbs news new york. >> great to see that. coming up in the next half hour of eye within news, more on the three americans who received france's highest honor this morning for stopping a gunman on french train. we'll tell you how they're responding to being heroes. alexandria huff will have that report. joe biden received big endorsement over the week toned run for president. why it is looking more and more likely that he'll enter
5:27 am
the race. >> this overall is very tranquil forecast, granted dodging a shower orthopedy zero thunderstorm at some point into tonight, courtesy of frontal boundary. beyond that point, smooth sailing. full details coming up. >> lots, getting live look at the roads right in you, as your monday morning commute will see how it is shaping up with meisha, she has a look at the traffic for you when we come right back.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, three americans hailed at heroes for stopping a gunman on a french train. what police believe is the reason for the attack, why those men rushed into action. >> good morning, today is monday, august 24th, i'm erika von tiehl. also in your headlines, kathleen kane finds herself on the other side of the law this morning. more on her appearance today, in a montgomery count you courtroom. first we check on the forecast and the roads right now, gorgeous weekend, now back to work, sorry, guys >> pretty quiet indeed, yes, i always like to call it transition day, we'll have clouds eventually roll in, will eventually be bringing us shower or storm, especially into tonight. >> frontal boundery no big


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