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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  August 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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from the cbs broadcast sender in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". market melt down. wall street's woes continue today. a live look at the new numbers on wall street. at one point this morning, the dow jones fell more than 1,000 points. good afternoon everyone, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. another massive dive for the stock market at day's opening. >> the dow now in correction mode trying to make up for some of those big losses. here's a live picture of the big board which shows the numbers down even lower than last week, which was the worse week for the dow in four years. correspondent jill wagner shows us how low it can go,
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and why wall street is headed south. >> reporter: the dow jones plummeted again at the opening bell, dropping more than 1,000 points in the first few minute of trading. >> for me, it felt like the crash of 87. >> the sell off continued last week's tumble on wall street, the dow plunged 530 points friday, its worse session in four years. and the markets worse week since 2011. >> fears of china's economic slow-down are shaking investors, stocks fell across asia monday morning, which china's main index tumbling 8.5%. it biggest one day lost in eight years. >> this is a re-pricing of the global stock market. >> adding to the slide is the plunging price of oil. prices fell below $40 a barrel, for the first time since 2009. the stock exchange is prepared to halt trading, for 15 minute, to if the sp and 500 falls 7%. >> wall street is now in what's called a correction,
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fall of 10% or more, from its high. corrections are natural in a bull market. most analysts say this one was long overdue. >> long-term i'm still bullish. i still believe in the united states of america first and for most, as an investing opportunity. >> the last correction came nearly four years ago. jill wagner, cbs news, manhattan. and, stay with "eyewitness news", and cbs-3, for continuing coverage of the market melt down. we have the latest details for you on tv and on line, at meanwhile, judge will decide whether the case against pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, has enough evidence to now go to trial. >> kane is accused of leaking secret grand jury information, and then lying about it under oath. "eyewitness news" reporter greg, live for us, montgomery courthouse where cane has a preliminary hearing in about an hour from now. greg, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, pat. you mentioned it is a waiting game here at the montgomery county courthouse.
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you mentioned just about an hour, 1:00 p.m., expecting state's top prosecutors kate lean kane to show up here for her own plenary hearing. criminal charges were formally filed against kane earlier this month by district attorney, rita fuhrman. today we're expecting kane at the defense table during the first evidence hearing on charges she leaked grand jury material to the press. she's also accused of lying under oath about doing just that, and ordering top aides to illegally pour through computer files to keep an eye on the investigation, that followed, kane meanwhile has maintained her innocence, claiming these charges are backlash over what she says is a old boy's network in state government. she also says she's being targeted for earlier investigation she launched which uncovered attorneys and even state supreme court justice allegedly trading pornographic material on state computers. now, it is unclear this afternoon who if anyone will testify in court, or if simply detectives will be here at the courtroom presenting evidence about these charges, once again, this begins at
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1:00 this afternoon. we'll be inside the courtroom. and of course we'll provide you updates tonight at 5:00. but for now live here in montgomery county, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> greg, thanks very much. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage on the kathleen kane case. we'll bring you the latest information on tv beginning at 5:00 today and on line at >> the world meeting of families youth congress gathers to layout planned activities created with the children in mind. this is a live look inside the pennsylvania convention center, where activity leaders joined together for a rounds table discussion. the youth congress is an inter-active program designed for young people, between the ages of six and 17, who are attending the world meeting of families, with their family. also, just moments ago, philadelphia organizers release what they are calling it papal visit play book. it is an on-line guide where area residents can get questions answered and learn more about the event. the papal play book will be updated periodically until he
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gets here. it will also provide walking maps, transportation details, analysts places that will be open during pope francis' visit to philadelphia. you can find a link to that website on our website at >> and, it is if you are counting 33 days until pope francis arrives here in philadelphia. we've got you covered. here on tv and at our website just beautiful morning if you are able to get outside, go out, maybe go for run, walk the dog, eyewitness cameras here on boathouse row. we saw some folks rowing, running, biking, anything get outside and enjoy it, that lack of humidity felt so good. but justin we're hearing it might be out of here soon? >> starting to come back. you have the hair spray going little longer today. >> indeed. i don't even have to look at the dew point temperature. i just go by the hair spray. >> this is a less scientific method but it works. >> humid, warm today, really for one day, then bring back pleasant conditions like we had over the weekends. but the second half of the week.
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but this will be the the hottest day of the week so far. check it out right now. we are at 84 degrees, warming up nicely at philadelphia international airport. lower in mid 80s south jersey right now, still feeling good up in mount pocono, mid 70s, suburbs checking in low 80s, quakertown, willow grove, 83 degrees in palmyra, new jersey, dew point temperature up to 68 degrees, we were in the 40's, a's, now once in the 60s still not bad. we should get into the mid 60s later this afternoon, so call it steamy. that's a sign of that more humid air mass continuing to build on in. quiet on storm scan3, though. see the fair weather clouds move through this afternoon, then later on tonight the clouds will thicken up as we track our next cold front. that will bring a chance for a needed shower, thunderstorm, so break it down for you, this afternoon, looks good, sun, clouds, more humid. tonight there will be the scatter shower or storm chance, tuesday maybe a very early shower, then otherwise, see more sunshine returning, humidity levels drop. so hot one today. up to 88 degrees for philadelphia, low 80s at the shore, in the sunshine, and we see that storm chance later
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specially up in the poconos with a high of around 08 degrees. check out the seven day forecast coming up in a few more minutes, pat, back over to you. >> update to deadly crash that claimed the life after off-duty philadelphia police sergeant, ralph yell ali. authorities are saying, that it does not appear that alcohol was a factor in the crash, however, speed may have been. the 32 year old sergeant, single father of two, crashed into a tree saturday night, at the 6,000 block of henry avenue. a serious accident is under investigation this noon, in west chester. >> traffic restrictions are still in place along route 202. chopper three over 202 northbound, this is at dilworth town road. two tractor trucks, tanker trucks, rather, collided about 8:00 this morning, and spilled fuel all over the road. officials are saying that there will be lane restrictions while this clean up continues. fortunately, there were no injuries. >> and, another serious accident this morning. this one in monroe township gloucester county. two vehicles crashed head-on before 8:00 at old black horse
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pike and south black horse pike. crews pulled two people from the wreckage, no word right now on their condition. police are investigating the circumstances of this crash as well. >> well, fall out from the ashley madison hack is continuing. >> we're talking to expert who says if your spouse has been out and on that list, why you should wait to see a divorce attorney. >> also this noon, france's president honors the three men who thwart add terror attack on top a packed train. we have the details. >> also, you can see cheesed's message to fans.
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>> live look at the new york stock exchange, struggling again, dow opened down a thousand points, there was talk of closing it for a breather. there were some correction action in the dow showing signs of recovery right now, now, just off little more than 200 points. concerns about the economic slow down in china has shaken world-wide market, and a big sell-off early today, in china, caused the melt down to continue. well, british officials fear that the death toll from saturday's deadly air crash, air show crash, could rise sharply today. right now, it is down to seven. the pilot of the plane, though; in critical condition. the plane crashed onto a busy road in southern glands. all of the victims were on the ground. and, indy car driver is in a coma today after this crash at pocono raceway. yesterday, justin wilson was hit in the head by a large piece of debris, you can watch
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it right here, broke off of another car during a crash. wilson's car veered left, and hit a wall. the 36 year old was air lifted by helicopter to lehigh valley hospital, in allentown. three americans received france's top honor for stopping a potentially deadly attack on a train. the french president pinned the metals on us air men spencer stone, national guards man, alec scarelotus, and their friends, around any saddler. british man was also honored. the pair helped subdue, on a train. finance's president called them source of inspiration, they saw something wasn't right. acted right away. they say their training kicked in. >> and they were actually get in the car, they moved because they couldn't get wifi in the car they were in originally. being at the right place at the right time. still ahead this noon on "eyewitness news", chase utley thanks phillies fans with a pull page ad. another notable name released in the ashley madison hack. we'll tell but that, justin?
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>> and the humidity levels creep up today. don't worry, more pleasant weather coming back in the seven day forecast,
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>> there is a full page add in today's daily news in which chase utley says thank you. chase was traded to the dodgers last week. in a letter to the city, chase thank the brass, managers, coaches, his teammates, and of course, those passionate phillies fans. he also says he and his wife jen will continue to support the pennsylvania spca. of course, been saying it last week there is week, good luck, we will miss you, chase, but pat, i know you're huge philly
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fan. sorry to see him go. >> sorry to see him go. i must say it look very strange to see him in dodger blue. but, what's interesting, though, to see him standing next to jimmy rollins. >> of course, pretty cool. >> there you go. >> thanks for doing such a great job for us. >> and great to see you, justin, great to see you back on the news show, unfortunately that nice humidity-free weekend -- >> great weekend. it is august. you have to remember, yes, still will have these days, but starting to winds down little bit. do have more pleasant weather coming back in the forecast later this week, so we don't have that big stretch of 09 degrees, we're talking about, but let's take you to the shore, still very nice, outside right now. look at that, live look in ocean city, full sunshine right now, people taking advantage, temperatures there low 80s, ocean water mid 70s right now, very comfortable day. great week ahead down along the new jersey shore and delaware beaches. let's talk about our weather headlines. today, warm, hottest day of the week, little more humid, a lot of sunshine today. then tonight we track weak
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cold front that comes through. >> this will bring a chance for needed shower, but again, the key word here is scattered. not everyone sees it. then temperatures returning to near average for the rest of the week, here with re right now 84 at the airport, 81 allentown, reading still a lot of sunshine to help warm things up. looks like we approach the upper 80s, maybe hot spots hit 09 degrees this afternoon. so, here's how it is going to feel. today, little bit on the steamy side. don't worry if you don't like the humidity just wait another 24 hours, starts to back off for tuesday, and you're going to enjoy wednesday, thursday, even friday, into next weekend. humidity levels stay on the low side. here's the colds front right now. not much showing up on radar, just some clouds, and some of the showers will start to pop up when they pass the mountains. later this evening into tonight threat for scattered shower or storm, once the front passes tomorrow morning, back into sunshine, for your tuesday afternoon. so, rain chances through this afternoon, will be low, give it pen percent chance, bump it to up 30 tonight. again, it will be scattered. and then tuesday morning, very
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early, there is a chance for shower, and then wednesday we're back to 0 percent chance of any rainfall. so we time it out. rest of this afternoon looking good, sunshine, with clouds around, developing here we go into the evening and nighttime hours. there is the front. again, some spotty showers, maybe thunderstorm, no threat for severe weather, good news, there early tuesday morning, early lingering clouds, sprinkle or two, back for full sunshine for tuesday afternoon, that will be the trends into the middle of the week. tropical depression danny, winds right now at 30 miles per hour over the lesser antilles continues to track to the west, south of puerto rico, traveling down to the islands, just some clouds, maybe couple of showers, no big deal with the storm systemment back home today, warm sun and clouds, 88 degrees, warm winds five to 10 miles per hour, tonight muggy, chance for that shower, thunderstorm, low near 70. headed out to the ballpark tonight, phils-mets, mets come in town, increasing showers, 83 degrees, at the game time temperature. here is the extended forecast, back to the mid 80s for tuesday, and wednesday, and look at that guy, lower 80s
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thursday and friday, that's actually below average, but nice stretch there, with lot of sunshine, great week ahead to be out doors, and shore temperatures actually dropping to the upper 70s by the end of the week. >> but for the game you don't think it is a wash out? >> no, they'll get the game in no problem. >> nor late august, we'll take it. >> justin, thanks, back with more right after this. we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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>> coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at a have you seen this video yet, pandemonium yet, the arrival of twins over the weekends. we'll show you how zoo keep remembers helping mom take care of those sweet little baby pandas, again, coming up today at 5:00. >> they start out so tyne. >> i two years ago, i was curious, about the ashley madison website, and i used my personal credit card to sign up for the site. i deeply regret mia filiation with the site. >> well, that is florida prosecutor jeff ashton admitting yesterday to having an account on the ashley madison website. ashton was the prosecutor in the anthony case, he said did he not have affair, did nothing criminal, and will not be resigning. well, ashton becomes the latest in a line of public figures recently ousted as having an account on that website, known foreign couraging infidelity.
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>> in the last week hackers revealed names, e-mail address, preferences up to 37 million users of that cheating site. >> so, what should you do if you learn that your spouse is on that list? joining us now is psychologist, monica mandel, founder of love matters llc, good afternoon. >> so, before calling a divorce attorney, you say you need to do two things. what are they? >> you need to do individual and couples counselling. this is the time to change the slogan, life is short, have an affair, it life is short, come clean with your spouse, and try to rebuild your relationship. >> so individual or couples. why the difference there? >> well, if you look at the site, there are really two types of personalities of the people who joined ashley madison one is the cheater, the thrill seeker, always looking for more, and bigger, and better, and different. if you're married to this person, you need to understand what attracted to you him.
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, why you stayed with him, or her, and why you're in love with them. now it, has come out that it is mostly men on ashley madison but there are a percentage of women. there is also the people on ashley madison who have a friendship with their spouse. they get along, they go out to dinner, they can raise the kids, but they feel that they are missing the emotional and physical component. so they discreetly thought that they looked elsewhere to fulfill this. >> so tell me about the process. once you would decide maybe to go for divorce, do you go into it angry, do you -- i mean, you may start out angry, but how do you proceed? do you really try to be punitive in the process? >> this is not the time for punishment or blame. this is really the time foreign tree spec sean. and i think that if counselling is your first approach, individuals, and couples, you might finds that
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you don't need the divorce attorney as your first point of attack, and if you do, at least you have learned something about yourself, and your relationship, and you're tell to go break bad patterns, rather than to be angry. >> now, of course, cheat something nothing new, adultery, but internet seems to make it so much easier to get that connection. but the reasons for it, are still pretty similar, seems recent stud business people who cheat, what motivated them to cheat? >> there have been a lot of studies, especially on men who cheated. and what they found that almost half cheated because there was not an emotional connection with their spouse. 77% of those polled said they cheated because their friends cheated. so, for everyone out there, be aware of the company that you are spouse is keeping. >> no kidding. >> and there is a bit of a silver lining. 66% of men polled said that they did feel guilty about having an affair. >> but what about the whole idea of once a cheater always
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a cheaper -- cheater? >> i think you have your personality, but a personality can be tweaked through counselling. and in the case where a spouse felt that they weren't listened to or heard and their needs were not met, counselling goes a very long way to healing. and for those that had a one night stand, and showed a lot of remorse, again, counselling can really help to save that marriage, and to rebuild trust, and love. >> monica, thank you. >> and that is "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm pat ciarrocchi. >> i'm erika von tiehl. for justin, all of us here, thank you so much for watching. >> the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> paul: we can settle this without any more bloodshed. you surrender to me now, and i'll see that you're treated fairly. >> harding: yeah. i've said those words myself, chief. i'm not gonna fall for that. >> paul: you know me, mark! come on! i'm a man of my word! we can salvage this! it's not too late! >> harding: with three people dead?! i'm looking at the rest of my life in prison! >> dylan: so, you're saying you did it? >> harding: the only way that dylan gets out of here alive is if you let me go. >> paul: oh, man. you know i can't do that. >> harding: well, then say goodbye to your son. >> paul: no, no, no. no shot! i'll lower my gun. i swear. >> harding: nice and slow. then kick it over here. >> dylan: paul, don't do it. he's gonna shoot us both. >> harding: shut your mouth. lower the gun, chief. >> dylan: paul, don't do it! >> harding: lower the gun! [ grunts ] >> paul: dylan! [ gunshot ] >> sharon: aaaah! aaaah! [ gasping ] >> harding: [ grunting ] >> paul: you okay? >> dylan: yeah. i'm fine.


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