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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  August 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> from the broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, here's a live look right now, as work continues around the clock. crews here trying to fix a gaping sinkhole it, opened up in kensington, this morning, many residents are waking up without water. also, with the morning of uncertainty on wall street, after stocks tumbled again overnight. we're going live to the new york stock exchange with more on what investors can expect. >> and, the flip side of that, it really is a good day to fill up your car if you are getting close to e, need to fill up on your way to work today, but just how long will they than cheap? >> it is tuesday, august 25th, i'm erika von tiehl. feels like the opposite of yesterday. yesterday woke up lovely, got worse, now waking up muggy and getting better, katy?
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>> roads are looking great. overnight construction project, i keep thinking about that, too. we keep talking about the rain for yesterday, now how is it looking? >> you said it, we start off maybe little on the muggy side, certainly still tracking hint of wet weather out, there as well there is morning. but it only gets better from here. we are going to eventually see humidity drop right back off. so often with so many system we've been tracking lately, stuck for days in the humidity. it just isn't like that this time around. we see the humidity climb obviously as the front approached yesterday. it still is out there. but it, will start to feel better with every passing hour. "skycam 3", looking live over center city at the moment, no wet weather to speak of. when we go to storm scan3, still just little hint of moisture to track out there. namely, across at this point southern most new jersey, cape may county, atlantic county getting hit with the tiny pocket of showers. at the moment, though, not reporting any lightning. that's good news. looking at the area dew points, this tells the story. it is definitely muggy. remember, about 65 degrees, from the dew point, where it
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begins to feel muggy, and you know when you are up at 70, it is noticeable. it is kind of palpable. you know? as the day goes on, we expect to once again spike to the mid and even upper 80s, in a lot of locations, but brightens one time, more and more sunshine, and reduced humidity, as time progresses, as well. so basically, here is the gist for the day. morning clouds, certainly stray shower, i would say, especially through new jersey, through the morning drive, philadelphia, you're basically done, all point further inland, as well. skies gradually clear, from west to east, i should say from northwest to southeast, and as that happens, with the northwest component to the wind flow it, starts to turn less humid, too. only gets better from here, meisha. >> sounds like good morning commute. like dry roadways at least for the most part. that's always good. that's the first thing i listen to for all of my morning commuters. some overnight construction project, still construction season even though bee we are getting the kids back to school soon. right lanas you can see is
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blocked. you have shiny lights, not causing any slow downs, so i'll update you specially on the vine street expressway, i have to keep my eye on that. another area where we have construction, 59 southbound between street road and woodhaven, left lane, only the left lane getting by. let me stand out of the way here so you can see there is just saw the car kind of veer around the cone right, there careful through this area again that's 95 southbound between street road and woodhaven road a loft overnight construction project still in play. from the 42 freeway in jersey, northbound toward 295, see just some stray vehicles. yesterday we saw this really heat up early. a lot of people down at the shore all weekend. this is what it is looking like today. over to you. >> happening right now, gaping sinkhole shutdown road that leaves ten homes without water right now in kensington, "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now on the scene with the latest for us, justin, good morning.
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>> reporter: erika, good morning, at last check, much of the 2300 block of huntingdon street is without water this morning. talking about at least ten homes, i'll step out of the way so you can see the work underway. city water crews have been working around the clock to restore service in kensington. here's what we know so far. twelve-inch water main ruptured near the corner of to up i am and huntingdon streets. what followed next is a collapse, enough at this point, to signing a corner and also enough at this point to swallow a car. now, fire officials tell us they got report of assigning hole, at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. water service was quickly shut off. so crews could assess the situation here, peco, and pgw crews responding to the corner as well to begin work. and back out live as you can see, crews are really having to get in there to make this water service come back on at some point, perhaps today or tomorrow. that time line now is unclear.
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this hole, if you can see it here; pretty, pretty deep here. we are talking six, 10 feet, when the workers jump in there, their heads are pretty much submerged by the depth of the hole. again, what we know this morning, at least ten homes are without water, on the 2300 block of huntingdon street this morning. no time line as of yet on the restoration, as you might imagine, with the hot temperature, it being summertime, people really want and need their water. we will bring you more details as we get them. for now live in kensington, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", erika? >> frustrating morning, justin, thank you. today invest remembers waiting tow soot roller coaster ride on wall street will continue for second day. thethe dow jones plummeted minue after monday's opening bell, dropping more than 1,000 points. nervous traders watched the dow fall, then rise, then fall again, causing high anxiety and mixed signals from those on the trading floor. china's economic slow down continues to spark fear on wall street. many are wait to go see if
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there is more fiscal pain to come today. >> what happened was a combination of factors. china, the uncertainty of where that economy is, we don't know what those numbers mean, and we're beginning to understand that we really can't trust their numbers. you know, we have an uncertainty about whether the feds are going to raise interest rate, while we shouldn't fear it until it happens, we don't know what's going to happen. >> this morning, stocks in china opened sharply lower, but we do have some good news to report. markets in japan, australia, and sole, all tracking in positive territory today. we'll keep you updated. >> meanwhile upside price, down at the gas pump this morning. drivers in new jersey are getting a break less than $2 a gallon at some stations. this is the second time this year south jersey drivers are seeing prices this low. instability in the world market has pushed the cost of crude oil below $40 a barrel, and that's about the g some extra dollars into motorist
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pockets. >> great. i told them 30 regular, not specking it to change back. >> when was the last time that happened? >> i couldn't -- i in us have been 18. a long time. >> i just drove up on it, not expect to go see 1.95. and pretty shocked, but i don't know if that has anything to do with my mutual funds that aren't maybe in my account now. >> there you go, after years of pain at the pump drivers thankful for that bit of relief. mark was the last time south jersey saw price this is low, like at that, 1.956789 analysts predicting prices will continue to fall. so here is a look at the average price for gallon of regular gas in our area. new jersey 2.28. pennsylvania it, .58. in delaware, drivers paying average of 2.37 a gallon. >> right now, 4:37. happening today, parents and education advocates from across the state will descend upon harrisburg to send loud and clear message to state legislatures. that will message is pass a budget for pennsylvania schools and do it now. the group will meet with
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legislatures and hold a rally and a press conference in the capitol rotunda. they will also call upon legislatures to approve the new budget that's invests $410 million in new funding for education. philadelphia police are investigating a triple drive by shooting in philadelphia's west kensington section. it happened around 6:00 monday night on the 2800 block of boudinot street. police say that a person with a semiautomatic shotgun fired into three people on the street. victims were 22 year old woman and two men, ages 25 and 33. they were in stable condition at the last check. no suspect are in custody. philadelphia police meanwhile are also looking for this woman, she is accused of check fraud. police say that the suspect deposited several counterfeit checks into atm on the 1200 block of chestnut street. she withdrew more than $650 on july 15th, and 28th. if you have any information on who this woman; or where she might be, you are asked to
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call police. >> pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane she is vowing to fight perjury charges after ordered to stand trial. montgomery county judge issued the ruling yesterday. kane's accused of leaking secret grand jury information and then lying about it under oath. she could face up to seven years in prison if convicted. no trial date has been set. >> right now, we are just 32 days away from the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia. and people coming to town for that historic event now have little bit more information to help them get around. the new on line guide is called the papal visit play book. it is attempt by the archdioces to console dade all of the information released by federal, state and city sources in just putting all in one place. this play book is broken down into six sections. >> we tried to address absolutely everything, from secure tip, to driving logistics, to how do you take care of your pets during something this big. >> officials say they'll update this play book as the
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papal visit get closer. also, learning more about the visitors and what they will abby loud to bring inside the fence in the security zones. unopened bottles of watt remember permit examined. organizers also say that you should assume that clear bags will be preferred, as well as ponchos, instead of umbrellas. they are also encourage people to bring extra cell phone batteries because charging areas will be limited. full list of allowed and prohibited items, we're told, that will be released soon. for complete coverage of the papal visit head to our website, there find link to the newly released play book all at >> there is much more to come this morning on "eyewitness news", if you plan to travel down to the shore the last couple of of weeks of summer, be aware, some beaches don't have lifeguards. we'll tell you why. also, recording set being night at the ballpark as mets and phillies peppered the seat. details when we come back in just two minutes.
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>> summer seals on is winding down, some popular sports in -- spots in ocean sitly no longer have lifeguards. lifeguards are of school yards, so first rounds as beach closures yesterday. eleven unguarded beaches are closed in various spots, from the north end, to south of 59 street. >> at the same time, unfortunately, we don't always have enough people to keep every beach open as long as we would want to. so, with that, we still have over 38 beaches open. >> ocean city beach patrol says it is always bet to swim on guarded beach. you want to be very aware of the water conditions. >> muggy casino of start. you say, some showers out? definitely, are some coming down with some gust owe, but the tiny little pocket. so kind of just depends where you are at this point. that will will all be clearing out of here. once it does, man, we are
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smooth sailing. >> i like. >> this is a nice pattern, very quiet. >> the seven day looks terrific. >> i can totally dig this. i think a lot of people will be really enjoying what we've got up our sleeves here for the next couple of days. for now the problems are initial, but once this little mess gets out of here, done with it. at the moment, everything that is coming through across cumberland, atlantic, cape may counties all just showers but because a loft moisture to work with in the atmosphere, drenching the areas. that's where that is coming. from see few other speckles that start to fire up here. i would say, you know, probably be stuck with this very scattered variety of showers, through the course of the rest of our morning. i have to look closely, but you can see the trailing back edge of the cloud structure that. that as it clears out will eventually mean that the skies do the same for everybody. we zero we ends one nice afternoon. also, with lower humidity as time goes on. so, humidity, retreats, high
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pressure regains control, and this is going to set until for nice long visit here. so, tomorrow looks beautiful. 80s and sunshine. thursday, very similar forecast, bright sunshine, with low humidity. and we keep the theme going on friday, too. how long will it go? we'll wait for the seven day. but let's show you what happens here at least through the rest of today. looking forward in this forecast, there you go, get things into motion here, gradually clearing skies, less humidity as we move forward, the high hit 87 degrees, though. so still warm. as we head into tonight. here you go. mostly clear, very comfortable night on tap, low of 65. looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, again, talking mid low 80s, real nice couple of days wednesday through friday, by saturday key weep the theme going but the wind flow does start to turn more southwest, so likely starts to feel little muggier. it is august, erika, as you mentioned, so we will take it for now. mostly looking at some nice weather here. >> no kidding, thanks, katie. phillies take on the first
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place mets again tonight after record setting night in south philadelphia. but, it wasn't in a good way. dominick brown hit the phillies third homerun of the game in the third inning to give the phils seven to two lead, pretty nice, but the met came back, and in a big way, blasting total of eight homeruns off phillies pitching. they scored 14 unanswered runs and beat the phils 16 to seven. that's 11 homeruns in the game. that's at citizens bank park record. here's manager pete mccann and. >> best thing to do is own to up t it was embarrassing. not what we wanted to see. but put it behind us and move on. >> that's all you can do. talking football now, eagles may think otherwise, but the nfl says that low hit on birds quarterback sad braham forward saturday night, saying it was not a penalty. it was called one during the game, but the head of officials say it was the wrong call, and that bradford was fair game. >> a lot of expert thought eagles linebacker michael
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kendrick was going to be shipped out of town on draft day, does not look like that now. eagles announced yesterday they signed kendrick to four year contract worth 29 million with 16 million guaranteed. eagles play the pack nerves greenbay saturday night. >> and just some terrible news to report here. tragedy from pocono raceway sunday afternoon. we told you yesterday that indy car driver, justin wilson, he was hit in the head by a flying piece of debris in a crash. wilson has since died from his injuries, at lehigh valley hospital. the 37 year old was from glands, but lives in colorado. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", we're going live to the new york stock exchange with more on the wall street's wild ride. first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> jill wag err joins us from the stock exchange, just bananas yesterday. a thousand points in the first nights of trading hoping to not have a repeat that far today, jill, good morning. >> well, good morning, erika. unfortunately, we could be in for another wild ride. because this morning, china's main stock index collapsed again. now, it was monday's massive sell off in china, that sparked the sell off in markets across the globe here on wall street as you said the dow plunged more than a thousand points in the first few minute of trading. by midday, it had rallied back. the sell off continued in the afternoon. investors concerned about the strength of the economy in china, it is the second largest in the world, and a huge market for american products, and erika, i was here yesterday, what a day. >> only imagine. also, also, making headlines, seems we've had a lot of car recalls in the past 12 months, now affecting how americans view their cars. i imagine it can't be all that favorable, jill? >> that's right. all of the recalls have people a lot less satisfied with
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their automobiles. that's one of the findings from the 2015 american consumer satisfaction index. that's an annual survey of nearly 4300 people. they found the status actually with cars and trucks, dropped for the third straight year. it is now the lowest level since 2004. and one of the main reasons for that is people are just sick of all of the thee recalls. >> understandably, jill. fingers crossed. coming up after the break, checking on traffic and weather together this tuesday morning.
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>> let's check in with meisha and how the roads are looking. >> roads are looking good, still contending with overnight construction project. this is one of the areas looking at early this morning. ninety-five southbound, woodhaven, construction now cleared. left lane was the only lane getting by.
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now, as i step out of the way here, you can see everyone traveling along by. as you can also see, plenty of of headlight, tails light still out there. make note of. that will busy morning this tuesday. here is a place where we still do is have the construction evidence dollars by all of the blinking light pulled offer to the right. vine street expressway between 23rd street and the ben franklin parkway, and you can also see, plenty of headlights also, so, the construction going to be on the east side. as you can see, moving in both directions, it is just going to be busy. also, the mass transit checklist, for those every you with us yesterday, you know the west trenton line was bussing between wood born and west trenton, it is also going to be bussing again today due to the signal issues, so pay attention to my twitter. all of the updates are there for you. katie, busy today, monday, tuesday, our busier days, hoping that we have dry roadways to contend with. >> well, for the most part, looking good. i've actually even ed abrams on sister station "kyw news radio" said he got clocked with heavy downpour on his drive into work this morning. granted some of you might find
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that here at least initially, but the bigger story really looking ahead to pleasant weather coming up here, starting things off with a live look in the neighborhood network outside boardwalk plaza, rehoboth beach, all is calm and very quite e. no one up and about just yet. we tends to see things pick one folks getting out for the early morning walk or jog, any time after 5:00 a.m. so we wait to see. that will for now, here is the sign that we were talking about of again pockets of showers, but they are coming down with some heavy downpours, depending on your location, so, specially near portions of the garden state parkway, you run into that if your travels are taking you there that way this morning. then skies start to clear. that's for everybody, i say philly you are done with the rain at this point, as anybody off to the north and west of that, but just watch with a lingering shower, pop up thunderstorm, east of the city specially in eastern new jersey. and then, everybody's in the clear, humidity drops, in for nice stretch, erika, of some very nice days, looks like to round out the whole rest of the week.
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>> fantastic, love it, thank you. checking stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. with the start of school just weeks away, hundreds of families with children enrolled in cyber charter school in pennsylvania get an unpleasant letter. >> also, when pope francis visit the curram fromhold facility next month, he will be present wad very special gift they've been working on. newspaper report shows that the doctor/patient relationship is extremely important when it comes it fighting obesity. check in two, three, four times a day kyyw news radio on your a.m. dial. coming up in the next hour, live as crews continue to work on giant sinkhole, causing big problems this morning in kensington. we'll tell when you crews expect to have it fixed. >> also, the indy car driver who sustained head injury during a crash at pocono raceway over the weekend, he's died overnight. how the racing world is remembering justin wilson. >> and, a local woman
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, some resident in kensington are waking up without water this morning after that looking liver at the scene, massive huge sinkhole it, opened up in the middle of the street. we'll tell you what caused the massive hole and also when crews are hoping to be finished with repairs. while were you sleeping, another bad day for china's stock market this morning, but, will this mean another sell off on wall street. a look at the unsettling global economy. >> and, the stock market is down, but it does mean good news for bass prices. more on how much it is crossing drivers to fill up around our area. good morning, it is wednesday, august 25th, i'm erika von tiehl. we want to check in with katie and meisha with a ion your roads and the forecast this
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morning, good morning. >> good morning, yes, early, but seeing plenty of headlights on the roadways, still contending with the overnight construction. how is the weather holding up, katy? >> not too bad. how much, finding few pocket of very heavy rain, but there are few and far between. where do you have that wet weather, you are getting clock by t some very soaking downpours, tiny pockets showing up on the area radar. that's where we actually start thing offer for you here, we takes things out to the map, show you the view on storm scan, yes, right on the tail end of the loop there, mainly in through southeast most burlington, portions of atlantic as well as cape may counties, looking offer camera here at one of the shore cameras, ocean sit, they are getting smack with pretty heavy rain right now. that's where it is pent up at the moment. skies are eventually going to be clearing nicely as the day goes on, for everybody, but we do still have that moisture content to work with in the atmosphere. even if it is dry, technically, quote unquote, for you, in a place like philadelphia, or really for the most part anywhere else say the shore points right now, s


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