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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 26, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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man. david spunt has the latest on the investigation tonight. david? >> reporter: ukee and jessica, some good news first to report. we're told that sheriff's deputy is improving expected to make full recovery. i've learned new details about the suspect in the last hour or so. the main thing though that detectives want to find out is why he came to this courthouse and why he attacked this specific deputy. >> a normal day inside the chester county courthouse turned violent in matter of minutes. after police say 35-year-old curtis smith pulled out a knife and stabbed a chef riff's deputy. >> this guy runs through the -- runs through the door, i'm going to get you, i'm going to get y you. went receipt past security and i hear pop pop. >> that popping sound was the return fire by other sheriff's deputy who shot smith. smith later died at a local hospital. smith made national headlines in march when he jumped the white house fence. >> something is wrong with him, he's mental but for god's sake who would let him out.
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>> according to this agreement made between the federal government and curtis smith, the united states agreed to drop charges against smith for jumping fence if he stayed away from the white house and stayed out of legal trouble. he signed the document. not even six months later, an attack inside the chester county courthouse. >> i don't understand, upping, why these people get away this crap. >> reporter: chante watson was on her way to the courthouse lobby when she heard gunshots much. >> it's emotional. first thing i did was call my daughter she's in college. i'm okay. >> we stopped by curtis smith's home in coatesville. no one game to the door. >> unfortunately, because of incidents like this across the nation, we have learned how to deal with an attack in a courthouse. nobody else was injured. the sheriffs did their jobs. the lock down went perfectly. >> very grateful as we walked out i look at each one of them and told them thank you.
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um, and, you know, and i don't think they hear it often enough. >> reporter: curtis smith was arrested and charged with burglary and simple assault back in may. he was scheduled to appear in the courthouse behind me in october. this courthouse will open tomorrow morning. we're live in west chester tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, thank you. philadelphia police are questioninquestioninged the owna former funeral home after a gruesome discovery. authorities found three deposing bodies inside a garage on haggard street in strawberry mansion. janet powell daily third general owner of the formal powell funeral home and the garage located across the street. neighbors say the powell family helped the community but are upset about what was found in that garage. >> nobody should be stored like that. >> i never known who -- no bodies laying around. we didn't have no money to pay that lady she would do the best
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she could to set up a memorial or something. >> no arrests made and investigators are working to identify the bodies. according to the pennsylvania funeral director's association the powell funeral home has a lengthy quote disciplinary history with the state. a skating rink owner is now facing sex crime charges. the suspect 36-year-old john karlo of franklin township is behind bars tonight. karlo is the owner of the franklin skating center in franklinville. among the charges he's now facing, criminal sexual contact with a child under the age of 13. police say carlo also showed pornography to child. another down day on wall street. dow jones was up for most of the day but reversed itself by the close. (bell tolls). >> stocks surged from the opening bell after word china cut interest rates to try to boost its economy. investors also got some encouraging news on u.s. consumer confidence but it wasn't enough to prevent another
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sell off. here are today's closing numbe numbers. the dow ended down almost 205 points at 15,666. the nasdaq was down nea nearly 0 and the s&p 500 dropped 25 points to close at 1867. the stock market may be in turmoil were you the housing market is booming. in july, sales of new homes rose 25% compared to july of last year. many say it's sellers market. the last housing boom led to a bust. not so this time says darrin bloomquist vice-president of reality track. >> actually been selling homes to buyers who can afford to buy those homes which is a really good sign that this recovery is not just some kind of artificial inflating of housing but it's actually built on solid foundation. >> only 22% of buyers are paying all cash. that's down from 40% in 2013. tonight parents are concerned schools in the cash strapped chester upland school district might not open on time. the school board discussed how
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to close a $24 million budget shortfall at chester high school tonight. earlier today, a judge refused the district's request for a $20 million reduction in how much the district must pay charter schools for special education students. that judge also refused to slash $4 million the district must pay for students in cyber charter schools. parents tell us they're fed up with the district's financial problems. >> mainly the parents are concerned. they want to know why is this happening once again? they just want to know where is the money going? >> parents say no decision was made if schools will open on time. 32 days and counting. we are rapidly approaching the one month mark until pope francis arrives in philadelphia. and philadelphia arch with shows charles chaput is urging local catholics to brave the crowds and come see the pope. >> the archbishop sent out a letter to the catholic community today. based on the number of registered participants philadelphia is already the
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largest world meeting of families in history. chaput caused the community not to give in to the anxieties and worries that go along with any major efforts like this. the archbishop writes, there's always a temptation to focus on possible problems in security logistics and transportation and when that happens, people begin to wonder if the effort of coming to center city is worth the time and energy. i promise you that it is ". diocese of camden is getting south jersey's catholic community involved in the papal have it. volunteers practicing what pope francis preaches by shining the spotlight on poverty. diocese is inviting people to check out their eight charity centers including this one in atlantic city. leaders are asking the community to pray for the needy, donate or even lend a hasn't. >> when we serve the poor, we don't serve the poor. we serve christ in the poor. and that's who we see when we see people walk in the door. he look at christ walking in the door. >> this is just one people are
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trying to add extra meaning to the papal visit. the open house visits continue through saturday. the process of repairing a sink hole continues tonight in kensington water main break caused quite a mess much 12-inch main ruptured yesterday triggering a collapse at the corner of east huntington and tulip streets. at least 10 homes were temporarily without water but service has resumed. it's still unclear when traffic in the area will be back to normal. a real life drama for local child actress worked alongside of hollywood's biggest stars. her mother claims her daughter was the target of a death threat at school and that officials are not doing enough to keep her safe. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has this story. >> reporter: it may sound like a screen play. narrative device, a plot twist. but this story is real. >> it said i will kill shane coleman and underneath the threat said murder. >> reporter: shaman sole coleman says those six words scrolled on the wall of her daughter's elementary school bathroom in june have up ended
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her family's life. >> i didn't know that anybody would want to kill me or hurt me or anything because everybody really are my friends. >> you may not realize it but this probably isn't the first time you've heard from eight-year-old shaken coleman. from the time she was two years old, this precocious child actress has starred in dozens of commercials, tv shows and movies alongside some of hollywood's elite bike sarah silver stein, kevin bacon and richard dreyfuss. >> i'm scared to go back to school. >> samantha got the call on june 12th just days before the end of the school year. administrators at john hancock elementary in northeast philadelphia telling her a girl in her daughter's second grade class wrote a threatening message as what way to pull the shaken. >> she stolen her markers and crayons much she'll kick the bath of her chair. she's pushed her in the bathroom stall. i thought it was kids stuff up until the death threat. >> she tried to have her
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daughter transferred but a district official cite the policy saying there needed to be a direct assault. they sent us a statement saying "we're on-going conversations with miss coleman in order to demonstrate our commit many to provide shaken with a safe and caring environment at the hancock school. >> coleman says she's now removed shane from the school district and is looking for a way to home school her daughter. shaken says she didn't want to leave. >> if it's to do the right thing, to get away from her, then i'm going to do it. >> a decision san samantha says no child should have to make. steve potter san cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> if you thought today's weather was top notch wait until tomorrow. >> meteorologist kate bilo has a first look. kate. >> that's right, jessica. we're in great stretch of weather through the rest of the week and into the weekend thanks to large upper level storm bringing cool, dry air into the region and even now temperatures already dropping into the 60s in spots across the area. very comfortable night and it's
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going to be sunny stretch. coming up we'll talk about how long that stellar stretch lasts, the heat does return in the seven day and i'll have the latest on tropical storm erika in just a few minutes. jessica. >> also, ahead at 11:00-a mysterious disorder affecting younger women but the symptoms make it difficult for doctors to diagnosis. health reporter stephanie stahl with one woman's story and how she got the help she needed. plus -- excuse me, sit down you weren't called. sit down. sit down. sit down! go ahead. >> donald trump press conference confrontation. find out what led to a well-known news personality being he is cored out of the room. >> and zombies want the. hundreds turned out for a frightening casting call. why for this gig the scarier the better. stay with us. ♪
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>> high powered officials called for attorney general kathleen kane to to step down. voters want the same thing. kane is facing criminal charges related to allegations she leaked secret grand jury information then lied about it under oath. a new poll finds 49% of voters surveyed think she should resi resign. even more voters disapprove of the way kane is handling her job as the state's top prosecutor. 54% disapprove of her performance. 20% approve. donald trump comes out swinging tonight in iowas ting a reporter out of his press conference. >> sit down. go ahead. >> no, you don't. you haven't been called. >> i have the trite ask a question. >> go back to u inform i vision. >> jorge ramos was removed from trump's press conference after ramos started firing questions about immigration while trump was talking. ramos later returned and was allowed to ask his questions. the two talked for several minutes discussing among other things so-called anchor and the
2:21 am
possible building of a wall on the baby. >> a builder. that's easy. i built buildings,. >> can i tell you what's more complicated. what's more complicated is building a building that's 95 stories tall. >> trump once again criticized fox news channel anchor meghan kelly saying she treated him unfairly at a recent debate. he took to twitter to air his grievances against her. on the cbs3 health watch tonight, a mysterious disorder that strikes mainly young women and is often misdiagnosed. as health reporter stephanie stahl shows us the symptoms can be dramatic. >> reporter: after wendy barkowitz gave birth to her second son the once happy and active mom's live changed dramatically. >> the most difficult time in my and tire life. i was brought down to my knees. >> reporter: difficult pregnancy led to some unusual and debilitating symptoms including a racing heart and mental confusion. >> if as i was going to faint. i would start seeing black
2:22 am
floaters and felt like i needed to sit down. >> reporter: she hadn't tear i don't believe are a throw -- malfunction of the brain and nerves that control involuntary body functions. >> such as heart rate and blood pressure tears and saliva and sweating and bladder and bowel function. it. >> controls the amount of blood that goes to the brain when you stand up. if there's not the heart speeds up to try to supply more. while there's no specific treatment wendy compensates by squatting a lot to get more blood to her brain. she also pretends to look for things on bottom shelves when she gets lightheaded. another important treatment is salt water. it increases blood pressure and the blood volume to keep the brain supplied and exercise has an important part to her slow but steady recovery. >> i've had an upper trajectory. >> it's not known. but it can sometimes be treated with medications women are often
2:23 am
misdiagnosed and told they have anxiety. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> a officials with the national zoo in washington, d.c. are base facing challenge trying to keep two baby pandas a live. new picture of the smaller of the twins. the baby has to be bottle and tube fed because the panda mom is only nursing the larger cub. she's also not letting keepers swap in her smaller newborn. it's important for both cubs to have equal time with mom so they can get enough to eat. good luck to get getting that situated. >> philadelphia flower show is headed for the great outdoors. >> organizers announced the 2016 show's theme is explore america. the big event will ab partnership between the philadelphia horticultural society and national park service which will also be celebrating its 100th birthda birthday. 2016 flower show takes place at the pennsylvania convention center march 5th through the 13th. 40 years ago today, bruce springsteen's album born to run was released launching him
2:24 am
straight into stardom. >> no doubt about it. springsteen feeling a little nostalgic today tweeted out this photo saying 40 years ago today columbia records released born to run hash tag born to run 40. besides the title track the album featured hits from the jerseys born rocker including thunder road, jungle land and tenth avenue freeze out. he has said in past interviews this album was make or break for him. we all know how that turn out. >> yes, we do. >> i think it turn out just fine for the boss. >> oh, great song. number of great songs. >> kate has the forecast. >> what great week it will be. today turn out beautiful by the afternoon and rest of the week looks phenomenal. >> bring it. >> can't get better than this for the last week of august. hot august so far. most of the days this month at or above forty two average. three days below normal this month. bite end of the week we could add a day or two. let's take lookout side. it feels fantastic if you had a chance to step outside this nice
2:25 am
breeze coming through low humidity that will continue through tonight and through the rest of the week this is skycam3 looking out toward that beautiful skyline view of center city from our cbs3 studios looking all lit up. no problems out there tonight. that's for sure. let's take look at the time lapse video on 95 neighborhood network. we talked yesterday about how the clouds will cling to the shore a little bit in the morning. started off cloudy at the boardwalk plaza. set this into motion. watch the clouds move out by afternoon lots of sunshine the beach empties a bit, shadows lengthen then the boardwalk picks up the pace and it was a busy night. temperatures are in the mid 70s. all that cool dry air coming in thanks to this system which is moving away and bringing a lot of cool air to the great lakes. for us we're not seeing the clouds or the showers. they are getting with that large upper level low pressure system overhead we're getting the sweep of nice dry comfortable weather that will be around for at least the next three days and then into the weekend at least dry weather remains. 75 degrees still at the airport but it's cool and comfy in he
2:26 am
had reading at 63. 58 in mount pocono. you can see where that cool air down to 60 in cleveland already. 55 in alpina and 40s in extreme minnesota. dew points since this time yesterday have dropped more than 15 degrees that means we've gone from some oppressive feeling humidity to very comfortable conditions and that will be around tomorrow as well. sunny skies for your wednesday. thursday same story. nice breeze from the northwest. mostly sunny, cool and comfortable and same story friday with high pressure right overhead. it will be sunny and nice. here's the latest oh and tropical storm erika right now still a tropical storm sustained winds at 40 gusts to 50 moving west at 18 miles per hour and here is the latest track released from the national hurricane center. you can zoo that is going to take it right toward the baham bahamas. the may strep then by later sunday evening in category one hurricane and then could impact the southern coast of florida as we get into the start of next week. keep in mind, this track could still change. here the cone of uncertainty could take it out into the atlantic. could take it into the gulf this
2:27 am
bears watching. not directly for our area, but certainly if you have travel plans and then maybe later next week we'll have to watch the path of that tropical storm. overnight mainly clear and comfortable. 65. for your wednesday beautiful weather, nice and warm that's theirs that northwest wind. humidity values nice and low through the day down the shore doesn't get much better than than this. mostly sunny and nice at 81. water temperature of 78. that's why i think this may be the best time of year to head down the shore. water is warm and weather is beautiful. "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast the rest of the week is a stunner and then the weekend looks good, too. it does start to team up a bit definitely going to feel still like summer even as we move through the last couple of days of august. and we start september on tuesday. not going to start it on a fall like note at 90 degrees next tuesday with a chance for a storm. >> kate, thank you. >> let's talk sports with pat. >> current eagles signed a new contract while two ex eagles find themselves knew homes. lots of football news is on the way and the phillies and mets
2:28 am
were back in action and the ball was flying again tonight. all that and more coming up in
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>> last night plenty of offensive fireworks between the mets and phillies 10 different players hit 11 homeruns. tonight not a redo but the ball was flying. eight homers for the mets less than 24 hours ago. why not start it off tonight. he puts the mets up two to nothing in the first. the phillies would battle back with a long ball. freddie galvis he goes up and out. two run homerun. little later on still in the third inning ryan howard launch as two run blast of his own. his 21st homerun of the seaso season. phils would take four to three lead. to the six michael, gives the mets a it will two run single. they go up six-four and beat the phillies by a score of stick five. eagles will battle the green bay packer on the road this weekend and the starters expect to play
2:31 am
a good amount in what likely be their final tune up for the regular season. running back demarco murray hasn't seen much of the field in the preseason, but he's enjoying his time working with chip kelly in the high flying eagles offense. >> i love it here. i love this team. i love what we're doing here. obviously, continual process. you learning offense, learning to block a team want not. it's begun been great so. >> michael kendricks will buy a new mom for his year after signing a four year contract worth $29 million yesterday. he was rumored to be on the trade block before the draft but chip kelly said he was going nowhere and he meant it. after playing just 12 games last season after dealing with a calf injury, kendricks is relieved to get contract signed. >> it's a huge weight off my chest, off my shoulders and now i can just do my thing. it's done. now it's just about playing football and trying to be the best. >> form her eagles card evan mathis found a new home his job
2:32 am
to protect peyton manning. sign a one deer deal with the broncos much the contract is worth upwards of $4 million. eagles cut mathis in june after a contract dispute. another former eagle found a new home. michael vick he's landed with the pittsburgh steelers on a one-year deal tonight. he'll play the role of ben roethlisberger's backup 35-year-old vick spent last season as geno smith backup with the
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♪ new tonight zombies are taking over philadelphia's fairmount neighbor. >> check out these actors terror behind the walls hosting a casting call at the eastern state penetentiary tonight. seeking 200 actors to play zombies for the upcoming season of terror behind the walls much
2:35 am
haunted house a traction soaps september 1 itth. no thriller line dance. >> that's later. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news". our morning team is back tomorrow al 4:30. for pat, kate our end tear team i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on for you at madam secretary is next. >> thanks for watching. good night, family. sleep well.
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