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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 27, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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month. we have had ten days of 90 plus degree weather, 24 out of the 26 days with sunshine, highest temp is 94. our low has been 65. makes you wonder will we see more 90's? well, not today. we are looking good. current temperature 66 degrees. humidity 63 percent. higher then we were yesterday but still not too bad. storm scan three showing, those clear beautiful blue skies that we can expect to see yet again today, and as we look here at our headlines, we can see sun stretch continues, into tomorrow, heat and humidity creeping back in as we head toward the weekend. so august will end with the the 90's and also begin with some 90's. so if you thought the month is about to wind up, on monday, we will start september, nice and cool, not so much, we're getting that cooler weather right the now, we're going to start september a little bit toasty, just prepare you for. that we will talk bit in the seven day forecast in just a few moments, meisha, over to
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you. >> kid will have to pack some water in those lunch boxes. >> yeah, absolutely. >> good morning everyone. happy thursday to you if you are just waking up. things are looking really nice out there. nice and calm which is a nice, new pattern so far this week, right. here's a live look at 422 eastbound at oaks, looking nice, roads are dry, and it is a really nice drive, especially considering what we have been dealing with. monday through wednesday were very busy. here's the blue route southbound at mid county looking great here. have one traveling in and around the area at posted speeds which is exactly what we want to see as we start this 5:00 o'clock hour. we have an update on the vine construction. we had construction on the westbound side that has been cleared. have one traveling the vine really nice. both the vine and the schuylkill right now look really nice and calm, as well. the the phillies verse mets tonight at 7:05. van halen plays at susquehanna bank center for those who love music. would i like to see that one. i won't be there but i wish i
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would be. mass transit line is running back to normal for those taking that form of the commute. nicole, back to you. meisha, thank you. new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting in north philadelphia a man was found dead of a gunshot wound in the apartment near 15th and poplar. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live with more details, justin? >> reporter: nicole, good morning, the scene remains very active this morning. medical examiner van just arrived a short time ago to collect the body there, the crime scene investigation is underway, paying very close attention to every detail of that third floor apartment, where that man was found shot, and killed. details, that includes, signs of the what appear to be drugs. lets take you to video of the scene, police tell us that there was a heavy in smell of marijuana in that third floor unit where that 24 year-old man was found deceased. his friend, two men found him at 1:00 this morning shot in the head and he was discovered in the back room of what police called a work room of
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his apartment, those friend called 911 and stood by for medics to arrive soon after and pronounce that had man dead at the 1:15 this morning. detectives tell me that one spent shell casing near the body and also casing of what appears to be a semiautomatic gun. there are no signs of robbery or forced entry at the this time and detective tell us they are turning their attention to signs of drugs at the scene. take a listen. >> we did find what appears to be residue on a countertop and the floor, this residue appears to be that of a green weed-like substance commonly found in marijuana. also a very strong odor of marijuana coming from the apartment. unusually strong odor
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marijuana there is a possibility, this homicide could be narcotics related. >> reporter: as you heard, narcotic angle is being one explored by police. and those two friends are talking to homicide detectives. we are live, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a 21 year-old man is dead after a shooting in hunting park. had man was shot several times 9:30 last night in the 1600 block of rowan street. victim's body was found in the street and he was pronounced dead at that scene. police made no arrestness this violence. twenty year-old man is under a arrest after he took a shot at them in east germantown. police responded to the 100 block of east pistorius street and when that suspect fired, several returned fire no one was hit. police took four other men in custody at that scene as well. a 12 year-old is recovering after being hit the by a car in germantown. driver remained at the scene and was questioned by investigators. this happened just before 9:00 0 block of east sill vein use
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street. we are learning more about the 41 year-old gunman accused of murdering two young journalist on live television. deadly shooting sent shock waves across the the country. we won't show you most of the graphic part but we caution what you will sianni what you will hear is disturbing. don champion reports from virginia. >> reporter: memorial of flowers and balloons grew overnight outside wdbj tv in roanoke, virginia, the station still can't believe 2b loved collogues are gone. >> all day the community has provided an outpouring just of support for us. >> reporter: reporter allison parker and photographer adam ward were ambushed, and killed, live on the air, wednesday morning, by a disgruntled former employee of their station. >> that employee was a fellow journalist, vester flannigan, he went by the name bryce williams while reporting for the the station. the 41 year-old was let go two years ago and he said his daughter died doing what she
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loves. >> it is hard to get your arms around it and realize or try to make sense of why it happened. >> reporter: before killing himself, authorities say flannigan went on a twitter rant, saying allison made racist comments and adam complained about them to hr. the general manager here at wdbj says flannigan had to be escorted out of the building by police when he was let go, he also called him difficult, to work with. >> in a 23 page document faxed to abc news, flannigan apparently described himself as a human powder keg motivated by the charleston church shooting massacre. president obama called wednesday's shooting a moment to reflect on. >> i think it is one more argument for why we need to look at how we can reduce gun violence in this country. >> reporter: prayer vigils are planned in the community in the coming days. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". parker's boyfriend chris hearst is a graduate of the conestoga high school in
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tredyffrin township chester county. said we didn't share this publicly but allison and i were very much in love. we just moved in together, i'm numb. hearst did not anchor the news last night but instead mourning loss of his collogue and girl friend. >> i just can't believe that she's gone. i can't. a marvelous story teller with so much prom ace head of her who just happened to love me back. >> reporter: hearst and parker had been dating for nine months. a said they planned to marry. that deadly shooting of the news crew shed light on the piece of technology some police departments and law enforcement have a at their disposal to use. our david spunt got an up close look at a license plate reader and how it worked. >> reporter: moments after pulling a trigger vester flannigan a former report shore went by the name bryce williams on air drove to the roanoke airport, left his car and then drove off in a previously rented car and left roanoke. police caught up with him several hours later about 200 miles away from the shooting scene, a state
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trooper spotted flannigan's vehicle using one of these a license plate reader. >> it bothers me. i don't understand how someone can even think to do that. >> reporter: we rode around with james who using the same technology that ended up locating vester flannigan on the highway. >> this happened in a matter of second. >> reporter: james showed us how the license plate readers works. as he drives these cameras on top of his car take instant real time photographs of license plates ape flag them. if there are any issues with the registration, license plate or the driver. >> i'm looking for children running out in the street, i'm trying to be a safe vehicle operator. i don't turn my head to look at a tag. >> reporter: images are sent to camden county's real time crime centers where detective can compare data. an hour after the attack a man claimed to be vester flannigan called in and faxed a 23 page letter to abc news. in the letter flannigan road he was attack for being a gay
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black man. he allegedly wrote i have been a human powder keg for a while just waiting to go boom. according to the letter flannigan also says that the shootings were retaliation for church massacre in june in charleston, south the carolina vester flannigan sued wdbj in roanoke for discrimination, that case was dismissed. we have also learned that he sued his former nbc station in tallahassee florida for racial discrimination for $15,000, that case, was settled. reporting from the sat center, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the tragedy in virginia, when we're not on television fine updates and tributes to the victims on cbs convicted colorado theater shooter james will holmes will spent the rest half his life in prison j sentenced him to 12 life sentences without the possibilities of parole plus 3,318 years. the the 12 life eventenses are to 12 people he killed in the shooting rampage in aurora
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colorado, back in july of 2012. judge added the 3,318 years for 70 convictions of attempted murder and explosive charge. 5:10. coming up next on "eyewitness news", the the president gets ready for a visit to new orleans as we approach ten year anniversary of hurricane katrina. new documents revealed related against the case of attorney general kathleen kane? what they show and what it could mean for kane. plus vice-president joe biden says he is a assessing whether he has the quote emotional fuel to run for the white house. more fire works from the g.o.p. side of things, we will have the update for campaign 2016 coming up next. >> ♪ baby news for member of the cbs-3 family. that is when "eyewitness news" continues. baby, baby, there are two.
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welcome back. of course, ladies, we have some exciting news, to pass along to our viewers this
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morning. meet will role goodies katie fehlinger has given birth to two healthy, little girls. >> parker janice and kayden fey, i just love these names, they were born yesterday, so a huge congratulations to katie and her husband steve and a warm welcome to the newest members of the "eyewitness news" family. >> yes. >> everybody was asking yesterday, so hard for us to say anything. >> yes. >> i just want to see a picture of those two. >> same. >> absolutely. >> if you are watching, katie, send one, you know. >> i'm sure you are resting but we are looking ahead to some great weather. >> fantastic weather today. yesterday was so nice, wasn't it. >> yes, gorgeous. >> we will see more of that today and more of that tomorrow. and a then the the weekend. then we will warm up. we will end this month pretty warm and start september pretty warm as well. lets get right to it. right now lovely as we look at our temperatures.
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66 degrees. here in philadelphia you can see 63 percent humidity. temperatures right now mount pocono a little cooler, and about 56 degrees. fifty-eight in reading. fifty-nine in wilmington. lets check out atlantic city about 58 for you. we are starting off nice and pleasant. dew points are not too bad right now. as you can see over the next few days we will see them start to creep up. so by the time we hit weekend we are going to be pleasant heading in to humid and sunday you'll feel it. it will be a steamy ride there saturday, sunday into monday. storm scan three this is fantastic giving us beautiful blue skies. we will see high clouds out there. that will hold throughout the day-to-day. what does that mean? if you happen to be down the shore, we have a spectacular beach day, on tap here. so another sunny day, 79 degrees for your high down the shore. the rip current risk is low that will help us out heading in the water. high pressure in control means
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more sunshine today and more sunshine on friday, 80's looking good, into saturday, we will see that southerly flow coming in, we will feel humidity creeping up. we will stay in the 80's but as we get the in to sunday new we are up there. hot and humid and high of 89 degrees. we have a change coming. lets enjoy it. 38 degrees. beautiful tonight. nice, comfortable. low of about 64. again, it will be clear, so that dinner on you the side on the patio perfect night for it. lets look at your seven day forecast, you can see where that heat is coming in. it will be sunday into monday and even look at tuesday we will start september with a 90-. ready for that a little some like it hot. >> i am, 90's don't bother me coming from minnesota. >> yes. >> as long as humidity is kind of held at bay a little bit. good morning. it is still early. road are looking great. so happy to report. that i have been bearer of bad news, but to take it looks really nice, on your morning
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commute. schuylkill eastbound at girard, heading in to center city. have one is traveling at posted speed which now is kind of the time when we see volume build and they certainly are. you can see more headlights now then you could just 15 minutes ago but schuylkill looking good. ninety-five south past cottman looking great here as well, again, everyone traveling around posted speed. same thing askew kill seeing things slowly picking up, plenty more headlights starting to enter on the roadways but at home watching this just thinking about heading out on the roadways you are in very good company. everyone moving around nicely, and by ben franklin bridge for those, traveling from new jersey into center city looking nice, very, very slow, all of the bridges looking good right the now. so far, so good, nicole, over to you. all right, meisha, thank you. happening today president obama visits new orleans on the tenth anniversary of hurricane katherine a the storm devastated the city of new orleans and much of the america's gulf coast. while in the city president will meet the with residents
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who rebuilt their lives since that disaster. the the president will participate in the round table on advancements of national preparedness. well, there could be a political storm brewing in the democratic party, vice-president joe biden is making his first public comments on a possible presidential run and fire works on g.o.p. side correspondent hanna daniels has very latest on campaign 2016. >> donald trump didn't like my question and then that is what happened he tried to silence me. >> reporter: univision best known news personality jorge ramos found common ground with megan kelly wednesday night. both journalist exchanged words with donald trump. on wednesday the billion air mogul defended his decision to eject ramos from the the news conference. >> he stood up, started ranting and raving like a mad man and frankly he was out of line. >> reporter: back in his home
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state jeb bush says he is a candidate with the record and not just rhetoric. >> this guy doesn't have a plan, he is a appealing to the people anger. >> reporter: while g.o.p. battle it out with donald trump, vice-president by up is trying to figure out when has the the emotional fuel jump in the presidential race. on a conference call with democratic leaders on wednesday gentlemen biden talk about the the emotional toll the recent death of his eldest son beau has taken on the family admitting his heart and soul are pretty well banged up as he considers his run for presidency. speaking in iowa hillary clinton called biden a friend and says his decision was a difficult one. >> he should have have the the space and opportunity to tea side what he wants to do. i'm going to be running for president regardless. >> reporter: vice-president is scheduled to meet with his senior advisors again today. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 5:19. hundreds of the pornographic e-mails and documents related
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to the criminal case begins pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has been unsealed by the pennsylvania supreme court. the documents include an emergency application filed boykin in november, she asked the court to end the investigation into allegation that is she leak grand jury information. dana alleged two former staffers, quote, corruptly manufactured the investigation to protect their jobs after she found they had been sending or receiving pornographic e-mails on their office computers. the investigation led to obstruction and conspiracy charges against kane. on monday a judge ruled there is sufficient evidence for the case to go to trial. kane denied any wrongdoing, for more in department look at the documents head to our web site at cbs 5:20 right now. pope francis welcoming choir is getting ready for his arrival in philadelphia. it is a cushion fit for a pope, we will have more on the comfortable chair being made for pope francis when we come right back.
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excitement is building we are 30 days away from the arrival of the pope francis here in philadelphia and preparations as you can imagine are being in full swing. the bulk of the planning is complete, the city of philadelphia wants the community to get pumped up for the papal visit. on wednesday mayor michael nutter unveiled a new campaign call i'll be there. starting on monday officials will distribute open in phl buttons and kits to business as cross the city. kits will include information about how businesses can get involved and engage visitors during the papal events. officials say they are also planning fun activities, all over what will be called the franchise festival grounds. >> we want you to know you can still be part of this event. there will be 40 jumbo trons strategically place add cross the francis festival ground, 40 jumbo trons where you can see everything that is happening. >> mayor nutter announced reading terminal market,
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jack's firehouse in fair mount and other businesses will remain opened during the papal visit. some choirs from across the the area that will be singing for pope francis are rehearsing for the historic visit, take a listen. >> ♪ >> the choir of the saint charles seminary held its first rehearsal. "eyewitness news" was there as they practiced in wynnewood montgomery county. choir works on the song song welcomed to the pontiff on september 26th, just one of the selections the the choir will perform for the pope. what an honor. those making the the pilgrimage to see the pope vee at subway will notice renovations at walnut/locust station. septa is repaint ago this area including the floors and columns. improvements to the broad street line were already planned but septa says repairs were sped up, because of the expect up crease in passengers. connecticut studio has been tasks with making cushion pope francis will use touring his visit. workers at tiger lily design
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are hand crafting the white chair pad this he were told to keep it simple, cheap and not extravagant. get this when studio was contacted about the work they were told it would be just a small project. >> they're all like, the pope, how is this a small project? >> he is a humble guy. cushion is being made out of 100 percent cut on, the the white fabric is made in the u.s.a. take a closer look at street and highway closures. we know there will be plenty of them. also information about mass transit and much more on our web site. find a complete guy to the papal visit at cbs 5:26. coming up on "eyewitness news" the nation has been watching these panda cubs since they were born in washington d.c. but coming up we have a sad update on one of them. we will tell you about it in our next half an hour. also ahead a new milestone for little boy captured our heart after his ground breaking hand transplant such an incredible story we will
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update you coming up next, kyla. i will keep an eye on the heat coming our way plus tracking the tropical storm, that is threatening florida and could influence our weather, next week, i'll have all that when i come back plus a lovely forecast for today, stay with us, eyewitness news will be right back.
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it is a start of the new school year for college students and they are heading back with a warning about a series of robberies, targeting undergraduates at one local university. we will have details on that in just a minute. but first good morning, thanks for joining us, it is thursday, august 27th, i'm nicole brewer with a couple of lovely ladies. >> good morning. >> talking about this amazing forecast. so excited. >> just beautiful, right. >> yeah, in fact, look at this. >> i'm doing a sunshine dance. that is all i can think of. lets talk about august, as we are just about to wrap it up. we have ten days of 90-degree plus degree heat in august. we have had 24 out of 26 days with sun, that is quite nice, high temperature this month, so far 94 degrees, low is 65. makes you wonder will we see more 90's before all is said and done. i think we will but right now we don't have to worry about that today.


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