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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this morning, we're remembering the talented and news reporter and photographer gunned down on live television. a memorial growing outside the station as they work as we hear from family and friend about the lives lost too soon. new this morning, philadelphia police are searching for a killer after a man is found dead, inside of an apartment building. and the search is also on for three masked men who stormed a local 7-eleven overnight armed with guns. we will have have much more on those stories coming up. todays, it is tuesday, august 27th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. i'm not alone this morning. we will get a check of weather and traffic with meisha and kyla, good morning, ladies. >> good morning. we're almost to the weekend. i'm sharing the load with you, kyla, good news, for everyone, it is looking great in the traffic department as well. >> hey, keeping up with the weather, meisha. >> i try. >> i just want to say it is a beautiful morning because it is, out here, it is gorgeous,
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i think anybody that has to walk toward their work place or want to get outside, sit outside for your lunch hour this is day to do it. it is gorgeous. temperatures are nice, breezy, but not bad. lets look live. 64 degrees in philadelphia 56 in mount pocono. reading at 57. atlantic city about 57 degrees as well. we are off to a nice start. look at this, here we go with storm scan three. i'm used to this nice happy radar all the time. just clear skies, beautiful. that means we will see another day of those pretty blue skies out there. look at your, forecasted to go through the day here and you can see that stay with us. we will work our way in the 80's again but thing you will notice is it just feels nice out there once more just like yesterday, where humidity levels stayed decent. our sunny stretch continues today, but, you knew there was a but, heat and humidity do creep back into the forecast, august ending with a 90-degree high, september potentially
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also starting with a 90-degree high. we have got the some heat coming our way. we will detail that for you coming up in your seven day forecast, but for today, it is gorgeous, meisha, so lets have a good traffic day. >> we are going go to. i have that good feeling don't you at home as well. it will be a good day. gateway to the weekend. look at that, sky line, is that not beautiful. i feel like you can paint that on your living room wall. every day you woke up to grab that coffee it would look like this. maybe deceiving in the summer but still looks really pretty. here's vine street expressway, bound at eighth street you can see expressway looking good this morning. i can just sit and stare at that all morning. ninety-five at betsy ross bridge, looking good there. slowly starting to see volume levels pick up ever so slightly now that we are in the 6:00 o'clock hour but everyone traveling around at posted speeds which is what we hope for. we don't always get it. we didn't have it in the beginning of the week. this is an area where we are seeing levels build, just
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about 20 minutes ago it didn't look like this we are building 42 freeway north bound at creek road approaching 295 for those coming from new jersey, trying to make your way toward 295 just building and then freeway friend pulled off to the shoulder not causing slow downs but we are used to it and everything is fun. phillies verse mets and van halen play as the susquehanna bank center at 7:30. nicole, over to you you. new you this morning police investigate a deadly overnight shooting in the north philadelphia apartment. man was found dead of the gunshot wound near 15th and poplar streets. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live at the scene with more tea always, justin. >> reporter: police thought the that the victim may have been laying on top of a gun that fired that fatal shot. police are telling us that it is not the case that weapon has in the the yet been found this remains a active homicide investigation this morning and now the search is on for whoever pulled that trigger. about 1:00 a.m. police say two men walk inside this poplar
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street building up to the third floor apartment and found their friend dead. >> when they found their friends, on the floor, bleeding, they immediately called 191. >> reporter: their friend a managed 24, dead of the gunshot wound to the head, lying on the floor of the back room when it appeared to be a work space police say. single shell casing was found inches from the body, the friend called police and by 1:15 a.m. a homicide investigation was underway. >> homicide detectives are processing the scene, knocking on doors, in the four story apartment, looking for any additional witnesses, they are also knocking on doors in the neighborhood. >> reporter: detectives say there were no initial signs of forced entry, ransacking or robbery but there were signs of narcotics. >> we did find what appears to be residue on the countertop and floor. that appears to be that of a green weed-like substance commonly found in marijuana
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also a very strong odor of marijuana coming from the apartment. >> reporter: at this hour in, that third floor unit, the crime scene is still up there looking for their last minute clues in this investigation, as you heard, narcotics angle will factor into this case as well. we are told victim's friend are still talking to police at this time and being very cooperative. we can also tell you you that police are looking for, tips, as many as possible in this case. we are live, in north philadelphia, justin finch for cbs-3 eyewitness news. meanwhile police in lower merion are investigating a robbery at this 7-eleven store at haverford and city avenues. it happened just before 4:00 this morning. three men held the store up and then fled on foot, authorities tell "eyewitness news" one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, so far no arrests. a reporter and photographers gunned down on live television are being memorialized this morning in roanoke, virginia. we are learning more about the
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disturb mind of the co-worker vester lee flannigan. cbs news don champion has more from virginia. >> reporter: memorial of flowers, balloons, grew overnight outside wdbj tv in roanoke, virginia. the station still cannot believe 2b loved colleagues are gone. >> all day the community has provided an outpouring of support for us. >> reporter: reporter allison parker and photographer adam ward were ambush and then killed live on the air wednesday morning, by a disgruntled former employee of their station. >> that employee, was a fellow journalist, vester flannigan, who went by the name bryce williams while reporting for the the station. the 41 year-old was let go two years ago and andy parker said his doubt are died doing what she loved. >> it is hard to get your arms around it and realize or trying to make sense of why it happened. >> reporter: before killing himself authorities say flannigan went on a twitter rant saying allison made racist comments and adam complained about him to hr.
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the general manager here at wdbj says flannigan had to be escorted out of the building by police when he was let go. he also called him difficult, to work with. >> in a 23 page document faxed to abc news flannigan apparently described himself as a human powder keg motivated by the charleston church shooting massacre, president obama called wednesday's shooting a moment to reflect on. >> it is one more argument for why we need to look at, you know, how we can reduce gun violence in this country. >> reporter: prayer vigils are planned in the community in the coming days. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". park are's boyfriend chris hearst is a graduate of the conestoga high school in tredyffrin township chester county. he tweeted this message yesterday. we didn't share this publicly but allison and i were very much in love. we just moved in together, i am numb. he did not anchor the news and said mourning the loss of his collogue and his girlfriend. >> i just can't believe that
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she's gone. a marvelous story teller with so much prom ace head of her who just happened to love me back. >> they had been dating for nine months and says that they planned to marry. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the tragedy in virginia when we're not on television fine updates and tributes on cbs the the tenth anniversary of hurricane katherine a president obama will visit new orleans to spotlight hard work of residents who put their lives back together after that disaster. the president will participate in the round table discussion of america's increased preparedness. katrina cost an estimated $100 billion in damage. it is 6:08 right now. vice-president joe biden makes his first public comments on a possible presidential run, coming up next. plus working parents know what a challenge it is to shuttle children to sports and other after school activities, we will tell but new services that make it easier as kid
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head back to school. and no more counting calories why experts say it is time to shift away from that way of thinking, we will have the details, next. >> ♪ >> we heard meisha raving bit a few moment ago, here's to the sunrise, looking lovely in center city philadelphia we're glad you you are up with us, this morning, make it a great day, guys, we will see you in a few minutes.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at we have some very exciting news to pass along to our viewers this morning. we are happy to tell you that meteorologist katie fehlinger and her husband, steve welcomed two baby girls, parker janice and kayden feye they were welcomed in the world yesterday. we are so thrilled for them. we know that they are probably getting their rest this morning but if by chance they are watching we just want to say welcome to the new members of the "eyewitness news" family. we are so excited for you guys. >> enjoy every moment of it. >> yes, we have rough days ahead and you will be fine. i have no idea but i'm sure you will be fine.
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you got me ready, she can do anything. >> yes. >> you come bearing good news, for those girls. >> they are coming in at a lovely time. yesterday was gorgeous. perfect day for them. today is gorgeous. tomorrow is looking gorgeous. >> yes. >> we will talk about a little will but in there. >> lets take a look at this. this is beautiful. the this is middletown ship high school, at cape may courthouse, gorgeous sunrise there. 60 degrees right now. wind is nice and calm. it is pretty out there. we are looking for temperatures well all around. lancaster at 57. fifty-nine in wilmington. sixty-four in philadelphia. sixty in trenton. we are starting off with a nice mild morning. we can see 60's from darn gate light and stone harbor. cape may 1 not working. the just ignore that one there. dew points in the 50's which is why we're feeling so lovely and air is in the so heavy yet again today. that will change, but not until after this game tonight. our first pitch forecast will
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be quite nice, 77 degrees, around 7:05 when phillies will be taking on the mets. wind there at five to 10 miles an hour. by the the ninth mostly clear and comfortable about 72. not bad. lets look at live radar, storm scan three, gorgeous out there. that is blue skies, we will be seeing today, however, we are going to see a change. notice to day we are in the pleasant, awesome category of how it will feel. we will start to have move up as we get in the weekend and by sunday we will have have humidity back in contention. it will be warmer, and it will be a little bit heavier the air. look at the shore cast, beautiful day as we head across the next few days here. eighty-three, 84 for your thursday and friday. saturday we will warm up. that is in the bad looking at the shore 79, 78, and 81. looking g tonight will be really nice out there. 83 degrees. lots of sunshine. great day on tap. as we get into tonight, 64, clear and comfortable. our seven day forecast shows us a lovely thursday and
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friday, little warmer saturday and sunday and hello 90 degrees, monday and tuesday with cloud by the way and humidity to end, and the month, meisha. >> beautiful day to go out walking the dog or whatever and beautiful day to get the in the car and take a drive, speaking of, let's do had that. this is schuylkill eastbound at city, looking all green there. then as we take a live shot volumes are slowly building but great thing this is a shot from the schuylkill at spring garden. you are still traveling around at pest ted speeds. what is nice is it is a thursday, we are in the 6:00 o'clock hour and road are looking nice and they looked like this all morning long. so for those just hitting the roadways you are in good company. here's for those coming up in new jersey look at ben franklin bridge heading in to center city looking beautiful. this is a commute, a day to get in the car and take a drive because it is really nice. so far so good west trent than line is running normal between west trenton and woodbourne
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for those taking this. and, also we have some construction on the delaware memorial bridge until tomorrow, both directions, the right lanes are blocked. nicole, over to you. meisha, thank you. 6:16. coming up next why vice-president joe biden says he might not have emotional fuel to run for president. coming up later we are live at the adventure aquarium in a aquarium hanging out with the hippos. they are hosting their first ever hippo awareness weekend. we will tell you all about that coming up next.
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all right. a look at the race for the the white house, hillary clinton says she's in the race, of the white house whether vice-president joe by up runs or not. the republican rest will will with front runner donald trump. correspondent hand daniels reports from the campaign trail. >> clearly, donald trump didn't like my question, and then that is what happens, he tried to silence me. >> reporter: univision best known news personality jorge ramos found common ground with "fox news" host megyn kelly wednesday night, both journalist have exchange word with donald trump. on wednesday the billion air mogul defended his decision to eject ramos from the news conference. >> he stood up, he started ranting and raving like a mad man and frankly he was out of line. >> reporter: back in his home state jeb bush says he is a candidate with the record and not just rhetoric. >> this guy doesn't have a plan. he is appealing to people's
6:20 am
anger. >> reporter: while g.o.p. field battles it out with donald trump, vice-president i biden is trying to figure out when has the the emotional fuel to jump in the presidential race. on a conference call with democratic leaders on wednesday joe biden talk about the the emotional toll that recent death of his eldest son beau has taken on the family. admitting his heart and soul are pretty well banged up as he considers his run for the presidency. speaking in iowa, hillary clinton called biden a friend and said his decision was a difficult one. >> he should have the space, and the opportunity to decide what he wants to do. i am going to be running for president railroaded less. >> reporter: the vice-president is scheduled to meet with his senior advisors again today. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. 6:20. still ahead a popular breakfast food is recalled, listen up, we will have details coming up next. would you let your child get in the the car with the
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stranger? gee, i hepp in the but we will tell but a new serve that is encouraging working parents to do just that. kyla we are getting spoiled by now, more on the way. >> yes, we will have nice weather on the way but heat coming as well. i will get you details you need to make your week than plans when we come back stay with us, we are working on it over here. we will see you. "eyewitness news" co
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creeping up on you.s fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. on the healthwatch this morning, british scientists
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developed a blood test for breast cans their can predict a relapse, months before tumors form again. researchers specifically looked for microscopic pieces of dna linked to the cancerous tumors that were surgically removed. they say normal imaging can detect cancer cells after they have grown. senior citizens developed dementia may not ab wear of their memory loss as it is happening. researchers at, rush university in chicago tracked hundreds of patients eventually diagnosed with dementia. they saw a sharp decline in memory awareness two to three years before the on set of that disease. health experts say it is time to pay closer attention to the nutritional value of food rather than counting calories. editorial in the journal open heart point tout that nuts or olive oil may have more calories then say a sugary drink but they are associated with reduced risk of heart attack and, stroke. we like to call the healthy fats. 6:24. imagine a stranger, showing to us take your child to school.
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it is a real service that parents are signing up for. it is called shuttle. using an app parents schedule a pick up for day before. children must be eight or older and have their own cell phones and parents can monitor the ride in real time. >> every single ride is watched live at shuttle headquarters by full-time employees. we can monitoring driving behavior in real time. >> predetermined pass word is used between driver and child who is also see pictures of each other before the pick up. shuttle says their drivers have child care experience and get through intensive background checks. >> i don't know how i feel about this, i will need more time. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we have more on the tv news crew killed on live television, just horrific. we will get back to that in just a moment. plus we are getting a firsthand look at technology used to track down suspect who opened fire on that crew, officers here in our area use it as well and they are showing us how it works.
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and asian stocks are surging following wall street's big rebound we are live with new advice for investors, meisha. we are looking really nice, volume levels slowly starting to pick up now, i-95 south before girard at allegheny a avenue, we will have updates coming up, but first we will take a quick break. (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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we've got some good news to start off your thursday morning another picture perfect take, i got to tell you, really getting spoiled, for late august, this is pretty amazing but kyla, things will heat up again, come september. >> yeah, you might think okay, we're done. >> no more humidity. >> not so much. >> i'm kind of excited because
6:30 am
i'm holding on to the last bit of summer. >> well, you know what is to change, is there no going back. >> long stretch. >> yes. >> we will take some heat. lets talk about what we have been through so far this august. starting to wrap up the month toward weekend, ten days, of 90-degree heat. twenty-four out of 26 days, sunshine, high temperature about 94 degrees and our low temperature 65. not bad, right? we are looking at 64 in philadelphia, beautiful, note that is humidity has creeped up, 70 percent. we will see more moisture in the air, high in philadelphia 83. gorgeous beach day. seventy-nine for your high in the poconos. few clouds but 72 should be a nice day for you too. these temperatures are about to change, take a look our average high for this time of the year is 84. you see what happens in saturday, sunday, monday, a little heat coming our way. we will talk about that coming up in the seven day forecast and for new we will head over to the lovely meisha who has i
6:31 am
hope lovely traffic news, meisha. >> traffic news is looking good. this is a camera shot, look at that, sun glare, this is i-95 moving in the north bound direction of 452 for those traveling toward the the airport. look at that upper left hand corner of your screen, blinding to say the least. make sure to bring your sun glasses today. not that we ever want to complain about the sunshine. no, but bring your sunglasses nonetheless. schuylkill eastbound at spring garden looking great here. basically schuylkill is looking great every where. start heating upright around center city but schuylkill is looking good, normally on a normal good day, for being the schuylkill if that is what you are seeing, it is good, better. ben franklin bridge for those in center city looking g we are starting to see volume levels pick up for those traveling out of new jersey trying to make your way in center city. also, mass transit, lets do this west trenton line will be running normal between west trenton and woodbourne and
6:32 am
also, paoli thorndale line inbound is delayed, 15 minutes. let me back out to see this completely for those taking this way of commuting. delaware memorial bridge construction until friday both directions right lanes are blocked, nicole, over to you. meisha, thank you. more on a story we have been following, police are investigating a deadly overnight shooting after a man is show the in the third floor apartment near 15th and poplar. police say man's friend found him on the floor in the bathroom with the single gunshot wound to the head. police suspect killing may be drug related. in suspects are in custody at this point. philadelphia police are hoping neighborhood security cameras can help them track down gunman shot and killed a man in hunting park. they are searching for clues on the 16 hup block of rowan street. twenty-one year-old victim was shot several times around 9:30 last night. police found his body in the street. victim hasn't been identified. twelve year-old boy is recovering this morning after being hit by a car, he was hit
6:33 am
by a car on the 100 block of sill vein use street in germantown around 9:00 last night and then taken to einstein. police say driver stopped and cooperating with the investigation, so far no charges have within filed. it is just an extremely difficult day for our collogueness roanoke, virginia. journalist at wdbj has unimaginable task of going back live on the air with their morning show, less than 24 hours after watching two of their co-workers gun down on live television here's how they began their 6:00 a.m. broadcast. >> thinks a newscast like none other we come to you with very heavy hearts. two of our own were shot and killed during a live shot yesterday morning as you saw their faces there. allison parker and adam ward were part of the family and many toll us how much they were part of your morning every day. we can moth express to you how much your love and support have meant to us over the last four hours or so. >> of course, our hearts and our prayers go out to the team down there, and also this morning we do want to let you
6:34 am
know about a makeshift memorial that is continuing to grow in front of the television station. flowers, balloons, candles, you can see it there laid out in memory of reporter allison parker and cameraman adam ward. several reporters and anchors from wdbj sister station traveled to row neck to help that staff but just unimaginable. thoughts and prayers where them. authorities in virginia were able to track down the the suspect investigator flannigan's car by using latest in crime fighting technology. our david spunt was given a close-up look at how a license plate reader operates. >> reporter: moments after pulling trigger police say vester flannigan a former report shore went by bryce williams on air drove to the roanoke airport, left his car and then drove off in a previously rented car and left roanoke. police caught up with him several hours later about 200 miles away from the shooting scene, state trooper spotted flannigan's vehicle using one of these, a license
6:35 am
plate reader. >> it bothers me. i don't understand how someone could even think to do that. >> reporter: we rode with camden county police lieutenant james who uses the same technology that ended up locating vester flannigan on the highway. >> this happen in a matter of seconds. >> reporter: james shows us how license plate readers work. as he drives these cameras on top of his car take instant real time photographs of the license plate and flag them. if there are any issues with registration, license plate or the driver. >> i'm looking for children running out in the street, trying to be a safe vehicle operator i don't turn my head to look at a tag. >> reporter: images are sent to camden county's real time crime center where detectives can compare data. about an hour after the attack a man who claimed to be vester flannigan called and faxed a 23 page letter to abc news. in the letter flannigan wrote he was attacked for being a gay black man. he wrote i have been a human
6:36 am
powder keg for a while just waiting to go boom. according to the letter flannigan also said that the shootings were retaliation for church massacre in june in charleston, south carolina investigator flannigan sued wdbj in roanoke in discrimination. that case was dismissed. we also learn that he feud his former nbc station in tallahassee, florida for racial discrimination for $15,000. that case was settled. reporting from the sat center, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:36. down 600 points, up 600 points, market volatility of the past week and a half has investors itching to do something, anything. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger says that may be a big mistake for right new. she's live from new york. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> stocks dropped six days and rebounded strongly yesterday. how long are we likely to see these big swings. >> reporter: settle in. i'm afraid to tell you as we
6:37 am
go back to the year 1900, okay, we're going a couple hundred years here declines have 10 percent or more have occurred about once a year on average. now they last an average of about 115 days, 15 percent drops happen every two years or so, 20 percent bear markets crop up every three and a half years. they last almost a year. we don't know what will happen next. but so far this correction has lasted less than a week so i'm afraid things could continue to be volatile. >> i think i know the answer to this already but with yesterday's big gains, should investors get out now, jill. >> reporter: absolutely not, in fact emotions can really hurt your investment returns. according to research the 20 year returns through 2014, the average stock fund investors, you and me just putting money in our accounts with about 5.19 percent. 5.19 percent does in the seem
6:38 am
so bad except compare that to the 20 year return of the s and p500, 9.85 percent. so we investors we lag the index by over four and a half percent every single year and biggest reason for that under performance psychology. we tend to sell in the panic at bottom, we jump in a day like yesterday when markets rise, so to help avoid these emotional tracks go to jill on i've got five investor to do's to weather the correction. >> jill, we're glad to have you a at times like this when we're like what do we dough and now we know, so thank you. >> thank you. >> 6:38. wal-mart says its decision to stop using some guns is not a political decision. instead wal-mart says decision to discontinue sales of ar5 and other weapons has more to do with slumping demand. they say not enough people are buying the guns. sporting rifle where is sold at least than a third at
6:39 am
wal-mart's 4600 stores here in the united states. all right. well, before you sit down for the most important meal of the day, we want to tell but a breakfast food that is being recalled, we will have details on that coming up next. also a ahead could wifi be bad for your health? we will tell you why one family says their sonnies sick because of his school's internet connection. we are live at adventure aquarium in camden hanging with the hippos this morning, jenny and button ready for their close-up. we will tell but a special event happening there this weekend. we will be right back.
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school starts tomorrow, with s110% ready.'ll be notebook, folders, glue sticks. 25¢, 15 and 50¢. aw, now i'm not sure if i'm ready for them to go back. i'm so ready. make low prices happen. make 110% ready happen. staples. make more happen. we are coming up at 6:43, let's send it over to kyla, good morning. time for weather watchers, and i was thinking weather watchers, we need a nice theme song there. lets look around here, you can see 59 degrees, a popular temperature this was sent in by rick, good morning to you sir, in bethel. he has sunshine out there. he says it is a cbs morning,
6:43 am
clear, beautiful start, bring on more. i like that, cbs morning, let's try another 59-degree mark. this one came from julia from allentown. she's looking at beautiful sunshine. good morning. another beautiful morning with wonderful temperatures. we are getting used to this everybody. we are going to see heat creeping in. i think we will be disappointed perhaps, frank says good morning to 59 degrees where he is in rich boro. what a great morning. the you cannot order them any better for august. you are right. i agree with you there. lets talk about the tropics if we could if i can get this thing to click. there we go. tropical storm erika. i wanted to update you on this. the path is taking it closer to florida and could impact our weather too wind sustain at 50 miles an hour, it is moving along there at a good clip, but the path is tracked further to the right so that is a bit of the difference in the the overnight hours and that could bring, some trouble up our way as far as next
6:44 am
week, that rain makes it up the coast and possibly causes rip current action too. we will keep an eye on erika. we are keeping an eye on temperatures here, philadelphia 64 degrees. fifty in allentown. fifty-seven in atlantic city. we are looking nice, starting off great, storm scan three is beautiful, nice, clear, perfect skies, as i take you hour by hour sunshine is here throughout the day working our way up in the 80's ape more importantly humidity in the bad at all. we will have good air quality, pollen levels, uv index, lots of sunshine that would be the high one. if you are heading out pool side, beautiful 83 degrees, in the city, great day to get outdoors and as you you can see working our way towards the the next few days, we are going to see a difference in our weather. shore forecast showing we will ramp up to the 80's heading toward weekend the at the shore. little bit warmer for those at the shoreline. >> so much to be grateful for, sunshine, weather, traffic
6:45 am
looking good. moving this week ebb. there will not be any rain. kyla, thank you. grabbing your coffee and just waking up with us, look at that sunshine out there. that certainly can cause slow downs for some traveling, moving in the eastbound direction. this is blue route southbound at ridge pike, past mid county tolls, as you head toward schuylkill. you can see nice, traffic. everyone traveling posted speeds but yikes, that sun glare, look at this, 95 north bound at 45 to, kind of looking like you are driving right into the sunshine. we know it rises from the east to the west, so for those traveling in the eastbound direction that is a very good reminder to bring those sunglasses. we have a disable vehicle north henderson road at dekalb pike. now this cam were shot is from route 202 at town center road not causing any slow downs because that has since cleared. give you a peak outside and nicole, over to you.
6:46 am
well, this morning we're hanging out with the hippos. the adventure aquarium is hosting first ever hippo awareness week toned give guests a chance to learn and they are fascinating. this is a biologist at the aquarium. she joins us live with the preview. it looks like you have special guest there is too behind you, what is going on. right behind me we have button and jenny. they are our two nile hippos. they are excited to be on tv this morning. >> ahh, give them our best. they are ready for their close-up this morning. of course, we're talking about the first ever hippo awareness weekend. tell us about the the event ape what visitors will do as part of it. >> so this saturday the 29th and sunday the 30th we will our first ever hippo wearness weekend and it is everything hippos. the lots of live program with hippo feed and enrichment demonstrations and we will be selling one of the kind hepp
6:47 am
owe nose painting. i got two to show off. so button and jenny has been very busy doing artwork for you guys. we will be selling these for $35, and all of the proceed are going to go to hippo trust, which is a zimbabwe, africa to help the wild hippos. we have bracelets to show off your hippo love. >> that is awesome. we will hear more about those even rich. exercises or at least i think that is what they are called. first, we want to talk about these feedings if you can get your ear piece in, yes. >> it is popping out there. >> sometimes it is a challenge. >> yes. >> we're talking about their diets. jenny and button not watching their girlish figure they consume how many calories a day. >> yeah, so well, they eat 25 published of timothy hey a day. that is very high in calories as well as 3-pound of special greens as well as monkey chow.
6:48 am
>> that is 65 to 07,000 calories. >> that is crazy. >> yes. >> they love their melons and their greens. >> that is just great. >> you showed us their lovely pieces of artwork a few second ago. your these even rich. exercises so important for the animals. >> they are so important because it keeps our animals mentally stimulated. things are always changing for them so they don't get bored. >> we're being told that the only aquarium in the world, where guests can get an up close look at these hippos and they are extraordinary animals. so just kind of give us an idea how they can interact more this weekend. >> well, how they can interact this weekend specialist and jenny is showing off there, jenny always like to get up close and personal with their guests. she likes to push her nose up against the glass.
6:49 am
we will squirt the hose into their mouse and they love to open up their mouth really wide so guests can see their big teeth. >> i'm sure you have fun facts for us, what are things kid and adult will learn about these animals. >> some fun facts about them, well, our girls are 3,004,000-pound. they are big ladies. also we do have our fake display that kid will get a kick out of. so we will have lots of things for them. >> that is really something. >> all right. >> we really appreciate you taking us through that, callon, a biologist, at the a ventura quarter yum. have a great time this weekend. >> thank you. >> 6:49. drexel university is putting out a warning to students to watch their valuables, yes, at least five burglaries reported in the off campus neighborhood of powellton village between
6:50 am
saturday and monday. thieves are going after cameras, watches, electronics. in one incident an air conditioning unit was taken out of the window. now some student are learning a new lesson that they never sign up for. >> i go to sleep thinking bit. i think about the the guy that stole my cameras using my camera, and, you know, it wrist very painful but all i can do is just move on and be more careful next time. >> in response drexel police stepped up patrols by car and bike and students have been advised to be more aware of their surroundings. well, pope francis will arrive in philadelphia in just a month, can you believe it now that the bulk of the planning is complete the the city of philadelphia wants the community to get pumped. mayor nutter unveiled a new campaign called i'll be there on august 31st, officials will industry open in phl buttons and kid to business as cross the city. they will include information on how businesses can get involved and engagement during the the papal event. officials say they are also
6:51 am
planning fun activities all over what will be the francis festival ground. >> we want you to know to still be part of this event. there will be 40 jumbo trons strategically place add cross the francis festival ground, 40 yum bow trons where you can see everybody that is happening. >> and mayor nutter announced the reading terminal market, jack's firehouse in fairmount and other businesses will remain opened during the papal visit. we do have some sad news from the national zoo in washington d.c. one of to second new born panda cubs have died. zoo officials have not yet determine the cause of the death but mother panda was only nursing the larger of the two babies. zoo keepers were trying to care for smaller weaker cub but say it never got stronger. surviving cub remains with the mother and said to be doing well. could a wifi signal make you sick. one massachusetts family insist a private school's wireless internet connection is primary reason why their
6:52 am
sonnies suffering. parents of the 12 year-old boy are suing the school in south boro. they say he has electro magnetic hyper sensitivity syndrome and radio emission from his the schools strong wireless network triggered headaches, nose bleeds and nausea since 2013. radio frequencies may be invisible to the eye but the body knows they are there. >> it hits reproductive organs more deeply and on children where they do not have full will i formed systems it has been especially hard. >> boy's school, the the fey school, wouldn't comment specifically on the lawsuit but said in a statement that a company that they hired found safe radiation levels on campus. boy's parents want the boys school to switch to the different connection or lower the radio frequency levels. a warning for you now about a popular breakfast food that i can is end some customers. kraft heinz is recalling 2 million-pound of oscar meyer turkey bacon.
6:53 am
company say it may spoil before the best when used by date. products include select uncured smokey bacon and turkey chops and corn. all dated between may 31st and august 6th. you can add m and m's to the list all things pumpkin shis ice. the company says they will offer the candy's in traditional fall columnsors like orange, ivory and brown. it features and i'm age on the brown m and m wrapped up in the scoff and holding a cup of the popular drink. new seasonal flavor should hit store shelves starting this week. topping the word, two hollywood it girls are teaming up for a new project. the pretty excited about this one. jennifer lawrence tells new york times she's working on a screen play with amy schumer. that will be great. according to the hung are games star they will play sisters in the the comedy, as well.
6:54 am
>> ♪ >> who invited is trending on twitter. you may have note is hissed but taylor swift wrapped up her 1989 tour in l.a. with a friend, lisa kudrow. she repriced her row from the hot hit she to perform a due it of smelly cats on stage with swift, that is amazing. by the way if you have never seen friend you will to have google what i'm talking about because you are probably like what are you talking about? what was that all about. trust me it was a thing in the 90's, a very big deal. there you have it, smelly cat is back. mariah carry wants for christmas is her new book under the tree. pop star has written a children's book based on her 1994 hit all i want for christmas is you. it tells store of the little girl who wants a pup for christmas. read it for yourself on november 10th. all right. we will take a short break but first here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3. stay with us.
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police say victim in the north philadelphia murder may have known his killer. there was no sign of forced entry and smell of marijuana in the apartment where 24 year-old man's body was found. police are checking security cameras near 15th and poplar. just a few minutes ago wdbj held a moment of silence on their morning show marking 24 hours since reporter allison parker and cameraman adam ward were shot and killed on live television. gunman vester flannigan later took his own life. this weeks's wild ride, on wall street end out. markets broke out of the losing streak and finished in positive territory. yesterday was third largest point gain ever for dow jones and we needed it so that is good news to see. as kids go back to will school, snap a photo the owe and share it with us, just post a picture tour facebook, twit error instagram and use the hashtag cbs-3 and look for
6:59 am
your back to school shopping right here on cbs-3. coming up tomorrow, surf up, all right, get fit friday, it is happening, we need music. catch a wave without the water, so when i heard about this work out i had to try it out, take a look. >> wonderful alternative to indoors, you know, if you don't have access to a surf board and you get the same benefits. >> yep, from building up your balance to strengthening your muscles it is part fitness, fun and i managed to stay on the board for most of it, see if i was able to hang ten tomorrow morning. also coming up next on cbs this morning, new jersey governor and republican presidential candidate chris christie, is live to talk about his campaign and his plan to win his parties nomination. >> all right. >> so, we will see about that, and also, we want to ask you to join us, every morning, right here bright and early on cba3 at 4:30. we will will leave you with a live picture of jenny and buttons. how cute are they. a ventura quarter yum two
7:00 am
hippos they are ready for good morning. it is thursday, august 27th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." new details emerge from the deadly shooting of a reporter and photographer live on tv. we'll talk with the boyfriend of the girlfriend. considering a white house run, while a new poll may help him make that decision. and the "guinness book of world records" celebrates wacky and incredible achievements. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. the peacefulness of


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