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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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5:00 o'clock keeping a close eye on tropical storm erika, she's expected to make land fall monday after a lashing parts of the caribbean with wind and rain. florida a's governor has declared a state of emergency. experts say that the next 24 hours are critical in the storm's future development. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. storm hit puerto rico killing at least 20 people. our sister station cbs four in miami has more on how south florida is preparing. >> reporter: headed toward main land u.s.... homes on the collapses island, on thursday as erika unleash deadly flooding and mud slide. several people are still missing. forecasters expect this storm to hit florida on monday, and they no longer expect it to be a hurricane when it makes land fall but officials say everyone should still be prepared for the worst. >> don't drive-in to standing water, make sure you have three days of water, three days of food.
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>> reporter: florida's governor declared a state of emergency enabling him to activate the national guard. >> forecasters don't know where erika will hit or how much rain it will bring but they say the next 24 hearst will be critical in determining how it is developing. in miami dade, local concrete company is giving out free sand to residents who want to protect their homes. >> i think that this is the best thing to put in front of the boards and the lower parts of the house. >> reporter: and crews set up pumps and generators to keep storm water from flooding miami teaches. ted scouton for cbs news, west miami. cb is. three weather team is tracking erika to see what impact it has as it moves toward land. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck to show us where erika is right now, kate. >> it is really interesting, the uncertainty that per sprayeded this forecast of tropical storm erika. there was model consensus yesterday that the storm would end up somewhere off the east coast of florida. now they are starting to move it further west, erika has taken a track that was kind of
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unlike what the national weather center predict. lets look at what the storm is to go right now. it is heading further south then what was anticipated. it is moving south of his paniola a very rocky island. we expect that storm to move over the central point, that could really serve to weaken the storm as we go through tonight and tomorrow. that is why it is crucial we will keep an eye on this and see if it survives to get toward florida. we have a new track from the national hurricane center. here it is, erika with wind of 50 miles an hour. it has strengthened, gusts to 656789 moving west at 21 miles an hour moving right over his pan ola and it has shifted up toward key west and taking a turn and moving over florida before weakening by wednesday to a tropical depression or tropical rain storm. doesn't look like it will impact our area as of yet and our area looks great as we head through tonight. you can see on storm scan three skies are clear and it feels nice and warm. warmer then yesterday we are
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at 84 right now at the's port. eighty-two wilmington. seventy-eight in the atlantic city airport. out and about this friday night you'll love the forecast. 78 degrees at 7:00. 9:00 at 74. 11:00 p.m. at 71. weekend shore cast doesn't get much better then this 83 saturday and 84 on sunday. i'll have weekend forecast in the city, mountains and tell but a heat wave around just in time to welcome september. for now back inside to you. >> this weekend marks the anniversary of the one of the most destructive hurricanes in u.s. history. ten years ago katrina made land fall in new orleans and coming up 59:30 we will look back at the catastrophic storm. >> three workers are hospitalized after a chemical leak at a delaware refinery, second incident in a week at delaware city refining company spokesmen says there was a brief chemical release this afternoon but no impact off site. three workers were treated on the scene and then taken to a year hospital as a precaution.
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the last friday fire damaged the structure at the refinery n1 was hurt in that incident. officials now shot that the gunman who fatalry shot reporter allison parker and adam ward, used the same gun to take his own life. a third victim, vicky gardener, is still recovering from the the a attack. her husband said she lost a kidney and part of the colon of getting shot in the back. virginia's governor is lending his support to wdbj, he met privately with grieving staff members this morning, to offer his condolences. and the shopping plaza at site of the wednesday's deadly ambush has now reopened. correspondent craig boswell has more from virginia. >> reporter: bridge water plaza reopened this morning in virginia for the first time since murder of the two young journalist. many business owners say that they are ready to return to normalcy. >> it is a long two days and i was happy to get back here this morning. >> reporter: at the entrance to the shopping center well wishers are leaving flowers
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and momentoes at a memorial for reporter allison parker and cameraman adam ward. realtor mike pagan is taking it especially hard, murders happened right outside of his business. >> it hit me as soon as i hit the parking lot that she was only 24 years old, prime of her life. some idiot takes her out. >> reporter: parker and ward were ambush at this spot during an interview about tourism in the area people hearsay two victims will not be forgotten. investigators say the suspect vester flannigan tried to make a getaway with a gun, ammunition, additional license plates and a potential disguise. flannigan, a former reporter at wdbj, who went by the name of bryce williams later killed himself after a police chase. dozens gathered outside the cbs a filth in roanoke for stop the violence candle light vigil. as life returns to normal in
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this community many hope the death of these two young co-workers cut down in their prime will bring some change. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, of the news crew killed as we learn more tea tails we will bring them to you on tv and on line at cbs now new at 5:00 a day care scare, south jersey mother says that she thought her child was safe until she realized her son left a day care center and made a treacherous journey home. story is unfolding at kinder world education center in hamilton mercer county and that is where new jersey reporter cleve bryan joins us live, cleve. >> reporter: hamilton avenue here is such a busy road. it is chilling to imagine a three-year old cross willing all by himself but one mother says that is exactly what happened while her son was supposed to be and in this day care center. >> it wasn't an hour after, ortiz dropped her off son,
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aerial today care thursday morning when her teenage daughter called to say 39 year-old was standing outside their house crying. >> i thought she was playing a joke on me. i could not believe my son made it back over here without anybody noticing at the school he was gone. >> reporter: ortiz says the boy somehow got of of kinder world across hamilton avenue and continue two blocks home. needless to say she was furious. >> i didn't come home, i went straight to the school to talk to the director and asked for an explanation as to how come nobody noticed she had not been gone. she gave meehan apology and said it wouldn't happen again. >> reporter: we went to the front door to hear kinder world's side of the story about now one would answer. a woman on the phone didn't know anything about the situation and hung seven on me. you don't know about that? several people picking up kid told me they never had necessity any serious problems but they find this situation disturbing. >> it is horrible, to get out of there. if there is so much teachers here, we really don't necessity how it a happen. >> reporter: scary thought of all is pictures three-year old
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darryl, crossing this busy street all by himself. >> i don't want to think bit. all thoughts went to my head. everything that could have happened to him. it was nerve racking. >> reporter: ortiz says that she filed a report with the police department, as well as the department of children and family. we reached out to the state agency that said they were aware of this incident but they didn't have any information yet. also they could not retrieve history on kinder world to see if there is any previous complaints. live from hamilton township i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so glad the little guy is all right, cleve, thank you. search continues for a former prison inmate who stole and crashed a car in south philadelphia. spree began with the traffic stop overnight involving this mustang at 19th and camac streets. during the stop the driver sped off, then crashed. with police a short distance behind, the suspect then carjacked a nissan with two women inside. soon afterward the suspect abandoned the car and took off on foot. woman were not hurt. police say they know exactly who they are looking for as the suspect is a former inmate
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and left behind a prison issued id card. a dramatic scene unfolded in philadelphia's bustleton neighborhood after a park suv was mode over by another vehicle. police say the vehicle's driver was transported to the hospital after a turn on to the 8600 block of verree road ended in this high pile up crash. owner of that car was home at the time of the accident. >> shook the whole house. we hear, there is tons of accidents here all the time so we figured another accident out front. i popped my head out of the front door and seen a car looking me in the face. very alarming. >> reporter: no word on the condition of the driver but eyewitnesses say he appeared to be conscious after the crash occurred. a stunt plane crashed, killing the the pilot. plane went down at stewart international airport in new windsor around 2:00 this afternoon. the pilot was the only person on board no word on what caused the plane to crash, officials say that the new york air show will go on, as
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scheduled. well, young boy takes a koran a joy ride and the end is all captured on tape. that is coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". plus, police identified a suspect in the hit and run that left a toddler dead and his mother seriously injured. i'm syma chowdhry with that story, coming up. plus another fan is hit by a foul ball i'm greg argos live at citizens bank park where there could be changes in effect in a few months which could assure this doesn't happen to anybody else. and the bears who caused a social media sensation swimming in a new jersey pool, well, they are back. what they were caught doing this time, you're watching "eyewitness news" at 5:00. his pan yoel a. his pan ol
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twenty-nine days and counting, yes, ukee, we are in the 20's now. >> yes, we are. >> in less than a in pope francis will make a historic visit to the east coast and philadelphia is just one of his stops. so is new york. big apple is giving philadelphia a little papal and competition. take a look at this giant portrait in progress, that is taking place on eighth avenue in manhattan. that is right by madison
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square garden where one of the planned papal masses will occur. it is rare, a enormous crowd just when working out but this is no normal horse look at american pharoah, the triple crown winner, colt was working out at the track in saratoga springs, new york ahead of the traverse steaks tomorrow. american pharoah will be running in that race so no retirement for him just yet. the crowd loved every second of today's practice. well, is there a new push to increase fan safety at major league baseball stadiums this comes hours after a woman was injured by a foul ball at a phillies game. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us from citizens bank park to tell us more about that, greg. >> reporter: good afternoon. baseball commissioner says he is in the process of preparing a plan that he would present to all of the different park owners throughout the united states here which could increase fan safety but not as simple as just adding extra netting.
5:15 pm
but if you hear the crowd's reaction a female fan hit by a foul ball along the first place line sitting five rows back and just feet from where protective netting end. >> that foul ball went into the diamond club. >> reporter: fortunately the fan was not seriously hurt. >> round of applause is for the young lady heading up the stairs. she's on her feet. >> reporter: this incident happening the same night baseball commissioner rob manfred was at the stadium. >> we are looking at designs of all 30 stadiums, we are looking at people just putting more netting up. you have to worry about camera wells, design of the stadium, unimpeded views. >> reporter: with multiple fan injuries alone, the commissioner says safety is priority. >> our goal, it is to make a big presentation to the owners group in november and hopefully be in a position to make some changes next year. >> ever concerned about getting hit by a ball. >> absolutely.
5:16 pm
>> reporter: many fans say those changes cannot come soon enough. >> definitely more netting, absolutely. >> put up more safety nets, higher, stronger nets, for the safety of the fans. >> reporter: back here live most fans say they do want to see more netting. others say they don't, they want to have more interacting go to catch that foul ball. we also wanted to find out what former players wanted to see. coming up at 6:00 hear from a former phillies baseball player about what he says has to happen at the stadiums. we are live from south philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". kate bilo is here now with another great august friday. >> yeah. >> we have had a lot of them. >> we do smooth jazz summer nights. >> yes, that is right. >> i just can't remember one friday that hasn't been perfect. every single friday has been just great to get outside in the city, great to be outside down the shore. we have nice weather throughout the weekend and next week as soon as you don't mind the heat.
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i heard somebody saying get rid of the heat i'm ready for fall weather. lets break out sweater earnings boots, jeans. we will not have these for too much longer. lets take a look outside down the shore, look at these kid frolicking in the is your f beautiful beach day. everybody still outside on the beach. 5:17. they don't care late dinner for these folks, maybe some pizza on the boardwalk or frenchfries later on but just enjoying very end of what has been a beautiful, shore day, and i'll tell you what people have of course may be leaving tomorrow. maybe this was your week for a rental in ocean city and trying to enjoy every last second before heading back to reality. let take a look at our live neighborhood network cameras at middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. nothing but blue skies out there look at how the day has gone, boardwalk plaza and rehoboth beach, a time lapse, and it has been bright blue skies. you can pretty much walk from umbrella to umbrella at the height of the day and even now beach is pack and it is just
5:18 pm
gorgeous outside from the city to the cher to the mountains as well. storm scan three again a very clear sky across the entire northeast. we will be under the the influence of a big area of high pressure, blocking ridge of high pressure. that is just overhead today, what will happies it will slip east heading in the weekend and that will heat us up. still comfortable temperatures tonight. here's what you will wake up to the saturday morning. take note of these 50's. fifty-nine in land caster. fifty-nine in reading. fifty-seven in allentown. sixty-four in fill amount so one more cool, comfortable night on the way and then the heat begins to bill. high pressure moves east that puts us in that southeasterly flow and that means we're going go to pull from the south of mexico or deep south and heat and humidity ramps up. temperatures in the 80's. still a really nice day but on sunday we are back to 90 degrees. wrapped warm up w this high centered off shore, again what we call a blocking high. it is not moving much at all. that will keep us dry but keep pumping in that hot, humid air
5:19 pm
from the south and west for days, upon days, upon days. right into the middle of next week. so take a look, heat will creep back. 84 degrees. tomorrow upper 80's, still a nice day. average is 84. today where we should be and we're well above average right through the weekend, right into next week. ninety-one for first day of september, on tuesday. take another look at tropical stormer contact watch what happens as this moves offer hispaniola and east coast of cube ate will, weak tone a tropical low a depression here. it will briefly reform in a tropical storm heading back in the gulf of mexico. lots of warm water here but then into a depression again. this is wednesday at 2:00 p.m. still over south georgia. we may be looking at beneficial rain for portions of this area if this storm keeps it moving and doesn't pack that heavy rain that a tropical storm would if it downgrade in the depression. may not be abe worse case scenario there. we will look at what that storm does fit falls apart or migrates in our area but erika has been fighting serious limiting factors like dry air,
5:20 pm
wind sheer and now certainly that land interaction as it moves over his pan ol a we will keep you posted on that but nothing to worry about in our area as we head toward labor day weekend next weekend. as far as overnight mainly clear, nice, 64 degrees. the saturday mostly sunny turning warmer in the poconos we have a shore forecast. poconos looking great, but it does heat up back to the 80's sunday and monday. here is you're witness weather three day forecast, 88 on saturday. then 90's creep back in for last few days of august and they will stick around in the start of the september, and next half an hour we will have full seven day and tell you how long those 90's will be with us. >> pertinent information there, kate, thanks. is the new born panda a little girl or boy? zoo keepers are sharing exciting news in the next half an hour. crazy dash cam video, police pull over a child on the joy ride and he wasn't the only one in the car. leslie? eagles have landed in green bay as they prior to take honor only rodgers and packers tomorrow night this
5:21 pm
will be the last chance for players to make the cut we will hear from good intentions. is paved with mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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got my fingers crossed hoping starters play at least a half. >> because usually that is what happens. >> in the third preseason game. >> but chip kelly, you never know. >> that is right. >> game three of the preseason tomorrow night in green bay for the eagles this game goes a long way toward deciding a final roster. everyone is wondering how much sam bradford will play or if he will play at all. how much kiko alonzo will play, both of those players locks to make the roster. on tuesday eagles will have to trim that roster to 75 players and next saturday the final 53 man roster must be set. chip kelly says this years cuts will be more difficult. >> i think we have more depth. so, i believe that we will cut some players that will make other rosters. so, i'm hoping that is our goal for all of our players, i want them to play in the nfl, hopefully it is on our team but fit is not on our team, it
5:25 pm
is on another team. but it will be difficult and we will have to sit down long and hard after this packers game and try to see if you can't it difficult to get to 75 from a coaching standpoint that is a good thing but still a human factor that gets involved with cutting somebody and that parties not fun it be interesting to see how they do against aaron rodgers. >> if he even plays, they say he has taken enough snaps already. thanks, leslie, appreciate it. coming up next, looking back at one of the biggest stories of the last decade, hurricane katrina devastated new orleans ten years ago. hear from survivors who still struggle over difficult memories. plus, busted one man's secret spot to find solitude is uncovered by a drone. new at 6:00, a local happies trying to stake a claim on a huge collection of confiscated wines. find out where it came from and what the hospital plans to
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i'm ukee washington and here's is what happening. mother is outrage after her three-year old got out of the
5:29 pm
kinder world day care center in hamilton mercer county and walked home. child crossed a very bus i street and walked two blocks. we went to kinder world to get their side of the story but no one would answer. father of the slain television reporter allison parker says he will make it his mission to try to change gun laws. parker and her cameraman adam ward were shot by a former collogue on wednesday. tropical storm erika moves across parts of the caribbean leaving behind damage and flooding. some homes were washed away. the storm is taking aim at state of on florida. state of emergency is in effect there, kate. good news about erika it is expect to weaken as it approaches florida early next week. we will keep you posted on that. closer to home our headlines include humidity increasing this weekend as temperatures climb in the 90's and we could talk about our fifth heat wave finishing out august and head into september next week. i will have the full seven day coming up, guess contact. philadelphia police issued an arrest warrant for a man in connection to this hit and run
5:30 pm
that killed a two-year old boy and critically injured his mother last spring. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry spoke to the victim's family about their four month wait for justice. >> you can run but can't height. >> reporter: sanchez is relieved that police may know who is responsible for killing her cousin's two-year old son david a leash a david and his mother josephine riveria were crossing the street on the 2700 block of masher street back in kensington in april. that is when police say 22-year old miguel colon hit him driving a white 2006 infinity. riveria was seriously injured, david was taken to st. christopher's hospital where he died, three days later. the family held a vigil earlier this month to remember david, who was described as a sweet, fun little boy. the vigil was also meant as a reminder that the driver was still out there. >> with all of this support and effort, i think, you know, we're getting justice.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: family and friend are hoping this nightmare will soon be over. >> we can never get him back but justice will be served. >> reporter: if you can say something to the man what would saw. >> turn yourself in. >> reporter: as police continue to look for colon they are offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest. in kensington, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now in campaign 2016, democratic senator tom carper is weighing in on the the race for president. touring a visit to our cbs-3 studios today delaware's senior senator made his choice in the potential match up between hillary clinton and vice-president joe biden. >> if joe gets into it, i would stay with joe. i think our country would be lucky to have either one of us lead us so we will see, what happens. >> senator carper also says that he is happy donald trump is in the republican presidential race because the billion air is providing a lot
5:32 pm
of pleasure for folks on his side of the aisle. well, if he runs, vice-president biden could shake you been the presidential race. presidential candidates met with top party leaders to day trying to lock up crucial support before the first primary and caucus votes are cast. cbs news correspondent mark albert has that part of the story. >> i'm here to ask for your help. i'm not taking a single primary vote error caucus goer for granted. >> reporter: after a summer of controversy, hillary clinton hopes democratic national committee summer meeting in minneapolis will be the start of the come back. >> hillary. >> reporter: clinton camp is pressing dnc members to sign pledges of support to shut out her competitors and potential rival, vice-president joe biden. >> that is part of our strategy to win the nomination. we will continue to do that. >> reporter: biden was noticeably absent in minneapolis, staying at the white house for meetings. he is expected to deciding whether to run within the next month. in virginia jeb bush pick up endorsement of the former
5:33 pm
conservative congressional leader eric cantor, and then turn to current front runner donald trump. >> here's a guy larger than life, it is all about him. >> let's have a debate about people have as candidates and when they do i'll do better than mr. trump. >> nobody will out trump trump in terms of taking him on. you could imagine a situation where a rival makes a case for themselves using trump as a kind of foil but in one had bravery to do that yet. >> reporter: trump bashed bush relentlessly calling him a low energy candidate. mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the ceo of ashley madison has stepped down amid the massive sign are breach of the company's date a avid light, which is ashley madison's parent company say no he will bierman's departure from the adultery web site was a, mutual decision. security breach which occurred this month added millions of the web site's estimated
5:34 pm
40 million users. as "eyewitness news" marks 50 years, we are looking back at major events. tomorrow, marks ten years since hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast. august 28th, 2005, mandatory evacuation where is underway in new orleans, evacuees face traffic jams and long lines at the gas pumps. thousands of residents grabbed belongings and lined up to seek shelter in the super dome before the the category three storm made land fall. breached levees would lead to massive flooding and katrina would claim lives of more than 1800 people and display hundreds of thousands from his their homes. it is estimated it caused billions of dollars in damage making it one of the worst disasters in u.s. history. ten years after katrina former president george w. bush made a low key return to new orleans. >> he spoke to students at a high school damaged by the storm but as correspondent
5:35 pm
weijia chen reports his visit comes with mixed emotions. >> reporter: former president george w. bush, suede, and danced to the music in new orleans as the band played at moore easton charter high. he returned to the school friday after marking the first anniversary of hurricane katrina there in 2006. >> the garden is from a decade ago is lifted, the the crescent city has listen again and its best days lie ahead. >> reporter: the bush administration said it provided more than $140 billion to help the gulf coast region recover. survivors remember other members too. more than 1800 people died. 1 million people displaced, and 250,000 houses, destroyed. many blamed the federal government for responding too slowly especially here in the lower ninth ward, the hardest hit area. people are still hurt, people lost families, things that could have been avoided.
5:36 pm
>> it was stressful and strange. >> reporter: teresa holy then 12 years old spent a week in the super dome in foul conditions. she says the memories are still unsettling. >> we all types of horrible things, some people were pass ago way because they were older there, were people hungry, thirsty. >> reporter: and a angry. >> but in a sit down interview mitch land drew says the city has forgiven. >> this is a moment for healing. this is a moment for commemoration, this is a moment for thanks. >> reporter: a time to move on. weijia chen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as we continue tonight, we now know if the surviving baby boy or baby girl, still to come on "eyewitness news". he captured our hearts in the dark vader in the super bowl commercial. young actor under goes surgery new to save his life. also, they're back... this video went viral when they took a dip in the new
5:37 pm
jersey pool, and now they will return to the neighborhood.
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you can't fake steak. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at a month in rhode island, discovered, find nothing easy task. even the height of the 175 feet in the air. that is because a drone brought him, resting on top of the wind turbine. where he works. he told the local newspaper, that the sighting was a little annoying. he wants to be loan. he has been climbing the turbine since it was installed back in 2006. clearly not afraid of heights. >> do you see that. >> wow. >> and eight year-old boy goes on a joy ride, with his own passengers. >> entire thing is caught on dash cam video. police captured young boy turning into a driveway after driving some 20 miles. >> wow.
5:45 pm
>> yep. before parking the boy put the car in reverse and hits the squad car. police were alerted after getting calls about eradic driving on a highway during morning rush hour. the boy, his five-year old foster sister and her three-year old brother were returned to their foster family unharmed. well, revealed the againer of the giant panda cub. >> the panda cub is male. it is a fathered by tian tian. second, the deceased cub was also male, and also fathered by tian tian. >> you may remember, mei xiang gave birth to twin cubs last saturday but her smaller cub died four days later. zoo officials say the final results of the cubs cause of death are pending. surviving cub we're told is doing well and growing. if you need some more baby animals cuteness we have got that for you. this is two month-old congo a giraffe calf living at san diego zoo. he is being bottle federal three times a day. he lost his mother earlier
5:46 pm
this month but he is doing okay and just rejoin the heard in the zoos safari park. update now on, this family of bears, that took over a backyard pool in north jersey recently. it turns out they are back. someone captured these images of the mom and cubs knocking down garbage cans and feasting on what is inside. >> they look at you, much like the deer do and they sort of just say go away we're busy. >> well, new jersey department of environmental protection says images are proof that there need to be population control. >> this mom taking the cubs on a summer vacation. >> bear necessities. >> we need to put that to the test, it may go viral. >> very good. >> next time they will just move in the house for sale in the neighborhood, new neighbors. >> there you go. >> they are moving in. >> how is the weather looking, it is a great friday.
5:47 pm
>> great friday. we have had a lot of great fridays and great weekend this month and happy to announce another great weekend is on the way. lets look outside, we will start off with campbell's field campaign everything looking beautiful on the ben franklin bridge. just a few cloud drifting by, and we have got blue skies all across the area for tonight, if you had are out and about, you are out in the city, heading down to spruce street harbor park to lay in the hammock or pens land to go listen to smooth jazz, great night for that and great night down the shore and mountains. it will be a cool night up in the poconos. fall in the air up there. no fall in the forecast unfortunately. lets check with our weather watchers a and see if they are enjoying their friday and we will start off with 79 degrees, very comfortable, up at peter's house in lawrenceville, new jersey. peter says great stretch of weather, enjoy it, because fall is not far off. and put that in the the back of my mind for now. we know that is the truth, peter. unfortunately we want to hold on to summer as long as we can. we know what comes after fall. kenneth martin in willingboro, new jersey 80 degrees and
5:48 pm
sunshine. what a day to be outside. i agree with that. 81 degrees in pennsylvania. checking with barbara lane in willow grove. full sunshine at barn use's house and she sent us a photo and beautiful blue skies, that is all we saw today was just those vast expansive blue skies, clear sunny skies, in willow grove. we had a few cumulus clouds that popped up this afternoon. we will check in down in delaware with our friend, walter, in newark at 78 degrees. he is a is nice drive on the back roads of pennsylvania, like it or not, fall is coming. not ready just yet, walter, everybody wants to talk about fall. i'll tell what you he has found doll or here. maybe a airville, pa caught this prefall foliage driving to york college, pennsylvania. still summer in my book. lets look at is what going on weather-wise on one of our live neighborhood network cameras. we will take you through time lapse and see puff i cumulus clouds, drifting by all day long. lots of sunshine shining off the delaware river. it is a beautiful afternoon outside at 81 degrees. looks great a at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach. we are at p-5 degrees at the
5:49 pm
boardwalk and kutztown area middle school look at those great clouds. 77 degrees with a light comfortable breeze from the north and west. no matter where you are, you are loving this day. temperatures right where they should be if not a bit below average. take a peak at dover. seventy-seven in wildwood and atlantic city airport temperatures in the 70's, philadelphia is sitting at 84. reading 80 degrees at the moment. as we move in the weekend we will start to heat things up but today, we will bring out our checklist. practically perfect day. practically perfect in every way. sunny skies, warm temperatures, low humidity and nice light breeze. you don't get much better then this, am i right? storm scan three looks great no problems out there as we zoom out we will see a storm brewing bringing rain to portions of wisconsin, minnesota, this is really going to fizzle. watch it progress through the next couple of days. it falls apart. runs in the big blocking high and then moves off up into portions of canada sunday a few more cloud maybe a spray pop up afternoon thunderstorm, not a big deal but humidity
5:50 pm
does rise as we get in the latter part of the weekend. it will feel pleasant still for tomorrow, back to humid on sunday and then steamy, monday and tuesday, humidity not as high as it was during our july heat wave but still feeling pretty steamy into next week. here's erika, according to the national hurricane center not a slow circulation with this right now and watch our spaghetti plots. they are all over the place. few take it in the gulf of mexico, few take it to the east coast. right now national hurricane track takes it right through portions of central florida weakening in the tropical depression. overnight mainly clear, 64 degrees. saturday looks great at city with the 88 with sunshine. down the shore will be beautiful mostly sunny, 79 degrees. you're witness weather forecast, fees tour that heat wave sunday through wednesday. no a lot of reheave late next week either. ukee and jessica, back to you. dark vader gets a new heart pump. >> not the dark vader you are thinking of, this force was
5:51 pm
with one little boy who thanks to a dedicated medical team is continuing to do what he loves most. danielle nottingham has this story. >> reporter: while max page charmed super bowl viewers as dark vader, he was battling congenital heart disease. >> i was feeling really tired. even like walking up a flight of stairs would wind me. >> reporter: ten year-old actor has had ten heart surgeries in his lifetime, first at three months old. he had open heart surgery in 2012 but valve surgeons implanted began restricting blood flow to max's heart to his lungs slowing him down. >> valve became leaky and narrow earlier then expect. >> reporter: in july, doctors at children's hospital los angeles gave max a new heart valve without having to do open heart surgery. inserting a stents through his thigh. >> you can squeeze that down into a sauce and like balloon and run that inside the vessels back in the heart.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: max spent less than 24 hours in the hospital. >> i am feeling great. >> to think he can go in and have a valve replacement surgery, walk out the next day inside 24 hours, not even 24 hours, with a band-aid on his thigh and the medication was to take a tylenol. >> reporter: max will receive his 11th operation in september to replace his pacemaker. but he says he is ready to take on the world again. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> ♪ >> wow. >> all at the same time. >> incredible. >> he looks great. >> all right. still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> my man kevin frazier takes you behind the scenes of the weekend's new releases. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up zach efron is a kj in the we are your friend and owen wilson must protect his family in the war torn country in no escape.
5:53 pm
so, what did you guys they think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis.
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she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state.
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5:56 pm
well, in theaters this weekend a a thriller a drama about a dj. >> entertainment tonight's kevin frazier takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: this week zach efron is a dj struggling to make his mark in the music scene in we are your friend and owen wilson must protect his family in the foreign country on the brink of war in no escape. >> i think we will. >> when owen wilson and lake bell move their families overseas, they become caught in the middle of a uprising. they have to protect their children and get to safety in
5:57 pm
a strange country. >> and, when i read this script, the idea, of trying to save yourself, trying to save your wife, that is one thing, and you know, it is your children, and the age that they are, where they are so innocent, that that just, you know, your animal instincts kick in. >> i'm scared. >> it will be okay. >> no. >> you know, this party is looking a little will tough. >> what you saying amp it up. >> reporter: zach efron is an aspiring dj looking for that one moment to make it big but the role came with a surprising physical demand for the usually buffed star. >> i had to do research on dj's and at the moment i signed up for the movie, i was than the expecting the physicality of the dj. and, they are not, i guess, built, so i just started running every day. that was all i had had to do i
5:58 pm
lost like 10-pound and it works. it worked for the character. >> what is up. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier, new back to you in the studio. >> kevin, thank you. for all of the latest buzz from hollywood watch entertainment tonight weeknights at 7:00 here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a day care scare, a moth are says her three-year old wondered away without any workers noticing. she's talking to "eyewitness news" about this frightening incident. >> reporter: one of pennsylvania's largest rare vintage wine collections could soon be copping on chester county hospital. i'm alexandria hoff and i'll explain coming up. it has been a fabulous friday here in philadelphia but we are tracking tropical storm erika, we have latest track and i'll let you know if we need to be concerned with that storm in our area. also, safety at wal-mart, what major league baseball is doing after a rash of injuries to thank including one right
5:59 pm
here in philadelphia, last night. and right now as we begin at 6:00 o'clock a new jersey mother speaks out after she says her three-year old wondered a away from day care, and cross aid very busy street. good evening, hello i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean this began at kinder world education center in hamilton mercer county. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan spoke with the child's mother a and spoke with the child's day care right now, cleve. >> reporter: hamilton avenue is a busy road and this happened yesterday morning during the morning, hour, commute, for people going to work, because it was even busier. mother says she doesn't know how shore child got out of the day care center. >> i thought my baby would be safe. i thought he was safe. obviously he wasn't. >> reporter: mrs. ortiz says her sense of security was shattered thursday morning less than an hour after
6:00 pm
dropping off her three-year old son at kinder world day care, her teenage daughter called to say little darryl was at their side door, crying. >> i thought she was playing a joke. i could not believe that my son had made it back over here without anybody noticing at the school that he was gone. >> reporter: furious because it meant her son crossed busy hamilton avenue all alone, ortiz went right to the school to get an explanation from the director. >> she had nothing to say. other than just, give meehan apology and said it wouldn't happen again. that is all we can see. >> reporter: at the the front door and on the phone we could not get any response from kinder world. >> i cannot imagine. >> reporter: some people thinking kid could not imagine their little ones crossing a busy street like this all alone. >> that is nerve racking. i'm like no that is migrate niece and nephew's day care but i never had a problem before. >> reporter: ortiz filed a problem with the department of children and families. >> i'm mad. i just wanted them to come out and investigate there so it doesn't happen to anybody else. >> reporter: department of chilnd


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