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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 29, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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because i don't have to work. if i constantly met this guy once a day i'd never have to do my laundry. i'll have that laund aupdry fil with my dirty drawers. people would be like aren't you going to watch that. i'm like no it's my pot of gold you. got to make ends meet somehow. th thank you. >> wow. >> yeah. that is i must tell you is -- was one of the funniest yet one of the strangest stories i heard at the same time. how things going with your dad? >> you know i love my dad but he is a judgmental dude. i don't know if you got parents like this. but the only way my father remembers my friend is by the worst mistake they ever made. i see my high school buddies. dad, i just saw john b. you know that kid who got a dui and puked on my couch?
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oh, yeah. he's working with tony. remember tony? yeah. you mean the one who knocked up the stripper? how is cinnamon? >> what do you think of internet dating? >> i have mixed feelings about internet dating. i won't do it anymore. but i did try about five years ago. i did meet a guy. we had a nice tiner and at the end of the dinner when the check game the guy at that point told me he forgot his wallet. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> and i was, you know -- i was shocked. asian women don't pay. it is just the way it is. asian women never have to pay. and people are like i don't get it. why don't asian women pay? exotic. thank you. and i looked at the bill and it was almost $150. because i ordered up. i didn't think i was gonna have to pay, you know. and i got screwed and i was thinking well now that i'm going
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to pay for it, you better believe it. i made him put out. do you know what i mean? i didn't get to get jig give wigy with him but i was thinking about my 150 dollars. and i brought him home and the moment we get home he started taking his clothes out. and i was like no fool. i paid. this is my time. that's right. and you can start with my dishes over there in the corner. do you know what i mean. >> we got too take a girl. we'll be right back with more comics unleashed. do go away. we're here at a festival of food and fun, getting reactions to mcdonald's new buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich, y'all. so give me a bite, let me know what you think. mmm. good. it's actually pretty awesome. thick and crispy. the meat is seasoned perfectly. just right.
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all right, welcome back to comics unleashed. so your mom want tos move in with you? >> yeah i told her she can't live with me. i put her in one of those homes she keeps catching a the cab to moi house. i'm gonna have to give a restraining order on her. you can't have your mother living with you. that's ridiculous. i told her if she gonna live with me. she gonna live by my rules. her rules make me want to run away from home. i want to have that same extend. soon she opened the refrigerator. close that refrigerator. as soon as he go outside. mama make up your mind. inside our outside. can't keep running out of my house. >> how do you stay in shape? >> i do travel a lot. i didn't don't have to join the gym. there are a lot of asian
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american women named grace lee. i just walk into any club and like grace lee. and they're like go on in ms. lee. and ooh that's not funny. they keep your picture on file. >> do you speak korean. >> yeah i speak korean. it is a little mixed like my mom speaks a little dplish with korean. it is like a weird communication. my mom wants i s ice cream. and she's like get the hug and die. and like what? what flavor do you want many toe get? and i she's like you know, the lucky load. >> all right. give them a round of applause. thank you for coming out with us. come back again, and you at home
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until next time, keep laughing.
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2:18 am takes theg hassle out of sellingsuv? in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at ♪ >> in the news tonight tropical storm erika leaves a trail of destruction. heavy winds and soaking rains batter part of the caribbean. all eyes remain on erika as she moves closer to the united states. the storm could hit florida by monday. good evening i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. erika caused massive flooding on the island of dough minute any a mudslides wiped out homes and roads. so far the storm haskill at
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least 20 people and another 31 are missing. in the meantime people in florida are lining up for gasoline, food and water as erika barrels toward the united states. >> your parents, your siblings your kids and grandkids how do i get them ready? do i have enough water? do i have enough food. is there medicines i might need. >> state of emergency is in effect right now in flor. meteorologist kate bilo closely watching the frack track of erika. where it is now and headed. >> kate. >> thanks ukee and jess casm this storm has been an interesting one to watch as we know a few days ago it look like a direct landfall was likely or at least probable along the east coast of florida near miami. no longer in the cone issued by the national hurricane center which we'll take a look in a moment. you can see what erika looks like right now. as it moves through portions of haiti it's a very disorganized system. it is still a tropical storm at this hour. they did not downgrade it.
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winds 45 miles an hour you can see that dark red shading as it moves hispaniola an indication of very cold cloud tops, very heavy rain is falling in this area and there could be some catastrophic flooding which you never like to see in these nations haiti and the dominican republic. it will be hea heading toward portions of eastern cuba tomorrow where the terrain could tear the storm apart and downgrade it into a tropical depression. winds at 45 miles an hour with gusts to 60. central pressure at 1,008 mill bars. moving to west northwest at 20 miles an hour. downgrade expected to be depression now the latest track takes it up the west coast of florida rei strengthens to tropical storm but keeps it in the gulf before making a landfall on the florida panhandle on wednesday evening. there is a chance new models take it out into the gulf and this track has been shifting and shifting little bit further west pretty much each day. we'll have to keep an eye on what happens over the week and. it could go more west. things are quiet this system over the great lakes should not
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affect us. it will get block by ridge high pressure. that will be dominating our weather pattern through the neck several days. in the meantime a cool comfortable night underway. 62 in allentown. 73 in philadelphia. 68 in wilmington, but don't get used to the cool, comfy weather we've got a heat wave potential in the forecast and i'll have the full seven day coming up in just a bit. jessica. >> kate, thank you as the nation gets ready to mark the tenth anniversary of hurricane katri katrina, former president george w. bush went to new orleans and mississippi today. new orleans the former president visited a school rebuilt with support from former first lady laura bush's foundation. the president discussed education as well as his memories of the storm. >> hurricane katrina is a story of loss beyond measure also a story of commit many and compassion. i hope you remember what i remember that is 30,000 people were saved in the immediate aftermath of the storm. >> mr. bush also flew to
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gulfport mississippi to honor police and firefighter who's saved the lives after katrina's towering storm surge swamped the coast. >> a neighborhood on edge. a mother comes home just in time as a predator leans in her daughter's bedroom window. this all happen at the washington way apartments in washington township, gloucester county. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has the latest on the search for the suspect who took off running. >> it's nerve racking. >> reporter: neighbors in this washington township apartment complex are uneasy and determined to help police find this man. >> if i see him i'll try to keep him at bay, talk to him until authorities come. >> reporter: he was caught with his head inside a first floor window. when the mother came from home around 10:00 she heard voices in her daughter's room. >> she heard her daughter talking to somebody by the window. when she opened up the bedroom door the gentleman's head was and side the window and some creamed for her hub. by the time she got out the gentleman took off.
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>> reporter: man allegedly told the little girl his name was joe and he was a doctor who lived in the complex. the little girl told her mom the man took a picture of her before running off. police say the mother saw him lurking around their building a day earlier claiming to be looking for a cell phone signal. >> it's scary. it's scary news. you know, i -- i have to make sure everything is lock. >> reporter: neighbors have been sharing the man's 67 and keeping a close eye on their children. >> i have 2.5-year-old grandson who plays back and forthwith these kids. the door is always open. they're always in and out. but now, i'm not sure i want to leave it unlock. report roar the man is describe as in his late 20's or early 30s. he has dark hair and dark eyes with a full facial beard. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. in washington township, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> also tonight, philadelphia police are searching for a man they say robbed and sexually assaulted two women and a man in
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fishtown. this a composite sketch of the suspect. police say he robbed the vick tacony-palmyras at gun point near come brrr land street and the delaware river on sunday evening. the victims were assaulted and then bound with their own clothing. anyone with information should contact the police. a mother is outraged after she says her thee-year-old somehow got out of a daycare center and walked home. it happened at kinder world on hamilton avenue in hamilton mercer county thursday. young door yell ortiz crossed the busy road and walked two blocks. his mother was shocked when her teenaged daughter called to say the three year old was at their side door crying. she went right to the daycare center to get an explanation from the director. >> i couldn't believe that my son had made it back over who are without anybody noticing him he was gone. >> i went straight to the school and talk to the director. i asked for an explanation. how come nobody noticed he was gone schenn had nothing to say other than give me an apology and said it won't happen again. >> ortiz she is filed complaints with the police department and
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the department of children and families. we know now a teacher is one of two people killed in an accident on route 206 in southampton burlington county. allison mcginnis is middle schoolteacher in pemberton township is warm and caring. she was jogging on route 206 when she was hit by a truck. the passenger in that vehicle david eldridge was also killed. new information in the search for the driver wanted in the deadly hit-and-run of a two-year-old boy in kensington. philadelphia police revealed today they know who they're looking for. arrest warrant is now out for 22-year-old miguel cologne. police say he was driving the white infinity that hit young david alicia and his 19-year-old mother as she crossed the street at lehigh and mascher back in april. david's mother survived. family members are hoping the suspect will be caught soon. >> this is like two week ago we had the vigil and we had a lot
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of support and family that was out here to support us and i think with all that support and effort i think finally, you know, we're getting justice. >> the city is offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of any gel cologne. there's a new push to increase fan safety at major league baseball stayed jumps after woman was injured by a foul ball at citizens bank park. the phillies fan was hit in the head last night. she was sitting five rows back and just feet beyond where protective netting ends. fortunately she was okay. but many are calling for the changes to come to all ballpark, this incident happened on the same night the baseball commissioner was at the stadium. >> we're looking at designs of all 30 stadium. we're looking at things like -- i think people think you just put more netting up. you have to worry about things like camera wells. the design of the stadium. unimpeded views. >> the owners will discuss the issue in november and change cos come next year. meanwhile the phillies took
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time out tonight to pay tribute to a war her row and make his dream come true. veteran celebrate add milestone birthday with thousands of new friends at the ballpark. eyewitness news reporter david spunt was there report roar 96 years young. >> friday night was the big one. not because it was david, 96th birthday -- >> happy birthday to you! >> reporter: but because he made it back to see his phillies play in person for the first time in years. >> david was born august 28th, 1919. about a month before shoe less joe jackson made history during the famous world series scam. he started his obsession with baseball 80 years ago. >> i would say around 1935. >> reporter: he went on to serve in world war ii. never losing his love for the team. he was at pearl harbor when the japanese attacked in december of 1941. he's just one of a few pearl
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harbor and world war ii veterans still alive. >> reporter: when the game started airing on television he tuned in. but there's just something about being at the stadium in person. >> very lucky. very lucky. >> he joined two other residents from neshaminy manor in warrington where he currently lives. >> that's his son david who joined his dad for the big game. >> he would always say to me are the phillies on dave? i would kid him and say, i don't know. i'd seay they're on. >> we'd have to put the phillies on. >> he says he'd like to come back more. how company not want to after this appearance on the big screen in front of thousands? >> i plan -- i hope i make it. >> david and his two friends came thanks to twilight wish. it's a local non-profit aim at
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fulfilling senior citizens specific dreams. reporting at citizens bank park, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". we absolute him. no doubt about it. >> don't we. >> hundreds of bottles of wine confiscated from chester county home. >> now, a local hospital wants those bottles. still ahead, we'll tell you where all the wine came from and why hospitals says those rare vintage could really help them out. >> also, they're back. infamous family of bears that crashed one family's pool party returns to the neighborhood. find out why officials say it's not all fun and games. >> kate. >> the heat returns as we head into the weekend. we've got a really nice saturday on the way. although a little bit warmer than today. we're talking 90s starting on sunday and continuing into next week. the skies are clear and they'll stay that way. lots of sun but i'll show you how warm it will get and when the heat may break. more on tropical storm erika coming up in our full forecast. >> and in sports, eagles are gearing up for their third preseason game.
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how much will sam bradford even play again the packers. you'll hear from him when we come back. stay with us.
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new information tonight about the shooting death of the tv news crew in virginia. we have now learned the suspect vester flanagan used the same begun to take his own life that he used to kill reporter allison parker and photographer adam ward. we are also hearing tonight from the wdbj vitter yo editor who first saw the suspect on tape aiding in his quick capture. he saw what viewers did not. >> the camera didn't shut off and i could see the video that was transmitting through adam's camera. i new adam was gone because i saw it. and i had to -- i had to look at it over and over again because it was my job to -- to give a copy to police and give a copy to us and give a copy to our legal team.
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i watched my friend die eight, nine times in a row. >> the shopping plaza where parker and ward were gunned down reopened today. new hampshire jury finds elite prep school graduate not guilty of rape but the panel convicted him on sex assault charges. nope-year-old owen, convicted on several charges in the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl at st. paul school last year. prosecutors say the assault was part of a practice known as senior salute where seniors try to have sex with underclassmen. testified the two had consensual contact. >> ceo of ashley madison is stepping down a mid the cyber breach of the company's data. avid life media incorporated ashley madison's parent company said no biter man's departure was mutual dig. the security breach outed millions of the website's users. chester county hospital is trying to get its hands on 1400
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bottles of wine. last year, attorney arthur goldman and his wife had had hand over a wine collection to authorities estimated to be worth more than $100,000. authorities say he and his wife illegally transported the wine in from new jersey and then distributed it. it's a fact they dispute. but the couple settled with the state and was able to keep half their collection. 1400 bottles are now left in a police evidence room. the hospital says it wants to sell the wine to rain instead of seeing it destroyed. a judge will decide next week if the wine can be auction auctioned or possibly even used in another way. ♪ in campaign 2016 vice-president joe biden says he's deciding whether he has the emotional fuel to enter the democratic presidential primary to face hillary clinton. as the speculation heats up, today delaware senator tom carpenter told us who he would support during a visit to our cbs3 studios. >> if joe gets into it, i would
2:34 am
stay with joe. i think our country would have either one of them, are lucky to have either one of them lead us and so we'll see what happens. >> the democrat also said he's happy donald trump is in the republican presidential race because the billionaire is providing a lot of pleasure for supporters on his side of the aisle. well it's a boy. national zoo in washington, d.c. with a big announcement about the surviving panda cub born just days ago. >> officials reveal the baby's father the zoo's male panda iain, tian. >> mother panda gave birth to twin cubs but the smaller cub died four days later from pneumonia. the surviving cub is doing well. and growing. remember that family of bears that took over backyard pool in north jersey recently? it turns out they came back. someone else in the rock away neighborhood captured these images yesterday and the mom and her cubs knocking down garbage cans and feasting on were was
2:35 am
inside. the new jersey department of environmental protect notes even though the images may look cute their needs to be population control for safety reasons. residents in that area are sure to be on the look out for the bare family this weekend. >> they could be out and about in these waning summer weekends that we have. >> yes. >> looking for pools. looking for fun. >> food. >> see your car driving down street and bears waving behind the wheel. >> that's right. >> it could happen. that could be next monday. >> yes. they'll have nice weather for it. >> they certainly will. what great week and it's going to be. if you don mind the heat and humidity. a lot of people are talking about fall. want a little fall in the forecast back to school time. fall will be here soon enough i'm shower we'll have plenty of nice fall weather to enjoy once we get l first and for most we've got potential heat wave to talk about. beautiful evening in philadelphia. a stretch of gorgeous weekends and especially gorgeous fridays this mom we've only had rain five times this month. the last time it raped in
2:36 am
philadelphia was thursday augu august 20th. and no rain really in the forecast for the next five to seven days at least. nothing appreciable. nothing beyond a stray shower or pop up thunderstorm. so dry conditions that's the story tonight. cool and comfortable another friday night we could use some rain but not for your weekend. weekend is looking pretty nice. storm scan3 no problems high pressure is overhead and it will stay overhead for the next several days. big blocking ridge of high pressure. i'll explain that what that means in just a moment. let's start off with temperatures. you can see a comfy 73 at the airport. but look at all of our surrounding suburbs in the 60s right now mount pocono that's where you're feeling a little fall like it's 52 right now. 61 in millville and 62 in allentown. trenton sitting with a pair of sixes right now. as this high sits overhead, it's going to keep storms out of he here. it acts as a big protective bubble across the area but what it's also going to do as we head into sunday especially height moves offshore. it kicks up a south west flow. that pulls in warm moist air from the south and west and drives the temperatures up and
2:37 am
drives the humidity up as well and with that high planned just offshore, we get into what's kind of the heat pump effect as all that heat and humidity just keeps pump ming in a little bit more each day. very similar to the bermuda high pattern we talk about and usually we get into this kind of pattern in mid july, late july, early august. we're going to be in that pattern as we start september. it will heat up well above average for the neck several days. 84 degrees is our average. we mid 85 for the high today. saturday we're in the upper 80s for tomorrow i should say as we head into the next half hour. saturday going to start to warm up. sunday 90. monday 90. tuesday into the 90's. probably around 91 degrees and that means it could be yet another heat wave. it will make it the fifth one of the season. here's hat at this time on tropical storm erika. erika has lot of problems moving over piss pan yoel la you can see that dark red shading that tends to indicate heavy rain


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