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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  September 9, 2015 3:05am-4:01am EDT

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of your own money or credit. this resource guide addresses the number-one problem most people have, which is how to get the money for your deals, and it's yours, free, when you attend. plus, you'll also get than's vip success package for free, which details out how than finds his deals and buyers and is full of other valuable resources that every real-estate investor needs to be successful. >> learning how to invest in real estate using this system has brought us closer together and put us on the path to financial freedom. >> announcer: don't let this opportunity for you and a guest to attend this powerful live training event in your backyard pass you by. seating is extremely limited, so you must call the number at the bottom of your screen or go online right now to reserve your free tickets. make your guaranteed reservations right now, before it's too late. >> just a few months ago, i attended one of than merrill's training events. since then, i've sold two properties, i have six houses under construction, and i have three houses under contract. in fact, the house behind me i just sold and made $38,000.
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i'm providing a better life for my daughter, and i'm absolutely loving life. now i'd like to introduce you to the man who changed my life, my mentor and friend, than merrill. >> it's important for you to know that, when you attend one of my live training events, you're gonna be learning from someone who is successfully doing this right now in today's market. over the years, i've flipped hundreds of properties. i built a sizeable rental portfolio, and i have 31 deals going on right now, like the one behind me. i also have a track record for teaching other regular, everyday people how to be successful in real estate. in fact, i have some of the most successful students in the country, who have done thousands of documented deals using my system. i've literally created a road map for you to achieve your financial goals. this event -- it's gonna be a turning point for many of you watching this show right now. but you have to pick up the phone in order to make that change. all you need to do is call the
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number at the bottom of the screen or go online right now to reserve your two free tickets to my upcoming two-hour educational event. >> than's event gave me the confidence that i needed to succeed. since then, i have completed 15 real-estate deals, and i'm in the current process of completing two more. >> we have a lot of students who had zero real-estate experience who are now flipping multiple properties a month. however, learning how to flip is only part of what we teach you at the event. the second important step we teach you is how to build long-term wealth with real estate. you see, the key to building true lifelong wealth is to learn how to acquire income-producing properties, like this one right here, that produce monthly checks for you whether you work or not. and if you think about it, no matter what you do for work right now, chances are you wake
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up, you leave your house, you leave your family, and you trade your time for money. however, there's only so many hours in a day that you can work. so, your ability to produce income is capped. just imagine owning real estate that produces money for you every single month, regardless of whether you're at work, on vacation, or asleep in yr bed. this newfound financial freedom is gonna give you peace of mind, it's gonna give you more free time, and it's gonna allow you to give back to those that you care about the most. >> because of the training, i've acquired a few income properties, set up passive monthly income streams, and in the next few months, i will be able to quit my job, all from what i learned. >> now, i know some of you watching at home may have been to other trainings, or you're financially comfortable right now, or you're already in real estate in some shape or fashion. you might be wondering how i can help you.
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well, over the years, i've helped so many people grow and literally automate what they do by learning our system. take gregg cohen, for example. gregg is a student of mine now doing over 100 deals a year and absolutely crushing it. i've even had students who have attended our training events, who started using our systems, and are now so successful that other people started taking notice, and they now have their own tv shows and have been featured on shows like "flipping san diego" on a&e and "property wars" on discovery and "house hunters" on hgtv. in fact, here is one of those students. >> than, your system and what you teach is amazing. as you know, i was a realtor before becoming an investor, and i went to your seminar, and it all clicked. i started rehabbing properties and using your systems, and my business took off like wildfire. and as you know, the discovery channel started calling me when they found out what i was doing, and now i'm featured on "property wars." going to your seminar was the
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best decision i ever made. >> curt is a great guy who's become very successful using our three-step system. and what really blows me away is not only how well curt and our thousands of other students are doing financially, but, more importantly, how proud their spouses and families are of what they've done and what they've accomplished and just how happy they are now. >> i have a business that my wife and children are proud of. we're going into neighborhoods and being paid to fix up properties. i'm building a legacy for my wife, my children, and my grandchildren, and i'm doing something that i absolutely love. >> at the event -- and this is killer -- we introduce you to three powerful and little-known strategies for investing in real estate passively and earning high rates of return. in fact, one of those strategies you're gonna be introduced to, you can earn up to 16% to 18% interest on your money, supported by united states state law and backed by real estate.
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this is a little-known, passive real-estate-investment vehicle that's been around for over 100 years. we're also gonna show you how to use this strategy and other strategies to flip properties 100% tax-free. these are killer ways to invest in real estate and possibly build a retirement account for you and your family, because your money's gonna be growing so much faster in a tax-free or a tax-deferred environment. you see, working a job and just saving money alone may not get you to your long-term financial and retirement goals, and that's why it's so critical for you to learn these powerful, long-term wealth-building strategies. >> right now, we're working on houses number 14 and 15, and we have number 16 in contract. and on our last four deals, we're averaging $100,000 in profits on each deal. >> after all the closing costs and all the expenses it took to do the rehab, we made
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approximately $110,000. >> this house behind me -- i got it under contract, and using the strategies that you taught me at your event, i was able to sell that contract, and i made over $9,000. >> we're averaging $25,000 profit per deal. >> i just wholesaled a deal to a wealthy cash buyer. i made $30,000 on one deal. >> as you're watching at home -- we only have a few seconds left, so pick up the phone and call the number right now to make your guaranteed reservation. this event is an opportunity many people will jump on in this area and change their lives forever. i really hope that you're one of them. if you want a better year this year, compared to last year, you have to do and learn something different. regardless of your financial situation or your background, you can do this successfully. real estate has changed my life, and i know it can change yours.
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i hope today is a day that you mark on your calendar, one where you can put a mark of an event where you and your financial future and your life took a giant leap forward. thanks for watching. i look forward to having you at i look forward to having you at the event.
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i saw something. i saw something. i felt it. i felt it. >> fire on the runway. more than a dozen airline passengers are hurt as they scrambled to get off a plane moments before takeoff. facing flipping poll numbers, hillary clinton apologizes for her use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state but that the controversy won't derail her presidential campaign. >> i can survive it because i think i'm running to be president do what the country needs done. a grand slam. er is rhea williams comes clo


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