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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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newhouse went into cardiac and, family and friend, was in the, and ran out to help. >> awful. >> trever has been air lifted to chop where he was staying for two weeks. he wases put in the medically induced coma and his mom patty learned he had a preexisting heart condition, it is devastating. i honestly, said i did not think my son was coming home with me. >> reporter: trever had been playing sports for ten years, annual checkups, never caught his condition. preventive sports cardiologist doctor david shipon says more and more cases like trevers are being reported. >> in general, this sport that has more a roane i can, components to it, ie, sports like basketball, and there is a high incidence of sudden cardiac arrest. >> reporter: patty new house says she believes if aed's were not available at that game and emt a's weren't nearby trever's story may have
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a different ending. now she and others are pushing for greater a awareness. >> could be as simple as being detailed in his exam rooms and the doctors being more conscientious, about really, looking for those warning signs for sudden cardiac arrest in knees children. >> reporter: defibrillators are not the required at all school facilities but trever's family and friend think they should be. >> how accessible they are in the critical hours in the evenings, the weekend, when kid are playing on these field. >> reporr: trever's mom tells me he will return to school just as soon as he can. he has a couple doctor's appointments coming up. he says these days he is home, resting, relaxing, playing video games but unfortunate le i well not be able to competitively play sock ever ever again. reporting from north wales, montgomery county, rahel solomon cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what a story. no more secrecy regarding dirty dangerous restaurants in philadelphia a the health department is coming clean with inspection reports, that have been kept secret for a movement it has been a issue
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for one chinatown restaurant with the long history of troubled reports. >> it is a story health reporter stephanie he stall has been covering for months now and you are here with this update. >> reporter: this regard all restaurants but we're focused on this one. philadelphia health department is reversing a long standing policy of keeping restaurant inspections secret for a movement most other major cities and local communities make them available immediately. well, inspections have been an ongoing problem for one restaurant we first told but in september. joyce an institution in chinatown has well over 250 health code violations over six years. some, deemed serious, a public health nuisance. >> hi, how are you, stephanie he stall with cbs-3. >> no, no, in. >> reporter: a history the manager did not the want to talk about in september. >> no, no. >> sammy green was among 100 lawyers who got sick with the neuro virus after banquet at that restaurant in february. >> easily worst couple days of my life. >> reporter: health department
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inspection two weeks before the banquet found serious violations including a lack of soap in the employee bathroom, richard kim is representing sammy in a lawsuit against the restaurant. a lawyer for the restaurant refused comment. >> it is a sorted history. it is a amazing to see that a business can operate with these kind of violations, in place. >> reporter: one week after the banquet another inspection found 41 violations, but customers wouldn't have known because inspection reports for all restaurants were kept secret for three days to give them a chance to appeal. that policy is changing now, the health department saying in part, we have determined that the non-disclosure period is not required by the code, nor is it consistent with the nutter administration's open data policy. we are moving forward to make our reports available as quickly as technically possible between 24 and 72 hours. and, the the last inspection of joy lau in late september found multiple violations.
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the restaurant remains opened. the health department has a court action still pending against that restaurant. now everyone will be able to see all inspection reports philadelphia restaurant within 72 hours. >> wow, that is impressive. >> very important. >> thanks for following that. >> thank you you. tonight parents in chester county are warned to check their children's phones, three student are charged in a school sexting scandal. police say students created and distributed sexually explicit images of classmates at valley forge middle school and tredyffrin east town middle school. one instance led to a case of bullying and assault. >> we want to use this as a cautionary tail for our parents. checkup on your children. trust and verify. >> i'm a snoop. i encourage all parents to really look and see what their kid are doing. >> is there so much stuff floating out there and parents are just oblivious. >> police say more arrests are likely in the case. >> turning now to weather, it
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is november, right? because it is flat out beautiful outside. we are in the middle of the fall warm up and fall, temperatures are rising. kate is outside on the sky deck. >> i'm loving it out here bringing dresses back i thought i retired for the season because it is just that warm. it feels likened of summer instead of early november. temperatures well above average and it is not just a one day fluke. we've got several more where today came from. lets look at a stat today, we got to 76 degrees in philadelphia a today, that is the warmest november day, since november 16th, of 2005. a decade ago. ten years ago was last time it was this warm in november, and again it is not just tod, tomorrow we will head back to the mid 70's and then again, thursday, and friday. temperatures right now, now that the sunnies down they have trooped, to 66 in philadelphia, 65 in reading. coming up we will talk about a wonderful wednesday on the way and we will talk also about showers invading the area and changes by the weekend. more on that when i join you inside in a few minutes.
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for now we will soak up nice november air so it is more like september hair to be honest with you, we will be right back in with you. >> kate, thanks. campaign 2015, it is election day, a across the region and voters in philadelphia are choosing a new mayor. pennsylvania's supreme court seats are also on the ballot along with is assembly and local races in new jersey. your vote makes a difference. >> the people you elect will make decision that is will affect you, your family and friend. our todd quinones joins us from our satellite center with a closer look at election day 2015, todd. >> two races in pennsylvania will go a long way in shaping the future for next several years. first is race to be philadelphia's 99th mayor and heavy favorite is former democratic city councilman jim kenney. we caught up with him as he cast his vote at the first reformed church at third and race. after he voted he told "eyewitness news" people don't vote, do a disservice to
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the men and women who were part of the civil rights movement. kenney's republican opponent melissa murray bailey brought her daughter with her as she cast her vote at society hill danza contacted my. bailey remains confident but faces long odd in the city where registered democrats out numbered republicans by roughly seven to one. by far biggest race in the state is three vacancies on the pennsylvania supreme court. there are, seven candidates from across the state, three republicans, three democrats and one independent. justices sit for ten year terms and face only a yes or no vote, to be retained after that. and there are only seven justices that sit on the supreme court, so experts point out 39 who win tonight could have a major influence on the high court's decisions for the next decade and beyond. reporting live tonight from the sat center, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you for that. eyes of the nation are on our area this election day, the the issue has thrust race for montgomery county district
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attorney in the international the spotlight. "eyewitness news" walt hunter is in norristown with the details, walt. >> reporter: ukee, it doesn't happen often but race for d.a. here is making interest the national headlines. all of that base ed on the two candidates comments about the bill cosby case. while democratic candidates sketch steele cast his vote in wynnewood at g.o.p. opponent bruce castor in harleysville their battle to be montgomery county d.a. has blossomed, far beyond local communities making headlines around the world. it is not about the candidates but it is about bill cosby and whether the new d.a. could wind up prosecuting him, for an alleged sexual assault in 2004. bbc headlines proclaiming race one of the five u.s. election toss watch, a rolling stones story stating bill cosby a's faith the faith could lincoln a small town's lex. cosby has never been charged
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with any crime greeting voters in the final hours of an often bitter campaign, steele and castor emphasized that possibly charging cosby is just one of many issues they would address. >> in the media it certainly has had a lot of attention on the cosby case, but, for the most part we have been talking about the issues. >> i just don't believe that is how we should run elections. i think we should be talking about ways to stop crime before it starts. >> reporter: but weeks ago steele a ads followed by castor responses ignited a white hot political flame under the cosby case, steele now first assistant d.a. criticizing castor a former d.a. for refusing to charge cosby in 2005. >> castor didn't even try, bruce castor was not looking out for the victims. >> reporter: castor, firing back that all of the alleged
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victims weren't known until after he left office, and once they were, steele should have taken action. >> kevin steele could have done something but he is still a prosecutor who chose to do nothing at all. >> now with the investigation, into the the 2004 allegation reopened, it is possible that the current d.a. risa vetri furhman could make a decision on charges before she leaves office in january, however, beyond that, cosby's fate and the possibility of any future prosecution will well be in the hand and could well be in the hands of whoever wins the election tonight here in montgomery county. that is it live from the montgomery county courthouse, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if you haven't voted yet you still have time, polls in pennsylvania opened early this morning and will remain opened until 8:00 o'clock tonight. in new jersey where the entire state assembly is up for grabs, polls are opened until 8:00 p.m. weather is perfect. so please get out and vote.
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as always we have more information on cbs where we will have have a complete list of winners and we will have live coverage tonight a at 11:00 after the the votes are counted, no elections in delaware today. still to come on "eyewitness news" video you will only see here and round up in delaware county, where this reptile was on the run in our area and how it got loose. where is the beef, do you remember that saying? new study says meat is flying off store shelves and in the because people are buying more of it, we will explain on the other side, kate? what a beautiful day it was today, did you like it if so i have got another one for you tomorrow and it will stay warm throughout the rest of the week. i'll tell you how long this gorgeous stretch of november warmth will last. don? after a week off the the eagles are back in action, up next, hear why chip kelly is not a fan of the vacation. the latest on the bird coming up.
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tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock they are dynamic duo of fine dining, two local guys who earned their way in to one of the best restaurant in the the area. >> i was the busboy and the
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dishwasher. and then i did two jobs, 13, running around. >> we would be on the roof and then next thing we would be cooking pies all night. >> meet guys who make customers feel like a million-dollar at dell frisco's restaurant. vittoria woodill take you behind the scenes, have a taste with torey tonight, at 11:00. adorable kid with a serious message about perform your civic duty. >> "eyewitness news" in camden where they got out the vote. the k through tenth grade students handed out flyers on mount evefram avenue and encouraged citizens to go to the the vote. i can't vote but you can campaign is part of the freedom's civic program. nicely done, gang. shoplifting is a common crime but number one stolen item might surprise you. >> believe it or not, it is meat. meat thefts have reached a all tie high due to the soaring price of beef in recent years. high protein diets increased national demand for meat.
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recent drought the in the midwest has led to a spike in beef prices. it has gotten so bad in new york city some stores are putting anti theft packaging on their meat products. now that is bad. that is serious. here's something you don't see every day. i will take a wild guess you don't see this every day. police in collindale has taken an iguana a in custody. >> it was not an easy grab so they called a local animal hospital for backup. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco joins us with exclusive details, diane a. >> ukee and jessica this took quite a few people by surprise here this afternoon. the as you mentioned, it is not every day police get called to a rita's water ice parking lot for an iguana on the lose so after a brief chase they apprehended the lizard and tonight they are lag for its owner. a iguana found sun bathing in a rita's water ice parking lot was not exactly the call police chief robert adams was expecting tuesday afternoon.
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>> i asked them to repeat it. they jokingly said, there was an iguana. my officers know my phobia with reptiles. it looked healthy. good nails. good color. and it ran fast. >> reporter: around 32:00 women walking by saw lizard eating a pumpkin and hanging out in the grassy area they called police who called a local animal hospital. the iguana gave them the runaround as video shows them trying to capture the the lizard who eventually got caught in a nearby fence trying to escape. >> it got itself wedged and she had him by body and not tail and other kid went, the other technician with the gloves and then they wiggled enough to get it out. >> reporter: after several minutes and several attempts, they finally had the quick, crafty creature in custody a and police are trying to figure out where it came from. >> not every day you take an iguana a in custody. >> they didn't take tonight custody we detained him for
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his own well-being. for him he could have got out, nice day, had his windows opened and could have got out and wandered around. we have no idea. it could have been somebody that just dumped him. i'm hoping not. >> the iguana has been detained for its own well-being and in the care of the local animal hospital. if you do get home from work today and find out your cage is empty, the collindale police may know how to help you but if in fact it does turnout that this lizard was dumped, police say they are not happen bye that, that is okay too. they'd like whoever did this just to call their a anonymous hot line and let them know so they can start the the adoption procedures. we're live from collindale delaware county, diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> lets get the iguana a home. >> indeed. >> that thing moves. >> wow. >> see, you see an iguana a eating a pumpkin what will you do. >> what is going on, it is 75 degrees, eating a pumpkin
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good what is happening. >> exactly. >> i didn't know they ate pumpkins. >> just get out and enjoy the sun. >> what a beautiful day it was today. >> gorgeous. >> i can't blame him for sneaking out and even eyeing this day. beautiful day. there may be beauty in the sky depending where you are. lets look at footage of the a aurora borealis, this is beautiful, this is not here, by the way and if we do see any it will not look like that but we have chance to see maybe a little bit of the shading in the sky as we go through tonight. beautiful sight. that is on my bucket list to see the full on aurora borealis. lets look at what a aurora borealis is, it is created by a geomagnetic storm in the a atmosphere. is there a strong one right now. you want to be away from city lights. we had reported sight goes in ohio, michigan, up through great lakes. look low and northern on the horizon and you may just see green out there here's the the
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map across the you had knit. we are in the low chance area. so this is definitely not a slam dunk but heading up toward new york state, new england that is where the chances may be better. lets look at our live neighborhood network. this is a time lapse video throughout the day. pleasant wl valley, broad headville. 59 degrees. you can see shadows lengthening, school bus taking kid home, nothing but blue skies and in the 50's outside. 59 degrees. feeling comfortable. temperatures above average all across the region. storm scan three clear, high pressure in control, nothing to talk about here. we are looking good for tomorrow. just a a few more cloud invade on thursday but we will keep this warm flow in place as this high starts to slip east wind south/south east as we get in the day tomorrow. expect it to be cool's along the the coast, further inland temperatures in the 70's once again a carbon copy of today and heading in to thursday the same story a a few more cloud still nice and warm, temperatures once again rising in the 70's.
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then friday, we will await arrival of the next cold front. this will come through later friday afternoon or evening. could bring a stray shower. it will be very breezy, very warm day. take a look at these temperatures, record to beaten friday are mainly in the 70's. we are looking at highs in the mid to upper 70's, some spots may get close to breaking these record. record here in philadelphia is 79 degrees, and we won't be far off from that for your friday. offer night clearing skies, cool but in the cold at 52 degrees. wednesday, lots of sun, warming again, 74, perfect weather, just perfect weather for your september, in october, but for november, it is exceptional. seventy-four for wednesday. more cloud thursday. maybe a shower. friday, breezy and warm, watch for late day showers and cools down but sun comes back and we have another warm up on the way, with the end of the next week. stay there we will be rig
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welcome back. great weekend. cowboys lost. giants lost. the the bird didn't lose, and
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that is because they didn't play. eagles had had a bye week but today, they got back to work. bird are three-four on the season and facing cowboys so tonight in big d. they have lost five of their last seven with the boys. hopefully they are recharged despite chip kelly's difficulties tane for the box. >> i would actually rather keep playing, to be honest with you. i think it gets you out of your rhythm. >> we needed bye week. it gets you hurt. our wide receivers were hurt. very important player for us. i think, it came at a great time. >> you enjoy the bye week until, you know about thursday or friday and then you start getting ready to start to get back in game mode. you don't want to get too far away. moving to the college scene after experiencing the thrill of the victory. the temple owls are coming and trying to bounce back after suffering the agony of defeat. owls gained respect with their hard for the last minute loss to notre dame on saturday. now they will face and try to regain focus and get ready for one and 7smu.
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it is all about bouncing back and avoiding a let down. >> remember what that taste of losing feel like. we haven't loss all season up until that game. just trying in the to have that taste in your mouth again. you know, we don't want to see anyone upset because we lost a game. >> time to get back on track. >> got that right. >> excited for that. >> thanks very much. >> we will be right back. recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at wpsg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". tonight are americans losing their religion. john blackstone has more on the new study that shows a new trend and in for scott pelley is charlie rose are, take care
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family, we will see you tonight. >> rose: taking on takata. the u.s. hits the japanese company for its deadly air bags with fines that could reach a record $200 million. also tonight, in god we trust-- but not as much as we used to. a revealing new survey on religion in america. attention pet owners-- something in your chewing gum could kill your dog. and a man who has seen sunrises and sunsets from a perspective few of us ever will. >> it isust a completely different level of color and brilliance that you see of the earth. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm charlie rose. japan's takata


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