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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 4, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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clear skies and sunshine this afternoon. here's is what happening, taking a live look from the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey looking across delaware river at the sky line, calm waters on the river as they have wind, scant, once again, calm so pretty comfortable outside even though temperatures are cool. compared to four hours ago not much different. right where they were yesterday a degree or 3 degrees warmer then yesterday morning at this time. fifty-one at the airport. forty-one allentown. some suburbs could drop in the upper 30's just before sunrise which is in about one hour, 45 in doylestown. willow grove. it is cool, it is november. this is what you can expect. wind are calm, 5 miles an her breeze out of the north in wilmington. storm scan three, totally quiet, high pressure on top so that means sinking air motion, cloud free skies, full sunshine, we will check out that school day forecast just like yesterday. you have to give it an a plus. fifty-three by 8:00.
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seventy-four at 3:00. we're on our way to 76 degrees this afternoon. we're talking about warmest november temperatures in about ten years. not record territory. record are around 80 degrees. even at the shore it is still beach weather in early november. look at that sunshine with a high of 73 degrees. you can't beat it, meisha. >> you certainly can't. i will be outside today for sure. we have an accident near malvern route 202 southbound past route 30. it was on the shoulder. it looks like both southbound lanes and westbound lanes are being compromised just a bit because of the flashing lights, crews are outside on the scene and they are outside on foot trying to move a vehicle that went off in the median as well. make note of that. it doesn't look like too many slow downs but still very early out there but with that kind of volume, people outside on the roadways, with those flashing lights it is causing slow downs for you. i-95 south at cottman we are seeing volume levels rise as well as we do in the
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5:00 o'clock hour. boulevard looking good as we make your way toward the schuylkill. once we get on the schuylkill westbound looking good there as well, holding steady. this is where we have an accident in new jersey involving a jackknife tractor trailer, route 322 is all block at stone meeting house road. it does have down utility poles and wires, you certainly want to use an alternate and oak grove road will be that alternative and it sound like it will be that for quite sometime, back over to you. philadelphia's next marries hitting the ground running on his transition. >> marry electric jim kenney will make an announcement on that this morning. he won over republican melissa murray bail any a democratic city. three other candidates got less than 1 percent each. in last night victory rally at national museum of american jewish history kenney told supporters he is committed to improve education for philadelphia's school children. >> if we all pitch in then philadelphia's teachers will a actually have resources they
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need to teach and our smallest most vulnerable children will go to prek. >> we have talk about real issues, holding the city back. the fact that we're not friendly to business. the fact that our public schools are failing so many of our children and we created a real platform for change. >> kenney will be philadelphia's 99th mayor when he takes over in january. the race for two at large seats on philadelphia city council is still too close to call this morning. right now current councilman dennis o'brien is on the outside looking in, he trails al taubenberger by 450 votes with 98 percent of the precincts reporting. we will keep you posted. you can find election results from your neighborhood on our web site right on the home page at cbs well, they are loud, smelly and ruining some properties. delaware neighborhood is dealing with the influx of turkey vultures. this is what it looked like in
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the chimney hills development. since vultures are federally protected bird they are not much they can do. residents say the bird perch, wake them up, leave behind some disgusting things. >> early in the morning they are walking around like you think there is little kid up there playing. boom, boom, boom. >> big hair balls come off your roof and fall down on your deck. >> hair balls. >> community came together last night to try to scare the bird away by shining lights and making noise. a neighborhood there, delaware county two women spotted a 4-foot long a iguana sun bathing in the parking lot of the rita's water ice. they called police who called animal control and animal hospital. video shows them trying to capture the list air, harder then it looks. it did get caught though in a nearby fence. >> it got itself wedged and she had him by the body and not tail and other kid went around the other side of the
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fence with the gloves on and they wiggled it enough to get it loose enough out. >> hard to catch those guys. >> the animal hospital was a able to determine that iguana a is a a female and will be kept in foster care until her owner can be dumped. you are missing your 4-foot long a kwan awe know where to find it. >> seventy's and sunny you can see why it was sun bathing. >> yes, we all were. a big warning for dog owners, you be careful where you leave that pack because is there a new warning that says sweetener used in sugar less gum could kill your dog. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins with us more on this. if you own a doggie know everyone's ears are perk, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about the sugar substitute called xylitol found in a number of products not just that sugar free gum but it is also found in peanut butter a as well. we know how they love a spoon full of that once in a while. doctors are issuing a warning that could very well save your best friend's life.
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gunner is new member of the family for sam cares and jordan pellet. he is helping the pair deal with the heart breaking loss, two-year old luna died in april after getting in chewing gum made with the sugar substitute xylitol. she started vomiting. they took her to the vet but there was nothing doctors could do. >> her kidney tests weren't good, they were shutting down and we didn't have any other choice but to put her down. >> reporter: xylitol is safe for humans but dangerous for dogs causing low blood sugar and liver failure. sugar free gummies biggest offender but xylitol is found in sugar free candy, chewable vitamins, baked goods and peanut butter. number of products are on the rise and the a spca animal poison control center is reporting increased calls about the substance from 28 to in 2004 to 3700 last year. some experts are calling forewarning labels on products that use xylitol but until
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then, doctors like ashley gallagher of friendship animal hospital say owners need to take matters in their own hand. >> you just have to be really careful because dogs are nosey and they are hungry all the time. my dogs are. they are always looking for a treat. you have to watch them. >> sam and jordan will never take a chance again. >> with a lot of things like candy, gum, peanut butter, check late we check all and if we have xylitol in them we don't buy them. >> the best betties right now if you have a dog and it worries you check label, look for sugar free on the front and see fit includes xylitol. if it does put it somewhere high so your friends can get to it. erika and nicole, back to you. >> peanut butter is so often because we give that to our dogs. >> you know how much momma loves her peanut butter. >> yes, thanks for that warning. >> yes. 5:37. in business news this morning beer and ice cream get together. >> but honda and takata a are breaking up. >> money watch's jill wagner
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joins with us those stories and more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole and erika. this morning honda a takata's biggest customer will in longer by takata a air bain inflaters a after the japanese air bag maker was ordered to pay 70 million-dollar for hiding evidence and failing to issue timely recalls. this is the largest fine ever em posed by regulators and it could go higher. 200 million if takata does not the replace them within two years. takata a air bags are link to seven death and hundreds of injuries. here on wall street rising oil prices sent energy stocks higher. dow jones jumped 89 points inching closer to the 18,000 mark. nasdaq up 18. fiat chrysler had its best october in four years. italian an automatic owe maker got the a publicity boost when pope francis toured the u.s. and philadelphia in the fia at five hundred in september. it spark huge interest in the model. fi at says sales of the jeep
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brand jump 33 percent. a craft beer maker in colorado is brewing a beer inspired by ben and jerry's ice cream. ben and jerry's is returning the flavor with the new flavor cause carmel browny brown ale made with new belgium beer and thinks all for a good cause. a portion of the proceed will fight climate change. as if it could not get any better, erika and nicole. >> yes, need we say more, jill, thanks. listen to this a vermont company hopes supporters have some support. >> one way to put it they are wearing their allegiance on their sleeves and in some other places as well. this is late necessary campaign wear as in underwear. >> yeah. >> the the company received 50 order for bernie underwear in their first few weeks in business, it is first stocking stuff, or perfect stocking stuff for bernie on your list. sanders is amused. >> it cracks me up, unbelievable, i guess we have
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bernie underwear now. >> we started with a good fit. >> can you buy more than one pair. >> you absolutely can. >> feel the bern. >> i love that. >> underwear benefits a group helping injured servicemen and women because company says sanders does not like taking corporate contributions. they are hoping underwear is more than a brief fad. >> oh, nicole. >> feel the bern. >> you know what if you raise money somehow why not. >> may as well everyone needs underwear. updating the top stories including the latest on the passenger stabbed on the september bus overnight. paying a premium for parking hear outrageous price sows one wants for a spot in this garage. also a premature celebration for this mets fan do you see that tattoo? hear why he has in plants to get rid of it.
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here's today's headlines on cbs-3. jim kenney is new mayor of philadelphia a he defeated republican melissa murray bailey and three others. kenney will held a news conference on the transition this morning. also new this morning a man is in stable condition after he is stabbed on the september bus in west philadelphia. police say a man stabbed victim at forty-sixth and market and then fled that scene. victim suffered a minor cut. a freight train hits a car stuck on the railroad tracks in montgomery county, driver got out in time and it happened early this morning near second street in bridgeport. scientists think they are close tore pinpointing source of the e-coli out break in the pacific northwest. out break has sickened at least three dozen people in forced chipotle restaurant chain to close 43 restaurant chants in portlandian washington. they have identified the micro organism responsible that was carried on fresh produce such
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as lettuce and tomatoes. on the cbs-3 healthwatch this morning is there new evidence about the dangers of too much sitting. this is for pregnant woman. researchers a at university of warwick say too much sitting may be linked to depression and weight gain for expecting mothers. that can increase risk of gestational diabetes. pregnant woman are encouraged to get more physical activity. ♪ >> ahh, eminem, does this motivate to you get up a and move. a new study ranked best songs to boost your performance while working out and three eminem songs made the list. turn it up. >> maybe inspired you for that 8-mile run. >> 8 miles. >> some other songs on the list include don't you worry child by swedish half mafia and hall of fame by the script. so, you have have a go too song. >> i like that can't hold it by mack more and lewis.
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>> yes. >> it gets me going. >> absolutely. >> what about you. >> i watch tv while i work out. that is when i get my groove on. let us know what songs you are listening to when you work out and use the the hashtag cbs-3. >> 5:46. new survey puts eagles fans near a top of the list but on this list you might not want to be in the lead here. bird fans like to dripping during the game, backtrack says many go over board. they say eagles fans are the third most drunk, in the nfl. only buff le bills and detroit lions fans ranked higher. fans of the cincinnati bengals are least drunk in the league in case you are wondering. world series may be over and royals, well, they are world champions. >> one mets fan isn't letting get of the championship dream. josh davis of hacketstown, new jersey has a tattoo celebrating a mets world series title in 205.
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>> oops. >> yeah. >> josh admit his confidence overruled his common sense on the eve of the mets first trip to the fall classic in american a decade but josh says he has no regret. >> it was a quick decision but after all that has happened and after the fact i think it is a real cool experience. i'm looking at positive aspects. i don't regret it at all, i think it is awesome. >> josh says that it might not be too hard to change the five into a six because there is always next season. >> there you go. >> one way to look at it. >> faith in your team. >> for sure. >> 5:47. many of us are around here could not see last tonight but we have a tape for you here. skies over leig, nebraska, as northern a a a roar borealis, it may continue to light viewers in the central and northern u.s. but the catch you have to be far away from light pollution. you will have a great show through tuesday. unfortunately we cannot see
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this, justin. >> it is possible we can, this far south in the latitude and projection bus if you haven't seen any reports around that here you have to get a away from the city lights as you just said but again, who knows. now we will see some cloud moving back in the viewing conditions, not really good but what are northern lights. the lets talk about that in a little bit. every now and then sunni myths plasma ache all you need to know is that energy gets stuck in the solar wind that comes in the earth's magnetic atmosphere and then we have charged particles, and it disrupts the energy here and then produces the colorful lights. sometimes you can see them this far south in latitude but i don't think we were able to see that last night. what you can see is the meteor shower. this will go on through november. we are in the peak. taurid's are known for fireballs. it is pretty active right now. we are clear on storm scan three. high pressure over us.
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we have a disturb a answer to the the south and we will be dealing with cloudy moving back in. the lets check with our weather watchers at the this hour. we're waking up to cool numbers. forty's right now. check it out. fifty in the warmer spots in eagleville the at lou's house, middletown delaware lower 40's in mount holly, new jersey in bath, 45 degrees. eileen murray coming with the cold spot at 35 in gilbertsville and cherry hill mid 40's. allentown julia coming in at 40 degrees at the this hour as well. temperature outlook over the next six to ten days, look at that cool air from the western u.s., we're still stuck in the warmth. if you are liking this forecast you'll like at least first half of november. temperatures should stay well a a have above average this time of the year we should average 60 degrees. not enclose to. that we're talk about 16 above average. today nothing happening, tonight clouds move from the south, could be areas of fog along the coast and then delaware river. beware of that thrgh overnight travel. through tomorrow mostly cloudy skies, spotty showers, nothing heavy at to this point.
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we will go mostly sunny, warm. 76 degrees tonight. those cloud move in late tonight. 55 degrees for the low and check out the extended forecast, clouds moving in but still warm thursday and friday, low to mid 70's and then we will cool it back close to where we should be highs in the 50's, sun on sunday. let's head over to meisha for a check of the road. >> it is wet are like this which makes me wish i had a pooch to walk after work. happy wednesday to you. this is in malvern, an accident on route 202 that has been cleared. 202 southbound past route 30 has been totally cleared. and traffic, we are looking good there i-95 south to betsy ross bridge. one of the area that is starting to heat up but everyone still moving around at close to posted speed. we have construction, 16th street ramp to westbound vine is closed right now for construction, again i'll let you no he when that does indeed opened if it does this morning. we a jackknife tractor trailer in new jersian accident on route 322 is block at stone
5:51 am
meeting house road because of some down poles, and wires in this area. you certainly want to use an alternate such as oak grove road. it sound like this might be in place for quite sometime. for those wanting to take that commodore barry bridge just use that alternate and move around, it is still in place and 322, all lanes are block, mass transit southbound delays at fernrock station due to signal problems, erika, back over to you. well, if you think parking is bad in philadelphia, this is nothing compared to boston. >> listen to this one of the most prime spots in the city was just offered for $650,000. >> wow. >> that $650,000 for 171 square foot parking space. it doesn't even include a car which would you think it month. the last spot in the garage sold for $390,000 which practically seems like a bargain compared to this one. nine latest lit listing was pulled yesterday to see fittings back on the market. at $650,000 you would think you can afford a driver,
5:52 am
right, to take you where you need to go, are you hiring? put him on the staff. >> next time you complain about getting a parking ticket it could be worse. baby pictures are darn cute but an unexpect visitor made one new born's picture even more adorable. >> talk about one lucky dog, definition of the survivor, how he defied death in the once but three times, we will have his story coming up next.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at
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if cats have nine lives how many does a dog have. >> this pup any virginia has at least three. es pen the doggies doing better after having emergency surgery. he was jumping and impaled himself with the 5-foot metal rod, awful. this isn't first time that he has gotten himself into trouble. he has been hit the by a car, before, and had to have a plate in his leg. another time he ate corn on the cobb and had to have emergency surgery. >> we love him, more than word can express, how much we love this dog. >> this should be the last time. this is his third strike, i think, you know, he is a very, very lucky dog. >> poor little pep. >> espen family is asking for donations to cover the surgery's $10,000 cost. >> that may be time to get dog insurance, just saying, yes. >> exactly, strike three.
5:56 am
>> a cute new born baby's pictures gets more adorable when an animal unexpectedly photo bombs the the shot. >> check this out, curious deer was just walking right around but, behind that baby, who was behind a bail of hail surrounded by pumpkins in the park in louisiana. photographer says it is not first time that deer nicknamed maggie made an appearance. maggie has been sneak nothing her photos instant beginning of the summer. >> so sweet but as a momma bear wait don't get too close to the baby. >> yes. >> true. >> a little bit better. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live with your election result. >> also this morning social media secrets revealed, she was an instagram star but now this australian model is unveiling harsh reality behind all those beautiful photos she posted. also this. in this weeks story of brotherly love see children who are now ready for winter thanks to a local none in profit. new coats that have warmed kid and, hearts.
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good morning, right now, philadelphia police are searching for a man who stabbed a septa bus passenger, overnight. >> it is not what i am going to do, it is what we are going to do together.
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>> wow. >> you're looking a at philadelphia's next mayor, jim kenney cruised to an easy victory and he is wasting in time. we are live with how he plans to hit the ground running today. and does not get much better then this weather-wise, it is warmest it has been in november in ten years. if you enjoyed those 70's we have good news for you today. >> feels so good. >> it is wednesday, november 4th, good morning, so glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. i'm erika von tiehl. let's check with justin and meisha. i know you were enjoying those temperatures too, good morning. >> it is gorgeous. the despite the fact that we have such beautiful weather it has been busy in the traffic center. we have a lot of accidents. the justin, how sit feeling outside. >> we cannot blame that on the weather but nice right now, skies are brightening up, sunrise at 6:30, clear skies right now, temperatures, 50's in the city, 40's in the suburbs. comfortably cool this morning with the light breeze but as we mentioned the warmest temperatures in november in ten years.


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