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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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syria, a security sweep netted weapons and more than 100 arrests. tonight, isis is threatening more violence in a newly released video militants vowed to attack washington d.c., and any country who joins the campaign begins them. speaking at g20 summit in turkey president obama called on a united global front to battle terrorism. >> the a attacks on paris reminus that it will not be enough to defeat isil in syria and iraq alone. here, our nation's strengthening border controls, sharing more information, and stepping up our efforts to prevent flow of foreign fighters in and out of the syria and iraq. >> france's president called friday's attack an act of war and it was country's deadliest attack since world war two. flags have been lowered to half staff across pennsylvania to honor victims of the paris attacks. flags will remain there, until sunset on thursday.
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delaware couple is happy to be home tonight after a trip to europe that got disrupt by situation in paris. our diana rocco is at philadelphia international and she talked to a couple just moments after they got off a plane, diana. >> reporter: that is right, ukee. while france is very much in mourning tonight the couple we spoke to said you can feel height even sense of vigilance throughout france and europe, something many americans returning home can identify with. delaware native gayle and frank castleman are relieved to be back home after returning from the two week trip to europe. >> i wanting to home and go see my grand kid. >> reporter: their flight from paris landed at philadelphia international airport this afternoon. >> it is scary. your heart goes out for the people. >> we were told right when we flew out that paris was the most safe airport was safees place to be. >> reporter: they were on a river cruise scheduled to arrive in paris on friday but after ice ace a attacks rocked
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the the city they were detoured and didn't a arrived until a few hours before their flight. >> i ended up spending two days on buses, and then getting to the hotels late. >> reporter: three separate attacks were carried out by at least eight islamic extremist wearing identical suicide vests, killing more than 129 and wounding hundreds. passengers coming in monday say most are now glued to news reports there and worried for their own safety. >> unaudible. >> i'm not from france but i'm from africa. >> reporter: stephan body a student at community college of philadelphia was visiting friend in france for the weekend. he says that the american support there has been felt. >> you know, you know, everything is back and you have to go to school and work. >> reporter: some other passengers we spoke to tonight
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say that american airlines flight coming in this a afternoon was visibly empty. more than 140 seats were vacant on that flight, noting that some in paris have opted just not to fly. live outside philadelphia international a airport diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile septa officials are stepping up security in the wake of the paris a attacks. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is in center city with the details on how they are working to keep riders safe, todd. >> reporter: in light of the attacks in paris septa police are reminding riders here if they see something, say something. since friday septa police has stepped up patrols and manpower especially during peak travel times and during big events such as eagles game. to be clear there are no credible threats but investigators say riders often serve as their eyes and ears and can be helpful in preventing or stopping criminal activity. >> if they feel uneasy about it, if it is something that they feel is a potential
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threat we would prefer to investigate their complaint, call 911, text 17776 and we will investigate it. >> police reminding riders that if they see anything one acting suspiciously to call immediately. reporting live, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with cbs news for very latest in paris. scott pelley is anchor live from france tonight at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news". police have arrested a mother and son who were allegedly selling drugs out of a radnor home. the authorities arrested five three-year old joanne beatty, george beatty and 24 year-old jen bowler. a according to police under cover agents halted operation that was selling marijuana and other drugs. neighbors in radnor were grateful for the police work. >> several phone calls in banks, obviously a lot of police activity in particular
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friday, clearing out property and getting it under control but amazing when neighbor tell you things that they have observed and they start letting us any know. >> reporter: officials believe this operation was distributing drugs to local college campuses and police say one of the suspects has a record of drug-related offenses. if you are a buyer or seller on craigs list or a similar on line marketplace one local police department aims to make the in person transaction safe for everyone involved. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan explains the cherry hill safe zones. >> when it comes to buying things advertised on line, never forget the old saying if it sound too good to be true it probably is. cherry hill police have seen some serious scams. >> we had one instance where somebody met somebody advertising the sale of iphone on craigs list. when they met with the buyer they exchange $800 and found that the box of iphones were filled with roxanne cotton. >> reporter: just in time for shopping the department is doing something to ensure safety of person to person on
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line transactions. they created a safe transaction zone at the police station. there is one place outside in the drop off loop in the parking lot and other spot is in the waiting area inside the police station lobby. >> they are both available 24/7. we've electric tronic surveillance and if somebody wants to meet we encourage them to come, so it is safe for them. >> reporter: not only can video recording help police find a person that does a bogus deal it can assure personal safety that you won't ab tack in anyway. >> we hope it would not deter anyone with the criminal purpose, where they wouldn't want to meet in the police department knowing it is under surveillance. >> reporter: if someone is not willing to meet at a police station maybe it is a red flag you shouldn't do the deal. >> i think it is a great idea, safe place and you are not taking a risk. >> reporter: cherry hill is in the only police department who offers a safe transaction zone so check with your own town as they don't have one, go someplace that is perfect that preferably has security camera
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to deal with trans agos. in cherry hill, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> turmoil for mormon church, new rules has some members questioning their faith. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has more what is causing dissension in the church. >> reporter: for some, this is a deep wound. >> i just stayed up crying, because of the ramifications for this will be just horrendous. >> reporter: growing up in the church of the ladder day saints philadelphia ward member holy king bennet says that she knows she's taking a risk by speaking out but she says she is so appalled that she had to. >> it is mind blowing that they, that this can be seen as an act of love which is how they are phrasing it to be. >> reporter: as a new pol willcy in the mormon church outlined in the leadership guide book members who enter into a same sex marriage are considered apositic, facing discipline as severe as ex-communication. their children, ineligible for
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the church naming blessing or baptist many. church member steven brady says the policy is beyond flawed, it the is destructive. you are thinking of leaving the church. >> i'm absolutely thinking of leaving the church. >> reporter: we did receive a statement from the national leader ship of the church of ladder day saints, saying that this is not a a change in the church's doctrine, it is a change to the policy handbook that goes to the church leadership in different states across the country and that it is out of love. that statement also came with the ten minute interview video with apostle christopherson saying change is to protect children from confusion. >> this is about family. this is about love. >> it doesn't make sense to me. it doesn't seem like being interested in protecting the child from anything. >> reporter: a wound that for many may be too deep to treat. in center city, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" a surprise
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deal, urban outfitters agreed to take over restaurants owned by a celebrity chef in philadelphia, but what will it mean for diners. what a beautiful day it was we hit 07 with sunshine but clouds are streaming in and eventually, by thursday we will tiehl with this system, i'll tell what you to expect from that and temperatures that tumble in the wake of the system coming up, in a few minutes. honoring her strength 76ers recognize all this young girl has been through and her amazing ability to overcome challenges, with a smile. also eagles say one thing, media reports say another, so what is the deal with injured quarterback sam bradford, how much time will he miss? we will have the latest in sports. oster rhea.
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sixer a awarding an 11 career old girl struck with home lessness with their strong kid of the game award. >> that award is given to someone who overcome great obstacles. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is live with more on this, rahel it was a little girl's feel hockey coach who nominated her the
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award. she has come to practice with a smile on perfect face. margaret stewart has probably been dealt more hard ship in just her 11 short years then most. >> it is really hard to live in a shelter. >> reporter: she and her mom have been living in home less shelters in philadelphia for the the last two years. her situation is reality for many, according to project home, 12,000 people, including families, live in shelters each year. >> we're grateful because if we didn't have our children we would be on the street but part of us get taken from that because we cannot give our children what we want to give them. >> reporter: lately their luck has changed, monday two local stylist offered free hair and make up, ahead of monday night's recognition. because when you do good you want to look and feel good. >> every game we do a strong kid of the game award, sixers strong kid. what we recognize somebody who defies the odd.
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somebody who represents perseverance, determination, and sometimes there are challenging circumstances, and if you look at that margaret's story it is inspirational. >> reporter: margaret's field hockey coach nominated her for the a award and says despite whatever is going on at home he came to practice ready to give it her all and did it with a smile. >> i'm proud of you. you deserve it. do you. >> reporter: nowadays, margaret is smiling a lot, just two weeks ago they moved into their very own home. >> it is us we can get on with our lives now. >> tonight's game with the dallas mavericks begins at 7:00. margaret will be recognized at half time. reporting live, at wells far go center, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> can't wait to see that, rahel thanks. big announcement for philly celebrity chef mark vetri. >> chevies selling his
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restaurant group vetri family to urban outfitter. deal includes osteria, willal fina, and, pizzeria vetri. the company's first restaurant vetri is only one not included in the sale. urban outfitters also based in philadelphia said it has been integrating restaurants in the stores for several years now. vetri says the deal will not change anything at the restaurants. in a statement vetri family says get through this partnership and experience urban has in scaling growth opportunities, the vetri family will now be able to focus on what we do best: run restaurants that make people happy. >> part of the growth vetri family will be opening first pizzeria in austin, text a as this weekend. >> how about that. >> exciting times. >> kate joins with us our forecast. how about this temperature. seventy's, in november. >> we hit 07 today. >> we didn't break a record. record was 76. we were close. average is 56 degrees. and, we were today from normal
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and this weekend relatively mild as well. things have been going that way. workweeks are warm. weekend is when chill comes in and this set up no different. it looks like cooler air comes in time for weekend. the it is just monday. we are already thinking ahead to next week even. let's just admit it. lets see what is happening right now. ben franklin bridge all lit up, skies are clear and with the clear skies and light wind, temperatures are dropping already. so after 70 degrees today we will pull out that jacket this evening, it is feeling cooler already and the wind will pick up as well thanks to a back door cold front coming up. i'll explain what that means. i will show you what is happening here on storm scan three. we are in the slice clear skies here. dry air overhead. but we have got this system loading up to the west and we have back door cold front over extreme northern new england and canadian maritime. what will happen thinks back door cold front edges in, stalled this front out and this moisture will load up and stall over portions of the
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plains. eventually that will get a push and they will head east in our area on thursday but will have more moisture then what you see here. we can expect back to steady rain on the day thursday. that is day i to watch and need rain gear. temperatures 61 degrees in philadelphia 60 in allentown. notice millville in portions of south jersey, one of the cold spots, temperatures drop quickly. they are down to the 40's in millville. fifty-one in mount pocono. so we have had a mild week. seventy today. average 56. the record 76 that was from ten years ago. it does than the look like we will be breaking anymore record this week. here's part of the reason y temperatures today, we have got to 07 in philadelphia 69 in d.c. but here comes a back door cold front. we will see the wind direction, start to become northeasterly. we will tap in the cold air over north atlantic. temperatures will drop. tomorrow's high in boston just 47 degrees. here in philadelphia,er with back to the 50's.
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12-degree drop from today to tomorrow but 58 is still a above average. i just showed you 56 is normal this time of the year. it will in the feel all that bad. then we will see how moisture justin to pile up here as this system stalls, elongates over next few days and slowly moves toward us as we get into wednesday, thursday but when it comes through. wednesday increase. we have to wait for that front to come through during the day object thursday. that is what to expect. behind that it does get cooler as we head in the weekend. a brief surge in the temperatures as we await arrival of the front thursday. we will tap in this pool air on friday. watch the weekend. even colder air starts diving southward and we have to start talking about winter weather, next week a chill in the air. we're ten days from thanksgiving. fourteen days until average high is 50. twenty-four days the the average first snowfall in our area we are only 36 days away from winter starting. i know it doesn't feel like it yet but it is right around the
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corner. make sure you have coat, you will need them. tomorrow not too bad. fifty-eight, mostly sunny, cooler g day for rain gear, which is thursday when we have rain and wind in the a afternoon. progressively turns cooler, take a look at sunday. 49 degrees, it is blustery as well, cold day. in fact, saturday, felt chilly but sunday first day of the month that really feels cold. >> you said 36 days from winter. >> thirty-six days. >> wow. >> i know it is coming, right around the corner. >> get ready. >> we will be talking about it. >> taste of torey. >> out of the way spot that is worth the drive this place is in south jersey and known for its buffalo wings. >> we he go through 90 to hundred cases a week at 40-pound a case. so yes, a a lot of chicken. >> if you are just one to do that math that would be 22,000 wings, a week. vittoria woodill takes all you can eat wings night to the end degree. she takes it to the top. inside a historic building
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that is serving as a hotel and courthouse. see it tonight at 11:00 on "eyewitness news". >> we have kleenex back here. >> i'm ready. >> we will need wet wipes. >> game on. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> tonight the the cbs news from paris. the emotional toll is still sinking in but after days of darkness for the city of light the eiffel tower is lit as a beacon that parisans are down but they are not out. we will focus on the investigation into friday a's attacks and speak to survivors of the horror, including classmates of the one american who was killed, 23 year-old nohemi gonzales, that is for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?!
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heart breaker. >> yes, it was. >> i don't know what else to say. >> we're seeing the man. >> we have been saying this a lot, lately our monday's have been just come down to this, right. >> yeah. >> what up with that. >> let's talk about the quarterback. stone cold silence from the novacare complex. sam bradford is hurt but iain rapport is reporting that the qb has a separated shoulder. he will miss sunday's game and thanksgiving day game in detroit. here's how it all went down, bradford was sacked in the third quarter of yesterday's one point loss to the miami dolphins. he walk off grimace nothing pain holding his non-throwing arm up a against his chest. head coach chip kelly was asked about bradford's status to day. >> we will figure out what is wrong. i never get in hype this castle. they could tell me they are ruled out. i don't have a conversation about meetings, how much time, when can he come back. we will take it as it comes f
6:25 pm
they tell me he can play we will make plans. if they say it will be extended time then we will make plans for that. >> basically he ain't sag nothing. if bradford cannot play plan toys start mark sanchez. he threw a back breaking interception but mark has experience in the system. last year he played nine games and had 14 touchdowns and 11 picks. >> he always has good energy. he wants to make plays. he wants to give guys an opportunity. he made a couple plays out there. now with the full week of preparation, you know, with the one's, that it is looking like, he will gives a great game. >> the hunt for one continues tonight, the zero and ten sixers look for their first win when they host mavericks. some perspective dallas has won three in a row. sixers have in the win a single game in nearly eight months. highlights tonight at 11:00. georgia verse auburn this one goes way too far. i say assistant coach. all fired up. slaps one of of his own
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players, that is ring owe mcgraw. he goes down to all four's and then later on came back. there is the celebration smack, right, hashtag friend flier. a little excitement. >> you are not expect ago this coming. >> yes. >> bring it in. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight how biggies the u.s. following at tax in paris. isis named washington d.c. as a target. how u.s. is working to prevent attacks on the home land. live from paris here now is
6:30 pm
scott pelley. take care family we will see >> pelley: tonight terror in paris. the victims are honored with silence and avenged with thunder. police go on a manhunt for accomplices. and identify a possible mastermind. more u.s. governors say no to syrian refugees. the president defends his war on isis. >> the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. >> pelley: and a tale of two survivors. when you went into the cafeé, what did you see? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from paris. >> pelley: the bells here at the cathedral of notre dame tommed today -- tolled t


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