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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> good morning, following breaking news this morning. russian officials say terrorist act caused the russian plane crash in egypt last month. how they say terrorists brought down that plane. >> also, france continues to fire air strikes at isis and syria. and us secretary of state john kerry is in par thinks morning to meet with french president advance oil holland. more on holland's promise to take it down. >> waking to up cooler temperatures today. the upside they don't stick around for long. justin takes a look at the warm up and the chance for rain. that's coming up. >> good morning, it is tuesday, november 17th, i am area erika von tiehl. let's check in with justin right now and a look at the roads. >> good morning, happy
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tuesday, guys. the roads are looking great, nice and dry obviously, dealing with some overnight construction project. we're kind of used to this game. justin, it was feeling little colder today. i walked out the door and i was not expecting that. >> coming off the temperature of 70 degrees yesterday afternoon, got to remember, still, mid-november here. so it does cool down at night. clear skies overnight waking to up certainly some jacket weather a lot of 40's out there in most of the suburbs, low 40's, may dip down to the 30's in some of the colder spots, if we can see generally clear sky, right before sunrise, 49 in wilmington at the airport, same deal at the philadelphia international airport. thirty-nine now in quakertown, 43 doylestown. wind direction, has switched now out of the northeastso big difference in the forecast today. yesterday, it was west winds, that's what helped warm us up. today, northeast winds, coming in off the ocean, now we will talk about cooler temperatures close to average. how much, though, still decent amount of sunshine. there are some high clouds out there right now, especially from the city on south and east, overall mostly sunny day, few more clouds than what
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we had yesterday. comfortable conditions, through the morning, temperatures climbing up through eat's, mid 50's for your lunch break in the sunshine. we will make it up to 58 degrees, getting close to average for this time of year at the shore, mid 50's, and we keep it in the upper 40's in the poconos, again, still a lot of sunshine, overall nice day. we warm up it for the middle of the part. week. talking rain chances in our forecast, we will break down the details in a few more minute. let's head back over to meisha for a check on the road conditions. >> good morning, just waking up with us, still very early, still dark outside, still dealing with of course the overnight construction, one of the areas we're looking at right now, the vine between the broad and the schuylkill east and westbound directions are still closed, usually they do open upright around 5:00. it is not quite 5:00 yet. so i'll keep my eye on that, yesterday already open by this time around 4:30. but it is the eastbound and westbound on the vine still closed right now. also, construction on 95 southbound, off ram top street
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road blocked, also, 95 south, at street road, right lane is also closed, let me back out of the way, you can see though traffic levels obviously at this early hour still light. not causing too many slow downs right now. another area we have construction, nine at north between bartrum or route 291 east. and the airport, two left lanes in the area are still block. not causing too many slow downs right now, with all of the flashing lights and blocking those two right lanes, if those aren't cleared out of the way that can certainly cause slow downs. then some construction in new jersey that i will have an update for you oncoming up in about 15 minutes. back to you. >> meisha, a thank you. back to break news right now. russian officials say the crash of the passenger plane in egypt was the result of terrorist act. officials told russian president vladmeere putin today that homemade explosive device blew up that plane late last month. all 224 people on board that plane were killed in the crash. now, the latest on the deadly terror attacks in paris, france fired new air strikes on the islamic state
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in syria this morning, destroying commands post, and also a training camp. meanwhile, us secretary of state, john kerry, made a surprise trip to france, and met with french president francois hollande. he said he will travel now to washington next week, to meet with president obama. and reports, hollande now vowing to irradicate terrorism >> reporter: in syria, bombing campaign against isis. francois hollande promises to extinguish terrorism. >> france is at war. >> he proposed extending france's state of emergency for three months, and to make it easier to detain and deport suspected terrorists. he voice the sole of his nation will survive this bloodshed. >> i want france to remain itself, barbarians attacking it, want to dig figure it, they will not succeed. >> to defeat isis, president
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hollande wants the us and russia to work together saying woe meet soon with president obama and russian president vladmeere putin. friday attacks that killed 129 people in paris had sparked a series of raids, arrests and detentions in france and belgium, and the us the cia, fbi, threatening more attacks. >> they are simply a network of kill heres are brutalizing local populations. >> one of those brutal killers is now the subject of an intense international manhunt, 26 year old sola is believed to be connected to the terrorist attacks. a remind their danger persists, even in the midst of mourning. reporting in paris, i'm aaran mclaughlin. meanwhile, parisians standing unite "today show" the world they can't be broken. the eiffel tower was lit up
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for the first time since the attacks last night and the colors of their national flag. >> and life is slowly starting to return to normal in paris. live look right now at the city where makeshift memorial has been set up for the many victims. number of stores have also reopened following the attacks. >> philadelphia is more vigilant after the paris attacks, septa police have stepped up patrols, especially during rush hour, and eagles games. septa police says there are no credible threats, but if you see anything suspicious, as always, call 911. security also tighter at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. fans at last night's sixers game were asked for patients, as it took longer for them to get through security, sixers fans had no problems. james brady brought his son to the game. they talk about the attacks in paris before the game. >> we had a talk on the way down in the car. and he had some questions. i know they brought it up in school. so he had some concerns, but i reassured him i'm sure the
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wells fargo center took all of the proper precautions. >> the wells fargo center also has cattle texting. you can text the word service to 78247 and then describe a situation that we can also remain anonymous. >> 4:37 right now. delaware county family couple, rather, is happy to be home from par thinks morning after their trip to europe was disrupted by the attacks. delaware native gale and frank coast elman arrived yesterday at philadelphia international airport from paris. they were on a river crews scheduled to arrive in paris friday. but, after the isis attacks rocked the city they were detoured and did not arrive in paris until just few hours before their flight home. >> scary, your heart goes out for them. >> yes. >> we were told that right whether we flew out that paris was the safest airport, was the safest place to be. >> gale and frank told us they were looking forward to getting home and seeing their grand kids. mayor michael nutter
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meanwhile is making headlines. he says gun violence in us cities should be treated like international terrorism. nutter made the remarks during a meeting with attorney general lore eight lynn in washington, d.c. yesterday. mayors from other cities including baltimore and new orleans also attended that meeting. nutter says gun violence, like terrorism, makes people feel unsafe in their communities. several us governors now say they do not support taking in refugees from syria. this after it was discovered that one of the attackers in paris likely pose as a refugee to get into europe. new jersey governor chris christie says he opposes allowing any syrian refugees into the country. however, both pennsylvania governor tom wolf and delaware governor jack markell say they continue to support the refugees and will welcome them into their state. and, democratic presidential candidate, bernie sanders, weighing in on the fight, too. sanders say the us should not turn it back on the refugees fleeing from the fighting in syria. he spoke about the issue during a campaign stop yesterday in ohio.
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sanders did, however, say that now is the time to develop a strategy to destroy isis. meanwhile, donald trump is once again stirring up controversy during a rally in knoxville, tennessee yesterday. the republican presidential candidate seconds that the terror attacks in france were partly due to the country's leadership. >> a lot of bad things have been happening over the last little while, and it has gone on and on and on. and weakness has shown that when you are weak, and ineffective, bad stuff does happen. >> trump also called out president obama for refuse to go use the term radical islamic terrorism. >> democratic presidential canned date martin o'malley moving his campaign. the former maryland governor will shift his staff from its baltimore headquarters to iowa. o'malley has been pulling in single digits behind hillary clinton and bernie saunders, spokesperson says the campaign is pursuing federal matches funds, as well.
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>> more help could be on the way for small businesses hit hard by super storm sandy, more than three years ago. legislation sent to president obama yesterday, allowing small businesses to apply for new loans. the bill says lawmakers were too slow in providing funds back in 2,012. it lays out new guidelines for helping small businesses affected by disasters in the future. and, if you are buying or selling something on line, one local police department aims to make that in-person transaction safer for everyone involved. and, just in time for the holidays, too. and in the wake of some serious scams. police in cherry hill have created a safe transaction zone. both parties could meet at the police station to complete the trainless action. there is a location both inside and outside and police say they're available 24/7. much more to come here on "eyewitness news", paren outraged over one local mall's price to take part in a holiday tradition. but now that mall is making a big change. >> and, fall temperatures, oh,
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they are back, but good news, they will not last for long. get ready for warm up, but also chance for rain. justin takes a look at the rest of your work week coming up next.
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>> lie tech experience, one of 12 like it in the country, many complains, saying, the price kept some kids from seeing santa. >> we want everybody to have a wonderful experience. we want to be enjoy the spirit of the holiday season f that means we're going to adjust that, and give our customers exactly what they are looking for, that's what we will do. >> if you want to go see santa at the cherry hill mall, reminder, you have to make a reservation on line. >> 4:43, you have your baby for the first time this chris he mass. santa note snows. >> we really didn't talk about that yet. i don't foe if he's red foyer
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that yet. he smiles at everything and everyone, so that would be cool. >> today's forecast, back to fall temperatures? >> we'll see a lot of temperatures around, temperatures in the 50's, difference from yesterday where we had the high of 70, little bit not normal for this time of year. but not record territory. yesterday's high, 76. it can get pretty warmment again, clear skies for the most part, live look at center city, here we go, temperatures generally in the 40's, in some of the colder suburbs to around 50 degrees, 50 in millville at this hour, 51 in the capitol city of delaware, swedesboro, newark, coming in at 47 degrees, currently, at the airport, 49. then go to the northwest suburbs, temperatures drop little bit more, 43 in chalfont, reading, and pottstown, both in the mid 40's, quakertown, normally cold spot in the morning coming in at 39, probably dropping few more degrees. high pressure still in control over the region, now more of the northeast wind flow, little cold front came through dry, yesterday evening, again, from the north, that bridges in northeast wind, just bridges shot of cold air. the set up yesterday, front to the north across new england. that's why we hit high of 70,
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with the west winds, behind the front more of north ice wind flow, right off the ocean, so big drop in the temperatures, upper 50's, for highs today to near six off, maybe in some of the warmest spot, overall close to average this time of year. sunshine mixed when few clouds around today, generally clear night again tonight. we will see clouds return on wednesday, as milder air mass starts to move in. could be stray shower, better chance for rain on thursday. another cool night, 40's, 30's, in the suburbs, tomorrow morning, and then, wednesday's high, back to the low 60s, so now jumping above average. today, though, still very pleasant, lot of sunshine, cooler at 58 degrees. tonight, mostly clear, chilly, 45 for the city, some 30's out in the suburbs, here is the extended forecast, stray shower possible late in the day wednesday at 63, better chance of some steady rain on thursday. high of 67. then we cool it down friday, into the weekends, temperatures actually go below average saturday and sunday, miles in the 50's, even upper 40's, erika, back to you. >> it is fall after all, justin, thank you.
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checking sports this morning, the sixers come close but they can't get win number one against the mavericks at the well. five minutes left in the game, and the new orleans noel dunk put your sixers up two, owner josh harris likes it, new orleans angelo okafor with double doubles last night, but the mavericks play tough defense and pull away. mavs beat the sixers. sixers are now zero and ten. sixers and pacers at the well tomorrow night. well, the eagles are not saying anything just yet. nfd. com reporting quarterback sam bradford has separated shoulder, he will miss this week against the bucks and thanksgiving day's game in detroit. bradford was injured in a third quarter of sunday's lost to the dolphins. he had a concussion in addition to that shoulder injury. eagles head coach chip kelly says he's still waiting for word from the doctors. >> we just take it as it comes. if they tell me he can play, we'll make plans he can play. if he can't play, then we will make plans then. >> sam bradford can't plan,
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then the plan to start mark sanchez, through black breaking interception, but sanchez has experience in coach kelly's system, if you recall last season he played nine games, 14 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. and even quarterbacks with eagles ties are having troubles, listen to this, nick foles traded to the rams for bradford last off season, now foles is on the ben in st. louis. st. louis coaches say needs a break, foles has seven touchdowns, six interceptions, five fumbles this season. still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", turnings out oxford dictionary word of the year, not even a word. we'll explain coming up in your money watch report. first though, here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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>> we're following breaking news this morning. russian officials say the crash of the passenger plane in egypt was the result after terrorist act. officials told russian president, vladmeere putin today, that homemade explosive device blew up that plane last month. all 224 people on board the plane were killed in that crash. meanwhile, france's launching new air strikes against isis outpost in syria, as france's president vows to irradicate terrorism. the air strikes are target ago northern syrian city acknowledged as a dam toll of the islamic state. us secretary of state, john kerry; in france, meeting with french leaders. french president francois hollande will meet with president obama next week. septa just one of philadelphia's agencies shoring up security, in addition to stepped up security has been tightened at the sports complex and throughout the city. right now, it is 4:50, time to get check on your business news, jill wagner joins us from the knowledge took stock exchange, hearing, there is big merger in the
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hotel business. who are we talking about here? >> well, marriott is buying it rival hotel chain star wood for $12.2 billion. this deal would make it the world's largest hotel company by far. now, analysts say the marriott rewards and the star ward preferred guest programs would likely combine, so it does give travelers a lot of options. erika? >> absolutely, can't lose those points. and, jill, hearing that oxford dictionary's word of the year, not even real word. how is this possible? >> it is an emoji, specifically the tears of joy emoji. oxford says the emoji best reflect the mood in preoccupations of 2015. several other words were considered, including dark web, which is the part of the web that lets use he is website operators remain anonymous, on sleek, which means attractive, stylish, and here is another one, young urban man who all the says
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peel in style in dress, suggesting a rugged outdoor lifestyle. >> ya, that was something i never heard before. learn something new, jill. >> you're not alone. >> coming up after the break, a check on your traffic and weather together.
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>> things are starting to move out of our way, we're still dealing with it, here is a look at the ben franklin bridge, westbound looking great here, coming over the ben franklin bridge. normally does eastbound, you still have lost that far right lane. here's a look at the place we did have construction, 959 southbound, the off ramp to street road, block, now cleared, one other area of the vine, just to let you know, eastbound and westbound, just open, which is great news. so justin in the world of traffic, things are looking
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pretty good, pretty normal for a tuesday morning, how about that weather. >> actually, forecast looks pretty normal too for the middle of november. temperatures yesterday pretty warm, 70, but today we bring it back to where it should be this time of year. outside right now, pretty pleasant, little cool though. some 30's in the suburbs, allentown, 39 degrees, as well as quakertown, most part looking at mainly clear sky, high thin clouds out there, but overall, we will see decent amount of sunshine today. pleasant afternoon shaping up. high temperature, close to average at 58 degrees. tonight, another chilly night. partly cloudy, low of 45. we will bring up the temperatures little bit for your wednesday, back up to 63. there will be more clouds, though, that's the sign of the next storm system moving on in. bring some warm air thursday, 67 for the high, how much, though, we will be dealing with some steady rain showers at least through the first half of the day. erika, we send it back to you. >> justin, thank youment checking stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1006 is following. trial underway for montgomery county woman who is charged with torching the home of limerick township police detective, who lived next-door. also, local, state and
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national officials, gathered yesterday to support an extension of the broad street line. it would include stop at the philadelphia navy yard. >> and proposal to reform liquor sales is just one of the many details lawmakers and governor wolf must work out before budget agreement can be finalized. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio 1060" on your a.m. dial. following the latest developments in the manhunt for the mastermind behind the paris terror attacks. that violence is leaving many parents looking for answers. we'll have some advice if you're struggling to talk with your kids about tragedies like this one. >> and you probably don't need extra incentive to drink more coffee. if you do, here is one for you, how your daily jolt of caffeine can be a life safer. back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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good morning, france goes on target cents isis overnight. the latest response to the terror attacks in paris as the manhunt intensifies for the master mine. also, brand new information this morning, about what brought down this plane, over egypt. how investigators say terrorists killed everyone on board. and it is clear and cool start to your day, rain headed our way later this week. justin lets you know when those showers arrive. good morning, it is tuesday, november 17th, i'm erika von tiehl. let's check in with justin and meisha with a eye on the roads, and forecast, good morning. >> good morning, happy tuesday, you guys, roadways are looking great. they're dry, little crimp
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outside that's this is the weather department. things looking good, justin. >> good to hear. really going to be no complaints as far as the forecast, at least for the road conditions, because we're dealing with nice, quiet, dry conditions right now. temperatures, though, different story waking up, yes, it is cold, not going to be dealing with 70s like we had yesterday. still not bad day with some sunshine, but yesterday we did make it to 70 officially at the airport, average high of 56. today closer to. that will record high 76 degrees for this time of year. certainly can get even warmer than what we had yesterday. forty-nine at the airport, 50 wilmington, 39 in the suburbs up in the lehigh valley, quakertown dropping to the upper 30's, low 40's, in palmyra, mt. holly, new jersey, so it is typical mid-november start to the day. it is chill think morning. our winds, though, switch directn, they're out of the northeast at about ten to 15 miles per hour this morning, so now getting the push of some cooler air returning to the forecast. storm scan3, quiet for the most part, some high level clouds outside right now, but overall, generally sunny day,


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