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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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investigators work to figure out what spark the flames a community hopes this town centerpiece can be restored to its original splendor. no more dig aig round for change. there is soon going to be an easier way to feed the meter in philadelphia and it all starts with your smart phone. and there is a local hot spot where the food sizzles in the kitchen and the beat sizzles on the dance floor. taste with tori introduces to the woman behind it. good evening everyone. i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. all of those stories are straight ahead but we begin tonight with breaking news. two air france planes en route to paris from the united states have diverted due to security issues. flights 65 from los angeles to paris landed safely in salt lake city tonight. and this is new video just into "eyewitness news" of air france flight 55 on the ground in hallel fox, nova scotia. it was en route from dulles airport to paris. there's no word right now on exactly what the threats were that forced both flights to land.
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authorities are still investigating. meanwhile, in france tonight authorities are searching for a second suspect on the run in the deadly terror attacks there. surveillance video shows he helped carry out the shootings at a sidewalk cafe. france's continuing to fight back by targeting isis in syria. 10 fighter jets carried out new air strikes today. in the meantime two stadiums in germany were evacuated due to bomb threats. no explosives were found and no arrests have been made. tragedy in paris forcing up s law enforcement to keep a close eye on soft targets like restaurant, shopping centers and public places. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay says, they pose a problem. >> now, we do coordinate and work very well with private security that covers the majority of the infrastructure in the united states. we have very good relationships with them. again, if anything suspicious give us a call. >> many police departments are trained for active shooter situations. also enhanced security measures will be in effect this weekend for the philadelphia marathon. in a press conference today
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mayor mike nutter says there's no known threat but that people near the start and finish lines will be screened and their belongings may be searched. tens of thousands of people are expected to congregate in the city for the event. president obama took part in a conference call tonight with the governors of 34 states who are refusing to accept syrian refugees. "eyewitness news" went to allentown today home to one of the largest syrian populations in america. and we talked with the syrian arabic american charity situation a christian group that helps settle refugees in the states. >> definitely a concern. i mean i don't want to see what happened in france. we had heartbreak with the september 11th. and all -- we have to be very cautious. >> speaker of the house paul ryan is now working on legislation to prevent more syrian refugees from entering the us. according to russian officials it was a homemade bomb that brought down the plane that crashed over egypt last month. russia security service says
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bomb residue was found at the crash site. air bus exploded mid flight killing 224 people on bore. isis has claim responsibility for that attack. the russian government has now offering a $50 million reward for information. new tonight, concerns about the future of a local landmark. fire damages the moorestown community house in south jersey. david spunt joins us with more on what happened. david? >> reporter: ukee, there is some good news to report tonig tonight. no nobody was hurt that is the good and positive news. but i have to tell you, people are concerned about the future of this building. it's been here almost a century. and neighbors say things got out of control quickly. community house is the most popular picture taking spot in town. >> reporter: it's a building that's brought a town together for almost 90 years. and now the moorestown community house is dark and damaged. following a relentless fire that broke out around 5:00 o'clock in the evening. >> i remember it as kid.
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we swam in the pool up here. it was the library. >> reporter: building first opened in 1926. and for almost a century, residents have held everything from community meetings to weddings and anniversary parties. now, it's a community center that houses non-profits. >> brings back memories. i used to play basketball there. >> reporter: fire crews got the flames under control about an hour after it began. >> the crews did an excellent job of getting in there. doing a quick knock down on the fire. we did strike a second alarm right away. >> reporter: crews stayed on the scene to watch out for any flare-ups much the building not destroyed and neighbor neighbors have confidence things will eventually be back to normal. so the moorestown community house can once again serve the public. >> obviously the hopes that they can restore it to its original splendor because it is a special place. >> reporter: authorities hope to find out the cause of the fire in the next few days. meanwhile, on december 7th there's a christmas tree lighting schedule on the front lawn. no word if that will actually take place under the
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circumstances. reporting live in moorestown tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. another news the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike remain closed tonight in chester county after fiery deadly crash at rush hour. it happened in west nantmeal township. contractor tractor trailer hit the center divider and burst into flames between do you think town and morgantown. the drive of the truck was kill. actor charily sheen disclosed he's hiv positive and the revelation is raising new questions tonight about the legal obligation people have to tell others. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones looked into the issue. >> reporter: actor charlie sheep ended days of rumors by telling nbc's matt lauer that he's hiv positive. >> it's a hard, um, three lett letters to absorb. >> reporter: sheen who's 50 says his he was diagnosed four years ago. sheen says he told his ex-wifes about his diagnosis and has been on hiv medications which have made this viral load undetectable.
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>> have you had unprotected sex on any occasions since your diagnosis? >> yes. but the two people that i did that with, um w under the care of my doctor and they were completely warned ahead of time. >> reporter: but that beg the question, what is the legal requirement of disclosing someone's hiv status to a sexual partner? >> pennsylvania does not have an hiv specific criminal law which is the good news. >> reporter: rhonda, heads the aids law project of pennsylvan pennsylvania. 33 states currently have laws on the books that make it a crime for people who know they have hiv to not disclose it to sexual partners or blood banks. >> none of the research has shown that criminalizing hiv actually does anything for prevention. >> reporter: goldfein says practicing safe sex is the best way to protect yourself. >> if i require someone else to disclose how does that keep me safe? with what degree of certainty am i safe? >> at least with this person i wouldn't be possibly exposing myself to the virus.
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>> but the literature says that if you have a plan and use that plan every time, that's when you're really safe. if you're in your car you'd wear your seat belt you wouldn't say i'm counting on that other driver not to crash into me. >> reporter: as for other states in our area according to the center for hiv law and policy in new jersey it's a felony for not telling your sexual partner you're hiv positive and in delaware, you could be charged for not notifying health officials when donating blood. but even in states where there are no specific laws on the books, someone who is hiv positive can and has been charged with aggravated assault and even attempted murder for not disclosing. reporting live in the sat center, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, todd, thank you. two pennsylvania judges proposed a record $50 million fine against ride share service uber. ruling set to approval by the public utility commission meant to punish uber for operating in
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the state without approval. uber spokesperson says the company is quote disappointed with the decision and hopes to come to a residential resoluti resolution. scams are a growing business for criminals but now the better business bureau is provide agnew tool that can help consumers from being targeted and ripped off. >> three i don't know your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins to us explain. >> ukee and jessica, indeed. it's called scam tracker. it's designed to monitor and track fraudulent activity both locally and across the u.s. matthew webster was working on his computer when he received a pop-up similar to this one claiming his laptop had a virus and he needed to call tech support. >> i couldn't do anything on my computer. my computer was locked up. >> reporter: webster called and through a series of clicks gave the person on the other end remote control of his computer. >> just kind of scary that they could get access. >> reporter: when they tried to sell him anti virus software he realized it was a scam and shut down his machine. the better business bureau uses reports like websters for a new system called scam tracker.
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the program documents thousands of reported rip offs nationwide. there's everything from credit card and charity exams to fake lotteries you simple click on the map to find out what the exams are in your area. >> exams and frauds have been around forever. but with the advent of technology, they have exploded and we're now using technology to catch the scammers. >> reporter: information reported to the site is shared with law enforcement. webster hopes the information he shared will keep others from getting examined. if you get a suspicious e-mail or phone call you can now search to see if others in your area have, too. i posted a link for you on >> jim sounds like a pretty good resource. >> exactly much any too many you can spread the word and get people more aware of what's going on particularly in certain regions it's always helpful. >> nobody wants to get scammed. >> exactly. good jim, thanks. >> as we continue tonight there's a chill in the air. >> yes. there is. clouds are about to move in and meteorologist kate bilo is tracking rain. >> that's right, jessica and
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ukee. take look at this storm in the country's mid section. all this rain streaming in from the south. this is headed our way. i'll tell when you it gets here and what to expect after it moves out. that's coming up in weather. >> also, ahead there's a new way to pay for street parking in philadelphia. how you can now feed the meter without actually being near it. ♪ taste with tori hits the dance floor before she shows off her moves vittoria wood ill shows you the world class food heating up the kitchen at one of the hottest spots around. how the woman behind it turned opportunity into success. >> how about a double dose of cuteness. meteorologist katie fehlinger introduces us to her twin bundles of joy. when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> another republican drops out of the race for the white house. louisiana governor bobby jindall is ending his candidacy for president. general ended the race in june and since then he's been dogged by low pole numbers much he'll go back to working as the think tank he started a few years ago.
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>> the philadelphia parking authority is allowing to you pay by phone. new app called meter up was unveiled today. drivers can set up an account on their smart phone using their license plate and credit card number. will notify you when you have seven minutes left on your meter. you can add more time without returning to your car. the ppa is testing out the app in four pilot areas and if it's successful it will go citywide in about six months. placing to when you're looking for latino food. along way salsa beat it's time for tori. >> we're ready to spice thing up. that's right. you'll be itemed by many of the cuban columbian and other dishes who are but don't worry you can burn off those calories afterwards in the club upstairs. ♪ >> reporter: while the beat sizzles on the dance floor, latino first sizzles here in the kitchen.
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it's co owner mercy who makes this place so beautiful. >> mercy came to america from ecuador in 1990 and started this restaurant in hunting park with her brother. >> everybody likes the food. the music. 90% is spanish music. 100% spanish food. >> what a beautiful experience here. >> food like a skirt steak. fried green plantains with garlic sauce. yuca with red onions and this fantastic dish called carnival seafood. a little bit of everything including scallops, clams, mussels and of course lobster. >> ooh, yes. >> as important as the menu i is -- >> thank you. >> the neighborhood here means so much to mercy. she was honored recently with the minority business leader award for her contributions to the community. >> that was amazing.
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>> creating jobs in the community is something really important to you. >> every time we hire employee, i feel myself very proud that i can help others. you can support families. that you can support kids. >> reporter: all while raising her own two daughters as a single mom. susan and karen grew up in the restaurant. >> this was pretty much our playground when we were little. >> she would be working at the nightclub and i would be in the office until late at night. so i would like listen to music. >> i was working seven days. i used to work 17, 18 hours a day. so the only way that i thought i can spend some time with them bring them here. after school they used to come here. eat lunch and start dodd homework in the office. >> karen now manages the books for theestaurant and susan works in the nightclub. >> i was always moved bite music. >> i love connecting with people. i love dancing. >> is it okay if i use my partner? >> yes. do i get a partner.
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>> yes. bring in the boys. ♪ >> how was everything. >> for mercy coming to this country 25 years ago raising her girls, she never imagined this would be her life. >> every day when i wake up i just say again thanks, god. thank you, god, for this day. thank you, god, for this opportunity. >> did you see my moves? >> did you see my moves. >> i saw them. >> nice. >> thank to you cbs3 viewer maria, for recommending this restaurant. i took french in high school. i've been practicing saying that. don't forget to meal about your favorite place send me a message on facebook. dynamite place. right around the boulevard on fifth. not too far away from northeast philadelphia. footer is phenomenal. the feeling in there is spicy. it's lively. >> looked like it. >> they have amazing coffee as well. which is sort of an unknown thing in that area, but great everything and great people.
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>> very nice. sounds like -- >> vittoria, thanks so much. >> thank you guys. >> we're getting ready to welcome back a member of our cbs3 family. new mother and cbs3 meteorologist katie fehlinger will be returning to "eyewitness news" for the first time tomorrow morning since she gave birth to twins. and she introduced erika and nicole to the two new additions to her family. park they are janice and kadin if any born back in august and even though the little ones both have blond hair like mom, she says kaden looks more like dad steve and parker looks just like she did when she was baby. >> that's beautiful. >> really excited to have katie back and excited to welcome the girls to the familiarly. >> no doubt about that. >> the baby girls will warm our hearts. that's just in time because those temps are going down bite weekend. >> temperatures are going down. i'm excited we got a new crop of weather interns in a few years for cbs3 weather sent. very very nice. can't wait to see katie back on the air tomorrow. we've got a drop in the mercury first arise in the machinery, then a big blast of rain and
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then a drop in the mercury. a lot to talk about in weather. it is definitely going to get interesting around here but take look outside this evening. it's actually starting to look like christmas. doesn't really feel like it this month so far at the blue cross river rink you can see philadelphia's largest living christmas tree right there. that's a 45-foot douglas fir came in flood flatbed truck from west chester. that tree weighs about a ton. opposite of that little charlie brown sad christmas tree at the river rink a beautiful sight. i'm sure it will be lit up and decorated within a few weeks. just in time to kick off the holiday season. beautiful tree. on a beautiful evening. you can see the breeze blowing the ranches here a little breezy and the winds will pick up. take a peek what's happening on stamp scan three. pretty nazi storm system. in fact you can see a swirl around this low over portions the central plains here heavy snow continues to pummel the exact same area we talked to one of our reporters at our sister station in colorado earlier today. the heavy snow was over portions
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of eastern colorado. now it's over western kansas notice how this band has not moved at all just thumping snow across that area here tonight and into the overnight hours. we're not going to get the snow but we will get the cold behind this system. this is a strong cold front with lot of moisture streaming along it. you can see it's just lifting from south to north this needs to get a push east and eventually it will. it will come through our area by thursday. so in the meantime you can see this big bang of clouds starting to lift in through the overnight hours. more clouds in the sky tomorrow. temperatures rise briefly out ahead of this front but behind it we'll unleash empty coldest air yet this season. over the weekend. temperatures across the live neighborhood network dropping steadily we're down to 37 in hainesport. 39 in bensalem. 41 in kennett square. right now at the philadelphia international airport we're seeing temperatures drop in the low 40s. 43 at the moment. 37 in allentown. 40 in ren ton. 41 in millville. items ands going to stop dropping off really as the clouds start to move back in expect our overnight lows to stay around these numbers. 30s in the suburbs.
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40s in the city. tomorrow the clouds role in and tomorrow evening a few scattered showers here and there. that's not a huge deal. it's what follows the showers that's going to be a bigger deal as we head into your thursday. by 3am, still just some clouds but as you wake up thursday morning the rain will be moving from west to east and it will be heavy. here's 10:00 a.m. notice as we head into 2:00 p.m. we're still seeing heavy rain from mount pocono down toward the shore points. by six, 7:00 o'clock it starts to push out off the coast. it will impact still your evening commute with popping on the roadways and road spray, low visible out there. expect especially the evening commute on thursday to be most impacted but these storms like to get in early. i wouldn't be surprised if the tail end of the morning commute is impacted. about an inch of rain give or take a quarter of an inch or so possible thunder with this and winds will gust to 35 miles an hour so it's a wet windy thursday. it's also a mild thursday. briefly but behind that front watch this cold pocket of air up across canada that will dive down as we head into part two of the weekend. so overnight we drop into the mid 40s. we'll hold pretty steady.
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right about that number right now. we're at 43 at the moment. for your wednesday, mostly cloudy with a stray shower in the afternoon but it's thursday that the rain really hits an gusty wind as well. the high just 67 degrees or i should say just 67 degrees. because take look what happens over the weekend. we go from 67 on thursday down to 47 by sunday. a 20-degree drop. it is going to feel down right cold outside. i haven't said cold this month i don't think. >> that will feel cold. >> chilly. but that will feel cold. >> they're from tampa it might be good for the eagles. >> you think? >> we are talking about sports. we're also talking about basketball right now. villanova flecking on the mainline. find out if the wildcats could keep a major streak alive and the flyers played great for 59 minutes. the only problem is, hockey games are 60 minutes long. a must see ending next in sports.
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>> it ain't that difficult. you don't have to be einstein or sir isaac newton to figure it out. the team that scores the most wins. the problem the flyers are the second lowest scoring team in the nhl. it might take a rocket scientist to fix the or raffle and black at this point. former flyer simon gagne honored before the game. simon retiring after 15 years on the ice. no score in the first period. flyers power tripping the captain finds the rookie shane, sets his first nhl goal. welcome to the game, kid. one-zero flyers. final minute of regulation.
11:26 pm
fly guys nursing a one goal lead. major buzz kill. with 56 seconds left in the game and we're tied at one. now in the shootout jake vorachek needs this to extent the game. he was denied. vick seconds away from winning this thing. flyers get a point but they lose three-two. weird time to be a hoops fan in fill. we have two streaks working at the same time. the sixers have lost 21 in a row. meanwhile villanova is looking for its 28th straight win at the pavilion against nebraska. the inaugural tip off game basically a tournament between the big east and big 10. wildcats trailed 23-16 in the first half. then out scored the corn huskers 71-40 the rest of the way. nova ranged 11th in the country and they played that w way. they win 87-63 your final score. only two quarterbacks in the history of the nfl have won two play off games in their rookie season. one of them is mark sanchez. that's right.
11:27 pm
the quarterback of your philadelphia eagles. sanchez takes over for the injured sam bradford who attended practice today as a spectator. former jets qb played in nine games last season for the eagl eagles. he had 14 touchdowns and 14 turnovers. the birds host the bucks sunday, and not much will change with sanchez on center. >> it will be the same offense, um, then we just, you know, we'll kind of just veer towards some of the things they -- whoever is in there might do better. >> he's a different style. he'll do different thing. but i feel confident that he'll run the offense very effectively and efficiently. >> on the high school we need your help to collect the last friday football frenzy game of the week. your choices are great valley at academy park. marple newton at upper moreland. williamstown at cherokee. go to to vote. i'll announce the winner tomorrow night at 11:00 right here on cbs3. man, where has the time gone.
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>> last 1huh. >> already. >> blue by. thank you, sir. >> you got it.
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♪ fly eagles fly local youth football team will take to the field with new gear thanks to a big donation. >> philadelphia eagles tight end zach ertz paid a visit to dozens
11:31 pm
of pee-wee football players in norristown tonight as they received their new helmets, pads, practice jerseys and cheering uniforms. the donation is worth $20,000. zach ertz is playing the game safely starts with equipment. a lot of smiles tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ (man) hmm. ♪hat do you think?
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that's going to do it for us our morning team at back at 4:30 until 7:00 a.m. katie fehlinger in the house again. for kate, don, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always for you at the late show with stephen colbert is next with julianne moore.
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>> thanks so much for staying up with us. good night, family and sleep >> welcome stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ >> stephen: welcome to "the late show" everybody, thank you so much! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! ( cheers and applause )


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