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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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questions, tonight about exactly who was taken down during this morning's massive operations, and at this hour authorities are still sifting through ruble trying to figure out what suspect may be trapped inside. french officials have not yet revealed the identity of the the suspect terrorist, killed or arrested in an overnight raid in paris. police stormed building and met heavy resistance. >> there was an exchange of gunfire, very active gunfire with 5,000 bullets. >> reporter: at least two others were killed, including one man and a female suicide bomber, who blew herself up. forensics teams are combing the scene for evidence. the residents are scared. >> many police, many military, and we are so terrified. >> reporter: raid here in saint denis was 400 a across france that has been happening since the attacks. the status of the suspect ring leader in the par ace tax, abdelhamid abaaoud, and fugitive salah abdeslam, is
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still unclear. >> abdelhamid abaaoud and salah abdeslam are not being held. we are still looking for them. >> reporter: authorities have identified, a 129 of the deceased, mourners are still gathering in a central plaza to pay tribute and trying to get on with their lives. >> we will try to keep up as usual, to get by. >> reporter: number of injured was update todd 368, more than half are still hospitalized. u.s. law enforcement source told cbs news that most of the attackers in friday's plot, were known to u.s. law enforcement officials and french officials prior to those attacks and also on a u.s. no fly list. reporting in paris, kenneth craig, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". kenneth, thank you. terror attacks in paris intensified debate about accepting refugees from syria into the u.s. the obama an ad perfection says it plans to continue to accept thousands of syrian
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refugees but house republicans are trying to stop that. republicans in congress introduced legislation that would require refugees to go through an extensive background check, obama has call the bilo fence i have. meanwhile back in our region lehigh county has one of the largest syrian populations in the country. an organization there is supplying dozens of refugees with food and supplies, and "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria half hoff has more now from allentown. >> reporter: these people are egyptian, jordanian, iraqi but mostly syrian. just under 200 a arrived at syrian arab american charity a association in allentown to receive food, supplies and medical care. >> unaudible. >> we are looking for better life. >> reporter: by here mohammad means america but also lehigh county where need for settlement assistance is increasing, hence this inly event. >> reporter: event gave community a chance to meet allentown's new refugees families. they did not want to appear on
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camera on me. that could be due to the language barrier or out of fear it might put family still back in syria or elsewhere at risk. >> they are so determined to succeed, and to learn and they are also so very confused. >> reporter: accepting displaced syrians has become the source of the national debate after french officials say a suicide bomber gain access to paris by posing as a refugee. >> i can't imagine how they must feel having to flee their own homes, have no place to go, and then be rejected and caught in the middle. >> do i really want rod will california to come in and hurt my kid, no. >> reporter: he seems almost unexpect when you consider he himself fled from the you had from syria years ago. >> we want to eliminate anything that is bad for any community, we should eliminate it completely, not other ways.
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>> reporter: he promotes thorough checks of all entry refugees, with a focus on families over single young adults. but much unlike their home countries, inside of this this organization there is no separating based honorary lincoln just a community of arab people who together have become american. in allentown,al sand that hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". heart wrenching video of the father explaining the a attacks to his young son, goes viral. subtitled video has more than 15 million views, lets take a look. >> foreign speaking. >> coming up 59:30 we will have more of this video for you and you will hear from an experts about how parents should handle will talking with their children about the attacks in paris. remember to stay with "eyewitness news" for latest
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developments surrounding those attacks. you'll fine updates on tv and anytime at cb. well, cloud outside tell the story we are tracking rain, meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck with the first look at the forecast, kate. >> cloud rolled in this morning and then they just stuck around all take long, imagine if it had been a sunny day how warm it could have been with the southeasterly flow temperatures rose today and they will stay mild tomorrow but strong cold front bringing rain, win will put an end to the mild air at least for now. lets look at how warm it got to start things off despite cloud, we hit a high of 63 degrees. well above average, the average is 55. the record for today, 75. we were right in the middle, 1921 was that record year. lets look at is what happening on storm scan three. we will look at this storm. we watched it producing snow in the country's midsection that same elongated front now by seeking eastern half of the country with heavy rain over portions of michigan down in the deep south and quickly heading our way. a few cloud around tonight but
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heavy rain comes through, during the day tomorrow. so coming up we have a lot to talk about we will time out rain and when it gets in and out and then when it turns chilly and then turns cold. there is a difference between chilly and cold. ill a's tell you which days you need to bundle upcoming up when i join you inside, back to you. we will see new a bit. employees at a main line pizza shop is facing drug charges tonight. she allegedly sold to undercover officers during her shift at season's pizza on lancaster avenue in radnor. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at radnor township police headquarters with more on this, walt. >> reporter: radnor police here and the owner of that pizza shop both tell me that a pizza shop a popular one like this one on the main line is the the last place you'd ever want to see someone dealing drugs but police say an under cover operation did catch one of the workers, selling marijuana yesterday, and now, she's behind bars only cbs-3
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cameras were there as police and code inspectors temporarily closed the season's pizza a shop after a worker brandy wellman was arrested for allegedly possessing and selling marijuana a to under cover officers. >> she would come out, and meet our under covers, do buys, go back into the store. >> reporter: at alged drug sales, a according to one of the under cover office hours asked that we conceal his identity, went on as parents and children stood nearby purchasing food. >> dealing with food that is going to you and my kid, and that is unacceptable. >> reporter: the the closing, health inspectors say, was ordered as a precaution because a food handler allegedly possessed drugs. regular customers, showing up for lunch were completely surprised. >> i didn't, it is kind of sad, you know, they had to close because of that, marijuana situation but i hope it gets like resolved and that they open up again. >> we have police detectives here eating all the time and
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we're just absolutely shocked. >> reporter: owner alex argain who says he has invested his life savings in the the recently opened shop told me he hopes to be back in business soon. >> of course, we will, you know, cooperate with everybody, to do whatever we have to do to make things right. >> police here emphasized that the owner and entire staff have cooperated completely, police say they are optimistic that the shop could open up as early a as tomorrow. meanwhile, the suspect is in delaware county prison in lieu of 10 percent of a hundred thousand dollars bail. live from radnor police headquarters, i'm walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". scary moments are from one home owner as flames swallowed her home in overbrook. woman was rescued from her house on the 6100 block of west columbia and her next-door neighbors were able to get out safely. fire burn from the basement to the rooftop eventually causing the structure to collide.
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home owner tiffany booker said she was rescued from her living room just in time. >> guy around the corner was hollering that something was on fire and he was trying to get me out of there but i didn't heard the glass break and then there was a lot of smoke. >> at least eight residents were displaced, one fire fighter was taken to the hospital with signs of exhaustion. the the causes unknown at this time. a local church gets a piece of history. >> alter and pulpit used by pope francis to celebrate mass on the parkway now has a permanent home in montgomery county. the that is where "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is right now with more on this papal gift, todd. >> reporter: ukee, alter is a a piece of philadelphia history and it is now here inside of this relatively small suburban church many thought was going to be shut down. it was a mass seen around the the world as the alter pope francis stood behind for historic day wound up in what some may consider an unlikely
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place. >> someone i know asked and you shall receive. >> reporter: this weekend will be a typical mass for father jason cosinsky. >> last person to offer mass on this alter was his holiness and that was kind of awesome. >> reporter: only 1100 families a attend holy mortars parish in montgomery county. >> our little suburban church that last year people thought was going to close, it is a amazing. >> reporter: thinks a cue for the father, who is relatively new to this church. >> you have been here for five months. >> five months sunday, um-hmm, last sunday. >> reporter: quite a start. >> yes. >> reporter: how did the alter pope francis celebrated mass from on the parkway, wind up here. >> well, i asked for it. >> reporter: it also helps when you have friend higher up in the archdiocese. >> i texted my friend at the cathedral and said i can't be there, wish could be a at the papal mass, save me a souvenir i could use a alter. that is how it started. >> reporter: saturday evening's mass will serve as official welcoming of the holy
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treasure that arrived on monday. >> crisis here and we're not going anywhere anytime soon. that is a great message. the the fact we have been entrusted with this great treasure would suggest that there is hope, great hope, for us. >> reporter: the father is hoping that the alter will draw in the faithful this weekend and perhaps, some new curious faces. reporting live from orland montgomery county, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> how about that. >> thanks, todd. thousands gathered in germantown today to pray at the the miraculous metal shrine. they were taking part in services to pray for those that they loved and cared for. the event included prayers to mary, surmons and organ music. the it was the church's eighty-seventh celebration of the solemn novina. coming up next tonight, on "eyewitness news" chemicals in your personal care products could be dangerous and how congress is trying to find a way to fix it. motorcycle road rage a
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biker reports himself going after drivers a then posted on line to brag about the a attack. we will hear from the victim. it is most wonderful time of the year and holiday shoppers are not wasting anytime shopping but some of the best deals are not on black friday. consumer reporter jim donovan shows you which days will save you the most money. we will be right back. oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel
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♪ so spring has sprung.
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on the the healthwatch tonight chemicals in beauty products, experts say there is very little oversight into what goes into the products we are putting on our skin and hair but that coulding changing. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is hear to explain this. i thought about this. so much hair spray and so much make up. >> will well, things are changing. americans spend over $50 billion every year on beauty, and skin care products. many contain all kind of chemicals, that some say are dangerous. well, now a by part an group of lawmakers is promising legislation to change that, and the industry leaders are on board. it is a standard beauty routine, hair, nails, and, of course, make up. and, there is growing concern
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that products we use to look good actually could be causing harm. >> it is because of the addition of more chemicals. >> reporter: senator dianne finestein is leading a a bipartisan effort to give f.d.a. more power to ensure skin and beauty products are safe. >> well, i think we need to look very closely at these ingredients because we know that at higher concentrations they can be toxic. >> reporter: many products are made with chemicals like formaldehyde used in nail polish to chemical hair straighters in and known to cause cancer. this commonly used cosmetic preservative and lead as tait used in hair dye, under the the law, f.d.a. would test whether these chemicals are used at safe level, if not, they can force a recall. >> i think our laws should provide for adequate testing of chemicals, before they go into widely used products. >> reporter: now, the bill is expect to pass, politicians are supporting it, and so is
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the industry. and also, the european union bans more than a thousand chemicals from personal care products, of those, the u.s. bans only 11. coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock, this little boy from west philadelphia has permanent brain damage, and cannot hear because he had bacterial meningitis, because his family says was in the properly diagnosed. his mother will be getting ten million-dollar to pay for his future medical costs, and he will be forever disable. you will hear from the family exclusively coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock. i just got back from talking to this family, wait until you meet this little boy, without word, he says volumes, remarkable. really remarkable. >> looking forward to that. >> stephanie, thanks much. >> kate joins with us our forecast. i see a big line of moisture heading toward east coast. >> it is making a beeline, extend from the great lakes to the gulf coast and it is heading our way. good news for us we will not get snow with this system and
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probably not any severel not weather either maybe rumble of thunder but it will turn noticeably cooler behind that front and noticeably colder behind the cooler weather. did you follow that? we will break it down in a moment. lets look at what is happening right now. we will go outside to the live neighborhood camera at beach patrol headquarters in margate and take us through time lapse. you can see day started out with blue skies and included rolled in. it is flashing, sun tries to peak out and goes back in, peaks out, nothing more than just some sunshine out today. now it is dark and 59 degrees in margate. and 59 degrees, not too bad this time of the year and getting a system pushing through. you can see where center of that low is this rain is swirling, through portions of the upper great lakes this could change into snow, as colder air comes in but that is lifting well off to the north. for us we are looking for this line of rain you can see where it is extending from ohio, down to georgia, and where we have got very strong rain in atlanta tonight.
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and this rain will lift through for us during day tomorrow and it will be a mild day, ahead of the front but temperatures plumet in the wake of that advancing storm. temperatures, 55 in allentown. still at 60 in philadelphia we had a warm damon, cooler day yesterday. now we are back to warm again. sixty-one in millville. fifty-nine in reading. future weather shows clouds continue to go overhead as we go through rest of the evening. after midnight a stray shower here or there, and then mid-morning, hours, the rain arrives, with pockets of heavy rain. it is not just a steady all day heavy rain but on and off depending where you are. heavy rain in the poconos at is 11:00 a.m. south jersey as this. this intensifies. 2:00 p.m. we have heavy rain with yellow shading all across the region. right through evening hours showers a this line as it comes through and one little last gasp of rain could be falling around midnight tomorrow night. this is an all day event. may impact both commutes and everything in between. looking at our four main
5:20 pm
models we will check out here spread between half inch and a inch and a quarter of rain. we will end up with a inch, three-quarters of an inch depending where you are and wind strong as well. wind during the the event will gust over 30 miles an hour. the as the front comes through we could see win gusts upward of 35 miles an hour. a very blustery day tomorrow with the passage of that front. overnight mostly cloudy just a stray shower late. 56 degrees. tomorrow wind and rain, 67 degrees. winds gust to pennsylvania third miles an hour. you're witness weather three day forecast, mostly cloudy, rainy, windy for your thursday at 67 and then starts to turn cooler. mid 50's is seasonal for this time of the year. friday and saturday is chilly part of the forecast, the cold waiting until the seven day. we will have that next half an hour. >> all right kate, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a new way for local moth hours cannot nurse to get access to breast milk for their new you borns. baby red panda as debuting
5:21 pm
today at the philadelphia zoo but they are looking for the the perfect name. you can help when we come back, don. thanksgiving is next week and christmas is right around the corner. have you done your shopping yet? art for planning from the holidays. the advice from your resident philadelphia eagles coming up next in
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we're talking with hour holiday plans. thanksgiving right around the corner and then it all snowballs together. >> it happened so quickly it has. >> jingle bells is flat out weird, eggnog in october, goofy but if you have walk into stores like target or target as ukee and i like to call it, then you have been fighting off holiday spirit for weeks. so the question is, how soon is too soon, to celebrate? well, pat gallon explores that question with a few of his closest friend. >> with thanksgiving about a week away the holiday season is underway but how early is too early. >> if you have kids it is never too early.
5:25 pm
never too early. you know. >> i have had to think thanksgiving is the dividing line, right? you have to get past that holiday. >> because then thanksgiving gets washed and lost. i think we should all step back and give thanks and then when we're done giving thanks and we have corn cope use on the table and pumpkins and the corn spills out of it, then i think we jump in to christmas. >> some people think that you need to wait until thanksgiving starts and then you jump in to the holidays. >> i respect that but i think it is stupid and i don't do that. >> reporter: football players seldom have free time during the regular season. that the means they have to figure out how to get their shopping done while practicing and playing a full schedule. >> you wanting to in there and put as much stuff on lay a away get sales out of the way. >> reporter: do you still lay away. >> where i'm from we do, and what is nice is with amazon and things on line, i think it takes a lot of the work out of your hand.
5:26 pm
do it from the comfort of your couch. >> do you ever get the opportunity to do shopping like that. >> i'm as lazy as it gets, so me personally, no. >> everybody is just getting in the holiday spirit. the especially everything that is going on with the country, it is bringing us together and we need that uplifting spirit right now. >> reporter: word of wisdom from vinny curry as the holiday season kicks in high gear. from the novacare complex, pat gallon, "eyewitness sports". >> pat, thank you. when do you start shopping for christmas. >> we were saying if there is a critical gift, you are shopping for, a child, and there, you know, a run. >> your significant other. >> i like the rush of the last minute. >> would i like seven straight wins for the holidays, can you hook me up. >> all about that business. >> can you hook me up. >> he is focused. >> come on. >> good enough. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news", philadelphia like you have never seen it before, we will take you inside the cities new
5:27 pm
observation deck. a father eases his son's worry about the horror in paris, video that went viral and today we will go to the experts to find out how to talk tour children about this and other tragic events. man who drives around a freeway and then bam, someone punches your car mirror, that is exactly what happened and it is all caught on video, that
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we will continue at 5:30 with the latest on the attacks in france. the authorities neutralized a terror cell touring a pretaun raid outside paris. they were looking for abdelhamid abaaoud, the a alleged master mind behind friday's attack.
5:31 pm
two people were killed, including a woman wearing a suicide vest, who blew herself up. officials are now working to identify the the body of eight others who are now in custody. video showing a father's comforting word to his son after the attacks in parises going viral. >> our rahel solomon shows theod reports on advice for parent struggling to have similar conversation was their children. >> reporter: when the images leave you stunned, and speechless, part of the aftermath of such hatred and evil is inevitable fear, how do parents somehow make sense out of the senseless for children >> reporter: watch as this parisan father tries for his young son, scared to have to move
5:32 pm
>> reporter: expert like valerie, a psychologist who largely works with children and parents watched the video with us and said the daddies doing a a lot of things right. >> he looks in his eyes, and he was calm, and smiles and i think the father and child could probably then take and pick up on that and pick up a sense of safety. >> reporter: doctorate says while parents should try to limit how much exposure children have to traumatic events she says it is important to have a conversation about what they know and what they'd like to know. >> not talking about it doesn't mean that people aren't thinking bit. so it is important to create a dialogue an age appropriate developmentally a appropriate dialogue. >> reporter: in this scenario the dad calms his son by telling him flowers and candles from a makeshift memorial are there to protect him and in that moment you can see the father a's message worked.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: while the a a attacks in france happened, thousands of miles away, of course, we know it can happen anywhere. doctor brownstein suggest parents should explain to children that the adults are working very hard to make them safe. reporting from ben franklin parkway, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> how about that. >> tricky thing to do but it is a amazing when you see that little boy when he explains about the flowers, candles, you can see he gets it. it is an amazing interaction to watch. >> teach the children well and change can happen. it starts there. penn state university is beefing up security at saturday's football game in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. there are in known threats against michigan but school officials are not taking any chances. beaver stadium will open up at 10:00 a.m. for the the noon game. that is 30 minutes earlier then usual to give staff more time to search fans, as they enter. caught on camera some bizarre road rage in southern california. now motorcyclist in the los angeles a area posted videos
5:34 pm
of himself punching the side mirrors of cars. he then speeds away after doing the damage. one driver who had a run in with the biker says he got upset, thinking that the driver cut him off. >> the mirror swivelled back and snapped back and hit the the car really loud, startled everybody in the car. it was a radical move. we all by the time we got to where we're going were going my gosh, i hope karma will probably get this guy good that driver did not file a police report because he could not see the the license plate at that motorcycle. septa gets a brand new bus shelter to day, "eyewitness news" a at new stop at northeast corner of broad and cecil b more avenue. mayor nutter say officials plan to double number of shelters throughout the city over the next five years. you have seen philadelphia alike never before. soon you will be able to see stunning views of the city from more than 50 floors up in one liberty place. the one liberty observation deck is philadelphia's new and tallest attraction in center
5:35 pm
city. "eyewitness news" got a tour before its november 28th grand opening. the it offers a 360-degree, unobstructed view of the region. >> walk around the entire deck. looking at city hall is a a spectacular view. you can see all the way up in to trenton. we wanted to expose locals and visitors of what philadelphia is all about. >> and the 752nd express elevator, gets you to the top of the one liberty observation deck. beautiful, beautiful view. first human breast milk bank opened today. "eyewitness news" at children's hospital where non-profit bank is set up. breast milk is pumped here to infants hospitalized at chop. human milk can save the lives of those sick infants. one mother saw benefits of her child, and donated her excess million took babies in need. >> while sitting at the her bedside one thing i was able to do was pump my milk which she was able to take from me. seeing her from being on life
5:36 pm
support to running around like a maniac leads me to believe with all of the things that they did for her here at chop the milk played a huge role. >> breast milk is good for them, because it helps them live. >> by having a breast milk bank at chop the hospital can screen approve donors on site and pasteurized the million income house. adorable fury family is in the spotlight at the philadelphia zoo. >> as reporter john mcdevitt of our sister station kyw news radio tells you, visitors can get a look at two red panda cubs born over the the summer and help name them. >> reporter: mom names sparks, led the way when gate to the outdoor exhibit was opened, her two cubs, brother and sister, joined later. the babies are nearly five month-old, three and a half pound each and expected to reach above 7-pound. you can tell which one is the the male because of the black spot on his side. donna, is the the curator. >> they already can show difference in personality, our male really sticks with the mom and our female likes to
5:37 pm
wander through the exhibit and check her earned goes out so you can tell difference when you come here. >> reporter: daddies being kept in a separate enclosure as babies get used to things. >> what is that animal. >> a panda. a red panda. >> your panda ace purple. >> reporter: many children were learning about red pandas and participating in arts and crafts the to mark the the day including three-year old mario row main of fairmount but it was explained to him that the cubs were brothers and sister he had an idea what to name them. >> mario and el ie. >> i know you are mario who is eli. >> my sister. >> reporter: perfect name. zoo is asking the public for input on what to name the red panda siblings by way of the social media campaign. fill will a zoo has a program to adopt the red panda a, if you do so by the end of the year you will get a red panda a. for more information at cbs john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what do you think, ukee and jessica.
5:38 pm
>> why not. >> see what happens. not. >> nope, next. hoist the sexiest man alive? people magazine reveals its choice for 2015. it is the season to shop but some days are better than others. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with why this weekend you can get the best deals on certain items. a local man buys a house in his old neighborhood to give it a away, find out why, in this weeks story of brotherly love, kate? heavy rain and strong gusty wind will impact both ends of your commute on thursday and then the cold comes in. i'll have your full seven day forecast coming up when we come right back.
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soccer star david beckham may be retired but he scored this years title. take a look at behind the scenes photo from the shoot there, the 40 year-old husband and father of four calls it a huge honor but he says he is not sure he deserves the title. chris hemsworth won the title last year. george clooney, chris hemsworth, bradley cooper. >> our own bradley cooper. >> our own vittoria woodill stopped by to see our friend with wip morning so angelo the cataldi. >> angelo wanted torey to show him her technique for her taste with torey report. >> lets see if you are any good at this. because you will go, as skinny girl from the northeast. >> yes. >> you get that crunch. >> oh, yeah. >> that was fun. >> no, it was fun watching. >> she's very pretty.
5:43 pm
>> she can think on her feet. >> yes, she can. >> smart girl. >> torey will need a gym membership to work off all of the food she's eating. i think she will be just fine. >> eating continues tonight. >> that is right, tonight it is warm, sticky buns. >> hey. >> french chocolate brownies, and more. food for torey. it is all prepared with ingredients you would never expect in a taste with torey. look at that on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> yum. >> that looks so good. >> um but you are right, you have to burn it off. >> she's very able to take the the food, elegantly. >> yes. >> no mess. >> even with those wings. >> those wings, i want those sticky buns with hot buns. >> sound good. >> hot butter. >> we will continue to talk about that. we will be right back. >> some
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looks week a montgomery county man became a him air after winning world series of poker. joe mckeon is back home from vega as, 7.6 million-dollar
5:47 pm
richer. bee out five others at final table to earn the title and led from start to finish. he wore philly sports jerseys, our owner contact von tiehl, sat down with joe and ask why he decided to do that. >> i like jerseys, philly sports, i want them to do better. they have to step their game up, but i was out there, and, jersey seemed like a in brain tore me. >> joe started playing poker at six and was always interested in numbers, as for his weddings, joe says he is not sure what he will do with a all of the money, just yet. >> look at all of those dollars. >> that is impressive. >> yes,. >> wow. >> little belt. >> just some jewels. >> my goodness. >> wow. >> wow. >> sparkling. >> kate has your forecast, you are watching that line. is it that comma shape. >> it is, that is classic storm shape and that is what we're seeing, cold air around the back edge will be what we feel but it is that line of
5:48 pm
rain and strong storms moving through portions of the you had. that is getting here tomorrow. i don't expect a lot of storm activity tomorrow, just don't have instability in the atmosphere to create any reallies being for severe thunderstorms but we do expect heavy rain on and off throughout the day. lets look at outside right new to our roof campaign things are quiet. today has been a cloudy day. it looked am men news at times but i do think it stays dry throughout the overnight hours. maybe a stray sprinkle here and there but you can see traffic moving okay not impeded by weather in center city philadelphia at the moment no problems right now. lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers ande what they have to say on a wednesday evening. temperatures above average, yesterday we were in the 40's at this time. today we are back to the 50's. ed connor in chesterfield, new jersey at 56. what a great start to the day. warm, dark, cloudy. he event is us photos to illustrate that. start to the day looking good, blue skies, lots of sunshine outside, but the afternoon,
5:49 pm
mostly cloudy, in the quite as nice in the afternoon hours. thanks ed for. that cloud increase from west to east all across the the region today. as we check into another location lets go back out here to 56 degrees and with eileen mur any bill getsville. reporting light showers in gilbertsville at 56. we will take you down to delaware and whole tri-state area, jason is in middletown, 60 degrees, mostly cloudy, cool, cloudy day, couple times we got a sprinkle of rain. it is trying to rain here today but tomorrow is day to watch. lets look at what is going on, on storm scan three. it is a very large scale storm system impacting eastern half of the country at the moment and will cooler air diving in behind it a as well. we can see rain over minnesota and snow now developing over the back edge in portions of north dakota and this could continue to wrap in through the overnight and early morning hours. we have heavy rain and strong storms. lets zoom down to atlanta a met troy area hit by nasty
5:50 pm
weather in time for rush hour. we can see that hook shape there had a a tornado watch and warnings in this area earlier today. very heavy rain, strong gusty wind causing many problems across georgia. the good news is that part of the front will stay to the south. we will be dealing with the steady rain along the northern edge of the front as we head through the day tomorrow but don't expect severe weather or thunderstorm activity much at all. there is some good news. 60 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-one in wilmington. sixty-nine in reading. the you can see where front is, it is still 64 in atlanta a a. seventy-four charleston. behind that first front it is not that much colder. sixty's in st. louis. sixty in nashville. cold air is behind a secondary cold front pushing through northern plains. it is only 35 in bismarck. twenty-eight in shy and but 64 in witch take. you can see where that division is. as we head through your thursday, rain begins 7:00 and 9:00. on and off heavy rain between ten and 7:00. between 7:00 p.m. a and
5:51 pm
10:00 p.m. it tapers off but not the before we get a half inch to inch of rain. then it does turn cooler a as we head through that system. you cane that will cool pocket of air moving through great lakes and swing down as we head into sunday and monday. that is when we will feel winter-like chill. overnight tonight mostly cloudy, stray shower late at the 56 degrees. tomorrow rain, wind, all day long. wind gusting to 35 miles an hour. friday, saturday are cool but seasonal and another weak front comes through late saturday. look at sunday and monday, highs only in the 40's, both days and wind will make it feel colder. now back to you at the the desk. >> well, we have not made to it thanksgiving yet but chances are holiday shoppers have not only made their list but they have check them twice. >> three on your side jim donovan find many of them wasted no time in shopping. i'm impressed. they sound ahead of the game to me. >> yes, indeed but don't worry time to get best deals is coming up soon. it is season to shop, national retail federation says more
5:52 pm
than half of the holiday shoppers have already started to buy gifts but according to the a doby digital index there is still time to shop and save. the best time to buy based on price and product a availability will vary. this saturday november 21st will offer the largest single day price drop for toys with an average discount of 18 percent. have a tech junkie on your list, best deals for electronics, 18 percent discount on average would be offered through this monday november 23rd. want something sparkling? jewelry discounts will peak at 25 percent on thanksgiving day, make sure you shop soon because typically jewelry prices go up closer to the holiday. if someone on your list need clothing you can wait, usually those big discounts happen closer to the holidays. >> okay. >> this is it. >> i'll give you my list. >> yeah, right. >> thanks, buddy. >> tonight here at 11:00 we have a record number of car recalls but not enough parts and mechanics to fix them and leading many drivers unsafe.
5:53 pm
three on your side has advice on what you can do if you cannot get a repair right away coming up tonight at 11:00. good stuff. >> important information. >> thanks, sir. still ahead on "eyewitness news" helping a a family in need get a home, thanks to a a man who never forgot his neighborhood. >> i'll have this story of brotherly love when we come right back.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back.
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so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. it is a story of generosity a man invested money to buy a house in norristown his childhood neighborhood. >> he is giving ate way to a good cause inspired by memory of the family that onceived there. it thinks week's story of brotherly love. lenny bakemore grew up in norristown a tight block
5:57 pm
wherever one knew each other. >> i had a beautiful childhood a lot of friend. >> reporter: lenny's best friend curt henning lived in a brick row home right across the street. now lenis a real estate investor, artist and gallon willry owner. he never lost touch with curt or curt's parents who lived there until they died. >> just recently passed a away so it is, you know, it is emotional. >> reporter: curt's requests, lenny bought the house, he planned to flip it but there were so many memories here lenny could not bring himself to start tearing it up. >> welcome to the henning house. >> reporter: it felt right. >> so right here is where bill used to sit. >> reporter: to give it a as a gift to habitat for humanity of montgomery county. lenny also donated $50,000 for rehab. >> wow. >> reporter: marry ann lynch is the the director. >> we will make it so it is basically new from the inside out. >> reporter: a family as large as five can live here, the family, not chosen yet will put in 200 hours of sweat equity and pay a no interest
5:58 pm
mortgage back to habitat. >> we used to jump on the bed in here. >> there was such love in this house and that it was such a great place for kid to grow up. i'm thinking i cannot wait to see the the family in june get the keys to this house. >> reporter: this will be the 34th house in norristown that habitat for humanity in montgomery county had has given. they can always use donations to helput and help refurbishing. go to cbs to find out more. >> giving back it is what it is all about. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 this little boy's life is forever altered after a misdiagnosed left him deaf and disable. our stephanie stahl shows thus story a and how a lawsuit will help his family cope. a potential terror plot in texas foiled with the help of the south jersey resident, and how a tip from our area may have saved lives in the lone star state, kate. it is cloudy this evening and not all that cold, just yet, we're tracking wind, rain, for your thursday and
5:59 pm
behind it, eventually, a blast of very chilly air. i will have your full forecast coming up at 6:00. plus we will update the a story we first told but friday. students at a northeast philadelphia high school say conditions there are unsafe, tonight parents got the chance to voice their concerns, and call for change. now at 6:00 an "eyewitness news" exclusive this six year-old boy, deaf ape disable due to a misdiagnosed, now, his family is getting millions of dollars for his medical care. local hello, everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. little boy whose life was full of promise is now facing a lifetime of hardships. jury had has decided children's hospital of philadelphia will to have pay ten million-dollar to pay for their mistakes that caused his injuries. "eyewitness news" health reporter stephanie stahl joins with us more on this,
6:00 pm
stephanie. >> reporter: three days in a row this mom from west philadelphia brought her baby to chop with a fever that would not go away. he had an infection that was not properly diagnosed and now years late their family says, there is finally just advertise. >> who is that? is that you. little boy. >> reporter: six year-old shemir tillry loves to show pictures of himself and, without word he says a lot. >> that is you, and mom. >> reporter: shemir is deaf and has significant learning disabilities because of a brain injury that happened as a baby. the his mom, lives with shattered dreams and tears that never stop. >> i don't know, if he could have done. i'm mad. >> reporter: she says that when shemir was 11 months old he spiked a fever. she took him to children's hospital where they were sent home twice. on the third visit three days in a row back to the hospital he was finally diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. >> it is unfortunate that shemir d


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