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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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plus, an update from france. >> and, happening right now, local business leaders are waking up after sleeping out on the streets to support the homeless. we're live with more on their mission. >> such a great cause. >> absolutely. >> today is friday november the 20th, good morning to you. i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. we check in right now with katie and meisha for your friday forecast, and how the roads are doing, good morning, ladies? good morning, happy friday you guys. roadways looking really good this morning, they're light, friday's tend to be little lighter, all of the overnight construction project are out of the way now. so things looking good. everyone is wondering, katie, will this last? >> well, you know, we are expecting at least to see the sunshine out there today, meisha a sun glare might ends up being an issue for those early morning commuters, once it pops over the horizon, but for now, you know, not terrible outside. as you said it was traffic and certainly with the weather won't have any impact at least for now, on your travel. but, we are going to certainly see pattern change take effect, after yesterday's rain, these temperatures have gun their decline. now, at the moment, we're staying somewhat steady with these values on the thermometer really. we will show those to you in a
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second. as we look forward in the forecast, temperatures are set to drop. clicker doesn't want to cooperate with me this morning, but there go, drop off, head forward in the second haft of the weekends, quite cool. talk about just how chilly, it will get, as the show progresses but give you sense of what is going on here and now. notice, the wind, not just the actual number and the value there, but the direction. out of the northwest it comes, ten to 15 miles per hour, not damaging wind, obviously, but enough it is very noticeable. so these temperatures that are currently at 53 here in philadelphia, are holding somewhat steady for the next few hours, only going to top off another degree or two before it is said and done at the height of the afternoon. now, here's a look at storm scan, quiet as can be, we continue to track clearing skies, high pressure has built in place for us here. but we are expecting that sun to shine brightly all day today. then eventually even more cold air on the way. meisha? >> all right, thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, happy friday to you. i hope you're waking up with
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us, grabbing your first cup of coffee, it is looking good outside. roadways looking really nice. blue route, headlights moving in the northbound direction, before route one, looking good here, basically anywhere name looking at the blue route looking real nice and steady. ninety-five southbound, cottman, coming around the s curve where you are starting to see levels build ever so slightly, i would say, little bit more than that actually, for a friday morning, this is actually a little bit heavy, since friday's tend to be one of the lighter travel days, but just make note of it. then this weekend we have big marathon, so it will really kind of put some hiccups in your plans if you will. septa buses detoured sunday at 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. want to make sure to check your schedules also the route 15 trolley will be operating two different route. so again, you want to make sure to get on line, check your local schedules. also, look at these closures, inner drive of the ben franklin parkway 9:30 a.m. friday all the way to 6:00 p.m. sunday. and just for that point, the out bound inner lanes on the ben franklin parkway will be opening today though for our
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rush. between 3:30 and 6:30, and i'll be tweeting out all of that information to you, erika, back to you. >> thank you, meisha a back to the breaking news right now. from the african nation of mali, three of the hostages being held at the radisson blue hotel, they reportedly have been killed. these are the first pictures coming in now showing that scene outside the hotel. ten gunmen stormed into that hotel earlier this morning, shouting: god is great in arabic. twenty hostages have been reese leased. both the us and french embasies asked their citizens to take shelter. in france, new developments this morning, one week after the paris attacks. >> police found third body in a apartment that police raided on wednesday. no word yet though on her identity. authorities are on high alert after isis videos threatened rome, new york and washington. and, at an emergency meeting, france tells it neighbors to tighten their boarders. tina krause has more now from paris. >> police across europe are now focused on hunting down suspected terrorists, escaped
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after the attacks in paris once week ago. on thursday, french authorities confirmed the apparent ringleader, abdullah is dead. this woman, captured scenes from the raid that killed him on her cell phone. >> she said she saw him socializing on the street of the paris suburb just a day after the attacks. >> just the other day, saying hello to the guys. can i not believe he was just here. >> french intelligence officials thought he was in syria, until they received a tip-off days after the attack, that he was back in fran. as the hunt for the terrorists continues, isis has released new videos threatening several attacks in france, italy, and the us. the fbi says it is not aware of any credible threat of a paris-style attack. >> we're asking aggressive throw diffuse threats as they emerge, and we are vigorously investigating and prosecuting those who seek to harm the american people. >> in malaysia, president
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obama arrived overnight, a mid heightened security. authorities in the country issued alert thursday, warning at least ten suicide bombers affiliated with abu are in call along poor, where the president is meeting with asian leaders today. leaders of the terror group have pledged allegiance to isis. tina krause, cbs news, paris. now, lawmakers here in the u.s. are taking action following the paris attacks, the house overwhelmingly approved a bill to halt the refugees from entering the us until key security agencies certify this is refugees don't pose security risk, now, some are concerned that isis fight letters attempt to gain access to the united states as a refugee, because one. terrorists reportedly posed at refugee to get into europe. that will bill will now go to the senate, president obama says, he will veto the bill, if it passes. house zone isn't setting well with syrians in the delaware valley. these two are student at penn
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state lehigh valley. they both have families back in syria. now, he's expecting family members in late december, but now that hangs in the balance. >> i feel like it will eventually become a problem where they don't want any syrians coming at all. >> we were one of the best in the middle east. and to see my country fall, the way that it did, it is heart breaking. >> the student say syrian refugees just want to find a new home, and the u should welcome them. >> 6:06. zombies leaders in our area are showing support for homeless youth in a unusual way. >> this is great. trade in the their bedrooms for cardboard boxes. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live for us in germantown with more on that effort. and i just love this, justin, i love what they are doing. tell us more. >> erika, nicole, what a great cause. check this out here. boxes and bags, this is how dozens of people slept overnight here in the covenant house parking lot. also how thousands of our city homeless sleep each night including young people, they sleep out here is aim to go
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change, they've raised already about $250,000 for this cause here. dozen of local leaders coming together for this great cause here. the children here who are affected are often homeless, or run aways, sometimes victims of human trafficking. covenant house each year help about 500 people and sometimes turn away as many as 400. now, one of the people out here, who spent the night, and raised for this cause, chris gaffney, with toll brothers. chris, i want to ask you, being out here overnight, why was this something that thousand dollars do? >> this is, you know, something, the kids that we serve are helpless. and when we can do something as simple as this, sleeping out in the streets for one night, it makes the world of difference to these kids. >> this is your fifth time doing this. what keeps you coming back? >> it is the kids. they are truely my kids. whatever i can do to help them, i do. and i am so lucky to be in
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that my entire team is here. there were 20 of us here tonight. everybody's just they want to keep coming back. they want to help these kids. because it is special to them. >> for anyone watching at home, who want to get involved, do what you guys are doing here, what should they do? >> you know, call us here at covenant house pennsylvania, we desperately need people to help. we need people to want to help these kids. you know, as you said, the need in the philadelphia area is tremendous. and, you know, we have beds here for about 50 kids, 20 in our kensington rop. and the need is more. and when we do events like this, it truly helps that. >> all right, chris, thank you so much. erika, nicole, great cause means a lot of your help. and there is still time to donate. we'll hook you up thanks so much, erika, back to
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you. >> great to raise awareness because sometimes you don't think of the homeless youth. >> i like what they say, invisible population. good stuff, thanks, justin. meanwhile, plumbing contractor dies on the job in west philadelphia. twenty-seven year old plan was working in a excavated area on 63rd street right near market street late last night. police say a vehicle lost control, and fell into a hole, killing that worker at the scene. the accident is now under investigation. another sexting scandal rocks a local school. this time, at plymouth whitemarsh high school. aa parent node philadelphia international airport the school about drop box account that contains inapropriate pictures and of student. police shut down the account while they investigate. detective have already met with several student at the school, but, so far, no one is facing any charges. >> and, take a good look at this surveillance video right here. philadelphia police are is her clinic for suspect, who broke into a home, on west nidro avenue, tuesday, and got away with a estimated $37,000 worth of jewelry and electronics. the suspect got in through a basement window, and was
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therefore just about 20 minutes, before they walked out the front door, as you saw. among the items stolen, computers, gucci and mo sad owe watches, digital cameras. >> 6:10. new jersey state trooper charged with drunk driving following an accident. we'll have that story coming up in a bit. >> first, mother's outrage when she sees a picture of her daughter polls dollars on social media by a day care worker and below the photo was a written threat. >> also, spiked soda? well, all the rage for adults, but could be little too tempting for under age drinkers. we'll tell you what parents should look out for coming up. >> ♪ most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> katie says too soon, first christmas song of the year. but you can't not play t look, live in shady brook farm in yardley, pennsylvania, their annual holiday lights display
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it, kicks off this weekend, our jan carabeo, she in that wagon right now. she is live with a preview coming up at 6:30, as we take you inside. >> we'll be right back. >> ♪
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> so talking marathon weekends in philadelphia there is weekends, going to be cold one for the runners, for sure. >> have to do a lot of those layers, i know they lose them as they run along. >> thank goodness they're on the move. i think cold forecast, right? >> absolutely, guys. we are expect to go see the temperatures really start to take tumble. looking forward into our upcoming weekends specially, that's when things are really going to start to take a little dive here. so, looking forward to a specially saturday night, leading into sunday, we see secondary cold front on the move. that's what's going to drop in, bring in the reinforcing
6:14 am
chill for our area. now, beyond that point, junk g closer and closer to the thanksgiving holiday, right? that's when we do start to see more mild influence in the atmosphere, going to help warm things up for us. not talking about above average warmth by that point but certainly at least going to be dealing with more, you know, milder air as opposed to what we will finds this upcoming weekends. liver network, to show this shot. gorgeous suit rye now outsides cut town area middle school. 45 degrees, modest breeze right now, but primarily out of the northwest. so, that said, it is going to feel awfully chilly outside. when you factor even though modest breeze, that breast, brisk, cold air comes our way as we mention for the weekend, especially sunday, kick off 1:00 p.m., pretty much height of the afternoon, solar heating not going to help you out all that much. 46 degrees, at kick off, man that's football weather. so go birds. we look forward in the forecast then, heading into early next week, notice the trends, it is on the up and up. by the time we hit turkey day, gobble gobble 57 degrees and
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sunshine. look how happen that i turkey is. >> you know what i love about him? just wig link his little booty back and forth. so cool. good morning, happy friday, we hope you're grabbing your first cup of coffee with us this morning, things are certainly starting to heat up in the world of this morning. you move southbound, toward the schuylkill, certainly, a lot busier than what we saw even just 15 minute ago. so look, it looks like it will be a very busy one indeed. ninety-five headlight moving in the southbound direction at van kirk, past the talcony palmyra bridge, looking good, interstate 95 certainly being one of those areas that are heating up this morning. a loft you getting a jump start to your day, get to go work early, so you can get up, work early, i don't blame you one bit. blue route southbound at ridge pike looking good, as well, moving in the southbound direction, see more of the heavy volume levels. looking pretty good there. do have the marathon this weekend there is will cause you some problems, i have been tweeting out your marathon times, the closures, this is a marathon, rothman institute,
6:16 am
7:30 a.m. kids fun run saturday 10:30 a.m. philly marathon big one sunday starting at 7:00 a.m. and because of that we do have some closures, again, i am covering this the next 15 minutes again, but also tweeted this out for you, it is affecting septa, as well. nicole, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. how e-zpass use letters soon qualify for discount. >> also, whoever board, one of the hottest gift ideas for the year. but in the just popular with kids. adult are using them as a form of transportation. see how some cities are accommodating them while others are banning them on the street. that's coming up.
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>> after the video, as you can so, the words on the screen what she wrote. she said the employee is a quaint ants, did not ask her about it, just went straight to the authorities. >> i had a lot of rage going through my mind. i had a lot of anger. but, you know, i won't go and be, you know, belligerent. i won't go and be crazy. i'm do it the right way in a legal way. >> there you go. the day care confirmed the incident and reported it to authorities. now looking for another day care for her daughter. >> all right, self-balancing scooter, so-called whoever boards, on many wish lists this holiday season, also ban in the some cities. new york city says the board
6:20 am
like the sidekick once popular with celebrities and athletes are illegal on their roads, in san francisco the same tech joel follow gentlemen will soon be legal in bike lanes. closely monitoring just how safe they are. >> you want to make sure that the public is safer at all times. see up tick in vehicle pedestrians, fatalities, or injuries, then we're going to have to adjust. >> the whoever boards are number one on amazon's best sellers. and range in price anywhere from $200 to $2,000. >> holy hanna. can get a car for two grand. >> back to the future, just kind of cool to see. that will coming up next in the health watch: a warning about spiked soda. >> also, meisha taking us on another dream drive. this time taking us to a castle right here in our area. >> and the temperature really dropping this weekend, katie? >> in fact, it is already starting to drop off now. we are expecting even further
6:21 am
declines on the they are mom term, talk about why, how chilly it will get, all c
6:22 am
6:23 am
>> salmon coming to dinner table near you.
6:24 am
>> some calling franken fish, the first such animal cleared for human consumption in the u.s. some consumer groups concerned not enough evidence the fish are safe to eat. and the fda is not requiring companies to label the alter fish. to make sure the fish you buy is not genetically modified, experts suggest you buy wild salmon. >> also on the health watch, growing trends, in alcoholic beverages. >> yes, called spiked soda. health reporter stephanie stahl has more. >> when sarah picks up drinks for hank-outs with her friends, she is often choosing root beer beer. >> i like it because it is delicious. it is like drinking an awesome childhood drink, but in a adult way. >> as someone who doesn't drink much, i love it. >> czar's favorite not your father's root beer, made by small town brewery. >> we cannot keep up with the demands across the country. consumers ranging 21 through 80. >> there is more where that came from. other hard soda flavors, cherry cola, orange, lemon
6:25 am
lime, ginger ale, industry insiders are watching the market grow. >> i think the trends toward spiked soda, it will happen, and occur for the next year or two. >> drinks appear to be popular with adult, but how about teens? parent, experts say, need to warn their kids. >> really talk and engage with teens, that these drinks are alcohol, regardless whatever content they come in, how they are packaged, but it is alcohol, we want them to make the right choices but not consuming it they are under the age of 21. >> makers every not your father's root beer say they take under age drinking very seriously. >> we have 21 plus on all of our packaging. and all of our retailers then card, as well as bars. >> they say sweet sodas are adults only. and you can expect more of these spiked soda products, soon, new brands of hard sodas are coming on to the market in early 2016. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still ahead this morning, trouble for local state trooper following an accident in his patrol car.
6:26 am
>> what he did before the crash, what we are hearing from the driver he is accused of hitting. jan? >> reporter: how scenic is this? light show by mother nature, and shady brook farm here in bucks county. i'm jan carabeo, coming to you live, previewing the annual lights show, ahead of opening night. stay with us. >> thank you, jan, an accident on the schuylkill eastbound past the blue route. and all of your major interstates, highs ways, starting to heat up. all of the updates coming up in a little bit. first, we take a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3, "eyewitness
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>> three hostages being head in mali have been killed.
6:30 am
twenty have been released. bothhe french and us embasies have asked their citizens to take shelter. >> the sun returns, but the temperatures will take bit of dive. of course we've been talking about it, really lucky. >> very. >> this season has been really pretty mild. >> specially just months, i mean, we've seen temperatures as high as 08 degrees this month. in november. thank you mother nature. >> yes, i love this. >> i love it, too. really nice excuse to take the double stroller out. >> totally, yes. take the kids out. but we're going to say it is a lot harder to navigate. >> the double? the fact you are doing everything twice. hats off to you. >> let's not think about the amount of diapers we go through. what's going on with the forecast, so november so far, check it out, nicole, 7.3 degrees above the norm. that's a huge deal, precipitation, we have been dealing with, you know, just over inch or so, these numbers starting to change that we had some wet weather moving n highest temperature, 80 degrees, as we said, the lowest temperature thus far,
6:31 am
37. those temperatures are going to look a lot colder as we move forward toward the weekend. all courtesy of couple of shots of cold. first one currently retreating, that was your front from yesterday, all of the wet weather moving well out to sea, and as a result of that, it will lend itself to high pressure regaining control. so, it is breezy, it is cooler by comparison, but far more seasonable. we keep the sun around tomorrow. we keep the sun around even sunday, but another reinforcing blast of cold coming in by saturday night. and that is what is going to send the temperatures into wintery territory. for now, hour by hour, looking ahead through the rest of the day today, midday, the best we can hope for, mid 50's, shooting for about 55 degrees for that expected high. that again is far closer to where it should be for the standards, upper 60s, even yet, meisha, rare treat. so, hopefully folks have chance to enjoy that warmth. >> oh, absolutely. i know i sure did. thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, happy friday to you. if you are just waking up with us, roadways looking okay, this is where we do have accident, however, the schuylkill eastbound at the blue route pulled all the way
6:32 am
off fortunately all the way off to the shoulder. not blocking a lane right now, pulled off to the shoulder, trying to get that cleared out of your way. as you can see, already, looking busy this morning. it really has all of the major interstates, highways, seeing volume levels start early this morning, probably good indicator a lot of people are anxious for the weekends trying to get out and enjoy the sunshine, yes, little cooler. like katie has been saying, certainly is still going to be beautiful. here's a look in delaware county 95 northbound 452, looking really good. any time we're moving in the northbound direction, especially on a friday, it is looking good toward center city. now, we do have big marathon this weekend. we have a lot of closures because of it. so, if you are wandering around your living rooms right now come gather in front of your tv screen. take a look at this, inner drive of the ben franklin parkway closed today at 9:30 a.m. until 66:00 p.m. sunday. the outer drives, 4:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. saturday, 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. sunday. with that being said, the out bound inner lanes on the ben
6:33 am
franklin parkway will open today for the afternoon rush between 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. that will help you out little bit. we also do have some delays on septa, which i'll be tweeting out all morning long, as well. nicole, over to you. >> meisha arc thank up. tis the season. hopefully you're ready. you may spend this weekend getting your holiday lights together, right? one display in bucks county beat to you it. >> oh, yes. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at yardley shady brook farm where they are getting ready to get the displays back in o just beautiful out there. good morning. >> it is absolutely gorgeous, and that's because the sun is rising here in bucks county, so truly is a rare treat that we're seeing both the annual light show here, while the sun is rising, and if you take a look, just down the stretch here, coming to one of my favorite areas. this is the first lighted tunnel, here at shady brook farm, in bucks county. this is an absolute treat. there is more than 3 million lights here over the course of just about 2 miles.
6:34 am
and it is really something for everyone here. you can common one of the wagons, like this, and enjoy it out in the elements, or, if you are afraid of a little bit of cold, and a little bit of breeze, then you can take your car through here. it is $25 for a car. it is $12 per person on this wagon, you really don't want to miss out on. >> this and really it is just one of many displays and event happening for the holiday season, jerry, president of visit bucks county jerry. thanks for being on the show so early this morning. thanks for waking one us. >> thanks for having us. >> yes, this is a gem of bucks county, i have a feeling, gorgeous out here. >> it is one of the crown jewels of bucks county. there is no question about it. people look for the to this every year. and we just love it.ent. like you said, 3 million lights, what's not to like about it? >> yes, 30,000 cars come through here, annually, it is a great time for everyone. but this is only one stop people can experience watch
6:35 am
are other hot spots? >> we're bless in the becomes county to have such a variety, there are so many, we say visit bucks county. com. all listed there. we started like in bensalem and our visitors center, we have 25 theme trees there santa claus on sunday, everything free. there is pens wood manor, they have holly night. the furry christmas, at sesame place. one of my favorites, christmas re-enactment, washington crossing. petted letters village opens tonight also. they have their grand illumination. museums in doylestown, pearl buck, and one of the iconic people, the buyers choice, with their christmas carolers. you know, just goes on and on through the entire county.
6:36 am
>> yes, it is absolutely stunning here, you can just make a whole night and couple of weekends, you can see shady brook farm, opening night tomorrow at 5:00. if you can't wait you want to walk or run through this, having special event tonight, as well, run the lightment and you want to just check out for all every those details, back into you guys in the studio. >> just beautiful out there. >> thanks so much. >> and jan's not so bad either. >> oh, talking about jan, looking good. thanks, jan. more holiday fest i have tis tonight. santa claus, flipping the switch on the impressive holiday lights display at peddlers village. more than million lights will get people in the spirit for the holidays. and our meteorologist, kate bilo, will be there live for the festivities, "eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00. traveling this thanksgiving holiday, you will not be alone. triple a says nearly 47 million americans will travel at least 50 miles between next wednesday, and sunday. the good news, though, gas is
6:37 am
the cheapest it's been this time of year since 2008. costs down for flyers, with airline tickets, about 10% cheaper than last year. over the holidays, airlines expect about 65,000 more passengers, per day, than last year. >> and speaking of travel. if you cross the delaware river port authority bridge on regular basis, you're about to get nice holiday gift. new discount program will put $18 back into the e-zpass account, of any driver who crosses a drpa bridge at least 18 times a month. now, this only applied to drivers who e-zpass account through the state of new jersey, also do have to sign up to get this discount. the sign upstarts on december 1st. >> new jersey state police are investigating one of their own after a crash in monmouth county. "eyewitness news" obtain dash cam video from october 26th. now, it shows the moment that sergeant first class michael roadside allegedly rearended a driver at garden state parkway. another trooper on the left asked sergeant roadside if he's okay.
6:38 am
roadside said he was under and steer y kimberly wilson said the officer offered her money if she didn't report the collision. >> he goes i'll write awe check for cash right now for a thousand dollars. and i said: either you call this in or i'm calling it in. but i'm not leaving her until one of us calls it in. >> in addition to dwi, charges against sergeant roadside includes careless driving, and having open alcohol container inside his vehicle. he is also suspended without pay. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news", meisha, takes us on another dream drive. this time, it is to a castle. >> also, we all know break ups are hard enough without having to deal with constant reminders of your exxon social media. so facebook wants to help. see how coming up. >> and the final movie, the hunger game series, now in theatres. i hear little applause on erika's behalf. we will talk to some of the fans who already got to see that film next. >> ♪
6:39 am
>> oh, this is one of the new songs in adele's new albumn t comes out today. word is you won't be able to listen to it everywhere. we'll explain coming up next, a view outside with the beautiful sunrise underway. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> coming up on 6:43, little chill, maybe little wind, katie is that correct what we're looking flat. >> essentially the story out, there nicole. we can expect these temperatures to look a a a lot more seasonable. seeing values across the region as a local, that are close to where they're going to top off already. because you're sort of dealing with a balancing act. we haven't quite seen the
6:43 am
thrust of the cold air get in here just yet. now we've got the sun coming up. still kind of mild through the overnight. we are going to sort of level off now that the cooler air is coming in. and stay relatively steady. these values are going to climb little bit throughout the day. weather watchers reporting in southeastern pa a lot of 40's, northern delaware, then over into new jersey, many of you at least in some of the more urbanized areas, still finding the low 50's, we go on out to couple of these, 49 degrees, came into us from ed connor, nothing more than couple every clouds in chesterfield, temperatures dropping, so is the humidity. yes, not bad start for friday, certainly not terrible hair day, but we are definitely expecting to see some what of a breeze, as the day progresses. let's go ahead, take you on out next to, there it is, storm scan3, one more time, there you go, storm scan tracking latest frontal boundery, still making full retreat. as you can see well out to sea at this appointment so clear skies, high pressure, little hint of snow even on the back side of that storm. because it is so large, not going to be anything that
6:44 am
affect us, all being pulled away off to the north. meanwhile, another system getting its act together. bringing in some snow currently across nebraska, south dakota. that will eventually be streaking through, really the brunt of the storm will bypass us off to the north. what we get out of it is frontal boundary does gag in some colder air for us. what we lack in moisture, will make up for with chill by the second half of the weekends. for now today little breezy. enough that you notice it. not enough that it will be setting your trash can flying, nothing like, that it is out of the northwest, throughout the course of the day talking say ten to 15-mile per hour wind, then by later tonight, we do start to see those winds diminishing. now, i've got to mention the temple game. somebody called me out for not mentioning earlier. us at home here tomorrow high noon t does look as though we'll have pretty seasonable air for. that will for sunday the chill is here. >> yep, you know, but it is great football weather katie. i have to till, getting cold but will feel good out there. go birds of course. good morning, 95 southbound at
6:45 am
the betsy ross, looking good, interstate 95 specially moving in the southbound direction at this time of the morning, always seems to come, give us little headache. certainly is today. despite the fact friday's tend to be easier travel days, certainly is busy, the schuylkill at girard, moving in the eastbound direction. looking good. although the schuylkill is another area this morning, that is also heating up. a lot of people trying to get to work early so they can get off work and enjoy this weekend. i don't blame you. oh, no, i don't. we have an accident 309 southbound at limekiln pike, i'll let you know when that clears. but so far that's still active and on the scene. accident also involving injuries, car hit wall, pennsylvania turnpike westbound near norristown, this is now, though, pushed all the way out to the shoulder. that's the good news in that category. we also do have the philly marathon this weekend. so, because of that, we are going to be seeing some septa delays, also going to have some road closures, all morning, long. i've been tweeting this information out for you. the ben franklin parkway, i know, one of those affected
6:46 am
but i'll say it will be open today for our rush hour between the times of 3:30 and 6:30 p.m. so, again, i'll be tweeting all of this information. it is quite a bit. again for all of you runners looks like you'll have some chilly but nice weather for you. >> that's good. >> not bad, yes. we will take that. >> definitely. >> you know, speaking of this weekends and the weather, if you want to take a drive it, might be nice time to do it. >> absolutely. >> you agree? that wouldn't and bad idea. because it will be beautiful weather. and i can tell you, i've been driving around our area looking for little gems that are close to home. so, erika, nicole, how about a castle? look who wouldn't want to go, right? sounds very romantic n today's edition of dream drive. take a look. >> ♪ >> we started south of lambertville, new jersey, winding along the delaware river. we hopped over the bridge, through new hope, then took beautiful scenic drive-thru the buckingham area, ending up in doylestown.
6:47 am
>> we are driving up river road, on the jersey side of the delaware river, to lambertville. and right now i'm keeping my eyes peeled for the old lambertville train station. which is now a restaurant and inn. >> my name is dan whitaker, one of the owners of the lambertville station. >> so lambertville station, this is restored 19th century train station. you can see the very old original train tracks. >> it was vacant, abandoned, boarded up for about 20 years. but it was just a beautiful building. >> this looks so delicious and beautiful. it is almost like you don't want to eat it, because it is so nice looking. >> oh, so good.
6:48 am
>> just beautiful, best part about it, no tolls. i absolutely a door all of the little shops here in new hope, from the cafes, the restaurants, the art galleries, mine, looks like a postcard. now we're taking the scenic route to buckingham. >> hi, i'm jerry forest, owner and operate on of buckingham valley orchards, along with my family. >> now, i unfortunately will not be testing taste today because i'm driving around doing the dream drive. but i can smell it from here t smells delicious. >> we just make wine and live happily ever after. >> i bet you do. >> you do your research. you new i spoke swedish. by the way this says -- it means welcome meisha! >> when i heard about this next place, i just had to check it out for myself. >> hi, i'm choir, the vice president for collections of interpretation here at the
6:49 am
mercer museum. >> it is stunning. so what is all of this stuff? what's this room? >> the concrete castle, filled with objects of every day life, early pre-industrial america. collected largely under the auspices of henry mercer, boy, infatuated with castles. >> you want to build your own castle? well, this is the place to do it. >> an inter-active hands-on exhibit. >> you guys grab your little leggos, help me build on top of maybe this one? >> maybe they won't build concrete castle but build something else. >> there is no doubt about it, you can finds everything here. and i just found my night in shining harm or. >> oh,. >> that's adorable. >> oh, that night in shining armor, he was such a gentleman, too, such a sweety. of course, you know, i came home with this little gift, cbs-3 booth. >> wait.
6:50 am
i saw two booth unless that story. >> ya, that one kind of went missing. >> oh, missing? >> i'm not lying. it is still full. do you believe me? do you believe me on that? >> nope. not a chance. >> well, it is. i'm not lying you. >> need a designated for some of those drives. >> oh, it was so quaint. >> we're not volunteering? >> dropping the ball there? >> thanks so much. >> your welcome. >> oh, the words is mocking jay. >> the final installment of the hunger game series out in theatres today.
6:51 am
movie clip. >> oh, i thought it was good. although long time coming, i'm sad to see it end. great movie. little confusing. good movie. >> oh, little confusing. i love her. fans do say the ending little bit different than the book, hence bit of confusion. >> yes, i guess that would be confusing. >> little twist and turn. >> so dramatic, though. >> absolutely. >> stole killing for him. i mean? >> crazy stuff. well, philly has been waiting for this a long time. rocky balboa, back on the big screen. folks hits the red carpet in hollywood for the world premiere of creed. michael b jordan stars as the son of apollo creed. sylvester stallone back as rocky balboa in the latest spin off from the boxing ring. >> watching michael get -- it was like finally someone else. >> how about that? creed is the seventh installment in the rocky franchise, it opens up
6:52 am
next wednesday. >> well, the long awaited release of adele's new albumn hit store shelves. if you are hoping to catch it on streaming lights like spotify, you're out of luck. kate explains why. >> ♪ >> adele had us at hello. but tonight good-bye to streaming music, for now. spotify apple music and other digital music services can't stream albumns 25 not for free not even for paid subscribers. >> there are no rules. no rules any more. there is no one way to really release an albumn. >> joining the ranks of artists like taylor swift. >> ♪ >> and beyonce. >> ♪ >> in taking ownership of how their music is sold. digital sales bring in the money. digital streaming, not so much. >> artists as big as beyonce,
6:53 am
adele, taylor swift, it is smart because it moves people into the music stores and buying albumns. >> ♪ >> alyssa, a pop culture producer, and she says these superstar act have one thing in common: leverage. >> they're trying to be creative about ways to make more money, and with their music, and i think that pulling from spotify is certainly a band aid to the problem. >> that was kate reporting. and i don't blame adele not want to go stream it right off the bat. makes people buy the albumn. >> and lot of people will. >> new facebook feature hopes help ease the awkwardness of break up. technology allows cup tolls stay friends, but not see each other posts, for use heres don't want to un friend or block each other. the feature also allows use tears remove their names from past posts, involving, making it easier. >> yes, don't want that digital, facebook, good going on that one. will take a short break and
6:54 am
be right back.
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>> update from the african nation of mali. three of the hostages being held at the radisson have been reportedly killed. ten gunmen stormed into the hotel earlier this morning shouting god is great in arabic. twenty hostages have been released. >> meanwhile, new developments in france, one week after the paris attacks. police found third body in a apartment that police raided on wednesday.
6:58 am
meanwhile, authorities are on high alert after isis videos threatened rome, new york and washington. >> local business leaders trade in the their warm beds for cardboard boxes, and sleeping bags overnight. as part of the third annual sleep-out and event supporting homeless youth in philadelphia. >> well, some little leaguers in montgomery country stepping up big time to help families in need. >> love to hear. >> this the limerick area 12 year old baseball team donated more than $1,600, to the daily bread food pantry in collegeville. the teen had surplus funds, and decided to use it to help fill the pantry shelves. money couldn't have come at better time. >> it will make a difference, the difference of families getting christmas fixings for their meals. we would not have been able to afford that this year. >> i'm used to having, so for people who don't have it, i'm sure it is really special to have a family, and food, that they can all have and enjoy. >> i'm so hopeful for the future when i think about these young people who are willing to do things like this.
6:59 am
>> oh, well done, guys. the daily bread community food pantry serves approximately 300 families per month. when you hear that families, now have christmas dinner, so heartwarming. so great. and so grateful, so grateful. >> absolutely. >> okay, katie, turning to the cold forecast? >> it is cool. it is a little dose of reality today. it is a gut check. outside, look at the beautiful sunrise, right? not terrible. modest breeze, we handle this. jump to the weekends where changes come n okay, sunday chilly, dose every winter, at least dry, meisha. >> absolutely and the roadways have been looking good this morning, although, accident right now, blue route southbound near mid-county and the high speed e-zpass lane, also another accident here, pulled all the way off to the shoulder schuylkill eastbound past the blue route, other than that things looking pretty good. just your typical rush now. >> thanks. cbs this morning coming up next, a look at homeland security, what they know about a threat against the us. >> also, we leave up video from shady brook farms,
7:00 am
♪ good morning. it is friday, november 20, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. gunmen storm a hotel in mali and take 170 hostages. the u.s. embassy tells americans to shelter in place. a new isis video threatens an attack on the white house. how the fbi monitors potential lone wolf attackers. and donald trump adds fuel to the refugee debate. he supports a database to track muslims here in the united states. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> about 140 guests, 30 employees, are trapped inside at the radisson


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