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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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tradition, we are live at cacia's bakery as residents line up to get their turkies cooked in that giant brick oven. it must smell a amazing in there. it is thursday, in 26th, happy thanksgiving. i'm erika von tiehl. before the the parade and football and turkey we have to get your forecast. katie joins us now. just a fantastic day. i love these temperatures we are talking about. good morning. >> i can't remember last time we had a forecast this tranquil for the the entirety of not just the travel days, leading up to the holiday itself but the the holiday and then black friday as well. we have had wind as an issue in recent years even if it was dry or we had to deal with wet weather. in of those factors playing a role in the forecast. we also have have been talking about the warming trend. today will be a warmer day out of the next five. it is looking to be nice and mild. average high for standard of the late november, about 52 degrees on this particular day. however, we will well exceed
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that by a good solid 10 degrees. storm scan as it is empty thed, without that blanket the or cloud cover it will be off to a cool start. once sun comes up it will do its pennsylvania part to warm things backup. throwing satellite coverage on top we will see included bilo in here. we are talking overall mostly sunny day a few more cloud then what we saw yesterday nothing but blue sky yesterday, that will begin to change because there is a warm front lifting in. you can see in mount pocono that win direction out of the south. off to a chilly start, 33 in atlantic city. that warrant a winter coat. moving forward throughout the day a nice afternoon, 62, sunny in philly, you can't beat it. down the shore sun and included mild for standard as well. up in the poconos more sunshine on tap here. as we jump to the upcoming weekend we will skip over black friday we will start to see our next frontal boundary making it approach and
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passage. that will set us back in the dose of reality but the warmth is here, maybe not initially but it is on the way later today. you cannot beat this forecast. >> new this morning flames tear through a row home in philadelphia's nicetown neighborhood. when fire fighters got in the home they found a man's body inside. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at that scene, good morning. >> reporter: it took less than 20 minutes to knock that fire down fast but in the fast enough to save a life, officials say they did find one man ted up side of that home. this fire broke out at 12:20 this morning and when fire engines pulled up to 1929 boone are street the they saw heavy fire and smoke on the first floor of that home radiating from a front room. crews forced their way in and got fire under control in about 16 minutes. search turn up that mail victim on the first floor and pronounced dead on the scene. there were in working smoke alarms on the first or second
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floors of that home or in the basement. fire commissioner says thinks 13th fire death this year and that this one could have been prevented. >> key point here is you have to have a working smoke alarm and home escape plan. right now we're not sure what the causes but we do know this person had a working smoke alarm and they should have been able to get out. >> reporter: a death that could have been prevented. officis say you look at that home and it is getted on the first and second floor, charred black inside and it is believe that man was home alone at the time of the fire. no other injuries to sit send and fire fighters, we are told and no other homes were damage. fire marshals have been on the scene this morning and the cause of this fire remains under investigation, officials say if you do not have a working smoke alarm in your home call 311. fire department will see that properly installed. they will also be on this block tomorrow around noon to install working alarms we are
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live from nicetown i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". erika. >> justin, thank you. also new this morning two people are in the hospital have after a car crash in olney. it happened at north third street and west fish are avenue around 2:00 in the morning. police are still investigating n word yet on the condition of those victims. also overnight in montgomery county two people were taken to the hospital after this accident on route 422. it happened around 1:30 this morning in the westbound lanes in upper providence. both victims are expect to be okay and police are investigating the cause of that crash. the right now, all lanes are back opened, many in philadelphia will celebrate thanksgiving with the america's oldest thanksgiving parade. lets give you a live look, a new shot there, that is mr. potato head and garfield's tail. thinks live on jfk boulevard where preparations are underway continue on flight these balloons. parade is now in the 96th year. world cup soccer mvp carli
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lloyd, a tell ran township, new jersey native will be grand marshall this year. great to have her. parade starts at 20th and jfk ape makes a left turn on 16th street then up the parkway ending right in front of the art museum n case you get around town today heads up. a lot of folks will enjoy a nice home cooked turkey but for some in south philadelphia is there a long standing tradition that saves the cook many hours in the kitchen. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is a at cacia's bakery. we call this our own little ritual on ritner street. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: good morning, happy thanksgiving to you. these folks are having a great thanksgiving. they just bring their bird out here cacia's bakery does all of the work and they can just enjoy rest of the day at home. we have tom sino who dropped off the turkey. is what your number. >> number 26. >> reporter: they opened ten minutes before and you are 26th in line. >> yes. >> reporter: did you come out
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here early. >> i got here when they opened the doors. >> great timing you didn't to have wait in the coal at all. >> not at all. >> reporter: i noticed a certain shirt, philadelphia eagles. >> yes, big day. >> reporter: did you drop off your turkey to just relax. >> bring turkey back, watch the game, when game is over, everybody digs in. it will be great. >> reporter: such in good spirits which i love because it is thanksgiving. >> it is awesome, we have the day off, spend it with family. it is awesome. >> reporter: they have been doing this for decades is this your first time. >> this is my very first time. >> reporter: what made you bring the bird down here. >> just logistics of, you know, my mother-in-law wasn't doing the bird this year. >> reporter: why not? it seems like a great idea. that is a lot of time in the kitchen. you don't to have worry about it. >> it is awesome when it gets done with these great ovens they have. >> yes. >> very juicy. you are not having a dry bird here. >> very siked about that.
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what about the the eagles. >> they better not get cooked. >> reporter: we want that turkey cooked perfectly. >> we're still tonight. we have a division that we're still in it. very cool. always keep hope. >> reporter: you and eagles have a very happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. >> reporter: thanks so much. thanks for being here with us. erika, back inside to you. >> i know you cannot see me but i'm's holding up coveted cbs-3 turkey hat, it is down to katie and me for who will wear it. who do you vote for. >> reporter: i think katie would be a great turkey hat wearer. one for katie. thanks very much. it is great. >> jan, thank you. now a lot of stores are opened today, to get a jump on holiday spending. radio shack will open up at two hours at 8:00 o'clock. jc penny will open up at 3:00. at 4:00 hh greg and old navy
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will open. toys-r-us and best buy open up at 5:00 followed by target and wal-mart that open up at 6:00. find more store hours on cbs right now 6:08. still ahead protesters continue to fill the streets, angry over the police shooting. we have details of the moments, and, and, black friday sales. as insuring's iconic thanksgiving day parade get underway security is at an all time high i'm don champion with the latest coming up. then dash cam shows police chase in new jersey, kind of a driver goes the wrong way on the major highway, we will show you more of this heart stopping video just ahead.
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looking live at the parade route, balloons are blown up, mr. potato head in the background and snow man next to him. can't quite make it the out. will you be watching the parade this year, are you cooking your turkey or going to cacia's what are you grateful for on cbs, facebook, twitter and instagram pages. we have a few more to decide to see who will wear thanksgiving turkey hat.
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just a heart pounding police chase from upstate new york. state police were chasing a man wanted in the stabbing death of his girlfriend. chase hit speed of nearly 90 miles an hour at times, dash cam video here showing the fleeing driver, going the wrong way, driving through a gas station and even driving on the shoulder, posing traffic. officers took him safely to the ground. multiple charges and extradition are pending. tighter security will be visible across the country on this thanksgiving day, several thousand officers will be on patrol in new york city a long thanksgiving day parade route. don champion has the the latest from new york. >> reporter: an army of thousands of police officers will keep close watch over new york's iconic thanksgiving day parade. >> welcome to the parade today. >> reporter: on the eve of the festivities, authorities locked down mailboxes and stood guard by bleaches along the route.
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>> i liked snoopy too. >> reporter: as crowd the georgia tore see parade balloon come to life. >> security is very tight the but considering what is going on, they need to take all of the precaution that they can. >> reporter: heightened security comes less than two weeks after terror attacks in paris killed 130 people. the isis has since threatened new york city any a video. >> we cannot let terrorist succeed at psyched logical warfare. that is what it is. they are doing what they do to try to create fear and try to change us. >> reporter: elsewhere security has been beefed up holiday at airports and other busy travel hubs. >> we are taking every possible step to keep our home land safe. >> reporter: amid concerns apparent copycats, target black friday shoppers should expect beefed up security too. >> i guess it should be an easy target but i don't like to think about that right new. >> reporter: even with enhanced security federal officials stressed that there are no known, credible threats a against the home land. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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increased security will also be noticeable in philadelphia. tens of thousands of travel are made their way through philadelphia international airport without a problem. passengers at the airport and 30th street station, they were aware of the heightened security after the terrorist attacks in paris almost two weeks ago. >> we got to keep going and doing exactly what you are doing and have a normal life and look optimistically ahead. >> now if you went by road you can fill up tank without shelling out money. triple a says gas prices have in the been this slow on thanksgiving since 2008, good time to fill up the tank. i know were you in radio doing an update the for kyw news radio and did not the hear jan's comment. i asked her who should wear coveted cbs-3 turkey hat. >> hang on. >> shoot. >> jan said that she thought you should wear it, so here's the hat. >> did she now?
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>> we will see if we can make this happen. >> we have a big stood ohio. >> but there it is. >> wear the hat, wear the hat. >> put on the hat. >> you wing it, and it will look great. >> did you say wing it. >> maybe. >> it is working. >> will do you the entire forecast with the hat on. >> i am a team player, that is all i will say. >> thank you, katie. >> today i'm's grateful for turkey hats and meteorologists who have no shame. lou terrific. >> all right. lets talk a little turkey. >> oh, katie. >> thank you very much. >> that is best i've got. storm scan three is quiet as can be, high pressure in place. i will give you a serious forecast here, i swear, just like this. across the eastern seaboard we will keep things nice and clear for you here, our next
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warm front will lift in but bring with it a couple showers looking forward to the weekend. that will be our cold front. for now our warm front bringing in moisture. could bring us some fog through the overnight but for now, perhaps you're one of the late jet setters, getting out for your holiday travel at the last second. airport delays none at all here in the northeastern, you had. nor do we find any across chicago, a memphis, atlanta, all okay, down toward hearts field and orlando as well. out through the western area you go no major hub delays but you can see on the radar here this snapshot of the late et cetera storm system starting to take shape this isn't going to have a major impact locally but if you have family that is traveling back toward the the central plains or deep south, anything like that they will keep close tabs on is what happening with that storm. it will be bringing in significant weather to that region. for us, bigger story is warming trend here. what happens, in an around high pressure nice warm air,
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being drawn northbound, and that will bring us our warmest day of the next seven tomorrow. so perfect excuse to hit outlet malls, put your christmas decorations out. that will be my chore for friday as well but we have quiet weather and warm eras well. looking ahead to the weekend and beyond, especially notice those colors, begin to move south again. darker shade of the the blues and greens starting to move back in and that is as a result of our next cold front which does bring in wet weather which we will discuss in the seven day. lets give you most festive view of the morning here, turkey hats, turkey graphic, sun and clouds, nice and mild here, it will be a is in day. please enjoy it. we will drop down to 45. not chilly for standard. forty-five is in the bad for late november but, as we look forward in the forecast, the warmest morning in the pack is sat the day, but that is when that cold front crosses. watching for showers out of that in the morning we have got turkey dance here for you.
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by sunday temperatures drop further at best we are talking upper 40's, now me and my hat will step out to see the rest of the forecast and we will rebound back toward seasonal conditions, monday, tuesday and wednesday, erika, i'll toss it to you so i can go fix my hair. >> thanks very much. >> 6:18. more protestness chicago over a fatal police shooting. the last night demonstrators gathered to protest the death of the 17 year-old laquan mcdonald. more protests may be on the way. activist are urging protesters to take chicago's famous you michigan avenue knew shopping district. they want to shut down retail bonanza on black friday. in new york city black lives matter protesters staged a walk in at macy's land mark department store. they were showing solidarity with marchers in minneapolis, five of whom were shot by white supremacist earlier this week. charges are pend ago against four people. in north philadelphia, demonstrators marched to protest a fatal police shooting in minneapolis. the philadelphia a coalition for real justice sponsored the
6:19 am
event. on november 15th, jameer clark was shot and killed in a conn fronttation with officers. the state and federal investigations are underway. creed is knocking out records at the box office, we will explain next in the word. you're watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news", thanks for waking up with us this thanksgiving morning we are so grateful you are here. katie, so grateful you are wearing the hat. >> it is little things. >> does it smell foul. >> yes. >> she went there.
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in honor of ukee we are playing we are family because we are here, chances you you will be spending your thanksgiving with your family too. "eyewitness news" live in center city philadelphia a where preparations are underway for 96th annual thanksgiving day parade, and keep in mind, it is oldest one in the country, um-hmm, right now crews are planning those huge balloons. check out that turkey. we will see garfield and mr. potato head working on the giant turkey, we will keep coming back and give you updates. ♪ what is the the word
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>> today the word is record, with creed delivering a income out blow in the first round. >> how do you know all of this. >> i'm his son. >> the the highly anticipated follow-up in the rocky series earned 1.4 million-dollar on tuesday night, now that may not sound like a lot but that is best ever tuesday preview during thanksgiving week, well done. real housewives of new jersey star teresa guidice will not celebrate with her family according to people magazine. report says mother on have four wants holiday to be normal will for her daughters. the she's serving 15 month sentence after pleading guilty to fraud. she's due for release next month. 6:23. a surprising announcement about the death of nfl hall of famer, frank gifford, what his family says was found in his brain. then a passenger captured these images of workers on the tarmac tossing luggage, we will tell you what the airline
6:24 am
says they were doing and what was inside that bag. katie, i know you fixed the hair, looks great and working on the forecast for thanksgiving. >> we are trying to do work while having fun as well. >> yes. >> looking ahead to a nice day though beautiful thanksgiving forecast a nice black friday outlook as well, eventually rain has to return we will tell you when coming up.
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several sources say mark sanchez will get the start when eagles take on the lions in detroit this afternoon. eagles say sanchez and sam bradford shared first time reps at practice this week. bird lost two straight, lions have won two straight. eagles are four-six so far but remarkly a game out of first place in the nfc east. family of the former football hall of famer frank gifford says he suffered from traumatic brain injury called cte when he died. it is same progressive brain disease that dozens of other players, former players, who are suing the nfl say that they have. his family says that they are making news public to promote player safety. one of the hardest hit in gifford's career was delivered by chuck bednarik. he missed more than a season recovering. coming up next on "eyewitness news" pope francis kicks off a five day visit to
6:28 am
africa, we will have more on his trip abroad, we will be right
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good morning, and happy thanksgiving, just a beautiful, day for a parade, a live look at the preparations, the balloons and floats, all ready to go. we have been focusing on garfield all morning long, looking like santa a there, good morning, happy thanksgiving. thanks so much for joining us today. the katie, our one chance to be together. i'm so thankful for you and your friend. happy thanksgiving. it is a special day. >> i said on twitter if you have to work on thanksgiving, do it with your friend, you and everybody behind the scenes all included. >> not everybody singing turkey song along with you during commercial break. >> yes. >> give our forecast, we will
6:32 am
digress. the great day to see parade, go out and do some shopping. >> little touch football, work ome of the calories. not the worst idea. >> crazy talk, katie, come on. >> all right. so storm scan is empty as can be say for handful of cloud. we are under influence of high pressure on our side so often and it will mean that we will be experiencing fair weather. so now we are starting to see the return flow around that high, in other word, more southerly push with time, out of the south. that means warmth will head our way. off to a nice start, check this out, 49 degrees that wind flow still out of the east/north east a very modest breeze but that will be shifting with time. so nice sunrise underway and we can expect to see pleasant conditions. notice difference in temperature depending on your location. more urbanized areas into mid 30's or even 40 in philly international. but a place like mount pocono, places like reading,
6:33 am
definitely colder. what you he see is what you will get. no win, in to speak of meaning it the is going to fell like what it read on the the thermometer. that is good news. as day progresses, this is good stuff. we make a wrapped turn around at 40 degrees as we just showed you at philly international but by 9:00 a.m. we should flirt with at 50 degrees. we will keep that sunshine around all day to day. so with the sunshine, with the warmth, it is a nice day, and frankly the kind of weather that is perfect, for a parade. so make the most of it get out while you have the opportunity. looking to see this upcoming weekend we will begin to shift. we will continue to keep warmth through tomorrow but looking forward to the weekend, cold front, that says it all. so there are your headlines, check, check off the list with some showers and cool down and more clouds. that goes up and down. but overall nice for now. >> thank you. new this morning philadelphia a fire investigators are trying to pinpoint what cause aid fatal
6:34 am
row home fire in nicetown. call came in around 12:30 to a home on the 1900 block of brunner street. it was under control in about 15 minutes. fire fighters they did find a man's body on the first floor. they say they found no working smoke detectors. wound pad state trooper a has much to be thankful for he is home and alive for the holidays. troop are patrick casey left hahnemann university hospital yesterday morning, casey was shot during a gun battle on the vine street expressway on tuesday, authorities have charged a a alleged gunman 17 year-old giovanni coto with the a attempted murder. coto's father is black and the officer and son are both alive. >> what do you want to tell the office their was hurt. >> a pol guys what happened to his family. i know he has a father, he got his mother, he got his father. like me i got my mom, i got the my father, you know, a pol guys to the officer. >> authorities say giovanni
6:35 am
coto will be tried as an adult. pope francis is making his first ever trip to the continent of africa. this morning the pope celebrated mass for thousands on have faithful in nirobi, the capitol of kenya. after kenya the pope travels to uganda francis visit will be first time a pope has traveled to an ago i have war zone car has been engage in the civil war for the last two years. 6:35 right now. philadelphia is hosting the oldest thanksgiving day parade in america. it started back in 1920. live look right here at the starting area along jfk boulevard where crews are inflating those huge balloons. we see garfield, mr. potato head, sammy am from green eggs and ham. trying to figure out who is on the left there. is there garfield. it includes local favorite like jerry blavat, lauren heart and, of course, santa claus just not parade without santa a. it starts at 20th and yfk,
6:36 am
it goes up 16th street and up ben franklin parkway. it end up at the art museum. in new york city balloons for nice i's thanksgiving day parade are flying high this morning checking out snoopy right there crews inflated 24 of the giant characters along central park overnight. over the the years the up flighting of the balloons has become almost as tradition as the the parade itself. this years parade is eighty-ninth annual. thanksgiving turkey with all of the fixins is a hallowed tradition on this day this morning we have been telling you about a south philadelphia tradition when it comes to preparing the holiday foul. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us at cacia's bakery. they have been open a hour, half an hour or so and line is still there, jan, good morning >> reporter: good morning. people have been waiting all morning long. people have been lining up at 4:30 even though doors don't open until 6:00 o'clock. there are 65 people here, people are rooting for eagles.
6:37 am
i'm on team turkey. not only a tradition for cacia's to cook peoples bird but to make these fun holiday thanksgiving day t-shirts. on the back, eat more turkey, when in rome, right. everybody is looking for a good bird to be doing up here. i have a philadelphia a sports fan here with me. how are you doing. >> great. >> reporter: i hear thinks your first year. >> i have been here 15 years but first time i came here. >> reporter: what made you to come down today. >> i have lot of things to cook in my oven, so it gives meehan opportunity to cook something else. >> reporter: they say brick oven makes it the nice and juicy. >> i heard the same thing over and over so i'm excited about it the. >> reporter: what tag are you. >> i'm 5:00 o'clock. >> okay. so what will do you with all that extra time on your hand now that cacia's is cooking
6:38 am
the bird. >> hi, how are you. >> i have a feeling you will be coming back again and again. >> i have a feeling >> reporter: people have been coming here for decade. they have been establish for more than 50 years. cooking turkies for more than 50. they needed some extra money. they decided to use brick ovens in this way. folks have been here since 4:30. they open up at 6:00. drop it off, make sure it is not frozen, all fixed up, metal pans are the best. come ban noon at 1:00 you pick up your turkey and job is done. it is a family affair a here. >> with my new t-shirt i'm part of the family now. back inside to you. >> team turkey right there. lot of stores will be opening up at 6:00 that includes sears, kohl's, macy's and dick's sporting goods.
6:39 am
some malls also open up at 6:00 including cherry hill mall, willow grove park mall and department for mall. k-mart opens up at 7:00 tonight. and if you still need to find a restaurant we have a complete list of the restaurants opened today, find more locations, hours on our home page at cbs well, of course, today is day for food but for those craving candy kane you can still get your fix. holiday vendors will be opened for business at dilworth plaza there is a wide variety of things for sale all of them unique to philadelphia pop up shops at dilworth officially open up saturday but organizers decided to get a jump start on the season. tonight before thanksgiving is traditionally a big party night, folks go out but last night road were safer thanks to uber. car service set up a breathalizer kiosk on main street in manayunk. the those who blew in received a free ride home through uber smart program. >> it may be a wake up call, i
6:40 am
usually drink this much but you get pulled over get a breathalizer you might be getting lock up. >> definitely a good idea. i know, it should be every night. >> night before thanksgiving is also one of the busiest nights of the year for local bars. uber smart program covers fares up to $20. on one of the busiest travel days of the user a flight bound for denver is forced to make an emergency landing. we will tell you what caused trouble in the sky. temporary reprieve but just how much longer can ss united states stay afloat here in philadelphia. we are talking turkey with the fine folks at butter ball you can do in 20 minutes. we will check with their call center, don't miss it. >> ♪
6:41 am
>> well, here in pennsylvania for homemade pumpkin pie, great to have you here on this thanksgiving morning 6:40 we're talking turning which butter ball. we will be right back.
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6:44 am
we're getting clarification this morning after seeing video of airport baggage handlers,ing through suitcases around a tarmac. here's a video on the southwest airlines flight. this they are throwing suitcase necessary full view of passengers in the airport in san jose, will california. chase platton posted that on southwest facebook page. >> that was pretty bad. i was a little concerned because i just checked in my bag, just earlier, so i was a little, upset they were from alaska airlines not southwest. officials a that the luggage
6:45 am
was a company bag filled with magazines and the employees were playing a game. alaska airlines has issued an apology. some holiday travelers on their way to denver were delayed when their flight turned around because of a bird strike. the it happened shortly after taking off from sacramento, international airport. the united airlines jet hit the bird and one of the engines shut down. flight was carrying 114 passengers. it did land safely. those passengers were then book honor flights. a lot of folks say don't travel yesterday to wake up at home. a lot of folks back at home. what are weather watchers saying. >> they all slept in. we have more observations at this hour. good morning, everyone. we are grateful you are with us. happy thanksgiving to us. we have cold air in place but right the now the sunnies starting to bring a glimmer of light of day over the horizon, once it rises we will get that solar heating taking place and it will warm up nicely. we have 30's, 20's around the
6:46 am
board. we will focus more on new jersey. the lets take a look at this 30 degrees, that came in from sandra, she has had nothing more than a couple cloud in burlington. i love her comment. if you missed it, i believe it may be on twitter, linked to it but i did a forecast last hour of the the turkey hat on, and now she's throwing it down to you, erika, your turn. >> stay tune. >> happy thanksgiving. >> lets go to another one here just next door 34 degrees, click, click, click lets see fit works. ken sent this one in in willingboro, he too has nothing more than a couple clouds, wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving. nice weather to go witt. the just one more, 35 came in from david dutch. he still has a clear sky at 35 . notice difference in humidity here clearing up ape that means with more moisture we may get some fog that develops later on into tonight but for now he has got frost on the ground and cars.
6:47 am
if you are traveling and taking you out early this morning you might have have to thaw out here. storm scan three lets get to the maps next. we have high pressure keeping control, beginning of moisture moving eastbound, this is all going to streak off to the north bypass us, don't worry about it but as we watch this next storm system gather strength we will zoom to a nationwide map. this is a big old storm. once this takes shape it will center itself and blossom over central plains and become a major travel hazard out this way. for us it home yields showers. those don't come along until weekend. all is calm, quiet. beautiful turkey day, low 60's expectation. mid 60's tomorrow. warmest day of the pack. perfect excuse to get outside, outlet mall shopping, again, touch football, perhaps putting out your decorations. good excuse for all that. come saturday, front crosses through, morning showers coming along with that and we
6:48 am
will keep chill in the eras well, back to reality in the 50's and then only 40's in the seven day. for new we will touch on the wind because so many of you are heading out to the parade route calm as can be. with that said you don't where bye those balloons being shifted by any whipped flow, weather is just in the playing a role in anything that you might have going on. maybe some sun glare that is worst of it. lets go through thanksgiving planner, shout out to the football helmet turkey in the window here. he will move on out of here. it is a nice afternoon that we're expecting a wrapped turnaround. we start in the 30's early this morning. at 8:00, 45 degrees. that is a fast warm up for late november standard. 3:00 p.m. we will hit high of 62 and happy thanksgiving, nice days continue right into tomorrow heading in the weekend i mention that had drop off in the thermometer. sunday coolest day of the pack right now probably just a
6:49 am
quick shower as we are dealing with clouds, nothing more than that and then we will dry things out for a couple days here and for cyber monday, sun will be shining brightly, erika, back to you. right now 6:49. time to see what is coming up, lets check with michelle miller in new york with that preview. good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, erika. ahead record crowds are expect at this years thanksgiving day parade in new york. we will take you to the starting line. we will talk to police commissioner bill brat on about the security challenges that big events across the country. a survival guide for thanksgiving dinner table from politics to your personal life, and can a quick 102nd smile keep you health i doctor david, reveals benefits of being thankful this holiday season. the news is back in the morning. we will see new about ten minutes. >> all with grateful, especially today. thanks very much, michelle. newly released surveillance shows mother
6:50 am
carrying her new been son in the store just minutes before she left him inside a church in queens, new york. is there word she will not face prosecution. police say, mother believed the child would be found safely in the church's manger. authorities say would the man followed the spirit of the cities safe haven law. this morning it is looking more like the holiday season at philadelphia art museum. tree lighting was held on the east terrace wednesday night. "eyewitness news" was there at the the museum flipping the switch looking beautiful this years tree stand 47 feet tall and it has 4,000led lights on it. lighting kicks off a in long series of holiday activities at the the white house -- at the art museum not the white house. piece of the montgomery county found it way to the white house this holiday season this years official white house christmas tree comes from buster's tree farm in lansdale. it is 19-foot frazier fur that will arrive at the white house on friday and will be on display in the blue room. four year-old tree was planted
6:51 am
months before september 11th. it was one of the two on the farms that the white house was considering. also the national thanksgiving turkey named abe was pardoned by president obama during a special ceremony on wednesday. president's teenage daughter sascha and mallea joined him for annual event. is there and and his alternate known as honest, will spend remaining days at a farm in virginia. lucky bird. we will be right back on this thanksgiving morning.
6:52 am
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it is time to talk turning any just a few minutes butter ball turkey talk line will be opened. experts are ready to help with last minute questions to ensure that your thanksgiving meal is cook to perfection. charlotte is one of those experts and she joins us live on the phone with some tips happy thanksgiving. we heard you used to live in philadelphia. >> yes, i did, i loved living in the city of brotherly love. >> any favorite restaurants, foods you missed, cheese steaks. >> i do miss the cheese steaks but this morning i'm eating turkey, so that is trying to make a turkey cheese stake, it sound weird but use those left overs, yes. >> when do folks need to get turkey in the oven so it is ready for supper. >> it depend on what their time line is.
6:56 am
depending on the size of the turkey is the determining factor in terms of when to put it in the oven. the key thing toys make sure, that it is, completely that you had and you simply run out of time, you cannot thaw it, and you cannot bake it from frozen if you have to we want to you try to use a meat thermometer because you have to get it up to the proper temperature. meat thermal particular inserted and the turkey thigh should register 180 to 185 and white meat should come to 165 to 170. >> now from i imagine you get pretty nutty phone calls on thanksgiving any within in particular. >> my favorite calls are the ones that start out well, my husband, or i have some help. there is always going to be an interesting little will story there. >> anyone problem that folks have that we can try to avoid, what would that be. >> one of the problems is
6:57 am
people think, a lot of folks think to cook at 350 and we at butter ball recommend thaw cook lower and slower, so the butter ball recommended cooking temperature is at 325 and that is in an open, shallow pan and you roast it until the turkey is as brown as would you like and at that point put reynold foil over your turkey. >> how many calls will you get today. >> we will probably get over 5,000 calls. we even turned on the phones early because there were so many people waiting to talk to us at butter ball turkey talk line and erika, any of your callers who have questions, please call me i'm at 800-butter ball. >> thanks so much for are time. have a happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you too. >> thank you. historic ss united states has been, saved from the scrap heap for now. ss united states conservancy says it secured a $650,000
6:58 am
life line from supporters. the money will be used to continue dock ago this ship here in philadelphia, while organizers try to make the ship in the floating museum. the great idea. ship once held record for the fastest trans atlantic crossing, it has been out of service since 1969. who is ready for vacuum sealed turkey, sound good? nasa a astronaut on board national space station are eating. you can see scott kelly right there, they sent well wishes to the ground in this video and they showed off their thanksgiving day meal. they have smoke turkey, candy yams and potatoes au greaton. >> they are swing off somersaults. challenging to eat in zero graft but they are making it work. >> we will sit down to the real thing, right. >> we will have din are after this years thanksgiving parade in center city. >> looking at the preparations on jfk boulevard, thanksgiving parade has been a philadelphia tradition since 1920. it heads up 15th street
6:59 am
starting at 9:00 and then on ben franklin parkway. unlike in years past we have great weather, no rain, in snow and not even too windy. >> i remember that being an issue last couple years where we had higher gusts, almost like a wind tunnel through sky scrapers. so windy in the center of the city. none of that going on this time around. a beautiful beginning. granted, chilly, a few cloud but don't worry about those. they are in the a iron of anything to come. we are looking at sunshine, some cloud, chilly start, flirting with 40 right new but that is set to change. look where we sky rocket to later today, 62 degrees with the happiest turkey on the planet. he loves it. and enjoy it new because later tomorrow and next year and then by tomorrow even milder day, for shoppers, folks decorating great weather. >> on twit era 4:59:30 i threw through gauntlet down if you have 20 tweets. we have got more than 20. so thank you in honor of honoring my agreement, split is, thanksgiving turkey hat,
7:00 am
we are so grateful you are we are so grateful you are with captioning funded by cbs good morning. happy thanksgiving. it is thursday, november 26th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama warns americans to be vigilant on this holiday. cities across the country are tightening security. we are at new york's thanksgiving day parade. >> holiday shoppers plan to spend more than ever this year, but black friday is losing its edge. plus, the real mental and physical benefits of being thankful. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. as we go into thanksgiving weekend, we are taking every


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