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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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accident. and the driver who hit him is still on the run. we're liver with the clues about that car. and, new this morning, it is becoming a familiar crime at this gas station. thieves strike again for the second time in five days. good morning, tuesday, december 15th, i'm erika von tiehl. checking in with meisha and katie. on very festive skydeck with christmas lights on it, and meisha an inside checking on the roads, certainly does not fell like the holidays, just wait, ladies, good morning. >> good morning, guys. we can expect to see much quiet err weather unfold for our area here today in terms of the rain, it is long gone, at this point, and it looks a little active if you look at storm scan3, but sometime radar can be deceiving. that said. the wind little breezy on the skydeck, a look at storm scan3, again, real quieting down nicely. in the last couple of hours see things clearing out. we going to see more sun than anything today. but check out the winds.
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win not that strong but enough to notice it, but that said, the fact it is december 15th, we're ten days away from christmas right now, still feels more spring or fall like than anything. tonight tour reading upping and down i95, as erika mentioned, we've already hit a daily record. it happened at 1:14, not that we're specific or anything, 69 degrees, what we struck at that hour. and the record was last set in 2008, 1971, tie there. at 66 degrees so record breaking day for us, what you are looking at here the expected afternoon temperatures, 59 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia, sort of doing that balancing act thing right now. >> temperatures decline with time, as they do so, you're also going to notice that breeze. so, again, in transition mode in philadelphia, the rest of
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the delaware valley, overall still looking onto decent day that said. >> good morning, everyone, just waking up with us, roadways looking pretty darn good, i have to say. starting to heat up here, traveling around at posted speeds, but, just make note, as we now move into the 6:00 hour, on busy tuesday morning, it is going to get busier actually, starting to see just brake lights going on around the s curve at cottman, usually when we expect moving into the 6:00 hour. here is a look at the schuylkill at city avenue. moving in the westbound direction just beyond the trees, see it is very busy on the schuylkill around city avenue moving in both the eastbound and westbound directions. this is where we have an accident, clementon, new jersey, white horse pike southbound at gibbsboro, just to make sure you're wear of this, if you have to move in and around the area, sometimes that can slow you down with the flashing lights, construction repairing ramps, the schuylkill at south street
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eastbound onramp, starting tonight at 10:00 p.m. reopens tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. rich monday, street, closed between lehigh and allegheny until 3:00 p.m. today. so use aramingo avenue at your alternate, erika, back over to you. >> hit-and-run left philadelphia police officer hospitalized this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at police headquarters, she has the latest on the investigation, and also, jan, the officer's condition. good morning. >> young police officer just 26 years old, only been with philadelphia police and the 17th police district for two years, this morning, he is recovering in the hospital expected to make full recovery. meantime his brothers in blue won't rest until they say they have this suspect in custody. >> easily shoot third windshield in the grays ferry section of the city. young philadelphia police officer purring suing suspect on foot was struck by speeding
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car and left with severe leg and head injuries. >> flew up on park car, put large hole in the front windshield of this unattended vehicle, and then his body according to witnesses flipped in the air and landed on the hood. >> just after 6:30. >> report of man with a gun. investigators say, that suspect first ran away, then jumped into a car with 18 year old woman and 11 year old boy already inside. detectives say the man sped down sears street and hit the 26 year old offers nerve full uniform. he put a hole a foot wide, 2 feet long, in the front windshield. >> suspect dimpled the karat 22nd and else werth, ran off, leaving two passengers behind. meantime, eyewitnesses came to the officer's aid. putting pressure on his wounds until an ambulance arrived. allen johnson saw everything. >> i'm glad the people in the neighborhood helped him. that's deeply appreciated because he was injured.
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>> he knows more people could have been hurt last night too. eyewitnesses say children were playing near the narrow one way street as the suspects sped along the wrong way. >> could have been hot lot worse corks have been a lot more injuries. >> now police have not yet identified either the officer or the suspect, but they say they have good idea who they are looking for, they say eyewitness haves been extremely helpful in this case, and they do expect to make arrest very soon. we will keep you to up date. for now, live outside philadelphia police headquarters, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you for. that will new this morning, thieves hit gas station in north philadelphia, again, it happened just after two amity exxon in the 3100 block of north broad street. police say the suspect arrived with possibly an ak47. no details on how much cash was taken. we spoke with the own here tells "eyewitness news", this is the second robbery since friday. >> happening today, new
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housing development opens in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" in germantown for the housing authority's new queen lane ants. the 3-story townhomes on the 300 block of west queen lane replace highrise that was demolished last year. >> 6:06. and get ready for some fireworks. the republican presidential candidates gather again in las vegas for their final debate of the year. correspondent andrew spencer has a preview. >> the last republican dough bathe of the year pits nine candidates against each other and one issue will likely dominate the questioning. >> the key issues, most important issue facing the country right now, as far as terrorism is concerned, is the aftermath of what happened in paris, san bernardino, these individuals, they want to be president of the united states, the commander in chief. and we want to make sure americans know where they stand. >> donald trump heads into the debate with more support than ever. according to new monmouth university pole, 41% nationally among likely republican voters, leading the next candidate senator ted cruz by 27 points. >> we're hearing all of these
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announcers, oh, yes, who will take on trump tonight, who will hit him hardest. yes, i would say bring him on. who cares? what difference is it? >> debate will draw contrast between the republican candidates as some of them continue to also draw contrast with the other side of the aisle. >> i still remain very proud of the field of people the way i view it we could have nine people on that stage, few others in a earlier debate, not a single one of them is a -- >> andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we should learn by the end of the day about the changes in the terror alert system. sources tell cbs news the department of homeland security won't scrap the currencies tell but rather will modify it. new alert will be similar to f.b.i. and dhs intelligence bulletins share with law enforcement agencies. >> a maryland man accused of receiving $8,700 in payment from people associated with isis.
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fbi saws muhammad told them an isis operative wanted him to conduct a attack on american soil. he said he was scamming the group to take money from them. the fbi discovered that he pledged to the allegiance to isis in april and discussed bomb building with his operative contact. >> couple of automatic weapons. >> never discussed specific plot in the ongoing correspondent. they say, at one point he told his brother he had a higher plan that involved something here in the u.s., and he was ready to die as a matter. >> bill cosby fighting back against accusers. now he is suing them. why legal experts think cosby is taking these women to court. >> also stuck in a sinking car, hear from the good samaritan who just happened to drive by at the right time. >> also, the stars were out in force, for the highly anticipated dollars premiere of the new star wars movie.
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>> we'll take to you one of the biggest premiers in hollywood history. >> ♪ >> willing -- one of the biggest movies of the year, also, work out, inspired by the star wars franchise. that and more when we come back on your tuesday morning.
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>> long list of a listers, red carpet was filled with actors from both the original cast, new faces from the latest
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install. the film premiere one of the largest in hollywood history. the highly antis it film already hauled in more than $50 million, that is just in a advance ticket sales. it is on pace to shatter more box office records. >> owe can't speak for a day afterwards, feeling. >> grateful everyone here is here, fans, family. and a lot of people worked on the fillment looking forward for everyone to see it. >> star wars opens nationwide, this friday, but some theatres in our area, they're showing it thursday night, storm troopers, estimate that the force awakens could break the $208 million record for biggest opening weekend currently held. in new york some fans wielding life sabres and burning calories at the same time, win-win. it is a life saber fitness class. it happened every thursday night, on the big apple, star
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wars fans come together and bat it will out for the light side or the dark side, you got to pick one. >> look at the foot ban fans, they'll go in the backyard, the same kind of thing, instead of football we have light saker. >> great comparison. well, no classes like this in philly, that we know of yet. but katie, we could be onto something here. some mercury box at home? >> such great idea, should be something that really takes off i feel like, because some movies where you get so involved, and there is some i don't know like i'm thinking immediately of legally blonde. >> oh, there go. >> notice? i don't know if you could make a whole if the thinks class out of it but awesome idea. that will would get me moving. good weekend foreseeing a movie, too. >> storm system long gone,
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really drying out nicely left with pleasant werth. temperatures going on this gradual decline the next seven days, look ahead to christmas weeks, looks like basically the eastern two thirds of the us will not only be above average, much above. yes, there is going to be little cool pulls that comes in hereby say this upcoming weekend, but we start to rebound very quickly, even as we head in toward next week. and toward of course the holiday. let's take you out to the live neighborhood network, check on the temperatures, still real warm. up ear's currently being report in the some of the more remote suburbs like wayne, pa, 57 degrees in mays landing new jersey at 59 currently. not terribly breeze any these spots just yet, something you will also be noticing with tim too. more west to northwest, might make it feel coup err to you. normal high about 45 degrees, so, yes. you are still above average even through thursday, but thursday is when this next cold front comes along,
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bridges in some more rain to the area, but it finally gets us back to much more seasonable territory. in fact, even going to be cooler than seasonable come this weekend, the first time we have seen below average conditions this entire month so far. even though close to normal it, will feel freezing cold because of perception. 33 degrees difference, you will notice. >> no fun. >> we have to live in the 60s, because i know the rain is many doing thursday, so let's focus on today. roads looking good. the overnight construction project kind of scooting the of your way now, dealing with roadways that are a little bit slick. they are a little wet. hoping that that get dried up as we progress through the morning. right now looking at the blue route, taillights moving in the southbound direction at mcdade, approaching 9a you can see it is looking good. plenty of headlight, tail light, anywhere we look is really starting to heat up, i will say, one of the busiest areas that we're looking at this morning, is right here,
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95 southbound, at girard. and 95 southbound at cottman, i showed that you picture, just about 15 minute ago, steady stream of vehicles, i can let you know when we look at the cottman shot. looking very busy this tuesday morning. >> boulevard southbound langdon street, right lane blocked in the oer drive area. make note of this, because roosevelt boulevard right now is looking very busy as well. clementon new jersey white horse, gibbsboro, whenever we have flashing light, at this early morning, everyone hitting the roadways it, will get busy. update on some construction coming up. first quick break. stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> just want to wish my friends, family, back in anderson california and my wife anne marie and my daughters kingsly and mckenna back in lumberton, new jersey, happy holidays. see you guys soon. >> a christmas tree worth staggers $120,000, goes up in flames in orange county california. that 96-foot tall tree was on display outside the south coast plaza mall when it caught fire yesterday morning. no one was hurt. officials say that tree was treat wad fire retardant, but, it was just no match for the fire. that tree was gone in just five minutes.
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>> putting up holiday lights on the house can proof to be a challenge. but just ever tried putting those light to a light show to music? >> well, computerized light display in greenwood, arkansas, sin control eyesed when ray of music everything from elvis to let it go from the disney movie frozen. nineteen year old sheldon is the man behind the magic. he says it takes about six to eight hours to get just one song to coordinate with the light. >> patients, i don't have a lot of that, so i was in bands in high school. it gave me my musical background, to build it, hear it, see it common at the right time. >> very nice. visitors are asked to give donations for local food bank, it runs nightly, i'm sure people look forward to t advice mass tens day away, help spread holiday joy by
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picking up new unwrapped toy, and brinking it town with the drop off locations. we have put list of all of the locations at >> 6:21 right now, still ahead, some local firefighters have brand new life saving tool, but just this one not for you. it is for your pets. >> also, call it the tip after lifetime for pizza delivery driver. the generous gift the single mom given just after bringing one pizza to a local church. >> and, katie is updating your unseasonably warm forecast, oh, ready to break a record? >> already did, happened at 1:14 in the morning, go figure. suddenly see the temperatures decline with time to the point that we're actually get this below average for a change. we'll tell you just how cool it will
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now you can make anything, even a piece of home. the single serve-make-all-your-favorites exactly-how-you-like-it machine. keurig hot. your favorites. your way. >> driver stuck in a sinking car go washington state got little help from good samaritan, early in the morning, woman flag him down. she pointed at cars submerged in the war. the driver couldn't roll down his windows, or open the door. he grabbed what could, he grabbed a trailer hitch in the back of his truck. then stepped into the chesapeake water and started smashing the window. >> his hands came up over the top. i said oh, my god. i grabbed it, first thing out
6:25 am
of my mouth, you're alive. there was a point where i was completely underwater. i was holding my breath for at least 202nd. he literally came at the last second. >> wow, two recently reunited and exchange dollars information so they could stay in touch. incredible. >> a pizza delivery driver gets quite the tip in georgia. >> offer $1,320 -- >> oh, local church wanted to make sure they were helping someone who deserved a special gift this holiday. the pastor called up the local domino's and asked them to send their hardest worker one pizza the single mother was more than grateful. >> i don't think i deserve it. >> even homeless, charging, and understands the value of giving. >> that love. , they'll appreciate it.
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>> just beautiful. the touching moment was recorded on cell phone by parishioners. the single mother is use that money to help with christmas. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", today is a important deadline if you still need health insurance, we'll tell you why. also: >> baltimore is a sit on edge, as the jury had soon decide the fate of one of six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. i'm craig boswell in baltimore, that's coming up. >> also imagine seeing terrorists driving your old car? it happened to a plumber and he says this picture has ruined his life. meisha? >> we've got disable vehicle, 95 at girard, also an accident the boulevard southbound out of drive. all of thepdates coming up. first we take a quick break, stay right where you are. the cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> good tuesday morning, hard to believe, christmas is just ten days away with the werth we've been having literally, while were you sleeping we're assuming were you asleep five hours ago, we set another record high overnight, the fourth day in a row we've been hitting these highs, all month, no one can believe it is the holiday. >> as warm as it has been, he can actually, been in the 70s cup you will of days, crazy stuff. i do have it say i was awake, overnight, little babies will do that. >> mama got to wake up early. so were you awake. how high? >> already at 69 degrees at 1:14, unbelievable. >> now transition starting to cool down here. with the graphic in motion here, so december days at or above six off degrees, that's kind of the bench mark, remember guys, our normal tours in the four's during this month. so the december records is
6:31 am
eight. we set it back in 1998. bill el nino year and 1951. so far this month already we've had seven days, because we're counting today now since we already hit 69 degrees. temperatures still mild, starred to go decline. low 60s from i95 on southeast, slightly cooler, as go further north and west, but the birds chirping outside. >> brought the rain from last night, things really drawing out quickly. see how everything in terms of the green speckles, also fizzled, because the storm itself is retreating, high pressure taking its place, that does does mean you get the wind tunnel effect 20 to 25 to even pushing 30 miles per hour, and that's where it will be for the better part of the day. wind flow predominantly coming out of the west northwest today. might feel cooler to you when the win bloats, still said,
6:32 am
pretty decent day. these values are going to be your afternoon expected highs, since it is already obviously been very, very warm, but that time has already come and gown. so going to sort of a sense whatever you can expect the rest of the day. brighter and breezy today, another more potent cold front to bring in fresh rain, what will actually bring us back to reality, back to seasonable, probably cooler than that headed to the weekends, talking temperatures as the show goes on. >> back it reality indeed. yes, ma'am. thanks, katie. good morning everyone, happy tuesday to you, certainly heating up on a roadways this morning. you can see, this is 95, moving in the southbound direction, headlight moving in the southbound direction, northbound, at girard, we did see disable vehicle, that's sips cleared, 95, those of you coming from new jersey looking good. plenty of early risers hitting roadways now as we push through the 6:00 hour on a tuesday, what we can expect. also 95 headlight moving in the southbound direction at
6:33 am
cottman, so wow this is an area i'm keeping my eye on, looking very busy at cottman, in fact, started little early in the early even pushing late in the 5:00 hour it started. accident boulevard southbound outer drive past oxford. the right lane is still blocked in this area. so i'll let you know it clears. right now, roost develop boulevard looking bus any general. just make note of. that will also overnight work, on 95 north, off ramp to cottman closed one lane block between bridge street and cottman avenue. 295 southbound at mt. holly, another accident. another update coming up in 15 minutes. >> meisha, thank you. today jury deliberations continue in the trial against the first of six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. officer william porter faces manslaughter charges. gray died while in police custody in baltimore last april, setting off days of protests and riots. the city's now bracing for averred. craig boswell has details.
6:34 am
>> first of six trials in connection with the april arrest and death of freddie gray. >> we want conviction, we want jail for killer cops. >> officer william porter faces manslaughter and other charges for his alleged role in the death of the 25 year old, who died of spinal injuries, while in police custody. prosecutors say gray was illegally transported without a seatbelt, and porter should have south medical attention when gray showed signs of distress. >> the six officers involved will all have separate trials. many believe will set a mood in the trial after gray's death. >> i think people are willing to let the judicial process go forward. we're wait to go hear the truth. we're wait to go hear what happened to freddie gray. and what evidence the prosecution will present. >> the judge asked 80 potential jurors series of questions, all of them were familiar with the case riots,
6:35 am
multi-million dollar settlement. poor err's attorney argue it will be impossible to find an impartial jury in baltimore. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". looks like bill cosby is not going down without a fight. immediate filed counterclaims against seven of his accusers, cosby alleges the women made false accusations of sexual misconduct for financial gain. cosby is kept low profile for month as dozens of women came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct and assault. criminal defend attorney weighs in. >> i'm sure there are whole host of strategic reasons why did he this ranking anywhere from the fact that his insurance company has gone the course to say we don't have to cover him. this is beyond the scope of our coverage. so he's on his own. his legal bills will be astronomical. so, that's probably one of the reasons why he filed the counter suit. >> laws say the false, have
6:36 am
caused him to suffer jobs and mortification. seeking compensatory and punitive damages. more legal trouble for pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane. former human resource officer is now suing kane her spokesman and chief of staff. fired for recommending the chief of staff being terminated over sexual harrassment complaints, day or two before cane elevated him to become her top administrator. no comment yet from kane's offers. >> remember the texas plumbers truck that ended up being used by isis militants? now leading the legal action. a picture here shows the former mark one plumbing truck caring heavy artillery, terrorist group tweet that picture, now attorney craig eland filed lawsuit on behalf of mark one plumbing gets auto nation. says mark one lost business and employees received threats. >> some scary, some sake i'm going to come quick your --
6:37 am
beep. you don't want to be an american,. >> we shut the vehicle to auction, understanding g was was the mks, would come off the vehicle. i'm not sure where the breakdown was between the auction. >> auto nation resold that truck at that auction, someone from turkey bought the truck, and had it shipped out of the country. auto nation says it is investigating. >> today is the day, deadline to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. if you sign up by today, your coverage will begin on news year day. you can sign up for insurance by january 31, but the coverage won't start until later in the year. the obama administration says unlike in the years past, the deadline will not be extended. average tax penalty for not having health insurance is expected to reach about a thousand dollars by next year. 6:37. federal reserve love begin two day policy meeting today. widely expected that the central bank will raise interest rates for the first
6:38 am
time in over nine years. jill schlessinger up in new york with a look at how the rate hike could impact your wallet. rates so long, nine years now, jill, we keep thinking maybe is the time it will go up. why solo for so long? >> you know, a mid the financial crisis and the great recession, the fed lowered interest rates ten times over 14 month. that's until they were at zero to quarter after percent back in december of 208. now, slash the rates, it was attempt to stimulate the economy. now, that the economy is growing at a steady, though not stellar rate, unemployment down 5%, the fed believes it is time to normalize policy. the last increase occurred back in june of 2,006. so a lot of people who were investors never have seen rising interest rate. >> okay, so what can consumers expect? what do you think, jill? >> all right. savers, i've got great news.
6:39 am
you're finally going to be rewarded slightly higher rate. it will be slow, steady, but cd's, checking, savings, gall improve. bo owe ers, see increased cost for your adjustable rate mortgages, credit cards, auto loans. longer term fixed rate mortgages may also rise, probably at slightly slower pace. now, investors, i hate to say it, but his is un charted and choppy water. historically stocks have dipped after the first increase, but then regained their upward momentum, if the economy continues to grow, and inflation doesn't increase. bonds prices usually drop, as interest rates do go up. but, that doesn't mean you are going to sell all of your bond funds it, means stick to shorter or inched err -- inter immediate funds, definately high quality bonds, especially corporate. to navigate the fed alleges actions and position yourself for going forward, for the jill on money. com. >> we'll see what the fed does, jill, thank you. >> well, are you thinking of buying a drone as a christmas
6:40 am
gift this year? about 700,000 new drones are expected to be bought this holiday season, just in time the federal aviation administration issued new rules for the unmanned aircraft. starting december 21, owners must register drones in a national data base. drones weighing more than half pound up to 55 pounds must be registered. >> i think the faa was struggling with how do we educate new user? and by creating this registry, now we have a direct link to every user, which will allow us to do tremendous amount of education. >> now the fee for each use letter cost $5, that's for three year certificate. the federal rules are the first of their kind for owners of recreational drones. still ahead this morning, scary scene inside hotel lobby. see wild video when a driver intentionally drove right into that billing. we'll tell you why. also: >> you know working in this courthouse is a lot like being in the wild west again.
6:41 am
you just don't know what will happen. >> like getting caught up in the middle of escape attempt this see how district attorney turned into real life crime fighter. >> he stole the show when he sang for pope francis. now the little boy with a voice after angel has a new song out in time for christmas too. >> add sell getting ready to say hello to philadelphians for the first time in five years. word on her business concert announcement, and when the tickets will go on sale. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> the words is adele is coming to philadelphia next year. >> ♪ >> adele will perform at the wells fargo center, august 9th and 10th. tickets go on sale thursday morning at 10:00. >> local singing sensation release single to help get you into the holiday spirit. >> ♪ >> bobby hill's new single oh, holy night vale recall to r free, go to his website bobby w hill to download t first got glimpse of the talent during his unexpected pearl form ands
6:46 am
for pope francis, great to see he's doing well. we check in with katie. wacky december weather continues. >> indeed it does. we are finally going to get a dose of reality looking forward in this forecast, but for now it is exceptionally warm, once again, the eyewitness weather watcher network certainly report that. mid up ear's, pretty much the norm across most of the board here. gee to handful of these, take it full screen little more detail. from phil clear sky, just came in the last tenements, if there were any clouds they had a chance to scour out at 56 degrees, and saying he's got no fog what so much, certainly the fact that you have wind picking the passage every cold front came through, that's definitely hooking up in that regard. don also reports 56, in downingtown, nice clear sky where she is located and let's move on down little further south here, very mild, warm start to the day here, from andy, he's got couple of clouds in dover, 62 degrees, and i love the system that sums it up. bottom line not cold. i take t as will i.
6:47 am
i just feel you on that one, andy. what's going on with the temperatures, i mean, been so exceptionally warm. we did in fact have another record breaking day already today. we hit 69 degrees as we've been talking about this morning, at 1:14 officially, that actually breaks the record. it was a tie last set in 2008 in 1971. set at 66. we not only broke it, but broke it by couple of degrees, couple of it counts, so looking at storm scan, because we are still watching the storm system retreat, we haven't quite seen the transition take place, it will be cooler afternoon, but still waiting for that to settle in. now there is another cold front that will come our way, going to return to reality here, jump all the way to tuesday evening, okay, so see the combination every system starting to take shape in the plane. that eventually turns into the next cold front, you can see, more organization by wednesday afternoon. wednesday by the way quiet day. but then come thursday, the rain starts to overtake the map. we will be dealing with more heavy rain looks like across good portion of the delaware valley for good portion of the
6:48 am
day no less, then start to clear out. quick check on eyewitness seven day, every day gradually starts to get cooler, cooler, finally below average this weekend. meisha? >> all right, weaver to enjoy today for surement thanks, katie. good morning, happy tuesday to you. looking at the skewing eastbound past montgomery, looking good, busy, beautiful shot of the skyline. sun just starting to want to peak up little bit. delaware county 95 northbound at 452, looking good. looking real mild. volume levels down there in 95 northbound at 452, perfect, and then caring all the way out move in the northbound direction, whole stretch looking good, looking again very mild. accident lancaster avenue, one lane block, this is in wynnewood. for those every in you and around the area. just use some caution, when you are down one lane, also another accident here, boulevard southbound outer drive past oxford. that right lane is blocked in and around that area, and third accident, for you, new jersey, 295 southbound at mt. holly. so we do have some problem areas starting to a rise,
6:49 am
volume levels starting to build. erika, over to you. >> thanks so much. man accused of armed robbery tries to escape but he doesn't get far thanks to prosecutor. it started when israel pointer showed up late for his trial. he learned his bond was being revoked, deputies cornered the suspect at least one but gave them the slip. that's in oklahoma county district attorney, david operator, and several other attorneys, stopped that suspect, and tackled him to the ground. >> it worked out very well. we had enough people to apsis and take him down. we got on top of him. no one got hurt. he didn't get hurt. but yes, he sure enough was trying to get away. he didn't want to go back into custody. >> so how did he catch the suspect? before he became a lawyer he was an officer with the oklahoma police department. look out the driver of a pick-up truck in serious trouble with the law for obvious reasons, police say this man intentionally crashed into the lobby of the hotel there, narrowly miss too long
6:50 am
people inside. reportedly upset over a bill faces charges including felony assault and battery with dangerous weapon. 50:00, time check in on cbs this morning, see what's coming up with nora o'donnell. with the preview for us, good morning, nora. >> how donald trump could take, and into sewer why with special team fighting isis. also, why some ministers and church members are signing up for firearms classes. and the morning after the big premiere our conversation with george lucas, how he constructed galaxy far far away. the news is back in the morning so you in about ten minute, can't wait for the new movie nora, thank you. well, these are oxygen masks designed specifically for animals. now some ambulances on the main line have them on board. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has more on this new equipment.
6:51 am
>> it hurts to think beautiful dog like jana or any other pet could be caught in a fire. sadly as this video from oakland, california shows, it does happen. and when it does, all ambulances in one community, cover oxygen for overcome animals. >> this would be like this. >> jana patiently allowed doctor james to demonstrate how the mask called ot for life works. >> getting oxygen into them as quickly as possible, most important thing. >> we hope to never have to use them, we have them if the need a rises. >> narberth ambulance medic got the identify owe to put pet masks on all ambulances after seeing a dog saved in a fire. >> nowadays pets are part of everybody's families. it is important to have something to help them out too. >> but buying the masks for
6:52 am
every ambulance meant money that's where the doctor and his staff came in raising all of the funds in just one month. >> my decline were wonderful and donating the monday. >> i so while she had no idea when this masks was all about, jan a and any of our pets now have a much better chance of surviving a fire, with narberth first responders equipped with technology to save animals lives: ambulance personnel fame size once they perform leaving saving work on a pet at fire scene, any other additional medical care including transport to veterinary hospital has to be handled by an emergency veterinarian. and they have the contact information that you would need at the scene to make that happen. >> in ardmore, walt hunter, "eyewitness news". >> phyllis honor community heroes with a special gift. "eyewitness news" at citizens bank park last night, for the annual charities holiday
6:53 am
giving party. this year the phillies gave $10,000 grant to the garden state underwater recovery rescue. the group of volunteer divers pick up searches after police and rescue divers have to leave on leaving families members with no one to turn to fine their loved ones. >> how do you look at a mother and a father and relatives and say yes, i have skills, but i'm too busy. i can't help you. >> phillies have given nearly $2 million to charity just this year. before you walk out the door, one more check on your morning forecast, and how many the roads are looking, we'll be
6:54 am
are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here.
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go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep!
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6:57 am
>> the latest on the hit-and-run, left police officer seriously injured. jan carabeo joins us at police headquarters to bring us to up date. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, philly police are raising residents from this neighborhood this morning after they came to the aid of this injured officer last night. he's now in the hospital in stable condition although he does have some serious head and leg injuries, he is expected to make a full recovery. in the meantime, police are still looking for this hit-and-run driver. take a look at the video, you can see how strong this impact was, this 26 year old officer was hit last night, just after 6:30 p.m. at 27th and sears streets in the grays ferry section of philadelphia. he was there aiding in the search for a man with a gun. police say the suspect first ran from police and then jumped into a car.
6:58 am
investigators say the suspect drove that car down sears the wrong way and hit the officer, the suspect then got out of the car and ran away again, the suspect is not in custody at this point this morning but police say they have a good idea who they are looking for, they say eyewitnesses have been very helpful in this case. they also add this could have been whole lot worse. the worse injuries to the officer and also there were several children playing on the street when this all happened. we'll keep you up-to-date. for now live outside philadelphia police headquarters, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> one last check on your forecast, big changes weather wise? >> roads looking pretty good right now. >> now that we're clearing out, might mean you have sun glare issues, but right now the sun just about ready to pop over the horizon, of course sunrise getting later and later with every passing day, but still incredibly mild for the norm, little breezy, and really just looking at the winds around the rest of the region, it is not what i would call windy per say, but
6:59 am
definitely noticeably breezy outside. >> storm scan emptying out as we mention, meisha? >> good to know, thanks for. that will 95 southbound at cottman actually looking pretty good. i will say 20 minutes ago it looked like we had a rush, now tapered just ever so slightly, as you can see, still very busy on 95 moving in the southbound direction, at cottman. then look in jersey, 42 freeway northbound, at creek road, as you progress all the way northbound to 295 looking a lot like there is so overall your majors and interstates are heating up as we push into the rush hour. >> thank you, next on cbs this morning, republican showdown in sin city major garrett with a preview of tonight's debate. also this morning, on cbs this morning, anti-depressant linked to increased risk of autism. remind us to join us bright and early 4:30 a.m., kicks things off right here on cbs-3, we will be back throughout the morning with some updates for you. hope you have a great day. cbs this morning is next.
7:00 am
good morning. s the tuesday, december 15th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning" a. high stakes showdown in las vegas is just hours away. how will donald trump take on ted cruz? and taking the fight to isis. charlie d'agata is inside syria, where american forces are calling for more power. a force inside hollywood, a galaxy of stars turns out for the premier of the year and george lucas opposite up to charlie about creating "star wars" empire. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> they don't score the debate, but i always feel good about them. >> they're all coming after me. so far, every


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