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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  January 31, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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stabbed on a septa bus police are looking for this man, whom they say attack a fellow passenger. we're live with the latest on the investigation. presidential candidates are racking up the miles crisscrossing iowa trying to win over last minute undecided voters, i'm craig boswell in des moines iowa coming up. a doggies reunited with his family after being shot, while defending his home during a home invasion.
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today is sunday, january 31st, can you believe the the month is already over. i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick is joining us now. justin we're ending on a warm note. >> real nice way to finish off the weekend. we have a high near 50 today. nice break from the cold but you know what, january wasn't that bad. overall. >> it just seems like it was because of last week. >> yes, we're still above average about a deyeah. >> really. >> so there you go. >> it is all perception. >> good call there. we will get a break from the cold temperatures. we're staying above freezing throughout the the entire weekend at nighttime, it looks like temperatures, staying above 32 degrees. we have icy spots possible this morning. especially outside the city. we are at freezing in the airport. mid 20's in allentown. thirty-six in millville, new jersey. twenty-nine palmyra and doylestown, pennsylvania. five to 18 degrees warmer now. that is the temperature change compared to 24 hours ago. so that is a sign of is what
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happening, to our weather pattern, each day it gets warmer, wind are calmer too to 10 miles an hour too or less. the the direction is up in the southwest to west but that is milder wind flow, and that will be the trend over the next 24 hours. we have cloud rolling through keeping temperatures up this morning. also that is a sign of the warmer air, and that is starting to move in the mid level of the atmosphere. temperatures break down today. collette. in the upper 30's. by lunchtime, not bad, and afternoon high temperature up around 50 degrees for philadelphia the that is 10 degrees above average. lower 50's at the the shore, even in the lower 40's in the poconos. we will talk about 60's this week along with a little bit of rain and details in the few more minutes. back to you. >> justin, thanks. septa riders are on full alert this morning after an attack on the bus, we have the man in critical condition. lets get to our sister station kyw news radio cherri gregg joining us now and she's at northeast detectives with the very latest on the search for a suspect. cherri, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, rahel. yes, police say the the suspect was a rider on the the route 56 septa bus on friday. he stabbed a fellow passenger several times and they since released surveillance video hoping that the the public can help. now, police say it all happened friday afternoon around 2:00 p.m. near the intersection of torresdale avenue and paul street. police released this video from the septa bus that shows the suspect wearing a blue shirt, getting on the bus, and the driver, questioned his transfer but let the guy on and then he was irate. the the driver called police and asked the suspect to get off the bus and when the guy refused they say a frustrated passenger steps in and push the suspect off the bus and fight ensued. it ended with the suspect stabbing that passenger several times in the neck. the man was rushed to the hospital where he was listed in stable but critical condition. lieutenant denes royce evenbaum said the man cannot
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speak because of the location of his injuries and many other passengers not realizing how serious the incident was left the scene to catch other buses which is why the public is asking for your help. >> if anyone knows him call the tip line. the it is anonymous. we are looking to be pointed in the right direction. if anybody that was on the bus that left before the the police got the there has any additional information or knows who this person is, to call northeast detectives. >> reporter: that suspect is described as a man in his 30's. he is 5 feet zero, he wore a blue shirt and, shown in that surveillance video and light colored jeans. for those taking septa police said if an altercation or similar situation happens, just to stand down and allow police to come on the scene and do their jobs. in the meantime, a photo of the suspect is available at cbs live from northeast detectives, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very good information there, thank you, cherri. one person has died after
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a shooting overnight in west philadelphia. the victim who is believed to be in his mid 20's was shot multiple times in the back seat of the koran 60th and pine street. he was transported to presbyterian hospital where he was pronounced dead. the suspect is behind bars this morning. police have a suspect in custody in connection with the shooting incident at the a philadelphia high school. a shell was fired on friday during a fight at ben franklin high school on broad street. police took five students out in handcuffs and witnesses later led police to the home of another juvenile. they searched that home and arrested the teenager. the teen's identity is not being released this morning. no ward yet on any charges. a community is remembering a pottstown woman who died while shoveling snow. eighteen year-old brianna girloff suffered from a heart condition and was eight months pregnant and was found unconscious by her brother after this weekend's major winter storm. she was later pronounced dead at the hospital. a go fund me page has been set
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up to help would the man's family. you can find a link to that page on cbs now police are asking for the public's help to locate a woman with dimension a rosa lynn wright was last seen yesterday afternoon at her home in west philadelphia. she was wearing a black coat with a fur lined color. she recently rides the 34 trolley on baltimore avenue. if you are seen her you are asked to call police. two remaining fugitives from the california jail break are in custody and headed back to santa ana this morning. they were found in the san francisco area. nearly 400 miles away, from the the orange county jail where they were being held. carter evans has the the latest on their capture. >> i think i did a whoop in the air. >> reporter: orange county sheriff sandra hutch instant say two remaining fugitives were captured in the heart of the san francisco after a man spotted their stolen van in a whole foods parking lot. patrol officers jose nairi, after a short foot change. they found jonathan tiei
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hiding in the van according to san francisco police officer. >> it was clear that these people were armed and dangerous, when we presented a search of the van, we did find three, 80 round aside. we are still looking for a weapon if they had one. >> reporter: the third escapee had returned already to southern california. he turned himself in on friday. the inmates broke out from the orange county mens central jail eight days ago, after they cut through a steel screen, snake through plumbing tunnels and repelled from the jail's have roof. they may have had help from inside. a teacher who work at the the jail is accused of providing the men a google map showing the roof of the facility that they used to plan their escape and while they were on the run. >> my fear was that someone in the community was going to get hurt because they really had nothing to lose. this is a a a worst nightmare. >> reporter: now with the three in custody once again. >> i can say this morning that the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief.
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the focus shifts to continuing to look at where the system failed us, believe me, we will be looking top to bottom on that. >> reporter: carter evans for cbs news. we are just one day a away from the iowa caucus a new poll out shows donald trump in the lead the o g.o.p. side and hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck abe neck. we now have the latest. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate donald trump is on top in the des moines register's final poll before monday's iowa caucus. he has a five-point lead over ted cruz and a 13-point lead over marco rubio. >> it does in the matter if you do not caucus on monday. >> reporter: cruz led this poll in early january but he has been under constant attack from trump and rubio. >> you know ted cruz has been my friend and is, but he decided to run a very hateful campaign at the end with all of the things he is saying. people see through that. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton is hanging on to a small lead.
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bernie sanders is within the poll's margin of error. >> when we began this campaign we were 3 percent in the national polls. here in iowa it is virtually tied. >> reporter: clinton is in damage control after the state department said it would not release 37 pages of e-mails from her personal server that are classified in top secret. >> i want all of these e the males out. i take classification very seriously. >> reporter: clinton's rally hear with supporters and undecided voters. they say this issue is something they are considering. >> i think very high level national security issue. >> reporter: with the polls so close experts say that the undecided voters will make a difference. in des moines, iowa, craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the iowa caucus, we will bring you updates throughout the day on tv and on line at cbs a puppy who was shot while
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attempting to defend his owner is back with family this morning. seven month-old rhino was released from the the vet specialty and emergency center. two weeks ago the foster pit bull mix was shot in the leg during a violent home invasion in the 4600 block of penn street. rhino's owner nakia pilot was shot and killed. family members who believe she was attempting to save her life said they will cherish the puppy. >> i'm happy. i think my brother would be happy. for the the moment he walk in here they were all really helpful. they were all treating him like he was part of the family. >> there is a a $20,000 reward for information leading to the killer. still to come on "eyewitness news" we need to meet the new gerber baby. and make up products that claim to help you take a better selfie but is selfie make up a matter of marketing or can you really get a close-up look that is
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flawless. consumer reporter jim donovan takes a closer look. are you running away from work this morning? coming up we will hear the the most outrageous excuses people give when running a little bit behind. and it is warming up outside, meteorologist justin drabick has your weather forecast after the the ♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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supposed to actually help you take a better selfie. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan takes a closer look. nicole borders admits that she's a selfie addict. >> sometimes you take selfies to take one nice one. >> reporter: college students and model isn't alone and make up industry is taking note business on line tutorials and ads promoting products that prom toys leave you selfie ready in an instant. cover girl has a whole instant gram product like, others have eye shadow that offers dimensional color and reflective finish. similar to filters and other effect is available or your cell phone. tiana glazer says make up companies are using simple science to create these selfie like effects. >> different particles can reflect light in different ways, and you can actually make shadows with make up.
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>> reporter: but doctor glazer cautions that consumers should stick to one new product at a time when it comes to make up. >> the times that i see problems with make up, sensitivity, comes when individuals are compounding these products where, you know, they are putting different things together and even some of these products are all natural, all natural isn't always good for the skin. >> reporter: professional make up artists, suggest is a voiding products that have lots of extra fillers or dyes in order to create selfie effects. >> if you want more cool tone look then they are getting on the the filters and through instagram and stuff like that, you have to be aware of the dyes thaw are putting in there. >> reporter: experts suggest using versatile make up that will look good in all different settings on a given day. from the outdoors, to work, to social events, after work so you don't keep reapplying. reporting for three on your side, i'm's jim donovan. and speaking of selfies look who is ready for a
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close-up? meet the the new gerber baby. the seven month-old, with big dimples an an adorable smile beat out more than 170,000 competitors. isl a is from troy, michigan where she lives with her parents and older sister. her parents will receive $50,000 in prize money. gerber will share her photos on instagram and facebook throughout the the year and she has an option of appearing in ads. how a adorable. and justin is joining us now. justin, some weather coming up to hopefully melt this snow coming up. >> we will get a good melt starting today. temperatures up around 50 degrees. just compare it over past week how much snow has melted, i mean snow pack is now over half gone in most locations. we have some rain coming at us on wednesday, steady rain, a a little bit of flooding possible but we had a nice, slow melt. it could ab lot worse but at least temperatures have been, above freezing for many afternoons. nice sunrise, check it the out, cape may courthouse, we're looking live here at 40 degrees at this hour g
7:17 am
start to the morning, most area above freezing with the exception up toward the north and western suburbs. few areas of icy conditions. warming trend continues, start to go day, continues all the way through wednesday. so a slow melt continues, rine chances tomorrow and then on wednesday. but there we go freezing at the airport. we are below freezing, reading, allentown and mid to upper 20's, so untreated surfaces could be icy. is there a pocket of cold air stuck across new england. fifty-one in cleveland and pittsburgh. that is heading our way if you like spring-like temperatures you'll like this forecast at least through the first half of the week. cloud rolling through right now. that is a sign of the warmer air. partly sunny skies today. we will not call it the full sun. if you have a ski trip planned in the the resorts great day today, check it out. conditions, all of the trails open at frost, boulder, cammal back in good shape. thirty-four trails. hundred percent opened at blue mountain up to a 60-inch base with 39 trails. the lets talk about these rain
7:18 am
chances, tomorrow, we will throw in the the 30 percent chance for just a scattered shower. this is coming in the a afternoon. nothing widespread or heavy. keep it dry, tuesday, larger storm comes in wednesday, pretty much a good bet we will see rain out of this. there could be pockets of heavy rain coming in wednesday afternoon and then we will dry out for thursday. so two shots of some rain, this week. so here's the setup. nice flow out of the southwest, warms us up 10 degrees above average. is there the the cold front, not a lot of moisture with it by the time it moves in the delaware valley tomorrow afternoon, just a couple left over showers, possible, that is it. we will have some cloud. front moves off shore for tuesday, slightly cooler but we're staying above average. the here's that larger storm coming from the midwest tuesday into wednesday, that brings steady rain. we have a great day, get a good car wash weather and get that salt off, good day to do that with the sunshine. smart morning, it is good waking up to sun and then cloud thicken up in the a afternoon. this is what this model is showing. that is not much of anything.
7:19 am
certainly less than a tenth of an inch of rain possible if best. tuesday, or monday night, tuesday morning war back to dry conditions. temperatures today, 40's maybe some lower 50's in the lucky warm spots. and then tonight, look at that, or this is tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we are above freezing n threat of icy conditions. these temperatures will be warmer if we didn't have the snow on the ground. look at monday, maybe 60, dover delaware, parts of the interior south jersey, we can see enough sun before that front comes in. today 50 degrees, nice, partly sunny skies, tonight not as cold, could be a yas of fog though developing, 41 for the the city, slightly colder in the suburbs. fifty-six with the late take shower on monday. groundhog day on tuesday, sunshine 50. low 60's wednesday but steady rain by the end of the week, cooling back down to the the 40's but that is still above average, rahel. >> i still like it, thanks, justin. right now it is about 7:19. time to see how traffic is moving. here is ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning,
7:20 am
ann, traffic picking up at all. >> it is picking up, it is picking up a a lot actually. thinks i-95 at the airport. traffic is picking up volume here but no delays which is good news for you. if you are taking i-95 to the airport this morning i-95 through philadelphia and suburbs looks okay as well. watch out for icy patches from the refreeze that occurred overnight. we will move the traffic cam here to the schuylkill right at spring garden street, a beautiful picture of the city in the distance there. in delays or problems on the the schuylkill this morning. it the looks fine here and through philadelphia and suburbs for your sunday drive-in. we will move the traffic cam one more time to the ben franklin bridge mid span, a gorgeous picture of the ben franklin here, again, volume building on the ben franklin, further up, in delays on 676, admiral wilson boulevard, 42, 55, ac expressway, garden state parkway all look okay if you are heading to the shore this morning. as you are taking mass transit, honor close to schedule. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now rahel, back to you.
7:21 am
well, running late happens to all of us whether it is bad traffic or hitting that snooze button too many times. does that? as jimmy ukiss, reports, some people come up with pretty creative excuses. >> can i ask you a question real quick. >> reporter: it seems like we are all running around. >> i'm running real late. >> three out of five days. >> reporter: some excuses are plausible. >> my baby pooped. >> i was like throwing up sick, so that is why i was late when i really just over slept. >> reporter: did they buy it. >> yeah. >> reporter: others are even more creative. >> someone from my family died. >> i didn't think it was a workday. it was a holiday. >> reporter: how did that fly. >> not so much. >> reporter: think that is bad new survey from career builder asking hiring managers the the most outrageous excuses they have heard. they included my hair caught on fire from my blow dryer, fresh color on the the hill, i
7:22 am
had to go skiing. vaseline truck overturn on the highway and cars were slipping left and right. i was detained by home land security. but more than a third of employees say they dent care if you are late every once in a while. survey shows a quarter show you to late at least once a in. >> why do we come up with a excuse? >> to avoid any troubles. >> reporter: or maybe because actual reasons are boring. survey found more than 50 percent get tied up in traffic, a third over sleep, and 15 percent were delayed dropping their kid at school or day care. jamie ukiss for cbs news, new york. and still ahead on "eyewitness news", nausea, stomach pain, what the america heart association wants woman to know about surprising heart attack symptoms. plus we are getting ready for the big game on cbs-3, super bowl 50. we will look at the fun activities going on right now in san francisco. and it the is a mild even
7:23 am
to the weekend, justin shows us what is ahead for our
7:24 am
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ on the healthwatch women and heart attacks, symptoms can be very different for men and maybe even more dangerous. health reporter stephanie stahl breaks down the latest information in the american heart association. >> reporter: three years ago marcia goodbaum felt nauseous and had stomach pains. she waited a few hours and then finally headed to the hospital. >> i had in idea i was having a heart attack. i really expected shoulder pain or heavy chest pain.
7:26 am
>> reporter: new scientific statement from the american heart association says that there can be some key differences between men and with men when it comes to heart attack symptoms. >> if they feel like they had expected to feel but is there usually discomfort somewhere in the chest area or in the neck, jaw, back, upper stomach, there can be in either arm or shoulder. >> reporter: this is first time the the heart a association had put out a statement on heart attacks in woman which highlights women have different causes for heart attacks including a certain type of plaque build up. >> fur blood pressure is too high today. >> reporter: risk factors can also be more harmful. >> diabetes is twice a concern, high pressure is stronger risk factors. >> reporter: year later marcia had same symptoms and another heart attack but this time she didn't wait. >> i tell my friend if you have stomach pain or slight nausea, don't hesitate. i hesitated. i'm glad i'm alive after that. >> reporter: the heart
7:27 am
association report also says that black and hispanic woman ten to have more risk factors such as diabetes and obesity at the the time of their heart attacks. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", oscars may be lacking diversity but different story at screen actors guild award. we will show you winners and highlights from last night's ceremony. >> nice warm up begins today. we will talk about spring-like temperatures coming up in the workweek. those details in a few more minutes.
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made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. good morning. today is sunday, january 31st, i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick is here joining us with the forecast and justina lot of people probably very happen bye this warm up. >> i think a nice welcomed break. you know it wasn't terribly cold but still chilly, you are looking at me like i'm crazy. i'm a a guy that goes outside without a jacket. we have spring-like temperatures this week so 50's, even 60's on the way especially on wednesday. we will deal with a little bit of rain. good news is we had a slow
7:31 am
melting process over the last week. so not a huge flood threat but still could go to think about. but we lost that snow pack so far. check it out, times of the warming trend underway, anywhere from five to 18 degrees warmer. that is the trend over the next few days. highs running in the ten, 20 degrees above average. at freezing at the airport. south jersey, delaware you guys air above freezing, the exception is wilmington. many in the lehigh valley, north western suburbs still below freezing. watch out for patches of black ice, still around early this morning, and wind pretty much calm to 5 miles an hour. if you think you're going out for that morning jog, bike ride or walking a dog, it the is pretty nice out compared to yesterday. we have clouds rolling in. that is a sign of the warmer air pushing from the south to west. we will see filtered sunshine today. temperatures 20's, 30's. this afternoon 40's and 50's for high temperatures. forty-one is our average high. we will get up to 50 for a
7:32 am
high for philadelphia, lower 50's at the shore, more sunshine there. even 42 for a high in the poconos. we will talk about how long the warmth last and we will time out the the rain in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. it is amazing how much warmer 40's feel compared to last week. >> yes, it the is. >> thank you. public transit the passengers are on alert this morning as police search for a man who stabbed a rider on the the septa bus. take a look at this video from the the route 56 bus, traveling on torresdale avenue. according to the bus driver the suspect would not get off of the bus, after he didn't have the correct fare to ride. frustrated the victim pushed the suspect off the bus, the suspect then lunges back. >> as the victim several times in the neck, and body area, and that victim was rushed, when septa police arrived, was immediately rushed to temple hospital. >> and that victim is listed in critical condition, the suspect fled the scene, if you recognize him you are urged to call philadelphia police.
7:33 am
one person is dead and seven others injured after a fight broke out, at a motorcycle accounts powe in denver. it is unclear what prompted the incident that left people both shot and stabbed. the injured were taken to the denver health medical center. police are not saying whether the violence was gang related. denver's police chief says he does believe there was more than one shooter. camden, new jersey hopes its first ever public school enrollment fair. public renaissance and charter schools were represented a at bb and t pavilion. officials say they have also simplified the application process which used to be confusing with ninetive rent deadlines. the fair comes halfway in the application period for camden enrollment. >> for the longest time we had 17 different applications, with nine different inly deadlines in camden. it was just a complicated maze for families to go through and it was unnecessary. what we have conn is streamlined it and made their
7:34 am
lives easier but all of the schools on one application and here they are. >> reporter: i'm sure parents will be happen bye that. school principals were also on hand to talk with parents about their programs and after school activities. fellow actors cast a loud vote in favor of the diversity on big and small screens. david daniel looks at the last night big winners and moments from last night's screen actor guild award. >> welcome to diverse tv. >> reporter: twenty-second annual saga award turned into a show of strength for diversity in hollywood. queen latifah was honored for bestie. >> i hope everyone out the there that does not come in the package that people say you should, keep fighting for it. >> reporter: for second straight year orange is nut black double down, she repeated as best female actor in a comedy. >> a show that reflects and represents so many people. >> reporter: show triumphs as best comedy series. >> this is what we talk about
7:35 am
when we talk about diversity. >> reporter: they pulled off a double of his own winning a tv award for luther and a philadelphia ward for beast of no nation. >> we made a film about real people, and real lives, you know. >> reporter: jeffery tambor won for playing a transgender woman in transparent and alycia won for playing the danish girl. the lifetime achievement honorary legendary carol burr net recalled being told early in her career. >> no, no, no all of the comedy variety shows are hosted by men hosting in variety is a man's game. >> reporter: as for those looking for oscar indicator, revenant star leonardo dicaprio and brie lar or son from room took top big honors. and spotlight about journalist revealing sexual abuse by catholic priest. >> this is for disfranchised every where. the thinks for every flint
7:36 am
michigan in the world. this is for for less. >> reporter: fitting night the that shows hollywood's ability to reach and represent people through diversity n hollywood i'm david daniel. and other winners including downtown abby's, which earned its third win for best dramaer size, viola davis one her second for female actor in a drama. kevin spacey's second win for male actor in a drama a. and we are getting ready for the the big game, right here on cbs-3. super bowl 50. fans are already making their way from san francisco, for all of the fun and excitement, and kate, now takes us inside the nfl experience. >> reporter: experience started with a special delivery to the the center. >> the the actual vince lombardi trophy for super bowl 50. >> reporter: 49ers great roger craig signed with the white gloves and kicking off the opening of the nfl experience. >> our jaws drop. we were woed. >> this is the greatest day of my life so far.
7:37 am
>> reporter: the the interactive theme park gives fans a chance to play like the pros. >> i'm impressed. this is super fun. that 40-yard dash. i dry i had that first. that screen lit upright there. that is the coolest. >> reporter: who dressed lick them. >> i don't know about this within guys this might be too big for me. >> reporter: meet nfl legend in person and virtual reality. experience showcased 50 case of big game history. >> i have been to a lot of the nfl experiences, this is one of the best once. >> reporter: are you having fun here at the nfl experience. >> yes. >> reporter: what do you like so far. >> everything. >> good. >> reporter: the nfl experience was all of the center inside and out, some told us one day would be enough not to cover everything. >> we just knew it would be a whole day so i'm wearing my walking shoes for a reason because we're planning to be here for the whole day. >> reporter: we asked the crowd here who would win super bowl 50, denver broncos or the carolina panthers. >> the the panthers. >> the the broncos.
7:38 am
>> no, the the panthers. >> the apartmenters. >> two good teams though. that was kate calgary reporting. sports director don bell will be at the the super bowl and he will be reporting live from san francisco, leading up to the big game, start on wednesday, february 3rd, right here on "eyewitness news". you can watch super bowl 50 february 7th, also right here on cbs-3. after the the game you won't want to miss a special digs of the late show with stephen colbert. it the is first time a late night show has ever followed the super bowl, colbert will sit down with philly's own tina fey on the post game show. other guests include margot robbie, will ferrell and key and peele. you know colbert will have a few surprises up his sleeves too, as bulls. and still to come on "eyewitness news" turning off water at the niagara falls. the find out why the the water could stop flowing at one of the wonders of the world. start your engines, we will take you inside the the
7:39 am
philadelphia auto show for a look at fast cars and family fun. it goodies day to get outside and enjoy the the weather but later this week it gets chilly. stick around justin has your we
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me.
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my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. iconic view may be changing. millions tourist visit niagara falls each year but now new york officials are considering diverting water from the falls
7:42 am
to make major repairs. a as don champion reports this isn't the first time that the water has stopped running. >> reporter: to some the the thought of niagara falls going from this, to this, it is unimaginable but new york officials say that it is very necessary. >> so much talk over the last 48 hours has been about the dewatering. that is not the end, that is the means. >> reporter: state park officials are considering diverting water from the falls temporarily for a bridge replacement project. the plans involving replacing two crumbling 115 year-old pedestrian bridges near the brink of the falls. >> i'm glad that they are doing something because what they have there temporary since 2004 looks horrible. >> reporter: project could mean water wild be diverted for up to nine months, the spec particular contacting happened once before in 1969 when the army core of engineers did study of erosion on the falls. >> it is kind of sad that it will be because people will be not able to see it and see how
7:43 am
pretty it is. >> it is such a beautiful area, one of the wonders of the world and finally they are putting money back into this place. >> reporter: the project could cost 24 million-dollar. so far, funding has in the yet been secured. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". speaking of liquid water we have some coming up in the forecast. it won't be frozen, as temperatures stay well above average feeling more like march, even april through first half of the upcoming week. so lets check with our weather watchers this morning. not that bad, still looking at some spots below freezing. so let's check it out. if you are traveling early this morning beware of patchy areas of ice. up in eagleville lou at the 30. we are below freezing in lawrenceville. peter's house in chesterfield. ed connor a degrees below freezing. cold spot john in tabernacle checking in at 25. pete inner williamstown above freezing at 35. phil, in philadelphia in the upper 20's. in the bad in ocean city,
7:44 am
james at 37 degrees. still below freezing in nottingham and in north wales. we have some cloud rolling n mid to high level clouds but it is pre duesing a decent sunrise this morning. we will go to ed connor's house in chesterfield and you can see mid to high level clouds rolling in but nice color this morning. those clouds are a sign of the developing storm system that will impact us tomorrow. we will talk about that in a bit. peter plantmeanti in williamstown his sunrise, a nest egg is huge, wonder what is living up there. good shot there. philadelphia from phil, nice sunrise and one more, we will take you to cherry hill some good color this morning. the that is the trend. just filtered sunshine today with warm temperatures. let's take you further north into berks county this morning, 25 right now, up in kutztown, from the kutztown area middle school. wind is calm, so a pleasant, quiet, sunday morning, notice the the sunnies coming up, in between those clouds. still a decent snow packing on but that pack will be shrinking over the the next 24 to 48 hours, with these temperatures. average high, 41 this time of the year, we will hit that
7:45 am
yesterday, today up around 50 degrees, and warmer on monday, and slightly cooler but still above average on tuesday and then look at that wednesday we will peak, in the lower 60's potentially but that will come with steady rain. more signs of spring on the way. the sunset time later and later. tonight coming in at 5:19. notice that day light lasting longer into the evening. by the the end of the month of february setting at 5:52. there you go march 13th daylight savings time begins, sunset will be at 7:06 on this sunday evening. we are gaining two minutes of daylight now each day as we head toward the spring equinox. there you go, high pressure over us right now across the the mid-atlantic. notice some clouds rolling n warm front coming across the great lakes bringing that warmer air n we're still staying quiet. here's the trend, now through wednesday, jet stream moves to the north. so now we can expand that warmer air up northward in the mid-atlantic and northeast. so temperatures are running ten to 20 degrees above average each day through wednesday. by the the end of the the week we will cool it down but still
7:46 am
above average for this time of the year. so today, filtered sunshine, mostly cloudy, staying well to our west, at least the thick cloud. here comes the cold front. not a lot of moisture with it, this is monday afternoon. mid to late afternoon. there could be a couple of showers in some locations, nothing heavy. we're dry on tuesday, and then this zest the stage for our next storm that develops over the midwest and it tracks to the west. we will be on the warm side of the system and a lot of warm moisture with this one. we will be dealing what the a steady rain arriving on the day on wednesday. temperatures today, 40's, even some lower 50's, in the warmest spots and then tonight it is not cold. this is tomorrow morning, 6:00 . well above freezing. the that is a trend. we don't go below freezing until next weekend and then highs on monday well in the 50's a. here's the the overall trend. again, the warm really expands into our region on wednesday, and then by next weekend we do have some signs of cooler air trying to move in. it is in the record breaking cold. so for today, enjoy it, milder, partly sunny, 50 degrees. tonight not as cold could be some fog and 41.
7:47 am
extended forecast each day warms up. wednesday at 62. back to the the 40's by end of the week, rahel. >> enjoy it while it lasts, thanks, justin. it is 7:47. time to check on the road and highways. let's go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center good morgue, ann. >> good morning, rahel. we are looking at 95 at the walt whitman bridge no delays on i-95 this morning and the walt whitman both on and off ramps look okay no delays or problems on the walt whitman. if you are heading to the shore today, no problems on 42, 55, ac expressway, or the the garden state parkway. we will move the traffic cam here to the schuylkill, at the vine expressway, the schuylkill at the the top of the screen and the vine street expressway right in the middle. in delays on these two highways. everything looks good volleys building. you'll have a lot of company out there but other than that not a bad drive today. moving the traffic come one more time to the mid county tolls and the pennsylvania turnpike. if you want to take advantage of the snow and head up to the poconos. there is no delays on the northeast extension or the pennsylvania turnpike this morning. and we're doing fine as you can see at the mid county tolls. taking mass transit honor
7:48 am
close to schedule for september, new jersey transit, the patco high speed line and amtrak. that is the the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans, now rahel, back to you. >> ann, thank you. the philadelphia auto show race necessary to high gear. eyewitness news reporter anita oh has the story from the pennsylvania convention center. >> reporter: lake a new car roaring to life day one of the philadelphia auto show launched full throttle on saturday. >> i'm a ford man. >> i really like jaguars. >> reporter: eye candy is plenty, thomas green visits each year to. >> to check out fancy cars i have, when i win the lot theory. >> reporter: from the new convertible, suv, exotic cars. >> we're bigger than over. seven hub thousand square feet, more than 700 vehicles. >> reporter: likely something here for everyone and do i mean everyone. all of the different car people get in. >> try to see how many we can get. >> reporter: nicholas dreams of the sports kay vel bye gt
7:49 am
350 but he has a one year-old in to you. >> but he likes touching it and pushing all of the horns and daddy will check out some family cars too. >> reporter: even those who cannot legally drive like two-year old zach walsh got a chance to hit the road. well, kind of. >> i tried to do it, but it didn't work. >> reporter: this one is just a simulator but if you are hoping to take within of those bad boys home. there are in sales on the auto floors floor. it is all about hopping in and experiencing bells and whistles of your dream car for yourself. personally i like this one the best, reporting at the convention center, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fourth grade students from oliver heckman elementary school in langhorne gave back in a big way to the community. twenty-eight children began raising money at the end of november and since then they have raised $1,300. that went to rose's pizza yesterday and now they will give out $1,300 of pizza to the homeless. great job for sure by the
7:50 am
students of mrs. miller's fourth grade class. philadelphia kids fashion weekend is in full swing. leah still as you see here was among the young people who walk the runway last night during a fashion show in germantown. leah's winning battle against pediatric cancer made national headlines. it showcases local boutiques, designers and vendors while making positive impact in the community. some proceed will get to the leah still fun days. still to come on "eyewitness news", the sixers took on the golden state warriors and they gave the nba champions all they can handle. the exciting finish up next in sports. but first here's is what on tonight on cbs-3. roast it... roast it... slice it. new, hand-carved slow-roasted sirloin.
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world champion warriors came to the center taking on the sixers, the best team in the league taking on the worst, so you would think it would be easy game for champs. a sellout crowd on hand to see league mvp steph curry. fourth quarter champs up by ten. curry will get step back lead to push the lead to 13. he scored 23 points. later on we have clay thompson, scoring in the paint, over ish smith. thompson had 32 points. champs up by 13. you think game is over. hold on. the under a minute left,
7:54 am
sixers down six. isaiah cannon makes the three ball. sixers cut it to two. warriors with the ball, sixers with the steel, ish smith going in for the jump. the game tied at 22 seconds left. now the champs had the ball for time shot, harrison barnes, he nails the the three. golden state escapes with the 108-105 victory over the sixers. >> for us to be down 24 and find a way at home to not roll over, not be all caught up in the moment, and find a way to give something back to our fans who are fantastic. there is a great thing for our young team. >> spring training is just around the the the corner and former fightin cole hamels made an appearance in our area he was giving kid pointers in the the sport clinic garnett valley, his foundation sponsored that event and he was one of the the key members of that team when phillies made that run from 2007
7:55 am
through 2011 when he then world series and they won five straight nl east division titles. now fightins are rebuilding and he knows that this will be difficult. >> it will be tough for a lot of fans to be able to watch, you know, just for where they are going to be, you know, is there still a lot of great players on that team that i would love to watch and love to play with, you know, they are just in the learning stage. not far to these guys trying to be become great big league players, you know, but then again they will improve and they will be good and they will be great soon. >> nhl all-star weekend in nashville, flyers captain claude giroux the only representative for orange and black. last night the skills competition the actual game this afternoon will be a three on three tournament with the winning team splitting a is first million-dollar prize. st. joes hawks were picked to finish seventh in the a-10 preseason poll. hawks surprised everyone with
7:56 am
the 17-three record, in third place, going into the game begins rhode island. to the second half, hawks up half dozen, isaiah miles with the drive to the basket and scores. miles had 70 points. lead down to eight. and deandre b embry, with 15 points and ten boards, st. joes moves to 18-three on the season with a 64 -55 victory. lasalle on the road, taking on dayton, the explorers coming in the contest with the five game losing streak. second half lasalle down six, jordan price left alone, he nails the the three. lead down to three. flyers will take control. kendell pollard had 18 points grabbing eight rebound. dayton beat lasalle 59-44. that is all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great day. take a look at this one, one pennsylvania family is getting in the super bowl spirit with a cam newton theme snow man. now, the the lemonde family are steelers fans but you wouldn't know it the by this
7:57 am
larger than life depiction. family started with a big pile of snow and brought it the down with the ice scraper. it took them of course, five hours over two days to make. impressive. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's is what coming up at 8:00 good samaritans to the rescue. see how local citizens subdued a robbery suspect before police arrived to the scene. and then this. >> this 11 year-old basketball star wants to play for the nba and his moves are already getting national attention. i'm weijia jiang in virginia, and we will introduce you coming up. and bright sunshine, this morning. and justin is back to tell us what to expect from the weather for our sunday, we will be right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
police are asking for public's help to find this man, whom they say, stabbed a fellow bus rider. captured on camera good smart tans jump in to action to help them subdue a robbery suspect at a local shopping center. presidential candidates are wrapping up the miles crisscrossing iowa trying to win over last minute undecided voters. i'm craig boswell in des moines, iowa coming up. today is sunday january 31st, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. meteorologist justin drabick is here with eyewitness weather. the justin, it is end of the january but feels like spring already. >> last sunday everybody was digging out to day we can enjoy it. >> we deserve it.


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