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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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nicole brewer in box has been flooded with the same good question. why is it called a hoagie? >> you ask. tonight she answers. and march comes in like a lamb but not for long. we've got rain and snow chances in the forecast. i'll tell which you days will pinpoint and which commutes could be impacted. and the first case of zika virus confirmed in philadelphia. where the patient contracted it and what health officials want the community to know about the illness. those stories and much straight ahead. we begin with a pot brownie bust at bucks county middle school. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> hi, everyone, i'm jessica dean. a high school student accused of of making the marijuana lace the sweets and selling them to younger kids. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in bensalem with more on how authorities caught their suspect. david. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, authorities say this 18-year-old high school senior here in bensalem admitted to baking and
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selling these pot brownies. he's facing a lot of different charges to night and detectives here in bensalem stay that this is not the first time he used his recipe and charged for it. bensalem police arrested 18-year-old jacob francisco monday after detectives say he sold pot laced brownies to a middle school student at schaeffer middle school. authorities tell "eyewitness news" that student then sol the brownies to several other middle schoolers. but police say it all started with jacob francisco. >> we did find marijuana and all the cooking mixes for brownies so this kid was baking them and distributing them within the school district here in bensal bensalem. >> reporter: the public safety director for bensalem township. >> in this day and age, the marijuana is not the same marijuana as it was in the '80's and '90's. >> reporter: he worried the brownies could have contained things in addition to marijuana. in this case, the student who's bought the brownies were aware they were laced. luckily no one was hurt.
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he commends the non-brownie buying students for telling authorities. >> sometimes these kids, you know, don't ask, don't tell. they don't want to get involved. but these kids new something was wrong, and they got involved immediately and did the right thing. >> reporter: he says jacob has sold pot brownies before to students. he's making sure it won't happen again. >> able to track it down to the dealer and got him out of the school and in jail where he belongs, and his betty crocker days are over. >> reporter: director her ran is not releasing the name of the seventh greater he said that jacob allegedly sold those pot brownies. to we don't know his name and there could be more charges the investigation still underway. reporting live in bensalem tonight, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. philadelphia police are cracking down on out of control kids causing trouble in center city after school let's out. police pointed this video from last december as evidence of the trouble. it shows a teen being chased and beaten.
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police have now deployed a special detail of bike officers who are work to go stop the fights that have been breaking out in the past few months. septa police are also joining in on the effort. >> we'll make arrests down here. we've made somewhere between 15 to 20 arrests for kids coming down here for fighting. >> these students are actually assaulting each other so badly it's actually appalling. >> police say the most effective way to head off incidents for parents to they will their kids to go home after school not to go to center city. khiry gay the third man an vicked of kidnapping and a jewelry store employee are convicted. they used a stun gun on her and bound her and put a bag on her head before dumping her in cemetery. the suspects wanted the security code at the secure july he sto store. >> zika virus has hit our area confirmed by the philadelphia department of health.
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the person with the virus is a woman in her 60s whose recently returned from the caribbean. she was not hospitalized and is currencurrently recovering witht complications. health department official tells "eyewitness news" that there's no threat to the community. >> it's not a significance to people locally, because the mosquitoes that transmit infection don't live or survive in philadelphia. >> health concerns really are for pregnant women and a part from that it's really not a significant issue. >> there are now five cases of zika virus in pennsylvania. federal authorities also confirmed today a second case in new jersey. in campaign 2016 candidates are gearing up for super tuesday biggest day yet in this year's presidential race. voters in about dozen states will hold primaries or caucuses tomorrow. and voters will choose nearly half the required number of delegates needed for the republican nomination and more than a third of the delegates needed for the democratic nomination. latest poll suggests hillary
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clinton and donald trump could pick up enough delegates to make them unstoppable. and take look at this video from a donald trump rally in virginia. a secret service agent took down a photographer for time magazine who stepped out of the media pen to snap pictures of protesters. the trump campaign and the secret service both say they're aware of the incident and in the meantime new jersey governor chris christie recently endorsed trump and he toss talk about it to night on new jersey 101.5 ask the governor. >> donald trump has won three of the first four primaries. i've known him for 14 years. he will probably win at least seven or eight of the 11 primaries if not more tomorrow night. he's going to be the republican nominee for president. and i want to make sure hillary clinton doesn't win. >> the governor went on to say he does not agree with trump on every issue but that they do see eye to eye on tax issues, job creation and that america needs a decisive executive.
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stay with "eyewitness news" for complete all day coverage of super tuesday. we'll be bringing you up to the minute results tomorrow night at 11:00 right here on cbs3 and also on in the wake of the virginia police officer killed over the weekend officers in our area are showing support in a unique way. local officers are sharing photos on social media from their first days on the job. it was prince william county archly guindon's first day when she was shot while responding to a domestic disturbance call. police say no matter how many days on the job the loss is no less difficult and it is a loss our area knows all too well. >> we're coming up on one year anniversary of losing one our heroes robert wilson the third. and again that's something that's still seems fresh. you know where you were. when you got that call. you know what you were doing. it's something that you really don't forget. >> the suspect 32-year-old army staff sergeant ronald hamilton being hell without bail on two
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murder charges. mayor jim kenney talked about reducing gun violence at a community meeting in south philly to night. the mayor was joined by deep tee mayor for public engage many. and jack drum mon the director of the office for blackmail engagement. the meeting was titled we must take a stand. it took place less than 24 hours after two teenagers were hurt in grays ferry drive by shooting. in the meantime mayor kenney is calling for a soda tax. he says the tax on sugary drinks could help fund universal pre k. 3 cents per ounce tax to bring in $400 million over five years. former mayor michael nutter proposed a 2-cents per ounce tax during his administration. kenney a city councilman at the time opposed the idea and the tax never made it to a council vote. kenney says he sports the tax now because the money would be used for a specific purpose. well tonight's good question sents around one of the most popular sandwich in the city and
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we've that multiple requests to fine the answer. >> we're talking about hoagie in other parts of the country sub, grinder or hero. why do we say hoagie. >> nicole brewer is here to sort thing out for us. >> yeah. ukee, jess i think there's probably multiple answers to this. so we'll get you just a few of them in just a second. but as you mention it was a really popular question. john, water of walter houser, stacey davis, britt mitchell, fred and jack lawler all wanted to know. why is is it called a hoagie is a good question with more than one possible answer. ♪ what do you call this? >> hoagie. >> why do we call this a hoagie. >> there's no other word to describe how good it is. >> because it's full avenue whole lot of stuff. i don't know. >> there's grinders and poe boys, heroes and subs. if you're stacking meat and cheese on bread in philly it's hoagie. >> starts with the naval yard, italian immigrants and this little place called hog island. >> chef gary is a third generation italian american. teaching at the restaurant school at walnut hill college.
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he says section of the naval yard now home to the airport was called hog island. >> that's drefting. i never heard of that before. >> he says where is italian ill grants found work in the early 1900's building naval vessels used in world war ii. >> they were building a country and also building a life for their children at the same time. so they made sandwich that was easy to eat. >> the ingredients haven't really changed. >> you have to think italian so you have salami, you have pro suit show. >> lettuce, tomato onions. >> hot peppers. sweet peppers. >> if the bread is not good the sandwich is not good. >> some argue the most important thing. >> probably is. >> the chef says she's quick meals were eventually called hoagies after the workers on hog island but a slew of stories like the one about the irish men named hogan who asked his italian co-worker for a big sandwich. i don't think that sounds right. >> i think irish potatoes. don't think of hoagie. >> there's aldi palma the aka the king of hoagies before
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owning a that sold sandwiches he was inspired by two guys chowing down on broad street. >> little bit of glutiny. he's a hog. >> i guess we kind of changed it up a little bit the hoagie part with that philadelphia accent. >> your guess is as good as ours. for now, just a little something to sing your teeth into. >> we love changing the words a little bit adding our own little favor flavor to it. >> a philly spin. it ising no doubt about that. >> as part of my research i also reached out to howard the guy written scholarly articles on the sandwich and even testified as a hoagie expert in a lawsuit against 7eleven in the 1970s. now he says the only hoagie tale with any truth is the aldi palma you had to be a hog to eat one and call it hoagie a few years late in 1931. i have to till people are intense. they are passionate when it comes to fill and they're food. >> don't mess with it. >> watch out. we had a few different phone calls just on my way in here to do this story.
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>> really? >> everybody has their own version of the story. >> i call them good. >> interesting. >> let's leave it that. >> with a bag of hers chips ann frank's soda. come on. >> nicole, thank you very much. >> he want to know your good question log on to cbsphilly.c question to submit your question. you can also tweet us use the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with your answer right here at 11:00 o'clock and we can't wait to hear from you. well for decades antique lovers and treasure hunters have gathered at a local auction house hoping to walk away with a deal. >> our vittoria woodill decided to fine out what makes this auction house so legendary and quickly she got put to work. >> we'll put her to the test. >> $50, anybody. >> see what happens when individuals to are retrace her hasn't at being an auctioneer. >> also, apple versus the fbi. how one ruling hasn'ted down today in new york could change the national debate over privacy versus protection.
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kate? >> it was a quiet finish to february and a quiet start to march as well but this is the first of three systems we've got to talk about in the seven day forecast. some winter weather could be returning. i'll tell which you days will be impacted. which commutes will be impacted and if we're talking about rain or snow. and talk about special deliveries. local hospital that saw nearly a dozen babies born on this leap day. ♪
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♪ >> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ in light of the fm 2i versus apple debate new york judge has sided with apple. the judge says of the u.s. justice department cannot force apple to provide the f2i with access to lock data regard to drug case in brooklyn and gives support to apple's position in it's hard to hack into the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino attackers. temple university is getting
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the attention of a record number of perspective students. more than 32,000 people submitted freshmen application for temple university fall 2016 semester. that is a 15% increase over last year. school officials say applicants are setting records for diversity and academic strengths. the deadline for applications is tomorrow. well a weekly event in delaware county where hundreds turn out to bid against each other for all kinds things. we sent vittoria woodill to briggs auction to see why it's so popular. >> she took her gift of gab to the podium to try her hasn't at being an auctioneer. >> do you love the thrill of the hunt? the fast pace sounds of auctioneers on the bring of sales and the success of the score? well, welcome to briggs auction that's been in business for 83 years in garnet valley. >> it used to be they would have livestock and would have a sales during the day. at the end of the day whatever
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didn't sell they told sold at auction then it evolved into a full-time auction. >> reporter: guess what. >> anything found in the home that has value we bring it here and sell it the. >> reporter: furniture, housewares, collectibles, jewelry. >> is this peridot? >> yes. >> that's my birth stone. can i have that. >> no. art, classics and more and -- >> it all goes. at the end of the night this building is empty. >> how do you bid? they come in register for a number. they pick out what they're interested in. bid on it. >> and some make out like a bandit. >> we had a chinese scroll one time painted in the '70's by a famous artist in china that we estimated to bring a thousand to 1500. that brought $14,000. the beneficiaries were attend the sale they like to fall out of their chair. >> reporter: how do you sell it at the podium. >> as an auctioneer you start asking for a number that you want. >> reporter: okay. >> you ask for the number you think it will bring you start
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where the crowd starts uh-uh end when the bid is over. >> it's pretty simple. we'll put her to the test. >> you knew this was coming. >> i told her it's easy. i'll give you the mike. >> i'm going to improvise like i've done this before. >> right now we are auctioning off a camp basket if you put money towards this basket you'll be helping kids who need it and that's with cancer. we'll start the bidding at $50. >> $50 anybody? anybody $50. >> this is intense. i don't even know where i'm going. 300? come on. 350. i'm getting blue in the face. is this normal. keep up the momentum. 450. >> seriously. >> 500 going once, going twice, sold for 500-dollar! >> bravo. nicely done. >> the briggs auction takes place every friday starting at 3:00 in the afternoon and it goes well into the night p the items that go up for auction usually come from personnel
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estates. also, just so you know that basket i was playing auctioneer to was on behalf of kay's camp an organization that provides children battling cancer unique camping experience. i feel really proud that we work those people up to $500. >> your head was on swivel. >> you were everywhere in that room g the auctioneers are on stand for two hours a piece. i don't know how they do it. we talked for a living but to talk like that for two hours. >> they do mazing work. >> it's crazy. >> keep the energy up. it was tough. $500. >> really? >> i couldn't believe it. is this happening. ? are people actually doing them what i'm telling them to do. >> tori thank. >> kate joins us with our forecast. tomorrow first day of march. here we go. >> first day of march. meteorological winter will be over in, what, 42 minutes. >> it won't be long. it's not real winter. real winter ends march 20th. we are getting closer every
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little step towards spring a step in the right direction tom folks if you're looking for winter weather this year we may have at least a little bit in the forecast. let's get right it to a lot to talk about here. start off way look outside and you can see it's just pretty clear and quiet outside tonight. we had showers this morning afternoon turned out pretty great and the evening looking pretty good as well temperatures still in the 40s right now you definitely didn't need the big heavy par cass today. you don't need them tonight either. don't have them too far away. let's recap meteorological winter so far. it was warm and it was a bit snowy. it was a bit active snow mainly thanks to our storm in january ended up 7.5-inches above normal. it was warm. 5.8 degrees above average. add in today that certainly keeps it warm about 6 degrees above normal. typical el nino winter here. warm and active only 16 days of full sunshine this winter so we did have a lot of little storms here and there especially in february a lot of rain storms. we had that ice storm with little bit of snow on the front end it was an interesting winter but definitely on the warm side
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and finishing warm as well. pretty quiet outside as you can see right now. our next storm is still kind of developing over the northern plains it's right about here. this is going to get in late tomorrow night and impact your wednesday morning commute. we'll take a closer look at that in a moment. quick look what it feels like outside if you're taking the dog for one last walk before bedtime 47 in philadelphia. 34 chilly in millville. 40 in allentown right now. and 39 in mount pocono. it was a blustery day winds gusted to 35 or 40 miles an hour all across the region mainly from the west southwest. the winds have died down a bit now and tomorrow slightly cooler nan today less windy. pretty nice day. lots of sunshine here's 2:00 p.m. not even a cloud in the sky but that's going to change quickly. at this time tomorrow night we'll be tracking showers moving in from the west. these are going linger through the overnight hours you can see 3:00 a.m. rain and maybe even a rumble of thunder. they'll take awhile to clear especially down the shore eventually they will 8:00 a.m. rain at the coast. by 10am it looks like most of the rain is out of here and we may actually get sunshine back
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on wednesday afternoon. so again next storm showers develop tuesday night heaviest wednesday morning so your wednesday morning commute will be impacted probably not enough snow to cause flooding certainly slow downs on the roads. then we watch thursday night into friday. this storm cuts by to our south going to have fresh cold air to work with and could bring the risk for few snow showers on friday. so overnight tonight mainly clear, not as were indy. tomorrow nice day. sun and clouds and still mild. we start wednesday with some rain. then it turns colder. friday watch for snow showers your friday morning commute could be impacted by little bit of falling snow there's another system saturday night into sunday with rain or snow shower. none of these storms have a ton of moisture with them. a wild ride for this week of march. >> we're buckled in. don bell is here with what's next to sports g sixers go on third quarter scoring binge in d.c. was it enough? brayden schenn doesn't something he's never done before. fine out if the flyers could protect home ice again the
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>> nhl trade deadline came and went. go for a quick fix and/or patient be develop from win. the flyers chose the roster they currently have. they came into the night three points out of the final wild card spot they host the calgary flame. south philadelphia the scene before the game jimmy watson into the team hall of fame. he played on their two stanley cup winning teams in the '70's. first bead we go flyers down a goal. brayden schenn the equalizer. he wasn't done. to the second flyers up two-one and schenn again. this time off the deflect. three-one. or raffle and black. less than two minutes left in the second, mark straight to
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schenn, yes, brayden with his first career hat trick and the flyers beat the flames high scoring ave fair five-thee the final score. >> it's nice to score hat trick. got little scary there in the third and made it harder on ourselves. >> not easy to get. goals are hard to come by in this league goalies are so good. >> on to hoops. 24 hours brett brown used two words to describe this team. not professional. the sixers flat out non competitive against the magic last night. while losing their eighth straight game. tonight they host the -- look to take on d.c. in washington. all right. brett brown coaching them up early third quarter. sixers up by four. smith grabbing a loose ball and going coastal al at play for the nice jam. sixers up by six. john wall taking over the fourth quarter. sixers up by one but wall taking
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care of the rest. three-point play. the old-fashioned way the wiz take the lead. washington up by six. sixers with a mattah tour defense. john wall with 37 points. sixers go down 116-108. all right to baseball spring training is about to get a lot more interesting. grapefruit league play starts tomorrow and the phils host the blue jays. gonzales gets the start. no need to get any more we know what the exact number is. if the eagles hit sam bradford with franchise tag he would make $19.95 million this upcoming season. eagles have until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow to make that decision. in the meantime, reports say that they are trying to sign bradford to a long-term contra contract. check this out final round of the honda classic gary woodland in water hazard. decides to take the shot while wearing just his underwear. >> why because he was wearing white pants he did not -- that little hazard right there
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doesn't want to mess them up he decided i'll go with the boxer briefs. >> wait, are those the white -- that's a towel. >> it he had the white pants on the ground much those are boxer grieves. no doubt about that. >> if he hit the scott on the green i would have cut him a break. he hit the bunker. >> what are you thinking. >> very special deliveries when we come back.
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this leap day very busy day for deliveries at one local hospital. >> "eyewitness news" at paoli hospital where many leap babies were born today. february 29th. mainline health expected a dozen deliveries today. while last year there were only four or five and parent at the hospital tell "eyewitness news" no matter what day their little ones were born, they feel blessed to have healthy babies. happy birthday to all. >> ♪
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>> thanks so much for watching. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7am. for kate, don everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> omega's dean much the late show with stephen colbert is next with director spike jones. >> good night, family and sleep
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well. >> good night, family and sleep well. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (laughter) ♪


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