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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning, get ready to turn on those windshield wipers, a wet wednesday morning is on the roads but the rain is not the only big weather story to day, also contending with some wind out there. >> in the so much backup volume levels are starting but construction we have a couple accidents. >> we have had rain, win with that. >> absolutely that i with say plays a big part in what will slow you down here for sure but is there a nice end point to the rain. >> that is good news. >> it will come sooner then you think this frontal boundary is sipping right along. by the time we hit, by the time we go off air at 7:00 a a.m. this morning on "eyewitness news" we are likely to see the back edge of this pushing out of ocean
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county. that is some good news. the lets go outside. we have heavier pockets of the rapist specially note aable across atlantic county. traveling ac expressway for example you are running into this and it is heavy, almost blinding rain within that pocket. it is radar 101 where we have brightest, pretty colors we will end up with the heaviest in terms of the rainfall intensity. back edge very evidence the of this but you will be dealing will with damp road out there. let me put things into motion, the at a three hour loop, three hours ago back edge was still out toward harrisburg and now it is all the way into new jersey. this is moving along at a fast clip, that said, it is wind driven, you can tell there is wind with this. timing out rain, it is done by seven. still clearing coast in ocean, monmouth counties but tapering off west to east and see it sooner then later. totals upward of half inch because we have heavy rainfall intensity but it is slowing us down. meisha will have more. live look from palmyra cove nature park not so much
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shaking with this particular camera because it is anchored down but win is out there. but hey, visibility is in the terrible you can still make out center city sky line. looking at future win speed it doesn't real hi taper off even though systems will have cleared us, wind is turning more northwesterly and staying consistent around 20 miles per hour, right into the early afternoon. until we hit overnight, we are going to have to tiehl with the wind anytime, expect that it could still have gusts as high as 35 miles an hour, absolutely enough to send your trash cans down the road. keep that in mind. we will at best stay in the 40's here through better part of the day but we have long since hit our daytime high of 56 degrees. that happened early this morning but now that the cold front is crossing, meisha, cold air is taking over. >> it sound that way. we will just to have deal with the cards that we are dealt with. good morning everyone happy wednesday, happier you are jim with us this morning in malvern, 202 headlight moving past, route 401, looking okay,
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anywhere that i'm looking this morning we are seeing rain. we are seeing, wet roadways, we are seeing some slow downs, just start to happen. we have accidents we will get to in just a moment. make net this morning if you are leaving heading out the doorway. blue route southbound at mid county tolls, we are looking good. looking nice and quiet, damp out there. 309 headlights moving in the north bound direction at the turnpike looking quiet. this is where we have an accident up are moreland blair million road, make note of. that another accident just pay attention to this one east new port pike a at maryland avenue westbound lanes are block, completely block right now, eastbound lanes are reopened. i am going to have you disregard this alternate and we will put kirkwood highway. that is a better alternate for those moving in the westbound lanes where these lanes are block. then we have construction in delaware, route 13 north bound ramp to 295 south that ramp is closed. we have been talking about this and keep reminding you of that for those around that area, erika, back over to you.
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super tuesday lives up to its name for donald trump and hillary clinton. cbs news projections billion air developer the winner in seven states. marco rubio pick up his first win in minnesota, earlier this morning ted cruz won a a last calf after victories in his home state of texas and oklahoma. while cruz is stopping short saying candidates are going to drop out, trump is going after clinton. >> she hasn't straightened it the out by now theal not straighten it the out in the next four years. >> i think each of the candidates will assess results tonight and visit with their team and they will give it quiet prayer full contemplation and reflection and i will allow them time to do that. >> doctor ben carson says he is in the giving up, neither is john kasich who is expect to go win in several states including his native ohio. meanwhile clinton widened her lead begins bernie sanders winning seven states including arkansas where she was first
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lady. sanders won in his home state of vermont and three others. both democrats are asking voters to resist divisiveness that trump is promoting. >> when we bring our people together, when we do not allow the donald trump's of the world to divide us up. >> i believe deeply that if we resist the forces trying to drive us apart we can come together to make this country work for everyone. >> for the democrats, road to the to white house lead them to philadelphia, where the convention is. >> you probably noticed new jersey governor chris christie behind trum in florida last night. part of the the reason why six newspapers in the garden state want him to resign. gannett newspapers including the cherry hill courier post and vineland daily journal, called his long neglect of the the state, and his own selfish agenda christie backed trump after ending his own presidential bid. it goes on to say if christie
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does not step down new jersey voters should have a effort to recall him. in part, it the read what an embarrassment, utter disgrace. we're federal up with governor chris christie's organs, federal up with his opportunity 178, fed up with his hypocrisy and we're federal up with his sarcasm. there is in response yet from christie's office. 5:36. police hope thaw can help them track down man responsible for a terrifying knife attack inside an elevate the or in fishtown. we have surveillance video right here, terrible to watch. this is the attack. that happened last saturday a at huntington el station on kensington avenue. police say that man stabbed the 30 year-old would 30 times. he got away, she was able to crawl out to get help if you recognize her, you are asked to call police right a way. >> a birthday present for founder of lamborghini and big day for american markets. money watches jill wagner joins us from the new york
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stock exchange with that and more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bulls marched into a new month of trading, dow jones jumped 348 points, nasdaq finished 131 points higher, that is the biggest one day gain since august. soon you'll get direct tv without that bulky satellite dish. at&t which bought them last year is launching three new streaming video options. they are targeting cord cutters. the service will run on apps. they will be less expensive then current direct tv bundles. ford is out with the list of the world's richest people, bill gates is still number one, the man behind the dara fashion chain moved up to second. warren buffet is third even though helps network dropped as his stock market lost value. most billion airs, china has most new comers. for those billion air lamborghini rolled out its most powerful car ever, it is a 770-horsepower sports called, and it is to mark what
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would have been founder's 100 birthday. car cost two million-dollar, there are only 40 being made. erika, in case you are interested they are already sold out. >> well, darn, okay. i will take my deposit back. >> have a great day. eagles will have a new coach when the season rolls around but at quarterback they are sticking with sam. sam bradford and eagles agreed to the two year, 36 million-dollar deal yesterday with 26 million guarantied. he can buy one of those cars. twenty-eight year-old quarterback set eagles season record in completions and completion percentage last season. many fans we spoke with say that they are cool with the move. >> with that kind of money and support, we want him here in philly with the the new coach, i think it could be a a good thing. >> getting pretty excited, a lot of money but better than anybody else that they were going to get. >> bradford is expected to speak to the media tomorrow and will hear what he is saying about sitting in the
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new coach doug pederson's offense next season. still ahead this morning, startling video you have to see here, young boy tum also out of the moving van into on coming traffic. he is okay this morning don't worry, we will tell you how he found out. quick move that saved him from a bigger disaster, jan. life imitating art, pennsylvania ballet is preparing for this weeks premiere of this art and coming up we will show you real life story behind dancing you will see on stage. >> ♪
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waiting for this story all morning long, this week is world premiere of the pennsylvania ballet the's and this person focuses on a love story, something that stars certainly noah lot about. eye witt the necessary news reporter jan carabao joins us live from the the ballet's rehearse willal studio on broad street with more on their special connection, looking like our own ballerina herself, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. you will love these dancers. now, this couple plays on stage love and that comes easily to them because they
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are also newly engaged. their real love love story takes them to cuba, all around the world, finally to right here in pennsylvania. >> ♪ >> they call the pennsylvania ballet home. forty members of the company's family. they spend hours, together in the class room. the last three weeks rehearsal. with the final notes from artistic director angel herrera, they are just about ready for opening night. they are lead in the ballet new show. >> i'm are excited, of course. >> for me it is going way too fast. i wish i could enjoy it more. >> reporter: core member thinks first lead for his
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etienne, and first time the sole will oweist will start as the love. they have a man of means. >> story is all about that, they are trying to runaway together and stay together. >> characters not far removed from the pair's real life after dating for six years, last month, he asked myara to marry him. she said yes. >> i was surprised. i didn't expect it. >> that is why i did it. >> their love story runs deeper, both from cuba the couple first met in cuba after she sought asylum to the you had. >> when we came here to live with my uncle my uncle told me he could not afford it, so i had to start working. >> i told her i will help her get back. >> he held mayara with training and then traveled in
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the world with all of the same companies. each others source of support. on thursday, before the curtain rises, etienne and mayara will take a quiet moment before they take the stage. >> little kid right before we go on stage, and everything is fine. >> a true love story, on stage, and off. >> good, good. >> reporter: now they plan to get married next summer after the ballet season is a all over and they can do some planning. that will happen they say in cuba it starts tomorrow and runs through the 13th. erika, back over to you. >> just a beautiful love story and what an impressive athletes, my goodness. all right, jan, thanks very much. i don't think she could hear me right there. >> 5:45. grab an umbrella before you walk out the door, katie is
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tracking your storm this morning. glad you can hear me in the studio. >> it is helpful thaw are only 25 feet away from me. >> yes. >> that is all right. we are definitely you are right looking at wet weather out there right now w that said we will rely heavily on our eyewitness weather watch tours find out how conditions are changing for them at the drop of the hat here. these are most up to date observations we have got. 50 degrees, mild beginning to the morning from ed, he does still have in chesterfield fine drizzle. it the is still warm. i know he is not going to go necessariry find this but it is still mild but he is one of the folks, delaying getting out the door with the walk with the dog. 49 degrees the temperature sent in from margot, she too has in buena a vista township finding wet weather, windy conditions, that is other side effect we will get with this. let me take you to the poconos. 45 degrees coming in from keith, one of the most remote eyewitness weather watchers, so grateful for the report but clear skies up in a
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saylorsburg and rain has stop, skies clearing out, with a warm breeze but the roads are wet and he definitely needs to slow things down. here's why, very obvious, right. so far removed from our area too warm for that. now that we have this cold front slicing through the warmth, it is going to start to get colder with time. then beyond that point cold air sets the stage for the next system to bring us some snow. so we are looking ahead here to tomorrow night into friday morning, how much are we talking about as we put models into action here. we're only talking about a couple tenth of an inch, according to the models but would i say you can pick up to an inch or two worth of accumulating snow, on the unpaved surfaces especially. good little, bullet point list for you, light snow comes in. tomorrow night, in through midday friday, grassy, unpaved surface accumulation, coat to go 2 inches. might to have wipe off your windshield and then slow travel and keep in mind these minor disturbances tend to be
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ones that bring biggest travel headaches. meisha can agree with that. we will get to that in a second. quick check of the seven day temperatures starting to fall off. we have arrow pointing town for a reason. we have hit 56, hours ago, temperatures will continue to decline. friday coldest day, perfect timing, meisha just when next round of precipitation comes in. >> i suppose so, we are still trying to get the s word i don't want to say it, is friday. that is good news. today, you're waking up to rain, wet the roadways that will cause you slow downs but overall things are looking actually pretty darn good as we push toward the 6:00 o'clock hour. take a look outside, i-95 headlights in the southbound direction at the vine, volume levels are starting to increase and overall they are looking nice and they have been holding fairly steady all through 5:00 o'clock which is nice to see on a busy wednesday. king of prussia, schuylkill, highlights moving in the eastbound direction past 202. you can see both areas heating up ever so slightly but it doesn't so much look like the rain, coming down at this point but now that we are
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seeing in the camera but we are still seeing, a lot of damp roadways, in fact, you can see it the just by tail lights, all that rainy suppose caking up on the windshield of the cars behind it. give yourself some room from the car in front of you and because we can get pooling and hydroplaning. accident a at new port pike at maryland avenue westbound lanes are still block. use an alternate. i would use circumstancewood highway but eastbound lanes are now reopened. another accident is in upper more land, blair million road at wittmor road. a as accidents happened on the roadways give yourself some extra time. you will need it. erika, back over to you. traffic cameras wind up catching all sorts of things but wait until you see what a car camera caught right here. this is eastern china where a two year-old boy tumbles outside a back on the ran in traffic. he is okay. good samaritan saw it happened and swooped into pick that boy up who was not hurt.
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it turns out the back door of the van was damaged and was not closed properly but thank goodness he is okay. all right. are your electronics leaving the door opened wide open for hackers, how device you use every day could leave you vulnerable. steps you should take to protect yourself. we will be right back.
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first time since federal prosecutors forced april toll unlock a i phones belonging to the one of the san bernardino terrorist. director testified before the house commit thee hearing yesterday, and he says that the fbi's request is specific to san bernardino shooter said farouk's iphone. did he acknowledge forcing april toll unlock that phone would set a precedent. >> there are no demonness this debate. the company is not evil, government is not evil, we have a whole lot of good people who see world through difference lenses who care about things, all care about the same things in my view. company's care about public safety, fbi cares about innovation and privacy. we try to stop people from stealing our innovation, our secrets, and hack nothing to our devices. >> apple's top lawyers argued any hacking software provided to the fbi can, and will lead to a broaden coach.
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on privacy and security. if your home is filled with smart devices they are supposed to make life easy but they can make you an easy target for hackers. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan lets you know how to protect your home. >> reporter: it seems everything these days is connect to the internet, baby monitors, refrigerators with cameras built right into the door, even toys are tied to the web. >> how are you. >> reporter: they have processors that transmit and receive date, it is part of the exploding category of connected devices called the internet of things. >> we will have, something in the neighborhood of 20 billion of these devices, on line, by 202. >> reporter: tech security researchers todd beardly says gadgets that send out information on the internet can also let hackers into your home. >> last spring a new york city couple was hard filed to hear a man talking to their three-year old through a web connect baby monitor. this web site features hijacked camera feeds from
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homes around the world. so changes your router's default pass word is a a must. >> you don't have to be a particular sophisticated attacker to guess your pass word is the pass word. >> reporter: once one device is compromised hackers can learn a a lot about you. >> first name, last name, zip code, date of birth. i have a a good data set to use directly for crime or solve it. >> now internet security experts always recommend creating unique pass word for your device and change them often. you should also check for software updates for all of your connect gadgets. in the meantime you can reduce your chance of a hack's tack by turning off your device when they are not actively in use. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. the community comes together to help clean up the vandalized ground of the roxborough high school. those vandals hit lankenau environmental science magnate high school last month driving over ground and leaving behind that muddy mess. the philadelphia horticultural society has come into help with the restoration and has
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set up a a a web site for donations. roxborough happies offered to donate soil and four separate contractors have also offered their expertise, vehicles, and manpower, free of charge. coming up next on "eyewitness news" more on super tuesday and what the the results mean moving forward. also a six five-year old man walking with his wife, when he is harassed and assaulted by two men. we are live with how he turned the tables on his attackers and whether he will face charges. and look at this, a dog, with braces, but these are not crook. find out yes has a mouthful of met aal when we come right back, good morning.
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good morning, wet and windy as we start our wednesday off with this rain, should be moving out of here pretty soon, and authenticate i's track something snow. she will let you know what those flakes will fall and fit will stick. first though to super tuesday come nation by donald trump and hillary clinton as front runners take steps toward locking up their parties nomination. it is wednesday march 2nd i'm erika von tiehl. here's a break down, trump
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won alabama, arkansas, georgia and massachusetts. he is winner in tennessee, vermont and virginia senator ted cruz is still in the running by winning in alaska, oklahoma and his home state of texas. on the other side clinton is closer to the democratic nomination by winningal bam, virginia, georgia, and massachusetts. she also won in tennessee, texas and arkansas where you you will recall she was the first lady. meanwhile senator sanders scored victories in colorado, minnesota, oklahoma and his home state of versace monday. joining us live mark albert live in washington d.c. explain what this outcome means for all of the campaigns, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you could see from those numbers that on the republican side the night belonged to donald trump a and for the democrats, hillary clinton expanded her lead over bernie sanders but so far, no candidate is calling it quits. after securing key victories in several delegate rich es


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