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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> mccoy accused of being involved in a bar fight, that enters -- injured two philadelphia police officers. good afternoon, i'm rahel sullivan. erika von tiehl is off today. mccoy was spot in the los angeles over the weekends with desean jackson. when asked about assault allegations he had this to say. >> how do i look today? >> all right, clearly he did
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not want to talk about it, now, mccoy has not been criminally charged in connection to the old city night club incident from february 7th. the district attorney is still reviewing the case, and has said he wants to get it done right, not necessarily fast. and, turning to werth, it is shaping up to be a great week, but which days are best for outdoor plans? meteorologist, justin drabick live on the cbs-3 skydeck. >> today will be the coolest day out of the next several. looks like this warming trend could extends into next week, as well, and already the winds is starting to kick up. that's going to be key in our forecast to help bring the warmer air n full sunshine outside. temperatures responding nicely after chilly start this morning, with 20's, 30's, already up to 54, officially at the airport, southwest winds kicks up sustained at 14 miles per hour, and breezy conditions really continue through the afternoon. that is about the worse of this forecast, for today. again, mostly sunny skies, look at that, everybody's pretty much in the 50's, the
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exception is up in the mountains where it is 48 mount pocono, where they're dealing with nice spring skiing conditions up at the resort, 55 already in reading, lower 50's down toward the shore points. suburbs kind of the same deal at this hour, 52 quakertown, and in doylestown, everybody is in the full sunshine. winds sustained at about 15-20 miles per hour through the rest of this afternoon. like i said, with the strong early march sun, it does feel pretty good outside. so here's what to expect. temperatures going to be well above average today, protect dollars by high pressure, across the mid-atlantic really the next several days, so locked into this dry weather pattern, 59 for afternoon high today, 9 degrees above average, even at the shore, upper 50's, and near 50 up in the mountains in the poconos. so there you go. now talking about the first 70 degrees day of the year. i'll let you know that arrives, breaking records, as well, full forecast in a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. >> looking forward to it, thanks, justin. >> this afternoon all lanes of the schuylkill expressway are back open, but it wasn't that way this morning.
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take a look. chopper three over city avenue at the schuylkill, apparent chain reaction crash, happened about quarter of 10:00 and snarls traffic for awhile. there are no reported injuries, and police are investigating exactly what happened. tight squeeze for tractor hauling a modular home in chester county this morning. the tractor got stuck in the cattle shoot along the route 202 onramp from the 30 bypass. crews moved few concrete barriers to help the trailer back on it way. no one was hurt, but did cause a slight back up. >> haddon township man accused of killing his three year old son last fall will face a judge again next month. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at camden's hall of justice with what dj creato's lawyers are saying about their plans for the case. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, rahel. this was just a procedural hearing. you never know when new information is going to come to light in this case that shocked haddon township. now, prosecutors have said they believe 22 year old dj creato killed his three year
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old son, brendan creato, in an effort to apiece a teenage girlfriends. little brendan was reported missing by family in october 13th of last year, and then found a few hours later in the woods. this case has been shrouded a mystery because autopsy results could not determine exactly how the little boy died. creato's attorney spoke to us after court and said his client is not guilty and he's not considering a plea bargain at this time. >> at this time we're just gearing up for trial. you know, we are going to aggressively defend mr. creato. he is presumed innocent every these charges, we'll do everything that we can to make sure that the people know it, and that everyone knows what his family knows, which is that he didn't commit this crime. >> this was a very short hearing, creato actually didn't speak, he is scheduled to appear in court april 18th. live in camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, cleve, thank you. and, police in north philadelphia are searching for a well dressed gunman who seriously injured a fast-food
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worker. this is surveillance video of the church's chicken on north broad street showing the alleged gunman in a hat. police say the man was valved in a southern al altercation, the suspect pulled gun, shot 19 year old employee three times after he tried to calm the situation. an eyewitness tells about the moments after that. he was talking to me, saying god, why me, why me, why me. and he was sweating. i was wiping the sweat off his head the whole time. i was with him the whole time until the ambulance came. >> police say the alleged gunman was in his 50's, with gray beard, if you recognize the man in the video, please call police right away. police say a tired driver hit several parked cars early today in collingswood, camden county. it happened on crescent boulevard near taylor avenue about 3:30 this morning. the driver is being checked out. no word so far though on the extent of his injuries.
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philadelphia l & i officials are evaluating the structural integrity of this home in grays ferry after car crashed into the house early today. police say a driver lost control and hit the house along the 1300 block of south 28th street, there were no injuries, and the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> american flags across the country are flying at half staff in memory of nancy reagan. the former first lady died yesterday at her home in los angeles. funeral arrangements are expected to be released today. correspondent chris martinez takes a look back at the life and legacy of nancy reagan. >> flowers and cards, pay tribute to nancy reagan, outside the ronald reagan presidential library. >> and museum. >> the former first lady known as president reagan's most fears protector, trusted political advisor. no moment caught their relationship better than when nancy told her husband how to answer a reporter's question. doing everything we can her
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best known project as first lady was her campaign against drug abuse. >> just say no following the president's altzheimer's diagnosis in 1994, she controversially advocated for stem cell research. >> nancy will be burried here at the ronald reagan presidential library next to her husband of 52 years. >> she was quite a presence, completed the man. >> colin powel served in the administration, recalls the president depending on his wife so much, that he would finds it difficult whenever nancy would take a trip. >> we new after about 24-48 hours, he started to become fret full, start today become distracted, and on the third day we would have little meeting, somebody call up there and tell us she has to come home. >> the white house lowered it flags to half staff monday morning, and nancy reagan's memory. chris martinez, cbs news, semi valley california. >> stay with cbs-3 for
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recoverage as we remember the life and legacy of the first lady. extended coverage on our website how hollywood is remembering nancy reagan. >> some university of georgia student are using their spring break to enhance the lives of other. they were given warm welcome in philadelphia, organization that advocates for people with intellectual disability. the student will team up with buddies, and spend the week sightseeing across the stage. this is the ninth year student from the university of georgia have taken alternative spring break with the organization. a country music star comes to philadelphia, to make a statement about patriotism. what he did this morning on the independence mall. coming up. it is no spark plug, crazy sign-in side a truck engine, why it seems this big snake just wants to be part of the family. and, before you reach for that afternoon pick me up, listen up: we'll tell you what healthy snack you can munch on that could help reduce your body mass index. that's in the health watch this noon, we're
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>> welcome back, normally whether your car is rattling it is an engine issue, but this time, it was actually rattling. it was a snake, a horrifying fight a zimbabwe man who found this huge python under the hood of his truck. apparently the slimy guy just likes this family, because it was the second time in one day the dad had to remove this snake from his property. >> better than i could be. superbowl champ peyton manning
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is going out a winner, calling a career in just a few hours in denver. manning won the super bowl with the denver broncos this past season, five time mvp only quarterback to lead two different teams to superbowl wins. manning is 39 years old, he's passing up 19 philadelphia to retire after 18 years in the nfl. pennsylvania governor tom wolf plans to make good on campaign promise to raise the minimum wage. expected to sign executive order today raising minimum wage for state workers and employees of contractors to 10:15 an hour. current rate 7.25 an hour. the governor's also expected to call on lawmakers to increase the minimum wage state wide. turning to campaign 2016 now, voters on both sides head to the polls in michigan and mississippi tomorrow. while republicans will also vote in hawaii and idaho. correspondent mark albert tells us how the race is shaping up.
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>> rubio said he's not going anywhere specially after big win in puerto rico. >> it proves what i've been saying. we don't have to be more moderate to win these elections, we have to be authentically conservative. >> but cruz won the most delegates this weekend with big victories in kansas and main, now trails trump by just 81. >> if we get head-to-head i beat done add trump. >> i would love to take on ted one-on-one. that would be so much fun. >> on the democratic side, the focus is on michigan, where hillary clinton and bernie sanders held a heated debate in flint. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you are talking about the wall street bail-out, where some of your friends destroyed this economy. >> you know? >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> but both candidates agreed
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on one thing. >> we are if-ee elected president going to invest a lot of money into mental health. and when you watch these republican debates, you know why we need to invest in mental health. >> mark albert, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of campaign 2016. bring you the latest on tv and on line at still ahead on "eyewitness news", are you a royal watcher? we have some adorable new photos of the royal children on vacation. >> and, are you getting ready for lunch? what you might want to add to your meal to help avoid obesity, details on your health watch. justin? >> and we're on target for our first 70 degrees day of the season, also, should be breaking some records, as well, later this week. we'll breakdown that forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> check your freezer, chicken nuggets are being recalled because they may have small pieces of plasmic them. natural chicken chicken nuggets, sold in 8-ounce boxes with a best before date of september 27th, 2016. if you have the chicken nuggets return them to the store for a refunds. >> in you are snacking there could be something to prevent owes bees at this. sneaking on peanuts and peanut butter seem to help lower body mass index. study followed middle school children who swapped out peanuts for unhealthy smacks, after 12 weeks, the children who ate the nuts had a lower body mass index than those who did not. and they continued to lower their bmi for 12 weeks after
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the study. very neat. and justin joining us now probably good time to lower your body mass index, hit the gym, it will be warm soon. >> be outside more and more. this week, certainly, getting your shot at it. hopefully i can start to leave my snow graph irks. >> we can do that. >> remember, it is march, i'm sure we will still have colder days later this month, but no sign of winter, for the next week maybe two weeks, temperatures surging well above average, and probably breaking some records, as women. one spot that will be hot in about two and a half months, down at the beach, live look at the shore, margate, deserted right now. now, with these warmer temperatures you think hey i want to hit the beach but remember the ocean temperature chilly in the 40's, air temperatures along the shore points still pretty cold in the 50's, even though we will be dealing with 70s, for the inland locations later on this week. so, here's the trend. just off to the races with our temperatures. over the weekends, actually cooler than average, 50's where we should be this time of year, not even close to that saturday, yesterday upper
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four's, today well to the 50's, tomorrow, getting close to 70. wednesday, easily, reaching the 70s, and that's the day probably setting nam routes over a lot of locations, mid 50's already this hour. mid 50's, dover delaware, real warmth across the midwest, des moines 67 degrees, 62 st. louis, mild air tracks eastward, mid-atlantic for the next few days, also locked into dry weather pattern notice cloud free skies, eastern pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, all of the storms will stay to the west, and north, as we are protected buenos ridge of high pressure. now, spring officially ace rivals less than two week, sunday morning at 12:30, just over 12 hours and ten minutes of daylight, but it is already going to be feeling like spring coming at us for the next several days as the jet stream is on the move over the weekends it was to the south of us. that's why we were cool. next week or so, well to the north. so highs running 15 to
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25 degrees above average. high pressure protecting us just off shore, where you want it to be, if you like warmer air, because we get the southwest winds, that just continues to pump in the milder air, look at that, just dry, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and really not until what saturday next chance for some rain, well to the 50's, maybe some spots hit 50, tonight not as cold, keep it in the four's, then for tuesday getting close to 70 degrees, some areas that could hit it, or obviously away from the water, maybe down toward dover nearing 70 tomorrow afternoon. wednesday, this is what we would have to beat to set some records the atlantic city, 78, that will be tough, but reading, wilmington, philadelphia, all in the low and mid 70s, that certainly is beatable, and those were setback in the year 2,000. nice and mild this afternoon, 59 degrees sunshine, few clouds around, low of 46 degrees. here we go extended forecast, 50's today, close to 70 on tuesday, well into the 70s wednesday, and that would be a
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record day. thursday, still very warm, maybe a sprinkle, late in the day, some spots, i think we're dry, friday, still the 60s, the weekend better chance of showers mainly later saturday, into sunday, and we say cooler still in the 50's. don't forget to turn the clocks forward one hour saturday night daylight saving time arrives. >> it is spring. >> yes, time of year. >> thanks, justin. and we are getting new look at the royal family on vacation. prince william and his wife kate took their children presence george and princess charlotte on the slopes in the french alps. look how big the kids are getting, george will be three, charlotte turns one in may. apparently after i had skiers, but this is first ski trip as family of four. very cool. >> good time. >> you got to get the kids out on the slopes early as soon as they can walk. >> just keep doing it, just like riding a bike. >> is it? i'll take your word for it. coming up: country star comes to philly and gets patriots i can.
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to philly and gets patriots i can. find your body is a finely tuned instrument. diarrhea can throw it out of rhythm. imodium multi symptom relief combines two powerful ingredients to relieve diarrhea faster and ease gas, cramps and bloating. restore rhythm with imodium.
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>> coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 i am proving items in your home from gadgets to kitchen appliances. we'll take a look at some of the most talked about products from the international home and housewares show, how they promise to make your life easier today at 5:00. and, tonight at 6:00 we just heard justin talking about it, temperatures in the 70s, are on their way this week. spring is right around the corner and that means, allergies, health reporter stephanie stahl will tell just it will be a specially bad allergy season this year. that's new at 6:00.
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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag ... >> leading fans, in each of the original 13 colonist, and the district of columbia, a un he's doing it in two days. smith started yesterday, he hit independence hall this morning, he wraps the trip up in new york tonight. >> and if you are a granger smith fan or just love country music check out the academy of country music awards. mark your calendars, it is on sunday, april 3rd, right here on cbs-3. and it is something to snap crackle and pop about. today is national cereal day, from rice chris piece to frosted flakes to corn pops, nearly half of all americans start their day with a bowl of cereal. 2.7 billion boxes of cereal are sold every year.
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which is enough to wrap around the globe 13 times. and justin tells me his favorite is cinnamin toast crunch. >> so addicting, i swear. a lot of favorites out there, but that's up therefore me. >> and mine is lucky charles. >> charles, good one, too. >> sugar. >> yes. >> got to go with the sugar cereal in the morning. >> exactly. well that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm rahel solomon for erika and kate how are off, justin and all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00ment and we're always on line at >> the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> victoria: with dad in jail, it's been so chaotic here. the media won't let up. the business pages are nailing newman. and the department heads are bombarding me with questions. i'm sorry, but i don't have the answers. >> nikki: listen to me. i know you can handle this, okay? you just stay strong, keep your focus, let the world know that even though victor has fallen, the company will not. >> victoria: yeah, well, we both know it won't be that easy. and i keep expecting adam to show up and stake his claim. >> victor: getting ahead of yourself? >> nikki: victor. >> victoria: you made bail. >> victor: you probably wish i hadn't. steal this company right out from under me, right? get out of the chair. i have work to do. >> phyllis: i want you to convince victor to trust you


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