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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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apartment. sir, did you leave that child loan in that filthy apartment as police claim? stanley hampton offered no explanation nor did his female companion brittany mcfadden. did you leave him alone as alleged? no reason why they a allegedly left hampton's two and a half year-old son alone, inside what police described as a filthy trash filled apartment, this pile of items on the floor, officers claim the little boy's bed. >> he was wearing a t-shirt. the apartment itself, unsanitary conditions, garbage on the floor, dirty diapers. >> reporter: sergeant mark extant on had been told the child might be home alone after being alerted by a neighboring department who had just stopped past on a a drug charge. >> all four burners were activated which was causing the alarm to be heated. >> a animal should not be living in this apartment, as the kindes word i should say. >> reporter: officers believe the child moth are and
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companion was gown about an hour. after taking the suspects into custody the police quickly concentrated on doing all that they could, to comfort the frightened little boy. >> overall, officer rocco, and they walk him over to our police station. he is there right now watching cartoons on one of our computers. he is in good spirits. >> reporter: little boy now in the care of county youth services, light this afternoon the two suspects a arraigned, held in $50,000 cash bail, and, they have been remanded to delaware county prison. live from radnor police headquarters i'm walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news police pursuit from darby delaware county end with the crash in southwest philadelphia a chopper three over the scene at 53rd and catherine, police say two suspects inside a red ford focus caused a multi vehicle wreck at the intersection a and then crashed into two parked cars. the suspects were arrested after brief foot chase. four people in the other cars were taken to penn presbyterian in stable condition.
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well, a toddler is recovering this evening after police say he was struck by a hit and run driver in the olney section of the philadelphia a chopper three over 200 block of west gaining avenue when police say the one year-old was hit around 2:00 o'clock. police also tell us that the young boy is in stable condition, and at this time there is no description of the vehicle or driver. well, new video of the lesean mccoy surfaces as running back awaits word on when will face charges in connection to the olde city bar fight. when asked about the case, he had this to say. >> unaudible. >> reporter: mccoy was spotted heading to a lakers game in l.a. with another former eagle desean jackson there to the right. mccoy ace ledge to have participated in a fight that injured two philadelphia police officers on super bowl sunday. nfl is also conducting its own investigation into the incident which it says is ongoing. switching gears talking weather you cannot say enough about this weather, really nice day can really change your mood and wardrobe too people out in shorts
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exercising on kelly drive today. this is the chilliest day of the week. that is some good news. lets look at a the forecast with meteorologist kate bilo live on the sky deck. how is it feeling, kate. >> is there something about a day like today that lifts your spirits. we have blue skies, comfortable temperatures, little bit of cool breeze today but it will warm up considerably through the next several days. if you liked today you'll love tomorrow and wednesday, so it could be icing on the cake. the let look at storm scan three just quickly moth much to show you outside, skies are completely clear hard pressed to find a cloud in the sky right now and our days are actually lasting longer, that sunset time is getting later and later each day and we are less than a week from daylight savings time. heading out to storm scan three over midwest a few cloud drifting through ohio and back to the west and we will see a few clouds early tomorrow morning and then sun returns in the afternoon. it is mild right now at 60 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-four in reading. sixty in trenton. for the rest of this week, way the two north and we're
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talking about highs 15 to 25 degrees above average, even with a couple of record breakers possible. coming up we will tell you which days we can break records and when it could turn wet. back inside to you. >> thank you, kate. septa police held a news conference to discuss outcome of the investigation from last october in which a man died while in custody. "eyewitness news" reporter a anita oh is live outside septa headquarters in center city with the new policy changes the agent i now has in place, anita. >> reporter: ukee, back in october a septa officer taserd that man ten times in two minutes but after an internal review, septa officials say something else caused omar lopez a's death. october 26th, 2015... surveillance video shows a septa a officer struggling with an unrulely man for eight minutes at huntington station on the the market frankford line. >> at one point mr. lopez
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punched the officer, and grabbed at the officer's gun belt. >> reporter: septa chief thomas nestel said it began when omar lopez got the in the verbal argument with another man as a transit official was locking up that station. >> he heard mr. lopez using racial slurs towards the other man and that the discussion was becoming more heated. >> reporter: nestel says when the officer could not calm lopez a attempted a arrest. when that didn't work. >> he deployed the taser ten times all for less than five seconds. >> reporter: that is not what eventually killed lopez, according to a medical examine shore ruled the death as accidental, a drug overdose by pcp. still chief nestle admits the officer made a mistake. >> is there a closer hospital's piss pal happies .6 of a mile from the location. frankford area happies 3 miles, 3.3 miles. the sergeant was mistaken about what hospital to go to. >> reporter: septa officials are not release ago this officer's name because of an
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on line death threat made against him but they say because of the tragedy positive changes are being implemented in the transit department including gps tracking for officers and providing communication specialist with a master list of the closest hospital, to an incident. >> i want faith and trust to exist in the transit police. >> reporter: back here live, all of these video and auto recordings from that night will be posted on line. per septa policy they cannot say how that sergeant was discipline but did say he is still employed. septa administration investigation, philadelphia police are still investigating, and they well deciding whether or not to press criminal charge is a against that sergeant. live at septa headquarters i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile south jersey father charge with the murder of his three-year old sonnies due back in front of the judge next month. david creato junior appeared for a hearing this morning. prosecutors say the 22-year old killed his son brendan in
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an effort to keep his teenage girl friend from leaving him. child was reported missing by his father october 13th. brendan's body was found hours later in the woods. creato's lawyer says that he is not guilty. >> at this time we're just gearing up for trial. we are going to aggressively defend mr. creato. he is presumed innocent of these charges a and we will do everything that we can to make sure that people know it and everyone knows that his family knows that he didn't commit this crime. >> creato is scheduled for another status hearing on april 18th. police are hunting for gunman that they say seriously injured a fast food worker in north philadelphia a this surveillance video shows the gun man in the feddero hat walking in the church's chicken on north broad street yesterday evening. the suspect was involve in the verbal altercation with a worker who was cleaning nearby. they say this man pulled a gun and shot the 19 year-old employee three times after he tried to calm the situation. eyewitness talked about the
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moments after this. >> why me, why me, why me, and then i know he was sweating. he was wiping the sweat off his head, i was with him the whole time, until the minute an ambulance came. >> police say the alleged gunman was in his 50's with a gray beard. if you recognize the man in that surveillance video please contact the police. nancy reagan will be laid to rest friday next to her husband ronald reagan. former first lady died of congestive heart failure at her california home yesterday at the age of 94. chris martinez has more on the tributes that have been pouring in across the country. >> reporter: flowers and card paid tribute to nancy reagan outside ronald reagan presidential library and museum. >> first lady of the united states, nancy reagan. >> reporter: former first lady will lie in repose for public visitations two days before her funeral on friday. nancy will be buried here at ronald reagan presidential library next to her husband, of 52 years. dignitaries from across the
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country are spoke to attend. >> we are estimating a thousand people will be here for this ceremony. that is what we are planning for. it will be outdoors, rain or shine. >> reporter: nancy reagan was known as president reagan's most fierce protect ter and political advisor. her best known project was her campaign against drug abuse. >> just say no. >> reporter: following the president's alzheimer's diagnosis in 1994 she controversially advocated for stem cell research. former secretary of state general colin powell served in the reagan administration. he recalled the president's depending on his wife so much that he would find it difficult whenever nancy would take a trip. >> we knew after about 24 to 48 hours he started to become fret full, he started to become distract and on the third day we would have a meeting, somebody call up there and say she has got to come home. >> he was lucky to have her. he would be first to being a knowledge that. she will be missed. >> reporter: white house lowered it flags to half staff monday morning as nancy reagan's memory.
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chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the funeral is close to the public but it will be televised. public can pay their respects to the former first lady a as she layness repose at the reagan library think wednesday and thursday. stay with cbs-3 for continuing coverage as we remember life and legacy of the former first lady. when we're not on tell rigs check out our extended coverage on our web site at cbs is there much more to company come on "eyewitness news", is there car trouble and then there is this. some drivers frightening find under the hood and why it is not first time he had an even counter with this monster stake. plus this. i prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy and here we are today at the beginning of that journey. and she was born without a uterus but now this woman can get pregnant, health reporter stephanie stahl explains ground breaking surgery that will a allow her to have children. improving items in your home from gadgets to kitchen a
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a appliances, we will take a look at the most talk about products on the international home and housewares show, how they prom toys make your life easier. your body is a finely tuned instrument. diarrhea can throw it out of rhythm. imodium multi symptom relief combines two powerful ingredients to relieve diarrhea faster and ease gas, cramps and bloating. restore rhythm with imodium.
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credit the cbs-3 healthwatch we will finally get the to meet would the man who is making history after receiving the nation's first uterus transplant. we told but the operation last week and today, the hospital, revealed details of that surgery. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain how this is giving new hope to other woman who cannot have children. >> very exciting, guys. for women without a uterus the dream of being a mother wasn't possible, until right now, well, donated uterus, it came from a woman in her 30's who died suddenly. recipient was chose's monk 250 women screened for the procedures. from a wheelchair at cleveland clinic lindsey explained when she was a teenager, doctors told her she would not be able to have children. >> for that moment on i prayed that god would allow me the opportunity, to experience pregnancy and here we are today, in the beginning of that. she was born without a womb,
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now she's first patient in the u.s. to receive a uterus transplant. >> a healthy uterus is look he moved from the deceased health would i man of reproductive age. the uterus is cool, transported and implanted in the recipient. >> reporter: ground breaking nine hour surgery was performed last month giving hope to millions of woman who cannot have children. >> women crave that experience of carrying their own pregnancy and we know those women will get that experience through uterus implantation. >> reporter: lindsey will to have wait a year, to try to get pregnant, through in vitro fertilization. the 26 year-old wanted to thank the donor's family. >> they have provided me with a gift that i will never be able to repay. >> reporter: now, doctors say that if this transplant works, after one or two pregnancies they will remove the uterus so that lindsey is not on anti rejection drugs for the rest of her life. she, by the way already has three adopted sons, but she
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says she has always wanted to have a biological child of her own and this could let this happen. >> yes. >> amazing. >> yes. >> exactly. >> thanks, stephanie. well, researchers say evidence is growing that peanuts could prevent obesity. study followed middle school children who swapped out peanuts and peanut butter for a healthy snack. after 12 weeks the children had a lower body mass index then those who did not and they continued to lower their bmi for 12 weeks after the study. telephone poles in the city are often covered with designed, some for sale, event, announcements. >> have you noticed something else recently. >> what are these yellow things nailed to telephone poles right here in our area we do have have video. it is tonight's good question. it is, submitted by viewers frank and anthony ricci. this is what they look like. we can only describe as yellow grids. they are popping up all over the place. what are they? does anybody know.
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>> maybe it is some type of like location device, that will tell you where the pole, which part of the pole is, which part of the town the pole is in, that is what i think it is. >> i don't know what it is. >> good guests, right. cut the guy a break he doesn't know. odd guess but we a appreciate the effort, so what are those yellow grids nailed to telephone poles in our area. i will have the answer to your good question tonight at 11:00. if you have a a good question out there we want to hear from you, log on to cbs question or tweet us using the hashtag cbs-3 good question. >> have me looking at telephone poles new. >> yeah. >> list of people that wanted to know. >> he said ask nicole what are those yellow things. >> yes. >> all right. >> kate bilo joins us with the the forecast now. were you saying today might be the coolest day. it was beautiful will today. >> of the week. >> beautiful day. it might be chilliest day we have all week.
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can you believe that. we are more than 10 degrees above average today, just imagine what the rest of the week will be feeling like it. >> bring it on. >> i'm ready like it. it is going to be just a stunning week we're talking about sunshine, really across the board a chance for showers later on this week. in the next few days, looking fantastic, in fact we will show you three day forecast at the end here and maybe the nicest one i have put the together since last fall, it is fabulous, but take a look outside speaking of fabulous look at this beautiful shot in the poconos, looking at lake there jack frost big boulder a a and what a beautiful view that is, nice and bright, blue skies, got near 60 in the poconos today and into the 60's here in philadelphia a lets take a look at a couple live neighborhood network sites and you can see a few more water views. that of course is ocean, boardwalk plaza and row rebeach what a beautiful shot. it looks like a summer evening. 57 degrees right now, little breezy. beach patrol headquarters in margate looking lovely a as waves roll in and we have had
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beautiful color in the the sky this evening. it is a lovely night out there days are getting longer and longer. we are gaining two and a half minutes of daylight and we have daylight savings time happening this coming weekend. get ready to spring, forward saturday night and sunday morning. the our sunset time at 6:00 which is good we are in the 6:00 o'clock hour but by sunday night 7:06 will be the sunset time sunday is possibly going to feel like summer with that long, long evening. march 31st our sunset at 7:24 p.m. so two and a half minutes of daylight each and every day. better to see the sun with. storm scan three shows clear skies. you can see cloud drifting from the west as warmer air lifts in. we could see a few clouds overnight tonight and tomorrow morning but just a hurling the arrival of the very warm air. mild outside right now. sixty-one in philadelphia. sixty in wilmington. you can see 70's off here to the south and those will be lifting in from the south, and west through the next few days. jet stream lifting well to the north and temperatures are
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surgeoning, as we head into wednesday, thursday, friday, you can see red colors moving in. this is on thursday, and we could break record. again we will go from the 40 a's this weekend. we have 61 today. seventy tomorrow. then in the mid 70's by wednesday and here are record we are challenging. record for wednesday is 73. looks like we will break that with a a high of seven 46789 record for thursday 76. we may get even higher then 74 on thursday. i will show you with the three day forecast coming up in one second. tonight a few patchy cloud, 46 . your tuesday, looking beautiful. i think we will hit 70, after a few clouds in the morning mostly sunny in the afternoon. here's that three day forecast i was talking about and what a beauty this looks like late may or memorial day weekend kind of weather here. wednesday, 75. seventy-six on thursday just a chance for sprinkle thursday evening but other than that next few days, beautiful. >> that is amazing. >> so good just hearing you say that. >> puts you you in a happy mood. >> it does.
5:21 pm
>> nice weather. >> yes, everybody is happy. >> yes. >> yes, right. >> thanks, kate. macintosh computers might not be as safe as we thought coming up a warning for apple users. >> this isn't your average guest, why beyonce made a surprise appearance and what she sang blew a crowd away. >> one of the nfl all time grates hanging up his jersey. payton manning are being unflappable gives an emotional speech, as he says good bye to football.
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welcome back, a legend has decided it was time to step a away from the game. >> payton manning, no doubt a first ballot hall of famer has called it a a career, and leslie, tell us more about it. >> it was one of the best retirement speeches i have ever heard. >> me too. >> interesting. >> he gave shout out to former eagle brian dawkins and late great jim johnson as he a said good bye to the game that he loved. >> i for the a good fight, i
5:25 pm
have finish my football race and after 18 years, it is time. >> reporter: payton manning retired as one of the nfl's greatest players. holding a mountain of record including five time mvp and all time leader in passing yards and touchdowns. >> there were other players who were more talented but there was no one who could out prepare me. because of that i have no regrets. >> reporter: he was first pick in the 1998 draft, and spent 14 years with the indianapolis colts. when he won a super bowl there. he he then moved to denver leading broncos to a improbable final act where at 39 he became oldest player in super bowl history to lead his team to the big win, last month. >> i reveer football, i love the game, so you don't to have wonder if i will miss it. a absolutely. absolutely. i will. >> reporter: players from around the nfl took to twitter to pay tribute to him today. temple grad and teammate brand an mcmahon assay
5:26 pm
congratulations to payton manning on a unbelievable career and his retirement today, hashtag goat. eagles linebacker connor barwin congrats on a incredible career, never forget what it was like playing against payton in indianapolis and control he had over the crowd, with one hand motion, he could make that stadium, absolutely quiet. payton did say there is one record wow like to forget he still holds rookie record for interceptions in the season. every year he pulls for a rook toy break it. coming up at 6:00 reportedly eagles making this huge trade with the dolphins, we will talk about who and what is at stake but i will say it is a biggie. >> so emotional. >> his dad at ten and 12 his dad played in the league, of course, archie manning. >> you see how much it meant to him. >> coming up in our next half an hour, hulk hogan's 100 million-dollar legal battle, the first to testify, and trial against web site gawker.
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find out what he said on the witness stan. hothouse wear trend from smart blenders to closet organizers we will take a lot the a the new smartest products we never knew he needed for your home. new at 6:00 why these puppies are going back to school in one south jersey university, and where they will go, when they graduate from their special, doggie program.
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hunting for delegates, the race for the republican presidential nomination is looking more like a two man field. donald trump is hoping to extend his lead over senator ted cruz as voters prior to hit poles in four states, tomorrow. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30 i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. hillary clinton and bernie saunders faced off in a heated debate ahead of the key primary in michigan.
5:31 pm
mark albert shows us how the race is shaping up. >> thank you. >> i need your help tomorrow. >> michigan took center stage in the presidential race a day before tuesday's primary. with hillary clinton hoping to gain upper hand against bernie sanders in the home of america's ought the owe makers. >> the vote was called and i voted for auto bail out. he voted against it. i also helped some other groups like the banks. >> reporter: but sanders who is trailing in michigan polls struck back. >> her assertion is untrue. unaudible. >> both parties vote tuesday in michigan, and mississippi, with the republicans, also casting ballots in hawaii and idaho. donald trump and ted cruz hope it will be a start to the knock out vote to marco rube row. >> he could not shall elect dog catch inner florida.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: rubio feeling confident from his dominant win in puerto rico vows he is not going anywhere. >> we don't have to to be more moderate to win these elections, we have to be conservative. >> reporter: cruz won the most delegates this weekend, and now trails trump by just 81. mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now latest cbs news battle ground tracker poll shows clinton has an 11-point lead in michigan. donald trump is up 15 points over ted cruz and lead marco rubio by 23 points. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2015. we will bring you latest on television and on line at cbs pennsylvania state workers are getting a bum in pay, govern tom wolf has raised minimum wage. governor signed an executive order raising the minimum wage for state workers and employees of the contractors to $10.15 an hour, which is a 3-dollar increase. it is part of the governor's jobs that pay initiative. >> this is fair for work hours
5:33 pm
have for too long lanning wish below poverty limit which is where current minimum wage has been living. >> reporter: governor says it is for a narrow group of employees and called on lawmakers to increase the minimum wage statewide. he said if expanded to the entire state, revenue would be boosted about 60 millions per year. well, isis is preparing for, enormous and spectacular attacks a against the west, that is the new warning from britain's top counter terrorism officer. police commissioner mark roundly says group is trying to bring syrian trained jihad is into northern europe to launch the attacks. he warns, that the terrorist are moving a away from military and police targets and focusing on western lifestyle. like what was seen in the paris attacks. decline in tsa screeners means you could seeing more long lines at the airport. while more people are flying this year number of screeners is down 15 percent since 2011. passengers and planes are
5:34 pm
building on twitter. head of the tsa peter messenger said agency is taking steps to do more with less. >> we are rethinking how we invest in technology and partnering with several lines, airports to develop and install a dramatically improved passenger screening environment in a couple key airports. >> head of the atlanta's airport isn't convinced and recent letter to the tsa he is considering replacing tsa screeners with private security workers. jurors reached a verdict in the civil lawsuit filed by sportscaster erin andrews over a video showing her name during a hotel stay. that verdict award andrews 55 million-dollar. the suit names the owner of the nashville marriott, group that manages the hotel and michael barrett, man who filmed andrews by tampering with the peephole. video that was recorded was released on line in 2009. andrews testified last week, that at points breaking down in tears. hulk hogan is in court for his trial against the news web
5:35 pm
site gawker, hogan whose real name is terry is suing web site for 100 million-dollar propose continuing a video of hogan having sex with the former wife of his then best friend radio personality, buba the love sponge. he said his privacy was violated and was first net filed by tmz. >> i was pretty rocked. i felt numb. the news just hit me and when my agent saw it and i remember being on the phone with david houston and my hand started shaking. >> gawker claims that since hogan is a public figure, it is news worthy. experts are warning mack users about a new security alert, researchers say malicious software called ransom wear targeted apple computers for the first time. ransom wear is software that hijacks computer and locks out a user until a ransom is paid.
5:36 pm
the program in questioned is requiring victims to pay with bitcoin which is more than $400 to retrieve their files. apple took steps to protect users after being first alerted on friday. ever dreamed of working for cia? now is your chance. central intelligence agency is looking for a librarian. pay is good too between 50 and $118,000 a year. if you want, there may than some james one-like opportunities, to qualify you must have a master's degree and prior library experience and the ability to pass an intensive background checks. university of georgia students are spending their spring break right here in philadelphia a. >> they are doing it to enhance life of others. >> they are given a warm welcome as spark philadelphia, an organization that advocates with people with intellectual disabilities. student will team up with buddies and spend the week sight seeing across the city. this is the ninth year of students from the university of georgia have taken an alternative spring break, with
5:37 pm
this organization. hopefully they have fun. >> yeah. >> nice group. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" a rare glimpse of the youngest royals, i love seeing pictures of these two, see prince george and charlotte on their family's ski vacation. >> check this out, a a monster pay thon, under a car hood. how the driver knew something was wrong and while he says it might not be the last time he will encounter this particular snake. and new feature on continued their could change the way you and your friends date, it isn't just about swiping left or right, we will tell you how on line dating sight is letting you play match maker, kate. if you liked today you'll love next couple days we could be challenging record two days this week i will tell you which days are warmest and which days to watch for rain when we come right back.
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time to check the fridge, apple gate farms is recalling its naturals chicken nuggets in 8-ounce packages because there may be small pieces of plastic in the product. the packages of a best before date of september 27th, 2016. if you have them you can return your package to the store where you purchased it, for a full refund. tinder wants users to play match maker, dating app is testing a new feature that users aren't interested in a match but they think it is good for a friend they can send a profile to them. friend can swipe left and then right if interested. you know that is what friends are for. >> yes. >> there you go. coming up, the new, coolest gadgets for your home, including, a pancake maker, unlike any, you have ever
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well, did you ever hear a
5:45 pm
little rattle while driving maybe. usually it is something to do with maybe the engine, or a belt hose or something but not the case for this guy. that is a giant python. i cannot even imagine. it was curled up in the man's engine apparently in zimbabwe and he likes this family. this is second time in one day that the dad had to remove that snake, from his property. >> second time. >> tying to be part of the family is last thing i want as part of my family. >> tiger in your tank when i was a kid but not a snake. there is a a tiger in your tank. >> that is scary. >> well, from the creepy crawlly to down right adorable i cannot get enough of these two. we are getting a look at royal family on vacation. >> doom and duchess of cambridge, will and kate accounts took their children prince george and charlotte, up on the slopes in the french alps. look at them they are getting big. george will be three in july. charlotte turns one in may.
5:46 pm
royal couple are apparently avid skiers but this is their first ski trip as a family of four. >> could they not be anymore perfect. >> yes. >> snowballs at each other looking good. >> so sweet. >> i just can't take it. >> looking so cute. >> yes. >> me too. >> snow around here is gone. >> yes. >> we are looking at extended forecast, spring starts march 20th. it doesn't look like we have anymore, chances of snow. while we are not calling winter weather off completely it doesn't look like winter will have anymore, weather that makes any difference. >> we're happy to hear that it could turn cool again. cool, in the forecast but this week, and, lets enjoy it while it is here. lets look at is whatting on outside to our roof cam looking beautiful on a spring-like afternoon. temperatures today more than 10 degrees above average. we have got to 61 in philadelphia a a normal high about 50 in early march.
5:47 pm
we will take it n complaints from me. turned out to be a beautiful day, little breeze making it feel slightly cooler but cannot complain about a breeze with a full day of sunshine and 61 degrees in early march. i think maybe i just d lets look at what our eyewitness weather watchers are talking about this afternoon. they are loving it. 58 degrees. william is in levittown, lots of sunshine there. the lets head down in delaware where we are in the 60's. 61 degrees, checking with delores lee in newark, sunshine, beautiful early spring evening. yes, i think she likes it. heading up north we are at 61 checking with michael will riley in sanatoga. sixty-one. lots of sun there. he says nice march day. dew point around 40. enjoying those above average temperatures. photos from our eyewitness weather watchers. this one is from last night from wayne hunter in landingberg look at that sunset with the deer on the grass, a beautiful view there. you can see casey the dog ed connor sent in. greg mccoy send nothing a few ducks and beautiful sunset
5:48 pm
photo from lynn springer, just over the river in new jersey looking like a gorgeous evening. you can see moon shining up thereafter what has been a beautiful day. lets take a peak what is going on weather-wise on a live neighborhood network site. beautiful sunset at pleasant valley school will in broad headsville, it is looking beautiful a across the region. now we are able to see these sunsets a couple weeks ago it was too dark to show you these cameras this time of the night. new sun does not set for another 12 minutes around 6:00 . fifty-nine, currently temperature in kutztown. storm scan three is showing just a few clouds a across portions of western pennsylvania and ohio as warm front starts to lift in, a few cloud will be with us tomorrow morning but should turn sunny in the afternoon. tomorrow we will feel the first push of the extreme warm air, in fact, it looks like we will be 20 degrees above average for tomorrow, and in rain on the way, and temperatures right new in the feeling too shabby, 60 in philadelphia a. sixty-four in reading. fifty-nine in wilmington. little cooler along the coast that ocean will modify
5:49 pm
temperatures along the coast not to be quite as warm inland. you can see it is 54 in wildwood. temperature surging at 70 degrees tomorrow. seven on's on wednesday. that record warmth on wednesday and wednesday looks like a full day of sunshine, lot of times this time of the year when we get temperatures this farrah above average it ace accompanied by rain, not this time around. we will see surge, it is a torch pattern that the jet stream well off to the north and all this warm air is surging from the south. thursday this boundary will set up just off to our north and that will be the dividing line between much colder a air to the north and warmer air to the south. it looks like we're record tying here on thursday, up toward boston, portions of maine it is a chilly day but take a look our future weather showing how tomorrow starts off with a few cloud and then more sunshine in the afternoon and through end of the week we will see rain well off to the north and kind of of follows this trajectory and that is dividing line between warm, cool and at least through the the day thursday that dividing line is off to the north.
5:50 pm
we have to watch it as it the gets into friday and saturday. record to beaten wednesday generally in the 70's range. seventy-three is record to beat here in philadelphia a, it looks like we will get there and six days until today light savings time begins, 13 days until the start of spring but it will feel like spring has sprung, starting tomorrow, clouds in the morning and mostly sunny and gorgeous. seventy-five wednesday. seventy-six on thursday. friday still warm and even weekend, still in the 70's. we will send it back to you in the desk. >> gorgeous. >> don't you love a good gadget for kitchen organizing your home? good gadget can make things so much easier. >> absolutely. latest housewares are on display at a major trade show. lets get a sneak peak. one that eliminates need to measure ingredient. >> no measuring cups. >> reporter: or machine that pulling drinking water from the air who but a make to make the espresso drink in your own kitchen. it is something you want for your home or didn't know you needed, chances are it will a
5:51 pm
appear here first at the international home and housewares show. it is largest of its kind in the world. 2200 vendors from 47 countries, crowd the floor exhibiting the trends of today and tomorrow. the sales pitches here are endless. >> this is a light up lolly-pop this will keep your coffee hotter for longer. >> reporter: for independent inventor a chance to hawk their creations. al on brought her idea, tiny snap as a way to keep clothes neat. >> you know, clothes the next day and they arrive and all clean clothes on the floor and i just lost it and came downstairs and i said look, you will fix this. >> reporter: so, he did. families invention is already getting interest from retailers, as is the oh, so creative pancake making machine from the miguel valenzuela to draw pancakes in any shape imaginable. >> how about that. >> you can make ukee washington's face.
5:52 pm
>> how about that. >> look at that. >> thanks, that is pretty cool. granger smith is celebrating the release of his new album in a patriotic way. >> i pledge a allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, ape to the republic for which it stand, one nation. >> leading fans in the pledge of allegiance in each of the original 13 column wrist and district of columbia and doing tonight two days. smith started yesterday, and he hit independent hall this morning and he ran up into new york, later tonight. by wait if you are a granger smith fan or love country music check out academy of country music awards on sunday april 3rd, you can see it right here on cbs-3. still ahead on "eyewitness news" beyonce proves even school fundraisers can be a party. downtown abby may have closed its doors but there are some good news for fans of the series, insider has the scoop on a possible new project.
5:53 pm
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there are school fundraisers and then there are school fundraisers. >> you know it is in hollywood when it is hosted by will ferrell and billy crystal and this is the musical guest. >> ♪ i will always love you ♪ >> yeah, that is beyonce performing whitney houston's i will always love you a at a fundraiser for her daughter blue ivy's school center for early education. they went to the seventh fifth gala at shrine auditorium. >> like you said that is a fundraiser. >> that will bring in money. after six seasons the doors of the downtown abby closed last night. if you have not seen the finally, step away from the scene. >> it was as spoil's leather. >> step away. >> insider's louie sits down
5:57 pm
with one of the stars and tells about a new downtown abby project in the works. >> all right, ukee abe nicole consider this your spoil era alert. i'm with the lovable leslie nichol as we talk about last night's epic finally. could a movie really be next? lets go inside, downtown, the morning after. how do you feel about having been part of downtown abby. >> lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky. >> it is the end of an era with both fans and actors missing the rare world created by julie fellows. >> there was that beautiful line you had last night. you say we have all been together a long time. >> significance of that was in the lost on that. until the last seen shot >> the crew and cast, in the
5:58 pm
just teary eye, full on, crying their hearts out. >> i have to ask you you this is this really the end. >> now, i don't have anymore then anybody else. of course, it is being talk about but we'd love to do it. >> downtown a abby the movie. >> can you imagine, on the big screen. >> yeah, it would be gorgeous. >> we will have so much more on this story tonight on the insider, ukee and nicole, back to you in the studio. >> thanks very much. for all of the big happenings in hollywood watch insider tonight and every week night tonight at the 7:30 right here on cbs-3. >> that is "eyewitness news" at the 5:00. >> now at 6:00 new video of shady surfaces, former philadelphia eagle living the glamorous life in l.a., just 29 days after a bar brawl that injured two philadelphia police officers. so will he be charged? we will have the latest on the investigation. shots fired into a chester county home, children ducking for cover why police believe the gun man was actually targeted, one of the children.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: puppy invasion at rowan, i'm cleve bryan, why students are bringing these dogs to campus for a good cause. can't wait for. that also, flowers will soon be in bloom, spring right around the corner and that means allergies. why it will be a especially bad allergy season this year. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. lesean mccoy living it up in l.a. this new video shot by tmz shows the eagle will out on the town over the weekend while here in philadelphia a we wait and wonder will he be charged for a super bowl sunday brawl inside an olde city nightclub. two off-duty police officers were injured in the bar fight. good evening, i'm he you you key washington. i'm's nicole brewer. guess case off tonight. mccoy was spotted in to the laker game sunday with desean
6:00 pm
jackson. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos talk to the attorney for one of the injured officers live outside the olde city nightclub with more on that story, greg. >> reporter: and that is exactly right there, nicole. attorney for officer darnell jesse, who was seriously injured in the bar fight says he is simply being patient. even though it has been nearly one month since that bar fight here, in olde city. twenty-nine days after shady mccoy allegedly assaulted two off-duty philadelphia cops, cameras caught him enjoying sunny los angeles, out west, for a lakers game questions about the the fight that still has him in the spotlight. right now no charges have been filed against shady or any of the friend for this brawl. all four men partying at club recess in old city early super bowl sunday when investigators say they punched, kick, stumped two off-duty philly cops. fight over oip


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