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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we track the big winners and losers. our viewers are asking, why do we vote on tuesdays? good question. nicole brewer gets the answer. it's been a dreary and cool start to the week but we're tracking a brief warmup temperatures could head towards 70 but then big changes as we head toward weekend. i'll have your full forecast. >> bullied on the bus a mother takes to social media after watching video of her season being tormented by another children. tonight, how the school district is taking action. we begin with campaign 2016 a night of big wins and one candidate dropping out of the race. good evening i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. five states held primaries tod today. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in election central with a full wrap up of tonight' results. >> florida senator marco rube company yo is out of the race. let's take look who wouldn't states tonight. we'll look at donald trump first. donald trump was able to secure
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florida that's rubio' home state. illinois and north carolina. also, tonight, john kasich he's the governor of ohio. he was betting his hopes on ohio tonight. he won his home state of ohio and on the democratic side, hillary clinton she took tonight florida, north carolina and ohio. bernie sanders and ted cruz have yet to win a state although ted cruz and donald trump are in a tight race right now in missou missouri. marco rubio as i mentioned dropped out earlier tonight. he addressed supporters around 9:00 o'clock. >> while today my campaign is suspended -- no! >> -- the enact i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. >> after a tough defeat in his home state of florida senator marco rubio announced he's out as 2016 presidential candidate. drum app part-time resident of in order took the state by a large margin. >> we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere
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in the world. >> tech text senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich are trying to stop donald trump from a total sweep. he's several hundred delegates ahead of ted cruz. >> tonight, we continue to gain delegates and continue our march to 1237. >> reporter: exit polls showed that anger drove republicans to vote. about half said they want a political outsider to be the next president. in ohio, late deciders in those who value experience went for governor john kasich. >> you want to believe. you want to believe again that we can have job security. you want to believe again that wage which is rise. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton pulled off early wins in north carolina and florida. >> our next president has to be ready to face three big tests. first, can you make positive differences in people's lives? second, can you keep us safe? third, can you bring our country
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together again? >> reporter: vermont senator bernie sanders put his efforts into winning in the midwest. >> this campaign is doing well because we are listening to the american people and not just wealthy campaign contributors. >> reporter: exit polls showed that hillary clinton is likely the candidate to beat donald trump in a general election. that is in november. meanwhile, ted cruz and donald trump as i said they are neck and neck in missouri right now. fighting for that state. reporting live tonight in election central david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, as you aware john kasich announced during his speech tonight he's coming to the philadelphia area tomorrow. kasich will attend a town hall meeting in villanova. this comes six weeks ahead of the pennsylvania primary. the republican presidential candidate has legal problems here. rubio supporters are challenging kasich's right to be on the pennsylvania ballot. they argue kasich's failed to get the required 2,000 ballot
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signatures. a judge will decide the issue tomorrow. defending his decision, new jersey governor chris christie responds to criticism over missing trooper sean cullen' funeral. on monday governor christie was on stage with donald trump when some thought he should have been attending the funeral. trooper cullen died when he was hit by car while responding to an accident last tuesday. today governor christie explained his absence. >> last week well before i even was invited to come on monday and campaign with donald trump lieutenant governor and i decided she was going to attend the funeral. if i had been in the state yesterday michael i was planning on going to a ground-breaking event in essex county. >> just before starting his presidential campaign governor christie attended a trooper funeral. since then he's missed two. high school student who contracted bacterial meningitis has died. according to the philadelphia school district. school officials say the 15-year-old ninth greater atte
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attended george washington carver high school of engineering and science. a letter was sent home with students notifying parents about the teenager's death. counselors will be on hasn't at the school and the district will have meeting with parents tomorrow night at 6:00 o'clock to answer any further questions. "eyewitness news" digs deeper into a little boy's torment at the hands of bullies on the bus. tonight, our greg argos has look at some disturbing video that has now led to action from a local school district. >> reporter: a child's torment. a mother's grief. >> literally destroyed me like at the moment seeing my son. >> reporter: cell phone video capturing him being bullied on his schoolbus by a member of the so-called mission boys, a gang of nine and 10-year-olds. >> they do it to other people, but i'm like their main target. >> reporter: he says the abuse -- >> calling mow names and spitting and smacking me. >> reporter: has been happening for months.
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>> september till now. >> reporter: his mother rhonda says brahim has threatened to commit suicide over the bullyi bullying. >> when someone hurts him, he talk about taking his life and i don't like that about him. because you shouldn't want to hurt yourself. you shouldn't want to hurt yourself brahim. mommy loves you. >> i don't really want to kill myself. >> rhonda says school officials at main street elementary part of the chester upland school district have done nothing to stop the bullying. >> we waiting for a transfer. >> reporter: it seems that may happen. gregory, the superintendent of the upland chester school district released this statement in part "bullying is cruel, unsettlementable conduct and we will not tolerate it anywhere. we are conducting an investigation into this incident, and have already suspended the child captured in the video ". >> reporter: he also states brahim will be transferred to another school. where hopefully the bullying
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stops. in chester greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news". mother teresa will become a saint this fall. pope francis has announced her canonization ceremony will take place september 4th the eve of the anniversary of her death. the pope approved a second miracle a tricked to her intercession last december. mother teresa's missionaries charity runs 600 organ thank you very muchs and more than 100 homes worldwide to care for the poor. mother teresa won the noble peace prize in 1979. she died in 1997 at the age of 87. after another busy tuesday night in politic the candidates now gear up for more primary elections next tuesday. >> notice a trend here? many of the primaries and of course always the general election fall on tuesday. why that day? that's a good question for nicole brewer. >> that's right. >> tell us all about it. >> maybe good question for congress. since many voters and even some lawmakers say it's time to
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change it perhaps move it to the weekend. now that hasn't happened just yet which left michael and david in wondering why do we vote on tuesday? it's a good question. especially as primaries take place in five key states tonig tonight. ♪ >> reporter: did you ever notice we vote on tuesday. why do we do that? >> i have no idea. >> they like to make it inconvenient for people. >> gets people a little groggy on monday. >> you got me. good question. >> little too anxious to get to the weekend on friday. >> why is it election day on tuesday? >> well it has to do with schedule link around traveling by horse and buggy. >> jeffrey carol assistant political science professor at chestnut hill college. getting to the polls took a lot longer in 1845 the year tuesday voting began. >> they would have to vote at the county election office and sometimes it would take a whole day in order to do that travel. >> reporter: monday was out since it would require folks to
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travel on the sabbath and wednesday didn't work because that was when farmers went to mark. therefore, tuesday was availab available. >> i learned something. >> updated the horse to a car they should update the voting times, too. >> reporter: is tuesday still the best choice? >> well, i think that it's in my opinion that's the best choice, because of the tradition. >> why change the now? >> most states have instituted their own election days on tuesday also. people expect to vote on tuesday. >> reporter: the folks we spoke to were split. >> it should be done on the weekend. >> i think it would be better on saturday. >> absolutely not. that feels like work. >> if you can change it you'd do it on weekend. >> yes. >> that's when everybody is ho home. >> keep it look it is. >> professor carol had another idea, skip the 9:00 to 5:00 to fulfill your civic duty. >> i think it would be a good idea to eon institute a holiday. it would leader to more voter turnout if that's the case. >> a national holiday. paid holiday.
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>> paid national holiday. so why november? that's another good question, right, it goes back to the mid 1800's when most americans made their living from agriculture. so in the spring and summer they were preparing and planting but by early november, harvest was over and the weather was still mild enough to tram travel by horse and buggy. again, back to the mid 1800's. >> very interesting. >> we are a country rich in tradition. >> absolutely. >> you got that right. >> tuesdays it is. >> doesn't change easily. >> thanks nicole. >> you're welcome. what's your good question? log on to question to submit your questi question. or tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. and nicole will be here every night with the answer on cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. can't wait to hear from you. well, take your work out to new heights. >> vittoria woodill has advice though. do not look down. >> reporter: nice job. >> good job. wahoo! >> still ahead at 11:00 tori shows us where you can challenge yourself and climb your way to
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fitness. kate? and we are tracking some showers moving back into the area as we head into the day tomorrow. it's been a chilly start to the week and a chilly start to spring is on the way after a brief warmup another round of showers we're talking about a winter like start to the new season this weekend. maybe even a few snowflakes. i'll have the latest coming up in weather. plus new nude photos of dozens of female stars leaked. a local man now admits he's responsible. how authorities say he stole their private information. that's next. ♪
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♪ the search is on for masked gunmen responsible for a string of violent robberies in north philadelphia. take look at this surveillance video. the first robbery was march 1st at the silver star kitchen on vernon road.
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the suspects forced two people waiting for think food to the ground and robbed them. then on march 14ths the suspects broke into a grocery store on chelten avenue and assault add worker before robbing the store. for the second time in less than a month a villanova university student charged with dealing lsd from his dorm room. police were alerted to the situation after they were called in to fine student who went missing at valley forge national park saturday night after using lsd. on february 15th, another student justin, was also arrested and an additional lsd was allegedly found in his dorm room. a pennsylvania man pleads guilty to hacking into the e-mail and online accounts of several female celebrities stealing nude photos and videos. the charges against 36-year-old ryan collins of lancaster stemmed from an investigation into the posting of nude photos various celebrities including jennifer lauren. prosecutors however say they do not have any evidence that
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colins posted any of the images he stole for more than 100 google and apple accounts. thrill seekers looking to take sad ventures to new heights don't have to travel far. south jersey is home to an indoor rock climbing gym created by a couple who have a passion for the sport. vittoria woodill headed to maple shade to learn the ropes. ♪ look to take step out of your comfort zone this romanian husband and wife team of skilled climbers have just the sport for you. >> it's rock climbing for everyone? >> yes. >> yes? >> i think everyone should try it at least once. >> put your right foot higher by your knee. >> elite climbing owned by john and ina is south jersey's only rock climbing gym in maple sha shade. with 19 ropes much rocks of all sizes to test your grip and even caves for boulder climbing to challenge your 70 even more. >> everyone comes here to have
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fun. i'm going to go and have a good time. do something physical. >> it's a team sport, a sport for all ages and a rocky challenge that will encourage yourself confidence while having fun and it's really found tell your friends you go rock climbing. >> it's like a cool different that you can do other than like running on the treadmill. >> they even have colored pads for all skill levels. for beginners, maya, john's daughter recommends -- >> follow pink. >> follow pink. >> pink is safe. >> pink is easier for everybody. each rope has a pink path. >> pink it is. >> this is not a competitive sport. it is a team sport. >> and team sport where trust in your partner and yourself is k key. >> you feel good when a kid will come and first couple tries he's afraid to get to the top. then at the end of the day, he'll get to the top.
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>> my spidie sense tells me it is will take awhile to do this. >> how did spiderman look. >> probably something like that. >> whoo! >> that guy was a ninja seriou seriously. climbers under 16 years of age can be introduced to climbing through a friday night special. it's ladies night on tuesdays and when i really thought was mazing that they open their gym as well to a group of blind climbers that come into experience how the climb feels once a month. so it's for everyone. it's a great experience. and those who actually met -- two met during a climbing competition. >> how about that? meant to be. >> this is a big part of their life. >> their life and it's their hearts. >> yeah. >> your spidie sense. check you out. >> i couldn't do what the ninja could do. that's for sure. i'll watch. >> thanks tori. kate bilo has your forecast just before the sun went down it peek out a little bit. >> it did. i'm disappointed you didn't make a temperatures climbing --
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>> i didn't go there. >> speaking of climbing, the temperatures are climbing. >> look at you. >> the sun did peek out final toll finish the day and now temperatures indeed are climbing. at least for day or two and then they take a hit bite end of the week as we head into spring this weekend it's going to feel more like a return to winter. let's take look outside right now. we'll take you out to our roof cam which is looking pretty clear at the moment few clouds out there tonight. it does stay mainly cloudy overnight. temperatures are not going to actually drop that far overnig overnight. not too cold tomorrow morning. it will be chilly but we're headed for the 60s possibly even near 70 in a few spots tomorrow afternoon depending on how much sunshine we see. so not too bad out there right now. take look at the time lapped video from our live neighborhood network camera from the palmyra cove nature park starts at 7ama drab and gray drearier day all day until right about now the sky breaks open, the sun comes out, blue sky and it turn out to be beautiful evening with clear
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skies all across the board went got that extra hour of daylight to enjoy it. thanks to daylight saving time beginning this past weekend. storm scan3 locally looking okay. no problems happening right now. scares are generally clear a few pat cher clouds overnight. our next system is producing thunderstorm over wisconsin and illinois. and this is going to be lifting to the north and possibly could trail a few showers through here tomorrow afternoon. so the showers move in, that's going to put a lid on really how much warming we could see tomorrow if it was a sunny, dry day, i think we can easily hit 70 degrees. i think we'll fall just shortfall to the advance of those showers moving into the region. in the meantime temperatures not too bad. 46 degrees in philadelphia. we'll hold pretty steady in the mid overnight. 48 in reading and 49 in dover, delaware. let's track what's ahead as we head through the overnight hou hours. a few clouds here and there as we head into your wednesday morning. 7am not looking too bad. we do see sunshine to start the day. clouds are going to be around
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but i think we see enough sun to at least make it look a little nicer tomorrow than the past few days have look. this is 1:00 p.m. and then watch in the afternoon, just a few showers moving through it's not a total wash out. but during the evening commute you'll have to watch for few scattered showers here and there that clears out and thursday morning starts out of an oh really nice note. unfortunately it doesn't last we've got another round of clouds and another round of showers late thursday afternoon into thursday evening maybe even a rumble of thunder so if you're out and about a lot of people half day or day off st. patrick's day it's of course march madness a lot of people will be sitting out at the restaurants and bars in philadelphia walking a round the stow but definitely make sure you've got the rain gear keep an eye to the sky as those showers and storms move in. early next week completely different jet stream pattern we start to see cold air finally moving south and it's am like we're going backward. storm that will be moving up the coast late sunday into monday. enough cold air that we're looking at a cold rain with the potential for some snow to mix in especially north and west of
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philadelphia. we'll keep you evident posted on that. still too early for any specific. as far as tonight is concern, we're in the mid to upper 40s. it's mainly cloudy a little chilly. tomorrow some sun, milder, just that stray late day shower. thursday turns out mostly cloudy with showers possibly a thunderstorm and then turns colder friday still can't rule out a shower. then saturday, sunny but chilly. sunday is the problem that's when the rain moves in overnight we're down to around freezing. if the precipitation comes in overnight, i think some spots could see some snow. at least a few snowflakes mixing with the rain. >> nothing accumulating. >> it depend on the track of the storm and when it comes in. but generally speaking the ground is warm, as of right now i don't think it's a big issue but we'll keep you posted. >> spring snow possibly. >> yes. >> but that's okay. >> it's okay. there's plenty to watch. >> yes. we're all going to be inside watching basketball any way. march madness, what up, people? why the st. joe's hawks may have a tough time getting into the club. plus, find out orange and black can take a giant leap towards
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the playoffs. they're biggest game in nearly two years. those stories coming up next i (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok.
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(announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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flyers hosting the red wings. i'll let the mats hammer it home. they lead the flyers by three points. the flyers within that number shrinks to one. we go to south philly first period flyers up one to nothing. brayden schenn shoots and wayne simmonds there for the knock home rebound. two to nothing fly guys. second period we go. flyers up by a goal. michael raffle would not be denied his second goal of the game. three-one. little more than a minute left
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in the second. the ghost the rookie shakens the pass goes off the 68 of another offense man. the flyers beat detroit four-three. one point out of the post seas season. 22.2 2%. that's how many of the sixers wins this season have come at the expense of the brooklyn nets. nine wins, two against bk. they were looking to make it three tonight nyc. a guy by the name of bog don fifty seven going for the nets. out scored the sixers by himself 17-15 in the first quarter. final minute of the first half again, smolders hot. the sixers gave up someone points in the first half and trailed by 20. fourth quarter he fades away had a career high 44 points the nets with a season high 131 and the sixers lose 131-114. all right the to the big dance st. joe's preparing for
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ninth seed cincinnati. it's last game on friday night in spoke cape, washington. tough matchup for the hawk. why? because the bare cats have a special attitude when it comes to defense. >> i would never ever i don't go to clubs but i would never ever sneak into clubs where these guys will be the bouncers and they treat the basket like it's a club, and unless you have the proper id, and the cover charge you ain't getting in. >> that's right. red velvet rope the whole nine no bob. before nova, temple and st. joe's tip off friday we'll get you ready for the action with our preview show march to houston presented by toyota that's tomorrow night at 7:30 and phil martelli will join us live from spokane. they got an early flight he'll hook up with us tomorrow. >> you know about the redville rhett rope. >> be careful getting in. >> got to have the proper id. >> thank you sir. >> we'll tell you why tone in a this price can't be right...
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. new tonight a teacher versus student talent show with some star power behind it. >> northeast high school. >> hey there tony. "eyewitness news" at northeast high school teachers and students squared off in talent show tonight put on by tony dan sam plenty of music, dance everybody having a good time.
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some great competition and great talent. way to go. ♪
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that's going to do it for us. our morning tomorrow is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. for kate, don, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean we're always on at up next the late show with stephen colbert. to night's guest is steve mart martin. >> thanks for watching. have a good night, family and sleep well. ♪
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captioning sponsored by cbs ( laughter ) ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> steve! steve what, are you doing here in this fake phoret set? ( laughter ) >> stephen: hey, steve! this is where i come to be alone with my thoughts. also, i'm on a lot of cold medication. so i might be hallucinating. >> i like to come out here, too,


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