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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 17, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> i have been working on that one for a little while. >> it shows. >> it does show. terrible move, katie, over to you, sorry, i screwed you up. >> these difficult transitions, pat, it is not fair. >> i know, it is awful. >> we are off to a foggy start here this morning. we have a low cloud deck. we are basically looking at essential hi exact same forecast but just a different reason. we have a little fog, eventually sunshine and mild afternoon and then eventually a shower, thunderstorm dotting regional radar. for now things are track will all things considered on storm scan three. one zoom out shows a hint of moisture, starting to show in the radar in western pennsylvania. that is what we will fine later on today. the it does look like it is scattered, i could see a thunder storm popping up and shower as well. this morning as far as dense fog goes, we are seeing it the more widespread. visibility under a hour mile in a lot of spots. you may get sled down. use low beams. the path path will have more
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on. that it will be lifting out much like yesterday after the sun has been out the for about two hours give or take. temperatures, right now, holding tough in the mid to upper 40's. chillier in mount pocono and reading, 41 in atlantic city five in wildwood, as day progresses we will see mid 60's in this city after that fog lifts, some sunshine and late day shower or thunderstorm, similar scenario at the shore, cooler by comparison at 61 and eventually a shower will dot radar up in the poconos too. also mild for the standards at 55 degrees. so, you know, it is a mixed bag type forecast, all things considered not looking too bad for your special holiday. >> i will take 56. i will work on my transitions, i'm sorry about that. >> next time. >> ninety-five north bound right here behind me as reopened, the off ramp right here, has been closed overnight for construction between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. they are doing that all week. it seems like it a has reopened earlier then
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5:00 a.m. some days this week but right now they are on schedule so this has reopened. let's get to 309 northbound headed toward the pennsylvania turnpike, from fog in this area right here, so slow it the down if you are coming through here and as we get later in the morning. this will jam up a little bit so we will see what happens with the fog here at the sun coming up. i-95 south at 413 construction has just cleared here lots of blinking and flashing lights in this area but they have said construction has cleaned up. cynwyd line, services are restored today, yesterday had been suspended all day, they are back on a normal schedule. baron hill road closed between josh road and butler pike, erika, over to you. a driver loses control and crashes into several parked cars in philadelphia's holmesberg section. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch at that scene where police say this was more than just an accident, good morning. >> reporter: that is right. police say victim was shot once in his head and is expected to survive at aria
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torresdale in critical condition at last check and police say he was shot as he was driving down this street, late last night. fifteenth district police and fire fighters were called to meridian street between torresdale avenue and edmond street around 9:30 p.m. on wednesday. initial reports were for an accident. at first glance that seemed to be the case until responders found that mercury sedan having struck one pontiac sedan and chevy sedan. they weren't sure why until they saw 25 year-old male mercury driver that he had been shot. eyewitness helped track down this 17 year-old male shooter that they saw run to a nearby house opposite lansing street, meantime, police are working to connect the dots. >> we don't have a motive a at this time, however, we know that the 25 year-old shooting victim was operating, his vehicle, eastbound, on the 4700 block of meridian street when shot came through the back driver's side door window and struck him in the head
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causing him to lose control of his vehicle and strike two park unattended vehicles. >> reporter: that car was removed a short time ago meantime that teen suspect is in custody, northeast detectives is due to come back to the scene here and search that house that he fled to. again this victim a 25 year-old man is expect to survive at aria torresdale recovering at this time. police at the this point do not have a a motive they say. we are live from holmesberg i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. police chief in maryland calls it another tragic dimension in the death of the under cover officer with ties to our area. authorities now say that the shot that killed boothwyn native jacai colson was deliberately aim at him by a fellow officer who didn't recognize him and thought he was an armed threat. three brothers have been charged. police say the oldest brother planned a rampage and expected to die while his two brothers filmed the gun fight.
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police are not identifying the office are. pennsylvania's one step closer to legalizing medical marijuana the state house overwhelmingly passed a bill yesterday to make marijuana legal for certain medical conditions. you can take the drug as a pill, oil or liquid but you won't be allowed to smoke it. the senate could vote on the bill as early as monday. they already passed a similar version last year. governor tom wolf had said he would sign that bill. the presidential candidates are busy stumping for votes before next week's senate tuesday electionness arizona, utah a idaho. "fox news" channel is canceling a monday's g.o.p. debate in salt lake city after two candidates say they will in the be there. the three remaining presidential hopeful where is supposed to face off monday night, donald trump told the network he has had enough debates. then john kasich canceled saying if trump wasn't going to be there then neither will he. north carolina sheriff suspend $5 opportunities for their actions a at a donald
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trump rally. watch right here. deputies escorting a black man from the march 9th rally in the a area when video shows a white man punching him. officials say deputies had their eyes on the stairs when that man was hit. the suspect is charged with assault and disorderly conduct. two friend of a drexel university graduate, who died in a plane crash will honor her this weekend. next week marks the one year anniversary, since germanwings flight 9525 crashed in the french alps. a few days ago investigators say the co pilot who deliberately crashed that plane should have sought mental help. all 150 people were on board including emily killcy. eyewitnesses say that they tell david spunt that they spoke about her friend and how they plan to remember her. >> you could just meet her and feel like you have known her entire life. >> reporter: she says her close friend, 22-year old
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emily selke loved life, a life cut short when her plane crashed in the french alps last movement emily and her mother yvonne a philadelphia native died they were on their way from spain to germany. julie saw the inseparable mother and daughter just a few days before the crash. >> we were skipping down the streets of bars loan a how cool to travel a aboard with one of your closest friend and her mom, you know, yvonne, treated me like a second daughter during that week. >> reporter: investigators say the co pilot german citizens andreas loopes locked the pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally crash the plane. record show he had a history of severe depression and ignored a doctor's order to check in a psychiatric hospital. >> it is a shame. it is kind of an attack to how our nation looks at mental health and other nations do as well. >> reporter: ashley kuhn knew their time during their time at the drexel. they both bonded in music. >> i will hear band, all i would have to do is hear a modest mouth song and then you
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will i'll just start crying and feel like she's there with me. >> reporter: ashley, emily's music friend and julie her travel buddy will hold a music festival in emily's honor at world cafe live. all proceeds will go to pay for a drexel music student to travel a abroad. ashley and julie never met until emily died. now, through the tragedy of her untimely death, they have become life licensing friend. >> emily would have loved that all of her friend are coming together for so many aspect of her life. >> it just all fell into place. it was a real beautiful thing. >> reporter: emily's friend hope to make this festival an annual festival and send many students overseas in the years to come. we have more information on this saturday's festival at our web site at cbs reporting from the a sat center, david spun t for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". major flooding swamps neighborhoods down south, see the creative way one family is staying dry, without leaving their home. i have fulfilled my constitutional duty.
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it is time for the senate to do their. >> president obama makes his case for a new supreme court justice in the court of public opinion, the difficult path his many in minute knee is already facing heading into key meetings today. the road to the final four starts right now, hear what the local coaches say about their big send off for march madness. ♪ have you filled out your brackets yet? you have a few hearst to do so. see how far president obama thinks the big five teams will go in the tournament when we come back, good morning.
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severe storms sweep across the country, much of the south is covered in water and mandatory evacuations are underway. midwest is seeing devastating wind storms and even tornadoes we will new show you the damage. >> reporter: high wind in the windy city, high water in the deep south and tornado alley living up to its name. the brutal weather hitting a large part of the u.s. this week. the persistent rains drenched part of the south east for more than a week. in louisiana grim illustration of the scope of the deluge, officials working to recover
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dozens of floating caskets unearthed when cemeteries were inundated. residents living a along the river ordered to evacuate as high water paralyzed parts of the state shutting down a major highway. governor greg ab about on the toured devastation from the air. >> families have been displaced, homes have been flooded, properties destroyed. >> reporter: governor leading residents with a dire warning rising water are not over yet. water could continue to rise for another day or two. >> reporter: in the midwest devastation wasn't from water but wind with powerful storms ripping through central illinois leaving damaged homes and down trees in their wake. >> we saw, things flying. >> reporter: in iowa tornadoes leaving residents cleaning up shed after twisters ravaged their communities. >> i see them standing through the wall, and then i get up i hear my mom screaming my name so i had had to get her out and there was plywood and all debris. >> reporter: reese menion,
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". one texas family is living on their roof. look at these guys. the quite a set up too. they have converted the attic to include a small kitchen, bathroom and bedroom area all of the things on the roof, washer, dryer, microwave, grill and they even somehow, managed to it is up, at satellite television, and if you look closely do you see one guy sweeping there. got to keep the it clean, no excuse living on your roof. family says it decided to stay put to protect their belongings from potential looters. way to take lemons and make lemonade. >> well done, guys. >> we are seeing some rain today. >> we are. >> it looks like it will be an afternoon event. i don't think we will talk about any major severe weather, certainly not, but we definitely have seen active wet's cross the united states as we are talking about here, potentially looking at snow by the weekend. i know, we have to talk about it as we get closer it the looks like chances are starting to increase that we will see some snow.
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let walk you through, we will start things off here with a view as our nation wood map here where, okay, first and foremost, area of low pressure is strung out across great lakes and right now you can see warm front lifting out. we are waiting for cold front, not the most obvious cold front right new but that is crossing through, to bring us that shower or thunderstorm. doesn't this look innocent. this is one piece of the puzzle of what will turn into the next big thing, next mid-atlantic storm system. this will drop south starts to cut across south east and potentially ride up near the northeast companies line. so that is what really is still yet to be determined. there are question marks as to the final track of the next storm. what is absolutely going to happies a cool down to set stage to maybe see wet snow flakes out of this. temperatures will be ten to 15 e this weekend. it is sunday we have an eye on here. meanwhile immediate problem is fog. look at it broad headsville,
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typically with us on a regular basis, pleasant valley middle and high school camera shot. you can see the school, parking lot, a at this point it looks like a pair have street lamps. with that if you go settling in it is making for obviously lower visibility and finding that across these locations here, at or under a mile in a lot of spots and under a half mile in quakertown, pottstown. might be running into that traveling northeast extension for example but with that said that should clear out no later than nine, get sunshine an hit 66. watch for late day sure or storm. come this weekend, sunday p.m. hearst primarily, we may see this start off as a chilly rain that turns over and mix with wet snow and then it pull is a away. again track is always critical on these kinds of things. we will keep you posted as it is still will a couple days away, pat, over to you. >> do i see 42 degrees, on sunday. that did his not make me happy. >> i will take 66 degrees on st. patrick's day. we have fog right new. blue right at ridge pike,
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headlights southbound, the fog as you can barely see rot way on here. also 309 north way at the pennsylvania turnpike major fog in this a area as well. slow it down if you are coming through this a area. more fog on the schuylkill, expressway, this is eastbound headlights heading toward the city at 202, fog all over the place this morning we have an accident, this is a car into a house, this is in pennsville, new jersey dunlap avenue is closed between cedar street and hook road. the car has gone in the house right around the area of the delaware memorial bridge. also in villanova radnor chester road at lancaster and matsonford road due to construction is closed. cynwyd the line yesterday has been down all day, services though have been restored. erika, back to you. good news, thank you. are you ready for basketball. expect tack regard extravaganza known as march madness hits the country this afternoon and in our air eighth is well represented. thirty-nine teams from around
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a here were celebrating last night as they left their campus. st. joes hopped on a flight to spokane, washington, for their first round game, tomorrow night, the villanova wildcats and temple owls they play their games in brooklyn tomorrow afternoon. all three are exited to play. >> it never gets old. every time you do it, you just pinch yourself. i'm so lucky to be part of this. >> we are really appreciative of the spirit and sense around the campus of just real excitement. >> when your name is on sunday the next week as good as it is. juice is fledge every single will day, practices have been pretty good, not the flawless but pretty good. >> well, it seems like everyone is filling out a bracket for march madness and that includes president obama. the his final four right here feature kansas, texas a and m, north carolina and michigan state. the president predicts kansas will be beating north carolina
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for the title. as for local team the commander in chief has villanova making it to the elite eight before lose to go kansas. he does in the spec temple or st. joes to win their first round games. come on. the president has in the pick right champion for last six years so take that back wet a grain of salt. you have time to make picks for your bracket challenge on cbs, grand prize a a five you this dollars american express gift card. there are prizes for winners of each round. make those picks right now at cbs here's today's games on cbs-3, unc wilmington and duke tip off, first round at 12:15. followed by yale against butt low. chattanuga will try to upset indiana at 7:10 tonight. late game stony brook against kentucky, after the game end, stick around for "eyewitness news". still ahead this morning a baseball player suddenly calls it quits leaving millions of dollars on the table. the clubhouse rule that he says he just could not follow.
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>> i was incredulous, i was concerned, i was a bit scared. you would be scared too if you got thrown in jail while on vacation. lesson he wants you to learn from his simple mistake, when we come right back.
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the alleged gunman in the kalamazoo shooting is suing uber for ten million-dollar. jason dalton claims his work as an uber driver caused him psychological damage. dalton says that, rather police say dalton went on a shooting rampage last month killing six people and injuring two others.
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uber says quote it is hard to necessity how to respond to someone who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions. a texas police officer is facing murder charge these morning for allegedly pursuing and killing a teenager while off-duty. cbs brian web tells us it was an emotion aal night for teen's family when word came of the officer's a arrest. >> wow. >> reporter: friend and family of jose cruz cheered and released balloons following at rest of the farmer branch officer ken johnson, wednesday night. the mother of the 16 year-old he is charged with killing broke down in tears. >> she has gained strength from the the fact that he has been arrested and charged. there will be justice for him. >> reporter: johnson was off-duty, sunday when he says he spotted cruz and another teen, break nothing to his car at this apartment complex. the authorities say the officer chased them down in his personal vehicle and eventually shooting both at a nearby gas station in an
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altercation caught on camera. all in police chief goes against the procedures. >> we have policies, that deal with off-duty enforcement, that we all follow. >> reporter: johnson's attorney maintains his client feared for his life and questions why the case didn't go before a grand jury. >> the only explanation i can think office they are doing this because my client is a black police officer. >> reporter: cruz family spokesmen says the facts are clear. >> there is nothing that could be done except an indictment or an immediate arrest. >> reporter: johnson also face is a salt charges for shooting the other teen in the car, he was wounded but is expected to survive. brian web, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". a chicago man is sharing his travel nightmare to mexico and hopes it does not happen to others. steven gains says he was detained forget thissing cold medicine pills. back on march 4th when he stepped off a plane, in mexico a mexican airport officials
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went through his bags and said his decongestant tablets were a banned controlled substance. >> i said i was una a aware, would they please throw it away. no, i had committed a a violation by bringing it in the country. >> gains was then thrown in jail for 24 hours. his fiance had to get a prescription and then pay $2,500 to get him out, something gains new says was a bribe. he plans to file a complaint with the mexican consul in chicago. coming up next on "eyewitness news", making cars safer, the emergency feature that will be standard on pretty much every car. lost a at the sea and presumed dead this german shepherd is found alive after falling over board in the pacific ocean. coming up where she was found and how she was survived five weeks on her own. incredible. a new you tool in the fight against zik a a virus ingredients in your kitchen that could be key to stopping
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the out break, katie. erika, we are a approaching ever closer the beginning of the spring season but could there be snow flakes on the map, at that point? we will talk about the scenarios of the next storm system coming up, erika. also, pat is watching your thursday morning commute. he will let you know about any problems caused by that fog this morning, when with menu classicsback! now at throwback prices. our signature 12 oz. sirloin back to $12.97... the alice springs chicken...
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and of course our bloomin' onion back to $6.97. for a limited time only, hurry in and relive the past. at outback.
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this is the greatest honor of my life. >> an emotional moment after president obama a nominates merrick garland to be the next supreme court justice. cold shoulder he gets when he those capitol hill today. you might hit fog this morning, look the at the a the camera shot there looking live at the blue route near ridge pike, katie and pat are keeping an eye on things and just going to say this it could be worse. >> yes. >> there is fog this morning. >> yes. >> but just know, a few days from now. >> wait, don't bring that word up. >> sorry. >> let's stay positive. >> let me be the one that brings your whole day now. >> it is tough to see on these roadways which we will show new a couple minutes. >> that is something that will be dissipating with time here. the once sun comes up as it te


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