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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> now at noon, islamic state taking responsibility for the deadly terror attacks in brussels, belgium. at least 30 people were killed and close to 200 injured. this after several explosions rocked the city's main airport and also a crowded train station. and now, the fall out from these coordinated impacts is having impact in our area, greg argos will explain live report from philadelphia international airport, that's coming up in just a few minutes. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. work to go determine if the bombs were planned earlier or in direct response from friday's arrest of paris terror suspect. correspondent tina krause is tracking the latest developments from london.
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>> survivors ran for safety as smoke and chaos filled the airport terminal in brussels. dozens are injured, after two powerful explosions. one blast caved in a ceiling on stunned travelers, and blue out the terminal windows. cbs news has learned, police found an unexploded device, possibly a suicide vest, and a russian assault rifle. this woman was with her daughter, who is now missing. >> my husband called, the american embassy, looking -- >> three missionaries from utah seriously injured in the airport blast. less than half hour later an explosion ripped through a subway station during the morning rush hour, near the us embassy in brussels. more than dozen people were killed, and more than 100 injured. some passengers had to find their way out through dark tunnels. >> belgium's prime minister says, what we feared has happened. president obama called him from cuba this morning.
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>> the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium, and we stand in solidarity with them. >> the attacks come just days after the arrest of salah abdeslam, from paris terror attacks last november. >> probably concerned he would talk to authorities and moved this up. >> police have shutdown brussels entire transport system, diverting all planes and trains away from the belgium capitol, and authorities are urging people to stay home. tina krause, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meanwhile, philadelphia police commissioner richard rot, saying the city on highs ends alert, nacred many threats here in the sit. >> i "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos live at philadelphia international airport, where greg, travelers can see and expected or increased security presence? >> reporter: that's right, guys, in fact, right now, safety, security, top of mind for anyone traveling here at philadelphia international airport. some passengers, though, say
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they're on edge after the terror attacks in belgium that killed dozens, now, pass ends ers arriving or departing here at philadelphia international airport can expect to see that increase in security. both at the international and domestic gate. this after isis claiming responsibility for deadly explosions, that rocked both brussels, main airport, and train stations, killing dozens, and injuring more than 100. here in philadelphia, this afternoon, word spread about the attacks overseas, passengers say they're glad for this extra security. >> i think that a lot of airports try to make sure we all feel safe and secure, know a lot of them are cautious, and you get to the big cities. but i don't really know. i feel pretty safe coming to the airport, but i know it is casino of scary with everything internationally. >> i wouldn't be surprised if there is trains. it is good to have some height ends awareness. i'm kind of real big on we got to be mindful anyway, whether or not we had the incident in, you know, in brussels, but,
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you know, i don't have any problem with it. >> specs for the airport released this statement, quote, passengers should expect to see increased presence of uniform law enforcement officials in and around the airport, as for flights that were expected to arrive from belgium, rahel, erika, they've been canceled of course at philadelphia international airport. live here at the airport, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, greg, thank you. and stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the terror in brussels. we'll bring you the very latest on tv and always on line at all right, and switching gears a bit, villanova 'd row through the march madness tournament continues this week. >> yes, on the road to louisville kentucky, pat gallen joins us on the villanova campus, wildcat leaving with a date with the sweet 16. so proud of them, pat, good afternoon. >> hey, guys. campus is quiet right now. the student event gone back to class. some of the fans have gone home. a little over an hour ago, the
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fans packed outside of the davis center here on the villanova campus, to send the villanova wildcats off to louisville, they boarded the team bus, they headed to their flight which will go to louisville, will play thursday night against miami, head coach jay wright spoke about the experiences and more. >> i think they realize each step of the way how much big at the get. then our job to get to practice make it the same. but they definitely feel this energy, they feel philadelphia behind them. that's a great experience. i'm glad they get to enjoy. >> i'm very, very operate mills, it will be a tough game, miami has real good team, very -- got a lot of depth, guard plays, really good, it will be a good game but i think we can win. >> a loft senior leaders, i have seen the team go pretty far hopefully all the way. >> so the fans loved it. j. wright loved it. i think the players loved the send off, as well, and they are head today louisville to
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play in their biggest game, since 2009. if you recall back then, made it to the final four. j. wright talked about winning this second weekend of games, fan they can do that they'll see themselves back in the final four, and i think philadelphia and villanova is hoping for that. live from the villanova campus, pat gallen, cbs-3, "eyewitness eyewitness sports, guys, back to you. >> pat, thank you. and our leslie van arsdale is heading to louisville with the wildcats, leslie, will bring us live reports on the road to the final four. starting tomorrow, on "eyewitness news". and toed, you can change the luck after child. >> annual ronald mc charity telethon, such great day so far. phone lines open right now, you can call 844-977-cbs3 to help make a donation, and really make a difference in the life after very special child and their family. hey, there is the breakfast club, coming back we'll have some special guests who will show you why you should donate to this wonderful cause. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, we are here in the great hall for special day here at cbs-3, our seventh annual ronald mcdonald house phone bank. thank you for calling in and donating. >> that's right, already hearing the phones, our volunteers have been here since 6:00 a.m. this morning working hard to take your call. >> absolutely. and there are so many ways to donate, right, rahel? >> so at first we made it real easy for you, call our number
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one 844-977-cbs3. or 2273. you can also text the word family, that's an automatic 10-dollar donation. you want to talk it to 20222. or of course you can go on our website >> hey, while on the website you can also check out amazing auction ate tomes raise money for today's telethon. it is called bidding for good. and listen to this, you can bid on great flyers package, or a precedent sit in, look for the home page. >> also, great incentives. check this out. all of these for donation of $150. you can get set of four tickets to the picsar exhibit at the franklin institute, $150 also gets you, check this out, one egg mcmuffin per week for a year. yum. one big mac for a week for a year. or six piece chick he will motorcycle nugget one per week for a year. all sounds amazing, or how about four tickets to the or peter and the star catcher at
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the walnut st. theater, 150-dollar donation can get you two weekend passes to the wizard world comic con, act soon before the tickets gone, hey, kate. >> i rahel, out over here, we've got another check to present, and joining me right now, somebody from another great company, connecticut edison, joining us right now, you've got great donation to make, and you guys have been with them for a long time. tell us about your partnership. >> yes, thank you very much. conedison solutions proud to continue it support to ronald mcdonald house charities. you know, we appreciate the chance to join together with other in the area and to honor the work of this. >> so how much do we have here? can we hold it up? >> we have a $15,000 donation, and excepting the check is bill robertson, our old buddy here, the president, of ronald mcdonald house charities
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greater philadelphia region. we're doing well so far. >> great day. it is a great day. but keep calling in, because we need those phones ringing. every dollar that we raise is going to help all of these folks around us. >> yes, yes. >> very quickly, you have got a little one in treatment? >> well, he is doing great now. he had a cranial repair on thursday, his name is chunky. and this will help all of the families at ronald mcdonald house. i would like to just say thank you on behalf of those families. >> absolutely, yes. so we continue to thank throughout the day, rahel, we send it over to you for more. >> katie, thank you. if you happen to be walking through center city today you can help too. our justice drabick out at the dilworth plaza, and he is being surrounded by blarney's, these cute little stuffed animals. justin, tell us how we can help? >> rahel, good afternoon, how could you not want a blarney right here? out here in the dilworth plaza park, and tonight's afternoon, sun finally coming up over the building feeling pretty good. we got a lot of volunteers
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here, we have to put them to work. everybody come on out. again, donations here for the telethon. just drop some spare change if you have it in the bucket. if not you can grab yourself a blarney. all you need is $10 for that donation, and you get this cute stuffed animal. if you can't make it out here, center city, dilworth park, or you can just text blarney to 56512. sends that 10-dollar donation and get the blarney in the mail. cute stuff. great for the whole family, pick up a few. then again, nice day to come on out, joined by a lot of volunteers here, but one here very special one, barbara, you got something pretty cool, you've been doing for the ronald mcdonald house. i'm wearing it right now, the stylish scarf. what happened? how did this all start? >> well, my granddaughter asked me when she was 14 to teach her how to suing. we took hats to children's hospital met the people from ronald mcdonald. then we went to camden, we've been donating for the last six years. and we make hats and scarfs for the families that come to ronald mcdonald house all
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through the season. >> that's great. beautiful work. you know they love it. this is stylish. you can wear it all year around, can't wear it on the green jean, see-through when i do the weather but keep up the hard work. thanks so much, everyone, again, dilworth park, out here all day raising money for ronald mcdonald. that's the latest here. we send it back over to you, erika. >> thank you so much. i have to say it is hard to hear in you here, phones are ringing off the hook. thank you, justin. fans of big brother there is guy here needs no introduction, cody, thank you so much for joining us, our social media ambassador. with this very special young woman. haley, people at home might not know as much about you. tell me about haley. how did you guys meet? >> so i met haley little over two years ago at the big brother after party. and just fell in love with her. i mean, look at the smile. she is unbelievable girl. so happy to see her, doing so well, she just got new job, amaze to go see her just this far down the road, being as soukouses fell as she can. >> haley, tell me how has ronald mcdonald house touched your life? >> i stayed here about a month
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while my family stayed here for about eight months, so tough seven months. well, i was recovering, well, recovering right now from a disease. and it attacks the brain. so for seven months, my family stayed therefore eight months, and i stayed there a month. >> what's it like having this guy as your good buddy? not every girl can say that, right? >> amazing, really cool, very nice. >> what do you guys do, hang out together? do you text? what's it like? tell me about it. >> she actually got a lot better relationship with my sister. it is like oh, haley, you're so adorable, she became best friends with my sister. i was like okay, i just got kick to the curb. no, totally joking. she is amazing, amazing girl. but she is part of my life and i'm blessed to be part of hers. >> absolutely, i know your social media ambassador. what's the hashtag people should use #rmhccbs3. right there. >> right there. >> i got it.
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>> and hey, you can tweet right now, maybe hit a reply. >> absolutely, anybody, i'll reply, as long as you have a donation to help out this unbelievable charity. >> haley, thank you so much. over to you. >> thank you we just want to take quick moment to thank the sponsors and volunteers, so many volunteers who have been here all morning long, we want to thank conedison solutions, doctor pepper and snapple group, national pen bank, pj wheelihan, visa and wilmington university. thank you. you at home you can make a difference too. the number one 844-977-cbs3. and "eyewitness news" at noon will be right back with katie's forecast.
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>> we have bright blue skies, full sunshine, beautiful beginning or i should say, you know, beautiful day currently underway here, very light waves lapping up on the shore line, not a lot of folks at rehoboth. live neighborhood network outside boardwalk plaza, hands full of folks walking up and down the boardwalk, again, very quiet here at the shore towns right now. if you want a little privacy. meanwhile temperatures in the meantime are currently low 50's, basically up and down i59 philly to wilmington, right around 50 degrees, should tack on few additional degrees before the day is said and done with all of the full sunshine overhead and high pressure to thank for it, so storm scan, totally empty, essentially here, you got couple of high clouds rolled through portions of the delmarva peninsula, high pressure looking us up for few days, not much happening until out toward the rocky mountains, where we are beginning to see few signs of life, starting to show up, thicker clouds, starting to pop up here, across central planes. eventually, new storm system
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will get its act together. but for now, really the next couple of days, it is not bad. we get you again into the up ear's later this afternoon, expecting our southerly component of the wind flow around high pressure to send the temperatures on uphill spike. much warmer tomorrow. shooting for 07 degrees, so there will be warmfront nearby, trying he few clouds to pop up, but still nice day. little breezy for thursday. we are again going to top off in the 70s, clearly some wet weather waiting in the distance though off in the wings, with our next cold front. so late thursday night, it looks like, into friday morning, is our best shot right now to see any wet weather pop up t looks like it will linger early friday morning then clear out pretty quickly, so start to see the clouds thin for sunshine, temperatures do take hit in the wake of cold front, that's typical obviously, but still, we're expecting low 60s, so still going to be above average. now, that said, if you plan to take advantage of this nice little warming trends that is on our side here, keep in mind, that pollen levels with this casino of pattern can really spike. so specially on thursday,
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we're going to see upward of high level range of may he will, juniper, elm. keep that in mine if you suffer from seasonal allergies also the fact that we'll have hint after breeze out there, it could mess with you. right now actually little breezy. >> this shouldn't be too bad of an issue for you through the rest of the day. notice the breeze, not chilly breeze. win turning more southwesterly, spiking back to the 70s, wednesday, and thursday, little cooler by friday, but still above average. keep that theme going, headed into the easter holiday weekend. stay there, coming
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welcome book our ronald mcdonald house charities phone bank. getting so many calls, thank you so much for calling in that number 844-977-cbs3. to call right now you may get socked with one every these superstars, breakfast club, valerie knight, thank you so much for joining us, i know you have great incentive if you call in right now. what's? >> great dealer for 150-dollar donation we have two tickets for the hottest concert of the summer, hall and oats. >> stop. >> sunday july 10th. >> that's great. >> pavilion in camden, we will all be there, we hope you will make that donation so you can join us too. >> now, your phone has been ringing off the hook. what casino of calls have you gotten so far? >> calls from -- >> men, they were men, they are were all men. >> besides that. calls from motorcycle done al's with their shamrock, paper shamrock sales, 100-dollar donation, you know,
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there are all kinds, you know, it doesn't matter what you want to donate if you help us today and with us today. >> every dollar really does make difference, valley, frank, thank you so much for joining us today, hall and oath tickets, katie, i can go for that. can you? >> hello. everyone, fantastic. >> yes, can do. absolutely, thanks very much. joining me right now to present this check is sherrie caldwell, from visa, and sherrie we were just saying that you're relatively new to donating to the ronald mcdonald house charities. why did you get involved? >> this is our second year donate to go this charity. very charitable, donate to a lot of different organizations but this one is in our backyards, so large sales office in wilmington, delaware, supporting many of our financial institution clients. and so, it was just natural, and we have done lunch at the delaware house, as a team for team building, real a terrific organization. so we're happy and we hope we're here many more years. >> wonderful to hear. how much do we have today at this event? >> $10,000 check. (applause). >> so, so fantastic, $10,000
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more, and you're with the delaware house, so, we're doing well! >> i know, really awesome. we really want to thank visa for all of their support, really great partner, welcome them to the phones telethon. >> absolutely, so, so true, so, so true. obviously such a great thing we see this casino of support for the families and folks benefit from this, we know it matters so much to them. >> yes, we can't say thank you enough. really makes difference for families like younger and the egan family, too. absolutely. >> and we do want to say very quick moment to thank doctor pepper folks, snap he will group for providing beverages for our workers, volunteers today, yardsburn company and all event party rental. we send it back to you. >> katie, thank you so much. we want to remind you we are continuing to fall major developing story of the day out of brussels the terror attacks there. >> terror attacks there, of course, have claimed more than 30 lives this morning, nearly 200 people are injured. and you can get the latest of
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course on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00 tonight. any time on line >> and that is "eyewitness news" at noon, we will be back throughout the day of course checking in with our great volunteers. thank you so much for those who have called in to make a donation: 844-977-cbs3. we will be here through 8:00 p.m. tonight. give us call now. we want to hear the phones ringing. >> absolutely hey we got valerie, frank i is getting left out here from the breakfast club. you can make huge difference in the life of these families, we hope you'll call? >> again the number 844-977-cbs3. the young and the restless is coming up next. have a great day. >> ♪
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>> phyllis: here's to broken chairs and this wonderful blanket -- the only things keeping us warm. >> billy: now, don't forget the red wine, of course. >> phyllis: oh, yes, the red wine. and to day one of your new life, billy abbott. >> billy: day one. does it matter if it's night? >> phyllis: here's a hint -- take a fresh start when you can get it. >> billy: i will take that hint, and thank you for your amazing pep talk about moving into the place. >> phyllis: well, you'd be a moron if you said no to moving into katherine's house. >> billy: well, i'm a moron often, so thank for saving me from myself. >> phyllis: she was such a gutsy lady. she really lived a good life. it'd be a crime to let this home turn into a museum. it needs excitement, snark, and fun. >> billy: okay. i'll handle the excitement, you got the snark.


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