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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. from the cbs broadcast
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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now on "eyewitness news," jackpot in jersey. customers and workers are shock after local convenience is store shows a powerball ticket. that ticket is worth almost $430 million. that's why there's such a frenzy. trang do takes us to the 7-eleven in trenton that made one lucky customer very, very rich. >> the odds of winning powerball are 1 in 292 million. new jersey lottery says it happened at this neighborhood 7-eleven in trenton. >> wow, this is so exciting, the first time we actually won. it's mind blowing. >> just one ticket matched all of the numbers drawn saturday 98
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for the nearly 430 million dollar jackpot. 25, 66, 44, 5, 26 and powerball 9. clerk things he sold it to a woman who was a regular lot toe customer. >> i kind of have an idea but i'm not 100 percent sure. lot unfortunately it wasn't kathy who she is buying lottery ticket there is every day. >> i couldn't hit the big one. last time i got 66. >> i'm just happy for whoever won. >> reporter: as news of the accident winning tick spread is, the store attracting more lot toe players than usual hoping the good fortune hasn't run out. >> did you buy lottery tickets today. >> a scratch-off and i didn't win. >> if the winner opted to take a lump sum, $284 million before taxes, this was the sixth largest in powerball history and
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also the most valuable powerball in new jersey. the owner of this 7-eleven is expected to appear in a news conference monday. in trenton, i'm trang do. cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> lucky person out there. days of clouds and rain we hit the weather jackpot. let's check in with lauren casey in our weather center with first look at your forecast. turned out to be a beautiful mothers day. >> what day for the sunshine to come back across the delaware valley today, we did start with showers. boy once that sunshine broke out. it was so enjoyable because it's been so sparse. what a difference from last sunday, high temperature in philadelphia, only 54, we had more than a half inch of rainfall today had a few showers this morning, otherwise, sunny skies, a bit of a breeze. and a high temperature of 71 degrees. that's more like it. still mild right now in philly. it's 60 degrees, the cooling in millville down to 47. we're in the low 50's in the lehigh valley. stormscan 3 showing us a few sprinkles, trying to work into the poconos but with a dry air
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in place, really not having a lot of luck doing so. otherwise, mostly clear conditions across it's region right now. getting you out the door on monday morning. mostly sunny conditions sun rises at 5:51 tomorrow morning, starting off in low 50's. by 8:00 we're up to 57 with a cool breeze and just how long will that sunshine stick around? we'll answer that question in your full forecast coming up in just a few, natasha. >> thanks we'll see you soon. a mothers day tradition at the art museum. the 26th animal susan b. komen race for the cure brought thousands to the art museum. i was proud to be there along with the other members of the "eyewitness news" family, jessica dean has more on a morning filled with so much meaning for so many people. >> thousands of breast cancer survivors, women and men stand ready for their moment of triumph.
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beginning their victory charge, each remembering their own struggle and all of them struck by the love surrounding them. >> my husband, my children, my mother, this is all -- my brothers, sister to say, niece and nephews are all with me. >> i couldn't do without them. >> reporter: long time survivors like laura lie marking ten years since diagnosis. >> this is emotional for me. >> it's an emotional day. i think it's just the amount people here. it's just beautiful to see. >> for many survivors, it's a mothers day tradition with family. >> where does your strength come from? my family. i have eight grandchildren and one on the way. they're my rock. >> reporter: for those looking on, the scene was overwhelming, even for us covering the day. >> it's a real man who cries. when you know what everybody has gone through something down these steps and they see their families. >> reporter: many who came are still fighting. >> thank god i am a survivor.
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>> absolutely, thank god for that. and you are still in your journey. >> i was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer on january 20th of this year and i'm in the middle of chemo right now. >> the race for the cure raises funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. celebrates survivorship and honors those who ahave lost ther battle. >> i said would anybody come? talk about breast cancer in those days. and that career, 19,083 came. >> on this mothers day, over 100,000 people were there despite rainy start. celebration included music and dancing. and runners along the schuylkill. many came to remember loved ones lost. >> tell me about your grandmother. >> i never really met her. the she died before i was born. but my mom always said she was really nice and cool and i would
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love her. >> this day full of hope brings us one step closer to insures every woman and man will survive breast cancer. jessica dean cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> it really was a wonderful time out there. beautiful day today. it was wonderful that former cbs3 meteorologist and breast cancer survivor carl ericson joined today. we were honored to have us there for this important event. we just love her. tonight a moment of silence for a fallen police officer. "eyewitness news" at pat's satisfy if any in lawncrest where the late gary sxerski was honored. at this location ten years ago. he was a 16 year veteran. the suspect was captured, pleaded guilty and sentenced to life in prison. tonight, the coast guard has now suspended it's search for a missing jet skier. 26-year-old was riding the water craft with another man when the
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pair were thrown overboard somehow last night near the trenton boat ramp on the delaware. the jet ski reportedly ran aground and flipped over. crews were able to rescue the second man but have not been able to locate melendez. it's been more than 24 hours. an elderly woman losing control of her car and crashes in a a rawnhurst store front on the 8300 block of bustleton avenue. the 73-year-old was unhurt and the building was he is not at the time. it did take heavy structural damage. it currently houses a vein treatment center. sad news to report tonight, the baby girl injured in a violent car crash last weekend has died from her injuries. today, police reveal that seven week old biana wilson passed away thursday night. last sunday, two cars collided on henry avenue in east falls, two people were killed. seven others injured including
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the little girl. one of the cars was carrying seven passengers. the president of penn state is condemning in you reports regarding what joe paterno may or may not have known about convicted sex abuser jerry sandusky. eric before a ron wrote a letter. he says he was appalled by the rush to judgment acknowledging the stories. last week separate reports including language from legal documents suggested that paterno knew about sandusky's actions as early as the 1970s. medical marijuana is still brand new to pennsylvania, but today, advocates rallied in center city to take the movement further. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has more now on the group's message from city hall. >> lighting up marching down market street. this group of about 100 is calling on pennsylvania lawmakers to relax penalties on
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recreational use of marijuana. many say lighting up provides relief from a range of symptoms. >> it shouldn't just be the oils, it should be the full plant that should be used. all of us need an access to this. of. >> 63 and a half years i've fault through an unreal mental disease. and this gives me relief. >> before marijuana, she suffered from depression and anxiety. >> i was 14 on antidepress is ans i can't recall my life at that point. a friend of mine turned me on to marijuana, since that point. >> state representative jordan harris is working on a comprehensive legalings bill. a spokesman told me, the governor championed the legalization of medical marijuana and was instrumental in his passage. he talked about the need for the
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decriminal sensation of marijuana but said that he does not support the full legalization of recreational marijuana in pennsylvania. >> most of the people in this group say they're suffering from a variety of medical conditions and tell us they're not expecting anything to happen overnight in harrisburg. reporting outside city hall, joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> stay with us. still to come on "eyewitness news," campaign 16 shifts to new jersey. find out who showed up for a rally today in the garden state. unbelievable video of a tornado touching down. where this happened and how much damage it left behind. lauren. >> after a soggy start to may, sunshine finally returned today but more rain is in the forecast. i'll let you know when you'll need to break out the umbrella again in your work week forecast coming up next.
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. donald trump and hillary clinton attacked each other. trump made a bold prediction about his own party. cbs3 correspondent has more. >> reporter: as donald trump faces republican resistance to his likely nomination, he says a united party isn't necessary to win the white house. >> it would be better if it were unified. there would be something good about it but i don't think it actually has to be be. >> he also pivoted on economic calling an increase in the minimum wage. >> you need flex ability. >> reporter: he signalled flexibility on taxes predicting they will go up for the rich. >> by the time it's negotiated they will go up. >> on "face the nation," hillary clinton called his proposal vague and wrong. >> he said he'd renegotiate the
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national debt. maybe he just doesn't understand that running our go. is not the same as making real estate deals. >> reporter: last weak, the fbi interviewed a top clinton aid as part of the investigation into her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. >> no one has reached out to me yet. >> she's been ready to talk to investigators is since last year: cbs3 news new york. also today, bernie sanders fired up supporters in new jersey. he was at rutger's hoping to catch clinton in the garden state. senator sanders isn't done in the garden state, he'll rally supporters in atlantic city, new jersey holds it is primaries in next month. canadian officials say a massive wild fire destroyed part of a down in alberta could burn for months and months, it's already burned in an area twice the size of philadelphia.
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torching more than 1600 buildings. tens of thousands of people have fled. the flames are still burning out of control and there is fear now that the wild fire could double in size. incredible video out of colorado. severe weather spawned several tornados near the nebraska border. this was captured by storm chasers. authorities say at least five people were injured. crews are on the ground now assessing the damage left behind. now to california, a small plane crashes on to a roof. there were two people on board. one of them taken to the hospital. the other appeared to be ok. the plane actually punched a hole in that roof. the cause of the crash is still under investigation tonight. cruise vacation ended with a crash in baltimore this morning. the carnival pride hid a gangway on the pier causing part of that gangway to fall. three parked cars were damaged. the gangway was not being used at the time and luckily no one was injured. the ship was able to leave on
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its next voyage as scheduled. cruise ship made a stop in portland maine this morning with hundreds of sick passengers on board. it's operated by fred olson cruises on a month-long cruise from southampton england, 27 percent of the passengers have the nor row virus. they're under quarantine while it finishes it's journey back to england. a teenager kicked out of her own prom, she's a lesbian and always worn shirt and pants. but the family says a last minute e-mail changed that dress code and required girls to wear a formal dress to the accident prom. wolf's mom called the school but had no luck fighting this change. she decided to go to the prom anyway and was barred from entering. >> a lot of the girls' dresses, i'm not saying that all of them are this way but they do show a lot of skin. i believe i'm dressed modestly.
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>> we bought a nice suit. i think my daughter is beautiful. >> by experience shouldn't be different than anybody else's just because it's something i was born with. >> she says the school officials took her by the arm and threatened to call the police. so she left her prom. it was a great day for the 13th annual craft bizarre on penns landing. every mothers day weekend brings more than 125 vendors water front. live music also played out on at the great plaza and it look like everybody had a great time and guess who was out there in the midst? lauren casey and her mom. >> that's true, me and mom hanging out, got goodies, enjoyed the sunshine, got mothers day. got some kind of weird coloring here. i think the sun hit my skin. hadn't seen it in so long. my skin is like what is going on? the sunshine dame out after a few showers but a beautiful mothers day afternoon.
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it was a little bit breezy but a night evening, temperatures still mild, 60 degrees as we get a live look at center city philadelphia, nice to see mostly clear skies when it certainly hasn't been the trend for may so far. west wind around eight miles per hour, due points dropped off significantly from this morning, temperatures are cooler in millville, 47 right now. we're nearing 50 in atlantic city and in the low 50s in had the lehigh valley. 44 in mount pocono. due points taking a lack at due points, it felt kind of damp this morning, but we had the cold front drop through, gave us a few showers then gave us sunshine on the back side, much drier air and due points are down on the order of ten to 20 degrees, so feeling much more comfortable. stormscan 3 showing us a few sprinkles trying to work into the poconos and the lehigh valley but what that very dry air in place, the sprinkles are coming and they just dissolve and fade away because the air is not supportive of that moisture right now. mostly clear conditions across
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much of the area and across it's eastern is sea board looking good. we had the stagnated area of low pressure that gave us the clouds and rain for days and days. now, that system has cleared on out of here h thankfully and a much drier week is in store. so for our monday, a ten percent chance of rainfall mainly south of the city, best chance of rain over the next several days will be on tuesday, not only a 30 percent chance with spotty showers in the factor. future weather showing us a nice round of mostly sunny skies as we start. the cloud deck will be increasing from the south, we'll still maintain a good amount of sunshine towards it's poconos and lehigh valley into the afternoon, so looking pretty good and a few spotty showers possibly i think across parts delaware and southern shore points, pretty quiet conditions cloud deck remerges as we head into tuesday, mostly cloudy day. spotty showers breaking out as we head into afternoon. not going to be a wash-out at all. you might be dodge the showers
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tuesday, they won't be so spotty in nature but for tonight not dodging any shower activity. mostly clear less wind right around average for us, tomorrow, average, 72, sunshine to start, increasing clouds throughout the afternoon, little bit breezy at times not as gusting as what we fell for today. forecast highs tomorrow, climbing up into the upper 60's to low 70's across the region. 70s in the lehigh valley. we'll top in the mid to upper 60's at the shore, 71 degrees in trenton and across the region best day is going to be in the poconos tomorrow with mostly sunny skies, 62 degrees chance of a passing sprinkle down the shore then increasing clouds in the city with that high temperature of 72. we take a step back, temperature-wise into tuesday, high of 69 with a chance of a spotty shower, wednesday and thursday, now looks high pressure is going to be stronger and moving a little bit further south and some of the models were playing out earlier, so looks like we'll see more sunshine and eventually taking out the rain chance wednesday and turned it over to decreasing
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clouds, thursday looks look a nice day, maybe you have a long weekend in store, 77 with mostly sunny skies. our next best chance of rain will be friday with showers and thunderstorms, not until friday do you really need to break out the umbrella. a nice little nap. >> thank goodness. >> new umbrella after this week. >> umbrellas all over the city. i think i just rolled over one with my car earlier. >> lesley the phillies are looking pretty good. >> they are, they could win close games. this afternoon it was pat toomey started his career as an investment banker.
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then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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. offense showed up today in miami. they needed every run to hold off the marlins. phils trailing 5-had in the eighth. gap right center field.
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burriss will score. the fightins have the game. gomez getting his 11th save, the phillies win for a out of three in miami, 6-5 the final, 11th one run victory as it's most in the season in the majors. eagles are expected to fill the vacant personnel tomorrow by dmam joe douglas to the job. he will report to howie roseman, he was the director of scouting for the bears last year and spent 15 years in the ravens organization. coming up in the sports zone, more on the surprising phillies, now four games, yes, we'll have the latest on the sam bradford is a ago when kevin cooney joins me in a couple of minutes. very speci
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. welcome back everyone. camden kids treated their moms on mothers day with a little bit of help from the police today. it was the lovely treat, mr. softy distributed free ice cream, officers were on hand to
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meet families throughout the city and handled out breast cancer awareness t-shirts. >> it's what we do every year, every time we get a chance, we try to reach out to the community. build partnerships. >> mr. softy truck moved to location to location, allowing more kids to get a free treat. that's how i like my scream with sprinkles. >> or jimmies. >> this is an ongoing debate. lauren is
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that you say is the buick sports zone on cbs3. after terrible serious in saints lewis, the phillies now in the position to take a series against the marlins in south florida. the highlights straight head. is he retiring, coming to camp? what is going on with sam bradford? that story and more coming up. welcome to the buick sports zone, i'm lesley van arsdale, we have a great show. we're going to start with the phillies. wrapping up their three-game series in miami. aaron nola got the start 20 inning score less going into today's game. wearing pink on mothers day day. susan b. komen foundation and the score less streak ends at 23 innings when justin


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