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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  May 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> incredible force of mother nature there is deadly twister tore through an oklahoma and now the threat of dangerous storms moves east. this is just one of two dozen twisters to touchdown in the nation's heart lan, good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. looks like scene out of a movie. the twisters are blamed for at least two deaths. correspondent manuel is in one of the hardest hit areas. in winniewood oklahoma.
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>> malala yousafzai lent motion, oh, my god. >> this is the twister, that devastated oklahoma monday. >> oh, no, there is the line. >> violent high speed winds whipped away information their path including trees and electric polls. forecasters declared a tornado emergency, for communities in the track of the fast-moving tornado. >> a 76 year old man was killed. family members say he was on the phone with them, when the storm hit. lisa buchner lives next-door. >> ran back to the cellar, lockdown, and started praying. >> her house was one of several torn to pieces. in nearby johnston county another man was killed, after a tornado snapped trees, and damaged buildings. county commissioner roy belladvance called on search to help the victims. >> when he when he got there he thought he was still alive but it was bad.
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>> in lincoln, nebraska, hail and heavy rainfall pummeled entire neighborhoods. while flashflooding stranded drivers. the same system that caused this destruction is now moving east with severe thunderstorms in the forecast for the central and southern planes, then part of the mississippi valley could see heavy rainfall, and possible flooding. manuel, cbs news, winniewood, oklahoma. >> we don't have to worry about severe weather today but damp and dreary once again. >> katie fehlinger in the weather center tracking more showers. >> more, i know. >> why we're satisfying the rain, regardless, looks awfully similar to what we had last week where you had the gray, gloomy skies, temperatures count really budget easily out 50's, again, little bit more wet weather to dodge out there. and we start thing off by looking at the wet weather situation right now. not wash out, and actually, i would say that the bark is a lot worse than the by the on this radar right here, very
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light rain, that's falling generally speaking across the board, but everyone for the most part fair game to still see shower or little bit every fine drizzle at some points the rest of the day today. current temperatures are in the low mid 50's, many spots, at the airport at 57 degrees, flirting already, with the 60 degrees mark in wildwood. we're if the going to see much more movement on the thermometer even despite the fact there are many more hours every daylight left here, at best, talking 60 degrees in the city here today, still with a couple of showers as a possibility. coming up more showers, in our forecast, but also some sunshine and nice little warming trends. we lake bound the details of the full forecast a bit later in the show, brooke? >> thanks, katie. developing story this noon, a lock-down at conwell egan high school. chopper three over bristol township bucks county we're told the fb icon tact dollars township police in the school about 7:30 over anonymous threat. the school was immediately locked down. there is no word on the exact nature of that threat. in other news police searching for the hit-and-run
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driver who injured bike rider earlier today in cobbs creek, happened about 2:20 this morning near 52nd and spruce. the 46 year old bike rider was knock off his bike and the suv driver kept ongoing. the cyclist is in stable condition with injuries to his head and ribs. >> also, police are investigating claims of a sexual assault inside say err high school in west philadelphia. a 14 year old female student tells authorities she was sexually assaulted by male student last friday afternoon. the alleged assault happened after students were dismissed for the day. so far no charges have been filed. delaware authorities are pressing charges in last month's deadly fight inside wilmington high school rest room. jan carabeo reports one of the three girls facing charges may go on trial as an adult. howard high school student go back to school knowing fellow student are charged in the death of amy joyner francis, when the 16 year old
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sophomore died inside girls bathroom here in wilmington, today student and parent say the healing finally can begin. >> we are growing as a family here at howard and we will build on it. >> it take a while for the healing, young people, families and stuff, going to take, you know, a while for that, especially the one that lost her daughter. >> delaware department of justice, 16 year old trinity carr responsible, charged with crimini neglect homicide, prosecutors plan to try her as an adult. they say carr the only student to assault joyner-francis in the bathroom that day. cell phone video shows small portion of the violence. according to the attorney general's office, joyner-francis had pre-existing heart condition and died from a heart attack. but authorities say the assault triggered that cardiac incident. >> i don't think they will ever have peace. it is a very difficult situation. at least they know who is going to be held accountable for the situation. >> sherrie dorsey walk is her
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wilmington councilwoman, also speaking for the victim's family. >> she is a good young lady. she was taken too soon. >> two other teenage girls are charged with criminal conspiracy, prosecutors say they helped plan the confrontation. they'll be tried as juveniles and because they're minors "eyewitness news" is not naming them. >> the girls de is her whatever they got. i believe they did longer. >> now carr could face up to eight years in prison if convicted. other two teen girls up to one year behind bars. all three students had already been suspended from school n wilmington, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the man accused of a deadly stabbing spree at german train station may not ever face criminal charges. authorities say the 27 year old suspect has a history of psychological problems and drug issues. he allegedly confessed to the attack that left one person dead and several others hurt. police say there is no sign the man has any ties to terrorist networks. later this month, president obama will become the first sitting president to
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visit hero shima where the us dropped an atomic bomb. the president is attending an economic summit in japan. secretary of state, john kerry, visited hiroshima last month, while house says the president will not apologize for the bombing which killed 140,000 japanese people during world war ii. a living tribute will take root at the site of the flight 93 memorial in a shenksville, pennsylvania, hundreds of volunteers will descend on the area this weekend to plant thousands of seedlings at the national memorial. the new seedlings will cover 23 acres of hillside damage when flight 93 crashed on 9/11. the project is in its fourth year, more than 75,000 seedlings have been planted with the help of 2,000 volunteers so far. >> new signs of frustration over the nation's airport security screening process, many airports are complaining about inadequate staffing and long wait times. they are demanding the tsa fix the problem or else they'll take secure my their own hands. cbs correspondent michelle mill is her at leguardia
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airport. >> it is the irony of flying. planes are the fastest way to travel, but wait time just to get on board keep getting longer. airports complain that tsa staffing isn't keeping up with increased passenger traffic. >> the flight only took two hours, but you had to get to the airport two hours early, you know, to get through the security line, casino of unfortunate. >> not only unfortunate but unacceptable. according to the port authority of new york and new jersey. in a letter to the transportation security administration, it says the patient of the flying public has reached a breaking point. we can no longer tolerate the continuing inadequacy of tsa passenger's screening services. >> because the line took soling, and they put me on the next flight. >> port authority says it might implement an option already in line, where they could hire outside help, contracting with private security companies.
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>> we're looking at all of the options including we're going to investigate what it would take to privatize looking at other airports that has privatized. >> the tsa says, it is working to decrease passenger wait times by using k9's to ex if he died screenings, asking congress to approve more overtime pay, and speeding up the hiring process to bring on new officers. >> we're working very hard to dramatically improve our ability to move people through training more people than we have ever trained before on weekly basis, but the travel volumes we're seeing will still make airport crowded at peak times this summer. >> michelle miller reporting. >> turning to campaign 2016 today's primary day in west virginia and nebraska and for the first time since entering the race for president, donald trump is running unopposed. trump is taking the day off from campaigning today as he prepares for a meeting with key republican lawmakers thursday. on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders is expected to do well in today's west virginia primary.
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hillary clinton is campaigning in kentucky ahead of that state's primary next week. well, this caught my attention earlier. two window washers hanging on for dear life after their scaffolding collapses. we'll show you the rescue coming up next. >> plus exploding sneakers. one family says their son's light up shoes ignited. they're relieve he wasn't wearing them at the time. >> there is art to making great cup of joe. coming up next we'll take you to a place where science and coffee come together. stay with us.
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>> two window washers stuck on scaffolding at lower manhattan building. scaffolding collapsed and was tilting at a precarious angle. fire crews were able to pull l workers to safety through a window. >> well, residents forced flea of raging wild fire in alberta canada, could soon learn when they'll be allowed back home. officials there say working on a plan becomes 2400 structures have burned, but 90% of fortmc-murray remains un turned. lower temperatures have hampered the effort. while fire continues to grow away from populated areas. >> houston family narrowly missed possible disaster, and they blame their son's light up shoes. the family says their son left his shoes in the family car this weekend, and a day later found charred, smokey mess. they believe lithium ion
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battery inside the shoes triggered fire inside the car. the fire marshall is still figuring out if the shoes actually caused the fire. the food and drug administration is taking another look at how it should define foods as healthy. the agency currently allows the use of the term healthy on food packaging it it meets certain nutrition guidelines. outcome could change how foods are marketed, the fda plans to ask the public for their opinion on what they define as healthy as part of the re-evaluation plan in the near future. and, these are not exactly healthy. but, it seems mcdonald's new garlic fries are real yummy. the experiment with the fries at a san francisco bay area restaurant is over but looks like a great success. the fries were sold out in less than two weeks, and the people there are clamouring for more. mcdonald's said it is considering bringing back garlic fries and maybe, rolling out the item nationwide. >> all right, everyone who enjoying good cup of coffee knows it takes an expert hand
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to brew the best. >> well, our justin finch shows us a south philly coffee shop that uses science to make the perfect cup of joe. >> at the corner of tenth and car pen per streets, an experiment. >> zeroing the refractometer. magic totally disolved coffee, key, engaging coffee flavor. >> 15 grams of dry coffee going in. >> the daily grinds, research, then record, then over time we can keep track of how the coffee -- >> sample. >> yes, not bad. >> and repeat. it is part whatever makes ross and megan's new coffee house stand out. , a cork that comes from ross' penn engineering backgrounds. >> as a scientist i basically always see the value in numbers and the value in measuring everything. >> their coffee, hand picked from roasters who source the worlds' best beans, then
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functions fine tune grinding and brewing, maximize z the natural fruit i flavor that you will actually taste. >> i did. >> should be very smooth, not any bitterness. >> yes, i can taste it, almost tastes like there is already sugar it in it. >> about a year ago they were across the pond where ross was teaching, dreamed up opening their own coffee shop. the question was where. >> like is it going to be in europe, is it going to be back home? >> the orange walnut biscotti taste will come out. >> they chose south philly, the necessary choice was the name. >> really scientific and mathematical. >> about a minute 45 we'll start pouring again. >> you know? ross is definitely into that. >> now, you don't have to order a large coffee to get all of the flavors. they pack so much into each cup, and ross and meg say the more you come, the more flavors you might find. justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> sounds good to me well, not
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everyone wants to be photo shopped. >> and including singer megan trainer. still ahead on "eyewitness news", why she said she was so embarrass bad her new music video that she pulled it. katie? >> brooke, once again looking at some dreary conditions for yet another day. will this end? will it eventually? i promise it will. when you can expect to see the sun and also a warming trend, all coming
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>> yesterday we showed you the rare transit of mir cure i, detailed it in a special map. made the color coded model using more than 100,000 pictures taken by the
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messenger spacecraft. astronomers say it will help them understand the volume cane i can activity that shaped mercury's surface. >> cool. >> and it is cool outside. >> what's happening? i had to have the heat on. >> bizarre, i know, heater in the car, now approaching the middle of may. what's going on here? >> what's happening? >> well, different story last week. there was different reason that things were as cool and dreary as they were. now, we actually have a separate front just stuck, in just the grand scheme of things here. high pressure trying to take over, and it is trying to bring back some sunshine for us, but it is just not going to happen today. we take you outside here first to live look at our neighborhood networkment looking at the kutztown area middle school camera where at the moment grass looks lovely, obviously very gray sky, cool side, flight g with 40's even right now, thankfully not too much of a winds out there today. meanwhile, one real cool part about having some of the rain that rolled through earlier
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this morning, was some of the beautiful views actually picture, from our station headquarters overlooking center city with the rainbow, we had quick lil rounds of light showers, and also some sunshine to work with. so thank you to our producer hug i bear, let's take you out to storm scan3, warmfront, so eventually we're not going to be able to call it warmfront any more, just become stationary, that's where the problem comes from with gray skies, gloomy conditions. pretty strong out system, doesn't have a heck of a lot of well defined organization, but see some circulation, back over montana, wyoming, then out ahead of it series of different disturbances in the form along the frontal boundary moving on through here, eventually we end up with a cold front passage later in the week, for now any kind of severe weather activity as we heard earlier in the show little more removed to the east, from what we saw yesterday, so enhanced risk right around the ohio river valley thankfully not
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specking any severe weather but going to stay little on the dreary side the rest of today, tomorrow, high pressure trying to nudge south, but not that it will nudge far enough south. still allowing for shower here specially southern tear of the area, should start to brighten up at least little bit, thursday looks good, high pressure sort of wins the battle between areas of any casino of low pressure or high pressure it, does mean expecting dry day, but front still nearby, then the colds front, i'll tach this, cross you through friday, bringing with it couple of showers, few thunderstorms and likely happens through the second half of the day. how it all pants out on the seven day, today ends up being the coolest of the pack, watching still for shower really at any time. we stay with the limited sunshine tomorrow, again, allowing for shower, thursday looks good, if you want to make outdoor plans, should be guaranteed dry day, 75 degrees under partly sunny sky, and then by the time we hit friday against showers and
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thunderstorms, scheduled to cross through and reinforcing secondary front comes on saturday. so i know it is not the prettiest forecast, but there are some sunny breaks along the way. >> and i see jim -- >> you know me, just go right to the weekends, this weekday stuff makes no difference to me. i'm looking at saturday and sunday, thanks, appreciate it. megan trainer isn't happy about her new music video. >> pulled the new single off the internet right after it debuted yesterday. she says someone photo shopped her waist without her permission, trainer posted this screen shot from the video on stain gram. the singer said she approved new version that should be released later today. >> all right. >> i don't know what to say. >> standing up for you know this idea that there is a perfect body, and if you don't look like that -- >> i agree with that. but i don't know what she really looked like before so i won't know the difference. well, coming up: siri gets serious competition, now this i'm interested in.
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>> say hello to this, man who helped create apple siri, working on smart area cyst at any time named viv. you'll be able to use viv on any device or on car, uses artificial intelligence, so use kearse have more natural conversations. well, that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. i'm katie fehlinger y
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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>> phyllis: well, you took your sweet time getting here, didn't you? >> jack: is there a problem? >> phyllis: yeah. yeah. i'd say there's a huge problem. we can kiss our primo space at dillman's department store goodbye. >> jack: what -- wait, why -- why would you -- >> phyllis: oh, that's because fiona's giving it all to billy. see, we're gonna be lucky if we get a dusty shelf in between the clearance bin and the janitor's closet! >> jack: fiona said that? >> phyllis: no, but i don't think she was saying much of anything else other than, "oh, billy, ha ha ha, you're so handsome!" >> jack: are you sure you're not overreacting here? >> phyllis: overreacting? >> jack: i can see the state you're in. i know you. whatever you heard or think that you heard -- >> phyllis: no, it is what i saw when i went to billy's. he is sleeping with fiona! >> billy: i have to say, i'm usually a bourbon kind of guy, but this vino you like is kind


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