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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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exploring all possibility, but one thing they can say that there was no signs of alcohol in the car. meantime students here at bridgeton high school tell me that they are completely devastated. on a previously non-descript, quiet stretch of route 49, between mile marker 41 and 42 in maurice river township a memorial now stands. >> my heart just sank, and i'm like, i just could not believe it. >> reporter: around 3:45 saturday morning new jersey state police say that the car, 17 year-old daisia sulton was driving lost control, swerving off the road and into a tree, killing sulton and her passenger and friend, 15 year-old mikayla mostly. two others, 17 year-old and a 16 year-old, survived but they are hurt. >> today at school, it is very cold, dry, nobody was talking, everybody was crying, i was crying, how much i miss them. how much they did a lot for me. >> everybody knew each other. this is a close community and loss of two students is
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tragic. >> reporter: all four students were students at bridgeton high school and three went to prom in salem county but authorities say they were coming back from ocean city, new jersey where there may have been a after party. monday the school district said 20 grief counselors were on hand for students and staff and grief, that these student have company tomorrow learn well. saturday's fatal accident comes weeks after another student died, from a car wreck. >> so we have our students were at a funeral on saturday at the 11:00 a.m. because they lost one of their peers, in a tragic accident. then here, that now two more students were killed in the tragedy, just devastating. >> reporter: now that superintendent, tells me that there will be a vigil held here at the bridgeton high school stadium. they will have that as soon as they can make arrangements with the parents of the victims. reporting from bridgeton remarks hell sol machine for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> rahel, thank you. cbs news reports operator
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error due to loss of situational awareness is the likely cause behind last may's deadly amtrak derailment in frankford. cbs sites several sources familiar with the national trappings and safety board's investigation. those sources, say that radio traffic about a septa train, getting its window smashed by an object will be cited as a factor, that proved engineer brandon bostian was distract. our walt hunter will be in washington d.c. tomorrow for the release of that ntsb report. a former university of pennsylvania professor, convicted of beating his wife, to death, has been refused early release from prison. rafael rob was quick of killing his wife ellen gregory in their king of prussia home back in 2006. he was sentenced to ten years in prison as part of the the plea deal in 2007. he will serve his entire sentence and will be released next year. he will be on ten years of supervised probation. first responders had to pull a man from his pick up
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when he went over a guardrail, and into the water. chopper three was on the scene in tinicum township delaware county. this is route 291 near the airport. man was reportedly trapped in his truck but crews extended a ladder and were able to free him. he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. no one else was hurt and crews towed that truck out of the water. coastguard rescued a french sailor today about 90 miles off the coast of atlantic city. oliver jim was attempting a solo voyage from new york to the uk when his sail boat, hit an object and began to sink. he sounded a distress signal and deployed an emergency raft and used flares to signal rescuers. coastguard helicopter found him and brought him back to new jersey. well, finally official vigil last night, philadelphia has a new fire commissioner, adam thiel was sworn in this morning and spoke one on one with walt hunter. >> city of brotherly and sisterly love.
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>> reporter: raising his hand at i quickly key swearing in ceremony inside headquarters, four three-year old adam thiel officially took over as philadelphia's new fire commissioner. >> fire department business the people. it is the people here who do the work. >> reporter: surrounded by family, thiel, who replaces derek say year had commanded fire forces in four states, most recently deputy secretary of home land security in virginia. >> my goal, it is to visit at least one firehouse every day and we will start again. >> reporter: thiel told me he also hopes to forge stronger departmental ties with community groups. >> so i'm also looking forward to getting out, in the community and visiting with community groups, faith based organizations. >> reporter: one of the first priorities for the new commissioner will be planning for protection for the upcoming democratic national convention here this summer. >> the city did a great job with the papal visit and so many other special events. it is a normal thing here. >> i look forward to working with the new commissioner. >> reporter: local 22
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president andrew thomas pledge his union and members will work hard with the new commissioner on important issues, like prying loose fund for departmental improvements. >> it will be a big challenge for him but we are looking forward to a positive result. >> reporter: putting first thing first, the commissioner headed out for a celebration run watch his family, and then, a fitting for his new fire gear. at fire headquarters, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and at the white house today president obama presented the medal of valor to the family of fallen philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson the their. the president was visibly moved as he awarded the medal to wilson's grandmother. wilson a father of two was killed in march 2015 when two men tried to rob a north philadelphia game stop. >> please know how deeply sorry we are for your loss, how grateful we are for sergeant wilson's service. >> big hole in my heart when he lost his life but he loved his john. did he what he was trained to
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to. i miss him a lot. >> twelve other law enforcement officers were also honored at the white house today for their bravery and commitment. turning to the weather now, a marvelous monday but we're once again keeping an eye on wet weather. kate is outside on the sky deck to tell you more, kate. >> i grabbed jacket for this hour because it is a little will chilly outside. temperatures in the 60's but brisk win from the west making it feel a little cooler then thermometer indicates. still a beautiful evening with blue skies and lots of sunshine and stays light now until the 8:00 o'clock hour, nice long days. we have had nothing but sun. take a look, today's sky mostly sunny but first mostly sunny day we have had since april of 16th. that is a full month ago. we have had sun, sure on and off but not a full day of sunshine like today. hopefully we have a chance get outside and enjoy it. this will be changing as we head through tomorrow. temperatures as we said in the mid 60's. it is cool, blustery. wind out of the west at 15 to
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20 miles an hour with gusts higher then that. and gusts up to 25 miles an how in a few spots but rain pushing from the west, and coming up when i join you inside i will tell you whether that he wet weather gets here and which areas could see steadier rain tomorrow into wednesday and good news in the forecast as well, that is coming up when i join you inside. for now back over to you you. >> we like good weather news, kate, thanks. city of philadelphia is tackling home lessness with a new outreach strategy and plans to make workers more visible to the public and to those who need help. >> we are looking at alleviating some of the concerns and fear and confusion of people horren countering homeless people on the street. we're looking at engaging homeless people to get the services that they need. >> workers will focus on four locations in center city, the area around rittenhouse square, avenue of the arts. the convention center and independent mall. and still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" a warning for women in delaware county, what officers say this man did that earned him a slap in the
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face, and the reason why they want to you know about it. the phillies fanatic is one of the most popular mascots in sports. i'm's greg argos at citizens bank park with how one video shows he may be also the most compassionate. sixers, they want to be number one what head coach brett brownies saying about the nba draft lottery. plus what did the five fingers say to the face? the answer is right here in front of you, find out what caused this brewaa coming up next.
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police in delaware county need public's help tracking down a man wanted for snapping photos of a woman without her knowledge. >> so, this video from the press sell factory on 69th street in upper darby shows man, taking photos of a woman as she stand in line. victim, finally realize is it, and slaps the man who then takes off. if you know who that guy is, call police. >> are your e-mails rubbing people the wrong way. >> a lot of people know it is not okay to use all caps but not everybody. >> join me tonight the on "eyewitness news" at is 11:00 and, make a mistake many send when they make and send and one e-mail you should never type, tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. don't be yelling at people, geese. >> i know. i'm guilty. >> do you all caps. >> sometimes, sorry. i will be quiet. >> yes. >> he is one of the best known mascots, philly fanatic has a
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knack nor making people smile. >> video from saturday's game is making round and "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos shows us moving moment and emotional reaction. >> reporter: philly fanatics really wanted to meet katie mullins, so he kick her cousin right out of her seat. >> it was the most fun part of the game. >> reporter: let's backtrack. this past friday, katie, hoist blind, went to the phillies game with her family. >> he just came up behind her. >> this is the phillies fanatic, turn around. >> and if i could touch him, and he said that was fine. >> unaudible. >> i just did it. >> and after allowing kate toy see him, through touch, the fanatic decided to have a little dance part which her.
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>> really cool, great to see her reaction. >> reporter: don is the fanatic's best friend and he says fury green guy loves making the game a great love for kate. >> fanatic spotted our friend, wanted to have some fun and make sure that she was experiencing what everybody else gets to experience. >> he tries to make every night memorable here. >> it was really cool about it. and he absolutely sat with me for a while and i got to hug him. >> reporter: at citizens bank park, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> isn't that quality fanatic time. >> still the best mascot in pro sports. >> don bell, is what happening, with the sixers. >> it is an exciting time, exciting time for this team. it is nba version of the power ball, winner doesn't walk away with mega millions but instead they hope they get a mega star. sixers about 26 hours away from the draft lottery, they have a 26 percent chance of getting the number one pick. today i sat down with head coach brett brown who is just a bit nervous.
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>> well, it is a big night for the city and big night for our fans and big night for the organization and i said if we can get through to the commercial, and that means you are at least until the three. and so i will sort of stick with that goal. we have to get to the commercial. >> top three, need that. meanwhile, sixers held a predraft work out at pcom, draft hopefuls hitting the court and looking to show off skills. deandre bembry, tell em's jay len bond and josh hart were in attendance. hart has not formally declared for the draft. he has until the 25th to deciding whether he will return to the wildcats. >> nba is my dream. you know, i have been working toward it since i was five years old. on the other hand, you know, villanova, it is a special place in my heart. it will be a tough one. i wish it was a clear cut
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pick. >> kid has some decision toss make. >> baseball at the bank, jared eickoff gets the start as phillies host marlins in less than an hour. by the way, btw, fightins are one game out of the first place in the nl east. manager pete mackanin has noticed. >> it is a real feather in these guys caps. they have been playing very good baseball. no matter what happens down the road we can look back to these six weeks and remember that hey we're capable of competing and winning games. >> rangers and jays, baseball game and then a ufc match broke out. toronto toe jose because tease to, hard take out of odor, he decided, bang, fist meet face. and then a brawl broke out. >> donnybrook. >> they all came out to square off. >> how does because tease to take that and not just hit the dick. >> i know, tell me bit. that was a legitimate punch, he took it and both teams go
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back and forth. there is bad blood when they played last year in the playoffs and baseball players have really long memories. >> but come on. >> that is revenge. >> fines will ensue. >> yeah. >> my goodness. >> thanks, buddy. kate joins with us our forecast and playing golf, yesterday i got that hole in one but doing tonight all kind of long johns, turtle necks. >> oh, i don't know where that came from. >> yes, playing golf. >> no big deal. >> it just popped out, my bad. >> congratulations on the hole in one. >> yes. >> get that swing down. >> perfect. >> yes. >> wow. >> perfect swing and not the perfect day yesterday but today was close to perfect at least compared to what we have had so far this month. we have had a lot of unshine, and gusty breeze, it felt like as i put it that first crisp fall day when you head back to school in september. you get that cool weather and smell of fall in the air but it is may. we have to get through summer. lets bring summer weather back in. we have great days this week
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but first lets look at what it looks like right now. look at that beautiful deep blue sky over philadelphia. thinks live from the cbs broadcast center. we are looking at intersection of the broad and spring garden on the bottom of the screen but top of the screen nothing but blue skies and look the at the color of that sky tonight. it is gorgeous. few patchy cloud out there. similarly beautiful at the junior/senior school up in bernville. we can see kid out on the playing field but i think this afternoon and in the really a cloud in the sky up that way. we are wedged between systems. you can see rain, snow over extreme northern new england and eastern canada we are in the dry air right here but as we head through next couple days we will see about a couple of patterns, corridor parade of storms, so to speak right along one ban dry that will set up off to the south. this is here during midday hours tomorrow with showers and it will continue on and off through tomorrow night. secondary wave into wednesday morning. we will have another round of showers. it is just looking unsettled across the country's
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midsection and that wet weather heading our way over next two days. still a very unsettled pattern, over the next couple of weeks, in fact, what is ahead for your tuesday? clouds and showers that will keep us on the cool side. wednesday a few showers another cool day, and then big changes thursday and friday, changes for the better, but here's the setup through wednesday, cool pattern one storm off to the north high pressure over the south and jet stream cuts across the region. any disturbance will track along this path which brings in especially south and east of philadelphia future weather brings cloud in overnight, not quite as cold as recent nights but wet weather creeping in. it will get here during midday tomorrow around noon expect to see showers, light rain, steady stuff to the south and that will continue at 3:00 p.m. steady yes, sir rain south jersey and delaware. tries to taper off into tomorrow evening but then comes back on for your wednesday morning another round of showers. showers for tuesday, steady yes, sir south and east, tenth to a quarter inch of rain and slow afternoon commute because
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of. that overnight 50 degrees your low, that is cold. tomorrow still cool, cloudy, showers on and off just another gray, mayday, and in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, cooler wednesday and thursday. friday there are big changes. what a beautiful couple days here, mid 70's by friday with sunshine and that six day coming your way i'm just saying, friday may be a day. >> yes. >> weekend doesn't look that great. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" vittoria is channeling her artistic side. >> reporter: that is right and a few or areas are channeling their artistic side, more art in their own backyard and their own neighborhoods. see what it means to go inside
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well, it is graduation day for university of pennsylvania's class of 2016 ape high profile guest was
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spotted in the stand for second day in a row. >> vice-president joe biden, returned to franklin field with other members of his family. sharing his granddaughter niomi, she received her degree in international relations, yesterday. today's commencement speaker was lynn manual miranda creator of hit musical hamilton. everybody was talking about that. coming up, art outside of the museum. spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy.
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it is called inside out art, masterpiece hung in a museum, showing up, in community in our area. >> "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill is live in narberth and vittoria what is this all about. >> reporter: you know, the philadelphia museum of art, they wanted you to celebrate the little moment, moment when you walk through museum line oh, wow or that is amazing. they want to do that in your own community through a program called inside out, check it out. >> if you have ever breathed by the philadelphia museum have of art and walked inside you have probably found yourself, still in an awe of this exhibit. but did you know a few of these stills exist outside the halls of the museum and in neighborhood near you. it is what is called inside out. >> it is, a project where we
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take replicas of works of art inn we install them all over five county region around philadelphia. >> reporter: some inside out communities include coatsville, tacony, doylestown, and lance down. narberth is also one with a 11 different replicas around town. >> it is a community where people love to walk around. it gives us an opportunity to spot a spot, and then appreciate the arts and also to think about hey, the art museum down in philadelphia, and build that as well. >> reporter: follow map and spot art heading to the train station. in an alley way or in stations circle complete with ambient sound. let's just say inside out community is appreciating, and loving it. >> every time i see it, i never gets old. >> fabulous idea, so much fun, and it is just great to go around and see if you can find them all. >> reporter: that was the point of bringing art into the community for the museum. for the days of hustle and bustle these frames have you stopping and feeling a little
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bit. >> joy. it is all about joy. joy and getting to fill your day with more joy. >> reporter: ahh, those little moments, those little things but the philadelphia museum have of artist doing a big thing this weekend. if you are part of the inside out community like here in narberth you can go this weekend and get in for free by dropping your neighborhood, don't you like the way that sound, guys? i mean, that is a big way. >> yes. >> free, is me. >> hello. >> thanks, torey, appreciate it. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", and tonight see more of the out of this world project putting a group of elementary school students in the history books. from new york here now is scott pelley, take care family we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: america hooked on painkillers. >> drug overdoses now take more lives every year than traffic accidents. >> come on. >> pelley: we follow an addict as he hunts for heroin, shoots up, then seeks a way out of the shadow of death. >> good morning. how are you? >> good. >> we're so glad you're here. >> pelley: also tonight, will trump face an independent party challenge? and schoolkids launch the ultimate science project. >> reporter: what's your confidence on a one-to-ten-point scale that this is going to work? >> ten. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight, before this broadcast is over, someone in america will die of an opioid overdose. it happens every


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