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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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county tonight as presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump joins governor chris christie in the garden state. trump's in town for a fundraiser for the governor. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is in lawrenceville with the results of the new poll on a potential garden state showdown, david. >> reporter: yes, jessica before we get to that quinnipiac poll released to day governor christie and donald trump will take this stage behind me at 7:00 tonight. we are in the armory in lawrenceville, different kind of venue for something like this but as you said before this is actually an event to help pay off chris christie's failed presidential campaign debt, that is what this is for. we're talking about $200 a ticket to get in here. lets talk about that poll titled blue jersey, blue jersey for the democrats, meaning that hillary clinton, against donald trump in new jersey leading 45 to 38 percent is what donald trump in that quinnipiac poll,
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bernie sanders, 49 percent against a trump match up to trump's 37 percent. clinton has 54 percent, sanders 40 percent in the state. now donald trump has been doing a little will fundraiser for chris christie. this will be the second event that he has today but he said all along he felt self funding his campaign so it will be interesting to go see how this works out tonight. hillary clinton though she gave an interview to cnn that said she's confident she will be the nominee after the convention in philadelphia, in july in just a couple months and bernie sanders, his campaign just released a statement within the last 20 or 30 minutes and said that is quite the contrary. millions of people have voted differently. bernie sanders has said all along he will go all the way to the nominating convention to our city of brotherly love in philadelphia donald trump and chris christie set to take the stage behind me in an hour. we will be here. we will have complete coverage later tonight. reporting live from lawrenceville, david spunt for
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. another reminder the new jersey primary is coming up june 7th. search teams looking for egyptair flight 804 have found debris in the mediterranean sea but still unclear fit is plane wreckage. sixty-six people were on board from paris to cairo, greece's defense minister says the plane was flying at 37,000 feet when it suddenly dropped and turned sharply before disappearing from radar. egypt's aviation minister suspects terrorism but experts say it is too soon to reach that conclusion. fbi is helping in the investigation. stay with cbs news for updates in the investigation in the egyptair crash. charlie rose is in for scott pelley tonight and will have the latest on the "cbs evening news" right after "eyewitness news". a 13 year-old student is in custody for allegedly bringing a gun to school. "eyewitness news" at penn wood middle school in darby township, with one of the lock down earlier. police responded to the school for a disturbance they were
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tipped off about the gun by students. >> the locker was opened by the school and inside the locker we found a 40 caliber semiautomatic weapon. >> reporter: the school is notifying parents of the incident, no one was injured. police are searching for a suspect who attacked a woman in the camden county park. chopper three over berlin park in berlin boro around 9:00 a.m. a woman in her 20's was attacked from behind while jogging. she for the off her attacker but dropped her phone in the scuffle. another person called 911, she was taken to the hospital, and the victim was in the injured. chester county officials have charged three three-year old christopher goodies accept i with the sexual abuse of multiple children and police are concerned there could be more victims. he is accused of various types of sexual assault on three children, ages, six, eight and nine in caln township home. he failed to post bail amies in chester county prison. tonight television news
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industry is mourning loss of the icon former 60 minutes correspondent morley safer has died at 84. the legendary journalist retired last week after spending more than half a century with cbs news, will be 46 years with 60 minutes. tonight safer is being remembered by giants in the field. jeff fagger executive producer of 60 minutes called safer a masterful story teller, inspiration to many of us and a wonderful friend. sixty minutes contributing, anderson cooper tweeted what an incredible life and career morley safer had from vietnam to his decades at 60 minutes, there was in one else like him. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, finding hope and courage in the face of devastating diagnosis. it is a message aimed at other patients to ease suffering. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell us about one special patient and the experimental treatment that might safe his life. >> reporter: this was something else. we have heard about immuno
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therapy, it is next generation of cancer treatment, igniting the bodies immune system to attack deadly celts, and for lung cancer, a leading cancer killer is a therapy that is giving hopes to patients testing it a at penn medicine. >> working full-time mountain climbing rock climbing. >> reporter: not the kind of talk you hear from cancer patients but five two-year old dave clark is no ordinary patient. >> when you hear those word cancer, it is devastating. surreal. it turns your world upside down but it is not over. there is hope. >> reporter: hope for davis coming from an experimental immuno therapy being tested at penn medicine. >> cancers are abnormal cells. so immune system should get rid of them but unfortunately it does not. what this drug does is amplifies immune response to clear those cancers. >> reporter: dave gets an infusion every month. he is a nurse manager in south jersey and avid rock climber, in great shape but two years ago he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.
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he had radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy but in february the cancer came back. >> it felt as if it was fourth down, time was running out on the clock and we had hail hail mary pass. >> reporter: touchdown could come from what is being called the checkpoint inhibitor a drug showing promise in the treatment of advanced lung cancer, a first. >> the goal of this trial is to see if we can give people very long time period without any active tumor. the shoot for the moon is to make it go away and neff come back again. >> reporter: for dave and his wife it business getting more time together and with their family. >> i have great children, two beautiful granddaughters, and i want to see their stories, and i feel in my heart it is just not time for me to die yet. there is a lot to look forward to. i want to see their stories unfold. >> reporter: what a guy. dave says he will continue working and mountain climbing while being treated. and, sharing his message of
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keeping hope alive to cancer patients and their families. so a double wham m were there today a terrific patient and therapy that is really showing promise. >> love his spirit. stephanie, thank you. atlantic city's revel hotel and casino is coming back to life. new owner is race to go reopen the resort and will offer new attractions. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos toured the revel to write you you this behind the scenes look at the new plans for its reopening. >> reporter: at 6.3 million square feet it is nearly the size of the pentagon and in less than a month revel resort in atlantic city will be reborn. glenn straub, bought $2.5 billion resort in bankruptcy for 82 million-dollar cash, april of last year. ever since he has been tweaking, changing the building to ready it for opening. >> architectscally they did an excellent job but i don't think they lived in it. they built it, it looked good
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on paper but it had to be changed and that is what we have been doing for ten months. >> reporter: june 15th the cocoad spa will open, multiple restaurants will take locations, and of course, designed in the parking garage and massive, course is plan. >> 144 feet in the air and you have zip lines that go around, get on and come all the way down. >> reporter: don't forget about the rooms. straub says on june 15th more than 1,000 of them here at the resort will open up. including this one right here, some 3,000 square feet, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full bar, full kitchen and a view that goes for miles. as for gaming that will come later. >> the casino will not be opened up because of the time it takes to get the department of gaming to approve the new people. >> reporter: along with a new name. >> the casino company for
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identity reasons come up with their own name as long as it is acceptable then so be it. >> reporter: entire thing will be powered by this private plant, straub purchased from the city. >> buy a 180 million-dollar power plant a cross the street for less than 180 million. >> reporter: how much has been spent on renovating the revel. >> i don't know, we don't keep track of that. we don't to have go to banks. >> reporter: in atlantic city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight, a bear spotted in the area where this animal was seen wandering around and if you should be concerned. and the celebration of long lives with plenty of stories to tell. the reason these centenarians got together for a long, happy life. it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon in philadelphia if you like today you'll love tomorrow but then a storm has its sights on our region for the weekend. coming up, i'll break up when the rain comes in, how much we
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will see a if it will rain all weekend long, don. the debate is on should sixers now trade one of their big men for another draft pick. how about jahlil okafor. up next why you may want to keep big ja exactly where he is, sports is up next.
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well, community leaders come together to offer solutions to the growing poverty problem in philadelphia. >> i'm not going to college. don't i still deserve to have
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a living wage for myself and for my children and for my family? don't idea survey little house somewhere? >> it was big turnout for final day of the poverty summit a at the community college of philadelphia. oic of america organized the summit, officials say one in two philadelphians live near or at the poverty level. the goal of the s was involve the entire community ine rag waiting poverty. another bear sight nothing new castle county. >> city of newark's twitter page posted this video of the black bear in the area of white clay drive-in cleveland avenue. they believe that the bear scampered off and not a threat to residents. a bear was also spot today near the university of delaware, but you no word if this is the same animal. just a head up. >> keep your eyes open. >> yes, inn keyed. >> don joins us now, you you have that bear. >> yes, on tv but, bear in front of me, about face i'm
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gone. we're talking about basketball n surprise there. plenty to talk about with this team. easy to forget we have had growing pains off the court but on the hardwood jahlil okafor is one of the best offensive big man in basketball pain today sixers center was celebrated. he was named nba all rookie first time. i sat down with head coach brett brown and asked him what things okafor needs to work on for this off season. >> i think that two areas that i think he will make that biggest jump and help our organization the most are when he can get up and down the floor without any type of fitness restrictions, and when he can particularly guard a pick and roll and have some level of presence at the rim, that is when you will see i think a two-way player. >> he is a baller. dignitaries for sixers on hand at pennsylvania historic and museum commission dedicated a historic marker for late harvey super stat pollack. he has known as engineer of
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the modern day basketball, that is the marker that can be found on the ground next to the former site of the spectrum. cool shot right there. two top mvp, step curry diving face first in the stand. he scored 15 points in two minutes. he finished with 28. the raining champion warriors have tied the series at one. they are heading back to okc. check this out andy and i were geeking out over a few plays last night. we saw three amazing plays. we decided to share, why? because sharing is caring. >> yes, it is. >> so you you take a look at this. we will start with the mets/nationals. juan le gares going back like willie mays, over the shoulder, pretty good. >> not bad. >> what else do you got. >> i love that ukee, once played like this play number two, astros/white socks two
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on, nobody out, a triple play, five, four, three, so the sox are first time since phillies in 2006 to turn, two triple playness one season. >> that is speed. >> very rare. >> i do like thaty feel like you are still not impressed. >> i am finally we will go to a oldy but goody, andre iguodala, check this out, he is not even looking at the rim when he shoots this ball. pretty ridiculous. right there. >> i will tell you what it was, it was luckies what it was. >> what are you talking about it is skill. >> he just threw that up. >> he did it in the exactly the right place. >> i'm going with the triple play. that was the best. >> i'm going with whatever jessica say. >> i like over the back arch, interesting angle to catch a ball. >> i'm going with the triple play. >> i like the triple play. >> come on. >> fair enough. >> all right.
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>> thanks, sir, appreciate. >> kate has the forecast, deciding vote. >> yeah, i will take both of those. well, thank you. always fun to see those plays. we have got some great weather action happening as well, we have tomorrow, we have sunshine, temperatures near 80 . that sun, we have been waiting for a long time for a day like tomorrow. today, not too shabby either. the lets take a look outside, you can see sunshine, no problems all across the board, entire region looking fantastic. the here's center city, just a few cloud, blue skies, temperatures in the 70's, just isn't a perfect evening to get outside, take a walk, sit outside, have some dinner, go out for a jog, get exercise, just dawned on me memorial day is around the corner. that means summer, bathing suit season is around the corner. you may want to head out to the schuylkill river trail take a walk and look at down in cape may county speaking of the shower middletown shin high school looking good, blue skies, everything looking fantastic. we have not had much weather to remind us that summer is
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around the corner but tomorrow may change all. that we are under high pressure. beautiful day. you can see right now, sprinkle tonight, there is a few and far between. one or two drops, that is bit. our next system thinks one, a all will lift along the coast as we head through the weekend combining with the moisture you see off a to the south. that is going to bring some heavy rain, to portions of the east coast. it looks like heaviest rain will miss you us off to the south through delmarva region but we will get in on that steady rain as well. seventy-three right now philadelphia. thirty-seven in reading. seventy-two in allentown. the here's what it looks like on future weather. tomorrow big high overhead at 1:00 nothing but sunshine on your friday but cloud start to creep in friday night into saturday morning, and then first half of the saturday cloudy but generally dry. late saturday afternoon that the first band of heavy rain start to push on in, and it will be on and off through the evening as well. cloudy, chilly day, and sunday could start with some sun and then showers and thunderstorms redevelop as we head in the a afternoon and so here's what
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to expect for saturday, period of rain in the afternoon. heaviest rain will be to the south. but isolated gusty thunderstorm and there will be a cool east wind keeping it chilly all day long. we will have pop up showers and thunderstorms in sunday and monday as well. storm comes through and then watch how this pocket of cool air closes off and becomes closed low and hangs around through monday before finally moving out and warming trend begins on wednesday. so with that cool pocket aloft we can get pop up showers and storms, sunday and then gannon monday, possibly even tuesday. for your friday mostly sunny warm and comfortable if only it could stay that way but sat the day, chilly and wet. 62 degrees. sunday looks better but still pop up showers and storms in the afternoon, same story on monday and then that warming trend kicks off tuesday and looks like we may finally get a may 8 on around here by next week. >> yes, may 80. >> all right. can't wait. >> still to come on "eyewitness news". >> one hundred years of birthdays and some even more, day of celebrating for many
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centenarianness philadelphia, i'm anita oh and coming up they will tell us moments that take the cake and their secrets for a healthy, happy
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it is prom night for patients at children's hospital of philadelphia. >> "eyewitness news" was there as kid got ready for the big event they were treated to hair, make up, they had plenty of dress, suits and accessories to choose from. the chop promise celebrating its tenth year and gives patients and their families a fun night to remember. looking good everybody. still to come a part which plenty of stories to tell. ♪ ♪
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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celebration in philadelphia brings together dozen of people with plenty of stories to tell. >> "eyewitness news" report's neat a oh to the a chance to speak with the cities oldest resident about their, their lives and the secrets to longevity. >> ♪ >> reporter: it is a sound most everyone has heard before, but not many get to
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hear it every year. >> december. >> for about a century celebrating 100 years of birthdays and accomplishments, so many in this group are celebrating, only a fraction on of number of centenarians in philadelphia have 550. >> a world war two veteran and former dentist in center city doctor eli of society hill has quite a history. now, he gets another title as oldest man honored at city of philadelphia's 16th annual centenarian celebration on thursday. >> i think that living in philadelphia a is a good thing it makes you live longer. >> reporter: marvin wiggins retired army supply clerk at 99 years old he has a driver's license that is good through 2018. when he turns 100 in november, how will you celebrate your 100 birthday. >> i will... unaudible. >> reporter: wisdom is collect
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over a lifetime these centenarians held a wealth of it. >> be happy, content and don't worry, just live life. >> reporter: even when it feels like you just can't keep going. >> just keep breathing. that is all. >> ♪ >> reporter: in south philadelphia, a neat a oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". look at those great smiles. >> they look good. >> yes, they do. >> live and love, i heard that,. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", news man and legend and beloved member of the cbs news family is remembering the one and only morley safer. in for scott pelley from new york is charlie rose. take care family, we will see you tonight. >> ♪
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>> rose: the mystery of flight 804. an egyptian jetliner takes a wild turn and drops out of the sky. the u.s. joins a search for the plane and for answers. also tonight, the t.say tries to maximize security while minimizing wait time. the presidential race gets tighter. >> she politically attacked sexual harassment victims. >> rose: and nastier. and life. >> i've lead a charmed life. >> rose: we'll remember morley safer, who died today. >> his reports over the years touched many millions of viewers who saw through his eyes and felt through his words the beauty, the complexities, and the absurdities of the modern world. captioning sponsored by cbs


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