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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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what brought the plane down. hello everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm's jessica dean. crews discover wreckage searching water between the greek island in and egypt. jonathan vigliotti has latest from the greek aisle of crete. >> it is unclear if terrorism, played a role and at this point there is no credible claim of responsibility. egyptair official says that the egyptian military has discovered body parts, luggage, and airplane seats from flight 804, the european space agency, spatted a mile lon slick. it was swerving wildly. >> relatives gathered at this months income cairo for a prayer service, and this man's cousin was on game the flight, when, he said, this is very hard, for the family. >> reporter: egyptian family believe terrorism brought down
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plane but cbs news has learned so far there has been no credible claim of responsibility. >> egyptair chairman says search area encompasses a 40-mile radius in the mediterranean, halfway between here and crete anal sandra, egypt. paris investigators begun to check and question all ground staff at charles degall airport, who may have a link to flight 804. u.s. air several european countries are also helping in the search effort. the debris could play a critical role in piecing together what unfolded investigators will be able to determine if the plane broke apart upon impact. or from an explosion in the sky. in crete jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". search for voice and data recorder is raising new questions about why flight information is not broadcast in real time even though technology, already exists. >> experts say black box streaming technology can cause tens of thousands of dollars to install, and maintain, and airlines may be looking for most cost efficient solutions.
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currencies tell realize on ground based radar to monitor planes but that leaves 70 percent of the world uncovered. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, of the egyptair flight 804 investigation, you can get latest anytime at cbs and now, tragedy strikes again at a local school, the search is on for the gun man who shot and killed a freshman at delaware's howard high school of technology. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is in wilmington where authorities are offering a reward, in the case, alex. >> reporter: well, ukee, to put this in perspective how closely, this hits to home families tell me that the 15 year-old student was walking home from school, yesterday, he took a left to clifford brown walk and then was shot, just three blocks up. >> it is a a tremendous loss, tremendous loss. >> reporter: freshman playing varsity basketball 15 year-old brandon wingo's hoop dreams
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were taken from him in broad daylight. >> just two or three blocks from school, and, you know, this occurred, you know, there is no rhyme or reason. >> reporter: it was around 3:15 p.m. on the 900 block of clifford brown walk where wilmington police say that the teen was shot in the head. >> it is a tremendous loss, this guy had so much, so much to live for and so much promise. >> reporter: wingo was transported to christiana hospital where he died never making it back to this home where family members now mourn together but the grief a has piled up back at howard high school as this marks the second violent death of the student in less than one month. in april, 16 year-old amy joyner francis was beaten to death in the howard high school bathroom. three female classmates have been charged. >> you know, you want to be feeling in an absolute safe environment for your children, you know, unfortunately, within the last month, you know, these two occurrences have have made it feel like
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that is the last place that they would want to be. >> reporter: counselors were made available at the high school as classmates struggled to comprehend some things that at their age they should not have have to, the loss of two of their own. and i asked brandon's family if they were angry and they told me they will channel that emotion into trying to better than recently troubled communities, police have in the revealed any potential suspects but there is a $10,000 reward for any information that would lead to an arrest. live from wilmington i'm alexandria hoff for cbs-3 eye witt the necessary news. >> alex, thank you. police are searching for a sus he can in the road rage incident. chopper three over veterans highway, in bristol. the victim tells police he saw in his rear-view mirror a driver holding a gun. victim says he heard a pinging sound and saw debris coming from the gun. it is unclear if any shots were fired. updating a story we brought you earlier this week, police now know the identity
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of the two suspects, pictured in this surveillance video. authority are not releasing their names because they are juveniles. two suspects are wanted for voorhees police for criminal mischief. they went door to door selling magazines and when people refused they vandalized their cars. it is a perfect spring day but lets enjoy while we can. it looks like rain is in the near future. meteorologist kate bilo joins us from the sky deck tracking the arrival of what may be heavy stuff, kate. >> reporter: heavy rain in parts of the area, tomorrow, ukee. you can tell looking at the sky it was beautiful, deep blue sky all day and now log black. these clouds creeping in almost unnoticed but a white tone to the sky we are not seeing the sun outside anymore and the cloud have been moving in ahead of the next storm. temperature wise it feels fantastic out here. it is 75 still in philadelphia. seventy-six in allentown. seventy-four in wilmington. cool's long the coast thanks to the cool ocean water but still near 70 atlantic city at the airport.
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sixty-five at wildwood. storm scan three shows the cloud just starting to make their way back in the region and as we zoom out you can see our next storm, kind of two pieces right now, one moving up through portions of southern ohio, another off the coast of north carolina these will converge on the area tomorrow and bring threat for heavy rain, maybely through the afternoon hours, we can see up to an inch and a half of rain in spots, coming up, i'll pinpoint where the spots most likely to see heavier rain will be and whether we will see any sun at all this weekend. back inside to you. >> hoping for a little, kate, over to you. an abandoned home in west philadelphia is slowly coming down. "eyewitness news" on north 50th street as workers finished part of the demolition. crews took down the porch roof yesterday and they return this morning to finish the main part of the job. this is cell phone video of the vultures, neighbor who looked across the street said bird tear up trash and attacked people. she hopes that they go away once that abandoned home comes
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down. you may recall, this huge fire, that damaged two buildings at columbus farmers market in burlington county in november of 2014. well, construction crews have reconstructed the building, they will reopen to the shoppers during a big celebration tomorrow. there will be a big roast, prize and plenty of music. market is home to 65 indoors stores and outdoor flea market. don't worry, just a drill, tomorrow philadelphia fire fighters will train to respond to a high rise building fire in center city. this simulation drill will take place in the 1700 block of market street a at 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. now there will be plenty of fire trucks, fire fighters and cadets in action but don't be alarm. there was a special tribute today foreman who helped transform temple university. >> ♪ america, america >> they gathered a at public memorial service for peter liacouras. "eyewitness news" at temple performing arts center. john cheyney was among those
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who remembered the liacouras and how he expanded the university during his 18 years in charge of the school. >> when many of us were talking about moving out of the city, peter said the hell with them. he was someone who believed, that this university could make a difference. >> peter liacouras retired in the year 2,000. he died last week after a long illness at the age of 85. the 90th stotesbury cup regatta is taking place on the schuylkill river. stotesberry cup is largest oldest high school rowing competition in the united states. more than 5500 athletes are taking part from 191 schools in the u.s. and canada, and the race runs through, tomorrow. so, season is almost here, that is what we keep saying, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", new warnings about hazard lurking in the the water. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us why your summer swimming plans could be in yep
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difficult. plus. >> they were protecting us but now k-9 service dogs are getting some protection on their own. i'm rahel solomon in camden county plus the first female k-9 officer here. and, dieting is about to become a whole lot easier, we will tell but bold new change that he is will help you understand nutrition of packaged foods. be right back.
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a man accused of a deadly shooting spree in michigan is ordered to stand trial, but it was this outburst, that got him hauled out of court. >> unaudible. >> jason dalton was dragged out by deputies, for interrupting a victim's emotional testimony. prosecutors say that dalton carried out the february 20th attacks that killed six people and wounded two, all between picking up and dropping off uber passengers.
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now to a fire on apy her in southern california, in seal beach just south of l.a. flames ripped through a former restaurant that had been closed since 2013. control folks, attacked it with water cans on. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire has yet to be revealed. the cdc says number of pregnant woman infect with the zika virus in the u.s. has more than tripled to 157. today president obama urged law make tours pass his $1.9 billion proposal to combat the mosquito born disease. >> they should not be, going off honorary zest before this is done. and, certainly this has to get done, over the course of the next several weeks in order for us to be able to provide confidence to the american people that we're handling the peoples business. >> zika virus has been linked to birth defects, the house has approved a 622 million-dollar bill but the president says more money is needed. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, as summer season is coming up
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fast, pools will be opening up soon. but a concerning new report from the cdc says many public pools are dirty, and have have serious health and safety violations. >> health reporter stephanie he stall joins with us more on this new report. >> oh no. >> yes. >> really. >> the center for disease control and prevention has put out a warning about hazard that public swimming pools, the cdc looked at more than 84,000 you inspection reports, from five states, and found a variety of health violations. whether you are diving in or doing the backstroke, swimmers expect the water in their public pools to be cleaned. but a new cdc report found many aren't, and almost one-third of the local health departments just don't inspect their pools which can lead to bigger problems. >> when i'm going in there i think, of course, is it chin not clean. >> reporter: cdc found 80 percent have of pools and splash pads had at least one violation, the most common,
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improper ph levels, followed by faulty safety equipment and incorrect disinfecttent concentrations. the report also showed that one in eight public pools were immediately closed because of serious health and safety violations. >> an example of the serious health violation would be not enough disinfecttent or chlorine in the water n this situation germs could spread among swimmers. >> reporter: what kind of germs? e coal i type bacteria often related to babies, dirty diapers and children. >> they are little kid. sometimes their bathrooms habits are not the same as adult, a lot can be introduced in the water from kid. >> reporter: when pools are not properly cleaned and regulated with chemicals those germs can cause a variety of problems for swimmers. >> my body was inflamed with rashes, itching, burning. >> ears had been itching, and really flames. >> so are you wondering what can you do if you want to swim in the public pool. the cdc this year is saying it might be a good idea to pack
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some of those water test strips along with your bathing suit. they are a veilable at most hardware and house wear stores and cost between ten and $20. you have to kind of check for yourself. >> i could get a wet suit, scuba gear, my goodness. recorded highest ever temperature in india in western india the mercury reached 51 degrees celsius, quick math that is 123.8 degrees fahrenheit. yesterday was second day in the row that the town experienced temperatures, in excess of 120 degrees. that is hot. >> i have been in that kind of weather, before and it is, like, you can, you you cannot breathe. >> you cannot think. >> so oppressive. >> it just weighs on you. >> i'm impressed with how you did that math in your math. >> preread and dot math. >> thanks, i love it. >> well, we don't have any threat of 120 degrees temperatures around here. >> no, not close.
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>> how about today. it lived up to the hype. >> it has been beautiful today. it is almost a a tease to have it given to us and taken so quickly away but better than not having had it at all, beautiful friday just a few cloud drift nothing anticipation of the completely different kind of spring day tomorrow. this one bringing in some rain. the lets look at what is going on right now, to bethlehem you can see, blue sky, out there, clouds are trying to creep in almost so you won't notice them just a few high clouds, and it goes from being a brilliant blue skies to a bright but slightly whitish, grayish looking sky, clouds moving in through the overnight hours tonight and still looking nice outside in bethlehem right now. everything is very green and rain should help with that more tomorrow. here's pleasant valley school broad heads villain you can see blue skies there, looking good this afternoon. it has been a beautiful day. storm scan three shows us how cloud have creeped back in. it was clear, fantastic and now looking a little more cloudy but still a beautiful evening out and b rain will not get in overnight. still far away, it is two
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pieces. we have this one right here and this one right here. this will all come together and transfer energy to the coastal portion of the low as we head in the day tomorrow. that is one that will intensify through the day tomorrow. it puts its bull's eye of heaviest rain? those areas could get an inch and a half. now set up of that bulls eye depend on how the storm forms and how we watch a snowstorm form and where heavier moisture gets thrown back where banding happens that is where heaviest precipitation will be. temperatures right now 75 in philadelphia. seventy-six in allentown and in trenton. feeling fantastic this evening. great night to be outside, future weather shows this is all about to change. clouds roll in by late morning tomorrow. i expect rain to be pushing from the south and west here at is 11:00 a.m. and raining generally by midday, it will start out pretty light but heaviest off to the south and then we expect to see intensification of the rain moving through philadelphia and surrounding suburbs right through saturday evening before finally moving out overnight sat the day night and sunday morning.
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how much rain are we talking ? this is one model but one i tend to agree w lower amounts, about a half inch, quarter inch off to our north and west. highest amounts, an inch and a half plus off to the south and west, south jersey and delaware we can have a half inch to an inch of rain here in philadelphia there is a a chance this storm splits and our area gets a dry slot, even if that happens, even if it is not pouring and down pouring all day it is still a cloudy, damp, chilly, miserable, saturday, unfortunately all across the board. overnight cloud increase we have light wind, 54 degrees is your low. for your saturday again period of rain, cool, it is damp, 62 degrees the day time high and really not explaining how ugly of a day this will be. sixty-two. not a good day to be outside. then sunday, spotty showers, maybe a little sun in the morning and showers pop up in the afternoon. thunder shower possible monday but we are trying to climb out of this low pattern and as we take a look the a the seven day next half an hour you'll
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see finally we will break pattern all together and we are talking maybe some 80's, jessica, back to you. we have some breaking news now chopper three is live over a smokey brush fire along the new jersey turnpike in cherry hill. that fire is burning on the northbound side near mile marker 32. it is not causing traffic disruptions right now but fire fighters are on the scene. it is happened to all of us, we take a cringe of something cold, really fast and then, it hits you. >> boom. >> yeah, yeah, i know what you are talking about. it is tonight's good question from viewer jane newby what happens when we get brain freeze? it strikes without warning, that cold pain in our head but what cause is it? how can we make it stop. >> all of a sudden you get the a terrible, ahh. >> it is pain between your eye and your head. >> any idea what is happening in our bodies. >> real le good question. >> our nicole brewer will go
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talk to a brain expert, the science, behind brain freeze, tonight at 11:00. it makes me hurt thinking about it. >> do you have a good question? log on to cbs and just tweet us using the #cbs-3 good question. >> it is the worst. two a durable new babies are making their debut. >> still ahead meet the new penguins, at camden's adventure aquarium, don. we are live from citizens bank park where phillies are set to take on the atlanta braves, why is this team so good this year. we will hear from the players, themselves, when we come right back in sports.
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man, what a beautiful night to to see a baseball game. fightins had a productive spring season and it is carrying over on to a great start. >> sports director don bell joins us live from citizens bank park with more on the red hot phillies, don, what a day to be outside.
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>> oh, beautiful out here. ukee, jessica you remember during the spring we had this conversation about how well this team is playing in spring. spring ball is like practice. it doesn't really count. but once the season started these guys were playing great after getting off to that zero and four start. they are one of the best teams in all of baseball. they are 24-17 on the season. here's how they got that last win. it happened on wednesday as they took on florida marlins. they took that series. tyler goodell with the rookie with the first career home run but as i said, this team is surprising everyone, not only in philadelphia a, but in all of baseball. we asked them, hey, are you surprised by how well, you are playing. >> i don't think it surprises any of us. i think all 25 of us believe we can play ape that we belong here and we can play with the big guys, in this league and i think that is what is keeping us going. we believe. we have confidence in each other. we pick each other up and i think that has been huge for
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us. >> everyone is having so much fun. we weren't expected to be winning. we're playing well. everyone is contributing. i think, you know, everybody is playing loose and having fun. >> so, the here and now is very bright for phillies but so is the future. their young prospects jamie crawford a short stop promoted from class a to class double a reading, that is a good sign batting .395 on this young season. he is 14th rated prospect in all of baseball. the future is very bright for the phillies. guys, you heard in these sound by the how players were confident and how they believe that they were going to be really good this year. we talk to the manager pete mackanin, he did not echo those sentiments. hear what he has to say at 6:00. for now, reporting live from citizens bank park i'm don bell, back to you in the studio. >> bet he doesn't want them to read his own press clippings. one day at a time.
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>> thanks, don. new babies are joining the penguins family at adventure aquarium. see them when we come back. also ahead museum workers make a startling discovery while looking at artifact from the concentration camp. heart wrenching items that they found at the bottom of the cup. if you like camping, coming up i'll show you a new place to vice tonight a one of a kind location. new at 6:00 state of the art facility at a new jersey university closer look at the 94 million-dollar upgrade, and what does the mean for the future of e
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history is made, in camden, new jersey. camden county police now have, its first, female k-9 officer. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30 i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. officer gabriel ma'am owe has been with the department for a few years but she will be joined by payton, a golden
5:31 pm
lab. >> "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon met them both today and has more on is what being done to protect all who served. >> reporter: with more than two years on the job officer gabriel is making camden history. >> i hope that it inspires a lot of young kid, especially a lot of young little girls and everything like that, you know, you can do whatever you want to do. >> reporter: the officer is now the cities first female k-9 officers, according to chief scott thompson the department has struggled to recruit and retain female officer and lacked many k-9's. the force has 46 female officers or 12 percent and eight k-9's, including payton. >> they are way more smarter, they smell better, see things better, then any human. >> reporter: camden county's police chief says these k-9 dogs are normally the first ones in the most dangerous of situations and now they are getting protection of their own. >> just like we want our officer protected in the field
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k-9 officers are not only helping them to their job and protecting the officers, citizens, it is extremely important that these dogs are protect too. they are officers. they have a value. >> reporter: friday at association humane society of new jersey handed over bullet-proof vests for all four legged officers who are train, in different assignment such as, drug detection but will be used as community outreach including in grade schools. >> one thing with k-9 you never get a bad day out of them. they never tell you no. they will go where ever we asked them to go and to whatever we ask them to do. so the least we can do is give them that extra layer of protection. >> reporter: no job apparently too big or too small for these partners. in camden, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". welcome to the force. well, great outdoors are about to take on a whole new meaning in atlantic city. first of its kind attraction is coming to the resort town that brings camping a lot
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closer to the sea. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is at the new atlantic city rv resort and marina a where they are gearing up for their first summer season, cleve. >> reporter: get me some marshmallows to roast and i'm good to go here at a campsite in atlantic city, first of it kind, a new rv park that the owners ape city leaders hope will be a new draw for atlantic city. for decade the atlantic city transportation center was on a roll, one of the biggest bus lots on the east coast but as gaming decline, fortunes turn. >> we lost 90 percent of our business in that ten years. we were forced to reinvent. >> reporter: while remnant of the bus parking remains, ownership is trying something new for atlantic city an rv park. >> rv parking which is a natural fit, we have 22 acres here, lot of open space and just a really compatible use. >> reporter: atlantic city rv resort and marine ace having a soft owning for what they envision as a big time camping attraction in atlantic city.
5:34 pm
a third of the 60 sites are operational and the a meant now include a game room, movie room, indoor lodging, as well as access to a variety of water sports in the on line marine a plus, of course, all of the atlantic city action close by. >> beaches, boardwalk, casino game and having they have to offer. >> reporter: mayor don guardian is happy to have a non-gaming attraction in the resort town. >> something we have been missing a long time. great reuse of the properties. >> reporter: will it succeed? market trend are positive. last year there was a 5 percent growth in the rv industry, sixth consecutive year of growth. >> my family loves to do it. >> reporter: michael lens, ceo of rv support and plans year of personal enjoyment at his camper. >> it is a great time, great way to relax, just have a great time in the camp ground atmosphere with all kind of activities. >> reporter: ukee, they have announced all kind of concerts this summer, in atlantic city. i was looking for a room.
5:35 pm
they start at $400. here at the rv resort, starts at 50 bucks. reporting live from atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a deal there cleve, thanks very much. workers a at the auschwitz museum makes a surprising museum while securing a collection of the kitchen wear. they found a gold ring and necklace under the false bottom of the cup. test revealed each piece was made between 1921 and 1931 in poland. museum director says it is likely that the mug belonged to someone deport todd nazi death camp. in campaign 2016, donald trump's strategy of attacking hillary clinton by focusing on her husband past scandals may be a a mistake. new cbs news poll shows former president bill clinton's favor built ratings are higher then republican presumptive nominee and own wife. trump picked up an endorsement from the national rifle association today. he told gun owners he will not
5:36 pm
let them down if elected. >> hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, we're not talking about change it. she wants to abolish the second amendment. we will not let that happy can tell thaw right now. we will preserve it. cherish it and take care of it. >> hillary clinton is declaring herself the democratic nominee, but bernie sanders issued a rebuttal saying millions of americans have growing doubts about the clinton campaign. students from st. joes prep raised over $10,000 to benefit summer meal programs for children in need. atlantic teams and other student groups competed against one another to raise donations. the rugby team came out as the big winner. money will purchase a essential items like table, chairs, games and other items to even rich the program. an adorable debut at the adventure acquire number in camden. >> african pink wins greeted the public for the first time. african penguins are an
5:37 pm
endangered species. since 1998 the aquarium has successful, bread and raised 22 african penguin chicks. twenty-nine chicks that debuted today will be joining the aquarium, penguin island, exhibit. welcome. they are cute. >> yes. >> well works man takes drastic measures to get a tiny waist. >> she gets radical surgery that removes her ribs. coming up why she went to this extreme to change her body shape. popular smart phone game heads to the big screen, we will take you behind the scenes of a new angry bird movie. katie? you can this is get much better then this on a spring friday unfortunately weekend looks completely different, especially tomorrow, we will time out when heaviest rain moves through, which areas see heavier rain and if we can expect to see any breaks of sun at all coming up.
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stalemate between verizon and two striking unions enters fifth week with in deal. chopper three over verizon wireless store in wynfield heights where dozens of union workers walked picket line this morning. the labor department is assisting in the contract negotiations and both side have agreed not to make public statements, during the talks. hawaii airlines unveils new seating where you can lie completely flat and drift off to sleep. eighteen lie flat seats turned into 180-degree bed to be installed to and from the west coast and hawaii as part of the airline new premium cabin space on air bus a330 aircraft. sales for premium experience
5:42 pm
start in september. i did see coach back there. >> oh, yeah. >> you are still back there sitting straight up, really close to your neighbor. >> plastic surgery model goes to a great length for a model waist. >> she has had six ribs removed, three from each side. two days after the surgery in indiana she was back in her corset measuring her waste at 16 inches the she searched far and wide for a doctor who was willing to remove her ribs, she says she's in the crazy, she just likes plastic surgery and is happier. >> i have had a brow lift. i had two eye lid surgeries. i have had three nose jobs. i'm slowly but surely getting there. >> her mission she says toys look, like a cartoon character. >> my goodness.
5:43 pm
>> don't even get me started. >> this story, as you might imagine. >> i hope she's okay. >> we are getting a lot of buzz. join the conversation and connect with us on facebook and twitter, up next, kate tells us when the heaviest rain will fall tomorrow, that and more when we come b i don'or wonder whether i theshould seek treatment.c. i am ready. because today there's harvoni.
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to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ updating our breaking news, chopper three remains live over a smokey brush fire on the new jersey turnpike in cherry hill. we're told fire fighters are getting it under control, it is burning on the north bound side near mile marker 32. it is affecting traffic a little bit now, northbound right-hand lane is closed, we're told but fire fighters are getting, the upper hand, so if you know someone from that area, please give them a heads up, and we will stay on top of it as well. sweet reunion between a sailor and his cat, this navy reservists was working in baghdad when he found this abandoned kitten. they quickly became friend but when time to leave, van cleve
5:47 pm
could in the take the cat with him. but, the cat was recently flown from iraq, to california, to be reunited with van cleve and his family and he described the moment, he first met this special kitten. >> in the morning we have a pull up and he with run out from his shelter and meow his head off. we gave him the name mr. myagi. i knew if i left him there and didn't bring him back, chances of him being alive would be pretty slim. >> spca international and operation baghdad pups made that reunion possible. if you have your eyes on the sky, this weekend you might be able to catch a glimpse of mars. nasa released these new images of the red planet today taken by the hubbell telescope. marvel shine bigger and brighter as it approaches closest point in it or bit with earth. no fancy telescopes needed. you will be able to see this with your naked eye. >> sky can be clear enough, and here's a view of lightening out the of this
5:48 pm
world, literally this time lapse video was taken by tim peak and he is on board, and, and very, very cool. >> very beautiful. >> see it from above like that. >> will we be able to see. >> maybe sunday, sunday morning, sunday evening, it looks like our best chance to get any kind of clearing outside but tomorrow, it is clouds and rain for start to finish. >> nope. >> just a big old nep to that one unfortunately. tomorrow does not look like a nice day. it is saturday. late may, springtime. it is speaksed to be beautiful but tomorrow looks like a pretty much total wash out especially south and east of philadelphia. it depend where heavier rain shapes up. but lets take a look at what no the to mention what a beautiful day outside right now. the clouds have started to come in. see it looks flatter then it did earlier. we have deep blue skies earlier today and now just a few which ispy cloud, taking
5:49 pm
over, the skies, right now, as that storm approaches from the south and west. just a hazy sunshine this evening, not bad outside, temperatures in the mid 70's, beautiful night to be out and about in center city where ever you are, if you have baseball, soccer, any of these sports that i do with my kids and a lot of parents are out at the baseball fields every night or over weekend, maybe a rain out on saturday. you might be able to get activities on sunday. eyewitness weather watchers reporting temperatures in the 70's. we will start off with allen in delran at 79. reporting full sun there. seventy-seven as we check with barbara lane in willow grove. nice and warm for her and 80 degrees, lets see who is at 80, delores lee in newark, delaware. eighty right now. delores is very warm. cooled off from 3:00 p.m. and cloud are building. you can see blue skies, i love this photo phil sent in of kid eating ice cream in chestnut hill. great day for ice cream. john in yardley sent thus
5:50 pm
beautiful shot of the sky, deep blue skies with a few patchy cloud. cloud have rolled back in and lets look at storm scan three and tell you what is on the way for weekend. big difference heading in to your saturday. included hurling the arrival of the next storm. it is in two pieces. it is almost, almost like tracking a storm, snowstorm in the wintertime because we have a coastal piece and you have got a low off to the west and it will transfer its energy to the coast, gathering moisture from the atlantic ocean. it depend where heavier moisture sets up when this storm begins to develop its coastal element during the day tomorrow this piece may go to the north, this piece the heaviest rain could stay to the south over south jersey and delaware but there is a chance that bull's eye migrates inland over us in philadelphia. while we're in the 70's today, we will tap in the east wind tomorrow and it will be much cooler. yesterday we recorded a trace of rain, so there is another rain drop for us, today, no rain drops, tomorrow, we will definitely have a big one there. been a very wet may so far.
5:51 pm
here's what to expect. by 9:00 a.m. rain off to the south and west. by three or 4:00 that is when heaviest will come in. there is that bull's eye over delaware, south jersey, moves out saturday night. sunday morning could start with a few breaks of sunshine but we are looking at 90 percent chance of rain, far north and west that is best chance to possibly get a couple showers but everyone has to at least plans for some steady rain on saturday. sunday 30 percent chance of showers, monday same story and then tuesday, mainly dry, still can't rule out a stray shower but under influence of this low right through early part of this week and that will keep it in the atmosphere for us but look at that warm up that starts next wednesday. overnight it is try, cloud building in, 54 degrees. you're witness weather seven day forecast, 62 saturday. then we will climb out of that pattern by next week, temperatures back to the 80's by wednesday. ukee, back over to you. kate, thank you. a florida brewery created
5:52 pm
a new six pack ring and hopes will save wild life. ring is edible. salt water brewery said it is made bye-bye products of the making process and completely bio degradable. they are typically used to package beer cans but they can even tapping will animals and pose a choking hazard. labels on hundreds of thousands office foods are getting a make over. here's how new labels will look. calories will be listed with bigger boulder types to make them easier to see. new line will tell you how much sugar is in natural or added. serving sizes will be updated. first lady michelle obama announced changes a the health summit as part of her let's move campaign. >> very soon you will in longer need microscope, calculate orr a degree in nutrition whether the food you are buying is actually good for our kids. >> nutrition details are found on more than 800,000 different food. if you are heading to the movies tonight, we have a sneak peak for you.
5:53 pm
>> we will go behind the scenes next. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming upseth rogan and zach efron take us back to the party at neighbors two. all-star cast gets feathers ruffled in angry birds. dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future.
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and that means taking on debt. in a smart way. like my mortgage - it's working for me. and if he needs a college loan down the road, that'll be worth it too. it's all about having a strategy, that fits your life. so, if you have a question about how to make debt work for you, ask me. sincerely, brandon heaven fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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5:56 pm
angry bird makes a move from the phone to the big screen. >> et's kevin frazier takes us behind the screen in the new move is in theaters this weekend. >> this week zach efron and seth rogan shows us neighbors two, sorority rise and jason explains just why the the bird are so darn gone angry. >> i don't have an anger issue. >> jason stars as red, angryes bird on the island full of otherwise, warm, friendly bird until green pigs led by bill
5:57 pm
hater showed off and start ceiling eggs. then it is time to teach everybody in the star studded class from maya rodolph and kate mcken on how to use their and tore save the day. >> it can probably cause more in some instances down the road more damage then releasing it at the pope eighth time with the appropriate circumstances. >> you are weight lifting, into your crayola drawing. >> time to get angry. >> fire. >> welcome to our sorority, how are you? >> neighbors two set h rogan and rose berk can't catch a break when a sorority led by chloe grace, moves in as they are trying to sell their house. that is when they called on their own neighbor/enemy zach efron to take down the girls with bigger pranks and bigger stunts. >> biggest attribute. >> yes good one of the bigger
5:58 pm
ones. >> yes. >> those girls are out of control. >> yes. >> getaway from me. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier new back to you in the studio. >> get all of the news from hollywood weeknights at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. never before seen photos of the september train damage by rocks that the ntsb played a part in the deadly amtrak crash on the frankford curve. wilmington high school mourning loss of another student, tonight police searching for suspects after the tragic death of the second teenager in the same school, kate. it has been a beautiful friday, temperatures in the 70's, lots of sun behind but a all that is going by the way side as we start weekend with some heavy rain coming up we will time out rain on your saturday and let you know if we can salvage any outdoor time over the next few days. it cost nearly 100 million-dollar, i'm greg argos in princeton with how one machine could lead to safe green and affordable energy.
5:59 pm
and right now at 6:00 o'clock a new view of the damage, never before seen, photos of the septa train truck, struck by rocks that the ntsb said triggers a chain reaction. it was a deadly amtrak crash last year. this comes days after the release of the findings on the amtrak trash. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is at septa headquarters with the closer look at that damage, walt? >> reporter: jessica, photos just released by septa here show dramatically the damage done by that rock attack and an attack that the ntsb now says was first in a chain have of events, ultimately leading to the wreck of amtrak train number 188. these pictures released by septa for the first time dramatically show damage
6:00 pm
caused when a hail of rocks, pelted a septa train traveling through north philadelphia, on the evening of may 12th, 2015. >> this isn't a game. this isn't something that is funny. this isn't something to do after school for kicks. people can get hurt. >> reporter: minutes later the ntsb has ruled, the engineer of the amtrak train 188, passing on an adjoining track, likely was distracted by radio messages about the incident. then, accelerating in the frankford curve, due to a loss of situational awareness at 106 miles an hour. the wreck, killing eight and injuring nearly 200. >> we think that rocks being thrown in trains is a common occurrence. it has got to end. >> reporter: with rocks shattering the cab window but striking windows in the passenger compartment, nestel says it is fortunate neither engineer nor anyone else was hurt.


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