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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  May 21, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00 an unusual site over the city has people stopping in their tracks. a blimp makes an unexpected landing in fishtown. what caused the air ship to come down. the weather is quiet now but look at what's headed our way. storm scan3 showing rain and a lot of it. meteorologist kathit. >> scammers could have their sights set on your facebook page. how they're stealing your perm information and what you can do
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to avoid being targeted. but we begin tonight with a blimp unexpected landing g evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the air ship came down in a lot near fish up to near i-95. our natasha brown is live where the now deflated blame is that being removed. natasha. >> reporter: we can actually show the process that's underway here behind me right now. the crews here as you can see are trying to roll up the deflated blimp as we speak they're trying to get it on the back of that truck you can see there. also, just to the right of that you can see the gondola where the two crew members were inside that is also in the process of being removed as well but we can also tell you even at this hour the faa is still on the scene investigating exactly what led to this surprise landing. >> getting lower. >> witnesses captured its unexpected decent on video and ass blimp made an unscheduled land tag construction site near delaware avenue and beach street about 5:30 friday evening.
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it narrowly escaped passing cars along interstate 95. as i was getting to this point the exit the blimp started to come down. if i have went any further through it would have landed on my car. >> folks near the scene rushed to help the pilot and his passenger who were violently do'sed around in the crash landing. the crew had taken off from crock centerfield in camden, new jersey. >> stopped the car, went over to try to help the pilot. he brought it down over here. by the time it ended up he got drug across the road over the barrier inside of his basket. he was flipping and getting hurt, you know, we just jumped a couple guys, me and this guy, a few other guys tried, you know, holding it down and getting them out. >> reporter: police say the advertising blimp was trying to land nearby when it reported lot of power. faa is interviewing the pilot and passenger trying to figure out what caused the malfunction. amazingly no one was injured. >> the blimp had a hard landing. had engine problems. it was overheating. it landed in northbound lanes
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and because it was still infla inflated it blew into the middle of delaware avenue and started to go around the pole right behind us. >> reporter: boss stick the adhesive company advertising with this blimp issued this statement "the blimp made a controlled landing because of changes in thermal conditions. trevor newhook their long time pilot land the blimp with he can treatment accuracy with no incident or injuries. we can tell you back here live, that both crew members are still here on the scene they have been interviewed by the faa as we've been telling you as the blimp and also the gone sole la are being removed at this hour. both crew members and the blimp from gainsville, florida. that's the very latest for now. reporting live in fishtown, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. it was a picture perfect way to end the work week. sunny, warm, just how spring should be. but unfortunately all good
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things must come to an end. vein headed our way and meteorologist kate bilo is tracking when the wet weather arrives this week and. kate. >> jess carbs i'm hate to be the bearer of bad news as we head into the weekend specialsly after this beautiful day today. temperatures are still in the 60s right now in most spots. 61 in philadelphia. 65 in allentown little chilly mount pocono at 49 and 56 in millville. but the clouds are moving in and here is the storm that's going to be bringing us the rain tomorrow. you can see a decent amount of rain here over portions of west virginia, western virginia and this is going to transfer some energy to the coast as it work its way toward us so take a look what to expect by late morning on saturday, a little bit of rain will get in notice how the instead yesterday rain does transfer off the coast and actually have adjusted the rainfall totals down a little bit. now make no mistake it's still going to be very ugly day on saturday coming up we'll time out when the instead yesterday rain will fall, how much will actually come down and when we may warm up to the 80s again in the seven day. jessica. >> kate, see you then thanks.
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tonight never before seen photos of a septa train officials say led to last year's deadly amtrak derailment in port richmond after it was hit with rocks. these septa photos showed the damage to train on the evening of may 12th, 2015. officials say radio messages about that damage likely distracted brandon bostian the engineer of amtrak twain number 188. that train accelerated into the franklin curve at 106 miles an hour and derailed killing eight people and injuring nearly 200. >> we think that rocks being thrown at trains are pretty common occurrence. it's got to end. >> this isn't a game. this isn't something that's funny. this some something to do after school for kicks. people can get hurt. >> the actual number of rock attacks on trains is unclear. septa's chief says unless a window is broken they're often simply disregarded as noise outside. there are new developments surrounding egypt air flight 804
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and the investigation into what brought it down. search crews have found human remains, luggage and seats in the mediterranean sea. patrol boats with sonar are trying to locate the jetliner's data recorder. meanwhile cbs news has learned the yet transmitted messages that smoke was detected in the aircraft before the crash. raising questions about a possible in night fire. 66 people were on board when the plane swerved wildly and disappeared from radar early thursday en route from paris to care o secret service opens fire shooting an armed man outside the white house after the suspect allegedly pulled a weapon on officers. suspect is hospitalized tonight. the white house went into lock down after the shooting much president obama was not at the white house at the time. in campaign 2016 donald trump strategy of attack hillary clinton by focusing on her husband's past scandals may be a mistake. new cbs news poll shows among women voters former president bill clinton favor ability
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ratings are higher than the presumptive republican nominee's and higher than his own wife. meanwhile trump picked up endorsement from the national rival association today and he told gun owners he will not let them down if elected. >> hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment just remember that. we're not talking about change it. she wants to polish the second amendment. so we're not going to let that happen. i can tell that you right now. we're going to preserve it. we're going to cherish. we're going to take care of it. >> meantime the city of philadelphia has approved four rallies in support of bernie sanders during the convention in july. the largest recall system set for fdr park near the wells fargo center. students at howard high school technology in wilmington are mourning the death of another classmate. 15 rerolled brandon wingo shot and killed on the 900 block of clifford brown walk yesterday afternoon. that's just a few blocks away from howard high. the community is still reeling from the loss of sophomore amy joyner francis she died aft a
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fight in the high school's bathroom last month. >> want to be have a safe environment for your children. unfortunately within this last month, you know, these two occurrences have made it feel like, you know, that's the last place they would want to be. >> authorities are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to wingo's killer. new tonight recognizing police officers in the positive impact they have on the community. "eyewitness news" at enon tabernacle baptist church for law enforcement enforcement award ceremony. among those being honored today philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett who was joined by his fiance' this evening. he was shot by a gunman in his squad car in january then chased the suspect and returned fire. that suspect who was captured said he shot harn net in the name of islam and the islamic state. >> abandoabandoned home overruny turkey vultures in west philadelphia is slowly coming down. "eyewitness news" on north 50th street as workers finish part of the demolition by hand.
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crews took the porch roof down yesterday. the vultures were captured on cell phone video. a neighbor who lives across the street says those birds tear up trash. they've even tried attack peop people. she hopes they go away once the abandoned home is completely gone. now from vultures to a bear, this is video of bear in cecil county maryland it's believed to be the same bear that was spotted in newark, delaware, yesterday. tonight the cecil county sheriff's office is urging those near route 213 and ricketts mill road to stay indoors in possib possible. they are church urging people to bring their pets inside along with any trash. next time you get e-mail or a friend request on facebook, stop and think for just a few seconds the center may not be who they say they are. even if you think you know the person. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt you shows you another way to steal your personal information is make the rounds online. someone assumed my profile on facebook and started to go
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through my friend list and make friend requests. >> reporter: sarah, is the creative services director at cbs3 "eyewitness news". and happens to be the latest in a long list of cyber victims who essentially have their identit identities stolen on facebook. >> i definitely think it's weird because i was able to see the profile that, um, was my name and my photo. >> reporter: her facebook friends started getting requests and facebook messages from her. but it wasn't her. she believes it happened because her profile was public. strangers could see her photos and friend lists. >> it's so important for people who use face bock or twitter to understand what they're making public versus private. >> reporter: lisa garber is an attorney in philadelphia specializing in cyber secure r what's happening on facebook also happens in e-mails. many times in the workplace. >> whether it's just personal information about their birthday or their social security number, their address, hackers can use that information to try to
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answer security questions to get into bank accounts or other social media accounts. >> reporter: you may think this scam is obvious and it's something that you might not fall for but you'd be surprised. just how many people do fall for this kind of thing. garber says one of her clients accidentally responded to a bogus e-mail in disguise. >> unfortunately responded to the e-mail because they twenty eight i was rush emergency situation and ende ended up giga lot of tax information for the employees within the company. >> reporter: the best thing to do garr gary says, check your privacy settings on social media and e-mail right now. >> actually a lot of people that i interacted with yesterday went in and changed all their setting and took down pictures of their kids. >> reporter: david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> with summer right around the corner we'll be eating a love ice cream, water ice, hmm. >> don't eat it too fast. you'll get brain freeze. that piercing pain in our heads but what actually causes it? that's a good question. nicole brewer gets the science behind the brain freeze when we come back. kate. >> and we've got rain moving
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into the area just in time for the weekend. here it is coming up the latest information and timing possibly some lighter rain for our area but it's still getting in but i'll tell when you it clears out and temperatures can start rising again. jessica. plus the labels on your favorite foods are getting a makeover. the thee big changes you'll soon be seeing. and we had tell you how this k9 service dog and police officer are making history in camden.
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♪ for the first time in camden history the police department has a female officer who handles k9s. officer gabrielle camacho has been with the police department for two years now.
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as part her new assignment she'll be joined by peyton a golden lab. the department has struggled to recruit and retain female officers. the force now has 46 officers and 8k9 including peyton. >> their way smarter. they smell better. see things better than any hum human. >> the one thing with k9 you never get bad day out of them and they never tell now and they'll go wherever they ask them to do and do whatever we ask them to do. >> they are getting protection. today the associated humane societies of new jersey provided bullet proof vests for all of the four legged officers. shoppers hungry for more information are in luck. nutrition labels on hundreds of thousands of foods are getting a makeover. calories will be listed with bigger boulder type to make it easier to see and a new line will tell you how much sugar is natural or added. serving sizes will also be updated reflecting more
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realistic portions. for example a serving of ice cream will soon be two-thirds of a cup it's currently a half cup. >> and you know if you eat that ice cream quickly you metage its end up with brain freeze. >> that feeling is unforgettable. shooting pain in your head. you close your eyes. but what is actually happening to us when we get a brain freeze? good question. nicole brewer is here to explain. >> nothing good. >> not good feeling. >> ukee and jess i found this surprising. one study found that cold stimulus headache also known as cold rush or brain freeze affects only 30% of the population. i thought it would be more. i know i get it i'm pretty sure our viewers jane and theresa do as well. they both wrote in to ask, what happens when we get brain freeze? it's a good question, ladies, especially as the warm weather means more cool treats. ♪ >> you ever get brain freeze? >> what does it feel like? >> hard to describe. >> all of a sudden you get this like terrible ahh!
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>> pain between your eyes and your head. it hurts. >> any idea what's happening in our bodies? >> i really don know it's a really good question. >> why do we get brain freeze? >> because the nerves in your mouth are frozen and they don't like it. >> dr. steven silverstein is a professor of neurology and director of jefferson headache center. he says the pain we feel actually protects us. >> it's a warning and i think that's why the body reacts the way it reacts. >> really cold water or ice in your mouth it can damage the nerve cells but damage the tissue. it's getting frost bite inside your mouth. >> you're pretty good at this. >> that's why silverstein says our nerves send a signal to our brain resulting in a short but sharp pain which forces us to put down the spoon. >> the brain is giving us a warning stop eating that water ice so fast. >> research hers found the sensation could be caused by sudden increase in blood flow to the brain's interior cerebral artery. when that was couldn't fricked the pain wore off. how can you make it stop? a lot
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of people say put the thumb at the top of the roof of your mouth. does that work? >> depends how hot your thumb is. dip warm water. >> take steps to prevent it altogether. >> eat slowly wait until your ice cream warms up and don't gulp. >> you'll keep eating your ice cream and water ice. >> fit happens i'll try the thumb. >> although brain freeze is painful doctor silverstein says it's not dangerous. but if you are a migraine sufferer unfortunately you will experience brain freeze more often. >> listen it does make you put that spoon down. nope, nope, whatever it is. >> i used to get it all the time as a kid kid. the maroney water ice truck would come. >> i remember maroneys. >> i didn't care about brain freeze. >> i want my water ice. >> what's your good question? log on to question to let us know. you can also tweet tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good
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question. nicole will be here every night with the answer at "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock this fourth of july philly's welcome america concert is all about local talent. >> christina perry, yaz the greatest, r and b brotherly love and the philly pops. all are taking a stage on the parkway for a free show. now notably absent this year the hiphop groups the roots they co head lined the show since 2009. the festivities kick off june 27th. >> you were talking about that east wind coming in here. that will mess us up. >> yes. i may have slightly better news as far as the rain it look like the rain may not be as heavy. we were talking an inch, inch and half i scaled down those amounts a little bit much that's got news. bad news it's still an ugly chilly cloudy damp day no matter which was slice it. >> the weekend. >> it may not be the deluge we had been talking about. >> okay. >> little bit of positivity in the forecast. a little bit. but still it's going to be damp,
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cold saturday with periods of rain especially to the south and east down the shore and in portions of delaware. those are the areas that could get the heaviest amounts of rainfall tomorrow. let's take look what's going on start off way look at storm scan3 showing the rain pushing in it looks robust as of now what we're watching two pieces of energy with this system. it's very much like what we talk about when we talk about winter snowstorm generally speaking off slow swing from the great lakes and another piece of energy along the coast. they form or kind of fuse together faze what we call it and the more inland system transfers its energy to the coast that will be happening here. so coming up i'll show was that looks like as this piece starts to weaken and this piece picks up the pace taking heft eighty three rain along the coast and out to sea. and that means for us it may be more showers and occasional rainfall through the day versus heavy soaking rain. but what i want to stress still plan for it to be complete downpour because look what we've got going on as the coastal low develops here saturday afternoon this is around 5:00 p.m.
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notice the heavy rain down the shore in portions of southern delaware. if this scoots a few more miles northward we're getting heavy rain here in philadelphia and it still could do that. all depends where the bulls eye of heavy rain sets up. you can see it's very close to philadelphia. it's cloudy. it's bam damp with that coastal low you've got an east wind that will keep temperatures only in the low 60s. but the instead yesterday rain looks to be south and east of philadelphia at the moment. heading into sunday notice we've got scattered showers popping up through the afternoon. this is 3:00 p.m. nothing organized but still with that system kind of dominating the weather pattern scattered showers will be around also perhaps some breaks of late day sunshine on sunday at least a better chance. let's take look at our four model. gfs and euro model long-term models they do best in the medium range a few days out. our mesa scale models notice the numbers are going down. rpm in house model tenth of an inch in philadelphia by sunday little more rain as those showers add to the totals. instead of looking at over an
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inch of rain i think we're looking quarter of an inch to an inch especially south and east. still pockets of rain in the afternoon and highs only in the 60s and that low will dominate our weather pattern right into the start of next week. when we finally get it out of here that's when temperatures will be able to warm up quite nicely headed into the middle of next week. tomorrow periods of rain, cooler and damp. scattered showers at the very least. heavy rain at worst and then as we head into sunday maybe a few breaks of sun. monday gets better. tuesday slightly better more clouds than seven. 77 and 80s by next wednesday. once we get the storm out of here -- >> and then, and then and then. >> and then. >> looks warm for memorial day weekend as well. >> all right. >> don is here now. you'll switch it up and talk soccer. >> the union with a chance to move into first with a win and it was tight early but went sideways late. see what happened to the phillies at the bank.
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be loose but you have to produce that's what manager mackanin said today in his office. right now pretty much so far this season the phillies are following the manager's advice. they came into the night with seven wins in their last 10 games now comes the matchup against the worst team in the national league the atlanta braves. so to south philadelphia we go. dog night at the ballpark. phanatic hanging out with four leg friends. first inning phils up one to
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zero. free man fort braves two run shot the braves take the lead. we go to the seventh inning, it's still two-one. gordan beckham not hike he's killing the ball right there but the infield was in, goes over the head of freddie galvis so it's three-one. in the seventh, how about nick march kay cass going opposite field. aaron nola seven innings gave up five runs, two of them were earned. the phillies lose game one of the series seven-one your final score. here's the manager pete mackan mackanin. >> got a good lineup. they're not a push over by any means and on a given day they can beat anybody. so, we have to take them, you know, we can't take them for granted. we have to go out there and battle to win. and that's what we have to do the next two games. the rest of the year actually. >> one game at a time. making the leap from college to the nba is a massive one. isaia miles took a step forward making the mile and a half trip from st. joe's to p com.
2:32 am
he joined five other players for pre draft workout fort sixers. the sixers have the first overall pick they have the 24th and 26th overall selections in the first round as well as the senior miles was the 810's most improved player. here's how he thinks he did in the workout. >> i think it went pretty well. i think i shot the ball well. i think i showed the scouts and the coaches that i can shoot the ball pretty well and spread the floor. i think i showed them i can distance pretty good and i think it was good day. >> good workout. i think that -- that he's somebody that has some interesting qualities. we know he comes from good sto stock. >> the pitch now the union hosting d.c. united in chester we're in extra time. sebastian letou with the cross and how about richie marques. first mls goal. the union beating d.c. one to nothing and moving into first place with the w. >> hey, first place, not bad.
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>> we'll take it. >> yes, we will. >> don, thanks. >> sneak peek up next we'll show you more of how the dogs took over citizens bank park.
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don showed you at the start of sports tonight was the night for the phillies bark at the park. >> phillies fans deck out in their gear and their four leg friends took over citizens bank park tonight. parading aun the warning track. the dogs got to watch game with their owners kickback and enjoy night at the ballpark. in addition to best in show
2:35 am
contest a special dogs only activity center as well. there were also some dogs available for adoption. and a collection for pets in need. >> having good time. >> we'll be right
2:36 am
our morning team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. for kate, don, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next with seth row fenn. >> thanks so much for watching. have a great weekend.
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