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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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an unusual sight as a unusual emergency land nothing fishtown. we are live with what caused to it come down. also to this morning, "eyewitness news" cameras were rolling as police were in pursuit of the suspect overnight, the reason for this chase and where it ended, coming up. and a soggy saturday is on tap, no rain in our area just yet but storm scan three shows a lot of it is heading our way. well, today is sat take may 21st, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. yesterday the weather may have spoiled us, it was warm, it was beautiful. justin drabick you say a are different picture today. >> yesterday was awesome. that is how it should be for this time of the year.
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we have had temperatures mid to upper 70's in the sunshine not happening today. that time of the year. starting off the week went rain across the region. now we're still dry so if you have to head outside and don't want to be stuck in the rain now is time to do it. i don't know what is opened a at this time of the morning but we have a few more hours before we get steady rain. 56 degrees in the philadelphia at the airport. east wind at the 5 miles an hour. generally just other cast skies. we will will see that rain trying to get into lancaster county maybe extreme western berks county. it may take time to reach the ground. a few more hours to go. steady rain still south and west of baltimore and washington but it does get in here by mid-morning. fifty-six at the airport. fifty-two will allentown. forty-three in mount pocono, suburbs, same deal, low 50's, this morning, and once again the east wind will return, and that is the cool flow off the ocean, so, we will enjoyed the 70's yesterday. that will not be happening this weekend.
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it will be cooler then average. we have period of rain with the steady rain this afternoon, the heaviest will be south and east of philadelphia, and amounts generally from a quarter inch north of the city, to possibly up to 1 inch in parts of the south jersey and delaware. temperatures below average, 50's and 60's. sixty-three, that is it for the high today in philadelphia upper 50's at the shore and mid 50's in the poconos. the steady rain will come to than a end later today but we are tracking more rain through the rest of the weekend. i will time it out in a few minutes. rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. federal aviation administration is investigating why a blimp made an unscheduled landing in philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood. the blimp landed in a lot off of i-95 and "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live near the scene, anita, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. even at this hour plenty of movement here on i-95. it is a busy stretch of highway. this is an area that an air ship made an unexpect landing
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last night. it is not something you see falling from the the sky every day. >> getting to the point of yes, a blimp started to come down, and i heard it landed on my car. >> reporter: officials from the federal aviation administration said a blimp carrying two people lost power and made an emergency landing at a construction site near sugar house casino friday night. >> the blimp had a hard landing, had engine problems, it was overheating. it landed in the northbound lanes and still inflated it blew in the middle of delaware avenue and started to go around the utility pole right behind us. >> reporter: officials say impact of the crash landing violently tossed around the pilot and passenger but thankfully there were no injuries. >> pretty much stopped the car, went over the barrier to try to help the pilot. he broke down over here, and by the time it ended up, he got drug across the road over barrier inside his little basket.
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he was hurt. we just got him out and few other guys tried to hold it down to get them out. >> reporter: police say advertising blimp left from camden, new jersey and was trying to land nearby. the faa is still investigating what caused the mal function. and in a statement to "eyewitness news", bostic incorporated the adhesive company advertising on the blimp says in part the blimp made a controlled landing because of changes in termal conditions. trever newhook their long time pilot landed the problem one extreme accuracy with no incident or injuries. we're told that both the blimp and the crew are from gainsville, florida. live from fishtown, this morning i'm anita o h for cbs-3 eyewitness naus. >> thanks so much for the update. and a police pursuit end with a man in custody. "eyewitness news" photographer got this video of the pursuit near philadelphia zoo at 34th ape girard. it ended at west moreland, after police say the driver
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crashed in the park car. the map add a illegal firearm. this morning never before seen photos of the, septa train that may have led to last years deadly amtrak derailment in port richmond. these septa photos show damage to the train, after it hit, was hit the with rocks on the evening of may 12th, 2015. officials say radio messages about the damage likely distract brandon bostian the engineer of amtrak train number 188, that train accelerated in the franklin curve at 106 miles an hour and derailed, killing eight and injuring over 200. >> we think that rocks being thrown in the trains are pretty common occurrence, it has got to end. this isn't a game this isn't something that is funny. this isn't something to do after after school for kicks. people can get hurt. >> now the actual number of rocks, this rock attack on train was unclear, septa's chief says unless a window is broken there is disregarded as
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noise outside. more wreckage from the down egyptair plane has been found in the mediterranean sea. flight was ended from paris cairo but never arrived. patrol boats are trying to locate the data recorders, cbs's jonathan vick lot i -- varying lot i has the latest. >> reporter: search crews are looking for wreckage from egypt flier 804-6789 egyptian military discovered body parts, luggage and airplane seats on friday, and the european space agency also spotted what could be a mile long oil slick in the mediterranean. cbs news has learned that the jet transmitted messages that smoke was detect in the aircraft, before the crash, and 66 people were on board, when the plane swerved, wildly, and disappeared from radar early on thursday. victims relatives gathered a at this mosque in cairo for a prayer service this man's cousin was on board the flight. he says this is very hard for the families.
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egyptian families believe terrorism brought down the plane but cbs news has learned that so far there has been no credible claim of responsibility. egyptair chairman says search area encompasses a 40-mile radius of the mediterranean, halfway between here in crete and will alexandria, egypt. paris investigators begun to check and question all ground staff at charles degall airport who may have a link to the flight. the u.s. and several european countries are also helping in the search effort. but finding the flight recorders in water as much as 10,000 feet deep will be difficult. jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities are investigating a shooting outside the white house. officials say friday a man pulled a gun on officers outside a security checkpoint and then a officer shot him. suspect identified as jesse oliveri is in critical condition. immediately following the shooting the white house went into lock down but the first
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family was in the home at the time. donald trump's strategy of attacking hillary clinton by folksing on her his ban's scandals. >> craig boswell had has finding of the new cbs poll. >> reporter: donned old trump picked up an endorsement from the national rifle a so, friday. >> gun free zones, we are getting rid of gun free zones, okay. >> reporter: trump, one time supporters of the assault weapons ban attack hillary clinton addressing the group's convention in kentucky. >> thank you. >> reporter: earlier the presumptive nominee, she's former president bill clinton in charge of the economy. >> maybe she just wants him around the white house so she can keep her eye on him. >> reporter: clinton said she will meet with the family of gun violence victims. >> thank you. >> reporter: former president clinton rallied supporters in sue falls ahead of the next month's primary. new cbs news poll shows trump's strategy for targeting bill clinton's scandals with woman could backfire among women voters president
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clinton's favor built ratings are higher then the presumptive nominees and his own wife. >> i will be nominee for my parity, chris. that is already didn't in effect. >> reporter: don't tell that to bernie sanders. he issued a rebuttal saying it is clear millions of americans have growing doubts about the clinton's campaigns. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news". it is a make over for labels on your favorite foods. nutrition labels are changing, the f.d.a. says they will make it easier to eat healthy, i'm brooke silva-braga in new york and what to expect from the new label coming up. and copycats could have their sights set on your facebook page, how scammers are stealing your personal information and what you can do to avoid to get
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back on "eyewitness news" with a special tribute for the man who transform temple university. >> ♪ america, america >> thousands gathered at a public memorial service for former temple president peter lee core amounts "eyewitness news" at temple performing arts center. former basketball coach john cheyney was among those who remember liacouras and talk about how he helped expand the university, throughout his 18 years leading the school. >> when many others were talking about moving out of the city, peter said the hell with them. he was someone who believed
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that this university could make a difference. >> peter liacouras retired in 2,000. he died last week have after a long illness at the age of 85. happening today, the 90th set to berry cup regatta continues on the schuylkill river. it is the oldest, largest high school rowing competition in the country. more than 5600 athlete from close to 200 schools in the u.s. and canada are taking part this year. regatta will resume at 8:00 and wraps up this afternoon. i know we have been saying it is a wash out but they might be okay today. >> we're not getting storms. that is a a good thing. >> i don't know, they can get through it. >> it will be in the after up in but still could be rough out there rowing outside on the water but if you have to get it in. like i said, afternoon is worse. we have a few more hours, if you need to run out, now is the time to do it. it is not crazy heavy rain. >> but for much of the day. >> ruin your weekend plans. we cannot go more than two
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days without getting any rain. here we go again. >> i saw your graphic where you say four tuesdayes in the row. >> something about tuesday, i don't know what is going on. >> we will see if we can break this. >> we will go outside and show where we have some sunshine or sunlight showing off to the east as we are looking from our spring garden camera. it is the best you will see today. it will quickly be removed, by those cloud thickening up from west to east as we have an approaching storm system. check it the out, on storm scan three. good steady rain developing a cross central pennsylvania. this extend down to maryland, west of baltimore, and washington and there is some heavy rain off to the south and west across northern virginia. that will move off to the northeast, pretty slowly initially. we might have a tough time getting this rain to reach the ground but it will develop by mid to late morning but worst in the afternoon with the heavier rain from the city on south and east. areas north and west still going to get a decent soaking rain but not as much, in parts of the southern new jersey.
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fifty's right now all across the region. fifty-six in the capitol city of delaware. fifty-four in cherry hill. mid 50's around philadelphia similar numbers in the northwestern suburbs. due to the cloud cover that is rolling in. that is keeping in, the little warmth that we had through the overnight hours. here's the problem with this, weather pattern once again, just slowing down, we will call it the blocking pattern in the jet stream, owe meg block. greek letter omega. if you are on the bookend of the owe meg block you will be stuck with the cooler temperatures, slow moving storm system and that is what we are dealing with throughout the weekend even into next week. the it will take sometime to totally clear out and eliminate our rain chances. the rain today 100 percent for that rain. still threat for showers around tomorrow. 40 percent chance, even into monday, a 30 percent chance for a shower. i think finally tuesday we will tart to dry out. the here's a big change next week. i will show you that the in the seven day forecast. slow moving storm track as cross mid-atlantic today. period of rain especially this
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afternoon. tomorrow the storm is off shore but we have jet stream energy over us. we have spotty showers possible. not enough to cancel your plans just yet but keep in mind sunday afternoon there could be some showers that do fire up in the have afternoon. monday maybe a shower or thunderstorm as temperatures tart to warm backup in the 70es a. initially take time to get rain in here. give it until mid-morning. should be falling steadily, into the afternoon, evening. period of rain at times. even through the overnight still left over showers, and in some spots and then tomorrow morning we could run into a couple showers, better chance in the afternoon when we will get daytime heating but more scattered tomorrow. that is why i said don't cancel those plans just yet. how much rain are we talking about? city half inch to close to 1 inch in parts of the extreme southern new jersey and delaware. quarter inch or so towards lehigh valley, poconos. temperatures today, look at that, well below average. we hit average yesterday in the mid 70's. now we will struggle to get to the lower 60's today. tonight showers, cool in the
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50's. tomorrow a little bit better but still cooler then average. upper 60's at best, maybe a peak of sunshine. so for today period of rain, cool, 63 degrees for the high temperature and then tonight still some showers around at 52, here's the extended forecast, still clouds linger through at least monday, shower or two both days, tuesday gets better, and then wednesday, thursday, friday, we have been waiting for it, there it is, mid 80's, i think it lasts, perfect timing for memorial day weekend. >> we have been waiting for a long time for that. >> justin, thank you. the food and drug administration has introduced a major update to nutritional labels on food packages and it is the biggest overhaul in 20 years. as brooks silva-braga reports it is designed to help families make healthier choices. >> reporter: new food labels will make calories easier to count, printed in bigger, darker type. there will be a new line, listing added sugars which could be especially unhealthy and difficult to track.
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first lady michelle obama said new labels will make packaged food information more transparent. >> very soon, you will no longer need a microscope, calculate orr a degree in nutrition to figure out whether the food you are buying is actually good for our kid. >> reporter: another big change more realistic serving sizes. until now janice brown's favorite pretzels claims to offer three portions, do you eat a third of this bag. >> no, the whole bag and then i hate myself afterward. >> reporter: these crackers brag they are 2 grams have of fat per serving but this little baggies two serving. the under new guidelines serving sizes will change to reflect what people actually eat. >> we are not encouraging individuals to eat more of these foods, but we really want them to be informed about exactly how much they are consuming and what they are consuming when they do eat a normal portion size. >> reporter: new labels will list vitamin d and potassium,
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nutrients americans often lack. food companies have two years to comply with the new rules. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> it will be helpful. still ahead we are looking at what is new in theaters this weekend. >> i'm looking at neighbors two, sorority rising and all-star cast gets their
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fourth of july philly's welcome america concert is all about local talent. the includes cristina perry,
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from bucks county, yas the greatest, brotherly love and the philly pops. also on the stage on the parkway for the free show. noteably absent this year is the hip-hop group the roots. they have co head lined the show since 2009. eight day welcome america festivities kick off june 27th. and big news for boss fans, bruce springsteen has added another show at citizens bank park. bruce and e street band will perform in south philadelphia a on september 9th and tickets will go on sale may 25th. tickets are already on sale for his september 7th show. and get ready to party on the beach again, three big concerts are coming to atlantic city this um iser, so hoist performing. director of marketing for casino reinvestment development authority revealed the big names to "eyewitness news". >> jimmy buffet will be coming in on august 13th, zach brown band september 1st and then, of course, florida georgia line will round those out on september 3rd. so we're very excited about
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it. it is just a great opportunity for us to show that atlantic city is thriving, we are alive and well. >> and country stars rascal flats played on the beach last year and blake shelf even and lady antbellam performed in 2014. popular angry bird make a move from the smart phone to the big screen. kevin frazier takes you behind the scenes at the new movie in theaters this weekend. >> this week zach efron and set h rogan show us how to party in set of neighbors two sorority rising and jason sadekiss explains why they are so darn angry in angry bird. >> i don't think i have a anger issue. >> reporter: jason stars as red on a home of friendly bird until bill hater shows up in and starts stealing eggs. then it is time to teach everybody in the star studded cast including josh get, maya rodolph and kate mcken on how to use their anger to save the day. >> it can cause some instances
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further down the road more damage then i say releasing it at the appropriate time with the appropriate circumstances. >> all in the right area weight lifting, into your crayola drawing. >> time to get angry. >> yes. >> welcome to our sorority. good afternoon. >> neighbors two seth rogan and rose burn can't catch a break when a we will sorority led by chloe grace, moves in just as they are trying to sell their house. that is what they call on their old neighbor/enemy zach efron to take down the girls with bigger pranks and bigger stunts. >> what is the biggest secret in the movie. >> one of the bigger movies. >> yes, i know. >> those girls are out of control. >> yes. getaway from me. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier now back to you in the studio. for all of the latest news from hollywood, watch entertainment tonight, on every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3.
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and, still ahead in our next half an her on "eyewitness news", the local neighborhood, displaying works of arts in the philadelphia museum of art. and it is a first of its kind in camden, how this k-9 service dog and police officers are making history. that is coming up next, stay
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a live look outside from our roof camera and it is dry outside right now but the rain is on the way. when it get here and how much, just moments away. and good morning, i'm rahel solomon, well, if you have any errand to do today good advice from justin do them early. justin drabick out on the cbs-3 sky deck. justin, in the raining just yet but it is coming for sure. >> we had a dry day yesterday and we have to bring back some rain. worst of the rain coming in this afternoon but just overcast skies over much of the delaware valley right now. temperatures cooled down. we are in the 40's and 50's. up in the mountains that is coolest spot 43 in the poconos. mid 50's for philadelphia and down toward the shore points. east wind have returned so that means cooler than average temperatures and we are bringing in the rain. rain, struggling to get in the western part of the viewing area not reaching the ground just yet. we have to go out to central pennsylvania and then west of baltimore but there is some steady rain across northern
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virginia that will head our way. steady and heaviest rain should occur south and east of the city later this afternoon. temperatures right the now 57 in reading. fifty-two in allentown. fifty-six in dover, delaware. suburbs, similar numbers. we have cloud over us acting as a blanket. here's what to expect today. next few hours stay dry but period of rain develop mid-morning and becomes steady with the heavier rain south and east of the city. rainfall amounts, pretty big range from a quarter inch north of the city to up to 1 inch a cross parts of the delaware and southern new jersey, and temperatures, today, well below average, 50's and 60's. in fact, entire weekend stays on the cool side. now tomorrow a little bit better, but we are still bringing in the chance of showers and some showers even extend into the workweek but there is a big warm up in the seven day. you will in the want to miss that. i will show thaw in a few more minutes. >> looking forward to it, thanks, justin. this morning investigators are trying to determine what forced a blimp to make an emergency landing in fishtown.
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"eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live near the scene with more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. that blimp took off from camden, new jersey and was supposed to land nearby but it had to make an emergency landing near the busy stretch of highway behind me on i-95, now it happened last night, just before 7:00 o'clock here near beach and richmond streets in fishtown, and officials from the federal aviation administration, say that an air ship carrying two people suddenly lost power and came down unexpectly near this construction site. we're told that the pilot and passenger were violently tossed around in that crash landing but a macingly no injuries and they did avoid all of these cars. "eyewitness news" spoke to people and witnesses that saw it all happen. >> it ways getting to the point where the blimp started to come down. and then it landed on my car. >> the blimp had a hard landing, had engine problems, it was overheating, it landed in the northbound lanes and it
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was still inflated and blew in the middle of the delaware avenue and started to go around right behind us. >> reporter: now bostic incorporated adhesive company advertising on that blimp, tells thaws changes in thermal conditions, were a factor in this malfunction. we are live from fishtown this morning anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". camille cosby reportedly refused to answer dozens of questions in connection with the defamation lawsuit begins her husband. newly released transcript of the deposition shows wife of the comedian bill cosby cited marital privilege. that is legal protection given to communications between spouses, seven women are suing bill cosby claiming that he branded them as liars, after they accused him of sexually assaulting them decade ago. cosby has denied the allegations. students at howard high school of technology in wilmington are mourning deaths of another classmate.
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fifteen year-old brandon wingo was shot and killed on the 900 block of clifford brown walk thursday afternoon. that is just a few blocks from howard high. the community is still reeling from the loss of the salve more amy joyner francis died after a fight in the high school's bathroom last month. >> we feel that is a safe environment for your children. unfortunately within this last month, it is these two occurrences made it feel like that is the last place that they are safe. >> authorities are offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to wingo's killer. well, one of the teens killed hours after the bridgeton high school promise being laid to rest today. fifteen year-old mikayla mostly and 17 year-old daysa sulton died on route 49 last week. two others were hurt. her viewing is at 8:00 at union baptist temple in bridgeton. the funeral is at 11:00. and abandoned home over
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return by turkey vultures is slowly coming down. "eyewitness news" at north 50th street as workers finished part of the demolition by hand, taking down porch roof. look at this cell phone video capturing vultures near the home. neighbor who lives across the street say bird tear up trash and even had tried to attack people. she said they hope they go away once the abandoned home is completely gone. from vultures to a bear this is video have the bear in cecil county maryland, believed to be the same bear that was spotted in newark, delaware this week. the cecil county sheriff's office is urging those living near route 213 and to stay indoors if possible. they also suggest that people bring their pets inside, long with any trash. well, for the first time in camden history the police department has a female officer who handles k-9's. the officer gabriel has been with the police department for one years and as part of the a
5:34 am
iron. she will be joined by the golden lab. the department has struggled to recruit and retain female officers and it left many k-9's. the force now has 46 female officers and eight k-9's including payton. >> they are way more smarter, they smell better, see things better, then any human. >> one thing with k-9 you never get a bad day out of them and they never tell you no and they will go where ever we asked them to do and do whatever we ask them to do. >> and the k-9's are also getting protection. the associated humane society of new jersey provided bullet-proof vests for all of the four legged officers. and recognizing police officers and positive impact they have on the community. "eyewitness news" at enan tabernacle baptist church for law a force. awards ceremony. among those, honored jesse hartnett. hartnett you may remember was shot by a gunman in his squad car in january and then chased the suspect and returned fire,
5:35 am
that suspect who was captured a short time later said he shot hartnett in the name of islam, and the islamic state. well, do not be alarmed, this right here is just a drill. today, philadelphia fire fighters will train to respond to a high rise building fire, in center city. the simulation drill will take place on the 1700 block of mark street at 9:00 o'clock this morning. there will be plenty of fire trucks, fire fighters and cadets in action. do not be alarmed. may hey recall this huge fire that damaged two buildings in the columbus farmers market in burlington county in november of 2014. well, construction crews have now reconstruct the buildings and today it will reopen to the shoppers, during a big celebration. there will be a pig roast, prizes and music. the market is home to 65 in door stores and a outdoor flea market. well, it is called, inside out art, masters pieces usually hung in the museum, showing up in communities in our area. "eyewitness news" reporter
5:36 am
vittoria woodill shows us what this is all about from narberth, montgomery county. >> reporter: if you have ever breathed by the philadelphia museum of art and walk inside you have been probably finding yourself in awe of this exhibit. but did you know a few of these stills exist outside the halls of the museum and in neighborhood near you. it the is what is called inside out. >> it is a project where we take replicas of works of art and we install them all over the five county region around philadelphia. >> reporter: some inside out community include coatsville, tacony, doylestown and land down. narberth is also one with a 11 different replicas scattered around the town. >> narberth is a walking community. people love to walk around. it is another opportunity, different spot, to spot, and appreciate the arts and also to think about hey, maybe the art museum in philadelphia, we can go there as well. >> reporter: follow map and spot art heading to the train station, in an alley way or in stations circle complete with
5:37 am
ambient sound. let's just say this inside out community is appreciating and loving it. >> every time i see it, it never gets old. >> fabulous idea, it is so much fun. it is just great to go around and see if you can find them all. >> reporter: that was the point of bringing art into the community for the museum. for the days of hustle and bustle these frames have you stopping and feeling a little bit. >> joy. it is all about joy. just getting to fill your day with a little bit more joy. >> reporter: if you want to feel more joy as well, visit art museum this weekend and drop the neighborhood that is involved in inside out you can get in for free but no matter if you go to the art museum or your own backyard it is definitely a lot of artwork to sianni appreciate. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news"... >> reporter: it cost nearly 100 million-dollar, i'm greg argos in princeton with how one machine could lead to safe, green and affordable
5:38 am
energy. and today's maybe trying to scam your facebook friend using your identity. what you need to know to protect yourself. and from nice to nasty, a beautiful day yesterday but justin is back to tell us when rain arrives this weekend. we are back in a a spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know.
5:39 am
let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. back on "eyewitness news" it is a powerful new device that could change the way the world creates energy and it is right here in our area
5:41 am
"eyewitness news" reporter greg argos takes to us princeton new jersey where the new equipment is getting a lot of a to tension. >> it can heat plasma four to five times the temperature of sun. today in princeton a new machine unveiled which could lead to safe green, and abundant energy. through this underground tunnel of the princeton plasma physics laboratory, up a few flight of stairs, sits something called a device. >> at until made it looks like an apple that has been cored. >> reporter: that cored apple could one day lead to efficient and plentiful fusion energy. >> it would provide energy for millions of years for allman kind. >> let me just, show you this. there we go. >> reporter: friday u.s. energy secretary, toured the upgraded machine at princeton new jersey marking unveiling of the new fusion center center which cost 94 million-dollar in federal fund and five years to improve. >> upgrading it considerably
5:42 am
to have twice the magnetic fields, twice the amount of plasma occurring and heating power and five times duration of the plasma. >> reporter: over next year, michael and his team of physics and engineers experts will shoot beams of plasma in the tea vice super heating up to 50 million degrees, five times hotter then the surface of the sun. >> thinks a physics fundamental experiment. >> reporter: previous experiments have produced 11 mega watts of power enough to power a small city but it lasted for just one second. these new experiments will test whether power cannulas, much longer at larger amounts. >> we can ultimately use to it make even why i in a clean way. the goal, it is to take that experience where we shed where we can make fusion power and actually make progress in the steps to make it practical and economic. >> reporter: fusion energy powering our city, experts say is still decades away. in princeton, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". justin joining us now, justin talking about more rain. >> that is right, what else is
5:43 am
new for the month of may. every other day we are bringing in some rain. pretty good storm system, slow moving, so a steady rain will develop later this afternoon. we are dry right now overall of the delaware valley. live look from margate, beach patrol headquarters here, overcast skies, next week even, this place will be jammed packed. the good news is we're going to warm temperatures up and we will start to feel like summer as we head into memorial day. in the so much this weekend. steady rain still to our west, heavy rain across northern virginia. that will slowly track the two north and east over the next few hours so we are still dry through about mid morning and late morning and early afternoon that steady rain develops with the heaviest rain in the afternoon. check this out, this is almost ridiculous, 15 days of at least a trace or more of rainfall for the month so far this doesn't include today so we will add that to the list, so far, just shy of 3 inches of rain. that is not a whole lot. kind of hard to believe, all this rain we had, rainfall amount, not terribly high, and actually some areas are dryer
5:44 am
then average, as it was a dry start to the spring season, clouds, and certainly been ruling the in as well, only one mostly sunny day, nine partly cloudy days, ten overcast days and this is coming into today. today will be day number 11 for overcast. fifty-six in philadelphia. fifty-two in allentown. cool pocket of air with this weather pattern that we're in just to our north and west. forty-nine in des moines. that cool air does have to rotate through over the next couple of days so expect, once again, cooler then average temperatures, throughout the weekend, into early next week. so lets time things out for you, rain arrives by mid-morning, and it is from west to east, steady yes, sir and heaviest will be this afternoon, heaviest rain especially to the south and east of philadelphia, still tonight, if you have plans to head out of town for dinner, you will be dodging some showers throughout the overnight hours. here's the reason actual low pressure system tracks through today. that bringing steady rain in the afternoon and evening hours. then moves off cher tomorrow but we still have energy in
5:45 am
the jet stream that cool pocket of airy was talking about. that sits over the east coast so still, cloud around sunday, some scattered showers especially during the afternoon and i wouldn't cancel your plans just yet if you have outdoor activities tomorrow. even monday that cool air or pocket just stick around and still chance for a shower and then finally that gets kicked out of here and we will start to improve our weather. sixty's today at best. the that is if we're lucky. mostly starting in the 50's with the rain and then tonight we are seeing lower 50's for low temperatures. tomorrow mid to upper 60's, still well below average for this time of the year. there is cooler air over us, you can see that in the jet stream lingering across the mid-atlantic into early tuesday and then that moves out and then there you go we will start to expand that north ward as jet stream moves to the north. this is typical late spring, early summer pattern and what we should be dealing with this time of the year. it finally gets here next week. sixty-three, period have rain today, tonight still cloudy and cool with some showers around. fifty-two for the city. here's that extended forecast,
5:46 am
still a couple of shower chances, especially sunday and machine afternoon, and tuesday looks dryer at 77, and then we will get mostly sunny on wednesday, 84 degrees, that is 10 degrees above average and we will keep it in the 80's through the end of next week and hopefully that will stan into memorial day weekend a lot of people will be excited for that. open up the pool. >> rahel is having a pool party. >> everybody is invited. >> justin, 86, is that the warmest we have had all year so far. >> that would be. no 80-degree days so far in may. last may we had a ton of them, i forget what it was, ten or 15. >> all right. this is a sign of improvement. >> yes, i like it. >> thanks, justin. next time you get an e-mail or friend request on facebook stop and think for a few seconds, sender may not hob they say they are even if you think you know the person. as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt shows us another way of stealing your personal information is making their way on line. >> someone assumes my profile on facebook and then started
5:47 am
to go through my friendlys and make friend requests. >> reporter: sarah is the creative services director at cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and happens to be the latest, in a licensing list of cyber victims who essentially had their identities stolen on facebook. >> definitely think it is weird because i was able to see the profile that was my name and my photo. >> reporter: she says her face book friend started to get request and fast book messages from her but it wasn't her. she believes it happened because her profile was public, strangers could see her photos and friendlyses. >> so important for people use facebook and twit tore understand what they are making public verse private. >> reporter: lisa is an attorney in philadelphia, specializing in cyber security. she says that what is happening on facebook also happened, in e-mails. many times in the work place. >> whether it is just personal information about their birthday or their social security number, their a dress, hackers can use that information, to try to answer
5:48 am
security questions, to get into bank accounts or other social media accounts. >> reporter: you may think this scam is obvious and it is something that you might not fall for but you would be surprised, just how many people, do fall for this kind of a thing. gar versace says one of her clients accidentally responded to a bogus e-mail in disguise. >> they unfortunately responded to the e-mail because they thought it was a rush emergency situation and ended up giving tax information for employees in the company. >> reporter: best thing to do she says is check your privacy setting on your immediate use right now a lot of people i interacted with yesterday went in and changed their settings, took down pictures of their kid. >> reporter: david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a shocking knock out, coming up next, meet the mma fighter that is proving age is anything but a number. the tight game that went sideways, late, see what happened to the
5:49 am
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game two with the phillies and braves this afternoon, weather permitting. going in to last night's game phillies won seven out of ten but aaron nola was victim to no run support. fanatic having a good time, with some of his four legged friend. dog night at the ballpark. third inning, phillies up one to nothing. freddie freeman a two run shot, braves, taking the lead. to the seventh inning we will go still two-one. gordon beckham that is in the exactly a blast. little blooper that was playing in, three-one. in the seventh, nick swinging a hot batting opposite field, and into the stand. two run bleacher reacher and
5:52 am
that would do it. the phillies fall seven-one in game one of the series. top prospect in the phillies organization, has been promoted. short stop jp crawford goes from double a to triple a. he is only batting .265 but on base percentage is nearly 400. crawford is 2013, first round draft choice of the phillies. he is only 21 years old. and making their way from college, to the nba is a massive one. isaiah miles took a step forward by making the mile and a half trip from st. joes to pcom. miles joined five other players for a predraft work out for sixers. they have the first overall pick, you know about that but they have the 24th, 26th selections in the first round and as a senior, miles was a-10's most improved player. here's how his work out, turned out. >> i think it went pretty well. i think i shot the ball well. i showed the scout and coach staff that i can spread the
5:53 am
floor. my conditions is pretty good. i think it is a good day. unaudible. so, shooting out there i think they need a good shooter. >> good work out. i think that he is somebody that has had some interesting qualities. we know he comes from good stock. >> now, to the pitch, union hosting d.c. united down in chester and in extra time sebastian le toux, with the cross pass to the box and richie marquez, first mls goal, union beat d.c., and moving into first place with the division. >> preakness steaks is late they are evening, second leg of the triple crown. according to the national weather service there is a 100 f rain. last year american pharoah won in the rain in route to the triple crown, and nyquist is
5:54 am
hoping to dot same. post time 6:45. that is all for sports, i'm don bell, have a a great day. as don showed you earlier last night was night for phillies bark at the park. phillies fans, decked out in their phillies gear and their four legged friend took over citizens bank park, parading around the warning track. the dogs then watch the game with their owners. in addition to a best in show contest there was a special dogs only at sections 210 and 211. is there also some dogs available for adoption and a collection for pets in need. so, cute. and still ahead in the next half an hour on "eyewitness news", never before seen photos of the septa train damaged by rocks, at ntsb says played a part in the deadly amtrak crash in the frankford curve. >> reporter: secret service locks town white house after one of the agents shoots a man nearby i'm craig boswell at the white house, with that coming up. weekend is here but, so is
5:55 am
the wet weather again. justin is back to tell us when exactly it will arrive and how much, stay with
5:56 am
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neutrogena® cosmetics see what's possible. problem many down, unusual sight as air ship makes an emergency landing in fishtown. we are live with what caused it to come down. also this morning "eyewitness news" cameras were
5:58 am
rolling as police were in pursuit of the suspect overnight, reason for this chase and where it ended, coming up. and a soggy saturday is on tap, no rain in our area just yet but storm scan three shows it heading our way. today is saturday may 21st, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. i feel like a broken record. we have been talking about rain so long, yesterday we were spoiled though just continue drabick joining us again, being bearer of bad news yet again. >> we say spoiled but, yeah, that is how it should be for this time of the year in may. mid 70's. >> it hasn't felt like that. >> we have not gone more than two days with dry weather so here we go. another round of rain. >> rain, umbrellas. >> that is right, you will need it in the afternoon. that is worst of it. we have a few more hours to go with dry weather but really through the entire weekend we will keep the chance for some rain but today is the worst of it. outside right now, generally just overcast skies, here to the east we are seeing a few bright spots there as the sun,
5:59 am
has listen but clouds will quickly overtake the region, that rain moves in. fifty-seven at the airport. east wind will be keegan in our forecast for the next 24 to 48 hours, allowing for the cooler than average temperatures. nice area of rain, now moving across central and northern virginia, western, and central pennsylvania. that will get in here by mid-morning or so, takes longer, parts of the eastern, new jersey. steady rain will arrive during the afternoon hours, and 57 at the airport. fifty-six in wilmington and reading. temperatures pretty much similar. there is that east wind, chilly atlantic ocean in the 50's and we will keep air temperatures in the 50's to the lower 60's today what to expect, rain arrives this morning. then period of rain throughout the rest on the day. steady rain during the afternoon. heaviest rainfalls south and east of the city. rainfall amounts north of the city, less around a quarter inch but we will get toward south jersey and parts of the delaware we could get an inch of rain before the system is out of here and highs of 50's and 60's and that is how it is
6:00 am
all weekend long. for today period of rain just pretty much every where. even tomorrow, there is still some rain chances, i'll time it out and let you know when things dry out in the seven day in a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. >> can't wait we're in the used to it, thank you. faa is investigating this morning why a blimp made an unscheduled landing in philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood. blimp landed in a lot off i-95 and "eyewitness news" reporter a neat a oh is live at the scene. you say this was a very busy stretch. >> reporter: yes, rahel, it is a very busy stretch. there are cars moving along i-95 here and air ship narrowly a voided cars when it had to make an emergency landing last night. for those, it is getting lower. >> reporter: not something you see falling from the sky every day. >> it was getting to this point that yes, a blimp started to come down. and it went further through it would have landed on my car. >> reporter: officials from the the federal aviation administration say a blimp


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