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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  May 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". residents in parts every montgomery and bucks counties are worried about their water. a dangerous chemical is now in the ground water, and officials are scrambling to make sure the water is safe. good afternoon, everyone, i'm jim donovan. brooke thomas is off today. the residents are at informational session right now hearing from those officials. the concern centers on chemical linked to certain cancers, and developmental issues, foreign fans.
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our jan carabeo shows us what's being done to make the water safe and what officials say still needs to be done. >> concern is growing, in montgomery and bucks county about drinking from the tap. tests have shown chemicals from fire fighting foam in ground water. that's led to the shut-down of more than dozen municipal wells and about 80 private wells. >> actually getting a filter at our house. >> lauren, just one of hundreds, who attended information al center at the horsham county community center to learn about the chemicals known as pfo a & p fos. last week the environmental protection agency lowered the acceptable levels of those chemicals in grounds water as a result horsham, warminster anwar inning ton townships took 8 public wells offer line, in addition to 8 other wells previously taken off line in 2014. the pfoa and pfos linked to the former naval base and former naval air station in the area. >> right now in the pros he of
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where we are thinking the most likely places would have gone into the grounds water, and the best places where we can attack the problem and basically treat it. >> greg preston, naval official, overseeing the clean up. he says homes on the public water system, now have safe water to drink. however the navy providing bottled waters to homes on private wells of high levels until they can be hook up to the public water system. still, state representative, today stevens, who lives in horsham, says that's not enough. >> i think the navy also ought to be paying for blood tests for all of our residents so we can know whether we've been expose the to the compounds and to what he can tent. >> linked to certain cancers and to developmental effect in feet you cents and infants, this second informational meet something now happening inside the community center, and runs until 1 p.m. today. reporting in horsham township, jan carabeo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> on the weather front it is wall-to-wall sunshine today. this is more like it. let's find out more about this long awaited warmth from katie in the weather center. >> yes, and it is here at
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least the warmth is, jim, for nice long stretch of days t looks like we will easily hit 08 degrees for the majority of the forecast, too, which we love to hear, bright sunshine, it is so nice outside, my friends. this is now the time to open up your pools, start to make some picnic plans, all of that good stuff that comes along with nice warm weather. doesn't it come with perfect timing, too, in time for the holiday weekend. let's look, storm scan totally empty out there as you might imagine courtesy of high pressure, we are, however, seeing some air quality issues today, it is unhealthy for sensitive groups only, so if you fall into the category of sensitive, children, elderly, suffer from respiratory illness, just take it easy out there today. here's where we currently stand, most every us already in the lower, mid 80s, still a balmy 70 degrees up in mount pocono, but warming up very efficiently there, a.c. airport in at 84 degrees, but down at the shore towns, likely only to top off at 80 at best here today, that will feel real nice where i am actually looking at couple coupf cay cameras from the shore towns here off camera, n there
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is ton of people out there right now, so looking absolutely lovely, 88 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia, with that sunshine, it pretty much does not get better than this. >> if i had 20 dollars i would give it to you right now, great weather. >> i always say i accept cash gift ... >> but the great weather isn't all over the country, more severe thunderstorms and tornados possible today in the great planes those evening storms are unusual because the one system produced tornado after tornado, even produced several set of twin tornados, which is very, very rare. >> in dodge city, kansas, where resident are assessing the damage. >> outbreak of violent tornados baffled through western kansas tuesday. tearing through homes, oh, no. >> roads. >> this is like an accident -- >> i don't like this. >> and leaving multiple people critically injured. >> in the aftermath, people sifted through debris looking for anyone unaccounted for
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thousands without power, more than two dozen tornado sitings were reported across the planes further south, powerful storms swept through, at least 8 homes damage in the bristo, where teams and power lines were torn apart. we heard the winds pick up little bit, heard glass, glass start breaking, and then i heard all of the lumber start just ripping apart, and i knew what was going on. >> violent pretty spread west, two twisters ripped through eastern colorado stormed pummeled the area with heavy rains, and golf ball size hail. >> and leveled this business in adams county. >> in jonesboro, arkansas, roads were shutdown after a record 6 plus inches of rain
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triggered flashflooding. >> this is a picture of the home before the storm, posted this on her facebook page, but watch the tornado blew nothing left but few cynder blocks, more storms in the forecast here, in the dodge city kansas area, and the storms are expected to get stronger, later on in the week. omar villafranca, dodge city, kansas. >> in other news, president obama arrived in japan for the last leg of his airasia trip, will attend the g7 summit, become the first sitting us president to visit hiroshima since world war ii, cbs news correspondent wage a jane report where the visit golf off to rocky start. >> a japanese delegation greeted president obama, as he arrived in japan overnight. also, on hand, us ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy. the president is in town for the annual g7 summit. where leaders are expected to discuss the global economy, as well aster or i am, and china's aggress in the south
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china satisfy. >> at a tense meeting with japanese prime minister, aba, japanese leader expressed outrage and resentment over an us marine charged with murdering a japanese woman in oak juan a, crime that shocked the nation i extended deepest regrets. >> highlight of the trip, historic visit to shero seem, a the city the us dropped atomic bomb on in 1945 near the end of world war ii. >> our visit to hiroshima will honor all of those who were lost in world war ii. >> first sitting us president to visit, the police department is launching the biggest security plan in the city's history, most of these streets will be closed off, and filled with nearly five thousand police officers. >> the president made it clear he will not apologize for the bombing, but he says america
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needs to try to ensure a nuclear free future. weijia jiang, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> the campaign trail turned violent against tuesday, in new mexico, protesters stormed through barricades, clashed with police outside of donald trump rally. officials in albuquerque calling it a riot. mark albert shows us where the candidates from both parties are spending the day. >> albuquerque police say several officers were hurt, a glass door was smashed, and one person arrested. on twitter, trump said, the protesters in new mexico were thugs, who were flying the mexican flag. the rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals. inside protesters interrupted the speech. >> you can get them out. get them out. >> when he did speak, trump focused on likely democratic opponent, hillary clinton. >> she screams, it drives me
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crazy. i didn't say it. >> i can't listen. she says: and donald trump is a terrible person. >> clinton is firing back, accusing trump of trying to capitalize off the housing market crash. the clinton campaign playing up 2006 trump comment that, quote, i sort of hope that happens, because then people like me would go in and buy like crazy. >> why on earth ... >> both candidate will campaign in california today, where police warn, people going to trump's event, that we will not tolerate violence, or disobedience of the law during the upcoming rally in anaheim. mark albert, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> supporters in our area this afternoon, former congress woman, gabby give olds, and her hurst retired astronaut mark kelly at the cat's jewish community center in cherry hill for round table on
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preventing gun violence. you may remember giffords was shot at a tuscon area supermarket in 2011. 6 other people were killed, the gunman is serving a life sentence. meanwhile, 35 year old john cook faces involuntary manslaughter charges, and other charges, in connection with a deadly hit-and-run crash in northeast philadelphia. police say cook was behind the wheel of a lexus that smashed into a bus canopy at cottman and bustleton avenue early tuesday morning, killing 50 year old alejo molina, he was thrown more than one hundred feet after the impact. cook surrendered to police almost 8 hours after the accident. meanwhile, a fire broke out inside a dorm at rider university in princeton new jersey a short while ago. officials tell us the flames started inside the bathroom at the westminster dayton hall building, fortunately, no one was injured. all is clear now. student rent allowed back in the dorm. >> septa and uber are teaming up to ease parking at regional rail stations. the new ride sharing program
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starts memorial day and lasts through labor day, septa riders taking uber to or from 11 regional rail stations in and surrounding philadelphia, we'll get 40% off their uber ride, septa also hopes this new partnership boosts ridership. >> well, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" why enjoying a day down the shore just might help you quit smoking. details on why you may not be able to light up depending on where you plop down your beach blanket. >> and what a change of fortune for this little mayor, tortured with paint balls, by some knuckleheads. today is the day this horse's life changes forever. it is all happening in kennett
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>> don't drive when you're tired! >> minor injuries wreckless driving, which could cost him his license. talking about the zika virus, health officials in the first state will start giving out prevention kits to pregnant women, including repellents, thermometers, certified to serve families enrolled in the supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children. >> new jersey may restrict smoking at public beaches, just as tourists head to the shore. the senate and assembly are expected to vote today on bill that lets coastal communities
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set aside 15% of the beach, as a designated smoking area. some resorts have already banned smoking. the bill would also ban smoking entirely at parks. well, comedian john stewart and his wife are adopting abused horse from lancaster county. lilly, first made national headlines in march, after she was shot with a dozen paint balls and abandoned at a stable. the stewart's will pick up lilly and another neglected mayor this afternoon at rescue farm in kennett square. both horses will have a new home at the stewart's farm foray buys dollars animals in monmouth county, new jersey. good for them. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", great day to fly, especially if your flight runs on sunday. a solar powered plane on an around the world trip makes a landing in our area today. katy? >> you said it, jim, because with the full sunshine, we're soaring, no pun intended, well into the 80s, just a beginning of stretch of 08 plus degrees heat. i'll tell you also coming up when it will feel more like the 90's. really feels like summer outside. your full forecast on the
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other side.
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>> earlier this mourn, maintenance evaluation, now it is flying high, live picture now, from the plane, as the cockpit courtesy of solar impulse, now, the plane is expected to arrive at lehigh valley international airport about 9 tonight. after that, it is bound for new york, then across the atlantic flying with the power of that big bright sun. >> amazing, makes me smile and i'm not even in that plane.
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>> i know, so nice outside. have you stepped outside? >> i have not. i've been trapped inch here all day. they're afraid for me to go outside. >> i know, we'll all play hook think afternoon. what a great excuse to get anything in outside. make some casino of excuse to even walk outside for couple of minutes, it is so pleasant outside. definitely heating up, though. you will see that reflected, saw that in the area temperatures, but also, when we take you out to this shot, this is our "skycam 3" shot of ocean citiment doesn't that look inviting? my gosh. outside ocean city we go, cape may county, i wasn't shocked by this. i had a feeling we would see a lot of people out on the beach this afternoon. and sure enough, i'm jealous, guys, i'm just going to say it, super jealous of everybody that's out there now, so nice. what a perfect beach day. let's go to storm scan3, show you what's up at the moment. not a lot going on here locally. we have high pressure still on our side. it will continue to be on our side. and also, help warm things up in the next couple of days. certainly, from where we are today, already quite warm. additional rounds of severe
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weather as we saw earlier in the show, we saw that primarily through oak home arc portions of kansas yesterday, and off to the north in the higher planes, but still severe weather unoiled g out this way. keeping an eye on that, likely reporting on more later tomorrow. but, that said, we're getting ever closer to the beginning, the official beginning, of hurricane season, in the atlantic, and wouldn't you know we actually have area of showers, thunderstorm, that we're keeping a monitor on right now. the national hurricane center has us at about 50% chance for some sort of tropical development in the next five days. so not too much will happen in the next couple of days, but, this could become bonnie, actually already had an a-named system since earlier this year, which is also somewhat rare to see. but, regardless, this is looking like a phenominal beach afternoon, about 80 degrees or so at the immediate shore, mostly sunny, nice and warm, water temperature, little cool for my personal taste, but you're at 57 regardless, wet suit will definitely help. if you got to go inside. but uv index awfully high. latter on the sun block, you
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know the rules. now, health report-wise, talk about this earlier, too, everyone's healthy for sensitive groups in terms of air quality, moderate levels of pollen, starting to throw in some brush as well as grass pollen, aside from the tree pollen, so moderate. uv index, very, very high. the heat index, just use caution, not terribly hotter when you factor in the humidity because we won't have too much humid toy contends with at least at this . look at that value though. outside in the live neighborhood network at 88 degrees, i just saw a barge float down the delaware, very model breeze if any at all. so what you see you what get on the thermometer here, 88 what we expect to hit at the airport, and official philly observation, and it is bittersweet, walt's last day, filing his final report this evening, and boy are we going to miss him. at least great weather to sends i have off in. upper 80s thursday, friday, touch more humid, too, so will feel like the 90s, but look at this, jim, we continue to keep the mid 80s through saturday, sunday, with partly sunny skies, picnic plans, beach plans, anything you got going on, that is go. it looks like pretty decent
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weekend right now. >> you are my favorite person right now, thank you very much, kate. >> i welcome. >> take a look at this, detroit police department challenging philadelphia police department to a dance-off. >> ♪ >> sews them doing the running man challenge t calls on people to create a video dancing to ghosttown dj's my boop. detroit has challenged philly and cincinnati. our police department is aware of the challenge, no word yet if they'll take part. well, our officers, obviously, can dance better than that. >> oh, i guarantee you, and i'll guarantee you they actually do. >> this because we have the best police department, they're awesome. >> art museum, just in front of the rocky statue, the whole nine yards. >> we could do this upright, guys. i know you're listening. >> take note police department. get involved. we'll be right
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>> breaking news, over bay berry court glen mills where a person lost control and drove over a retaining wall, landing on 2 other vehicles. right now, there is no word on any injuries. stay with "eyewitness news" for updates throughout the day. >> well, today is a bittersweet day here at cbs-3, "eyewitness news", saying good-bye to one of the best reporters in the business. our senior investigative reporter walt hunter is retiring. join us today at 5 and 6 on cbs-3 as we say good-bye.
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ukee washington sat down with walt to talk about his 36-year career here at "eyewitness news", we will take a look back at his remarkable career, see the moments that defined walt as a reporter, and that's today starting at five on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", you don't want to miss it. >> definitely not. >> katie you gave him great send off with the werth today. >> and i'll really miss his cheery greeting every time i see him in the hall, hey, kate. he always made me pleural, hey, kates. we love him and we'll miss him. quickly what we have on the graphics, if we consideration temperatures upper 80s, through the rest of the week, so heat index values will soar above 90 for the next few days, we're not necessarily used to this right now, jim, so use common sense if you're out in the heat. but still lots of sunshine. >> i promise not to complain about the heat, katie. that's "eyewitness news" at noon. >> thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" at 5 always on line at >> the young and the restless is next.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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>> adam: baby, i'm gonna give you a quick preview of how this is gonna go down, all right? there's not gonna be any evidence of anyone tampering with that journal. there's not gonna be any proof that the medical examiner's report was complete b.s. victor has pretty much made sure that a life sentence for me is signed, sealed, and delivered. there's no way out of this. >> chelsea: i may have a way. >> adam: you want to tell me what it is? because i got to tell you, from over here, i am fresh out of ideas. i got nothing. >> chelsea: we run. you, me, and connor. tonight. >> adam: you are a beautiful genius. >> chelsea: [ chuckles ] i am? >> adam: you are


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