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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, storm scan three is tracking rain and the threat of severe wet's cross the delaware valley, coming up with those strong storms could roll in. it is a a june tradition hundreds of bikers will take on the manayunk wall in the philadelphia cycling classic and we are live with the spectators ready to cheer them on. well to day is sunday june m rahel solomon. hopefully you enjoyed your weekend yesterday and got outside. justin drabick joining us now. even of the weekend is different outcome. >> especially later today. morning not so bad. we will have to dodge a few showers but we have to watch late afternoon in the evening hours we have that threat for strong to even severe
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thunderstorm. >> severe. >> damaging win potential, heavy rain no matter where you are, even if these storms aren't severe it will drop heavy downpours over a short amount of time. we have in the seen a whole lot of severe weather this sees than if you we are coming in the peak for delaware valley. this is expect. 68 degrees right now at the airport we are looking at center city. le clouds and fog to deal with. light rape right now, maybe some drizzle over the city in points to the south, a little steady shower coming through cape may. that is about it. then we are in the break. through at least mid-morning most should stay dry but is there rain to the south and west that will continue to move in the region. temperatures generally in the upper 60's to about 70 degrees. zero seven in wilmington delaware, 66 pottstown and willow grove but very humid outside. you can feel that moist air mass, dew point temperatures running high mid to upper 60's. they are high enough to support severe storms. that is why we had potential once the strong cold front
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moves in if we see sun this afternoon. that will trigger things. best chance to see strong to severe thunderstorms will be between four and 8:00 o'clock, bringing heavy rain damaging wind, on our way up to 28 for philadelphia 70's in the poconos. we will time out exact storm system moving through and let you know when try weather returns in a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. new this morning fire rips through a commercial building in bucks county. it started and 2:00 a.m. inside the office campus on the 200 block of swamp road in doylestown. fire officials say, two suites inside, simply beautiful smiles dental office are damage. thankfully in one was inside at the time of the fire. causes under investigation. a sad update the to a fire rescue we told but last week. five-year old girl has died from her injuries, after a house fire in northeast philadelphia. sophia olson and her mother were chriscally injured in the fire that started before 5:30.
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thursday inside of their home on, hereford lane. sophia was trapped in her back bedroom and her mother couldn't reach her. a neighbor was also injured trying to help. he was released from the hospital yesterday. her mother remains in stable condition. switching gears, on your mark, get set, go, hundreds will pedal through the city for 30th annual philadelphia international cycling classic. chere greg from our sister station kyw 1060 is live where thousands will be out there cheering cyclist on today. hey, good morning, cherri. >> good morning. >> reporter: yes, this is the place, to be, it is race day, and for the past 30 years this has become a classic event, and today, it is that day as you can see behind me, the organizers, are putting the final touches on the start and finish line here in manayunk and lycoming avenue a fix where all of the activity will take place. today despite the rain, it is,
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going to move forward, so far, so good. the philadelphia a international cycling classic is a premiere race that attracts cyclists from all over the world. the 12.3-mile course takes riders through the rolling hills of manayunk, east falls, fairmount park, lemon hill and kelly drive. men's race at 8:00 a.m. and take on nine loops of the circuit for a grueling 110 miles. women's race starts at 12:30, they will race 73.8 miles. what makes this race so popular? dozens of teams flock to participate? the manayunk wall. here at the start/finish line for the race, 17 percent incline makes for great viewing and dramatic ride and dramatic finish as well. that makes this race so wonderful. that and parties, the people, they will all be here. they will be lemon hill, mid
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veil avenue, kelly drive and, of course, right here along manayunk wall. back out here live i want you to take a look at this manayunk wall. you cannot see because this police vehicle is blocking it but this is a a very steep incline and it makes for a very dramatic end to the race, and every time you see them go around you hear those cow bells because of the spectators trying to cheer them on and this tough wall makes the philadelphia international cycling classic so classic so to speak. but mind you justin mentioned the weather. we have been talking about this and i spoke with race organizers and they told me they will monitoring everything. if there is any severe weather, like lightening, is he veer rain, flooding, anything like that that could endanger cyclist they will make a decision whether or not to temporarily postpone the race for part of the day and they will make that announcement on social media
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but so far, so good. this is a rain or shine event. everything is expect to go on. of course, i have been out here for years doing this race so people will just bring their umbrellas and keep it going because that is the kind of race this is. there is a lot of excitement, lots of parties and fun and as soon as the race gets started at 8:00 you'll see people flock out here to cheer those cyclist on. so it will be a lot of fun. i'm excited. hopefully you are excited, rahel and i will keep everybody updated, live, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherri, thanks. we are very excited. hopefully weather holds up. public funeral for me mow will be held friday for his hometown of louisville, kentucky. boxing legend died friday night in an arizona hospital surround by his family. ali was known as greatest boxer whoever lived. he captivated the world with his amazing skill, larger than life personality and
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unyielding commitment to civil rights. our natasha brown remembers now the champion. >> reporter: dianne, called muhammad ali louisville kentucky's greatest. >> he was for all people, it didn't matter what color your skin was. >> reporter: she told us she will never forget what an honor it was to meet him not just ones but twice. >> he was sweetest man i have ever met. >> reporter: she was just one and steady stream of fans who left flowers outside muhammad ali center. ali died fred night after suffering from respiratory problems. eye cop had battled parkinson's disease for decade. jeanie isaac for the back tears as he remembered the boxing legend who meant so much to so many. >> with all of the violence and killings, muhammad ali doesn't want all that he wanted us to love each other. >> reporter: this memorial outside the center built into his honor turned into a celebration of his life that impact fans far beyond this city, born cash us clay he
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coverted to islam and refused to serve in the vietnam war. it was a decision that saw him exiled from american boxing from 1967 to 1970. >> he started as one of the most despised and hated men in the country and our children need to know the real story. everybody was not on ali's side. >> reporter: kareem a abdul jabber who faced criticism for his conversion to islam counted ali as amen for. i may be 7-foot two but i never felt taller then when standing in his shadow. >> i'm the greatest. i'm a poet. i'm a movie star. i'm an actor. i'm a fighter. most of all, i'm pretty. >> reporter: ali wasn't known for his humility. long before he became three time champion he knew he was destined for greatness. he was beloved around the world and in a 60 minutes interview with ed bradley his wife described his connection with fans. >> we have asked me mow,
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actually, the official ifs we could get a stamp or a machine that will do his autograph but he refuses. >> reporter: mayor of louisville ordered flag outside city hall to be lowered to half staff to be honor the hometown hero. natasha brown, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". muhammad ali stands out among the hundreds of celebrities along the hollywood walk of fame where fans are now paying tribute to the icon. ali's star is only one that hangs on a wall rather than embedded in the ground with the others. in 2012ali says he bears the name of the pro fit mohammad and will not allow people to tram many his name. one of his daughter released a statement, reading in part, our hearts are hurting so we are so happy that he is free now. we all tried to stay strong and whispered in his ear, you can go now. we will be okay. we love you. thank you. you can go back to god. one of the ali's rivals george foreman says ali was
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unlike any other opponent he ever faced. >> he would get in the ring and you weren't fighting a boxer or a slugger, you were having a contend of the presence of one of the greatest human beings that i have ever met in my life. >> foreman and ali squared off in 1974 in africa for super fight the rumble in the jungle. ali knocked foreman out in the eighth round. another one of his opponents who became a long time friend with the lehigh valley native larry holmes. easton assassin took on greatest in the memorable championship bought in 1980. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff talked about holmes and other boxers about ali's life and legacy. >> reporter: a final ten count marked what seems to be a conclusion of one grand and
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glorious fight. except it is only beginning for those hoff learn what it means to be great. >> definitely a lot of practice and a lot of hard work. >> reporter: pure coincidence annual community day was held at joe hand gym on spring garden street where leg as you i of muhammad ali was celebrated. >> he set such a high mark just not in boxing but in life. >> one more fight in there because he intimidated people. >> reporter: only five men managed to defeat muhammad ali, one of them being philadelphia resident joe frazier, another larry holmes whom he traveled to meet. >> the first time i ever saw him he called me every name in the book. then i figure out he trying to get to me. >> reporter: he could not. on october 2nd, 1980 holmes defeated ali after ten dominating rounds. >> as a manny said i love you anyway. why did you beat me up then. he was still cracking jokes.
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>> reporter: holmes says why he was in the ring he was concerned about hurting his friend and pled with ali to call it quits. although holmes won that night on this day the loss is all his. >> it is a sad dam day, sad dam day. >> reporter: back at the gym the good fight, continues, under the watchful eyes of muhammad ali, alexandria hoeffel, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have some more ali coverage coming up in our next half an hour but coming up next just two days away from primary day in new jersey and out west. i'm danielle nottingham in los angeles where the democratic presidential candidates continue to battle it out in a tight race for california. good morning, everyone. we have light rain right new but get ready for chance for severe storms later today, i'll have timing for you when
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new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at final weekend of campaigning for presidential candidates before primaries are held in new jersey, california and four other states. hillary clinton is looking to clinch the nomination tuesday but rival bernie sanders isn't backing down. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham has latest on the primary race from los angeles. >> reporter: democratic front runner hillary clinton focused her a tax on donald trump during a campaign stop in california. >> he said climate change is a chinese hoax.
6:16 am
sort of sound like trump university if you ask me. >> it wasn't really a school, it wasn't accredited, it was a scam. >> reporter: in an interview a airing tomorrow on face the nation donald trump the presumptive republican nominee said clinton should go to jail over the e-mail scandal. >> she's guilty of if you look at confidential information, i mean all of the information that probably has gotten out all over the world and then you know what she's guilty of stupidity and bad judgment. >> reporter: clinton is blanketing california over the weekend trying to build on her slight edge of bernie sanders who has a shot of winning the state. state officials say a record number of people are registered to vote here in california in tuesday's primary where 475 delegates are at stake. >> in my view if the voter turnout is high, we will win california, and we stand a chance to win it, with a big margin. >> reporter: clinton does have a chance to clinch nomination in new jersey before the polls
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enclose in california but the vermont senator is vowing to take his bid all the way to the convention in philadelphia in july. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and the new jersey primary is now just two days away, stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage, as voters head to the poles in the garden state. there are now 50 states until the democratic national convention begins right here in philadelphia, go to cbs for a look at the preparations. justin joining us now. justin, yesterday started off gray, really ended on a nice note. >> good afternoon. >> yeah, not today so much. it is not raining all day long but we will see rain this morning but we have to watch out mid to late afternoon, evening, those showers and potentially severe then are storms. just a heads up if you have outdoor plans keep your eyes to the sky if you hear thunder you want to head indoors. ocean city, right now, cloudy skies, not the best beach day,
6:18 am
due to some clouds and potential for those heavier showers and storms coming in later this afternoon. you might get light rain as well this morning but a few people outside on the boardwalk enjoying a mile start. pretty humid as well as we have south to south east wind pumping in that moisture and that will fuel more showers and storms. storm scan three is typical for early morning. we have a warm front moving through. that sets stage foreign more unstable air mass. we have clouds, light showers, dissipating over the city, maybe a few sprinkles and steadier shower southern cape may county but zooming out we will see more steady rain to the south and west over west virginia, a few breaks in the clouds potentially. as we see afternoon sun this will destabilize atmosphere and we should see stronger storms firing up as strong cold front stays to the west but as it moves in the warm humid air mass this a afternoon we could be dealing with strong potentially severe thunderstorms in the region. sixty-six in millville.
6:19 am
sixty-eight in dover delaware. near 07 in newark. seventy in mullica. temperatures uniform with the clouds around and maybe light rain depending on where you are. dew point temperature running high, that moisture content in the area. 65 degrees. how does that feel on the steamy side, remaining like that throughout the day to fuel those heavier rain showers. shore forecast, morning for the most part looks to be your best bet, dent expect a whole lot of sunshine up around 8o ocean water 68 degrees. watch out in the evening hours across south jersey for chance for these storms. warm front moves through this morning. that brings in more unstable air mass, little bit of sunshine, this afternoon will fire up heavier showers and thunderstorms as cold front approaches. by tomorrow front moves off shore. we will dry out. still warm but humidity level starts to drop monday and continues to drop on tuesday. tuesday afternoon we could run into another shower in some spots. but much of the mid-atlantic
6:20 am
under enhanced threat for severe weather, that is 30 percent chance and that includes the delaware valley from the mountains down to southern delaware. 30 percent chance for those, strong to severe thunderstorms coming in later today. high risk for heavy rain, win, lightening. wind are the main threat from these severe storms if they happen. hail, moderated and brief isolated tornado in some parts of that area under the enhanced threat. not much happening in the, morning or afternoon. if you head out that is time to do it. four or 5:00 we will see line of stronger showers or storms moving into northwest of the region around the city, five, six, 7:00, into south jersey by eight to 9:00 and then they are off shore. then we are drying out. tomorrow morning looks good in the afternoon, mostly sunny skies. temperatures today we will get in the lower 80's with the clouds around and a a few peaks of sunshine earlier this afternoon. tomorrow morning still mild at 70 degrees. warm day on monday with the sunshine we are backup in the
6:21 am
mid 80's but humidity starts to drop. for today showers around, watch out for late day severe storms. 82 degrees for the high temperature. tonight, storms early and then clearing skies, 66. here's the extended forecast, still warm for next couple days but humidity levels drop. showers possible late tuesday. cool it down wednesday, thursday, mid 70's by next week even warming backup in the 80's. rahel, back to you. a papal surprise local couple's life change after pope francis kissed their ailing baby, coming up next latest on the little girls health plus what the holy father sent the family that
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back with a special surprise from pope francis for a philadelphia family. they were honored almost a year after the poem change their lives with a simple kiss. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt shows us the holy gift they never expected. >> it has been called the miracle on market street a little girl from philadelphia kissed on the head by pope francis. that girl giana masterantonio continues to fight a rare inoperable brain tumor. her parents advertise covered it a few weeks after she was born that kiss meant more than you could imagine. >> reporter: little giana's future was uncertain when she was born. >> every day krista and i took 15 steps, that is distance from our bed to our crib, not knowing what we find. >> reporter: little giana continues to make major strides and we followed her along the way. she's starting to talk, walk and she's full of energy.
6:25 am
she joins her mom, dad and brother dominic for a special ceremony in philadelphia honoring her older brother as he was sworn in as a special deputy u.s. marshall for the day. he idol ices those who carry a badge. >> i will always do the right thing. say i will. >> i will. >> reporter: they have always had a special relationship with law enforcement, fbi agents helped them meet pope francis on that sunny day last september. fbi special agent don asper makes it all possible by getting the pope's attention. >> in one on the street knew anything was wrong with giana and they didn't know her condition. the pope certainly didn't know she had an inoperable brain tumor. >> reporter: that is what amazing people, the pope felt compelled to stop and kiss giana centimeters from the tumor. after dominic received his opinion opinion from david web, the family got another surprise from fbi special agent in charge william
6:26 am
sweeney. >> this pope has in fact signed by holy father. >> my goodness. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: man known to be simple signed a small symbol francisco on the bottom right corner. family earned that that pope francis not only knows about giana but asks about her and, continues to receive updates on her progress. >> he knows about her and he's asking about her and he's praying for her and continuing to pray for her. it is amazing. >> giana is currently finishing another round of chemotherapy, she has doctors in chop and houston, texas. i have talk to her doctors. they are optimistic about her future. family has a foundation set up to help families under going similar circumstances. we have those details posted on our web site the at cbs david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up in the next half an hour on "eyewitness news", the best in professional cycling are gearing up foreman
6:27 am
i young wall, it is race day in philadelphia and we are live, as spectators start to line the race route, live report is coming up next. also ahead have you ever thought about investing your money but don't know where to start? coming up how getting in the stock market could be as i am is many as down loading the app,
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remembrances are pouring in, i'm brooks silva-braga and we will hear some of those tributes coming up. it is race day, hundreds will participate, and thousands will watch the philadelphia international cycling classic, i'll have more on the detours, the race, the course, all that, coming up. and those cyclist may have to pedal through puddles, rain showers for your sunday and keep an eye to the sky, storm scan three is tracking threat for severe thunderstorms today. good morning i'm rahel solomon thanks so much for spending your weekend with us. lets get out to justin drabick outside on the sky deck to learn more about what you are learning about with the severe weather threat. >> good morning, rahel. typically around here you get it late in the afternoon and evening when we get sunshine that warms things up. a lot of humidity in place. we will not see activity this morning. if you need to get outside,
6:31 am
next several hours, we are good, and may get a few areas of drizzle with the storm scan three, right here in the city, mist or drizzle falling right now but not heavy at all, little steadier shower across southern cape may county, that is bit, we will get a break well to the south and west there is more rain near west virginia heading our way, a few hours of dry, weather and then early afternoon more scattered showers and storms pop up and mid to late afternoon that is when we will see our shot for some strong to severe thunderstorms. sixty-eight up in allentown and philadelphia. seventy at the airport in wilmington. the just like yesterday morning we are waking up with low clouds, fog and milder temperatures well to the 60's. a lot of humidity out here as well. this morning not a whole lot going on, clouds and a few showers, temperatures in the 60's and 70's heading in the afternoon, we could get a few peaks of sun and we will see storms firing up mid to late have afternoon and that will continuing in the evening. best chance to see storms will
6:32 am
be between four and 8:00, so 4:00 farther north and west, 8:00 towards new jersey, in between right in the city five or 6:00 best chance to see that storm bringing heavier rains and potential for damaging win. forecast high up to 82 degrees for philadelphia, 80 the at the shore and lower 70's at the poconos. we will time out these showers and storms when we check out full forecast and talk about lower humidity for the week, check it out in the seven day in a few more minutes. >> at least that sound good, thanks, justin. best cyclist will trek through philadelphia for 30th annual international cycling classic. cyclist through manayunk, east falls, fairmount park and kelly drive. cherri gregg from kyw news radio 1060 is live from manayunk where thousands will be cheering on cyclist. good morning, cherri. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. this race is a magnet for cyclist from all over the
6:33 am
world, why? big parties the manayunk wall where i am right now, i'm here at here in manayunk where they are setting up the start and finish line right now, they were just doing some mike checks as you can see is there security, there is organizers, announcers and a lot of the teams are beginning to show up, mens race begins at 8:00 o'clock today, they are more than a dozen teams that will take on this rolling hills, the different sites here in philadelphia. at 12:30 would the men's race will begin. all this despite the rain but as you know this has because come the thing to do in philadelphia, there is parties, gatherings, a lot going on. this is a 12.3-mile course that takes riders through the rolling hills of manayunk and east falls, fairmount park, lemon hill and kelly drive. again, mens race at 8:00, they will take on nine loops of the circuit the for a grueling 110 .
6:34 am
women's race at 12:30 they will race a total of 73.8 miles and what makes this race so popular is the manayunk wall, there is a 17 percent incline, it makes for great viewing and dramatic ride and, of course, a finish. there will be people lined up on main street, lemon hill, mid veil avenue, kelly drive and, of course, all along the manayunk wall. you can expect delays on septa, septa has detoured just and a dozen buses, and also you have to pay close attention to the weather. i have spoken to race organizers they told me that then monitoring the weather and if there are severe conditions like flooding, lightening, or excessive wind they will make a decision as the morning progresses on whether or not to postpone the start of the any other races. in the meantime you can see people are starting to gather
6:35 am
here, volunteers are starting to show up, spectators, sitting on their porch, all of that happening this morning. the count down to the race time, mens race kicks off at 8:00 o'clock this morning. it will be a lot of fun, this is the thing to do today in philadelphia a, despite the rain. live from manayunk, cherry greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherry, thank you. in other news, muhammad ali is being remembered as a boxer as a box shore redefine stardom and symbol of silent grace in the the face of parkinson's. brooks silva-braga is in new york with the reaction to his death. >> reporter: tributes to muhammad ali's extraordinary life came from all corners. >> in the ring, a champion, a hero beyond the ring. >> reporter: paul mccartney remembered a beautiful gentle man with a great sense of humor. michael j. fox, who also battles parkinson's called him a warrior for the cure.
6:36 am
his daughter mourned the loss of the humble mountain. >> here in madison square garden where ali had two fights with gentlemen frazier, sign honored him simply as the greatest. fellow heavyweight george foreman told cbs 48 hours what it was lick to trade punches with ali. >> he with get in the ring and you weren't fighting a boxer or a slugger, you were having to contend with the presence of one of the greatest human beings that i have ever met in my life. >> reporter: in a statement president obama called ali a man for the the for us, he stood with sing and mandel, stood up when it was heart, spoke out when others wouldn't. >> he started as one of the most despised and hated men in the country and our children need to know the real story. everybody was not on ali's side. >> reporter: basketball great kareem abdul jabber who faced criticism for his conversion to islam counted ali the as amen for.
6:37 am
i may be seven-two but i never felt taller then when standing in his shadow. brooks silva-braga for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". muhammad ali had so many great fights but his thrilling a begins joe frazier is regarded as the best in the sport. frazier won first one with ali winning final two including the epic thriller in manilla. last night "eyewitness news" caught up with promoter joe hand, senior. joe was one of the frazier's financial backers and used that relationship to show ali fights on pay purview television. ali made time for everyone. >> when he was giving out graphs he would be showing them a magic trick. i always remember while he was training in his camp and i used to bring a lot of youngsters there, and he would tell the kid i'm so fast, when i get to bed at night and i
6:38 am
turn the switch off, before the lights get off i'm in bed. >> reporter: coming up, throughout the show we have more reaction from the sports world, ahead in "eyewitness sports". and here's an exclusive look at ali like you have never seen him before local fan shares his precious momentoes of the champ with us. trang do in knew hope with the story you will only see on "eyewitness news". >> reporter: original photos of muhammad ali, even the greatest himself had never seen are hanging in craig's new hope home. back in the 80's he was an avid weight lifter photographer friend asked him to model for an exercise advertisement and he agreed. >> i said sure, he came and photoed me in the gym. >> reporter: late their week the same photographer a friend of the boxing legend took photos of ali in his personal trach camp in deer lake schuylkill county. photographer milk them up and sent ali the's photos to him and vice verse aali let him
6:39 am
keep them. >> they are only pictures you will see because they are only ones made by this guy that gave them to me. even muhammad ali doesn't have the picture. i have a gym down here. i hang them up there to get me inspiration. >> reporter: he also has negative to 40 photos of ali, photos in his home gym are only copies ever developed. in new you hope bucks county i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". muhammad ali spent sometime in our area, he lived in this cherry hill camden county home for several years in the early 1970's. home is now for sale for about $700,000. former president bill clinton will deliver a eulogy for ali at a service friday in louisville with sportscaster bryant gumbel and comedian billy crystal. clinton remember ali's legacy during a speech jed in california. >> by the time he died, who he was as a person was greater than his legend, which should
6:40 am
be all of our goal in life. you want to be better than your publicity. >> president obama tweeted a tribute to ali yesterday, saying quote he shook up the world and the world's better for it. rest in peace, champ. stay with "eyewitness news", as we continue to remember muhammad ali, get latest at cbs still to come this morning a stylish way to protect yourself from the summer sun. >> summer is here and that means shape and shampoo. coming up the few weeks to find a perfect hat. not exactly any sun today but you might need that hat to shield from you rain drops later on and is there even a threat for severe weather. justin drabick is back on the timing of those storms coming
6:41 am
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6:45 am
finally received his high school difficult prom, newman dropped out of the roman catholic high school to join the navy. he never received his difficult prom and always regretted it. twilight foundation made it all possible. beyonce is supporting muse being programs in the philadelphia school district before her big concert tonight at lincoln financial field. dozens of volunteers created music theme literacy kid and painted pianos for students. "eyewitness news" in south philadelphia. the united way partnered with beyonce's be good initiative to bring connection to the connection to learning and the music. and justin joining us now, maybe a good day to stay inside, listening to some music, watch tv. >> especially later this have afternoon in the evening hours because we are talking about threat for strong to severe thunderstorms. now is time to do it. not a whole lot happening right now. that is typical in these patterns. morning is quiet, we will get a few light rain showers. a lot of clouds. can't even see sit friday across the river from the
6:46 am
palmyra cove nature park in new jersey. look at the delaware river like glass with that calm wind, current temperature at 68 degrees. had a couple light showers that moved through the city over the past hour, steadier showers coming in parts of the south jersey, that is bit. nice break, basically from the city all the way down toward west virginia, but there is another batch of rain developing, strong cold front still to the west, we could brake these clouds up later this morning in the afternoon and that helps heat up atmosphere, destabilize it and then we will see strong storms firing up as that front approaches. we can see a few hours of dry weather through morning and early afternoon and then things go downhill later during the day. 68 degrees in philadelphia and allentown. sixty-four mount pocono. everybody is on the mild side. flow out of the east to south east along the coast. current temperatures there for the air are in the upper 60's. look the at ocean much better than last weekend up to 68 degrees but this afternoon not good swimming swimming conditions with the threat for those thunderstorms. at the shore it will hold off
6:47 am
until late afternoon into the early evening hours. we're also bringing in the cooler air mass later this week if you don't like this heat and humidity we are dealing work wait a few you more days. tomorrow it is still warm but humidity drops. we will above average. wait until wednesday, thursday temperatures take a dive down to the 70's, we will go below average, and then we will creep backup to average and above average by next week even. how will it feel as far as humidity goes? still on the steamy side, tomorrow humid but much better then what we are dealing with today. we will call it pleasant on tuesday and awesome, on wednesday, so not a typical early june air mass coming in for middle week, shot of unseasonably cool air. it won't stick around though as we head in the summer season so a couple days you get the break, that is bit. phillies game today, for the most part it is okay. you might run into a stray shower or storm early with that game coming in at 1:35. good timing there. it is late afternoon evening best shot to see widespread
6:48 am
showers and storms. lets talk about this. this morning just a few light showers around, mostly still dry for next several hours as we head in the afternoon we have to watch out for scattered showers to pop up, a few thunderstorms, they will contain heavy rain and late afternoon early evening, that is our best chance to see strong to severe thunderstorms across the delaware valley. let's put it all in motion here, through noon time we will see mainly cloudy skies, a few showers from time to time depending where you you are, we could see sun in the afternoon. 5:00 o'clock we will see showers and storms firing up with the a stronger line and these could be severe so they will move in the western parts of the viewing area first, coming through around 6:00 and then south jersey and delaware by 8:00 and then moving off shore and then dry through the overnight hours, monday looking better with sunshine. main threats from these storms will be damaging win, hail quarter sized maybe a isolated tornado, but today 82 degrees, late day showers and storms, tonight storms early and then
6:49 am
clearing in the 60's through that extended forecast, 80's for next few days, mid to upper 70's for the rest of the week. back to you. right now 6:49. the lets check those roads with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, ann. >> good morning, rahel. we have an accident to tell you about at i-95 northbound between 413 and pendell as you can see north bound lanes are shut down between 413 and pendell due to an accident. emergency crews are on the scene, and it looks like they are doing an accident investigation, it looks like main accident has been cleared but investigation is going on here and that is why north bound lanes are closed. we will move the traffic cam one more time to i-95, i-95 south to columbus boulevard and schuylkill, good to go now, no delays or problems on this portion of the i-95. earlier we had an accident that has been since cleared up and on to the ben franklin parkway, parkway is busy, inner drive are closed through philadelphia international
6:50 am
cycling classic. it is in town. kelly drive is shut down between art museum circle and lincoln drive with main street between ridge avenue and green lane and poplar between boat house road and girard avenue along with ridge avenue and city avenue and a lot of other closures today. that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans now back to you rahel. >> looking very gray out there but once that sun comes out and it will, time for protection from these uv rays. protect yourself with the sun screen and also a bit of fashion. our vittoria woodill gets advice on styling in the summertime. >> reporter: top off your summer look at this hat shop a company started right here in pennsylvania, 120 years ago. >> we're an old school habitac herie. >> it is anyone specializing in mens closing and accessories. >> reporter: it is not all about the gentlemen here, is there a hat for us all and this shop keeper is helping us find the perfect hat to sun
6:51 am
bathing. let's start face shape. >> you want the crown of the hat to frame your face. so give this one a try right here. >> reporter: jason suggested a panama hat with the safari brim as perfect summer hat to anyone's face. >> panama hat for it to be a true panama hat needs to be hand woven in ecuador and fine straw. >> reporter: this feels great. i love this. >> yes. >> reporter: go with the wide brim open crown panama hat with the bold color. >> compared to the last one i showed you this will give you a completely different look, just pure elegance. >> reporter: did you call me pure elegance. >> you are pure elegance, yes. >> reporter: for the beach don't swap looks but the straw. >> the exact same look that silhouette and everything that you were getting from the panama hat in something that is more of a packable paper straw. >> reporter: why not add feathers for fun at their feather bar. >> that says torey. >> reporter: like the goren brothers motto says a hat allows to you make a statement without saying anything so hello summer.
6:52 am
vittoria woodill for cb is three "eyewitness news". still to come this morning could phillies offense show up for a second straight game? sports is straight (all with worry-free ownership. colors in your neighborhood... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. treat fto wholesome,ed hair intensely nourishing repair.
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love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. ♪ muhammad ali was a legend not just in sports but in life. in the boxing world he was self pre claim greatest spending his entire career living up to the billing. he could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee but it was his influence outside ring, his work, not just punches and knock out that is made him grates of all
6:55 am
time. bernard hopkins said he didn't always agree with him but you have to respect him because he was a cut above all of the rest. >> he was a face for the sport. what ray robinson did for the sport, what joe frazier did for the sport, everybody contributing to the sport but what he did to get the sport recognized, that is what i can tell you. with all he did for the sport, what he is doing right now even when he passed a way, talking about it. >> muhammad ali's last fight was in 1981, 35 years later his greatness in and out of the ring still shapes today's athletes. nba star steph curry and lebron james talk about what a ali meant to him. >> ali was the example of how you use your platform to speak what you believe no matter what people would say, and you look at him as a sense of confidence in that regard for sure. >> he is a guy who stood up
6:56 am
for so many dip rent things, when things were so difficult for african americans to even walk in the streets, and for an athlete like myself today, without muhammad ali i wouldn't be sitting up here talking in front of you guys. >> now to baseball phillies wrapping up their series with the brewers this afternoon, aaron nola on the mound for phillies after scoring six runs on friday night phillies offense once again sputtered yesterday. we will pick up the action in the second inning phillies down one to nothing, tommy joseph continues to impress. here he is with the solo home run to center field and we are tied. later on in the inning, with just one on foresees air hernandez, second base man showing some power right here. that is a two run home run, his first in over a year. fightins will take a three-one lead. to the eighth, game tied, santana gets the best of hector neares.
6:57 am
brewers take game three, six-three the final. >> pitch by pitch, don't give a way at bats. it looks like we get two strikes on us and you see some flailing at the swings. good hit others you don't see that. they battle, they layoff bad pitches. we have to learn off pitches we can't hit and capitalize the mistakes over the plate. >> tennis, second time in one years, garvin, has beaten serena williams in the french opened, this time it was in the championship match. it puts an end for now for serena's record tying bid to win her 22nd grand slam championship. know back djokovic will take on andy murray later today. i'm leslie van arsdal, now back to you have a great day. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00 here's what we have at 7:00. dentist office catches fire in doylestown. see the extent of the damaging. >> air bag recall responds, this time, your car may have made the cut, find out in this morning's recall round up.
6:58 am
and don't leave home without your umbrella, eyewitness weather is coming up at the top of the hour, we will explain
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don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. a look at storm scan three shows more rain on the way and it could get worse as the day


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