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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  June 5, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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it is a race day and excitement is building, you are looking live, in manayunk where philly's international cycling classic is getting underway. spectators are out to cheer them on. we will have have a live report coming up, straight ahead. and those cyclist may have to dodge rain drops, and severe weather. storm scan three is tracking rain showers, thunderstorms and justin pinpointing when those strong storms could roll in coming up. today is sunday june 5th, good morning. i'm rahel solomon. in manayunk it is starting out gray and dreary. lets get over to justin drabick because you say rain is coming. >> classic situation. usually things are quiet in the morning hours but in the afternoon when things heat up and we will see sun and talk about strong to severe thunderstorms rolling through. this is our peak season for severe weather, the month of june. >> makes sense. >> typical. we have not seen a whole lot of severe weather so far this
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season just the way our weather has been but we are set in the warm, humid air mass for past couple days. that will fire things up a bit. outside right now overcast skies at 07 degrees in center city. light drizzle earlier this morning east winds at 5 miles an hour, warm front pushing through the region right now. our wind will switch out of the south and then those clouds will break up, you should see sunshine later this morning in the afternoon. there is what is happening on radar a little bit of light drizzle toward shore points cape may and atlantic county. >> one shower moving in central and montgomery county may be impacting northeast extension but this stuff is really light, upper 60's to lower 07's for the temperature spread right now, some suburbs, a little bit cooler. sixty-four in doylestown. sixty-seven in mount holly. dew points are running high that means high humidity. you can feel it. running in the mid 60's for this time of the year. once we get in the 70's when it feels oppressive. severe storm potential later
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this afternoon in the evening, mainly between four and 8:00 bringing heavy rain, damaging wind and forecast high for philadelphia 82. near 80 at the shore. seventy's in the poconos. we will time it out and talk about a cool down later this week in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. on your mark, get set, hundreds are about to take off in the 30th annual philadelphia international cycling classic. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live from manayunk where thousands will be cheering on cyclist today, good morning. it seems like things are picking up here. >> reporter: yes, it could happen any moment. philadelphia international cycling classic business to begin. you can see hundreds of cyclist are lined up at the start going line. they are counting down. you can see the clock. you can see all of them sitting on their bikes waiting. you can see spectators lined up on the sidelines, people
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are on rooftops, balconies, looking out here wait fog they're race to start. we spoke to one of the cyclist, joel, from canada, racing with the h and r block team. he has those gel packs in his belt. he is ready. he will be racing 110 miles along with the all of the men. they have 12 plus mile race. and here you go, race is about to start. there you go. look at them go. thirty-six countries and 18 mens teams going on this grueling rolling hills 12.3-mile race. as you can see they are going and they are going pretty fast. folks are on rooftops, balconies, they are watching this race, beginning to line up. i see people with the red cups, the parties are already
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getting started and it is 8:00 , city officials are monitoring the weather but as you can see there is in rain here and weather will have no impact, this morning on the mens race. it could impact women's race which begins at 12:30 but party has begun here in manayunk. you can see back out here they are sort of marching up. how are you doing. good morning. people are really getting ready to take part in this race. this is 30 plus years. good morning. this is race day in philadelphia. this is just about, this is where the party will be later on today. manayunk wall, where we will be taking you down there. you can see it is very, very steep and all this is happening and as you can semen started at 8:00. lots of fun to be had. we will wish them luck on their race. live, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> lots of luck indeed,
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thanks, cherri. new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a a home invation in southwest philadelphia police tell us that two armed men broke in the home on the 200 block of 66th street, pistol whipping a woman and knock out her front teeth. armed suspect reportedly got away with $3,500 worth of the drug percocet. new this morning fire raced through a commercial building in bucks county. it started a around 2:00 a.m. inside this office campus inside 200 block of swamp road in doylestown. fire officials say two suites inside simply beautiful smiles dentist office is damaged no one was inside at the time, the causes under investigation. a very sad update to a fire rescue we told but last week, five-year old girl has died from her injuries after a house fire in northeast philadelphia. the sophia olson and perfect mother were critically injured in the fire that started before 5:30 inside their home on hereford lane. sophia was trapped in her bedroom and her mother could
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not get to her. a neighbor who happened to be a philadelphia police officer was injury and tried to help. he was released yesterday. her mother remains in stable condition. this weekend the world is mourning the death of boxing icon and humanitarian muhammad ali. cbs news correspondent kenneth craig has the story from louisville, kentucky. >> reporter: dianne volpe called muhammad ali louisville kentucky's greatest. >> he was for all people. it didn't matter what color your skin was. >> reporter: she told us she will never forget what an honor it was to meet him not once but twice. >> he was the sweetest man i have ever met. >> reporter: she was just one in the steady stream of fans left card and flowers outside of the muhammad ali center in downtown louisville. ali died friday night in phoenix after suffering from respiratory problems. the icon battled parkinson's disease for decade. >> this memorial outside of the center built in his honor turn into a celebration of his life today that has
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impacted fans far beyond the city. >> i say i'm the greatest. i'm a poet. i'm a movie star. i'm an actor. i'm a fighter. most of all i'm pretty. >> reporter: ali was not known for his humility long before equipment a three time heavyweight champion he knew he was destine for greatness. in the 60 minutes interview with ed bradley his wife described his connection with fans. >> we have asked me mow, actually, the officials if we could get the a stamp or machine that would do his autograph but he refuses. >> reporter: on saturday the mayor of the loose iville ordered flag outside of city hall to be lowered to half staff to honor the hometown hero. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and muhammad ali's stands out along hundreds of celebrities along hollywood walk of fame where fans are paying tribute to the icon. ali's star is only one that hangs on a wall rather than embedded in the ground with the others. in 2012ali said he bears name
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of the prophet mohammad and will not allow people to tram many on his name. one of the ali's doubt are released a a statement on his daughter's passing reading in part our hearts are hurting but we are so happy daddies free now. we are all trying to stay strong and whispered in his another you can go now we will be okay, we love you, thank you. you can go back to god. one of the ali's rivals in the ring george foreman said he was unlike any other opponent he ever faced. >> he would get in the ring and you weren't fighting a boxer, you weren't fighting a slugger, you were having a to contend with the presence of one of the greatest human beings i have ever met in my life. >> foreman and ali famously squared off in 1974 in zaire for super fight the rumble in the jungle. ali knock foreman out in the eighth round. another one of the ali's opponents who became a long time friend was lehigh valley native larry holmes.
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easton assassin took on the great necessary a memorable championship bought in 1980. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff talk to holmes and local boxers about ali's life and legacy. >> reporter: final ten count marks what seems to be conclusion of one grand and glorious fight. it is only the beginning for those folks who learned what it means to be great. >> definitely a lot of practice and a lot of hard work. >> reporter: by sheer coincidence a community day was held at joe hand gym on spring garden street where legacy of muhammad ali was celebrated. >> such a high mark not only in boxing but just life in period. >> fight was won before you got in there because he intimidate add lot of people. >> reporter: only five men managed to defeat muhammad ali, one being philadelphia resident joe frazier, another larry holmes, whom he traveled
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to meet. >> first time i hear him, he called me every name in the book, and i figure he tried to get to me. >> reporter: he could not. october 21,980th, holmes defeated ali after ten dominating rounds. >> as a manny said i love you my way. he said if you loved me why did you beat me up. he was still cracking jokes. >> reporter: holmes said while he was in the ring he was concern about hurting his friend and pled with ali to call it quits. although holmes won that night on this day the loss was all his. >> it is a sad dam day, sad dam day. >> reporter: back at gym the good fight continues, under watchful eye of muhammad ali. alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and muhammad ali changed the game of boxing from day one. boxers at james shuler memorial gym in west philadelphia say they are proud of the impact ali made
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throughout his lifetime. and, charity efforts outside the ring earned him honor after honor living liberty medal in 2012 at the national constitution center right here in philadelphia. >> he stood up in for black people. >> he is not an athlete but target of the american history, he was civil rights movement. >> reporter: boxers tell us they all want to be like muhammad ali. we have more ali coverage coming up in our next half an hour but first here's justin tracking significant storms, today. >> not a whole lot of activity right now so get outside and enjoy dry weather but later we are talking about potential for severe thunderstorms, we will break it down in eyewitness weather. thanks, justin. a massive water slide shuts down city streets, we will tell you when this summer funnies coming to philadelphia. i actually started here at eight years old covering live news and counting pretzels.
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>> he hasn't stopped, the scoop on three generations of the cities cool treats when "eyewitness news" continues, stay with you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street.
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then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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this slip and slide was set up in reno, nevada. 93 degrees. it is 1,000 feet long, more than three football fields and travels around the country. here's the best part it is on its the way to philadelphia. it arrives august 6th. nice. >> you don't to have wait until august, slip and slide lovers, mother nature. >> that rain later on, could be heavy rain maybe severe thunderstorms. that is something to think b
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if you hear thunder you are close enough to be struck by lightening if it is sunny where you are. just a heads up to be indoors when you can. not much happening right now. we will go up to the lehigh valley where it is overcast, kind of used to these conditions every morning. little dreary, little bit of sprinkle activity possible depending where you are and we should see a little sunshine probably later this morning in the afternoon, once the warm front finally moves on through but maybe a little sun that will destabilize atmosphere and increase our chances for stronger then are storms later today. storm scan three shows light rain moving through parts of the south jersey a long the shore points, ocean city, atlantic city, light rain that is moving off shore now, couple spotty showers around the city earlier and especially up toward northern lehigh valley in the poconos. then steady rain western maryland and west virginia, no thunderstorms just yet but as we move later in the day once we heat things up we should see some fire up, eventually impact us mid to late
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afternoon in the evening hours, across the region. mild start to the day, upper 60's to lower 70's. seventy-one in wilmington, reading, one of the warmer spots at 72. ocean is warming up. 68 degrees your current temperature off the coast, that is keeping air temperatures milder this morning, upper 60's to 07 along the shoreline. dew point temperatures still running high at 65 degrees, that means a very steamy air mass is in place but next few days this will drop, feel more pleasant and even awesome by middle of the upcoming week. that is something to look forward to with the low humidity we will deal with cooler temperatures. average high 80 degrees. we will above that today and tomorrow but come tuesday, wednesday, thursday we will drop back below average. we are talking highs in the 70's. early june. you know it will not last long. we will creep back above average next week even. shore forecast we had light rain earlier, most of the day should stay dry and don't expect a whole lot of sunshine, watch out for storms
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later on in the early evening hours, air temperature around 80 degrees, when overcast skies you can still get a sunburn. uv index is on the strong side. warm front moving through right now bringing light rain and cloud, should see a few breaks in the clouds this afternoon. here comes strong cold front out ahead of it we will see showers and storms firing up. front clears our region late tonight, pushing out humidity. tomorrow we are back to some sunshine and feeling more pleasant, still warm and then on tuesday, another spotty showers possible late in the day as secondary cold front moves through and that drops the temperatures for end of the week. the entire area up to the mountains under a enhanced threat for severe storms. that means up to 30 percent chance later this afternoon. main threats will be heavy rain, high wind, lightening, and moderate chance for hail and maybe isolated tornado in that zone but that is all the way down from georgia to the poconos. winds aloft conducive maybe to
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spawn a brief isolated tornado. through noon time not much happening. showers and storms in the afternoon. line of heavier rain moving through around five or 6:00, moves in south jersey by seven or 8:00 and then off shore. so later on tonight it gets better as we clear skies out tomorrow, lots of sunshine around. forecast for today 82 for the city. late day showers and storms, and then tonight showers and storms early in the evening, then clearing skies, we will drop about 66. then for tomorrow a warm day but humidity drops, 84 degrees and sunshine. the tuesday a few more clouds, maybe a late day shower and then drop temperatures below average. wednesday and thursday highs in the 70's returning to the 80's by next week even, rahel, back over to you. >> justin, thank you you. right now, lets get a check of the road. lets go to ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. are you still seeing that accident. >> it is still there middletown bucks county i-95 northbound shut down between 43 and pendell, due to this accident now an accident
8:19 am
investigation they looked like they are repairing roadways as well. some construction crews out there as well and apparently you see part of the roadway was damage or guardrail but that is going ton along with the an accident investigation. i-95 northbound will be shut down between 413 and pendell for a little while longer. we will keep you posted. moving traffic cam to the parkway, inner drive of the parkway is closed for philadelphia international cycling championship and kelly drive, art museum circle and lincoln drive and martin luther king drive between ben franklin parkway and falls bridge between green lane and poplar street and giroux avenue. ridge avenue between schoolhouse lane and herman street. the race kicked off, at 8:00 o'clock this morning on licium avenue in roxborough. we have moving to the blue route at mid county tolls. mid county tolls in the bottom of the screen you really cannot see them but we have in delays or problems on the the blue route this morning.
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the tolls themselves, it is looking okay. heading further up to the pennsylvania turnpike and northeast extension, they look okay too, heading to the area. that is latees from the cbs-3 traffic center, now rahel, back to you. ann, thank you. it has been a south philadelphia favorite for more than seven decades and philadelphia tradition for one family, vittoria woodill has scoop on john's water ice in this taste with torey. >> reporter: report what do you get when you mix fruit and sugar and water together? >> the taste of summer. summer time taste is already here at john's waiter ice, three generations of family have worked this stand at seventh and christian street. >> hi. >> reporter: siani rose may be some day the fourth generation but proud pop anthony is running this cool place. >> i started it here at eight years old coming here. >> reporter: what does it mean to see this legacy of your
8:21 am
grandfather continue on. >> it is great. i love the tradition of it. >> reporter: john, arriving from italy, started the tradition in 1945 with a year round pledge. >> he did home heating in the winter and water ice in the summer. we had four basic flavors, lemon, cherry, chocolate, pine apple. >> i feel a brain freeze and i like it. >> reporter: most popular flavor is one endorsed by president obama during a 2011 philadelphia visit. >> he got lemon. >> when you get the presidential stamp of approval, that is a big deal. >> it is. >> reporter: some people use these instead of the spoon. >> reporter: pretzel rods the way water ice was served back in the day. >> i love it. >> reporter: for rose, it is a spoon or pretzel rod. >> that is my girl. >> reporter: chip off the old water ice block. the vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". yum. and speaking of sweet treats today is national ginger bread day, now most people,
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associate with christmas since video you are watching. term ginger bread refers to a sweet food that uses honey then just sugar and flavored with ginger. ginger bread is so popular, throughout the year. ginger bread house day is in december. who is hungry now. we will be right back with the story of one man who was told he would never walk normally again and then he said he set his epic ♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america.
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some see them as a challenge. cbs sunday morning lee cohen introduces us to a man who sees them as a chance to set a world record. here's a preview what you will see later on cbs this sunday morning. >> i'm going up there. soon. yeah. >> battling your way to the tallest place on earth.
8:25 am
it is an accomplishment for anyone. >> i'm on the side of mount everest, no words can describe it. >> reporter: but mount everest was only a 29,000-foot pit stop for climber colin owe brady whose trip here to the top of the world. >> stepping off the plane. >> reporter: actually started at the bottom of it, almost five months ago. >> we made it. we made it. >> reporter: that is colin at south pole, he directed there some 69 frigid miles, all on foot. weeks later, doing the same thing at the north pole. climbing over ice ridges and dodging polar bear tracks along the way. >> north pole. fair question to ask, why? the answer colin was in search of an adventure called explorer's grand slam.
8:26 am
>> tired legs, tired body. >> reporter: in a grueling test oven during requiring not only reaching both poles but also the summit of the tallest mountain on every continent, that is seven in all. >> mount vincent, wow. >> reporter: fewer than 50 people ever finish the challenge, only to have done it in under a year but just nine days ago, high atop the mountain in alaska colin obrady made history. >> wow. >> scaling the heights with colin obrady and we celebrate the 1,255th anniversary and solute to the people's champ mohammad this morning on cbs-3 at 1:00 a.m. coming up next, when you think of pro cycling race in philadelphia you will think of the wall, right. a live report on all of the action in manayunk this morning when we come right back.
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good morning. i'm rahel solomon. if you have already been outside you know it is gray, dreary, lets get out to meteorologist justin drabick on the cbs-3 sky deck. it still looks dry behind you but not for long though. >> that is right. you mentioned the clouds, that would help things out this afternoon, if it stays cloudy because then we reduce risk to see severe storm but any little sunshine could spark up heavy showers and potential severe thunderstorms later this afternoon in the evening. the not much happening right now, check out storm scan three maybe a few spotty showers, and a little bit of drizzle here in the city but that is bit. we're in a break. you have to go out to western pennsylvania to get steady
8:30 am
rain, eventually that does work its way in here but mid to late afternoon hours, that is the time period we have to watch for potential for those stronger and maybe even severe thunderstorms across the region. pretty mild, this morning just like yesterday upper 60's to lower 70's, dover delaware at 72. it is 66 in quakertown. mid 60's still in doylestown. so through the morning, generally cloudy skies, maybe light shower depends where you are, temperatures in the 60's and 70's in the afternoon stays humid and a few peaks of sun and watch out for late day storms. best chance to see severe storms would be between four and 8:00 o'clock today, 4:00 he clock north and west of the city, five or 6:00 around the city and seven or 8:00 into south jersey. it will bring heavy rain and potential for damaging win. forecast highs for philadelphia 82. near 80 at the shore and 70's in the poconos. we will bring back some cooler air though for later this week i'll show thaw seven day in a few minutes, rahel, back to
8:31 am
you. >> justin, thank you. thirtieth annual philadelphia international cycling just start aid short time ago. right now spectators are lining the course from manayunk to kelly drive to the schuylkill river to get a glimpse of the cyclist. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live at the center piece of the race the iconic manayunk wall, good morning, chere. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. the race started about 28 minutes ago and you just saw the 18 teams from the mens race, climb this manayunk wall. is there a couple stragglers who are still climbing that wall, it is a tough wall with a 17 percent incline. so this is what the race is all about, this is what makes it so famous, and spectators, like susan here with her entire family. >> saying hello. >> hi, how are you doing, great, how are you doing. >> say hi. >> reporter: now you have been coming out here for the past
8:32 am
20 years, you guys are what helps those cyclist keep going up this wall, what is it about this spot that makes it so exciting. >> well, my father-in-law used to live around the corner. we helped him do his party for years. we used to have our camp set upright behind you and when he passed away, this became our camp because we are on this side of the wall. it is a nice spot to see cyclist come up and get to the top of the wall. really root them on and we have a great time. >> reporter: one of the cyclist says hearing those cow bells as they come up the wall is the thing that keeps them going especially in the final lap where they cannot feel their legs. >> years ago there used to be a house down the street where they would have sprinkler going and cyclist would all race to that side to get a little refreshed on their way up the hill. it has definitely changed but it was like what happened years ago was just amazing for
8:33 am
these cyclist. >> reporter: spectators are on the rooftops and porches, they are watching this because thinks the place to be and manayunk wall, lemon hill all throughout the race route and grace, could you ring your cow belfor me. ring it. thank you, girl. >> wow. >> that right there, that right there is what keeps those cyclist going, 110 miles for the mens race. they have nine loops of this rolling hills, it is the reason why cyclist from over 36 countries flock here to philadelphia to participate in the philadelphia international cycling classic and why it is a classic. there will be parties, you can hear music. everybody is just having a great time today and it why is people do this. this why is race day is so important in philadelphia we will be here live having a great time live in manayunk, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness
8:34 am
news". >> thank you g to see everybody having so much fun. outpouring from around the world over the passing of the boxing legend muhammad ali. his funeral is opened to the public this friday in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. ali a three time heavyweight was a champion inside the win g and outside. ali died friday night after a long battle with parkinson's disease. he was 74. here's an exclusive look at ali, a local fan shares with us his precious momentoes of the champ. trang do is in new hope with the story you will see only on "eyewitness news". >> reporter: original notice, of the muhammad ali, even the greatest himself has never seen are hanging in craig's new hope home. >> i'm the only one that has them. >> reporter: back in the 80's he was a avid weight lifter, photographer friend asked him to model for an exercise advertisement and he a greed. >> i said sure. he photoed me in the gym. eye todd work out all the time. >> reporter: late their week same photographer a friend of the boxing legend took photos
8:35 am
of ali in his personal training cam in deer lake schuylkill county. photographer mixed them up and sent ali a's photos, to he and vice verse aali let him keep them. >> pictures you'll see are only ones you will see because they are only ones made by this guy who gave them to me. even ali doesn't have the pictures. i have a gym down there. i hang them up there to get inspiration. >> reporter: he also has negatives to about 40 photos of ali, photos hanging in his home gym are the only copies ever developed. in new hope bucks county i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". muhammad ali spent time in our area he lived in this cherry hill camden county home for several years in the early 1970's. home is now for sale for 700 you this dollars. former president bill clinton will deliver a eulogy for ali at services friday in louisville with sportscaster bryant gumbel and comedian billy crystal. clinton remembered ali's
8:36 am
legacy yesterday during a speech in california. >> by the time he died who he was a person was greater than his legend. that should be all of our goals in life. you want to be better than your press. >> president obama tweeted a tribute saying yesterday quote he shook up the world and the world is better for it. rest in peace champ. michael j. fox who, of course, also battles park i been son calls ali a inspiration and man of peace and warrior for his cure. he ended way i am is many thank you. stay with "eyewitness news", we win the latest anytime at cbs it is the final weekend of campaigning for the presidential candidates before primaries are held in new jersey, california and four other states. cbs's face the nation is covering the latest at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. joining us now with the preview live from washington is moderator and cbs news political director john
8:37 am
dickerson, john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. final week of campaigning, i can't believe it. >> i know. >> we have a sit down, we have a sit down with donald trump in which we talk about a whole host of issues, his response to hillary clinton's attacks on him this week and we will talk about his controversial comments about the judge presiding over the trump university case, he thinks his mexican heritage is an impediment for that judge to rule fairly in this case. he is not backing down from that position. we will talk about his potential conflicts with the republican leaders in washington are lining up smartly behind him but there are issues where they are differ. we will have more about that. we will have that conversation. then also in the show today we will talk about the legacy of muhammad ali, not just as a boxer but also as an american. rahel as always in the conclusion of the show we will have our political round table where we will take a look at weeks news, donald trump verse hillary clinton, end of the
8:38 am
tell i can race and what we should expect next week. >> that battle between hillary clinton and donald trump is heating up. thanks, john, we will look forward to watching. new jersey primary is just two days away, stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage for voters in the garden state heading to the polls. there are 50 days until the democratic national convention begins in philadelphia go to cbs for a look at preparations. still to come this morning, pretty soon we will know who will be on the goes ballot this fall? the campaign heat up, so will election scams. three on your side with what you need to know so you don't become a victim up next.
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8:40 am
and three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan wants you to be aware as summer temperatures heat up so
8:41 am
will election scams. >> reporter: in a presidential election year it seems everyone wants your vote, donation or to ask your political opinion. so experts adam levin believes. >> a little paranoia is not such a bad thing. >> because election scams pop up, too. like the reregistration, scam. >> thinks where you get a phone call, presumably from the board of elections where they tell you because of your failure to vote in the prior election, your name has been removed from the voter rolls. >> reporter: levin warns never give out personal information over phone, reach out instead to your county election office if you suspect a problem. scam number two, the survey scam. >> we're conducting a political survey and we will give you a prize for participating. when finished asking our questions, there will be some taxes, handling charges, so we will need your credit card information. >> reporter: prizes are not given out by legitimate polling organizations so just hang up. the third scam involves vote by phone. >> that is where they call you and say great news, under a
8:42 am
new law in this state you can vote by phone but in order to get you set up we need some of your information. >> reporter: simply put. >> no such thing as vote by phone. >> reporter: finally donation scam. >> so you think that the political party is calling you or that a specific candidate's campaign is calling you but are and they are asking to you donate. the only problem is they may not be. >> reporter: if you feel compelled to donate to the candidate or political cause don't give your banking information over the phone. instead use a credit card and official campaign web site or mail a check into a verified campaign headquarters. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. still to come, rain showers for your sunday and keep an eye to the sky, justin is tracking threat for strong thunderstorms today, when exactly severe weather could roll in. could phillies offence show up for a second straight game? sports i
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back on "eyewitness news" with an american hero who received a surprise decade in the making. "eyewitness news" at a graduation party for 89 year-old charles newman in southampton bucks county. world war two veteran finally received his high school difficult prom a newman dropped out of roman catholic high school to join the navy so he never received his difficult prom and always regretted it. twilight foundation made it possible. congratulations to charles. beyonce is rewarding music programs in the philadelphia school district before her big concert tonight at lincoln financial field. dozens of volunteers created literacy kits and painted pianos for local elementary school students. "eyewitness news" in south philadelphia there. united way partnered with the be good initiative by beyonce to bring attention to the connection between learning and music. and as we mentioned beyonce's concert is set for 7:30. what do you think the storms will look like by then. >> i do think the storms will be out of here by 7:30 at least in the city but leading up to that event rough, watch
8:46 am
out, for city between five and 6:00. getting to the concert, things will be rough, so maybe things might be delayed a little bit but actual concert should be dry here for the city. we will talk about that. but right now for weather watchers, it is mile. some areas seeing a few areas of drizzle or sprinkles, that is about it. sixty-seven to 70 degrees is the spread in our temperatures, this hour. so we will hit neighborhood right now, lou in eagleville is at 68 degrees. sixty-nine in gilbertsville at eileen's house in mullica. kevin checks in with 7o we are at 07 in phil's house. here in philadelphia upper 60's, willow grove, levittown, chesterfield, new jersey. we will head to mount laurel, new jersey, kerry higgins in the 60's. fran out in chester county nottingham up to 70 degrees. we are seeing a few breaks in the clouds in parts of the south jersey. let's hit the shore to see is what happening in ocean city. still looking owe cast, we
8:47 am
have had light rain, earlier but things are drying out for time being. watch out for the evening for the shore, best chance to see some storms, we will see people outside on the boardwalk right now. here is headlines we have severe storm potential late afternoon and early evening. humidity starts to drop early this week. we will talk about that and also later this week temperatures will fall back below average. storm scan three for the most part quiet, a little spotty drizzle through parts of the delaware valley, we saw showers earlier in south jersey moving off shore, then steady rain towards west virginia, western pennsylvania, and warm front passing over our region right now, clouds trying to break up to the south and west, that is not good news for severe weather as we get sunshine that will heat things up. these storms will fire up. watch out later this afternoon. if you need to get outside morning hours are best time to do it. feeling steamy. a lot of humidity around. tomorrow still humid but not as bad as today. tuesday pleasant. wednesday i will call it awesome, very dry air mass
8:48 am
builds in for middle of the week on wednesday. we don't see that a lot in june. enjoy it. phillies forecast, game at the 1:35. most of the game should stay dry maybe passing light shower. toward the end on have the game we will watch those storms approach from the west. warm and humid. temperatures 78 degrees. this morning depending where you are a few light rain showers in the afternoon, more scattered showers and storms firing up early evening. potential for strong to severe storms. lets time it out, through noon, or 1:00 o'clock mainly dry and some cloud. we will see a few peaks of sun in the early afternoon 5:67:89 e line of heavier rain and strong to severe thunderstorms in that line, moving through city around six or 7:00 we have mentioned this concert but it rolls on through but leading up to the concert it will be rough and these storms moving through south jersey between 7:00 and 8:00 and moving off shore a 9:00. cold front moves through. later tonight it is going to clear out, stays dry, machine lots of sunshine, warm, but
8:49 am
noticeably less humid. storm threats if we get them main threat will be damaging win potentially up to 60 miles an hour. we are higher. hail quarter sized and slight chance for isolated tornado, very briefly in the zone in the mid-atlantic, wind in the upper atmosphere conducive for tornadic development. here's what will happen mid week. wednesday and thursday change in the jet stream. if you are ready for cooler air we have a shot wednesday and thursday, cooler canadian air builds in and only last for a couple days because it is early june. can't last too long. we will warm up next week even. today showers and storms in the afternoon hours, and also early evening. eighty-two for the high. tonight clearing skies late 66 for the low temperature and then tomorrow still a warm day but still breezy, sunshine less humid at 84. eighty-two on tuesday. the late day shower and humidity drops for wednesday ape thursday, cooler, mid to upper 70's and 80's by the end of the next week. >> become an eyewitness weather watcher. sign up now at cbs
8:50 am rahel back over to you. 8:50. let check on those roads with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. ann, you have been following that accident investigation all morning. >> reporter: it is still there, rahel as you can see 95 north bound between 43 and pendell due to this accident and now an accident investigation also looks like they are repairing the roadway as well. construction crews there as you can see but once again i-95 north bound shut down between 413 and pendell. we will move traffic cam right to the schuylkill at 30th street: we have no delays, on the schuylkill this morning. it is behaving itself all morning with no delay, these are crash toes tell but or construction which is good. on to the ben franklin parkway, ben franklin parkway inner drive are closed, through philadelphia international cycling classic, between 20th street and art museum circle. kelly drive shut down between art museum circle and lincoln drive with main street between ridge avenue and green line and poplar street between both bet house row and route 13.
8:51 am
that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans and now here's leslie with a look at sports. >> reporter: muhammad ali was a legend not the just in sports but life. in the boxing world he was self pre claim greatest, spending his entire career living up to the billing. he could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee but it was his influence outside, his words not punches, his actions, not just knock out that made him greatest of all time. fellow boxer bernard hopkins said he didn't always agree with him but you have to respect him because he was a cut above the rest. >> he was a face for the sport. i think what ray robinson did for the sport, what joe frazier did for the sport. everybody contributed to the sport but what he did to the sport to get the sport recognized that is what i can tell you. with all he did with the sport is what he is doing right now even when he is passed away, talking about it.
8:52 am
>> muhammad ali last for the in 1981, 35 years later his greatness in and out of the ring still shapes today's athletes. nba star step curry and lebron james talked about what ali meant to him. >> ali was the example of how you should do what you believe no matter what people say and look at him as a sense of confidence in that regard for sure. >> he stood up for so many dip rent times when it was so difficult for african americans to even walk in the streets and for an athlete like myself today without muhammad ali i wouldn't be sitting up here talking in front of you guys. >> now to baseball phillies wrapping up their series with the blurs this afternoon, aaron nola on the mound for phillies after scoring six runs on friday night phillies offense once again sputtered facing brewers yesterday. we will pick up action in the second inning phillies down one to nothing, tommy joseph
8:53 am
continues to impress, here he is with the solo home run to center field. we are tied. later on in the evening we will get one on foresees an her december and second base man showing some power here. that is a two run home run his first in over a year. fightins will take a three -one lead. to the eighth, game tied, domingo santana gets the best, solo shot to left, brewers take game three of the series six-three the final. pitch by pitch don't give away at bats. it looks like sometimes we get two strikes on us and we see flailing at swings. good hitters you do not the see that. they battle, they layoff bad pitches. we have to learn off pitches we can't hit and capitalize over the mistakes over the plate. >> to tennis for second time in two years, garvin beaten serena williams in the french open. it was in the championship match. puts an a end at least for now for serena's record to tying bid to win her 22nd grand slam
8:54 am
championship. novak djokovic will take on andy murray in the mens final today. that is sports.
8:55 am
grand canyon and glacierger than national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at as an educator, it's all about connections. you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections,
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you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator. justin is back. >> quiet right new but could get craze think afternoon as we could break out in sun we could see severe thunderstorms. mid to late afternoon. let's time it out, morning not much happening. little bit of light rain depending where you are but best chance to see thunderstorms between four and 8:00 o'clock today. 4:00 north and west of the city, 8:00 into new jersey. bring heavy rain, potential for damaging win gusts as well, wind over 60 miles an hour if they become severe. looking better tomorrow, less humid, still warm 84 degrees. we're in the sunshine. tuesday more clouds, maybe late day shower, 82. that is secondary cold front that cools us down wednesday and thursday and look at that highs in the mid 70's on wednesday, and below average, very comfortable, no humidity. by week end we will warm
8:57 am
things backup. little something for everybody in the forecast. enjoy those 70's. >> yes. >> it will not last. >> hopefully weather cooperates for everybody. >> hopefully. that is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. >> we may be signing off on tv but we're always on line cbs sunday morning is next. have a great day.
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning, i'm charles osgood this is "sunday morning." millions of people across this country and around the world this weekend are mourning the death of muhammad ali. half a century ago he dubbed himself the greatest. and few are those who disagree. we'll devote good deal of our broadcast to ali's life and


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